i was listening to them when they first came out and i'm still listening to them now

DAY SEVEN: Hallways

WELL… i’m a little late on this one. but whatever! 

FINAL DAY! EXCEPT NOT REALLY! a story about a world where soulmates are connected through their dreams by hallways. soulmates can pass through these hallways, but to their mates, they’ll always appear invisible in this dreaming world unless they’ve met once in the waking world. max and johnny are in this one.

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I Need That Kind of Strength

Could you write something to this “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again” with fem!reader x Lexa from The 100? ~Anon

Can you write an imagine where the reader is Clarke’s younger sister and Lexa falls in love with you and not Clarke? Please and thank you ~ @may-we-fangirl-again’s anon

Trigger Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood, reader gets slightly injured.

Word Count: 4,309

A/n: I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!! I got in a accident and was washed with a wave of depression. I wan’t motivated to do anything. Anyways, it’s pretty freaking long, so I hope you enjoy. I really am sorry with how long it took. And the ending kinda really sucks but I didn’t know how to finish it.

“Y/n,” Clarke spoke as she walked up to me. Her blonde bangs were twisted back and pinned. Keeping both hair out of her face, and framing the rest of her wavy hair. The normal sky blue colour of her eyes were clouded from the stress of Mount Weather. But, even then, they were glowing against her smooth sun kissed skin.

“What’s up Clarke?” I looked up at her from the log I was sitting on.

“I want you to be my second,” she voiced with wavering confidence.

All I could do was slowly blink at her. She wants me to be her second? My heart started to race as suspicion crept through me. Does she know about my crush on the Commander, and is just playing a trick on me? No, Clarke is far too serious nowadays to do that. Right?

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people are always telling me
“Love your body!”
“You need to be more positive!”
“You are perfect just
the way
you are!”
How do I tell them
that is not my problem
when every time
I try
with clumsy words
to explain
there’s been a mistake
and I am stuck
in a meat suit
that does not
to me
they tell me
“Don’t hate your body.
There’s nothing wrong with you.”
I want to scream to their faces

because my body
is not
a temple
the way you would define it
if you were to mean
that it was conquered
and ravaged
and ransacked
and defiled
if you mean
that it was ruined
by thoughtless conquerors
shattered into pieces
by forces beyond controlling
and reconstructed
into a lie
then you would be right
But you didn’t mean it
that way
did you
so I stand here
to tell you
that my body is not a temple
it is a prison
I have found myself
trapped inside
if it is sacred
than it is sacred
to the wrong ideals
your ideals
that tell me
I am bad, I am broken
for wanting to be someone, something
that is not what I want
I want to be me

I tried to tell you
that all I wanted
was to be able
to look at myself
in the mirror
without feeling ripped to pieces
but more than that
to be reassured
that knowing my body
did not
and would never
match my brain
did not
could not
mean that I was beyond
or not worth
I needed to explain
that I already knew
there was something wrong with me
and the only thing I needed
was a way to fix it

but I didn’t have the words to explain
and so when I told you
in the only words I could articulate
you smiled and said
that I am me
and I am perfect
and then
you stopped listening
you had solved
a thirteen-year-old girl’s
body image
so you patted yourself
on the back
too lost
in self-congratulation
to see the PERSON
for help
for understanding
for something
to cling to
as proof
that they weren’t
who they
were meant
to be
but that
they could change

how can I tell you—
no, wait, that’s not it
what I want to know is
how can
I make you
when I tell you
that my body
and mind
fit together
like someone tossed two
entirely different
jigsaw puzzles
into a box
with no regard
for what went where
and now
I cannot put them together
when I tell you
that I am chained
by the ideas
and stereotypes
the world espouses
that feel as though
they were burned into my brain
for no other reason
than to constantly punish me
when you
have already decided
what my problem is
and you do not hear
what I am screaming
in desperation
you just tell me
“Try harder to love yourself”
and think
that it is enough
you think
you have done your part
and if I do not listen to you
that is my problem
when I can hear you just fine
but it doesn’t seem
to be working
the other way
because you can’t hear me
or just aren’t listening
when I tell you
that I don’t love my body
because I love myself
and the two
are incompatible

my body
may be
a temple
but it was built
by conquerors
who first
laid bare
the natural beauty
already there
to convince
the inhabitants
down was up
right was wrong
and everything
they wanted to cling to
was doomed to wash out
from under their feet
that wanting
the safety
that came with a body
that had not yet learned
to care about gender
was shameful
and foolish
and petty
my body
may be
a temple
but it was built
to the false gods
of your gender binary
on land
a beauty
in itself
one that you
your society
so that you could lay
your foundation
of self-loathing
and then
have the gall
to tell me
to love
what you have twisted me
to be

My body
may be a temple
but it has been buried
under years of refuse
and lies
told by other people
and by me
my body may be a temple
but it has been defaced
and defiled
and damaged
with so many layers
of hate
that even I
can barely see
where it began
my body
may be a temple
but society has worked so hard
to rid it of perceived flaws
that thousands of real ones were created
by their efforts
My body
may be
a temple
but it is to a sect
of the human condition
that can only be whispered of
in dark corners
because those who speak of it
are too ashamed
to bring it to light
but it is here
Let’s face it
My body is not a temple
it is not something to be glorified
and held up
as a shining pillar of worship

My body is not a temple
and if you continue
to claim it is
I will tell you
about the nights I spent
sobbing into my pillow
because I wasn’t given the chance to learn
that even temple blueprints
can be misconstructed
I will tell you
about how broken
I felt
in a world
where my feelings
fell on the wrong side
in the binary
of “Normal” and “Not”
I will tell you
with my words
that are still too clumsy
for me to communicate
how much
it hurts
to not have a word
that validates your existence
and so feel like you are doomed to fade away

Tell me again
that my body is a temple
and I will try
my best
to tell you
about how I woke up
for too long
feeling like I was made
of anger
and pain
and broken glass
that could never be glued back together
about how knowing I wasn’t right
didn’t hurt as much
as not knowing I could fix myself
about how not having answers
and learning
that other people
will never give you
the ones you need
can mean you demand them of yourself
until you have torn your own mind apart
in a desperate frantic search
for something

tell me again
that my body is a temple
and I will tell you all of this and more
and this time
my only question will be
“Do you like my temple now?


“My Body is Not a Temple.”

Expanded version of this

Pack Mom - Part 17

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Request//  can you do part 17 to pack mom where Liam goes to school to tell mason about Talia taking her first steps and some seniors tease Liam about it and he comes home crying and tells Derek because y/n isn’t there because she is out grocery shopping with Talia and he goes to school to talk to the senior :) please and thank you p.s I love your account and you ❤️

Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10  Part 11Part 12  Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

I couldn’t believe that my baby girl took her first steps. She was growing up so fast. The wedding was going to be perfect. But first Derek and I had to sort everything out. So we better get started. But before we do anything, I had to take Liam to school. I was in the kitchen making breakfast as Liam came in ready holding Talia’s hand to help her get her balance. 

“Morning Sweetheart,” I said giving him a big hug.Then picking Talia up and giving her a big hug. I placed Talia in her high chair as Liam as at the table.

“I can’t believe she is walking!” Liam cheered smiling at Talia.

“I know, you did a great job. Told you, you would be a great big brother” I told him as I ruffled his hair, giving him and Talia their breakfast. 

“Dada?” Talia asked looking around the question.

“Aww, sweetie he’s out at the minute. He had to see Uncle Scott and Uncle Stiles” I informed her as she started to eat her breakfast.

“Is everything okay?” Liam questioned.

“Everything is fine, he just had to sort some things out” I told him, he nodded and finished his breakfast. As the kids finished their breakfast, I took their plated and washed them as Liam kept Talia entertained. 

“Come on kiddo, ready for school?” I asked Liam as I picked up my car keys, Liam got up off the floor and grabbed his bag and Lacrosse stuff and was ready. I grabbed Talia and headed to the car. All the way Liam and I talked about school and stuff about the supernatural. Until we arrived at school. Liam gave me a hug and then hopped out and gave Talia a hug. The before we left Stiles came over to the car.

“Uncle Stiles!” Talia yelled making sure everyone in the whole school could hear her. 

“God I wish Derek was here right now to hear that!” Stiles laughed as he tickled Talia causing her to giggle. 

“Hey Stiles you alright” I asked 

“Yeah I'm good, finally, that mini meeting had finished with Derek, I don’t know how you can marry him, he’s just so grumpy and moody” Stiles admitted.

“When he is with you lot, he is” I laughed, as the school bell went.

“Well, you two better go off to classes and don’t be late,” I told them as I waved goodbye and drove home.

Liam’s P.O.V

School was pointless. Half the lessons I didn’t even need. So when the bell went for lunch it was like music to my ears, I raced out to go and find Mason to tell him about Talia. I was so proud of my little sister and I wanted to tell him.  I spotted Mason so I picked up my speed and raced over to him. 

“Mason! Mason! Mason! Guess what!” I shouted as I got closer to him.

“What?!” I asked back.

“Talia to her first steps! She was with me in my room and she took her first steps!” I cheered excitedly. 

“That’s amazing,” Mason said giving me a fist bump and then some other people came over to us, who were total jerks.

“Aww is little Liam all excited because his baby sister took her first steps in his bedroom. That’s cute Liam” One of the boys said laughing.

“Wow, Liam you get so excited so easily!” Another on of the boys said. It was supposed to be a conversation between Mason and I. They weren’t supposed to hear.

“Aww little Liam, trying to be the best big brother ever. You will end up scaring her with your stupid anger issues” Another one of the boys joked.  I could feel the anger building up inside me.

“I would hate to be your little sister. She has to live with you” Which made all of the boys laugh. I could feel my claws protruding from my fingers. I clenched my fists tight and I could feel the blood oozing out. I pushed past them, knocking one to the ground and headed home. 

Derek’s P.O.V

As Y/N and Talia would be at the shops for a while, I was going to have a bit of time to myself. The sofa and TV. I got myself a drink, practically collapsed on the sofa then switched on the TV. I just got my show up, until I got the scent of anger. Strong anger. The loft door flew open.

Liam stormed in throwing his bag to the ground in rage. I shot up and went over to him.

“Dude, calm down, tell me what happened. But you need to calm down” I told him. But when he lifted his head up his eyes were glowing. This was bad.

“Liam just listen to me, you need to calm down. Just come and sit down and we can talk. Just come one, deep breaths. Just calm down” I tried calming him as I took him over to the sofa. When he looked back up at me, his glowing eyes were gone and replaced with blue tear-filled eyes. 

“Liam what happened” As I said that Liam burst out crying, I pulled him into a hug.

“Some stupid lads at school laughing because I told Mason about Talia, then they were saying they felt sorry for her because I was her brother and I would end up hurting her because of my anger issues” Liam cried. I hated seeing him like this. These boys weren’t going to get away with this.

I stood up and Liam looked up at me.

“Come one your going to show me who these boys are and I need a little chat with them” Liam smiled wide and followed me to the car. As we were driving back to the school I looked over to Liam who was looking out the window.

“Li, listen. There idiots. You are the best big brother ever and Talia loves you so much. They don’t know what there on about” I told him as we pulled up “Now show me who they are” I said as we both got out the car. 

Liam looked around everyone then pointed at a group of boys. “There they are. The main one is Jack” Liam told me and I walked over to them. As we gained closer all the boys looked over to us and stood up. 

“Aww did little Liam have to go and get his daddy. That’s so cute” Jack laughed.

“Act you age,” I said standing with my arms giving them the death stare.

“You don’t mess with the Hales, because if you mess with one. You deal with all of us. So if you say one more word to Liam. We will make you regret it. Because Liam is a great big brother and his baby sister loves him so much. He’s so much better than you. So do you understand?” I asked still standing in the same position. Jack just laughed as all the other boys looked shocked and kind of scared. I stepped forward to Jack, Now standing right in front of him.

“I said do you understand?” I said through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, yeah,yeah sorry Liam. Sorry for what we all said” Jack said as he waved to his friends to go. I looked down at Liam and smiled and he smiled back. 

“Thanks, Dad”

B’s Log: IDOLiSH7 Special Interview

The actual first and my last translation from the October issue of B’s Log is the interview with IDOLiSH7! The interview is ended with a small commentary on the set list they used at the concert RESTART POiNTER was first performed at.

You can read other magazine translations here

IDOLiSH7 Live Report: Something in the world you’re in

A spotlight shines on the members.

The intro that springs up dances in your chest.

And then, you could hear the voice you’d been waiting for.

IDOLiSH7′s new song, “RESTART POiNTER”, was revealed at the concert on this day. Nanase Riku (below, Nanase) took up the center. A few months after the sensational news of the center change spread, Nanase has returned.

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anonymous asked:

how about the dr1 survivors honoring the deaths of their classmates? i will never get over the first class

A/N I’m not too familiar with halloween because in my country, or at least in my family, we mostly celebrate All Souls Day instead and just visit our dearly departed. So here’s something to honor those who passed too soon in the first game. A moment of not-so-silence.

78th Class Reunion - a tribute to those of class 78 who died

“Sorry if I’m a bit late today. A lot of things happened along the way.”

Naegi promptly apologized with his head bowed as soon as he arrived.

“What took you so long, man? It’s not cool to keep us waiting every time.” Kuwata jeered at him.

“You wouldn’t believe all of the incidents that I had to go through just so I could get here.” He explained with a weak laugh.

“Oh, we believe you, alright. The weirdest shit always happens to you. You sure your talent is luck?” Mondo smirked at him.

“Sometimes I question my luck. It’s hard to tell how much of it is actually good especially when I was this close into an accident just a while ago.” He continued, still out of breath.

“But you’re not hurt, right? As long as you’re okay then your luck should be fine.” Fujisaki timidly pointed out.

“I’m okay as you can see. Still in one piece. I’m doing fine. I’m doing great actually!” He smiled as a bead of sweat rolled down his cheek.

“Yes, that is all well and good but next time do be on time. Punctuality is a basic foundation of society. It should only be proper that you take this to heart as well.” Ishimaru reprimanded him.

“I’m really sorry for being late… again. But I promise that I’m doing my best!” He defended himself.

“It’s a definitive character trait for the protagonist to come late. As expected from you!” Yamada cheered enthusiastically.

“I swear I’m not doing this on purpose.” He admitted with his most earnest face.

“Yes, well now that we’ve pointed out his lack of punctuality, may we now move on to more important matters? I believe you have something to share with us.” Celes said with a well-tempered smile.

“Oh, right. I guess you wouldn’t want me to talk about what happened along the way. I have lots more to tell you. I don’t even know where to begin.” He chatted on excitedly.

“Then start where you are most comfortable with. We’ll be listening to all of them. There’s no need to rush.” Oogami proclaimed in her low and calming voice.

“I know I talk too much but thanks for always hearing me out.” He said as he placed his hand over his chest.

“We’ll always listen to you. That’s what friends are for!” Maizono cheered at him.

“Everyone… I’m so grateful to have you all as my friends.” He said with tears in his eyes. “I’ve missed you all so much.”

“Oh my god! What’s with the drama bomb! Just fucking cut to the good parts! We don’t have all day!” Enoshima loudly  whined her complaints.

“Sis, not so loud, please.” Ikusaba said more to herself and then nodded to him. “The floor’s all yours.”

“Okay, okay. I guess I should start now.” He chuckled slightly.

Just as Naegi opened his mouth to tell a story, someone called out to him.

“Hey, Naegi!”

And as he turned around to check, the vision of his high school class slowly started to fade. Where each of his classmates’ image had once stood, there was a grave instead for every one of them.

This was their high school reunion.

“We should have met up earlier so we could have all come here together.” Asahina said as she gave him a hug.

“I know but it couldn’t be helped. We came from different places and it was hard to get our schedules right. I’m surprised you five came together.” Naegi pointed out.

“Well we got good service. Right, Togamicchi?” Hagakure said with a grin as he slung his arm over.

“That was so nice of you to pick them up.” Naegi seconded.

“Hmph. It’ll be pitiful if any of you were to not show up here. Speaking of which, you have been unattentive to your contacts.” Togami scowled at him.

“Oh. Yeah… about that. My phone kind of got broken last night.” Naegi scratched his head in embarrassment.

“A-Again?! Seriously, why are you always l-like this? How did it happen this time?” Fukawa asked in exasperation with just the slightest giveaway of concern.

“Ahaha, well you know me. It’s quite the unusual story.” Naegi laughed lightly as he recalled the memory.

“You can tell us the story along with the rest of the class, don’t you think?” Kirigiri suggested with a small smile.

“Yeah, I think that would be for the best.” Naegi agreed with a nod and then turned to the rest of the class.

Ten graves greeted them.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Let’s talk lots and lots today as well.”

They may be dead but they were not forgotten.

Even if the six couldn’t see the other ten anymore, they were still with them. Because not everything ends in death. The bonds they shared were still here with them. And their hopes live on in their hearts. The survivors would make sure to live out their lives as much as for the rest of them who couldn’t make it. 

Until they could have a proper reunion and tell them these stories face to face with pride, with joy, and with hope. 

Tale of Gency (Chapter 1)

Laboratory of Love

A soft yawn came from the otherwise empty room, one which was quickly stifled by the slender hand of its origin. Angela had been working for hours once again, feeling so close to yet another breakthrough and yet all so far. For hours she’s been focused on the prototype in front of her, meticulously working on it without a single moment of rest. Analyzing, tweaking, experimenting, being disappointed, and repeating the process all over again. She was no stranger to such process of course, every scientist was very well aware of the tiresome path to success. She’s been at this for days of course, each day with the same determination and optimism, and each day without any new success. It should not be this difficult, and yet she could not finish it. Perhaps it was due to all the thoughts that continuously cycled through her head, distracting her from her work. Or quite possibly, perhaps it was the deadline that was all too soon approaching. In fact, this wasn’t simply just another improved medicine or antibiotic, this was more special than that. This project had not only a significant place in her heart, but also carried an important deadline as well. While she rather disliked being rushed in her work, it was in fact by her own wish that she had set this deadline. Though it really was frustrating her now, considering that the deadline was actually to be the day that is so soon coming. After all, it was Genji’s birthday.

While Angela knew that the awkward cyborg may be a bit too shy for any bolder surprises from her, she figured that he would greatly appreciate this one at the very least. He had already managed to sneak into the base one day and coincidentally overheard their plans to throw a surprise party, hence completely ruining it and persistently insisted on not doing such a thing for him. His selfless and sweet nature was a charm that made her heart throb with happiness; it was also sometimes a bit bothersome as she felt that he rejected certain things because he didn’t consider himself worthy of them. Of course he was courteous and polite about it all, however it doesn’t change the fact that he still thought of himself as less than what everyone else sees him to be. As such, they had managed to make yet another event this time, under the guise of a date for him and her.

While Angela had been a bit hesitant to have them so directly bring up their relationship in that manner, she did feel as though it was a good time to finally take him out to something nice. As such, she reluctantly agreed to let them deal with the location and other details of the date itself. With the help of Lena, she had managed to find a lovely dress for the occasion, crafted just for her size. She had insisted on simply buying a premade dress but her protests fell on the deaf ears of the nimble girl that flitted around the shop looking at fabric and pouted at her in an attempt for a chance to personally take down her measurements. Angela had finally relented and simply used the measurements she had taken for her Valkyrie suit, seeing as she had stay in practically the same fit physique, much to Lena’s disappointment at her lost opportunity. However, all these events had taken up much of her time, leaving so little for her own personal project.

As the new serum, fizzed out once more, its contents not dissolving and reacting in the way she had wanted them to, Angela let out a loud sigh and leaned back into her chair, looking up at the ceiling deep in thought. These thoughts were interrupted by a soft and polite set of knocks on the door. She blinked in surprise and looked at the door before a soft smile appeared on her lips. She pulled herself out of her chair and opened the door, saying at the same time, “You know you don’t have to ask permission every time you want to enter my lab, Genji.” Ah, if only she could gather the courage to say the same about her personal room.

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Under the Rabbit’s Moon 5

[Part 1] [Part 2][Part 3][Part 4]

After the boys left, with promises they’d keep in touch and visit more than they had, Sakura slept deep and long. She had warned the women in the bath of what was to come, so they knew to keep her windows closed and her door shut. She would be dead to the world for the next day at least.

‘That’s the fun part about being part god, isn’t it? There’s such an amazing strain put on your body and your mind. Can you even mentally handle the idea of what you are now?’ her inner asked as they drifted through the void.

‘I’m nothing more and nothing less than the girl who ripped open a god’s shell and killed her.’

‘What beautiful words spoken to the cynic. Don’t bull shit me, I’m you, remember?’

‘It’s what I believe.’

Inner Sakura shook her head and shifted blurry and then clear. ‘Don’t believe in anything. Take what you see as truth and only what you see as truth. I don’t give credit to anything else. You’re changing still.’

Sakura looked down at her hands. In her dream she was naked and the eyes stared up at her, blinking and wide. They were a soft shade of lavender and looked pretty enough to get trapped in.

Yet they are still young and growing. Using them on Tobirama had felt like spiking her palms with rusty, iron splinters. Her hands still stung, even in dream. She needed to heal and she needed to grow stronger. She would make herself a body filled with immortality an invulnerability.


Because she could.

To what end?

Sakura had no answer, no reason to justify herself. Power had been a thing she wanted for her friends, to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. But her friends were dead. Her family had all died in that war. All their power couldn’t save them and now she had what they had only dreamed of, but it did her no good. Not even she could bring back the dead.

Sakura dreamed of the destruction and cried when the memories got stuck on a loop that repeated the worst parts over and over and over again for her to relive. She felt worn out, more used and exhausted then when she first crawled out of the crater she made in the final fight. Her body was being made stronger, but her mind was assaulted with horror after horror.

‘That’s the price of godhood.’

‘I didn’t want this.’

Sakura cries out into the void, knowing it will do her no good. She could think it and the ghost of the rabbit goddess would still hear her. Still, all the same, Sakura whispers the sentence once more.

‘I didn’t want any of this.’

‘And that’s why it came to you.’

Somewhere in the dream she felt her body settle, like a weight in the river she hit the bottom and stayed there, letting the mass of the world around her flow by, burying her deeper and deeper into the silt of a cosmic riverbed. She felt the pain of fighting, she felt the pain of exhaustion and saw nothing but terrible memories.

But somewhere in the mess of all that pain, she found six little,white lights to latch onto and hold to her chest. There wer others too, but these lights were just for her. She had her lights and that was what made all the difference in her trial of endurance.

She would endure this pain and madness, she would endure this godhood.

She would endure.

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To Be Loved

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: around 2835

Warnings: some fluff, mostly angst (i’m sorry), language, mention of injury and blood, demonic possession, mention of domestic abuse, mention of rape, Dean being a sweetheart

This story is told from Dean’s POV

Originally posted by spn-imagines-ig

She was vulnerable. I knew that. That’s why I shouldn’t be looking at her like this, or even thinking about her like this. Somehow, I just couldn’t help it. I had been hunting alone with my brother for so long, but here was this beautiful, strong woman, always tagging along in the backseat of my Baby. How was a guy to help himself? Just watching her fight made me fucking hard. That had been awkward the first time it happened.

It was so wrong to feel this way about her. The whole reason why she was with us was that she had lost everything, and Sammy and I just didn’t have the heart to leave her behind after saving her on a hunt.

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Fuller House fic

Hiiii so I wrote a little drabble for Jackson and Ramona from Fuller House because they would be so cute together and I have no life. So, here it is! Hope you enjoy it. (By the way, is their ship called Jamona or Jackmona? Cause that needs to be decided asap)

Title: I Suck at Not Falling in Love With You

Pairing: Jackson/Ramona

Words: 6k

Summary: Ramona’s view on the girls Jackson has dated throughout the years.

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You Told Me He Was Just A Friend

Hey you guys!! It feels SO GOOD to have something up for you guys again! I promise I haven’t forgotten about the other fics I said I was going to write/ am started on. This has just been one crazy semester! And it’s only halfway done! Anyway, here’s a cute, fluffy little one shot taken from this prompt about  a modern au Rae and Finn getting hitched! thank you so much @i-dream-of-emus for recommending it! Hope you guys enjoy!! P.S not tagging anyone atm because I want to make sure everyone who wanted to be tagged in The Shops still wants to, or if they want to be taken off. Or if you want me to tag you in future fics let me know!

Rae’s eyes fluttered slightly as she felt a small gust of wind coming in. She pulled the blankets more tightly around her. She felt a warm, familiar body laying next to her, and automatically wrapped her arms around him tightly. He shifted closer to her. and she opened her eyes just a bit more. It was then that she caught a glimpse of the small band on her left hand. Rae smiled and suddenly felt wide awake.

She looked over to the man sleeping next to her and pondered a moment. Should she wake him up? She thought about this briefly. He looked so peaceful and the last thing she wanted was to bother him.

She looked back at her hand, and the events from the night before replayed in her head. Or had it been a dream? Had she really gotten engaged last night? The proof was right there; in that shiny, silver, ring that was now on her finger. Rae glanced over one final time. It took everything she had to not reach over and touch him. Her fiancee. She nestled into bed again and her eyes were starting to feel heavy when she felt a shifting in the bed.

“Rae,” he said softly, “Rae, wake up.” He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Finn,” she groaned lazily, “No.”

“Come on, we should start making breakfast soon. Your family is going to be here in a bit.”

She grumbled loudly again, “Just tell them we moved.”

“Rae, we invited them for a reason, remember? Now come on!“

He playfully slapped her behind, and she reluctantly got up.

“Is it too soon to ask for a divorce?” Rae joked as she put on pajama bottoms.

They made their way into the kitchen and Finn turned on their iPod dock as he turned on their stove.

Rae smiled softly to herself as she heard him silently sing to himself.

He turned to her, “What do you feel like eating, girl?”

“Pancakes. Eggs. And muffins. With sausages.”

“Oh, yeah,” he smiled at her, “Is that it?”

“Mmhmm,” she nodded, “I’m hungry.” She gave him a pointed look.

Finn chuckled as he went up to her. They were suddenly aware of the song playing in the background. Wonderwall; our song, Rae thought to herself. She could tell by the way he was smiling at her that he was thinking it, too. He gently reached out, cupped her face, and brushed his lips against hers. Softly at first, but they became more vigorous the longer they kissed.

Finn’s hands were slowly moving their way down Rae’s backside. She had let out a soft moan when the doorbell rang. They parted ways, breathing heavily, and shared a small, secretive laugh.

“They have the worse timing,” Rae giggled.

“Come on, answer the door,” Finn turned to the stove, “Oh, shit, I forgot about the skillet.”

Finn turned off the stove and took down a box of pancake mix.

Rae opened the door, and her family barged in.

“Is everyone hungry,” Finn called from the kitchen, “I’m making pancakes.”

Jasmine, Rae’s younger sister, ran to where he stood, “Can I help you make the batter, Finn?”

“Of course,” he grinned at her, “I can’t make pancakes without your help.”

Finn turned up the iPod dock, and Rae watched for a moment as he and Jazz giggled together as they sang, and played around with the flour. She smiled to herself, and waited for what she knew was coming.

“So,” Rae’s mom Linda asked her, “What was it you wanted us all over here for, and so early on a Sunday morning?”

Rae immediately felt Finn’s head lift and turn in her direction.

“See mum, I have big news I have to tell you about.”

“Christ, what have you done now?”

“No, it’s good, actually it’s - it’s incredible,” Finn arrived at her side, and he placed a hand on her shoulder, which gave her a small ounce of courage to continue, “I - I’m engaged.” She lifted her hand and showed them her ring.

“Engaged,” her mother repeated, “When on Earth did this happen? And to who?”

“It happened last night,” Rae said, “And, um, ta da! Meet your new son-in-law!” She gestured to Finn.

“Finn,” Linda looked at him, “To you? She’s engaged to you?”

Rae nodded, and they both shared an uncomfortable laugh.

“I don’t understand. You told me he was just a friend.”

Rae cleared her throat, “Mum, Finn and I, we’ve been together for about eight months.”

Linda gawked at her, “Eight months,” she said, “And we’re just now hearing about this?”

“You know what,” Finn said suddenly, “I should finish breakfast. There was talk about eggs, and sausage, and muffins.”

“Traitor,” Rae called out after him.

“Rae, I don’t understand what is happening. Why is this the first time we’re hearing about this?”

“I don’t know, mum,” Rae sighed, “Everything happened kind of fast.”

“I’ll say,” Linda scoffed, “Eight months and you think that’s enough time to get married.”

“I know we haven’t been a couple that long, but you know we’ve been friends for a long time now.”

“And you think that’s enough to make a marriage last?”

“Well,” Rae took a moment before she nodded and said honestly, “Yes.”

“Well, I don’t think I can support this. Rachel, I think you’re moving too fast.”

“Mum, please, just hear this out.”

Linda opened her mouth and it seemed that she was going to object, but then her stepfather Karim came in between them.

He looked at Linda, “We should let her speak. This could be a beautiful thing for Rachel. We should hear what she has to say.”

Rae silently thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. Karim was a quiet man, but he always spoke up for her, and had always been there for her.

Linda nodded and sat quietly on the couch. She was silent for a while when she said, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. You always told me he was just a friend.”

“Well, he is my friend. Except that we make out and sometimes touch each other inappropriately. We enjoy it so we thought it’d be cool to do it forever. For the tax reduction, you know.”

“I’m not going to listen to you if you can’t be serious about this, Rae.”

Rae laughed, “Mum, it was just a joke.”

“When did all this start anyway, I mean, how do you know this is what you want?”

“You want to know how it started,” Rae said with a small smile on her face, “A few weeks after I moved in here. We were listening to Oasis and eating Chinese takeout. We had just started listening to Wonderwall when all of a sudden he reached over and tried to kiss me. I thought he had been reaching for the chow mein, so he ended up kissing my cheek as I tried to grab the container to give it to him. We laughed about it, but then I kissed him for real. He moved in here about a month after that. That was about 6 months ago and last night do you know how he asked me to marry him? He ordered takeout from the same place, and put the ring at the bottom of the box of chow mein. It was perfect. I know everything’s happened sort of crazy fast, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it sooner, but I think it was supposed to. I mean, I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend every day for the rest of my life with. He’s my best friend.”

Rae’s mother was silent for what she felt like a long time. They sat there without anyone of them saying a word, until Finn appeared from the kitchen.

“Food’s all ready,” he said quietly.

They all got up silently, but Rae caught a quick glance at her mother, and she could have sworn she saw a little smile on her face. For an instant she felt everything was going to be okay.

“Jazz was a great helper,” Finn said as they all sat down.

She beamed, “I flipped some pancakes!”

Everyone was quietly filling their plates when Finn spoke up.

“Um, I think I should probably be the one to say something now,” he started, “I don’t really know what Rae told you, but I think I can imagine what it was. She probably told you about how quickly things happened between us, and that’s true, but I think you guys should know I’ve been in love with Rae for a long time now. Even before we had that kiss. And I just want to make her happy. She always tell people that I’m her best friend, but she’s just as my best friend as I am to her. It would kill me if the most important people in her life couldn’t be happy for her. And it’d kill me, too. You guys have always been like a second family to me, and I hope one day you can accept me as a part of it.”

“Finn, you’ve been a part of this family for some time now,” Linda sighed, “Alright, so it looks like there’s going to be a wedding.”

Rae and Finn looked at each other and shared a breath of relief.

“So,” Jazz spoke up, “If you two are getting married, does that mean you’ll be having kids soon?”

Rae laughed at her little sister, “No, Jazz, I think that’s the one thing we’re not going to rush.”

“That seems good,” Jazz nodded, “Finn should learn how to make a ponytail first.”

He tickled her, “Hey, I used to do your ponytail sometimes.”

“I know,” she smiled, “That’s why I’m telling you you need practice.”

Everyone laughed, and Rae looked among them silently. She caught Finn’s eyes and he smiled at her. She knew what he was thinking because she was thinking it, too. That if this was how the rest of their lives was going to be, then they couldn’t wait to get it started.

Coffee Break

@wiserthanyourgirl hi!! I’m your secret santa!! I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season :) I’ve written a Percabeth AU oneshot, and I really hope you like it. It’s actually based on this post I saw, and the story just inspired me to write this, since it fit what you wanted of Percabeth getting together!

Also I just want to say a huge thank you to the mods at @pjosecretsanta2016, they’ve been amazing and thank you for organising this, it’s been so fantastic!! Happy holidays to all, and I hope you enjoy the oneshot!! (Also, I made an aesthetic to go with the fic, which I’ll post now!)

Piper scowled as she took her phone out of her pocket, opening up the email Mrs. Blanchard had sent her.

The queue moved forward one space as another person received their coffee. Piper stood in the small coffee shop, entitled Camp Coffee (yes, it was a cringey name), as the orange setting sun shone through the window. The shop was nearing closing now, and more and more people were leaving.

Piper had spent the past hour trying to work on her latest assignment. Mrs. Blanchard had asked her to write a romance story for the school magazine, to round it out.

“It can be anything, really,” Mrs. Blanchard had chirped. “Just a good old heartwarming romance.”

“But, I can’t write that,” Piper had complained.

Mrs. Blanchard had just smiled. “I’m sure you’ll find a way.”

Well, so far, Piper hadn’t found a way. In fact, she’d given up and decided to get some coffee, hoping that would inspire her. While she waited in the short queue, she reread the specification email, musing over what she could do.

Suddenly she was drawn out of her thoughts as she reached the front of the queue. A tall girl with tanned skin smiled at her. She was attractive, with curly blonde hair and bright grey eyes. The name tag on her orange uniform read Annabeth Chase.

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Prompt: You are part of the Avengers team, and you are dating Steve. After a mission when you disobeyed his order he yells at you and says he wishes you were Peggy. You’re gone the next morning when the team wakes up for training. Natasha finds you and convinces you to come back and sort things out.

Warnings: Arguing 

Pairing: Steve x Reader

I wish you were Peggy!

Tonight’s mission was extremely stressful for everyone. You felt like you were under a lot of pressure. That’s what made you slip up and the bad guys got away. You didn’t mean to disobey Steve’s orders, you didn’t have a choice. Instead of stopping the robbers you decided to save a woman’s life. Which normally Steve would be proud of, but because you jeopardized the mission and put the whole team at risk, he is furious. Never have you seen him so angry. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do 32. Tell me a secret and 45. I think I'm in love with you and I'm terrified with Scott?

Then: for the “Tell me a secret” and “I think i’m in love with you and i’m terrified” be combined? like maybe the reader and scott are best friends and she’s always been there for him like when his dad left and when he turned she was also there with stiles and found out and she hid her feelings when allison came along and tried to get over him and now that kira is in the picture she somehow gets the courage idk (sorry if its too detailed)

A/N: My first Scott requests, and imagines!

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified. & Tell me a secret.


Scott looked at you and smiled, and you couldn’t help but return it, though in your head you were muttering swear words.

He had been your best friend since forever. Stiles, too. The three of you were known to be quite the troublemakers around your neighborhood.

You were there when Scott’s dad left, helping him cope with the pain. Promising him it wasn’t because of him, that he was good enough, and these things simply happened.

When he had been turned into a werewolf, you and Stiles had shown up right away, the two of you getting spotted by Sheriff Stilinski before Scott, taking the rap for your friend.

Stiles would tease you about your obvious feelings for Scott, making kissy noises and batting his eyelashes over dramatically whenever your friend wasn’t looking.

You’d smack him in the arm, and he would just laugh.

When Allison came along, you decided it was time to move on. Your feelings would never be requited when someone like her was in his life. You knew he thought she was his soulmate, and there was no competing with that.

When she died, you wept not only because you had lost your best friend, but because Scott had lost his soulmate.

Kira obviously had feelings for him, and you were glad Scott had finally found happiness again, so when she disappeared to try and tame her fox, Scott showed up on your doorstep with a bottle of whiskey and a pathetic smile. “Got a few minutes?” Both of your parents were working late shifts, so you nodded, letting him in.

Why he had brought alcohol, you would never know. He couldn’t get drunk. He claimed the burn made him feel human, but to you it just felt like a burn.

Your head began to buzz, the room spinning slightly. The two of you shot the breeze, talking about anything and everything, letting the quiet sit between you when it needed to.

Suddenly, Scott turned to you, his eyes serious and clear. “Y/N? Tell me a secret.”


“Why not?” He chuckled.

“Because I just drank truth serum and you can hear my heartbeat, so those are two good reasons,” you slurred slightly, grinning at your own voice.

“Come on! We used to play this game all the time! We used to tell each other everything! And Stiles isn’t here to blab later. Come on!”

You stared down at the bottle in your hands. “Yeah, you told me everything until girls started paying attention to you.”

He lifted your chin up, staring into your eyes with a lopsided grin. “You’re a girl, and I think you always paid attention to me.”

“I don’t count. I’m your female Stiles. You’re like my brother.” You pouted and he laughed.

“Exactly! I miss you! Come on. Tell me something.”


“Please?” He elongated the word, sounding pathetic and smiling a cheesy grin, his hands clasped in front of him.

“You’re pathetic,” you laughed. Picking at the label on the bottle, you began to rattle off what you had been too scared to say. “Ever since you became a werewolf things have been different. And I mean, I know. That comes with the territory, but…. We used to be inseparable. We terrorized the neighborhood. We played superheroes instead of being them. We rolled in the grass and wrestled whenever we fought.”

“We still do all those things, just…. They’re a lot bloodier now.” He said, ending with a grimace.

“Dammit, Scott!” You set the bottle down in your lap, looking up into his eyes. “Can’t you see what I’m trying to say? I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.“

Scott had no words. He stared at you, holding your gaze while neither of you blinked. He must be listening to your heartbeat.


“Do I need to say it again? Do you need to make sure my heart doesn’t lie?”

He didn’t say anything, just stared at his hands in his lap, finally speaking softly. “I had no idea….”

You laughed bitterly. “Well, now, you do.”

“The truth is, I’ve always loved you.” He looked up at you, and you scoffed. “No really, Y/N.” You snorted. “No! I did! I’ve always loved you! And, while yes, I believe Allison was my soulmate, aren’t we allowed two in this world? Because if not, that is a sick joke. To meet your person and then have them taken away, never to find anyone again.”

He picked up your hand. “I know you can’t listen to my heartbeat, so feel it.” He placed your hand over his heart. Your breath hitched in your throat. “I’ve always loved you, Y/N.”

The steady beating beneath your palm brought tears to your eyes. “But Kira…..”

“I don’t know where we stand right now, honestly. And until I know, I can’t do anything. But know this, Y/N. I always have, and always will love you.”

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Hey so this is super off topic I guess, but is there any other manga/anime that you like just as much as BNHA? Or what was your favorite before BNHA was a thing? (If you've answered somethin like this before you don't have to answer I'm just curious about your tastes)

lol, the answer is One Piece

before MHA, my Absolute Favorite Anime was One Piece, to the point where i have a giant Straw Hat jolly roger wallscroll in my room, i have two mini Straw Hat posters (one of Luffy, the other of Franky, my friend gave me these), and the calendar poster from one of the color walks, plus another wallscroll of the Supernova

One Piece was basically my LIFE for nearly a decade, to the point where even my extended family knew that i liked it. i drew fanart, i bought all the DVDs when they came out, i made my friends and family watch Film Z and Strong World whenever i got the chance….

to give an understanding of just how important OP was to me, i’m actually a small part of a group called the One Piece Podcast. and they are HUGELY DEDICATED FANS. and by that i mean 

  • they’ve gone to Japan and made an entire documentary about One Piece and Eiichiro Oda and actually got a meeting with Oda’s highschool homeroom teacher, one of his past editors, one of the anime directors, and one of the actors in the One Piece stage shows. 
  • (the movie is called The One Piece Pocast Goes To Japan and you can watch it here for free)
  • one of their regular members is the official english translator for One Piece
  • they often have FUNi voice actors/representatives on for interviews or just for fun. one time they had the japanese voice actor for Eneru on. they also often talk with the guys at VIZ, to find new and better ways to support the series legally
  • some of the regular members are now immortalized as some of Brook’s satanist followers in the dub. [vid of them recording it] [link of the dub clip]
  • one of their members, Greg, is a correspondent who lives in Japan and he’s basically a celebrity there. he is like the king of One Piece trivia, and on a tv game show, he and his team managed to beat a group that consisted of Oda’s old editors. 
  • to elaborate on Greg, like i said, he’s basically a celebrity in Japan. he writes editorials for Shonen Jump’s site here. and also, he has met Oda. several times. 

what i’m getting at here is: these guys are super Hardcore One Piece fans, and i was a small part of their group for a long time (and by that i mean i drew some stuff for them lmao). i’m not as invested into OP as i was, so i don’t do as much for the podcast anymore, but that is how BIG One Piece was for me, that i was even part of this group to begin with.

after OP, i ended up getting into Gravity Falls for about a year/year and a half, and a little after that ended, i got super into MHA. but yeah, One Piece was my absolute fave anime for a long, long, loooong time, and it’s only recently that i’m starting to not be as invested as i was. (mostly b/c the last few major arcs burned me out)

other fun facts about the One Piece Podcast, while i’m on the subject:

  • their members include lawyers, professional wrestlers, artists, graphic novelists, the animation director for Rick and Morty, youtube celebrities, professional voice actors, CNN news reporters, and more
  • they really like the Simpsons, Rick and Morty, DBZ, and wrestling. i say this because you can’t go an episode without running into a reference to at least ONE of these
  • they are all 100% ready and willing to criticize Oda when it comes to things like treating female characters better and moving the story forward
  • honestly they’re all just super nice people and you should totally check them out if you really like One Piece
  • when the huge earthquake hit Japan in 2011, they started a donation called Anime Fans Give Back to support those who were affected by the devastation, and raised over $40,000
  • also, Greg is like scarily good at pointing out details in Oda’s writing and is able to predict plot points and details. he is just like. terrifyingly accurate, so whenever he comes on it’s great to listen 
  • 90% of their episode titles are really bad puns its great

ANYWAY LOL sorry this kinda turned into a One Piece Podcast post instead of, well, what your question was about. sorry about that haha. 

but yeah, these guys are most of the reason i’m still into OP anymore, b/c i love listening to their podcast every week and sometimes they make me laugh so hard i can’t breathe

Things that Keep Us up at Night, An Eadrik Fic

I know what I said.

I know I promised myself I’d be married before the end of the selection, but now, I doubted everything. What in the world was I thinking, going from one extreme to another? I’ve had a track record for made decisions lately, though.

I’d been on at least one date with all the boys now. I made an effort to get to know them better. I still had a lot of choices available to me, but it felt like it was so limited. I’d been going through them for hours now. A few of the names popped into my head.

Ean. I suspected had an agenda of his own. What kind of person would consent to a loveless marriage? The bite of shame hit me, knowing that I had planned on that myself one day, that his offer was even slightly tempting.

Hale, who was such a good friend, yet I feared it would never be something more. He wanted to have a connection, but something held me back with him. Was it fear or something else?

Fox, who deserved so much more than what he had. Thanks to him, I understood more than I had ever seen behind palace walls. My mother had told me stories, but it was different when you heard it from someone other than your family.

Then there was Kile, who wanted nothing more than to leave the palace. He said he wanted to be here now, but what would happen if I choose him? Would he resent me? Would he hate the beautiful cage he committed himself to? No matter the connection between us, could it survive that?

And Henri, who was tremendously sweet, but we hardly knew each other. It was a struggle for us to communicate with one another. How far could we go in a relationship if everything had to be done between a translator or until one of us learned the other’s language?

And speaking of translators….. I had conditioned myself to forget his name when it crept into my thoughts. His face floated briefly into my mind, that sad smile he held at the ball now haunting me while I was awake and asleep.

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The Cause is Clear

“We few who travel far, call to me, and I will come. Without mercy, without fear. Cry havoc in the moonlight, let the fire of vengeance burn, the cause is clear.”

Ellinara Lavellan is a devout First and takes the teachings of Mythal as protector and bringer of justice to heart. As Herald she’s forced into a Chantry role she never wanted, a confusing romance with a certain elven apostate, lots of political scheming, and decisions that could change everything. Or destroy it, if she doesn’t play the Game right. All the while the mark on her hand etches further and further up her arm, giving her untold power at a very steep cost, but she will use it in the hopes of providing real and lasting change for the People. She has no other choice.

AO3 link

Lovely lovely banner art by @viva-la-dalish

Full chapter under the cut

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Love Song - Shattered


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11 - Fluffy Ending  Angst Ending  Depressing Ending

(You should probably read in chronological order to understand everything that’s going on, otherwise you may not understand.) 

Member: Woozi

Genre: Fluff and Angst

You were so in love. You would have never thought that he could ever break your heart, until he did.



You were happy. You both had worked on the song, perfecting it for months. You then got into the recording process with each member.

“Okay, it’s your turn,” said Woozi. You looked at him, worry spread across your face. He kissed your forehead.

“It’s fine, you got this.” You smiled at him, then slowly stood up.

You were nervous, you had never been in a real recording studio before. You made all of your own songs, but you didn’t have a studio to do it in.

You walked into the booth, the door closed behind you. You put on the headphones sitting on the stand underneath the mic. Woozi spoke, his voice echoing though your ears.

“Are you ready?” You smiled at him through the window and nodded.

The music started. You were ready.

You finished and stepped out of the booth. Woozi had gotten up to meet you. He embraced you.

“You did a wonderful job.”

“Thank you.” You shared a kiss, then pulled back to look into each other’s eyes. Looking at the light, the joy that was contained in them.

But soon, all of that would change.

The song was released and everyone was so excited. You all went out to dinner together and talked and laughed for hours.

Although, after a few weeks, things started to change between you and Woozi.

He wasn’t talking to you as much. You weren’t spending as much time together. You two were slowly growing apart. You had brought him dinner to the studio several times, like you usually did. You two would sit together and talk and laugh and smile. Now, you would drop off his dinners and he always made you leave soon after, if not right away. He wouldn’t allow you to stay with him. So you would leave.

You didn’t want to push him. You knew he was under a lot of stress. Although, he always made time for you. He was never this … cold.

Soon, you wouldn’t bring him any more dinners, you wouldn’t talk to him, you would barely even spend time with him. You would wait for hours for him to come home, lying in bed, reading or working on a song. Only to end up falling asleep and waking up to him on the couch, or getting a text from Mingyu that says that he was spending the night at the studio, or at the boys’ dorm. He wouldn’t even text you.

Your relationship was breaking, there were cracks, several pieces missing.

It was broken.


*Woozi’s POV*

About a week after the song came out, my boss called me in to speak with him. He told me about the new song. He said that it was high on the charts and that people loved the song. But they didn’t like Y/N.

Not because she wasn’t talented, because she definitely was. But she wasn’t favored by the fans.

They didn’t like that I was with her, they didn’t like how she got to “take over” and be in our songs. I argued that none of that was her idea, it was mine, I wanted to do a song with her and all the other members did too.

He knew, and felt bad, but they wanted the best for SEVENTEEN.

They didn’t want me to be with her anymore. They wouldn’t allow it.

I argued that there had to be something else to do. He declined, I had to let her go.

I wouldn’t let her come to the studio as often, I tried to keep our love a secret from the company. They found out and wouldn’t let me.

I asked if we could just keep it a secret from the public, they wouldn’t allow that either. They wanted me to end it.

I waited a couple days to still love her, to spend time with her truely, I wanted my whole life to love her, but that was no longer an option.

I had to drift away, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to let her go.

I needed her to let me go.

I wanted her to hate me. If she hated me, than she’s would leave, we wouldn’t be together.

It made me sick just to think about my life without her.  I knew if I told her the real reason for breaking up than she would try to find a way around it, but there wasn’t. I didn’t want to give her hopes up that we could get out of this.

I slowly restricted my time with her. I didn’t just want to drop it on her.

I wanted time. Time that we could still be together a little bit.

The company got mad at me for taking it so slowly, but if they were going to make me get rid of her, I was going to do it my way.

They instead gave me a deadline. I had to break up with her by a certain day, or it will already be coming out saying that I wasn’t with her anymore. So I continued to loosen my hold of her.

I didn’t let her come to our practices anymore. The members didn’t know about any of it and they just figured that she didn’t want to bother us or she was busy. I wasn’t going to tell them. They were all close with Y/N and I knew one of them might let it slip.

Slowly, I didn’t let her come to my studio anymore. It hurt me every time I turned her away.

It crushed me.

I stayed in my studio most of the time. I couldn’t see her as much, I couldn’t hold her, be with her, talk with her. I tried to work and focus on my music. I had to try to keep my mind off Y/N.

In the end, I was always listening to all of the beautiful songs that she had created. I would listen to them all on repeat. I would softly cry, knowing that at one point I will never get a song from her again.

I would never be able to listen to her new songs and her ideas, never experiencing her get excited about a song she was working on. Her moments in the middle of a conversation where she suddenly pulled out her phone typing or recording something really quickly before the idea spilt from her mind.

I wouldn’t be able to hear her voice, be in the same room as her, helping me with harmonies or sharing a little bit of her song acapella.

I would miss her. She would be out of my life. We would no longer exist. It would be her. Or it would be me.

Not us.

Never us.

Slowly, I became more and more cracked.

Pieces of me were missing.

She was missing.


*Your POV*

One day you had enough. You didn’t want him out of your life, although it seemed like he did.

You hadn’t seen Woozi in two weeks, but you were still determined. Your eyes were puffy and red from crying. You needed him. He knew it too, or at least he did.

You went to the studio when it was late. You knew he’d be there. No one else would be there. You just needed to talk to him. You stood outside the studio door for a second. Taking a deep breath.

Breathe. Just talk. That’s all you’re doing. Talking. Stay clam. Breathe.

You entered the code and turned the handle. You thanked God that he hadn’t change the code. You opened the door and walked in. He sat there with his headphones on. Your presence unknown to him. You just looked at him for a second. You let out another breath before closing the door behind you. He turned around at the sound of the door. You turned back and your eyes met.

His were red and puffy as well. He took off his headphones as he stood up. The sound of a song you made and sent him a couple days ago was playing. Your voice and you playing the piano faintly fill the room.

You always sent him your music whenever you finished a song. Even through this crack in your relationship.

He quickly turned around to turn off the music. He turned back around, taking in your messy appearance as you took in his.

*Woozi’s POV*

My stomach was turning and my heart ached, seeing her in front of me. I hadn’t seen her in such a long time. I thought it was over already.

Two weeks. We haven’t talked to each other in two weeks. I thought that she would be gone by now. Without a goodbye or anything.

Just, gone.

I could see that she was having a hard time, that she had been crying. I felt so guilty. I made her feel this way. It’s all my fault.

I wanted to step closer to her. Closing the void. I wanted to hold her.

“Did you like the song?” Her soft voice hit me like knives. Just being able to hear it again made me want to loose it. To tell her everything. But I couldn’t. I won’t.

I loved your song. Everything you do is so beautiful, just like you. “It’s good.”

It came out sharp, no feeling behind it. She was shocked and a little hurt. I could see that.

I’m so sorry. I love you. Please forgive me.

*Your POV*

“It’s good.”

I stepped back a little. It was cold, dark. Shallow. I looked at his face more. It was cold, dark. Shallow.

His eyes didn’t have the light anymore. It seemed like a film was over them.

A gate that pleaded for entry, but still prevented it. It was impossible.

Everything in him pleaded to come closer, yet pushed away. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Do you still love me?”

*Woozi’s POV*

“Do you still love me?” Her words stung.

Of course! I love you with all my heart! I would give anything for you! I will always love you! I will love you till the day I die!

“Not anymore.”

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**Note: I’m sorry if Part 1 was not that good. That was the first imagine that I ever wrote! It’s not that great, but yeah. Sorry. I didn't want to change anything from when I posted it originally on @kpop-imagines-and-ships, so I didn’t change it. But if you thought the last one was not that good, I’m sorry, and that’s why.

I’m also writing the ending already but I have three different ideas to end it. I am planning on writing all of the ideas so you can read whichever one you want, or all if your heart desires. Sooooooo that’s what I'm working on right now. I have a lot of ideas for new imagines that I’m writing down but I want to finish this series before I start to write anything else. I hope you are having a good day!

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(Hi friend I love your reactions, and hope that you're doing well and taking care) Fo4 Gang reacting to discovering a pair of Pre-War, Back to the Future styled self tying shoes?

Hello! :) Oh, thank you. I am getting there thank you honeybee. It’s very kind of you to ask after me. So here’s my first reaction in over six months…

I owe you all an apology however. I’m sorry that this has taken me so long to get round too but I did write a post explaining my reasons and I can only hope you all understand. And again, thank you. All of you… for being so patient with me, it means the world.

Anyway, without no further or do… here’s the reaction you’ve all been waiting for.

Literally! :)


“What the hell are those?”

Danse just continued to stare. To him they looked odd. Not to mention old and they certainly weren’t a fashion statement anymore that was for sure. Yet they still retained that kind of look however, telling him that they might have once been something worth having. Now? In this world however, they were just a pair of old Pre-War shoes. He could only raise an eyebrow at Sole’s sudden excitement.

What in the world has gotten into Sole now? Sole always got so excited about the Pre-War objects that had been left behind and while Danse appreciated the way they acted around these things that reminded them of their old life; they simply didn’t have time for it. Danse could only let out a frustrated sigh to the absence of time. Danse knew Sole missed their old life; anyone in their situation probably would. He shifted uncomfortably inside his Power Armor as he still received no answer from Sole to his question.

“Sole… answer me.” Danse tried to act on the order, but he seemed to choke on his words mid-sentence. He didn’t seem to have the heart to pull them out of the world they had put themselves in. Sole has stolen time itself and now it seems they would do anything to get that time back. Danse could only feel for his friend in those small moments. But they couldn’t stay in that world forever. It simply no longer existed and to remain there would destroy everything Sole could be now. And as their commander and friend, Danse would never let that happen.

“Sole!” Danse reached down to their arm and shook it. That pulled them out of the trance and all Sole could do was look up at the Paladin. Their bright eyes were wide with everything they had remembered. But even so, they were still there.

A question still remained however: what’s so special about those shoes?

Do I dare ask?

“Sole. The shoes…” Danse pointed and Sole looked at them and then back up at Danse, the biggest smile had taken over their face.

“It’s from Back to the Future!” The smile never left. But a confused look had now replaced Danse’s stare.

“Back to the-what now?”

He knew he would come to regret that question but he could never regret the happiness it caused Sole as they explained.


He sniffed the object that Sole now held in his hands. Dogmeat had listened to Sole all day about how amazing these shoes were. Sole first had to explain what shoes actually were to his four legged friend but they didn’t seem to mind; they just seemed to enjoy the moments they spent with Dogmeat. As Sole got more excited, explaining about the movies and the shoes of the Pre-War world, Dogmeat picked up on a few words in particular. Something to do with the future and back to somewhere

He barked in turn, he too was getting excited. But probably more for his friends smile than anything else.


Although she was curious she simply didn’t understand what Sole was trying to explain to her. However despite that, the happiness it seemed to bring them was contiguous. Their wide smile and that sparkle in their eye; gleaming with hope and the once upon a time of those happy memories. She had never seen them like this and so she listened. Curie knew she was learning. Maybe not in the same way she normally did but if this made Sole happy than she would be none the wiser to the knowledge they could teach her. She didn’t understand how they could “go back to the future”, or how the shoes tied themselves. But the enthusiasm told her everything she needed to know about it… and about Sole. Sole simply enjoyed it, every moment. So she too couldn’t help but feel that way too.

“This is amazing.” Curie continued to giggle. “How do you do that Sole? You explain more, yes.” Curie was generally interested now. She waited for their smile to die down, but it didn’t or more likely couldn’t and yet Sole spoke anyway.

“Sure Curie. Give me your foot.”

Curious, she asked. “My foot, Monsieur/Me Dame?” (Sir/Ma’am) Holding it out a little for them but hesitant never the less. Sole had never understood why she was so formal with them, but she wasn’t the only one, so more often than not they would let it slide. Sole always said it reminded them of Codsworth anyway. Their once good butler friend. So once again they shrugged it off and asked her for her foot again.   

“Don’t worry. The shoes don’t hurt. They just tie themselves.” Sole explained.

“Vous êtes stupide.” (You’re silly) She laughed with amusement. 

“You love me.”
“Yes, Sole. I do, I do…” Curie’s smile as wide as it would possible go. Sole eyes shone at her response but nothing more. However, she concluded that day that she loved Sole’s smile; even though she was confused to the point of no return, it didn’t matter. Not in those moments with them. She was just happy to see her friend finally smile.


“So, you’re telling me… a guy that smokes a lot of drugs… that these shoes here, the ones in your hand right now, they tie themselves?”

Sole nodded; as excitement shone within their eyes. The past brought Sole to life in ways that Hancock rarely saw and even though Hancock was high, he listened in those few moments he shared with his friend. He knew it was the one of the few thing that still made Sole smile. That genuine smile than not everyone had the right to see and to have seen it made him feel proud. Sole themselves had been through a lot in the last few years and now didn’t show much in the way of emotions because of it, but yet Hancock had somehow found a friendship in them once and it still remained even after all this time. Despite the drugs, he naturally felt happy. Hancock knew about the past. Sole’s past and all the crap they had taken in that Vault. He didn’t understand in that aspect, not personally, he had never been frozen and left to die; but he did when it came to being in a time he didn’t belong to.

He snored, yet smiled at a single thought. Even if that was the one thing they shared throughout their friendship on that kind of personal level then that was just fine with him. It wasn’t like Sole was any different. They didn’t smoke, or cry much. But when it came down to it they were there. Hell they had been there for that Tin Can of a man Danse. What more could anyone ask for than the friendship Sole gave?

Once Hancock had blown out his last bit of his Jet he turned back to Sole and away from his own thoughts. Sighing at the happiness around him Hancock decided he wasn’t going to judge this time; he didn’t even make a joke. He knew he would never hear the end of it… and still he asked… He now knew he was going to be there all night, listening; he could feel it, but he didn’t mind. Not when it came to Sole. Hancock had lost count when it came to Sole pulling his ass out of the fire, and besides: what were friends for?

He was just glad he had brought that second batch of Jet with him that day.


“You talk a lot of shit don’t ya Sole!” Cait laughed, Sole couldn’t have been telling the truth when it came to something so stupid. Why the fuck was something called “back to the future” a thing? And how the hell did it relate to self-tying shoes? Cait didn’t know, frankly she didn’t want to know; but knew it was coming anyway.

“It’s from a movie,” Sole told her. They were sat over with Dogmeat, their eyes staring into the fire; like they were trapped in a memory. “It was before my time, way before. But it was still popular even when I was a kid.” Sole stopped. Gripping the shoes. Cait looked over but didn’t move. She felt for them despite her attitude towards it all. Cait just felt like she had kicked a lost puppy.

“Ah, dammit Sole. You gotta let it go mate. I know it’s hard and I ani’t no good at this but hell, you’re gonna end up hurting yourself more if you keep going back.” Sole didn’t respond at first, they just held on to the shoes. They had found them buried under some rubble a couple of miles North and hadn’t let go of them since. Cait had been annoyed at first, Sole wouldn’t shut up about it. But now? Now she simply felt for them. Hell, they’d been through a lot in such a short space of time, they had stolen time itself and now all their mind was just trying to do was make sense of what they had missed…

“It was my wife’s/husband’s favorite movie.” Time stopped then. And Cait felt a lump form in her throat.

She opened her mouth to speak but paused, being careful for once. “Sorry, ya know. About that” She had decided to go to them at that point, sitting by them, she took their hand in hers and just held it. She didn’t have any more words for them at that point and she didn’t feel like her words would help them anyway. She would just have to wait until they came back to her.

After about an hour of silence. Cait spoke, “ya know one day, you can tell Shaun all about it.” She didn’t mean to say those words, they had just came out. Wishing that she had thought it through Cait waited for the hateful eyes that anyone who mentioned Shaun got, but they never came. Not this time. Sole just lent their head on her shoulder and whispered, thank you.

“You’re welcome,” Cait replied, now in her own little world. Waiting for the night to pass.

You deserve that chance Sole. She truly believed that, but Cait decided those words were for another time, she was just happy that Sole was here.


“That doesn’t make any sense, kid. There’s no way-”

“It just works. It doesn’t always have to make sense.” Nick could see Sole was in denial and he understood why; so he decided to drop it there and then. He didn’t want to risk an argument with them; they were partners after all, for the time being anyhow and the last thing Nick wanted to do was to get Sole upset over something so simple and completely irrelevant to the task at hand.

Sole had enough on their plate already and too add to it wasn’t going to help anyone. It wasn’t going to help them find Shaun either. Sighing Nick decided to enlighten them and ask. How the hell did it “just work” then? And without hesitation Sole showed him. And to his shock… and amusement, the shoes tied themselves.

“Aw shit kid, why the hell did ya have to be right about it.” Nick tired not to smile at the happiness that had spread across their face but never the less Nick laughed. “Alright, show me again. In experiments you always try things more than once.” Sole did it again, and once again Nick just laughed. The truth was he didn’t really care if he had been right or not. It was just nice to see the kid smile once in a while. They hadn’t done it much since the day they had met and Nick enjoyed seeing the weight of the world coming off their shoulder; even if it was just for a moment. Even if it was over the stupidest of things.

That smile was worth seeing.


“Blue, what the hell are you doing?”  Piper walked up behind her friend wondering what in the world they were up too. It wasn’t like Sole to wonder off and Piper had become worried when they hadn’t returned to their make shift shelter. They had made camp along the edges of Old River that ran through the whole Commonwealth. To their surprise no one had gotten around to naming it after themselves and nobody seemed to “own it”; so they had decided to make camp there for the night. And just before dusk Sole had wondered off and had not returned by morning. Which had scared Piper half to death.

Idiot. They know the dangers…

As she reached Sole, Piper noticed they weren’t really with it. They were in a world of their own. Which wasn’t really unusual in these times, or even for Sole for that matter, but still it was cold out and this was the last thing she wanted to be doing at this early hour. However, she couldn’t help herself and so she tried her best to get their attention. To her relief; they responded. 

“What?” What?

“What do you mean “what” Sole? You disappeared.” Piper argued.

“Sorry”, Sole muttered back… not seeming to care about Piper’s disapproved face. Sighing, they tried a little harder. “Have you ever heard of “Back to the Future”? Piper shook her head, anger now replaced by confusion. “It’s a movie from my time or before really… but never mind. It’s about time travel… Something I wish I could do now.” Sole looked away. Realizing what they had done. They knew Piper’s feelings on those kind of comments, they knew how she felt… and they already knew they had upset her beyond a doubt. Sole couldn’t bear to look her in the face as her tears formed. Sole knew Piper loved them and it broke their heart in a way. If they could just get over their late wife/husband they would love her back in a heartbeat. They just couldn’t bear the guilt it would cause. “I’m sorry,” they muttered in an attempt to make it right again. Sole knew Piper would never want them to go…

But as they looked, Piper had already gone and Sole couldn’t think of any way to make her pain stop. “Shit.” Sole looked to the ground, ashamed.


Where the fuck did they get them?

Deacon looked at the old, however brightly deigned shoes within his reach. He wanted a pair too. So he asked, though Sole just shrugged him off; only saying that the ones they had were the only pair and, they were theirs. But Deacon didn’t back down. He liked the look of them all too much. To him, they were weird and did crazy shit all by themselves! He liked that sort of thing. Deacon promised himself that he wasn’t lying at his point; which was hard to believe even by his own standers. A pair of shoes that tied themselves? Sign him up! He just had to figure out how to get them without arousing suspicion. But how?

Deacon thought for a moment. He was a fantastic lair by all accounts… but coming up with a plan and actually getting them to work? That was another ball games all together.    

He just had to get those shoes. He wanted to go “back to the future” too! Not realizing that wasn’t what Sole actually meant he was now determined to get what he wanted; a mischievous smile came to him as he thought it through. He just had to get Sole away for a while…

“Hey! Sole-” He shouted after them but they responded with a quick “no” without even looking at him.

They were on to him already!



“Your shoes General, why do they light up?”

Sole stopped what they were doing and just laughed. Still smiling as they looked up to their second in command they just about managed to tell him straight.

“They don’t light up!” Trying not to snigger, Sole continued. “They’re from a movie and it’s their design. They probably look odd on me because it was based on a movie way before my time.” Preston just nodded and looked like he had to take it all in. Sole was just glad X6-88 wasn’t around. He would be having a field day with this.

Sole would admit they looked silly. But the damn things tied themselves. What more could anyone want from a pair of shoes?

“So you’re saying that those pair of shoes still have enough “power” in them to tie themselves after maybe hundreds of years, in these conditions I might add, but… a powerful fusion core that has been charging in conditions far less worse can only run some Power Armor for a short time and sometimes not even that. But those shoes still work? Sole gave Preston a blank stare. Their month a little ajar like they were trying to find the words.

“Yes?” They muttered slowly.

Preston laughed this time. Knowing there wasn’t much logic to his own argument. But he had managed to make Sole speechless… what more could he possibly been done with all this, he wondered.  



“Are you sure this is worth the trip Sir/Madam?”

“Yes” Sole replied, almost calmly. This was the tenth time they had answered such a question and they were tempted to say “no” at some point. Never the less, Sole couldn’t bring themselves to do it. Codsworth was only being… himself and Sole couldn’t really blame him for asking if they were honest. They had asked that question to themselves about a hundred times now.

Was a pair of shoes really worth all this hassle?

“Codsworth, they tie themselves.” Sole said, in a sad attempt to get the robotic butler on board. But even Sole should have known that something so simple wouldn’t have worked. Codsworth was a little too smart for it.

“Ah yes! But”-

“I know… I know.” Sole grumbled and thought about going home to their bed. That seemed a lot more appealing at that moment in time.

Self-tying shoes or bed?    

Ah fuck-!


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me right? You’re lying to me.” MacCready had already decided that he wasn’t falling for it and he was sticking to his guns. “There is no such thing as self-tying shoes!”  

“How do you know?” Sole shot back. MacCready gave him a blank glare. Sole was drunk. They both were. But MacCready, not to this best judgement he might add, had decided to listen to what Sole had been going on about all day and it was fair to say, he truly believed Sole had gone nuts.

Self-tying shoes my ass!

“It’s true. Their based on a movie”-

“I don’t wanna to hear it… You’re fucking drunk”-

“No. I’m not!”

“Yes… You are!” MacCready wasn’t backing down. Not this time.

“But…” Sole tried.


“Fuck, you no!”



“You are obviously sick.” X6-88 blankly informed Sole. Who really couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“No, I’m not. I’m really not. Look I swear, they tie themselves.” X6-88 didn’t look convinced in the slightest and stared to walk away.

“You should see Curie, hopefully she can find a cure for your madness.” X6-88 shouted behind him. Sole just send him a glare and preceded to walk towards Sanctuary’s clinic. Sole knew they wouldn’t hear the end of it if they didn’t go. And had learned the hard way just to do what that Synth said, wherever he meant it or not.


“Humans… don’t understand stupid humans.”

“Yeah well… we don’t understand you either buddy. Get fucking used to it.”