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Overwatch Heroes x Sia Lyrics (2/4) Offense

Inspired by the knowledge that Unstoppable is totally the Ultimate D.Va Song. (The entire song might not suit the character, but chosen lyrics I thought related well to them.)

Others in This Series

Tank // Offense // Defense // Support

The spiritual sequel to Borderlands Characters As Imagine Dragons Songs

Links to songs and written out lyrics below.

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♫Technicolour Beat- Oh Wonder// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

A/N: This is just something I thought of while listening to this song, and I hope you enjoy it!#

She set him free in an unbelievable way; her carelessness was contagious, filling the air with every word she spoke. She was the light breeze that pushed the brooding clouds away from the sun, allowing the warm light to enliven his life.

She saw the buried tragedies, casting them aside with a touch of her fingertips, allowing him to glow the way he was meant to.

Sunrises meant nothing until he learned the admiration she had for them, until the 5 am light caressed her face as she closed her eyes and smiled at the sky, her cheeks flushed with the peacefulness.

“Get up, get up, get up” Y/N nudged him repeatedly.

“You’re making the bed shake for all the wrong reasons” he groaned, pulling a pillow over his head.

“Wake uuuuuup!” she whined, tugging at his nightshirt.

His response was less than satisfying, as he mumbled “No thanks”.

Minutes later he was grouchily following her to the front of the castle, running a hand through his messy dark hair, eyes half closed.

The cold air woke him as he looked around, disoriented.

“It’s still dark! Are you bloody insane?!”

She smiled at him and pointed straight ahead “Look”.

She looked at him like a happy child, anticipating his reaction.

“What am I looking at?” he asked, as the sun began peeking through the tree branches and a soft breeze blew.

Her smile was infectious. He smirked, watching his best friend’s grin as the sun rose and grazed her face and her (y/e/c) eyes closed gently, facing the orb of light rising in front of them.

He didn’t have a favourite colour until he’d learned hers was yellow. After that day, he’d be perfectly happy living in a fully yellow house, surrounded by sunflowers.

“Y/N it’s your turn to ask Sirius” Lily pointed out.

“Please no, I’m terrible at coming up with questions. And dares.” she groaned.

“Don’t ruin the game now” he winked, smiling at her frustration.

“Fine. Truth or dare?” she mumbled, frowning at her friends.

“Dare” he said unsurprisingly.

She racked her brain for one until she finally gave up: “I dare you to tell us all your favourite colour” she said folding her hands across her chest and lifting her head up proudly.

“That’s possibly the worst dare I’ve heard since I’ve first played this game.” an unamused expression graced his face.

“You scared?” Y/N joked, smirking at him.

“I don’t have a favourite colour.” he said matter-of-factly, a sigh escaping his lips. “What’s yours then?” he looked at her, waiting for a response.

“Yellow” she happily said, her eyes crinkling with the smile lighting up her face.

“Let’s just say mine’s yellow too” her warm presence made him feel at peace with everything, and now the colour yellow did too.

Books were just words on paper until she’d read him to sleep one night and made them come alive and flutter through the air, embracing him softly through the sound of her voice.

He saw her familiar silhouette sitting on the couch in the common room, illuminated by the light from the roaring fireplace, her nose in a book.

“Why are you up?” he asked, jumping over the back of the couch and landing at her feet.

She didn’t look up, clearly captivated by the inked words in her hands “Why are you?” she mumbled distractedly.

“Couldn’t sleep” he said with a sigh, throwing his feet onto the couch right next to hers. She looked up from her text, closing it,never moving her index finger off the page: “How come?”

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Sufjan sent us the two songs and the new arrangement of “Futile Devices” while we were shooting. And so I got this email, I said, “Oh my God!” You know, I thought this was going to come in three months afterwards. And then when we played it, it was… [to Sufjan] I will remember that moment of listening to your songs for the first time forever. It’s fantastic. Thank you.
—  Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino at a Q&A

Hello everyone! I post this little thing I wrote today. I’m sorry if there is any mistake but please consider English is not my first language! I tried my best. There is no smut in this one (sorry haha) but I’m planning on writing some sequels so probably you can find smutty scenes in there. The story is set in Holmes Chapel, Christmas Time.  Hope you like it. 

Oh and btw, I got inspired while listening to Still Falling For You by Ellie Goulding. I think the song sets the atmosphere for this… beginning? 


At some point that day I could stop staring at him, that is what I thought every time our eyes met. I really liked how his glowing eyes squinted somewhat when he grinned so proud and satisfied. His left arm protectively enclosed a woman, who, I believed was his mum. His snob aura was certainly something which had to be explored. Many times I had been told how nice he was, what a wonderful personality he had.

My gaze landed on him. This time, his pouty lips tasted the yellowish content of the glass he was holding.  His veiny hand grabbed it gently, as if it was so fragile it could break any time. It was then when his eyes and mine met again. He caught me looking at him once more, as if he was some sort of work of art. He was, indeed. That patterned blue jacket made him look like one. He smiled so big, a kittenish smile which invited to something else. There were many secrets untold behind those cheeky grins. I craved some kind of interaction further than simple eye contact. I felt my cheeks burn at the same time my heartbeat sped up the moment I saw him talking to the waiter and looking at me. Some seconds later, the waiter approached me in a very discreet way.

“This drink is for you. He paid for it” the man slightly tilted his head as if he was indicating Harry, not wanting to be too obvious, and slid the glass across the counter. I looked at him once again, and mumbled Thank You just to get a wink as a reply.


“Did you like it?” a very deep voice startled me. I lost track of his presence the moment I started checking out the messages my sister had sent to my phone. Then I looked for him but could not find him anywhere. “Sorry if I scared you” I smiled, bashfully. My lips parted since my brain encouraged me to respond, to add anything, but I simply couldn’t. He was quick, though. “You a fan or something?” What the actual fuck. A fan? Well, I did not consider myself a fan. He smiled faintly, but still frisky and charismatic.

“Sorry. You scared me. I didn’t expect you to be this close, here, I mean, talking to me. Sorry. Umm. Thank you for the drink. By the way” Was that everything I could say? I felt and sounded like a complete idiot. “No, well, it’s not that I don’t like your music but-” he interrupted me.

“I get it. No worries. It’s actually fine” his beam didn’t go away and his magnetism began to draw me. Was this magic what everyone referred to? Was this feeling the feeling everyone talked about?

“Was just that you were looking at me as if you were asking for a picture. I have some sort of radar to detect those situations” Was he joking right? I smirked dreamily, not trying to look too uneasy. “Just joking” he confessed and continued “How are you doing? Some relaxing time alone before tonight’s dinner?” He addressed me as if we had already met somewhere and sometime before. That feeling. His eyes didn’t leave mine while he spoke. He was very outgoing, someone to instantly get on incredibly well. I examined his hair, short but still long enough to… oh shut up. My mind was running wild, every thought impregnated with those mildly pornographic scenarios.

“I’m good thanks. You?” His eyes were so piercing and intense. So green. I bet he knew the effect they had in other people, in other women. In me. The guy was charming and his presence filled the whole space.  

“I’m very good. Thank you. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out some day. I mean, you live near?”

What the hell? He was asking me out. So simple but so disturbing for my inner peace. The plot had just twisted dramatically, and, I hope, beautifully too.

“Yeah I do. I mean I do live here. A couple of blocks away, near the high school. Why should I hang out with you? We don’t know each other. Do we? I mean, I don’t know” In fact I did know him, but he did not know me at all. What kind of question that was? But I plainly didn’t know what else to say. I was playing the stupid part.

He looked down at his shoes quite amused with the awkward situation. Those boots. Smiled. Then look up at me again, his eyebrows raised.

“That’s why I’d love to hang out with you. I want to get to know you. The way you were looking at me was so intriguing” This last word was pronounced with a deeper tone.

“That’s fine. But when? Excuse me I’m being so weird and odd.” We both laugh at this at the same time.  

“You don’t have to worry a bit. That’s not a big problem, or is it? We can meet the day after Christmas, if you like. Like we can have lunch somewhere in Cheshire, or we can stay here if you prefer.”

“Sounds really good. I don’t actually mind, believe me. ”

“Umm so… I’ve got to go like in a couple of minutes or so. My family is leaving and I would love to stay here with you but you know, family meetings… Umm would you mind giving me your number? So I can call you and give you all the details of the place, time, and everything.”

My hands shook as I listened to his words slipping out of his mouth. He took the phone off his pocket and typed his password before handing the phone to me. In that moment our hands brushed and his skin burnt against mine. It was so electric.  “Can you please add your number to my contact list?” He softened his tone.  

“Y/N” I would be lying if I said I was not about to faint. Because I was.

“There we go” I saved all the information and gave the phone back to him. He glanced over the screen.

“I’ll see you in a couple of days. Nice to meet you, y/n.”

“Same here, Harry. Nice to meet you.”

“Next time you won’t be so nervous. Will you?”

“Probably not.”

We waved goodbye, our smiles so wide and positive. Curious about what might happen from that moment onwards. I was having a date with Harry Styles. And I didn’t know where it could go from there. Or maybe I did. 

Musical motifs in Pokémon Sun/Moon

Sun/Moon have a very well thought-out soundtrack with lots of recurring leitmotifs, so I thought it would be fun to write about it! In this post I’m going to point out some musical connections you might not have thought about. I’m not going to write about every single recurring motif in the game, just the ones that I think are interesting and/or non-obvious. Still, if you find something that I missed, please let me know!

Oh, and I’ll refer you to YouTube videos of the songs so you can listen for yourself. I won’t embed them, since that would take up tons of space, but there’ll be links. Now let’s get started!

The Kahunas and the Tapu

Let’s first talk about some motifs that seems to be strongly associated with the Island Challenge and Alolan culture.

To begin with, there’s a recurring phrase associated with the Kahunas and the Tapu that appears all over the soundtrack. Let’s say we call it the “Kahuna leitmotif”, for lack of a better name. You can hear it prominently in the Kahuna battle theme at 0:03 and at 0:17. It’s also the melody of the (out-of-battle) Kahuna theme (kicks in at 0:05), so it seems pretty firmly connected to the Kahunas. At the same time, it also appears in the Ruins theme (try listening at 0:16), as well as the actual Tapu battle theme (try 0:38), so it’s definitely associated with the Tapu too! Since the Kahunas are pretty much appointed by the Tapu to be their human representatives, it makes a lot of sense that they have a shared leitmotif.

Secondly, there’s a short phrase that appears in the Tapu songs but not the Kahuna songs; let’s call it the “Tapu leitmotif”. You can hear it right at the start of the Ruins theme, and in the Tapu battle theme at the beginning and at 0:33. Unlike the above Kahuna leitmotif, this one is exclusively associated with the Tapu, and only seems to play when you’re actually in their presence.

Finally, the main melody of the Kahuna Battle theme is of course that of the Trial theme, thus musically connecting the Kahunas to the Trials and the Trial Captains. Makes sense, since battling a Kahuna is in itself a Grand Trial. It also happens to be the catchiest, snazziest song of this generation, so it makes for a great battle theme, hehehe!

Team Skull and the Aether Foundation

Team Skull’s leitmotif is pretty easy to pick out, it’s right there at the start of the Team Skull theme. It’s also in their battle theme, and in Plumeria’s battle theme, and… well, you get the picture. The melody of Guzma’s theme is actually also the same leitmotif, but with a different rhythm, so it sounds quite different. Still, listen closely and you’ll hear it’s the same ten notes in the same order, hehe!

The Aether Foundation also has an easily recognizable motif that appears in most of their tracks, perhaps most notably the Aether House music at 0:14 and the (more sinister) Aether Foundation battle theme at 0:16. But you knew that already!

What’s really interesting, though, is that you can find a trace of the Aether Foundation leitmotif in Guzma’s battle theme, starting at 0:42. It’s heavily distorted, but I would argue it’s there! Nice bit of musical foreshadowing, perhaps?

The Ultra Beasts

The Ultra Beast battle theme is pretty cool, but did you know the same melody plays in Ultra Space, slowed down? Most people don’t pick up on this since the Ultra Space music only plays for a very short segment of the game, but it’s a cute detail, hehe.


This one’s not too easy to catch either. Try listening to the Solgaleo/Lunala battle theme at 0:26, where the melody comes in. Now compare it to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone music at 0:08. Again, even though it’s slowed down, you can tell it’s the same tune! Cool!

Regular Alola Battles

The Wild Pokémon Battle and Trainer Battle themes don’t really contain any overt references to other songs. (I guess it’s fitting that “regular” battle themes should have their own independent identities, since they help establish their generation’s unique atmosphere.) However, both of these battle themes make use of a descending blind octave passage - I’d say that’s a big part of what gives these Alola tracks their distinctive sound! So I thought I’d point it out anyway, hehe.

Check out the Wild Pokémon battle theme at 0:16 and the Trainer battle theme at 0:37, and I bet you’ll hear it too!

Gladion and Voltorb Flip

Okay, listen to the beginning of Gladion’s battle theme and tell me he’s not connected to the Goldenrod Game Corner in some way. I’m sure we can find an in-universe justification for this somewhere…

… r-right?

These days I really enjoy playing league of legends with Baekhyun. I even composed a song about it (laughs). It was late at night and I was inspired. I thought, oh! This is really such a good song. I’m such a genius. But when Suho hyung asked to listen to it he looked at me in shock and said, ‘Where did you get this melody from?’ It turned out it was exactly the same as an advertisement jingle used for a dating website. I looked up the dating website and made an account just for fun. Hah, I even remember making my profile picture a picture of Spongebob Squarepants wearing a sweater vest, as a joke. But then I accidentally friended a girl and bought her a diamond ring. She deleted her account soon afterwards and I never heard from her again. It made me really sad. I cried a bit, but don’t worry! I’m totally okay now!
—  Park Chanyeol, harper’s BAZAAR Korea, December 2016 (full interview here)

i play this game at the museum where i listen to albums that hold personal significance to me and i force myself to correlate whatever song im listening to to whatever art im looking at and sometimes it’s hard but 99% of the time i can make it work and it gives the art and song a narrative i never would have thought of before. it’s very fun. i hate myself this is so pretentious actually oh my god

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i have a thought i need to share do you also think that intertwined by dodie clark is a pretty perfect post tartarus percabeth song sorry for bothering have a nice dayy queen of writing hehe <3

Hair in your mouth
Feet touching feet

Oh you
and I
Safe from the world
Though the world will try

Oh, I’m afraid of the things in my brain
But we can stay here
And laugh away the fear

You create a rarity of my genuine smiles

So breathe
Breathe with me
Can you drink all my thoughts
Cause I can’t stand them

I’ve pinned each and every hope on you
I hope that you don’t bleed with me

I’m afraid of the things in my brain
But we can stay here
And laugh away the fear

“I wrote this song about a couple who lived next door to us. They’d been married forever and they came over one night for dinner, and were just so cute. They were talking about how they fell in love and got married, and how they met when they were just little kids. I thought it was so sweet, because you can go to the grocery store and read the tabloids, and see who’s breaking up and cheating on each other (or just listen to some of my songs, haha). But it was really comforting to know that all I had to do was go home and look next door to see a perfect example of forever.” - Taylor Swift on ‘Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)’

1. I will be honest with you, most days i wake up and my first though is you.
2. I’ve spent days in my thoughts, waiting for someone’s smile to open the door; and there you were- I’ve been waiting for you.
3. And all the songs i’ve been listening to finally made sense, i never thought they would.
4. You’re my 4.am thoughts. You  have been for the past year.
5. Oh my god i love you more than you will ever know.
6. I never know what to say and i’m sorry, but if i could even find the courage to say something it would be “please don’t get tired of me.”
7.I love you, i love you so fucking much. You will always be my insomnia, my late night thoughts.
8.I adore you.
9.I know i get annoying and i frustrate you a lot, thank you for putting up with me.
10.I will always be in some kind of love with you, i hope you know that.
11. I still love you at 4.am
12. I fell in love with you, you don’t have to love me back. But i gave you my heart, please be gentle.
13. 4 shots later and the only name i manage to slur out is yours.
14. All the songs make sense now, they were about you.
—  A list of things i can’t tell you
This Ain't Us || Brooklyn Beckham

So, this one isn’t requested. I just felt like another Brooklyn one. And I found out that I really like to write about make-ups and break ups with people :’). Hmm. By the way, I thought about doing some Christmas Special in December. I don’t know what it would be like, yet. I’ll let you guys know, or not. Probably not :’). No, joking. I like to share some of my ideas with you guys ^^. Oh, and it’s so awesome to see how many of you are reading, liking and reblogging my imagines :D. Seriously, it means so much to me that so many people like my imagines :). Xoxo, me.


Song to listen to: We Should Be ~ Christopher




“Honey, are you okay?” My sister watched me with a sympathetic look. She held a cup of tea in front of me and I took the cup from her, smiling.

“Thanks,” I thanked her, “and I’m fine.”

“you don’t seem to be fine.” She took place next to me and I shared my plaid with her. “I can see that you really miss him.” I shrugged. “If you miss him, just call him.”

“No, this fight isn’t my fault,” I answered, being all stubborn.

“Don’t be so stubborn and just call him. You two can be so childish,” my sister laughed softly. “what was the fight about?”

I shrugged again. “I don’t even know. Probably about some rumor he’d read about me ‘cheating’ on him with some other guy. It’s all crap and I don’t know why he still believes them like it’s the first time they wrote such things about me.”

“He’ll cool down and call you soon.”

“You can’t tell yet.”

My sister slightly sighed. “Let’s just watch a movie together.”




The doorbell rang and somewhat annoyed about the fact we had to pause the movie, my sister looked at me.

“I’ll get it,” my sister said. I nodded and grabbed my phone. No messages from Brooklyn. Normally he’d already texted me that he was sorry or that he missed me and I would text him back that I was sorry too and that I also missed him. I sighed and rested my head on the support of the couch until my sister came back.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Brooklyn’s voice spoke.

I looked up. “Hey.”

“Can we talk for a moment?” He looked a bit shy at me and shuffled with his feet.

I nodded. “Of course, let’s go upstairs then. Are you okay with that?” I asked my sister.

“Of course,” she smiled, before she looked at me sharply. “And don’t do stupid things.”

I groaned in frustration. “(Y/S/N), come on!”

“I wasn’t talking about the nasty, I know you two are smart enough, or well, I hope you are. But I was talking about something else.”

Brooklyn sent me a confused look, but I shook my head at him that it was okay. “Don’t worry,” I chuckled softly. “See you later.”

Brooklyn said bye to my sister and we walked up the stairs together, toward my room. I crawled on my bed and sat against the headboard while Brooklyn just sat on the edge of the bed. I smiled slightly, though he couldn’t see it.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled softly when he turned to me.

For a moment, I thought about forgiving him immediatly – he came to my house to make it up with me. Tough, I laughed sarcastically at him. “Come on, you know I’d never cheat on you and though you don’t believe me.” Now the words left my mouth, I felt my anger coming back. “You still don’t believe me, do you? You’re just saying you’re sorry because you don’t wanna fight.” Brooklyn didn’t dare to look at me and looked at his hands which were laying in his lap instead. “Unbelievable. This is just so unbelievable! You’d rather believe the stupid media instead of your own girlfriend?!”

“(Y/N), please calm down a bit okay!” Brooklyn shouted. He was getting impatient by now, I could see. “It’s not my fault that you’re such a hoe!”

My eyes widened and my shoulders dropped a bit. “So that’s how you see me?” I mumbled soft and on a said tone. “Can I ask you a question?”

“You’re already asking me a question,” mumbled Brooklyn grumpy. I could pull out his hair at this moment.

“You know what I mean,” I said softly. Brooklyn gave me a little nod without looking at me. “why are we even dating if you see me as… As a… You know,” I stuttered.

For the first time since he was here at my place, Brooklyn looked me in my eyes. His eyes and nose were all red and I could clearly see that he’d cried. “Is that a serious question, (Y/N)?”

“I don’t know, you say it,” I answered, my voice a bit hoarse.

“You wanna know why I’m dating you?” I nodded slightly and Brooklyn scooted over to me and carefully took my hands in his large ones. “Because you the most wonderful, beautiful, sweet and kind girl in the world. You’re so down to earth with me, from the beginning till now on. You love me for the person I am, not for my name or my mom and dad. And I’m so, so grateful for that. You don’t even know. I know for sure, that there is no girl in the whole entire world who is a better person than you are. You’re perfect to me, (Y/N). Please baby, forgive me for what I said. I know you would never cheat on me. I love you so much it hurts. And this ain’t us, baby. We’re not used to fight as hard as now. I want you to know that I love you so, so  much.”

I smiled wide and felt my eyes began to water. “Ahw, baby. That’s so sweet. I love you too. And of course I love you for who you are. You’re such a great person and you don’t deserve fake friends, let alone a fake girlfriend. You’re such a beautiful boy, Brooklyn. I love you too.”

Brooklyn smiled, pulled me in a tight hug and pressed a sweet, soft kiss on my lips.

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that the gif set with Oscar Isaac and Rosario Dawson is a real movie; it's called 10 Years.

Oh really? I knew Oscar was in that, I didn’t know Rosario was. I thought he was with hmm Kate Mara or someone! I’ll have to check it out (rather than just see gifsets of it). Thanks so much.

Love Me Harder - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

Words: 1148
Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: I think there’s a swear word?
Requested by @sexymackstan
More Bucky Barnes! To the song "love me harder” by Ariana grande ft weeknd ( can be the sequel to You and I ) ?
A/n: This is a song fic to the song right above ^. If you’d like to listen to it, click here! It’s also a part two to another imagine so, yeah I don’t have much to say, so, yeah!

You And I 


You gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder

"Where are you?” You asked into the phone.

“What do you mean? I’m at the facility. Where else would I be?” Bucky asked.

You sighed. “Out? At a restaurant? For our date night?”

“Oh shit,” Bucky said. “I thought that was tomorrow.”

“Alright. We’ll schedule it for next week, then.” You said and hung up.


You wished Bucky would say goodnight to you or have him tell you he loves you.

You always went to bed without hearing anything from Bucky. Maybe his hate was coming back. Maybe you two weren’t meant to be together.

It was late now, and there was a slight knock at your door. When the door opened, Bucky peaked in.

“Hey.” You said.

“Hey. Can I borrow your headphones?” He asked.

You sighed. “They’re on my desk.”

He walked in a grabbed the headphones. “Thanks! You’re the best.” He started to walk out.

“Goodnight, I love you.”


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Relationship status: Single and ready to Flamingle!

Favorite color: Orange

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick is life, my lips must be smooth and soft, and not fucking cracked!

Last song I listened to: Oh fuck it may have been Waiting for Tonight by J Lo and that is all Aidan’s fault

Last movie I watched: Pretty sure I watched Mad Max Fury Road for the 10th time this week

Top 3 TV shows: Fuck…uhhh Stargate, Star Trek, Penny Dreadful (okay but Brooklyn 99 needs to be mentioned too)

Top 3 characters: Right now? Orson Krennic, Rae Sloane, Mr. Bones 

Top 3 ships:  It’s so hard to pick…I’ll do it this way Orson Krennic/LITERALLY EVERYONE, Blueberry Coconut, and Sinjir/any man worth his snark (I cut out at least 98% of my ships but saying Krennic/everyone)

Books I’m currently reading: Aftermath: Life Debt, Timekeeper, and Skullduggery Pleasant

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INFP Writer Thing #5

INFP: Oh man, I have just made the BEST most amazing playlist to listen to for this book I’m working on. This will make it so much easier to write!

*Later that Day*

*Sits down to write, listens to playlist*
INFP: What was I thinking these songs don’t work at all!!
INFP:… Ehh, oh well
*Listens to music and goes down memory lane and nostalgia. Never writes a single word nor corrects playlist because of horrible procrastination*

shuffle tag!!

i got tagged in loads of stuff whilst i was away but this is the only one i haven’t done yet! i was tagged by @kotcatmeow​, @literallywhothe​ and @mysimblruniverse​, thank you my honeys <3

rules: put your music shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people!

  1. You Wanna Know - Don Broco (going well so far……)
  2. Cane Shuga - Glass Animals
  3. Aftertaste - Ellie Goulding
  4. King - Years & Years
  5. Landslide - Oh Wonder
  6. Sometimes - Blink 182 
  7. Heart of Glass - Blondie (heck yeah DEBBIEEEEEEEEEE)
  8. Obvious - Blink 182
  9. Feels Like Forever - Mice of Men (rip)
  10. Wonderland - Taylor Swift (honestly i haven’t listened to this in like 2 years but im gonna go jam to it now bye)

i thought that would be a hell of a lot more embarrassing but :^)

i tag @ximsia, @wyvvern, @wrixles @eirflower, @raspberi, @sim-blob, @femmesim, @lazerlemon, @loniden, @blarffy (if you’ve already done this or don’t want to, feel free to pass!)