i was listening to the song and thought oh

“My mind’s up in a tizzy
Where are you going my darling?
Some things are better left alone
Where are you going my darling?
Some things should better stay at home.
Why do you never talk to me?”

Dating Archie Andrews Would Include:

• Him letting you wear his clothes because he thought you looked cute in them

• “Here- take my shirt”

• “I have my own clothes… like right there”

• “Take mine, I insist”

• Telling you about how he used to be with Grundy, and you accepting it because he realized it was wrong

• Always playing with his hair

• “It’s soft, just let me touch it for a few more minutes”

• Him returning the favour and playing with your hair too

• “I’m not gonna complain, that feels nice”

• Sleeping over at each others houses and just cuddling while watching movies

• If you couldn’t spend the night you would text each other about random things and watch movies at the same time, from your own houses

• Being a part of the gang, and having everyone bother you about Archie

• “So, is he good in bed?”

• “Kevin- stop”

• Veronica and Betty making jokes about you stealing Archie from them

• “And I thought I would get Archiekins… oh well”

• Neck kisses from both of you

• Him always tracing patterns on your arm or stomach, and you doing the same to him

• Constant little dates at Pop’s, or the drive-in before it closed

• “I really actually like your face”

• Being the first person to hear his songs when he made them

• Often sitting while he recorded and listening, helping him with lyrics when he couldn’t think of any

• Encouraging him whenever he doubted his talent

• “Maybe music isn’t for me”

• “Archie Andrews shut your mouth, you are amazing”

• Helping Archie decide whether he wanted to go live with his mom

• “I would but- all of you guys are here, especially you. I can’t leave you, and I can’t leave my dad. Not now, not while all of this is happening”

• Always playfully shoving each other

• Eating breakfast and dinner with Archie and his dad, whenever you would spend the night

• Lots of forehead kisses

• Complimenting him just to see him blush and stutter

• Always making each other laugh, often without even meaning to

• Jughead always pretending to gag when he’d see you two kiss once he started living with Archie

• “Guys, i’m in the same room, please don’t start fucking”

• “Shut up Juggie, you’re just jealous”

• Chasing each other around the house because you were playing tag, or just trying to catch each other

• Archie’s dad seeing you sometimes and just shaking his head with a smile

• “You two never will grow up, huh?”

• “Never, Mr.Andrews”

• Always saying quiet “I love you’s” to each other

• Super protective Archie

• Always going to his football games and wearing his jacket, knowing he liked seeing you in it

• “You’d better win this game for me, Andrews”

• Endless nicknames, very rarely ‘normal’ ones

• “Arch, you’re my little apricot”

• “(Y/N)… why an apricot?”

• “Don’t question me”

• Him always walking around his house shirtless when it’s hot

• “Damn, Andrews. Lookin’ good”

• Him always flushing when you’d make your usual comment about him being shirtless

• He would always jokingly respond anyways

• “It’s hot, leave me alone”

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So I just wanted to do a sketch of the “WHATISUPEVERYBODY” intro but wHOOPS my hand slipped and I did a fully rendered collection of Sanders Sides  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was feeling a little sheepish at first about drawing fan art of a real person but then I kind of thought to myself, well, Thomas isn’t embarrassed about what he likes! He would just want me to have fun!! So I did!

I also sort of accidentally came up with non-Disney theme songs for each of them. At least, it was what I listened to when I worked on each of them, and I kind of think they themselves would listen to these songs?

Logic: Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds (I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine~~)

Morality: Fireworks by Katy Perry (Mostly because my own dad has recently discovered Katy Perry and is being… very Dad about it, but also because I feel like Morality would believe in me. And imagining him singing along in a dad voice gave me a hearty chuckle.)

Princey: Born This Way by Lady Gaga, (What would a prince listen to if not a queen???)

Anxiety: Pity Party by Melanie Martinez, (cuz you can’t spell party without art. And I can cry if I want to.)

And then I feel weird assigning a theme song to a real person cuz at least the other four are fictional representations, but when I did @thatsthat24 himself I was listening to A Little Opera Goes A Long Way by Sky Sailing


Overwatch Heroes x Sia Lyrics (2/4) Offense

Inspired by the knowledge that Unstoppable is totally the Ultimate D.Va Song. (The entire song might not suit the character, but chosen lyrics I thought related well to them.)

Others in This Series

Tank // Offense // Defense // Support

The spiritual sequel to Borderlands Characters As Imagine Dragons Songs

Links to songs and written out lyrics below.

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If I’m renewed

If I can belong to a sign

I am never going back

I am never going back

This song had for a very, very long time been the one song I always thought fit All Might the most (especially during the Kamino Hideout Raid Arc) from the lyrics to even the title of the song and I could never draw what I had in mind so I always put off making art for this amazing song. 

BUT I recently learned how to color panels so I’ve been working on this for like two-three weeks on and off and I’m so happy with the results oh my god please listen to the song while scrolling through this to get the full effect. 

Park Chanyeol//The Rhythm of Hate - Part 2

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Summary: You hate each other, even though you’re soulmates. You try and stay away from each other, but a shared course and a project is determined to keep you two facing off. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: Soulmate!AU, college!AU
Word Count: 6,726

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me: wow harry’s new album is my favourite album of all times? all of the songs are so well thought out and emotional, they speak to me on so many different levels and you can really see how much time harry spent working on them and choosing them for this album to be perfection. the sound of them is simply world changing i don’t want to listen to anything else for the rest of my life.

someone: oh so the album is out already?

me: huh? no not yet

Harry Styles Album Review

You guys, I have waited way to long for this album to come out. I’M SHOOK (I might say that a lot), But here is my (honest) opinion on each song and at the end I’ll give my overall opinion on the album.

(These are all just my opinions! We all are all allowed our own)

Here we go…


Meet Me in the Hallway


Such an amazing song and I honestly was shocked he made a song that sounds like that (well actually that goes for all the songs on this album). But I honestly really liked the song. I like the way his voice sounded in the song too. It’s pretty emotional too.

Sign of the times

I mean I’ve heard this song a hundred times and each time it’s a great experience. I love the vocals, and I love the lyrics! Every time I hear it on radio I bump up the volume and just freaking soak in his voice. I think he made a great move choosing it as his first single.

When I hear the song I just feel proud.


I loved it literally right away! IT’S A BOP! Lyrics and vocals 10/10!!!! I was so happy he made a song that sounded like this.

It kinda makes me want to go to the beach and run around in a small faded orange bikini ( I actually am a west coaster ;P)

Two Ghosts

This song got me caught up in my feelings. Lots of emotion in there and it kinda made my heart hurt just a little. Lyrics are great and vocals on point. It kinda sounds like it could’ve been on One Direction’s Made in the AM album, honestly.

“Trying to remember how it feels to have a heart beat” 

Sweet Creature 

It’s so soft and calm and it weirdly feels safe? Like I feel if I’m scared and I listen to the song it’ll make me feel better! Yeah…don’t have much else to say about this one. Obviously his vocals were amazing!

But it’s the song I’ve listened to the least. In my opinion compared to the other songs on this album it’s not as interesting (that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, I do, I really do, but not as much as the rest)

Only Angel 

I thought it was going to be another slow emotional song but then he hit it with the “HEY, HEY” and I was like OH MY GOD YES HARRY. This song helped me start to see the more rock n’ roll side of Mr. Styles. LYRICS KILLED ME!!!! VOCALS KILLED ME!!!! THE GUITAR KILLED ME!!!! THE WHOLE SOND KILLED ME!!! Defiantly one of my favorites!

This is the song I dance around my house to in only underwear.


Fucking definition of rock star!!! Another song that shocked me. 

The weird thing about this song is that it actually made me cry real tears because I didn’t know how much of a true rockstar harry could be. The lyrics make no fucking sense but I loved it!! 

I’m not joking I started crying, then I started rocking out.

Ever Since New York

Its been stuck in my head since SNL…It’s kinda simple are really repetitive and I usually wouldn’t like songs like that but I genuinely am obsessed! I honestly don’t know why, I really love Ever Since New York


HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE SONG! This song is so full of spunk and sensuality and thats the shit i’ve wanted from Harry since he’s been solo! I’ve been listening to this song non-stop. It has the right amount of vulnerability and sexuality without being raunchy at all! The lyrics are engraved in my head and that FREAKING GUITAR! I could say so much for this song, because I absolutely love it.

It kinda brings out this inner vixen in me (plus it’s a good song to have sex to)

From the Table 

Honest (that word sums it up)

I feel like this song is painfully honest and it makes me actually feel something. You can tell this was written from some sort of experience of his and you have to respect that bravery. I LOVED his voice in this. I want to give him a hug after listening to this! 


Over all the album was a solid for me and really made me see Harry in a different and more mature way, and thats what we needed form him!! 

The lyrics weren’t turn over or made “appropriate”, It was all raw and true and I’m very satisfied. I didn’t want a PG album. I’m proud of Harry and he deserves all success he’s receiving.

I recommend this album to EVERYONE, because I think it has a song in it that everyone, young and old, will love!

Even though I don’t have tickets, seeing how he performs these songs live (through video) will be amazing and I can’t wait to see the kind of energy he has when he performs these songs!

It actually shocked me and It impressed me, and I really can’t wait for his future work. 

Now tell me your opinion!

Monsta X reaction to your 5 year old daughter liking Kpop.

jen-jen-dragon said:Can I request a Monsta X reaction. Them reacting to meeting your 5 year old daughter for the first time and finding out she likes Kpop too (my daughter loves shownu and jooheon it’s so funny) Ps I cried a little with the BTS reacting to the child calling them dad/ appa reaction I need more reactions/ scenarios like that being a single mom and all 😍😍


Shownu: You told your daughter to tell him that she likes kpop, because she did, and you thought he would enjoy that about her. But, your little girl was a little confused and ended up telling him she like kpop…..but she said her mommy told her to say that. Him: *Looks over at you* “Did she eh?”

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Wonho: Him: “Who’s your favorite member of Monsta X?” Her: *Savage mode* “Well it’s not you, I can tell you that.” Him: *GIF*

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Hyungwon: “Awwwn am I your favorite member?” Her: “Yes….did you know my mom likes kpop too?” Him: “Really??..she tell you who’s her favorite member?” Her: “Well…It isn’t Wonho, Minhyuk, I.M, Shownu, Kihyun..I think it’s You-OH no that’s not right my bad.”

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Kihyun: He coaches her into saying he’s the best member, and giving her all compliments to say about him. It doesn’t go like he thought it would…Her: “Kihyun is the best member of Monsta X. (Whispers to you) I told him their all good, but he told me to say that mommy.

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Minhyuk: She comes running to him, with a piece of paper, he welcomes her with wide arms….but a hug, isn’t what she wanted. Her: *Fast talking* “Sign please, please, pleassssseeee”

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Jooheon: Him: *Rapping his part from one of their songs* Her: *Enjoys listening…but then takes over and starts rapping* Him: *In his head* Oh damn, well Ok.

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I.M: He was having a blast talking about it with her . You: “Sorry, we have to go now, she has to get to bed.” Him: *Gives her real nice hug before she leaves*  (Whispers) “We’ll talk all about it some more, when I see you again.”

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Oh, whatever you do
Don’t come b a c k for me (x)

Games & Flames (Rivals AU Playlist)

I made a playlist a few months ago to release some of the feels from reading @kazliin​‘s Rivals AU fanfic, Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches (which is seriously one of the best Yuri on Ice fics written out there and yOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ IT!!!!) but then the companion fic came, and the feels dam just fucking exploded again. I just kept hearing songs that sounded like they’d go nicely with the fic, and I knew I had to make another playlist.

And so here we are! I call this playlist Games & Flames because Viktor seems to like playing mind games and playing with fire hahaha rEAD THE FICS AND YOU’LL UNDERSTAND WHY. also because I like rhymes. Here’s a link to the series again for reference! Details on the playlist and more of my ramblings about why I chose the songs are under the cut~

YouTube | Spotify*

*One of the songs in my list is not on Spotify, I’m so sorry!

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The only acceptable meme content is Phichit sending Yuuri Rick Ashley’s hit song “Never Gonna Give It Up” repeatedly for the last 5 years because Yuuri Katsuki is a trusting man who just….he just won’t learn. 

P: “OH do you want to listen to my free skate btw? I thought we could mime through it tomorrow after my Psych class” 

Y: “Yeah go ahead and send it. I might write your step sequence since I’m bored.” 

P: “ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ “

Y: “A youtube link that’s weird.” 

Y: “I’m staying at Ciao’s tonight. I hate you.” 

He does it ONCE to Victor who unironically loves this song and just starts dancing and singing to it with such happiness that Phichit can’t….he can’t break that. 

Confident- Daveed Diggs X Reader

a/n: this almost became angsty but i didn’t like how it flowed so here!! more fluff!!! i am planning a somewhat angsty poly!hamilsquad x reader so that’s another reason. i hope you enjoy!!

“What are you watching?” Someone asked me and I tore my gaze away from the screen, seeing Daveed peering curiously over my shoulder.

“Not watching, listening.” I corrected him and he jumped over the couch and I gave him an earbud.

“So what are we listening to?” He asked me and I scrolled quickly past the clipping. albums I had before he grabbed my phone, despite my protests. He scrolled back until he reached the albums and he looked at me with a smirk on his face. “So I see you have good taste in music.”

“This is what I get for letting you listen to music with me.”

“Oh c'mon it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He smiled a bit, the smirk quickly fading although he looked smug as hell.

“And now you are teasing me.” I pointed out and he laughed.

“What’s your favorite song?”

“Not telling you.”

“Don’t make me beg.” He said and I looked over at a very amused Daveed.

Daveed begging. Ha, that was a thought.

“Tempting offer but no.” I told him and he looked at me, acting cool but I could tell he was surprised.


“All of them.”


“You’re more talented than you realize. I like all of your music.” I told and I expected him to look smug but he had a small genuine smile on his face instead.

“Thanks.” He hummed so quietly, I wasn’t sure if he had actually said anything or not.

“I wonder what your hair would look like if I straightened it.” I mused, running my fingers through his hair. He turned around practically instantly and looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t even think about it.” He told me and I held my hands up in surrender.

“I will do it for you.” Anthony offered and I laughed.

“Over my dead body.” Daveed said offhandedly and Anthony glanced from me to him, smiling slowly.

“What?” I asked him, tearing my glance away from my phone.

“Nothing. Just don’t forget to send me the invite.” He told me.

“For yours and Daveed’s wedding.” He said and Daveed flung a throw pillow at him and it hit him and he threw it back before quickly getting out of the room.

We went back to a comfortable silence although the air between us seemed heavier, as if we both wanted to say something but didn’t know how to say it.

“Are we gonna talk about it or not?” He asked me, setting his phone down and I put my phone down as well.

“You’d have to be more specific. Do you mean ‘it’ as in what?” I told him, and he looked at me seriously.

“Us. We’ve danced around the topic so much and I know that you know it.”

“Yeah, I do. But our friendship is comfortable.”

“And what if what comes next is better?”

“I’m not sure.” I told him and he nods.

“Well I am.” He said confidently and he leaned close to me and he looked at me for permission.

I nodded slightly and he kissed me gently.

I heard someone squeal and we jumped apart to see Pippa standing in the doorway and smiling brightly.

“I am going to tell the others.” She said giddily and she practically ran out of the room. I looked at Daveed.

“If we were planning on keeping it a secret then I think we’ve done an awful job so far.” I noted and his lips curled up into a smile before he kissed me gently again and I smiled against his lips.

“Please I’m pretty sure everyone already thinks that we’re dating.”

For @bamf-castiel. As promised.

Okay but what if
Angels are black holes
And their halos are just the light warping around them
Being pulled in by gravity?

And what if they are singing, constantly
In harmonies so deep that
No human could possibly survive listening to their holy hymns?

And what if they are whispering
In ancient tongues, long forgotten
Telling the souls they come across
To not be afraid?

But oh, how could one not be afraid
Facing the terrifying beauty
Of so much


Now what if
Castiel, Angel of Thursdays
Was such a black hole
A multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent
A being almost as old as time itself
The center of a whole galaxy
With a halo forged from the dust of a thousand dying stars
What a perfect soldier of Heaven would he be?

But think –
Aren’t black holes systems with the highest numbers of entropy
Known to man?
Which means
Neither loyalty nor obedience is, what’s ruling Castiel’s conscience –
It is chaos.


So what if one day
A star was born
A soul burning so bright
That its light almost outweighed all the darkness surrounding it
And the other stars would pale beneath its shine?

A soul that was blessed with Righteousness
For its place was chosen within the course of destiny
A soul that was truly special among all of creation
A soul that was Dean Winchester.


At first
Castiel refused the mission of rescuing Dean Winchester
He did not want to reach out
Grip him tight
And raise him from perdition
When his light started to fade under hell’s torture

 Castiel had only ever managed
To catch glimpses of this light
And it was better this way, because he knew
The singularity at his center could only ever be the end of something
Never the start.


When Castiel finally laid a hand on the Righteous Man
He knew
He was lost
And so was Dean Winchester

For if you fall in love with an angel
It is much like
Falling into a black hole
You don’t even notice
The gravity
Slowly, steadily pulling you in
You don’t notice
How the only thing waiting for you at the end of this journey
Is your own death

Once you’ve crossed the event horizon
There is no going back.


Sometimes you just know
How certain things were never meant to be
But, listen –
What if I told you:
It is possible
To create order
From chaos
And light
From darkness.

t.j.m. | What If © 2017

(More info under the cut)

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The three pages of notes between Eric Harris and Kristi Epling from German class. (JC-001-012993, JC-001-012995, and JC-001-012996.)  Kristi was so afraid to have these notes in her possession after the massacre that she sent them to a friend in St. Louis for safekeeping, but the friend went to the police with this “tip,” which is why it’s in the “Tips” section of the documents.

Note 1: 


Guten fuckin tag. [Good fuckin day.] Frau [the German teacher] sucks, but German rules! thanks for letting me copy allllll that stuff in Deutsch, Hist and chem. Kritzer sure is one Helluva spaz huh. well, our junior year is at an end, woop-de-flippin-do-da, we will be top of the food chain soon.  hey, stay away from those Frostys (redacted…), they might explode some day by no fault of mine! and you could get hurt. hey, your smart, do something cool when you grow up. Gott weiss ich will kein engel sein. [God knows I don’t want to be an angel, from the Rammstein song “Engel”.] oh well. ready for some philosophy? not yet? or… [redacted] and [redacted] need to burn, those pricks will get what’s coming soon.  thanks for listening to my problems and shit, bla bla–other nice thoughts–yadda wadda so so so…ok, time for philosophy: Nihilism, Anarchism, and several others are all wrapped up into 1 ball called my head.  society wants to get rid of any human instincts we may have, like Kritzer said a few times, the industrial age and factories and shit, all to better the community and lessen the human part of life, “sit in order, be respectful, don’t talk out loud, drive safely, don’t run, don’t lie, bla bla don’t don’t” why the FUCK not!!! we are humans, we should use our brains for something besides memorizing cube roots. the things that put us above animals is our brains, and society wants to flatten it out. they don’t want thinkers and dreamers, only thinkers and dreamers who think and dream about how to be successful and be a good citizen. Anyone who shows more thoughts or emotion than the norm is said to be wierd or crazy, wrong! they are just more in touch w/their humanity, and people who think they can sum up mankind in simple lame quotes piss me off. like “there are 2 kinds of people…the quick and the dead…the smart and the dumb…leaders and followers…” well you fucks are wrong!! The only 2 kinds of people are male and Female!!!!! the rest is B.S. follow your instincts, be free from all, listen to no one, be SELF AWARE!! step back and look at what you are doing, do you look stupid? smart? silly? foolish? that’s why I acted like I did at After prom, have you ever watched, actually watched someone dance? it is ridicu.o…lus. people are funny, they want to be accepted. don’t be afraid to judge people either. people say you shouldn’t judge others because that’s not how they are on the inside…well oh fucking well and to flippin bad, your impression of someone is what they seem like, and if they are to caught up and stupid to have their true self most obvious, then that’s their choice. if they look like a lame gothic black devil wannabe then damnit that’s what they want you to think and boom, verdict made. well, how was that for a trip through the mind of a wise one? I hope you liked it, if you didn’t I don’t care anyway!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha  

[cut off] sehen du spater [see you later]


(Mr. Kritzer was Eric’s teacher for world history in the second semester of junior year and philosophy in the second semester of senior year.)

On the side:

Dieses ist Kostenzahler-kultur von der unterirdischen…eternal Umdrehung die dieses unser stichhaltiges…KMFDM ist, das besser als das beste…megalomaniacal ist und stark als der Rest. –Sascha K.–  KMFDM

[This is counterculture of the underground…eternal revolution, this is our sound…KMFDM is better than the best…megalomaniacal and harder than the rest.]

(Note: this is from the KMFDM song “Megalomaniacal”)

Note 2:

Kristi: did I make your hit list yet?

Eric: nope, yer on my “Semper Fi” list. but [redacted] still is in the top 5, along with this asshole named [redacted] or [redacted] or something.

(arrow to “Semper Fi”) Semper Fidelis


always faithful. motto of the USMC

Kristi: that’s fine, he knows that. he wants off, or rather, he doesn’t want to die anytime soon

Eric: He will always be under the gun and in the sights since he hit me in the face, even though it didn’t hurt at all.  Until I get to hit him back I will always be pissed at him. and his dickhead friend too, If they want “off” then tell them to show some fuckin respect to their elders (me and dylan) and never make another smart ass remark about us or to us.

Kristi (arrow from redacted): who is this guy?

Eric: Just some faggot punk ska skater shitface who always makes fun of my kleid (German for “clothes, dress”) so I told him to shut the fuck up about it, and he is such a disrespectful smart ass and today he comes up and says “what’s up” in his little smart ass tone so I yelled at him

Note 3:

Kristi: if you’re going to be pissed @ me for being w/[redacted], then that is your thing, but I think that it’s stupid. I’m still the same person, I didn’t change just b/c I’m w/him, but you are going to do what you will.

Eric: exactly. but I didn’t think you would go out w/someone like him. but oh fuckin well es ist mir scheiss egal. [it’s all shit to me/I don’t give a shit.] does he still want me to be nice to him?

Kristi: I’m sorry I let you down, but I’m happy w/him (for now), he never wanted you to be nice to him, he just didn’t want you to kill him (he’s definitely scared of you.)

Eric: well, if he will let me punch him in the face and not tell a single authoritive figure (not get me in trouble) then I will be happy. I’ll even fuckin say “Hi” to him when he’s w/you. he’ll get down to around “#90” on my “shitlist” which is basically neutral. his friend is another story though.

Kristi: I’ll tell him, but I don’t know –[redacted] is a dork, I don’t give a shit about him, so you can do what you wish to him.

Eric: oh we will. I don’t expect [redacted] to let me do that either, so until he does not a damn thing will change

Kristi (arrow to “oh we will”): You and Dylan?

Eric: yeah.

Kristi: that’s cool, I’d probably the same way if it was me

Eric: I just don’t want the little fuck going to admin or the cops and start whining that we are threatening him or intimidating him. because if I get in ANY more trouble w/cops I will fucking lose it.

K-pop karaoke with RFA + V + Saeran

After your first time arranging a RFA party was a success, the whole gang wanted to celebrate by going to a karaoke bar. As the nerd you was, you asked your s/o to sing k-pop duets with you

(i highly recommend that you listen to all these songs, they’re v good and oh boi the music video for seven’s song is heartbreaking)


  • As he was scrolling through the list of songs, your eyes were pulled towards one of your favorite songs, “Sorry sorry” by Super Junior
  • “Yoosung, that’s perfect for you! You’re always apologizing for everything!”
  • “I’m sorry MC, I can’t help it!”
  • Laughing, you put on the song and started singing and dancing, suprised when your puppy boyfriend immedialy joined you
  • Honestly, this guy thought playing Just Dance was enough working out
  • Because he played it fairly often, he had suprisingly good moves!
  • I mean he was still clumsy and probably tripped a few times, but he got an A+ for effort
  • He was panting by the time the song was finished though, and was grateful to take a break
  • You needed a break as well, as you needed to process his moves


  • When you had been singing earlier he had noticed some guys checking you out, and had mumbled annoyed that “all guys are wolves” before he proceded to glare at them
  • You heard him and suggested that he sang “Wolf” by EXO with you, which he agreed to
  • By the way this boy looked like when he was dancing and singing possesingly around you, he could’ve been picked right out of the music video
  • He nailed the howls and probably scared away the guys who were checking you out earlier
  • Cue Jaehee having a nosebleed in the corner


  • She didn’t want to make a fool out of herself in public, but you convinced her to sing one song with you 
  • K-pop was probably a guilty pleasure of her, so she agreed to sing “Expect” by Girl’s Day with you as she liked that song
  • Also highkey hinting that she liked you as more than a friend
  • You were cutely dancing around each other and singing, completely into the song and swaying your hips
  • All the guys probably got awkward boners tbh


  • He had never been to a karaoke bar before as it was a “commoner thing”, but he found the concept interesting
  • It probably took a few rounds of analyzing how it worked and a few glasses of wine, but he eventually agreed to sing your song of choice, “Blood, Sweat & Tears” by BTS, with you
  • You honestly picked the song just to mess with him, but his smirk when he realized the lyrics was almost scarily suggestive
  • He had never heard the song before, so he was mostly awkwardly trying to figure out the melody while you danced around him and rocking your heart out
  • After the two of you finished, he would probably sit back for the rest of the evening and just look at you


  • You were shuffling through the songs, trying to find one to sing when you heard him say “tag yourself I’m Error”
  • Laughing, you selected the song by VIXX that he mentioned
  • He snorted and acted overly dramatic as he started singing to you, and you lost your facade and sang just as dramatic back
  • You were lowkey impressed by his voice, though
  • Dramatic duet that ended up with him dying on the floor and you “crying” over him
  • The moment the song was over, Saeran mumbled “thank god that’s over” and Seven just lost it
  • Insisted on singing more silly duets with you

  • As poor bby was half blind, you had to choose a song that he already knew as he couldn’t read the lyrics on the screen
  • It turned out he knew “Wake me up” by B.A.P
  • He didn’t usually listen to pop as he was more of the classical type, but he liked the deep lyrics and had to admit that it was pretty catchy
  • Everyone could hear the emotion and the fact that he dedicated it to you by his voice 
  • Definitely made you blush the entire time even though it wasn’t even a particularly romantic song


  • The only reason he said yes to this was to spend time with you
  • Although he would never admit that
  • He grumpingly agreed to sing “Monster” by EXO with you, simply because he liked the name of the song
  • Blushy punk right here when he was basically singing his confession of how beautiful you were
  • When the chorus hit though
  • Sexual tension?
  • Sexual tension.
  • Let’s be real, he probably nailed the rap
Stalker {M}

(A/N): This is my first english smut y’all!! I’m not sure if it’s good as it looks like hehe I’d some help here ♥ I hope you guys like it! Enjoy xx - admin Mel

Rating: Mature
Pairing: Jimin x reader
Word Count: 2.3K
Warning: Demon!AU

It started a year ago. The feeling of someone watching me. My every movement followed by some unknown person. It grew stronger as the days passed, and I was never sure if I was crazy or just paranoid.

But then, the first incident happened. Preparing for sleep, freshly showered and warm, my feet padded across the floor, and I drew the curtains closed, hiding me from the streetlights outside. The dark was a comfort, usually. But when I turned, I saw it. Or him.

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Dance - Newt x Reader

Requested: Maybe. (No)

Summary: Newt and Reader are invited to the Ministry’s ball.

Warnings: I think like one swear. Also fluff. Lots of fluff.


When Newt came home that night, he looked awfully nervous. His eyes kept refusing to look into (Y/N)’s, and though that wasn’t completely out of character, it was much worse than usual. 

He seemed fidgety, jumping around a bit before he insisted on going into his case to check on everyone. 

(Y/N) sighed.  "Be back soon, this paperwork for the Ministry needs your signatures as well.“

Newt stiffened just a bit when she mentioned the Ministry, but she didn’t notice as he nodded and fled to his portable safe-haven. 

(Y/N) and Newt had been working together for quite some time; if (Y/N) was keeping track correctly, they had just passed nine months. Over that time, they had grown more and more comfortable around each other, Newt still a bit awkward at times, but (y/n)  had grown to know that that was simply as he was.

The Ministry recognized the fact they worked well together, giving them both pay for the research they collected in various creatures. They both loved their jobs, Newt getting to save and study magical creatures as (y/n) drew the fantastic beasts. Neither of them could imagine any better way to spend their lives. 

Well, Newt could imagine one way,, but it wasn’t very likely.

After about a half an hour, (y/n) decided to go in the case to visit her companion. Marking the page she had last filled out, she stood from the table and made her way to where the case lay. 

She climbed down the ladder and turned around, brainstorming where Newt might be. Without much thought, she headed to the bowtruckles. She wasn’t at all surprised to see him there, playing mother to the small creatures.

"How is Pickett adjusting?" 

Newt jumped at the sound of her voice, quickly turning around. "Merlin’s beard, (y/n)!”

She chuckled a bit. “I wasn’t trying to scare you.”

He couldn’t help but smile a bit at her laugh before answering her question. “To be honest, he doesn’t like it. He just wants to keep in my pocket.”

She sighed as she crouched down next to him. “I told you all that favoritism wasn’t going to help anyone.”

“I didn’t mean to! I just–”

She cut him off with a laugh. “I know, i know. But he better get used to it. And you better stop visiting him so much.”

She could’ve sworn she saw him roll his eyes, even if it was just a bit. 

“You seemed a bit uptight when you got home. Anything happen at the Ministry?”

At the question, Newt tensed. He seemed instantly nervous, a tale-tell sign if him not telling something.

“It’s… It’s nothing, really,” he mumbled.

Sighing, she stood and crossed her arms. “You’re a bloody awful liar, Newt.”

He stood in front of her, but didn’t look her in the eyes.  

“The… The Ministry invited us to…”

(Y/n) tilted her head, not having heard the second half of what he said from his quiet voice. “What was that?”

“They invited us to a dance. A ball of some sort.”

She gasped. “Why didn’t you tell me? When is it?”

Newt looked up at her, nervous butterflies still fluttering in his stomach. “Two weeks. But there’s one problem.”

“And what’s that?” (y/n) asked. 

“They said to bring a date.”

The statement hung in the air for a moment, before (y/n) spoke. 

“Well, that’s easy. We’ll take each other. As friends, of course. Just to avoid the hastle.” She added the last part on quickly after seeing Newt’s surprised expression. 

She thought his face may have went a bit pink as he looked at the ground. “Are you alright with that, Newt?”

“Yes! Yes.” He said quickly. “It’s just…” He hesitated. 

“What? Come on, you can tell me.”

He looked sheepishly at the ground. “I don’t really know how to dance.”

She grinned. grinned. “Then we’ll just have to learn together, won’t we?”


The idea of finally having a use for the old Muggle record player pleased (Y/n) very much. She put on a soft and slow song, one set up for a waltz. 

Newt stood beside her, his face almost one of fear as (y/n) turned to him. 

“Alright.” She started. “So, you need to hold mine hand–other hand, Newt, yes–then my hand goes on your shoulder and your other hand goes on my waist.”

(Y/n)  felt her face burn a bit as she felt the light pressure of his hand. If she had been brave enough to look at Newt, she would have noticed he was just as red, if not more. 

“Perfect,” she said. “Now, if I’m right, we move our feet in sort of a square…”

She instructed him on the movements, and though he seemed to understand, he kept stepping on her toes. Of course, he’d immediately apologize after each time. (y/n) just kept smiling. 

“I-I’m sorry,” Newt said with a sigh, having just stepped on her foot yet again. “I’m not very good at this, am I?”

“No, no!” (y/n) protested.  "You really are getting the hang of it, you just need to loosen up a bit.“

"That’s the part I’m not so good at,” he mumbled. 

“One more time, alright?” she pleaded. “Just one more song and I’ll let you go and visit Pickett.”

“Oh, alright,” he said with a sigh. 

He placed took his hand in hers, and placed the other on her hip. Listening to the soft beat of the music, he took a deep breath. 

It was as if a new Newt was dancing with her, (y/n) thought. He had become less stiff and jumpy than before, and he lead her this time through each step. Newt seemed to notice his own improvement, and decided to take a risk. 

He spun Her, and she followed gracefully in his arms. She smiled at him, proud. 

His confidence higher than it had been the entire night, Newt smiled back before ending the song in a long dip. 

But it seemed Newt’s luck had worn out. 

His feet were off balance and he went toppling down, (y/n) beneath him. If he hadn’t have caught himself with his hands, he would have hit heads with her under him. 

She  looked up into his eyes, breathing a bit heavy. Their noses were nearly touching, and the feeling of his breath across her skin gave her goosebumps. 

The moment grew more tense for the pair with each passing second, until finally, (y/n)  laughed. 

It wasn’t a small chuckle, or even a cute polite laugh, but a great big laugh that very nearly ended in a snort. Newt couldn’t help but grin down at her, his own laughter pouring from his lips. 

He rolled to the side, getting off from on top of her. They sat beside each other, just laughing and grinning at each other until the needle came to a stop on the record player. 


The night of the ball had arrived a bit too quickly to Newt’s liking. He shifted his feet nervously as he looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing what was the typical best dress for a man in the 1920s, therefore not as bright as his normal clothing. He had argued very hard to wear his blue coat, but (y/n)  had ultimately won. 

He adjusted the bow tie once more before he left his room with a sigh and went to the main room to wait for (y/n). He hoped she wouldn’t be long. 

Just after he had had that thought, he heard her door open. When she came into sight, his jaw very nearly dropped to the floor. 

She was fiddling a bit with the shoulder of her flapper-style dress, looking nearly as uncomfortable as Newt felt. Her hair was curled and tucked neatly by her chin, red lips pressed together. 

She looked down to smooth her dark blue dress before looking back up to Newt. She smiled. “You cleaned up nicely,” she said. 

“You did too. Better than nicely, actually, I mean, you, you look…” He paused and took a deep breath. “You look stunning." 

(Y/n)’s cheeks burned. "Thank you,” she said softly before walking over to him. “I think it’s time we go.”

Newt nodded and offered his arm. He was relieved when she took it. 

It wasn’t long until they were at the ball, for they apparated right outside the doors. They walked in, and Newt was shocked at the amount if people there. He looked back at (y/n). 

“You’re going to have to stay close to me. I’d hate to lose my… Date.” He said the last word with a bit of hesitance. 

(Y/n)  grinned. “No problem. I wouldn’t want to either.” They both smiled as they walked further in. 

They began making small talk to some of their aquantinces on the sides of the room, most asking Newt about his book and nearly ignoring (y/n) completely. He caught on to this, and was sure to include her by mentioning the illustrations so that he could have the chance to introduce her. 

After a while, they found themselves in the edge of the dance floor. A waltz was just beginning. Newt cleared his throat a bit. “May I have this dance?" 

She smiled and nodded, taking his hand as he led her out to the floor. 

He had improved drastically compared to the shuffling he had been doing back at their flat. He was no longer stiff and almost never stepped on her feet as he moved. She was smiling as he led her. 

He spun her, and when she came back in, she found herself momentarily pressed to his chest as they stumbled. 

"Sorry,” he muttered as he righted himself. 

“It’s alright,” (y/n) said with a red face. She found herself looking at her toes as a slightly awkward mood set in. 

“(y/n),” Newt said suddenly, causing her to look up. 

“Yes?” she asked. 

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a… For a long time now, and I’ve decided just to say it because you know what I always say is worrying makes you suffer twice and–”

“Then just say it,” she giggled. 

He swallowed. “Well, I… Like you. More than a friend. And I was so nervous to tell you about the ball because I didn’t want to try to ask you, or worse, have you ask someone else, but then you said we could go as friends and I know that you probably just want us to be friends and—”

“Newt,” (y/n) said again as she grinned. “I like you too. More than a friend." 

He looked at her, dumbstruck. "Are you… Really?”

She grinned. “Really.”

He smiled as he looked down at her, face lighting up. “Then… Then could I kiss you?”

She gave a shy smile as her cheeks burned. After a brief moment she nodded, and soon his lips met hers. 

Sweet Caroline (Dean Winchester X Reader)

The drives to different places could get pretty boring, especially if it was just music playing in the Impala because Dean refused to talk.

It was late at night, Sam was passed out in the passengers seat due to an unfulfilled sleep the night before, and you were in the backseat trying to use the dim street lamps as a light source so you could see the book you were reading.

Dean kept his hands gripped tight on the steering wheel, focusing on the road as he listened to your soft groans of boredom. “Instead of torturing me with silence, can you please put some form of music on?” You whispered, careful not to wake Sam.

“You’re still awake? You were out cold like an hour ago” Dean muttered, looking at you through the rear view mirror. “I was never asleep, Dean” you grumbled before he scoffed. “Whatever. Yeah, let’s listen to some music” he spat under his breath, obviously annoyed that he had been driving for so long

You sprawled yourself over the leather interior of the Impala, listening to the familiar beat that always made you happy. The same tune that would always get stuck in your head after just listening to it once.

“Oh please, not this song!” Dean groaned as you gasped, sitting up from your crazy position. “Dean come on! Who doesn’t love Neil Diamond?” You asked, snaking your arms around the front seat to hold his shoulders and gently rock his body into excitement.

“This song is overrated!” Dean said before you began to sing along.

“Where it began, I can’t begin to knowing But then I know it’s growing strong Was in the spring Then spring became the summer Who’d have believed you’d come along”

“You seriously know the words? I thought you were better than this, (Y/N)!” Dean cried before you scoffed. “Come on, Dean! I know you want to sing along!” You smiled, before laughing as he fought the urge to sing along, but he finally caved in.

“Sweet Caroline!”

“Dun! Dun! Dun! Dean added, along with banging his hands on the steering wheel which made you laugh even harder, before Sam let out a loud groan before slamming his fist against the off button on the radio.

“Shut up!” Sam shouted, retracting his hand before curling up into a ball and shutting his eyes. “That was fun” you whispered, retracting yourself back into your seat, and lying back down, using one of your many jackets as a blanket. “Good night Dean” you softly spoke before he smiled. “Good night (Y/N)” he responded quietly, continuing to look at the road.

As you were falling asleep, you couldn’t help but hear the soft hums of Sweet Caroline coming from Dean. You began to quietly laugh before his eyes darted to the rear view mirror. “What?” He asked. “Is that song so overrated now?” You giggled as he scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Go to sleep” he muttered under his breath before you smiled to yourself and closed your eyes, as Dean continued to hum Neil Diamond, all night long.

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