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Florida Supercon RWBY Q&A summary

I watched the Q&A with Lindsay Jones (Ruby), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang), Vic Mignogna (Qrow) and Josh Grelle (Tyrian) here. This is a summary of the bits I thought could be interesting for those who like to analyse the show. They talked a lot about voice acting and Rooster Teeth again and usually I don’t write those bits down.

  • Josh didn’t realise it was such a big deal to be the first one to curse on RWBY but many peopel asked him about it.
  • Lindsay listens to the Lucky Star theme song and Red like Roses pt. II to get into character for Ruby. 
  • Josh really loves that Tyrian is “his” in the way that he has no predetermined mouth movements and no one has ever voiced the character before which gives him creative freedom. It was really lovely to see how much he loves the character and working on RWBY. 
  • Monty considered Lindsay for Ruby or Blake, but picked her for Ruby because Lindsay is socially awkward, just like Ruby.
  • Barbara was involved in developing Yang’s character because Monty had her in mind for the role very early on, so Yang is based on her a lot. 
  • They talked about stories of people who said RWBY helped them through a hard time and Barbara said she feels honored to be part of someone’s healing, but those fans are actually the strong ones here. 
  • Vic loves RWBY Chibi. 
  • They were asked about their “this is the coolest thing I have ever done” scene and for Lindsay it was Ruby decapitating the Nevermore in volume 1, for Barbara the scene where Yang meets Adam, for Josh the breakdown at the end of volume 4, and for Vic it was recording his lines for volume 5 with the directors at RT in Austin after RTX, working with the actual people and getting feedback, because he usually records all his lines at home in LA, doing three versions of his lines without direction and letting the directors chose the one they will use. I’m curious if there will be a difference in volume 5, because now they were able to direct Qrow more. 
  • Jen Taylor nailed the opening monologue in volume 1 in one take. (That has been known for a while, but they mentioned it again.)
  • Question about their favourite parts about their RWBY characters: Josh said that with psychopathic villains there are no rules and he loved exploring the character. Barbara said she loves the insane amount of love Yang has for the people in her life and how far she would go for them, that she’d risk everything to protect them. And her tits. Vic said he loves the character design (when he started to record lines for Qrow he didn’t even know what he looked like), he also likes using he voice he gets to use because his real voice is unlike Qrow’s voice and often plays a lot of younger characters. He also loves Qrow cosplayers and he retweets every Qrow cosplayer he sees. Lindsay said she loves forgetting about who she is when she records Ruby or any other character. 
  • They didn’t know which World of Remnant episodes were planned, but Barbara said she’s sure there will be more because it’s such a big universe. 

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Stranger Things themed asks!

telephone: have you experienced anything paranormal? if so, whats the story?

Unfortunately (lol jk, THANKFULLY) no! Listen, y’all. I’m Shane as far as not believing in ghosts/the paranormal in general, and I’ll sass about it six ways to Sunday, but I’m Ryan when it comes to scary shit regardless. I’ve yet to experience anything and I thank my lucky stars every day.

mews: do you have any pets?

I do! We’ve got a family dog called Kaylee and my cat, Quentin, who is the love of my life.

mouthbreather: whats the stupidest thing you’ve done?

IT’D BE EASIER TO ASK ME WHAT I’VE DONE THAT WASN’T STUPID. HAHAH, AMIRITE LADS? Seriously though, I have no idea. I’ve done many dumb things in my 20 years on this planet.