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Smoke Breaks and Gummy Bears

More Mustard!Verse, (where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts) because I love it so. 

Sam gets Cas stoned for the first time. Enjoy! 

Dean can smell the weed the moment he steps out of his room. The skunky, earthy aroma is familiar, even if it’s been years since he’s smoked. What he doesn’t understand is why the bunker smells like a Led Zeppelin concert and he makes it his mission to find out.

It doesn’t take long before he finds himself in front of one of the spare rooms, wisps of smoke coming from the crack at the bottom of the door. He stands and listens, hearing high-pitched giggles and suddenly, two voices yelling out, “Whoa!” followed by more giggling. He rolls his eyes and pushes his way into the room.

Dean has seen a lot in his thirty-eight years but this is a new one. Through the thick gray smoke, he sees Sam, head hanging off the bed, laughing so hard he’s silent. His laptop has a YouTube video on and Dean barely spares it a glance, his attention drawn down. Castiel, Angel of the Lord, his Cas, is rolling on the floor, tears streaming from his blue eyes which just so happen to be bloodshot too.

“What the fuck?” The giggling stops. “Seriously, Sam? You got him stoned?”

The two idiots in front of him start laughing again. Sam is the first to regain his ability to talk.

“Dean! Dean!”


“Deaaaaan. You need to watch this!” Sam points at his laptop and with another roll of his eyes, Dean looks at the screen.

“What the hell am I looking at?”

A squeak comes from the floor before Cas speaks. “It’s the hydraulic press channel, Dean. It’s quite clever.”


“There is a very funny Finnish man who crushes whatever he wants with his hydraulic press.”


“The bowling ball exploded, Dean! It just exploded!”

He tries not to—holy shit, does he try—but a laugh escapes him. Fuck if Cas stoned and giggling on the floor isn’t the most hilarious and fucking adorable thing he’s ever seen.

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(request: hello, can you please make an imagine where the reader is very close to the group, they all have been together since the start, but then reader’s sister or brother (doesn’t matter) dies, so she goes nuts & kill literally everything that moves & the group tries to help her, but then they kinda kick her out? (can you also add a slight of Daryl and the reader, please :))

Note: Enjoy!

Warning: angst, death, blood

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You stood with your back against the wall. You turned your head around the corner of the mall and you saw only a handful of walkers. You nodded your head to your brother Sam. He raised his knife and ran around the corner, taking out the first walkers stealthily. You saw Daryl hiding behind the bushes, his crossbow raised and ready to shoot at anyone who tried to go for your brother. You scanned your surroundings, looking out for anything unusual. Your eyes returned to your brother as he was drenching himself in walker blood and guts, making himself invisible from the other walkers. He looked behind and gave Daryl a quick nod before going inside the mall.

You had finally found somewhere safe to live after months of being on the road. Alexandria was a safe community and they had lots of resources, except one thing: batteries to get the electricity generator working. Before all this your brother Sam was an engineer, he knew what to look for in the mall, you and Daryl where just look outs.

It had been around 10 minutes and Sam wasn’t out yet. He said it would only take a couple of minutes, you were starting to worry. You decided to wait a little longer for him but the plans changed when you heart a single gunshot echo through the store. Your feet instinctively started running forward, Daryl swearing under his breath as he came up behind you. Your eyes scanned all the different stores and your heart was pounding.

“Over here!” Daryl shouted as he spotted the hardware store. You followed him as he ran in, weapon raised. Your eyes searched the area and you stopped, raising your gun when you saw a man standing over your brother. The man looked up at you with tears in his eyes, he dropped his gun and lifted his hands in surrender.

“I- I’m sorry, I thought he was one of them!” he pleaded, his bottom lip quivering from fear.

You weren’t listening to anything he was saying. He continued to ramble on but your eyes drifted down to your brother on the floor, blood oozing from the bullet hole in his head. You felt your world come crashing down on you suddenly. Sam was the only blood you had left, and he lay dead in front of you.

“(Y/n)?” Daryl looked over to you, his bow still raised. He saw something click in you but he wasn’t able to stop you in time. You ran forward, pushing the man to the ground. You straddled him and started to punch his face in, shouting with every hit. Adrenaline was coursing through your veins, blocking out the pain in your knuckles and the fact that you were beating a man close to death.

Daryl grabbed onto your arms, restricting you from punching the man’s face anymore. He dragged you off the man and tried to stand you up but your legs felt weak, there was no way they could hold you up. You collapsed back on Daryl’s chest, both of you sitting on the floor as the tears started to pour down your face. You stared at your brother’s dead body and cried out in pain, Daryl wrapped his arms around you, hugging you closer to him.

“Don’t look” he whispered, his voice low and filled with sorrow. He hated seeing you in pain, but this time it was different, you had never attacked a man like that out of pure rage. The only time you’d ever done that was to protect yourself, but this man was unarmed.

You squeezed your eyes shut but all you could see behind your lids was your brother. Memories of your past life flashed by in a second, and then it was gone. Darkness filled your sight and your mind went black.

“What happened?”

You slowly blinked your eyes open, your vision slightly blurry as you tried to make out the two men standing above you.

“I don’t know man. I think she just passed out from the trauma”

You jolted violently when you felt a hand on your head. Your hand grabbed whoever it was but your sight soon became clear and you saw it was Daryl. You slowly loosened your grip and you brought your hand back to you. You said nothing as you looked up to the ceiling, wondering what had happened.

You started to sit up from the mattress but Rick put his hand on your shoulder, pushing you back down. You lightly hit his hand away with yours, and looked at him in confusion.

“You need to rest, you’ve been through a lot” Rick said, his voice calm, as if not to frighten you.

“What are you talking about? Stop playing games Rick, I need to get on watch” you said, standing up but losing your balance a little.

Daryl quickly helped you stay still and you gave him a small smile before going outside, the two men following very close behind you. You turned around and furrowed your eyebrows.

“Would you get off my back?” you asked, wondering why they were watching over you.

“(Y/n)” Daryl started. “Do you know what happened yesterday?”

You sent him a questioning glance but answered the question anyway. “We went on a run, me you and Sam. We got the batteries and came back, that’s all” you said.

Daryl glanced at Rick who looked extremely concerned.

“(Y/n), Sam, he- he didn’t make it yesterday” Rick paused as he let the information all sink in. You were confused at first, your heart beating a little faster as you tried to wrap your head around his words.

“You beat a man to death, I mean look at your knuckles” Daryl piped up, lifting your bandaged hands for you to see. It was all coming back to you in a huge wave. Sam dying, the blood pouring from his head, the scared man and then your hands repeatedly connecting with his face over and over.

Everything was quiet, but when Daryl said your name you snapped. You swiftly took the knife from your holder and held it up to his neck. You stared in to his eyes, he didn’t look threatened but he looked sorry for you. He saw the broken look in your eye. People from Alexandria and your group had started to crowd around you. Daryl slowly raised his hand to yours, closing his fingers around the knife and slowly pushing it away from him. You let him, almost shocked with yourself for what you had done.

“No sudden movements” Rick said quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear. You were like dynamite, one wrong move and you’d explode. Rick had seen this happen to people before, which is why he knew what to do. Daryl knew as well, which is why he moved with extreme caution as he slowly tried to pry the knife from your hand. Your eyes were searching his, both of you holding eye contact, but you were the first to break away when you saw Spencer walking up behind the group.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asked, walking closer.

“No!” Rick shouted as you grabbed the knife back from Daryl and lunged at spencer. You were convinced that he was going to attack you, just how your brother was. You wouldn’t let that happen again, not to you or anyone else. You had Spencer pinned to the floor, he was shouting for help and his voice was ringing in your ears, driving you to bring the blade down into his head. You continued to drive it down into him, grunting with every stab, his blood was splattering over your face.

Daryl had grabbed you back once again and you were struggling in his grip. You heard screams from the crowd but the others from your group stared at you in silence, wishing they could help you with your pain, but there was nothing they could do, you were dangerous. Rick pried the knife from your hands as Deanna came running to Spencer’s side. You saw her mourning her son and you couldn’t help but start crying as well. You were hurting, physically and mentally.

“Get her up” Rick said. Daryl helped you up but he kept your arms behind your back. You said nothing as you were being led to the front gates, the rest of the group following behind. You were standing outside now, Rick handed you a bag filled with supplies, and a gun with full ammo.

“I’m sorry, but you understand why we have to do this”

You looked up to Rick and the rest of the group who had tears in their eyes. Your eyes landed on Daryl and he looked distraught, his eyes wet from tears, but none of them falling down his face.

“I’ll see you all on the other side” you said, tears dropping from your eyes. You gave them one last smile before walking away. You didn’t know how you felt. Right now, you were numb, angry and broken. You weren’t happy or sad about leaving, you knew it was for the best but you would miss them. Maybe your paths would cross again, or maybe you’d pull the trigger and end your life.

skeletoricalfunction-deactivate  asked:

What would 2D do with and s/o who had to get serious surgery and probably won't make it. (Sorry it's so sad, my mom is getting surgery.)

(Awe I’m sorry, dear! I really hope everything goes well. I’m sending positive vibes your way!)

~ 2D and the rest of the band was sitting in the lobby of the hospital. Everyone was sleeping but he was wide awake. He couldn’t sleep until he knew you were okay and the surgery had gone well. 2D sat with his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hand. He was staring off into space, thinking about when he’d get to see you again. 2D sighed and checked his phone, nothing. He glanced at the time, in was about 6 in the morning. He put his phone back in his pocket and stared to bounce his knee. 2D was growing more and more anxious with every passing hour.

~ When 2D saw the doctor come out, he almost fainted. The doctor’s mask and coat had blood on them, not a huge amount, but enough to make him concerned. The doctor sat him down and told him about your condition. “We did as much as we could, it’s in the hands of time now. There’s a good possibility that they may not make it. I’m so sorry but there’s really nothing else we could do.” 2D’s heart felt like it had been ripped out of his chest. He couldn’t believe the words he was hearing. He stared at the floor and clenched his jaw. This couldn’t be happening. 

~ The doctor patted his shoulder and got up to leave. 2D stood up and grabbed his sleeve. “Can I see dem?” The doctor shook his head, “Not for awhile. There’s too high of a risk of infection. I’m sorry, we’ll let you know when you can come in.” 2D sighed and flopped into his seat. He covered his eyes with his left hand and gripped the chair with his right. His bottom lip began to quiver as tears leaked from behind his hand. Suddenly, a hand was on his knee. 2D looked out from behind his hand to see Murdoc squatting down in front of him. “Listen, I’m not usually the comforting type but you can’t let this eat you up. They said there’s a good possibly they won’t make it, that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily die. You need to keep your hopes up for yourself and them. Be strong, man. They’ll be okay.”

~ 2D was shocked by Murdoc’s words. They just stared at each other for a few minutes before Murdoc patted his knee and went back over to his chair and fell asleep again. 2D wiped his nose on his sleeve and sat up straight. Murdoc was right, he had to be strong for you and believe that you’d be okay. He stared at the clock and patiently waited for the doctor to come get him so he could go into the room.


It’s worth noting the few minutes I’ve had to spend clenching and unclenching my hands in order to regain the control of my nerves; just enough to put down in plain words, the events that continue to fester in the back my mind.

Unburden the soul – that’s why people make confessions, right?

I admit now that these memories continue to redevelop my childhood fear of the dark.

As I write this, I realize what I’m searching for is a shared experience. Somebody who can simply say…you’re not alone.


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blue neighbourhood (part 3: TALK ME DOWN) - c.h.

Blue Neighbourhood | Calum Hood

warnings ; abuse, suicide mention, and feels.

prompt ; you and calum have been best friends and lovers for years, but when a fight breaks out between your families, you’re forbidden from seeing each other. [this 3-part series is entirely based off of the Blue Neighbourhood video series by Troye Sivan.]

words ; 1,353

a/n ; i cried while writing this not even gonna lie. shit. i hope you all enjoy this final part, thanks for all of ur support.


TALK ME DOWN - Troye Sivan



I walked quietly up to the casket, where Y/N and the rest of her immediate family and her new boyrfriend stood. Out of all my years of knowing Y/N, I had never seen such a pained expression on her face, and it was breaking me down.

I stuff my hands in my pockets as I look down at the white wooden casket, housing her father’s body. He had died from a fatal heart attack only a few weeks before, and the family decided they didn’t want to have a huge funeral for him, since he wouldn’t have wanted that.

What surprised me the most was the pain on Y/N’s face. I never would have thought that she would be so broken over her father dying, since he was always the one to put her through constant pain. Snapping me out of my thoughts, she placed the last bouqet of flowers atop the casket carefully while her family dabbed tears away.

The wind and the sniffles of everyone were the only sounds wafing throughout the air. Her boyfriend placed a soothing hand on her shoulder as she straightened out her white skirt, clearing her throat as she tried her hardest not to cry. She must not have noticed me standing here, for when her eyes met mine, it looked like all the air had been knocked out of her lungs. She shook her head and sniffed, averting her gaze.

As the priest began the short service, her boyfriend laced his fingers in hers, hitting me like a ton of bricks.

It should have been me.

“In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also.” The priest began.

After the priest was done with the blessings, Y/N kneeled to touch the casket one last time, her tears now streaming quickly down her face. I wanted to help her, I wanted to be there for her, but I just couldn’t. Not anymore.

As soon as members of her family began to disperse as the casket was lowering, I turned on my heel and took a few steps away myself. When I turned back, I noticed that her and her boyfriend were the only two left there. He was trying to persuade her to get up, but she shoved his hand away, covering her mouth with her sleeve. He sighed and glared at me before we both turned and walked away from Y/N.


I wiped my tears and sniffed once last time. Why was I so heartbroken over the death of him? I could never figure out the answer to my question. I should feel free, I should feel safe. But I was never safe. My family would only continue to pounce on me, pound me, and wear me out. It was a never-ending battle.

I stood up and wiped the dirt from my skirt the best I could, beginning to walk away from the grave silently.

Weaving through the graves of others, everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. My fingers danced along the edges of the graves as I tried to stay focused on just getting back to the car. I felt like breaking down again, but I couldn’t. Not right now.

Not when I could see Calum sitting quietly in front of me on a staircase, his head in his hands. I suck in a breath and listen to the gravel crunching under my feet as I approached him.

When I reached him, I lingered my fingers slowly on the top of his shoulder, making him whip his head up quickly to look at me. He stood up slowly, almost as if he couldn’t believe that I was here, in front of him again, after all this time.

His hand came up to caress my cheek, his thumb running over my bottom lip, taking all of me in. I blushed and laid my hand on top of his, pushing my cheek futher into his hand. Suddenly, his face turned grieve, and so did mine as he yanked me in for a hug.

He had never hugged me so tightly before, it scared me to an extent, but I knew that I was safe in his arms, right here, right now. His fingers ran through my hair as he breathed me in, rocking us back and forth. I cried into his shoulder and he let me, both of us just enjoying being here.

My nails dug into his back as he shushed me, placing a loving kiss atop my head.

I don’t know how long we were in each other’s arms before he stopped all of his actions, letting me go. I was confused and angry, but I understood once I looked to my left, seeing my “boyfriend”. He looked as if he had just been hit by a train, and as bad as it sounded, I couldn’t care less. But my family could, and I knew that I was in trouble if they found out about this.

I look back at Calum one last time before mouthing “I love you,”. I run down the staircase and join my boyfriend, who takes a death grip on my arm, twisting it enough to erupt a cry of pain from me. I couldn’t see Cal’s face, but I was sure it was stone cold.

When we got to the car, my boyfriend immediately began spilling about my run-in with Calum, which ensued lots of yelling and hitting, along with arising bruises and tears, right in the middle of the gravel road.

Once my family was finally done screaming profanities at me, I knew that this was never going to end. I would always have to live with the weight of my family on my shoulders, I would always have to live without Calum. And a life without Calum just wasn’t a life worth living.

I nodded at my mom as she made me swore to never talk to him again. But this time, I meant it. I knew what I wanted to do.

“I swear, mom. I swear on my life.” I choke out, looking down. She slams her car door shut when she gets in with the rest of my family.

“Actually, I think I left my phone at the casket. I- uh, I’ll be right back.” I stammer, sprinting away before they could say anything. I ran faster than I’ve ever run in my life, going everywhere and nowhere all at once. Calum was nowhere to be seen, which was probably for the better.

I stopped running when I reached the edge of the graveyard; a cliff. The water below it crashed into the rocks violently, and I could smell the salter water all the way from up here.

I take out my phone and dial Calum once before I ran out of time.

He answers on the second ring,


“Calum, Cal, I love you, so, so much,” I cry, “And I’ll never stop loving you, okay? Please know that what I’m doing is to help everyone else, okay?”

“What are you talking about? Y/N?” Concern and fear now laced his voice.

“I have to do this Cal. It’s the only way. I love you so-” I choke, ”-Much, never forget that. I love you.”

I shake my head and chuck my phone into the water, clenching my fists as the tears stream freely down my hot cheeks. But that was the least of my worries.

My mind wandered back to the day everything happened. Right before our lives were ruined forever. We were at the dock, and I would never forget those moments.

Are you jumping in with me?”

I nodded.

Kay, on the count of three,”


“One,” I whispered out loud, watching the waves below me.


“Two,” I counted, taking another step towards the edge. This was it.



A/N: Sorry to ruin your lives lol… But yeah thats the end! If you don’t understand the ending, y/n jumped and .. yah. Thanks for all the support on this series!! Ily all!