i was listening to that song and i thought of niall hehe

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omg yes part 3 of heartstrings please! :)

Hehe here you go :) Hope you like it!

Heartstrings - Part 3

You bit your lip as you silently cursed yourself. Turning for the backstage area, you handed one of the crew your Strat, trading it for your acoustic guitar. You were having an off night. And you knew why.

That kiss the night before in your hotel room.

Okay, it was more than a kiss. At least it was to you. To you it had only confirmed your feelings for Harry. No longer were you teetering on the fence. You’d fallen for him.

Stepping back out onto the stage, you listened to Liam’s chat with the crowd though your eyes were on another certain lad. Your heart thumped in your chest as you watched him wave to the audience, preparing to start the next song. On cue, you began strumming, though your skills now were automatic. You weren’t even aware of what you were playing. All you could think about was that kiss…

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Illusion Remix (Harry and Louis solos)
One Direction
Illusion Remix (Harry and Louis solos)

Basically, I was listening to Illusion and realized how Lou and Haz have similar solos in the track. I decided to combine their solos, but I also thought the rest of the song combined was cool too so I left it on there. Hope you enjoy what came out of my boredom :) xx.

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unreleased/unpopular  songs&covers

it’s come to my attention that many of the new one direction fans haven’t experienced the magic (hehe) of one directions unreleased songs and super old covers, so PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to these, your life will change for the better.

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