i was listening to taylor swift

do you ever listen to old taylor swift songs, and remember the OTP you had when those songs were popular? that’s what happened to me this evening, i suddenly thought of my new teen titans OTP of jericho (joe wilson) and raven…

anyway, since deathstroke is played by manu bennett in arrow, i thought it would be nice to depict joey as being of māori descent, and of course i love indian raven as i had drawn her in the past…their outfits are from here!

Cause you throw your head back laughing like a little kid
I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny cause he never did
I’ve been spending the last eight months
Thinking all love ever does is break, and burn, and end
But on a Wednesday, in a cafe
I watched it begin again

[Had a random inspiration while listening to this song. I had a story idea in my mind and I was supposed to make a small comic, but for now Ihave to settle for this little thingy]

For five minutes and twenty two seconds, State of Grace acoustic captures such an ethereal sound. The soft vocals and wistful, powerfully vulnerable lyrics like “we fall in love till it hurts or bleeds, or fades in time” make you want to lie down amidst an endless sunflower field under a pastel sky, where the sun intensely illuminates every crack in your sweeping emotions, leaving you pondering about how flowers wither in time, but in this moment they’re beautifully delicate, much like many treacherous, epic loves.

I love that people had the chance to listen to Better Man before they knew who wrote it. I love that it forced them to appreciate her talent without listening to her music through a mask of scorn because they’ve already formed their opinions about her. I love that the reviewers focused on the importance of the lyrics instead of analyzing every detail of why they were written. I love that it was just a song before it was a Taylor Swift song. I love that Taylor got to write a song and share it with the world, without worrying about the rumors it would ignite, for the first time in ten years.

The line ‘And I gave you my best and we both know you can’t say that’ just hits me so fucking hard because I remember that towards the end of the relationship, Taylor tried so fucking hard. 

Like Coachella, when she posted a bunch of adoring pictures on Instagram. How about at the iHeartRadio Awards when she actually thanked him in her speech which is something she has never done for any other boyfriend and the speech itsself was so heartfelt and complimentary. Like, she got choked up and had to brace herself, but she did it, and he didn’t even… fuck, he barely reacted???

but he didn’t even show up to both the MET gala and BMI. I know he’s a lowkey guy, but those were HUGE nights for Taylor. It was the end of the relationship but she still tried so hard, and he didn’t and they both fucking knew it and-


I would just like to say that I’m so grateful for Taylor Swift because over the last 8+ years her music has always been there for me and no matter what the occasion is I always feel great after listening to one of her songs and I’m so thankful for that so thank you Taylor for everything, I love you

Hello here is a reminder that Selena Gomez walked into a music store and bought a random kid a $5000 drum set and listened to him play.
And Taylor Swift and her parents flew to Missouri to spend an afternoon with a war vet and his family.
These are the women I look up to.


Buzzfeed: Do you have any tips on not feeling like you need someone else to make you happy?

Ruby Rose: I was gonna say just listen to a Taylor Swift album, and it’ll totally help you understand how great it is to love thyself. [laughs]

I think there’s a beauty in being happy alone. When you really, truly know yourself, and you’ve worked on the parts of yourself that you weren’t comfortable being alone with, then you’ll have time for the fullest, best version of yourself. That means that the people you attract into your life after that are going to be at a different kind of level as well. It’s hard to love somebody else, and let somebody else in, if you don’t love yourself. It’s cliché, but it really is true.