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BigBang Scenario: Bad Boy (Part 1)

G-Dragon Scenario: You and Jiyong have been dating for almost two years, when his partying, drinking, and shitty behavior towards you are finally enough to leave him. 

A/N: So, my first angsty addition to the blog~ got the feels when I was listening to BigBang “Bad Boy” this afternoon.

Me, whom you love. Sorry, I’m a bad boy.

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  • Cassandra: Tell me, Carver, what was Hawke like as a child?
  • Carver: You know, it never stops being strange to hear your own name when people refer to your older sibling.
  • Cassandra: Oh, I… I hadn’t even considered.
  • Carver: Bethany and I grew up hearing ‘Hawke this, Hawke that.’ Imagine if people kept calling your brother Pentaghast and people came up to you asking what ‘Pentaghast’ was like, as if you too weren’t a Pentaghast? Wouldn’t that get old?
  • Cassandra: I suppose it would be, yes. I’m sorry, Carver.
  • ~*~
  • Carver: Listen, Cassandra. I didn’t mean to snap earlier.
  • Cassandra: I promise you, I’ve dealt with worse than a surly younger brother. I can handle myself.
  • Carver: I just forget sometimes that other people see Hawke as a hero. It’s not just our mother who thinks it anymore.
  • Carver: Besides, if you’re looking for tales of Hawke saving babies and rescuing mabari pups, you’re looking in the wrong place. Most of my stories involve Hawke stealing my toys and having crushes on our neighbors.
  • Cassandra: Oh! Tell me everything!
  • Carver: I should have kept my mouth shut. Hawke’s going to kill me…
If These Sheets Were States // Bellamy Blake

A/N: Okay so I kinda put off some of my smut requests because I literally cannot do smut, well I mean good smut. So I hope this is okay. I literally suck at titles so the title of this was just a song I was listening to, haha. xx.
Requested? Yes.
Summary: Y/N and her boyfriend, Bellamy haven’t had some alone time recently and he decided to change that all while channeling his inner romantic.
Warnings: Smut and fluff. 

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If You Think Blackface in Cosplay is Okay, Unfollow Me Immediately

I was on Facebook earlier and I just saw a serious shitstorm of black cosplayers trying to explain why doing blackface is wrong and nothing but priviliged white people are defending it. It’s literally this simple. Don’t paint yourself a darker skin tone and then pass it off as cosplay. You’re a racist asshole. Period. It’s one thing if you’re a cosplayer who blackfaced and realize that what you did was wrong, did research and educated yourself on why it’s wrong, listened to black people about why blackface is so offensive to them and promise not to do it again and promise to call out those who do blackface. It’s a racist and shitty thing to do if you’re a cosplayer who knows what blackface is, continues to do it and doesn’t give a shit about black people. This is why the cosplay community is full of shit. Ya’ll keep saying to cosplay characters within your own race, but fail to understand that about 98% of anime characters are JAPANESE. MEANING THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO COSPLAY PEOPLE WHO AREN’T ANIME CHARACTERS WHATSOEVER. Ya’ll kill me with this bullshit!

I’m really mad about the aesthetic of the last 15-20 years bc especially post y2k the cultural focus shifted to fetishizing the idea of “natural” and all that implies including dark stuff like reactionary ideology and hating progress, and like fuck no I am tired of being a chaotic sack of flesh infested with microbes and connected to the dirt, give me the brain implants and semi-decriminalized street drugs I was promised by 20th-century sci-fi

Listen, as sotc’s mother, I have to share with you guys this game called Prey for the Gods by No Matter Studios that a friend showed me earlier today and I’m SUPER excited about it and plan on backing! It looks insanely promising and has a lot of elements from Shadow of the Colossus so if you love sotc, I get a feeling you’ll enjoy this. It even has a female lead character (yay)! They even put in their description: “Prey for the Gods ambitiously combines the game play of Shadow of the Colossus, Deus Ex, DayZ, and BloodBorne.” so if you like any of those games you should check it out!

You should definitely back this project, if you can, to help make this game a reality and reblog to help bring exposure to this kickstarter!! thanks guys!!!

OMO Mischief (Taehyung)

synopsis: In which you got yourself into trouble and Taehyung is not amused.

genre: you can’t even fluff ¦ sugarcoated chocolate fluff ¦ fluffy fluff ¦ angsty fluff ¦ fluffy angst

length: 2 seconds ¦ not long enough ¦ decent ¦ bible

“(Your full name), why are you lying on the floor?”

You slowly opened your eyes to see an upside down Taehyung glaring down at you with crossed arms. 


“Tae! Ok ok, listen. Let me explain.” In a matter of a second you had leapt onto your feet with both arms outstretched as if calming down a wild animal. 

“Where is my phone?” he asked as calmly as he could.

“Taehyung-ah. Listen to me, j-just don’t freak out.”

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I Do’s and I Don’ts (AU!) Part 5

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, Bucky x Natasha

Warning: Angst, Fluff, Danger scene, one cuss word

Summary: You’re about to get married to Steve after being together with him for three years. With only a week left before the wedding, you start to get pre-wedding jitters – bad ones. Steve is away for the week to hang with the guys for the bachelor party, leaving you to handle the anxiety by yourself. One night, you were supposed to meet up with your girls when you run into Bucky who ends up needing your help – in exchange, he promises he’ll drive your pre-wedding jitters away before the wedding.

A/N: I uploaded much earlier than usual, but I just had to write this part and get it up now XD Here’s part 5!! This part features the song “Safe with me” by Megan Nicole. You can listen to it here while reading! <3

 Three Days Until The Wedding…

 “What the…” Bucky groaned as he rubbed his eyes. It was the next morning and he felt something heavy lying on him. At first he thought it was Buddy sleeping on him, but there was just too much body heat so it wasn’t from the puppy. He looked down at his chest and his eyes widened to see that it was you.

 Bucky remembered clearly that you went to sleep in the bedroom after both of you went out on a long walk with Buddy to go to the grocery store for snacks. He watched you go into the room and close the door after saying ‘good night’. How exactly did you end on up on the couch? And on top of him?!

 But since you were sleeping so soundly he didn’t want to wake you up or move you for his comfort. So he just dealt with the heat and wrapped both arms around your delicate frame while moving his legs out from under the blanket for cool air. You felt him moving and stirred in your sleep, but you didn’t open your eyes.

 For the next couple minutes, Bucky just played with your hair and admired all of the features on your face before closing his eyes for a couple seconds; he just ended up falling back asleep.

 You were the one to wake up next and when you did, you weren’t that surprised to find Bucky under you. During the middle of the night, you were having trouble sleeping again for some reason and decided to sit on the couch while Bucky was sleeping. When you finally dozed off, you found comfort lying on the blue-eyed man.

 Staring at Bucky’s face, you rested your chin on your crossed arms and held in soft giggles when you thought about how his stubble would tickle you, how cute his nose was and how soft those lips were. Then you frowned. You were thinking about the kiss again!

 Without thinking, your hand moved towards his face and you gently touched his chin, his cheeks, his nose and his lips. Then you found yourself leaning forward, pressing your lips against his softly. It was like a light started glowing inside of you, lighting up the rough, dark paths in your conscious. All the shrubs, brushes and branches moved to the side, allowing a smooth road leading towards something great. You heard a click inside your mind and it was like a box was opened somewhere deep in the back of your cluttered thoughts.

 There were no words to describe how fast your heart was pounding in your chest and how this feeling was unlike anything you’d ever felt before – it was never like this with Steve. This was so much more different than what you felt with him. A part of you was fighting to stop because it was wrong, but you couldn’t stop; it was just too late for that.

 You heard your phone ringing from your room and your eyes widened as you pulled away. Bucky groaned in his sleep and his eyes slowly opened. When both of your eyes made contact, you quickly got off him, hurrying into your room before closing the door behind you in a panic.

 Breathing heavily, you placed a hand to your chest trying to stop how crazy your heart was acting. Shaking your head, you walked over to your phone and saw that Steve was calling – you were confused at first and then guilt hit you hard.


 “Hi, honey. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to call you or text you this entire week… The guys were driving me insane! I miss you so much…” Steve said through the phone with other voices in the background.

 “I-It’s okay, Steve…” you bit the bottom of your lips in nervousness.

 “Are you okay? Did something happen while I was gone? I heard that you ran into Bucky.

 “Nothing happen. Um…yeah, I ran into Bucky.”

 “Hm. I had no idea he came back already. He didn’t text or call at all-

 “Hey, Steve! We’re going to get breakfast now!” You heard Sam’s voice on the other side of the line.

 “I’ll be there! I’m on the phone with my girl!

 Your heart ached and your chest constricted when Steve called you that. Why wouldn’t you be guilty? You basically cheated on him behind his back with his best friend…

 “You sound like you’re having fun,” you chuckled softly, looking down at your lap.

 “Yeah. What about you? What have you and the girls done this entire week?

  “Nothing really. Something came up on the night of our bachelorette party so that didn’t happen. I haven’t been feeling too well…”

 “What?? Oh no… did you take any medicine? Should I come home early?” Steve sounded concerned and almost panicked.

 “No, no. I’m okay now. I think I might just relax and chill around the apartment until you come home…Oh by the way, Bucky got me an early wedding gift. You wouldn’t believe what it is!”

 “That sounds exciting. Haha. What did he get?

 “A puppy! His name is Buddy!”

A puppy… We do need a little liveliness in our home, huh? You should send me a picture of the cutie! I gotta go now, but I’ll see you in three days, honey. I love you.”

 You hesitated and swallowed down your guilt and fear in your throat before opening your mouth.

 “I love you too, Steve…”

 When you hung up, you just sat on the bed, staring at the wallpaper of you and Steve on your phone. You both were so happy before the wedding date started to get closer. For some reason, you noticed some changes in your relationship a couple months ago when he didn’t show up for your dad’s birthday. Steve said he had a lot of work to finish and that there was a project that needed to be done – you believed him, but that didn’t mean you had your small, bead-sized doubt.

 “Doll?” You heard Bucky’s voice from the other side of the door. Getting off the bed, you went to open the door. He was standing there with concern written all over his face. You just smiled and tried to fix his disheveled hair.

 “I’ll make breakfast for us.”

 Bucky watched as you went to the restroom to freshen up. He overheard you talking to Steve on the phone and he had to admit, it didn’t feel too good when you said ‘I love you’ to your fiancé. Running his fingers through his hair, Bucky walked over to your wedding journal and looked through the pages again on the couch.

 He stopped on the photo of you in your wedding dress and let out a defeated sigh as his heart begged him not to let go.

 “I heard there’s a festival being held in the park,” you slid on a beanie over your head after you had gotten ready to go out. Bucky was leaning against the door way watching you put on the finishing touches of your outfit with a small smile on his face. He was wearing a cap over his head and a jacket to keep him warm from the chilly weather outside. “-should we take Buddy there?”

 “You’re okay with going outside after what happened?”

 “It’s not like they can do anything to us in a crowd,” you smiled and grabbed your bag before handing Bucky the puppy’s leash. “-they know we know they’re watching, so might as well go along with it. If sometime happens… I’ll save you.”

 “Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?” Bucky chuckled and went to go get Buddy who was having fun messing with his water bowl. “Geez, kiddo. You’re making a mess!”

 “Just like his dad,” you giggled and froze when you realized what you had said. Bucky heard it too and he turned to you with wide eyes. Both of you said nothing in awkward silence. “I-I…um…I’m just gonna go start the car…”

 “Y-Yeah…” Bucky’s cheeks were hot as he looked away from you, pulling Buddy out of his water bowl.

 You hurried out of the apartment and to your car in sheer embarrassment.

 “You two are such a cute couple!” an elderly woman smiled at you as she passed by with her husband. “Look at their little baby! Isn’t he such a cutie?”

 That was the nth time someone mistaken you and Bucky for a couple. Both of you couldn’t say anything before they walked away and when you did explain that you weren’t a couple, they’d just say ‘but you two should be!’ or ‘you two look good together!’. That didn’t help the awkwardness between both of you.

 “Buddy, she’s too old for you,” Bucky chuckled when the little puppy wanted to approach the bigger border collie who was sitting with her owner. You went to go look at a booth that sold adorable hand-made rings. There was this gold ring that had a diamond bow on it that interested you. Even though you really wanted it, you decided not to.

 “Did you find anything you like?” the blue-eyed man asked you as you two started walking towards other booths.

 “I did, but I decided not to get it,” you smiled softly and took the leash from Bucky to walk Buddy. “-you should’ve seen it! It was so pretty!”

 “Hm,” he nodded and smiled. “-I’m gonna go use the restroom real quick. Stay right here, okay?”

 “Sure,” you sat down on a bench with Buddy and watched as little kids were playing the game with the ducks floating in the water. You didn’t know why but you enjoyed that game as a kid – it was interesting how luck was involved in it. There wasn’t a time where you ever got a big prize though.


 Bucky hurried over to the ring booth, making sure he wasn’t away from you for to long.

 “How can I help you, handsome?” the older woman smiled.

 “Yes, um… there was a girl that was here earlier. She was interested in a certain ring but didn’t get one. It was like two minutes ago-“

 “I know which girl you’re talking about,” she grinned. “-it’s hard to forget a girl like her with such a handsome boy! I’m pretty sure this is the ring she was interested in.”

 The vendor showed it to him and Bucky smiled to himself.

 You were right – it was beautiful.

 Both of you stopped by several booths and before you knew it, hours had passed.

 “Here,” Bucky gave you a spoonful of his gelato ice cream to try and you felt the sweetness of the flavor melt on your tongue.

 “Yours is good too! You wanna try mine?”

 “Alright,” he chuckled and you fed him with your spoon. Bucky nodded in content. “-yours isn’t that bad.”

 “Wow,” you noticed that in the main square of the park, there were fairy lights adorned on tree branches and romantic slow music was playing in the background. There were many couples dancing in the main square and you smiled, thinking about how it would be nice to be one of those couples.

 After both of you finished your ice cream, another slow song played.

 “You’re not abandoned…

There’s always someone waiting…

 “(Y/N),” Bucky stood up and held out his hand for you. You blinked in confusion and placed your hand on top of his palm. He pulled you off the bench and both of you walked towards the main square with all the other couples. Bucky had asked one of the vendors to watch Buddy just for a couple minutes and they agreed.

 “W-What, no, hold on,” your eyes widened.

 “Dance with me, doll,” he chuckled and stood in front of you with one arm around your waist and the other holding your free hand.

 Your face burned hot as your steps matched his.

 “ I promise you’re safe with me

  You’re not alone

 You’re safe with me

 Your heart is home

 Now and forever

 I’ll be your shelter

 I’m gonna help you to believe

 You’ll always be safe with me…”

 “You’re good at this,” Bucky smiled softly as he pulled you closer to him. “-you’ll save a dance for me at the wedding, won’t you?”

 “Yeah…” You forced a smile and nodded.

 “How’re you feeling? About the wedding?”

 “I’m okay… I…” You couldn’t lie to him – you couldn’t tell him that your feelings about the wedding got worse. It wasn’t pre-wedding jitters this time… It was more like… you couldn’t bring yourself to marry Steve even though you did love him.

 It’s just that your heart wanted someone else – your mind told you that you love Steve, but your heart was telling you something else.

 “What’s wrong, doll?” Bucky noticed the expression you had and stopped moving.

 “Now that I found you

 You will see

 My love surround you

 Soft as a rainbow

 I’ll be your halo

 You’ll always be safe with me.”

 “Bucky, I have to tell you something,” you pulled away slowly and walked out of the square, away from the crowd. He followed you anxiously and when you stopped, you turned around to face him. “-I…Something happened during the days you stayed at the apartment…or maybe it was when I saw you again, I don’t know… You made my anxiety go away… but now what I’m feeling has gotten worse. I don’t know if I can go on with the wedding.”

“What do you mean?” his eyes widened when you said that.

 “…I…I’m in-“

 “Mr. Barnes, what a coincidence in seeing you here,” a familiar voice said and Bucky’s brows furrowed, causing you to turn around. The three men who tried to hurt you were standing just a couple feet away from the both of you.

 “Get behind me, doll,” Bucky stood in front of you and glared at the men. “-I don’t appreciate you hurting my best friend’s bride, boys. She’s about to get married. Couldn’t you have respected that?”

 “You should’ve thought of that before you decided to commit your crimes.”

 “Like I said… I didn’t do anything,” he retorted angrily. “-she’s not involved in this. It’s just between us.”

 “Then I guess you’ll cooperate in coming with us?” one of the men asked.

 “Bucky, you can’t-“


 “Bucky!” Your eyes widened as he took a step forward. You quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him back. “No! You can’t!”

 “I have to, doll…” Bucky shook his head and forced a smile before pulling away from you. “To keep you safe…and everyone else… to end this… I have to go.”

 “No, you don’t! W-We can do this together! Bucky!” you tried to run after him, but one of the men pulled out a gun and pointed it at you. You froze in fear with wide eyes.

 “Move and I’ll shoot you, sweetheart,” the man threatened.

 “You shoot her and I’ll hurt you,” Bucky glared at the man hatefully. “-she’s not a part of this. Let’s just go.”

 Your heat sunk into your stomach as you watched them take Bucky away. You heard Buddy barking and that snapped you out of it. Running over to get him, you pulled out your phone and quickly called Natasha to come pick up your puppy while you go get Bucky.

 Then you called Private Detective Quill.

 “What is this?” one of the men pulled a small bag out of Bucky’s pocket when patting him down.

 “Don’t touch that!” Bucky growled when the man dumped out the content that was in the bag. A tiny box fell onto the ground and he picked it up, opening it.

 “Oh? Wow, you even worse than what they say about you. How can you call yourself a man, huh? Proposing to your best friend’s fiancé? Giving her this ring?”

 “Put that down!” he yelled.

 “Alright then.”

 The man dropped the box onto the ground and Bucky watched in horror as the ring fell out of it, clattering onto the ground. His heart dropped when he stared at the ring glistening in the moon light seeping through the gaps of the window bars.

 “It’s nice to meet you again, Mr. Barnes,” the blue-eyed man glowered at the man who started all this. “-now, let’s get started, shall we?”

 “Good thing I put that tracker in his phone,” Peter Quill murmured as he drove through the street towards the location where Bucky’s phone was pinging. “I already called for backup, so they’ll be there soon.”

 “W-What do you think they’re going to do to Bucky?” you fidgeted in your seat as you tightened your hands together.

 “They won’t kill him, that’s for sure,” he replied. “-we know who they are, and we know who they work for. We have all the evidence. If they kill him, they’ll also be charged with murder under their names. But that won’t happen. He’ll be okay.”

 “…I hope so…”

 “…You must really love him, huh?” Peter chuckled softly when he glanced at you. “So how did that happen?”

 “I don’t know…it just…happened…” You started explaining to him everything that happened when you ran into Bucky. “And now…I…I’m thinking about cancelling the wedding. I can’t marry Steve… but…it’s already too late… I don’t know what to do.”

 “All I can say is just follow your heart.”

   When both of you arrived at the abandoned warehouse, Peter suggested that you two waited until back up arrive.

 “I can’t…I can’t stand here and wait, Peter,” you bit the bottom of your lips and stared at the building.

 “(Y/N), I know you want to save him, but you can’t just barge in by yourself.”

 “Then you come with me.” You started walking towards one of the open windows.

 “(Y/N)!” he whispered with wide eyes and hurried after you.

 You climbed through the window and hid behind some piles of boxes as Peter joined you. There were grunting sounds and footsteps coming from the same room you were in. Both of you looked at one another before listening.

 “You think the boss is gonna let him die? He lost a lot of blood.”

 “I’d doubt it. We’re probably just going to drop his body off somewhere. Maybe the cold will kill him.”

 “Did he really fuck all those brides though?”

 “Of course he did, why would they be obsessed with him if he didn’t?”

 “I heard that he was planning on taking his best friend’s girl too.”

 “What!? What a son of a-“

 You tightened your fists and tried hard not to just come out of your hiding spot and just kick all of them in the place where the sun doesn’t shine. Once the voices stopped and the footsteps walked away, you hurried out from behind the boxes.

“(Y/N), wait!”

 “Bucky?” Your eyes widened when you saw a figure hanging by his hands by a rope tied to a bar on the ceiling. His head was hung low and you saw drops of water hitting the ground from his clothes. There was a puddle under his feet. You ran up to him and touched his face.

 He was so cold.

 “Bucky!” you cried, cupping his face gently. “It’s me! It’s (Y/N)!”

 “Let’s get him down first,” Peter pulled out his pocket knife that he carried and started cutting the rope. You held onto Bucky until it was fully cut. But his body weight was more than you could handle, so he toppled right over you. Both of you fell onto the ground. “(Y/N), are you okay?!”

 “(Y/N)…?” Bucky murmured and Peter quickly got him off you. You got onto your feet and your eyes met Bucky’s dull ones. “Why…”

 “Let’s get you out of here,” the Private Investigator started heading towards the open window when suddenly the men from before appeared.


 “They’re getting away!”

 “Leave…me…” Bucky groaned and tried to pull away from Peter.

 “Bucky, we’re getting you out of here!” You refused to leave him behind.

 “No…I don’t want…to get you hurt…” his eyes were filled with pain and worry. “Please…”

 “Bucky,” you looked at him seriously and cupped his face in your hands. “-no matter where we go…or who we’re going up against… I’ll always be safe with you. And you’ll always be safe with me.”

 His eyes widened and the three of you turned to see a man dressed in a wealthy suit with a red face of anger. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at you. Your eyes widened as you stood there frozen in fear. Bucky grabbed you and pulled you into his arms tightly.

 “I love you, (Y/N),” he said in your ear as you held onto him tightly, waiting for whatever happened next.

Then a gunshot went off.


On this day in history: Troye Sivan Mellet, being the impatient and passionate little shit that he is, decided to surprise his fans (some of whom were peacefully sleeping and unaware of the impending shitstorm) with his first single two days earlier than he had promised it. With less than three hours of warning, Troye dropped the single and killed all of his people one by one as they listened for the first time to one of the most important songs they’d heard. This song quickly meant just as much to his people as it did to Troye, and I really really can’t believe it’s been a year since I heard it for the first time.

It’s been a long year, but I can honestly say I’m still as in love with it as I was the day that I woke up to the destruction that it left in its wake.

I am not as involved with the Markiplier fandom as I wish I was, and I honestly have no idea who Daniel was, or who Cyndago was, but I hope, for all of you who did, that you know that there are a lot of people out there for you.

The Roosterteeth fandom went though a hard, sudden loss earlier this year, and though ours wasn’t the same circumstances, it was still a blow just as hard, I am sure. We have both lost fantastic (from what I understand) creators, and I want you all to know that we are here.

I may not speak for the entire community, but I know that a lot of them have some ties to Markiplier, and even those who don’t I am sure would be willing to listen and sympathize. We are here for our friends, and you have an entire community to back you up. I know the Markiplier fandom is just as united as the RT community, and we got though Monty’s passing, and we sure as hell can help you get though Daniel’s.

If anyone needs to talk, needs someone to listen, I am here,  and so are many others. You will be okay, I promise. This is hard, and it will continue to be raw for a long time, trust me, I know, but there are people who are here for you, and you are not alone.

About a month after Monty Passed, Burnie (One of the founding fathers of Roosterteeth who was really close to him) posted a journal on the site in the form of a letter to Monty, and in it he said something that has stuck with me since then, and is something I think applies here.

“I realized that joy isn’t a thing that lives and dies. It’s not something we make on our own or keep to ourselves. It’s something that is handed to us by those before us, around us. And we take it and we shape it and add to it and pass it on. And in those moments it becomes a part of us and we of it… And then I thought of you. And all the beauty you added to the joy while it was in your hands. You didn’t just add to it, you made it fight and you made it jump and you made it dance. People came from everywhere to watch and I was one of them and it was beautiful. I thought then of all those people you touched who would take that joy and build on it and shape it and pass it along. And the people they passed it to would in turn do the same and so on and so on. And the joy you have made will live and breathe and move forward in so many ways that we as people can’t and in so many ways that we as people can’t even imagine.“

From what I have seen, Daniel gave a lot of happiness to his fans and friends and family, so I want you all to remember this. He is dead, but that doesn’t mean he is gone. A small part of him lives in everyone, and the joy he gave you lives and grows, and while he may be gone, that joy lives on. I don’t know if this helped, and I really hope it did, but remember, it will be okay, and you have so many people who are there for you.