i was listening i heard every word ok

ok this is a list of the solo work of 1d members ranked worst to best & i hve absolutely no backing in music theory or history or have even heard enough of most of these guys’s stuff to be fair but gw? this is my blog so lets go

5. liam - listen i’m sure he’s a good kid or whatever but every time i hear “strip that down” i lose my sex drive for a month

4. louis - i’ve only heard 2 solo songs & they sounded like someone heard the word ‘eurotrash’ & tried to build a song around that despite never hearing eurotrash in their life

3. zayn - he has some bops but it’s honestly all pretty boring and fake deep and we all wanted him to be the beyonce, man. the timberlake. he wasn’t the beyonce he was the….zayn.

2. naill - like ok. ok. objectively zayn is more talented but i expected MORE outta zayn and manicure over here came out with Slow Hands which was just as boring but in an indie vibe. he’s ripping off ed sheeran and that’s what they all should be doing good job naill

1. harry - she worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes hard liquor mixed with a bit of intellect and all the boys they were saying they were into it such a pretty face on a pretty neck she’s driving me CRAAAAAY ZAY, but i’m into it but i’m into it i’m kind of into it’s getting CRAAAAAAAY ZAY i think i’m losing it i think i’m losing it i think i’m losing it OH I THINK SHE SAID


  • I wanna make you smile whenever you’re sad 
  • All I wanna do is grow old with you.
  • I’m sorry… I just couldn’t do it.
  • Well, if you need more time, I guess I could wait.
  • No… I don’t need more time, _____. I don’t ever want to marry you.
  • Gee, you know that information… really would’ve been more useful to me *yesterday.*
  • I’ve still got the Spandex; I’ll put ‘em on right now.
  • Once again, things that could’ve been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!
  • But it all was bullshit.
  • It was a goddamn joke
  • All right, remember - alcohol equals puke equals smelly mess equals nobody likes you!
  • Hey, buddy, I’m not paying you to hear your thoughts on life. I’m paying you to sing.
  • Well, I have a microphone, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!
  • He’s losing his mind.
  • Oh, I don’t think anybody could puke more than than kid. I think I saw a boot come out of him.
  • You hit two cones back there. Those could have been people… they could have been guests at her wedding!
  • Hey, psycho - we’re not gonna discuss this, OK, it’s over. Please get out of my ____ t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.
  • Oh, man, I heard what happened to you at your wedding, that was so cold! You must’ve felt like shit!
  • No, sir, I have no experience but I’m a big fan of money. I like it, I use it, I have a little. I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator. I’d like to put more in that jar. That’s where you come in.
  • That’s not nice… Very creative, though.
  • No. Your penis is too small.
  • Sir, one more outburst, I will strangle you with my microphone wire. You understand me.
  • Excuse me! Just because he’s going out with me doesn’t mean he’s going to get laid.
  • If you find somebody you can love, you can’t let that get away.
  • What I’m saying is all I really want is someone to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be all right.
  • Hang on, hon! I’m watching Dallas! I think J.R. might be dead or something - they shot him!
  • I don’t know, man. I would lose that glove. You look nuts.
  • This is a great idea. I’m glad you came around. You want to do some gambling and have some fun right away, or you just want to get married?
  • Hey. I kissed her, but it didn’t mean anything, I just brought her the jacket.
  • We’re living in a material world and I am a material girl… or boy.
  • How about this? You talk about her ass again, I’ll break your neck.
  • I don’t. I think she’s a beautiful girl, but she’s about to marry that jerk-off.
  • Listen, I know you’re shy and I know you’ve been hurt, so I’m going to make this really easy on you. If you come upstairs, you’re gonna get laid.
  • Oh man. You know what sucks though? Once you get married, the party’s over, right?

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Hey, can you do an imagine dylan and Eric fight over a girl? Love your blog dab on the haters (sorry love Jake Paul xD)

“I’m sorry y/n that’s just what I heard.
“Are you positive? Like totally sure they said it was Dylan with her?”
“Robyn said she heard it come right from Eric’s own mouth, I’m..I’m sorry y/n.”

Your could almost hear the gears of your brain grinding to a halt as you absorbed what your friend Denice had just said.
How could he do this to you?! And with Marla of all fucking people too! You furiously slammed your locker shut making Denice jump in fright.

“y/n? Do you…do you need anything?Maybe like a ride home or something? Your silence is kinda freaking me out.”
“…no, no I’m good.”
“You don’t seem good y/n.”
“Shit ok, Jesus…I’m only trying to help you know!”

Your shoulders slumped forwards as the weight of what was to come began to build up. Just wait until you got your hands on that asshole! He’d wish he’d never been born! You mumbled a quiet sorry to Denice as you dragged yourself away and out to your car. You knew Dylan would be waiting for you there, regular as clockwork.
How could you have missed the signs?! You thought you were both happy in this relationship. Or at least it appeared that way to you and everyone around you.
As you exited the west wing you instantly spotted the lanky figure of Dylan leaning up against your car. He spotted you also and waved out to you. God he had some fucking nerve and some seriously good acting skills you had to hand it to him. He was playing the perfect loving boyfriend whom treated you like a fucking princess whilst fucking sneaking off with…with HER! Your face was full of malice and hatred as you approached him.

“Wow sweety you look mad as hell, what’s happened?! What’s wro-”

He looked at you in total shock and held his face as shook life back into your stinging hand and fingers. The slap echoing around you both. So much confusion and sadness started clouding his features.

“What the hell was that for?!”
“How could you?!!”
“How could I what baby?!”

Another loud slap resonated through the schools lot. Dylan’s face now showed traces of anger along with more confusion. He rubbed the other side of his face and caught your wrist as you went to slap him once more.

“Dude! Stop that! What the hell has gotten into you y/n?! What ever you think I’ve done I’m sorry!”
“Um?…n-o…? Look tell me what the fucks going on?!”
“You really are a piece of work Dylan! At least have the balls to admit it! Well I hope she was worth it coz we are done! I can’t believe you’d cheat on me!”

You climbed into your car, locking the doors to prevent Dylan from getting inside. He pounded on your window screaming that he hadn’t done anything, and that whatever you’d heard was a lie.
Yea right, why would Eric say something so destructive towards his best friends happiness if it wasn’t the truth?! You drove off with a screech of your tires. Leaving Dylan broken, angry and confused as fuck in your wake.


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you myself y/n. I’d only just found them myself like 30 or so minute earlier.”
“It’s ok Eric, I just can’t believe it still, it’s like I’m stuck in a state of shock ya know?”
“Yea I know what you mean y/n”

You’d been talking to Eric for a few hours now as you mom had given up trying to get you to talk to her and tell her why you were crying over 2 hours ago so she’d left you to just talk with Eric. He had called you not long after you’d gotten home. Wanting to know how you were as Dylan had told him what was going on.

“Look, maybe it’s for the best you know y/n.”
“Oh? And how is getting you heart broken into a million billion tiny pieces ‘the best’ for me Eric?”
“Well…..better now rather when your 3 kids and a mortgage deep you know.”
“Yea I guess that’s true, but how did you find them?”
“Oh um…I was ditching and trying to chat up Brandi.”
“That doesn’t answer me though Eric.”
“Well if you’d let me finish Ms bossy boots! I was in gym and after Brandi rejected me.”
“Yea thanks y/n, stop interrupting me! Where was I…? Oh yea so I was standing there like a idiot and I heard sounds coming from behind the bleachers behind me, I popped my head down and um…yea. There they were.”
“Like what? Making out, or fucking or what?”
“Jesus y/n don’t torture yourself with that kind of question!”
“Answer me!”
“Yea alright! She was blowing him ok! You happy now?….y/n?…..y/n?! You still there?!”
“Yea…look I think I’m gonna just go to bed. Thanks for listening to me cry for the last couple of hours.”
“Hey what are friends for y/n?”

As y/n hung up Eric smiled smugly to himself. She had believed every single word and had dropped Dylan within 10 minutes. He stretched back in his chair, smiling at the ceiling. Y/n had a nasty right hook on her he discovered as he’d watched her break up with Dylan that very afternoon. And then he’d made sure to wait for a while from after listening to Dylan cry his eyes out about how someone set him up before he called you.

Eric did feel bad about betraying Dylan like that. He’d feigned shock at Dylan as he told him what had happened. Telling him it must of been some bad joke prank pulled by those jock assholes to cause trouble. The feeling churned away in his gut as a slight sickly feeling. It swelled as he’d promised Dylan to help him get y/n back.

No. Now was his time. Dylan should of never taken you away from him! All those months ago when he’d watch you in the cafeteria or in class, mesmerised by your beauty and grace. All those times he’d talked to Dylan about how much he wanted you, to be with you and care for you. Only to have Dylan fall for you also…and claim you.

Quickly as it came that sickly feeling disappeared, only to be replaced with anger, and hatred for how Dylan had done that to him.
Well now it was anyone’s game. He had to be smart now so as not to give the jig away. He’d lose both you and Dylan forever if they ever found out that you were behind this whole thing. But….all is fair in love, and war.

Exo reaction to finding their gf singing “Ugly” by 2ne1 after having a fight about them (exo) being close work friends with a pretty girl

“Hey sweety! Cand you do a reaction for me!? If yes then how would EXO react when they and you(gf) had a fight about another pretty girl that they have to work with her so they become really close and you get upset and a bit jealous and they catch you in your bedroom singing Ugly from 2NE1(I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me. Just like her I wanna pe pretty). If it’s too long you can turn it into a Sehun scenario. It’s ok if you don’t and sorry for my English. Hope it makes sense. ♥♥♥♥”

Chanyeol:*he had left early the morning after the fight to get back to the show he was recording (with the other girl) and came back a week later. When he came home and heard you singing he quietly went to the other side of your bedroom door and stood there listening to every word that left your mouth. When you were done singing he opened the door and hugged you as tight as he possibly could* “Is that really how you feel Y/N?*he’s full of concern and guilt, it breaks his heart knowing that he made you feel bad. He took both of your hands in his and looked you in the eyes* “Jagi, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, I don’t want you to ever think that she (the other girl) or anyone else is prettier or more lovable than you. I love you, and only you”

Baekhyun:*it was the day after your fight and he’d just come home from the practice when he heard your beautiful voice from the bedroom. At first he just listened to the sound of your voice but after a minute or so he hear the lyrics and bursts in to your room the second he understands that you mean every word of the song. He holds you tight in his arms and whispers how much he loves you and that no one else matters to him while tearing up*

Lay:*he thought that you had sorted it all out after the fight but discovered how wrong he was when heard you sing about a week later. He didn’t really know how to act, you’re the most important thing in his life and he had made you feel bad about yourself*

Kai:*after the fight he went to the dorms to be alone, or at least away from you. He couldn’t belive that he’d made you feel the way he made you feel and he was furious at himself. When he came home the next morning and heard you singing the song a plan started to take form in his head. For the rest of the week he spoiled you with flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and serenades*

Chen:*he’d just come home from his practice and was about to get into the shower when he heard you. The words you sang made him both sad and confused, it made him sad because he never wanted you to feel those feelings. The confusion came from not understanding how someone as beautiful as you could think those things about yourself. He didn’t care about how embarrassed you’d be when he walked into your room, all he cared about was feeling your body next to his and making sure you’d understand how beautiful you are to him. He walked up to you and held you for what felt like forever, humming on Baby don’t cry and making you feel like the only girl in the world*

Xiumin:*he came home late the night of the fight and thought that you’d be asleep. Instead he heard you singing the last verse of Ugly. He knew that you needed him right now and he made sure to be there for you. Later that night when you were in bed he held you and whispered sweet nothings until you fell asleep*

Sehun:*a few weeks after hearing you sing he finally finished his little project to make you feel better and understand. He and the rest of Exo had composed a video where they told you how beautiful and lovable you are one by one. The last person in the video was Sehun*”You’ve waited for a long time right?”*he expressed his feelings in a way you never thought he would and you ended up crying and rewatching the video til he came home from his practice. He saw your expression and understood that he’d succeeded with his mission*

Luhan:*I couldn’t find any insperation to do him so a gif will have to do for now*

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Kyungsoo:*when he heard you sing he asked you instead of being unsure. When you told him about your feelings he had a long talk with you to make you understand that he didn’t care about the other girl, he only has eyes for you. At the end he held you closely and whispered in your ear*”I love you Y/N, yeah sure, she might be pretty, but she’s not even competabel to you”

Tao:*he already knew how you felt but hearing you sining those words really made it clear to him that he needed to do something about the situation. He left a note saying how sorry he was (because he couldn’t express his potato straight to your face) and went to the girls dorm to ask her to talk to you, and explain it from her side as well. The next day he came home to you and had a long talk with you.*”Y/N, you’re my whole world and without you I would not manage to function, please trust my words when I say that I love you and that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world”

Suho:*he didn’t get how serious it was until he heard you sing. He knew that talking to you wouldn’t be enough so the day after he told his managers and his bosses that he coudn’t continue doing the show he was doing with the other girl.*

Kris:*I couldn’t find any insperation to do him so a gif will have to do for now*


ok so anyone who is having a hard time with anything at all right now, i strongly suggest you listen to this video. At 3:55, Hunter starts his Invisible speech and honestly it’s my favorite one I’ve ever heard. I needed to hear every word. I was on a downward spiral of depression and anxiety for weeks, and I heard this speech and instantly felt better. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve re watched and re listened to this already, and it hasn’t even been 24 hours.

Please, if you’re having a tough time, watch this. Watch him sing Invisible, and then listen to what he has to say. He means every single word. Thank you for this Hunter. You have no idea how badly I needed to hear this kind of speech. Thank you.