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Author Spotlight: controlofwhatido day 2

Welcome to day 2 where @controlofwhatido takes on reccing favourites of her own fic and giving us a sneak peek through some excerpts.

Day 2: Recs!

Come Take My Hand Now (mpreg!Blaine)

This is probably my pride and joy. I wrote it as a reaction to 4x14 and 18k words never came so easily. I still want to write a sequel, but that’s a ways down my writing to-do list right now. I was inspired to write it, because, well… the idea of Blaine getting pregnant from the wedding hookup, to having to deal with it on his own, to working on his relationship with Kurt because of it… I couldn’t stop thinking about all of that so I had to write it. Somehow, even though it’s mpreg, it’s my most popular fic. I had so many people come and tell me that they don’t ever read mpreg, but they love this fic.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part, but I am fond of the imagery right here:

Summer sucks. Being twenty-three weeks pregnant sucks. Everything sucks. Blaine is hot and uncomfortable and horny and huge and hot. He groans, flips his body pillow over to the cool side and changes the channel on the TV.

“Wow, okay – didn’t realize it was clothing optional today,” Kurt says, appearing in the doorway to Blaine’s bedroom.

hot,” Blaine whines, shifting his legs so his thighs aren’t touching, which puts his crotch on display for Kurt. “And I’m still wearing underwear, I’m not completely naked.”

“Blaine,” Kurt says, laughing and crawling up on the bed. He trails his fingers along the waistband of Blaine’s briefs, which is tucked right under his round belly. “These aren’t really leaving much to the imagination.”

The Way You Touch Me

This was my first (and only) attempt at writing for a gkm prompt. I wish I could’ve done more, because oh man I ran into SO many great prompts. It hit all the right places (virgin, but confident, Blaine who meets Kurt who is not a virgin, but still knows little to nothing about sex) so I just had to try my hand at writing it. I love the idea of Blaine slowly teaching Kurt how enjoyable sex can be, through different stages. It was a lot of sex to write, but I think it turned out pretty well.

I grabbed this part for a quote because it’s just after their first orgasm together, and it really starts ramping up after this:

“I’m – “ Kurt pauses and turns his head to kiss Blaine’s temple. “Thank you, that was – I had no idea I could feel like th-that,” he mumbles quietly, his lips grazing Blaine’s skin as he talks.

Blaine pushes himself up so he can look Kurt in the eyes. He feels his heart squeeze in his chest because all he sees in Kurt’s eyes is trust and something else – he can’t quite tell. “I will always, always make you feel good, okay?” He kisses across Kurt’s forehead and down to his cheeks. “And if… if you want to go further at some point, just tell me. I want to teach you everything I know.”

“Y-yes,” Kurt says, nodding, sliding his hands up to the back of Blaine’s neck. “I think… I’d like that.”

Lovers And Secret Worlds

I wrote this for the Klaine Reverse Bang in 2012. It seems like ages ago, wow. I still love it. I hadn’t ever written a “historical” AU (this one is set in the 1920’s) and it was so much fun to write with slightly different language tweaks and mannerisms. The art drew me in immediately, and I just ran with the idea of Blaine being more on the well-to-do side and Kurt being his stable hand. I also loved writing the secrecy and forbidden love, too.

This quote is just one of the many that I still think fondly of, especially since at this point, Blaine has no idea that Kurt “leans” his way, too:

“If I may, you sing really well.”

His heart leaps into his throat and he feels as if he has to swallow it down before he can speak – he hadn’t even heard Kurt approach, he had been so caught up in caring for Warbler and his song. “Th-thank you. You do, too.”

Kurt’s eyes widen and he takes a quick step backward. “You’ve heard me sing, Mr. Anderson?”

“I – yes, the first day we met? You were singing as I walked down here – your voice, it’s remarkable,” Blaine says, and he furrows his eyebrows when Kurt takes another step away from him. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No, I,” Kurt says and diverts his eyes to Shortcake. He reaches up to pet her neck. “No one has heard me sing since – well, no matter. I should get going. I have other chores to do.”

“Wait,” Blaine says and almost reaches out for Kurt. Suddenly all he wants to do is wrap Kurt up in his arms and maybe kiss him but he knows he can’t do that – could never do that. Kurt would never want that, of course not. He thinks maybe Kurt is with Brittany and that’s okay, Blaine can keep his longings and desires to himself. He just needs to work on his self-control. “You don’t have to rush away all the time. I would like it very much… if we could be friends?”

anonymous asked:

Hello~ May I prompt klaine in 'Are a singer and a blind person who falls in love with their voice' please? And then they meet and actually fall in love and all is right in the world :D

Anonymous said:I think I would die of pure squeals if you wrote: Klaine AU - Are a singer and a blind person who falls in love with their voice

Neooooww so cute

Klaine Bingo: Heart

“And this week, just like the past four weeks, Kurt Hummel’s third album, Unicorn, is topping the charts. To see the singer lead the charts with an album of covers, giving a new energy to old classics like Sinatra’s and the Beatles’ as well as more recent hits from Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, a new identity really, is truly a surprise.”

“I agree, Colin. I think Hummel’s usual targeted audience is showing an appreciation for oldies and goodies, beyond the studio expectation.”

“Precisely, Heather. And now, just for the kicks of it, let’s listen to the latest single from the album, Hummel’s duet with none other than Mercedes Jones, the cover of Madonna’s  Four Minutes.”

Blaine bites on his lower lip to keep himself from being too obvious as the song starts in his headphones.

His phone beeps in his pocket, and he stands up, unfolding his cane.

As much as he loves–adores, worships–Kurt Hummel and his voice, he still needs to get off the subway to get to work.

“Good morning Blaine,” Santana calls when he comes in through the back alley’s door. “Careful, the Motta croquembouche is on your left.”

Blaine takes a careful step to his right to avoid the left counter entirely. “Good morning boss.”

For the past two years, Blaine has been working for Santana’s event planning agency, “Boppidi-Boo”, and though they seemed to butthead on everything, they make for a powerful duo nowadays.

“Santana, I needed to talk to you about Puckerman’s napkins,” he says immediately, folding up his cane and putting his satchel on his desk.

“What about them?”

“He’s stealing from you.”

Blaine can actually feel the air swirling when Santana rushes to get next to him. “Speak.”

From his satchel, Blaine pulls out two napkins. “See, those,” he says, lifting one, “are the ones we initially ordered from him. Black Bengaline, high thread count. And those,” he lifts the other one, “are the ones he delivered for the Abrams-Cohen Chang engagement party.”

“I see no difference.”

Blaine unfolds then, running his fingers down both seams. “The thread count is completely different. One is high-class, smooth and chic, what you wanted and what represents your brand; the other is …”

“Cheap and irritating?”


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Fic: More Bird Talk: Kurt Hummel Talks About Sex in Six Conversations

Words: 7400

Rating: Mostly R with a touch of NC-17 for good measure

Summary:  Kurt Hummel growing up in six conversations about sex. Canon compliant from early!klaine to present day NYC. This is the companion fic to All That Bird Talk: Fives Times Blaine Anderson Talks About Sex.

More Bird Talk


Kurt’s only job is to be himself. At least according to his dad. And his dad seems to mean that even if he’s wearing sweaters to his knees, singing girl songs, or wanting to know what boys’ lips taste like (though he doesn’t tell his dad that part). And though he’s pretty sure that making his dad a significantly healthier dinner than hoagies, and helping out at the garage on weekends, are also on his list of jobs, he knows that as a gay kid growing up in Lima, Ohio, he’s pretty lucky. Not every dad would voluntarily ask to re-listen to ‘Rose’s Turn’ after hearing it belted it out in anger by his son.

But even having a dad that cool doesn’t prevent him from being lonely.

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You’re My Favorite Thing (To Do)

For the anon who requested the first Valentine’s Day post-reunion.

“Valentine’s Day has been hit or miss for us,” Kurt says, stride purposeful and chin lifted to see above the dawdling shopping crowd.

Hit being the year you banged in a car before someone else’s failed wedding?” Elliott struggles to keep up with Kurt’s dodging and weaving, then stumbles to halt when Kurt pauses in front of pallet stacked high with granola bars.

“One: I didn’t know the wedding wasn’t going to happen.” He holds up a finger, then another. “Two, we banged as you put it, in the hotel room. The car was merely some light groping and making out in the backseat.”

“Yes, that is so much less tacky,” Elliott mutters.

So,” Kurt presses on with both his stay out of my way clipped pace and explanation, “This year we are together, in the same place, no one is wearing an eyepatch after a slushy-related maiming—“ Elliott raises one eyebrow at that, “And I know Blaine is going to go completely over-the-top so I have no choice but to step up my Valentine’s Day game.”

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Fic: Interruptions

I was telling @skivvysupreme that my summer internship (working at arts camp) warned us that we’re gonna have to stop teens from making out, like, constantly. She told me to turn it into this.

~1200 words, PG-13.

“We don’t get paid enough for this,” Kurt said, flopping down on Blaine’s beach towel.

“We don’t get paid anything for this,” Blaine corrected teasingly, putting a bookmark in his novel and turning his full attention to Kurt. “It’s all about the experience, remember?”

“I’m seriously going to Google the legality of this set-up when we’re back in civilization,” Kurt said with a scowl. “But seriously, back to my point - I just had to bust up another make out session. It’s been three days.”

“At least that’s better than last year?” Blaine said, shrugging. “When we found those kids full-on groping like four minutes after check-in.”

“I was trying to forget that, Blaine,” Kurt said, but he had a little smirk on his face. “I’m amazed they let Harmony come back this year after that.”

“I think administration doesn’t want to turn away anyone who can afford to pay full tuition,” Blaine said. “Seeing as it costs the same as a semester of school for only half the program length.”

“So we’re stuck with her for another two summers? Ugh,” Kurt whined.

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Fic: Klaine Advent Day 7: “Guide”

Summary: Blaine doesn’t know a lot about NYADA, except that his roommate insists it’s a school for magic.

A/N: Part of a continuous story in 24 chapters I’ll be writing this month. Still no title, but just a little over 2,000 words this time! :D Thanks for reading, everyone! <3

Previous chapters: anniversary | Broadway | competition | day | escape | fan

They head for a small diner a few blocks away that Kurt has been to before.

“They have good pizza,” he promises.

Blaine bounces on his feet a little. “Pizza sounds amazing.”

But then, honestly, everything sounds amazing right now. Because. They’re going on a date.

And maybe it was a bit of an emotional day, with his whole world turned upside down and nothing the same as it was this morning; maybe this isn’t the most romantic set up for a first date, but Blaine doesn’t care. It’s still perfect. Because it’s with Kurt. And he’s liked him an insane amount since the minute they met, and now they’re going on a date.

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Almost there

Reaction fic: 6.07

Thanks to Corinna.


“All right? I’ll call you,” said Blaine after the Wheel of Musical Fortune, and Kurt watched for a moment as he disappeared down the McKinley hallway.

Blaine’s as good as his word. Of course he’ll call.

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Once In Your Life

6x06 reaction fic

Klaine, 1450 words, A03.

Kitty watches Blaine and the guys rehearse and learns something interesting.


Kitty held back as Jane and Madison sat down in the first row of the auditorium, and then took a seat in the row behind them, close enough to keep an eye on them but far enough that their sugary sweetness wouldn’t overwhelm her. Mercedes had instructed them to watch while the guys rehearsed a song that was apparently the theme from an old movie. It was romantic and kind of pretty, if you liked that kind of thing.

At least Mercedes had let someone else take the lead on this one. Kitty was annoyed at how she had just shown up and taken over. Rachel and Kurt were clearly doing just fine on their own, especially with Kitty’s help. They had won the invitational, after all. And now Mercedes was here encouraging Rachel to abandon them, just as Kitty had known she would.

Blaine was sitting at the piano, patiently running through the song until everyone knew their entrances. Sam and Artie weren’t paying much attention, but Spencer seemed rapt enough. Kurt just looked like he was torn between jumping Blaine’s bones and exploding with nervous tension.

It only got worse when Blaine ran through Roderick’s lines, Kurt gazing at Blaine like he was the answer to all his dreams. That Blainers did have a way with love songs.

“I don’t get it. Why is Mr. Anderson here?” Jane asked, turning in her seat to look at Kitty.

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Okay, so I’ve been seeing a discussion on my dash lately revolving around basically like…who’s had it worse or which part of the fandom attacked the other first or worse or whatever the case may be

And let me just preface it with this…there’s been shitty behavior from every part of the fandom at some point. 


I know everyone wants to think like, “Oh, but my corner has been perfect, we’ve never done anything wrong, ever!” but that’s just not true. It isn’t. I’m sorry, but it isn’t and that’s shitty and I hate it because trust me, I wanted to be part of the fandom that was known for being chill and being more mature or whatever, but…that’s just how shit is. I contributed to it, I need to take ownership of it. 

But let’s just…travel back in time because it seems like a lot of people have forgotten how it really was. 

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Fic: Everything But You [Klaine Advent Days Eight and Nine]

Prompts: harmony and imprint

WC: 1.1K

Read on AO3

Absolutely FreeEquilibriumThe CutestThe Fall

Consider this a part one of a whole new story … 


“I’m not crazy, Sam—” Blaine starts.

“Then we agree!”

“—But this isn’t normal.” Blaine gestures with his pint glass as he talks, the beer sloshing up against the side. “I heard a voice, as clear as you or me, and that’s not the sort of thing that you—” He cuts himself off, at a loss for exactly what that kind of behavior suggests. He knows that it wouldn’t play well with his boss at the theater or, god forbid, with his father.

“So you heard a voice in the shower,” Sam shrugs, loose limbed and buoyant. They’ve been sitting in the Malt House for hours, and neither of them are on their first drink. “There’s this little thing called an echo, my friend, and I think it might have made you its bitch.”

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Fic: Harmony

For the Klaine Advent Challenge Day 8: Harmony

Kurt pushes the door open with his elbow, sorting through the stack of mail in his hand to separate the bills from the Christmas cards, stops by the little end table next to the coat rack to finish his task.

“Anything interesting?” Blaine asks, walking over to greet him with a kiss to his cheek. “How was your day?”

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