i was like lulu how do you look at him seriously

Jungkook: When you catch him masturbating

Genre: Smut

Tags: sex talk/ masturbation/ kinky play


Pairing: Jungkook/Reader


You: The leader of a mafia organisation. 

Jeon Jungkook - Master of burglary and a hitman. You were childhood friends but now he works for you. 4 years younger. Doing his best to prove that despite his age he’s the right man for you.

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Setting: Having been sent on a mission to steal a very expensive piece of art, Jungkook arrives at your house to report on his job and to deliver the valuable object into the hands of its rightful owner.

If one ever asked Jeon Jungkook what was the thing that he craved most in his life he would without a doubt mention your name. He admired you. Pure adoration and much too visible eagerness displayed on his face whenever your eyes met and lingered a bit too long on each other. You were his boss. Free from doubt, he respected you greatly and made sure never to disappoint the object of his desire. That was probably why he had always been the best in completing even the most challenging and painfully shitty tasks no one else was capable of handling. Utter devotion and competing nature of your younger subordinate and childhood friend Jungkook never ceased to amaze you. It was only natural to turn to him yet another time. After all, wasn’t it obvious that he’d have been more than thrilled to fulfil your orders? Yes, you knew it well. The prospect of a possible reward left him even more restless and yearning for your attention each and every time. 

His main problem that he had to struggle with on numerous occasions however, was the fact that in your eyes he had always been a shy and cute younger friend who had to be protected. Definitely not a real man that could very well make your legs feel wobbly when in his presence.    

On the other hand, poor Jungkook could not possibly realise the fact that you were more than acutely aware of his now changed physics and strikingly different vibes that were coming out of him whenever he entered the room. Was this really the same lost baby boy with puppy eyes that used to sneak into your bed because he could not fall asleep? 

Hell, no. The moment you saw him after a 4 years break had made you question your ability to see properly. He was ridiculously handsome. Tall, slim, but with visible muscles that his too tight clothes exposed all too well. The way he walked even. His voice. Everything so drastically different you wanted to scream. And, there he was - wooing you and doing everything to prove that despite his age he can make you his. Everything to make you see that your mafia boss ass would never find better hands to take care of it. Both, literally and metaphorically.

So, once called to your office and after having heard that he indeed can once again cater to your silly whims, his stomach jumped in excitement.

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Y: Stop smirking and answer. Will you be able to complete the mission or no?

K: Seriously, though… another painting, noona? How many have I fetched for you so far?

Y: Do you have any problems with that? Shall I ask Taehyung if you chicken out already?

K: No such thing.

His voice turned dark and hoarse. After all, you really knew how to pull his strings. Who was the one smirking now?.

K: I’ll take my leave, then. We’ll see each other soon.

Y: Mhmmm…

K: No, very soon…

He corrected himself and you raised your eyes from the documents only to see his back disappearing behind the doors of your office.

The mission had gone smoothly. He’d been extremely motivated to steal that one particularly expensive piece of art for his beautiful boss. Sadly, Jeon Jungkook, professional hitman and a burglar had run into some unexpected problems on the way, which had left him slightly wounded in the end. Had he been too careless because of all that tormenting images in his head? Had it been too difficult to focus on the task at hand with your pretty face taunting him over and over again? He had refused to answer any of these nagging questions and immediately after retrieving the object of your desire his feet found its way to your breathtaking house. 

You went out of your room to fetch a glass of water from the kitchen when you saw him standing in the middle of the vast room, holding tightly onto the neatly wrapped piece of art. A small smile forming on your face, but it died out just as quickly. What was that red stain on his shirt?

Instead of going forward, your legs stopped obeying you and you found yourself taking a step back. It looked so nasty. His shirt was drenched with sticky, red liquid. Was it getting too hot in the room? You suddenly felt it was hard to breathe.

Only then did you notice your loving sister and also a partner in running one of the most fearsome Mafia gangs in the country clutching to his devastated t-shirt in an attempt to perhaps have a better look of his wound?


The word resonated in your head and you didn’t like the way it made you feel.

K: It’s alright, Lulu. I’m ok. It’s nothing major.

He tried to push away her prying fingers. Hands stretched out for you to show the prize that doubtlessly proved that he had completed the mission without fail.

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Only now you did not care much about that foul painting. You could tear it to shreds right there and then.

Despite having problems with standing he looked so content and proud for having been able to successfully finish his task.

L: Oh, fuck Kooks, it looks so awful! Get that ass of yours to the bathroom I have to tend to this wound or otherwise you’ll bleed out on all the carpets.

You knew your sister well enough to realise that she was just joking around to ease the tension. One quick glance in your direction showed her how bad the situation was.

K: Common, it’s nothing to make a fuss about!

Before she had a chance to respond you cut the discussion short with your command.

Y: Do as you’re told and stop fucking around, you brat!

He looked a bit bewildered but also knowing Jungkook too well, Lulu started pushing him into the direction of the bathroom, not letting him engage into yet another fight with you.

Once out of your sight, you felt yourself getting teary-eyed. Guilt, worry and regret… All these emotions hit you out of a sudden. You were glad Lulu was there. You could not take care of his injury with your hands shaking like that. You felt weak. You didn’t want to show how badly this incident affected you. Since when exactly was the head of a mafia organisation so fragile?

You decided to get him some food. He must have been hungry and tired. The operation to get the painting had taken the entire night and it was only a matter time for him to finally feel the exhaustion spreading over his body.

Not long after, the smell of freshly prepared food fioated around the house. As expected, forever hungry Jeon Jungkook came back to the kitchen the moment his nose sensed it. If there was something that hadn’t changed since he was a child it definitely must have been his appetite. Fond memories started roaming in your head again.

The food was ready soon after. You were observing him as he was sitting at the table and stuffing his cheeks with curry rice you had prepared for him. Cute. Your heart skipped a beat. That fucker… You hated him for being so fucking perfect.

He was visibly tired. Eyes getting smaller and smaller. He rubbed them in between stuffing another portion of rice into his now red from exhaustion fluffy cheeks.

He gulped two 0,5 glasses of cola one after the other. Asked for seconds and after devouring it you thought he’d have fallen asleep on the table.

Y: Why don’t you go and have a nap in my room?

Your melodic voice brought him back to reality. He wanted to respond but only a huge yawn escaped his mouth. He simply nodded instead and took his way to your room where he had a shower and collapsed on your bed just after.

K: Oh god… it feels so good in her bed.

He felt blessed. He was so comfy. It really felt amazing and he was struggling at this point so much. It wasn’t like every day he had a chance to lay down in your bed. He was totally taken in by the smell of your sheets. Everything had your scent and the very thought that it was your bed and that you were sleeping there must have influenced his dreams.

Needless to say, after a couple of hours later he woke up with a huge problem in his now too tight boxer briefs. The dream he had was so vivid… The truth was he’d been dreaming of you numerous times but today it was more real than ever.

He was laying there, still a bit sleepy and drowsy from his nap. When he opened his eyes he could have sworn that he really had fucked you. He didn’t even know where he was…

After the initial confusion, everything slowly came back to his pretty head and he felt a frustrating disappointment the moment he finally realised it had been all just a wet dream.

One of too many…

K: No you didn’t just have sex with Y/N in the kitchen, get a hold of yourself, you idiot… It was just a fucking dream.

He reprimanded himself. The statement he had just uttered was so mentally agonising but he had to do this to bring himself back to harsh reality. The one in which he didn’t have sex with you in the kitchen after you had prepared a curry rice for him.

All he wanted was to close his eyes and go back to this vivid dream. But, unfortunately, even though he was trying very hard to fall asleep again there was this problematic issue that didn’t let him sleep anymore…

K: Gahhh...

He growled angrily in frustration. This poor boy was shifting nervously from one to the other side of the bed while replaying images of you and him fucking mindlessly on that kitchen counter. He got so hard it was beginning to be painful. Almost unbearable. If he had been in his own bed he would have jacked himself off as he usually did when he had these dreams with you.

It felt a bit not right to do that there, though… Right? 

At least, somewhere at the back of his head, he knew he really shouldn’t have. That it was inappropriate and just simply wrong. He was having this mental fight. Weighing arguments for and against.

K: Get your shit together. You won’t wank off in her bed!

He angrily switched position to lay on his stomach and put his arms under the pillows to prevent himself from doing any nasty things.

Turned out, that it was the worst possible decision ever…

He felt his large hands brushing against some silky material. It was so nice to touch that he fumbled it in between his fingers. Soon after, the curiosity won over him and he pulled out the fabric from under the pillows.

He examined the delicate material resting in his palms.

K: No… noooo…

He took a deep breath and squeezed your panties in his hand burying head into the sheets. It was the exact moment when it dawned on him that he had lost this unfair battle. He rolled over on his back again.

His free hand immediately in his boxers and he started jerking off.


No further doubts in his head anymore. It just felt too good to control himself and he had yearned for this too much to stop.

He was playing with your panties in one of his hands, while the other slowly worked his rock hard member. He even sniffed them trying to get to know how you would taste. He was still replaying the mental images from the dream in his head. He wanted to be in you so badly.

So badly that he took your panties and without much thinking wrapped his painful erection with them. He began pumping even harder and quicker.

The fabric created this nice sensation on his skin and a soft moan escaped his lips. He was breathing laboriously and he even cried out your name from time to time, imagining that he is indeed thrusting into you on that kitchen counter as it had been in his dream.

Your panties were completely soaked wet. He was leaking with precum and only moments shared him from this much-needed release. A couple of strokes with his skilful hand and long fingers.

But then, he heard a knock on the door.

Y: Kookie, are you up?

It was you. His heart almost stopped in his chest. He quickly covered himself with the blanket and answered in a shaky voice. So unlike him.

K: Yeaahhh… Kind of…

Is he out of breath? - you were thinking to yourself, getting a little worried about his condition.

Y: Are you unwell, Kooks?

K: No, I’m just fine, noona. Perfectly fine!

Let’s be honest. It didn’t sound too convincing so you slowly opened the door and entered the room. He was covered up with blankets up to his ears. 

So cute…Too cute…

Your thoughts once again drifting away in a wrong direction. You couldn’t help, but to smile at this big boy.

Y: Did you sleep well, sleepyhead?

He saw you were moving in the direction of the bed and was mentally panicking. He wanted to die for his stupidity and lack of any control over his hormones. Being caught by your love interest while jacking off in her bed? What a wonderful prospect! It surely would help in proving that he wasn’t a childish boy anymore. He was crying inside and scolding himself in his thoughts.

it was like a really shitty predicament that he found himself in… it became clear that you intended to sit beside him on the bed and soon after, there he was with a hard on and you sitting inches away from him. His face was so red you kept on nagging him with questions…

Y: Kookie, are you sure you’re alright?

You touched hid forehead with your hand.

Y: You seem feverish…

K: No, trust me! I’m ok, noona.

He really tried to play it cool. Too bad…

Y: Maybe it’s because of the wound? Lemme see it.

After saying that you took the sheets in your hand, wanting to uncover this poor, little, wounded boy… You were so worried!


He almost jumped on the bed desperately catching the sheets and clinging to them for his dear life which in all honesty got you even more worried about him. Maybe even annoyed? Was he playing a big man while actually, he was in real pain? Your face twisted at the thought.

Y: Oh, I knew it! You’re in pain! Why didn’t you tell us earlier?!

You kept on shouting louder and louder.

Y: Don’t try to act like some fucking badass! It’s not one of your stupid video games you brat!

Then you pulled the sheets with all of your force… and well…

You didn’t quite expect to see what you saw. First of all, Jeon Jungkook,, your childhood friend and now a subordinate had a fucking hard on. Second of all? It seemed as if your panties stood out from under his boxers.


Y: Kooks, you’re huge!

You thought to yourself or maybe you wanted to but it turned out that you had just said it out loud.

Yes, it must have been the case judging from Jungkook’s reaction. His chocolate brown eyes went wide. He wanted to say something. He even opened his mouth in order to do so, but in the end, he didn’t utter a thing. At least, nothing coherent.

You were just staring at his length… Everything about this situation was oh so awkward. He felt so ashamed. He tried to read from your face what you were possibly thinking and sadly, he only had bad predictions

K: Baby girl, I’m so sorry… It just kind of… happened? I don’t know how… I mean…

And truth to be told all you were thinking then was how damn hot he looked. His body in full view. Rock hard thighs pressed together in a pathetic attempt to hide his throbbing member. He was so visibly scared of your reaction. His plump lips were left partially open in an ‘o’ shape. Eyes even bigger than ever.

You felt the sudden urge to touch him. He was just irresistible, You more or less knew what must have happened and you couldn’t really blame him… He’s so young… He had been in your bed and then he probably also found the panties.

You felt your core getting hot. The idea of Jungkook touching himself in your bed was simply too alluring… and so dirty.

Immediately, you decided to play along.

Y: Did you wank in my bed?

K: Noona, I’m so so…

Y: Answer the question, dammit!

You interrupted him not letting him utter his miserable apologies. He grabbed so hard on the sheets that it must have hurt him. He averted your gaze feeling so bad for himself, but then… he forgot how to breathe when he saw your hand approaching his boxers.

K: Noona?!

You took the string of your panties that was standing out from his boxers and you slowly pulled the string trying to take them out and unwrap his member.

And, oh fuck… You could only imagine how pleasurable it was for him observing how he threw his head back moaning in response. His body shivered feeling as the fabric was ticklishly moving around his shaft.

K: Baby girl…

Breathless plea leaving his deliciously enticing wet with saliva lips.

Y: Did you think about some other girls when you were jerking off?

Your voice as cold as it was only possible. He frowned at the accusation. He wanted to respond but you caught him short when you put a hand on his hard member caressing him through the boxers.

K: Ahhhh…

He inhaled sharply and due to the pleasurable sensation that unexpectedly crept over his body, he forgot what he was about to say. His mind completely blank focusing only on your ministrations. Hips already rocking in rhythm with you palm. His orgasm was quickly building up all over again. You were rubbing his cock in circles never really fully taking him into your hand, but applying enough pressure for him to forget his name.

Y: Answer the fucking question, you brat!

You ran up with your hand so high that it must have hurt him now. He squeaked and his hands involuntarily trying to hold you closer to his chest so as to hug you, He truly wanted to answer back, but it was all very hard because of your touch.

K: Noona, I’d never…Believe me, please!

His answer delivered in between desperate moans and harsh grunts coming out of his throat.

Y: So, what did you think about? Eh?!

K: About you!

He blurted out truthfully. His head collapsing in the crook of your neck.

Y: Like I’d believe you, you dirty, little liar!

He was so turned on that he was bending down, trying to look for your lips. His hip thrusts even more erratic now. It wasn’t going to last much longer. Despite feeling like in fucking heaven he was so flustered that you didn’t want to believe him. He quickly spat out, without much thinking. His voice cracking all the time.

K: I was dreaming about fucking you on that damned kitchen counter!

Words quickly came out of his mouth. His laborious breathing was a true music to your ears.

A way to get a confession out of a guy. Indeed. But, he sounded so sexy you felt a sudden wave of pleasure in your stomach and you felt that it was too much to tease him so you cooed…

Y: Baby, please tell me more. 

His spirits got up after hearing that familiar nickname. You went on.

Y: Did you fuck me well?

Being obviously turned on as well at this point, you couldn’t keep it in anymore. Your words were like magic. He started eagerly nodding his head. Overexcited and happy that you finally believed him.

K: Baby you were moaning so hard for me, I swear…

Y: Was I?

K: Oh, yes, yes. You did! You even screamed my name over and over again.

All the time you kept massaging his dick and, not surprisingly, being the little kinky shit that he was, your dirty talk threw him over the edge. Before climaxing he once again nuzzled his head into your neck as if embarrassed and came hard into his boxers.

Frankly, you hadn’t even palmed him properly but he came anyway. You chuckled a little when you realised that. He hugged you so tightly afraid of letting go. You hugged him back, fondly massaging his back and helping him to calm down. When he was more or less alright he put your foreheads together and looked deeply into your eyes, still a bit embarrassed. He bit his lip. The usual habit when he got nervous and then he kissed you. Deeply. With such passion, you could feel his affection towards you. He was so needy and wanted you so badly words could not express how he felt then…

Out of a sudden, you heard Yoongi screaming as if there was some kind of an emergency or what not…

S: Y/N… where are you?! I came to hang that fucking painting for you!

Judging from his voice he must have been getting closer and closer to your room. You didn’t want to let one of your most mean assistants know that you had just jerked off Jungkook, so you quickly leaped to your feet leaving him with puppy eyes.

Y: Sure, coming!

Just before leaving the room you gave Jungkook a quick peck on his forehead and he flashed that gummy smile of his that had always made your stomach feel disturbingly warm.

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And this is how Jeon Jungkook got his very first and definitely not the last orgasm from you. 

Stronger- Theo imagine- part 2

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Request: artfuck said:

Can you do a part two to stronger? Please it’s so good

A/N: I wasn’t intending on doing a part two so I’m sorry if it’s not very good xx enjoy!

Words: 1676

part one is here

“How am I going to do that?” you questioned. You had no clue where to begin even if you’d adapted to this new world remarkably fast.

“That’s what we’re going to figure out.” Theo mused. “First things first, you’re going to have to learn how the hide the wings.” He walked over so he was opposite you.  

“I don’t know how” you blushed. He smiled at you, his fingers reaching out to touch the feathers. Subconsciously you tensed your back, the wings fluttering in response to the contact. With admiration, Theo turned his attention back to your rosy cheeks.

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Jimmy Vesey #1


Anonymous said: Hey! I love your writing. I was wondering if I could request a Jimmy Vesey one about how big his hand are (his hands are huge)? Thanks!

A/N: hi!! first off i’m so so sorry for how long this took to get out and i cheated and barely added the whole hand thing cause i couldnt think of anything sorry!! :)) also disclaimer i know like shit all about jimmy and brady and what their personalities are like so just go with it??

Word Count: 1,551

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Never were you ever coming over to your friend Brady’s place for drinks. If you knew it’d end up with you being peer pressured into chugging your coolers and playing truth or dare, you wouldn’t have showed up. But it was too late to just up and leave now. No amount of excuses would work on Brady, or Jimmy either, and now you were stuck here. 

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great comet 8/29/17

so i saw comet last night and these are some of the highlights:
-brittain gave me a pierogi and noticed my helene cosplay
-summaya poked me with her violin bow and said “NYET”
-dave walked right past me in prologue
-i love dave he was amazing as pierre he’s definitely my favorite pierre now
-private & intimate life happened right in front of me, bolkonsky’s chair was like right over by where i sat
-i was also so close to the doors™
-s a y s t h e m e a n o l d m a n i n h i s u n d e r t h i n g s
-marya’s fucking shoes man
-the sonyakhov content in the opera was 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
-seriously man have i mentioned i love anatole kuragin/lucas steele
-lucas literally had me melting, i was thirstin so bad over him
-the duel was hilarious, especially when reed kissed my ear, and blaine sat next to
me, pointed to helene, and said “SHES A SLUT, ITS ALL HER FAULT”
-nick’s psychotic hopping
-after seeing him i daresay i think i’m falling in love with nick choksi
-there’s not much to be said about sunday morning it was great tho
-CHARMING AS USUAL WAS GAY AS FUCK, both in the song itself and the fact that it made me gay
-the ball, man. have i mentioned i love anatole kuragin?
-anatole’s love letter is still the hottest thing i’ve ever witnessed
-the passion that denee puts into sonya & natasha wow
-i cried at sonya alone
-P R E P A R A T I O N S
-anatole kept walking right in front of me during preparations it was lit
-grace gave me an egg shaker
-the green coat™ touched me and i died
-wowowow i love the abduction
-i raised my comet cup up when lucas said “raise a glass”
-we sang along on the “whooooooahs” and the second “goodbye my gypsy lovers”
-brittain sat right in front of me, so that my foot was touching her ass, i laughed
-oh my god a call to pierre is the best
-i was lowkey terrified during pierre & anatole like dave had such anger and passion and lucas looked terrified 👌🏻👌🏻
-pierre & andrey, also known as god i love nicholas belton. seriously tho he was 👌🏻
-i cried in both pierre & natasha and the great comet of 1812, dave was so good and i also realized it would be my last time seeing the show, i was so depressed :(
-one of the violinists in the orchestra remembered me from last time i saw it
-the stagedoor was so great
-lucas didn’t come out, neither did nick, grace, or brittain, (or amber and denee but they never come out) but everyone else came out
-i told kennedy i was the one who made that helennedy drawing and she said she loved it and that i was very talented i cri
-nicholas tried to sign his letter, not realizing it was for him to keep, and then i told him it was for him to keep and he was like “i’ll open it later, i don’t want to embarrass you” I LOVE HIM
-paul, reed, shoba, josh c, summaya, ashley, and brad also came out and they were all so nice
-i think shoba skipped me tho idk why :(
-ashley didn’t technically stagedoor but she came out and i told her she was great
-i was kinda sad lucas and nick didn’t come out but lucas walked past me like 8 times during the show and at least i got to meet him last time
-basically if i didn’t meet someone this time i met them last time and vice versa so i got to meet pretty much everyone (except for grace, nick, amber, and denee)
-i’m sad i never got to meet nick choksi tho bUT AT LEAST I GOT TO SEE HIM THIS TIME I WANTED TO MEET HIM THO RIP I GUESS I NEVER WILL :(
-everyone loved my cosplay as well as my letters, a few people noticed me from last time, i met 3 of my internet friends, and i was noticed as the great comet superfan, it was lit and i was eternally shook
-i was gonna get a poster and have them all sign it but they were out of posters :(

Once in a Century

a/n: This is a very ROUGH idea of how I feel like Taagnus(TAAKO x MAGNUS) would have happened and gone about. I, wholeheartedly, believe it happened but also believe it ended for obvious reasons. 
summary: Taako wants to live and risk nothing, while Magnus is willing to die and risk it all. The love they share is lost in the translation of their different characters. 
warning: NoNe? Besides temporary heartbreak. OH AND ITS A DRAFT
w/c: ~ 2.9

Some loves last a life time. Those are the loves that come and concrete themselves so deeply into the story of someone, they come more than just a love. They become a definition of something. Loves that last a life time become an unspoken promise of a happily ever after, a swear that loneliness will never again come walking into that door. It is that sort of love that changes people, enhances and morphs good people into better people. Happy people into happier people. Love is what made stories worth telling, desires worth wanting. The loves that were meant to last are the loves remembered and valued.

But not all loves were made that way. Some loves were fleeting, some ended with pain, some unintentional and some simply had to be done. Love doesn’t always make sense or chooses wisely. Love that comes as a surprise, love that comes messy, the love of the everyday person came unannounced and from one moment to the next.

One minute Magnus never paid a second glance towards Taako as he walked on by, glued to his sister’s side. The next, he found himself at loss for the swell in his chest. Terrible timing was the gist of most of his thoughts. The end of the world chasing them down, they were the last seven people of their world and here he was, ogling at one of them. Magnus was never a person to not take action but he knew, at least this much, that something like this wasn’t…in his job qualification one could say.

At first he chalked it up to the sensation of being the last few people, these were the only people like him. The only people Magnus could ever relate to, the people who he wasn’t only sworn to protect he wanted to protect them. These were the people he shared meals with, fought the storm with, these were the people he would die with if that came to happen. His affections towards Taako could have just been him singling out just one of these emotions but …then there was the way Taako looked at him.

It wasn’t the way he looked at Lup or anyone else. It was…a game. A game with eyes, a game of silent dares. There were moments Magnus would make his rounds and he’d find the twins, conversing as they did among themselves, and with Lup’s back to Magnus, Taako often stole more than glances.

Taako demanded long stares while holding conversations. Invitations that were almost aggressively taunting Magnus to rush in but rush in and do what? Each accidental look pulled him closer.

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How They React To You Asking About Trying For a Baby (EXO)

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

SUHO: OHH my god he’d be so happy. Honestly he’d just be so ecstatic that you’d consider him daddy material (and i’m not talking Daddy $uho, ok) He wouldn’t even think twice about it and immediately agree. Although, later he may put a little more thought into it (like the child’s future and stuff, and your’s and his future), but he wouldn’t change his mind at all.

CHANYEOL: He’d be excited AF seeing as he’s really a kid (lets be honest) so he’d 99.9% for sure would agree, but he wouldn’t want to jump into it without seriously discussing it, making sure it was what you really wanted and that it was the right move to make in your relationship.

KYUNGSOO: He’d be more surprised rather than excited when you ask about having children. Not that he wouldn’t want children with you, he just wouldn’t expect it. But he’d most definitely warm up to the idea of a baby once he realized how happy it would make you (he’s so damn squish)  

BAEKHYUN: This guy is just as good with kids as Chanyeol, but he would deny you at first, thinking maybe it was too soon or not the right move to make yet. He’d only be concerned for you and his child’s future since he’s an idol and wouldn’t want you to have a difficult life. He wouldn’t need too much convincing though, as the mere thought of starting a family with you made him too giddy.

JONGIN: This one would be shocked like Kyungsoo would be, and a little scared too. He’d doubt his ability to be a good dad (even though he knew for sure you’d be a good mom) and would say no at first, telling you how he felt. After you told how ridiculous that was (I mean, have you seen him with kids? A+ son), you got him to warm up to it a little bit. Eventually, he’d catch the baby fever too after seeing you holding a relatives infant one day and imagined it being his.

SEHUN: This kid would piss his pants. He’d love the idea of it, but he’d expected you to ask for it later. He wouldn’t be totally comfortable with kids yet and he wouldn’t know what to say. He’d probably start joking around out of reflex, which might make you upset since you’d be very serious about it. After that he’d feel really bad that he upset you so much that he’d probably spend more time thinking about it and considering it. He wouldn’t agree to it right then, but in about a year or so, e’d start to really like the idea.

XIUMIN: I feel like he’d be pretty ready himself, but he might not be totally sure that you were ready (not thinking you’d be a bad mom, but if you really wanted this or it was just a passing desire. Once he saw that you were really on board and that you knew what you were getting into, he’d be all up for baby-making (bow-chika-wowow)

CHEN: Ho-hey, he’d be like ‘fuck yeah lets have a baby’, fully confident you two would be good parents. He wasn’t worried about his home life and career getting mixed up because you were always his top priority.

YIXING: Oh goodness, forgive this boy, you’d probably have to repeat your question a couple times. He’d wonder how this came so out of the blue, but he wouldn’t be unhappy about it. He’d think about it with a positive attitude and start liking it more and more, no matter how nervous he was about becoming a dad.


KRIS: This guy could go either way, seeing as how he’s good with kids but he seems really busy with his career. He’d probably not reject your request out-right, asking if you could wait a little while longer. But he’d look forward to entering fatherhood sometime in the near future.

TAO: He’d be the hardest to persuade, I feel. He likes having little to no responsibility and having a baby would throw a wrench in the middle of things. He’d flat out deny you at first, not offering a maybe-in-the-future. You’d both get upset and fight a little, calling each other selfish. You’d probably leave the house to cool off, making him think you were leaving for good and sending him into a panic. He’d cry while you were gone and think of how much you meant to him. You’d come back and find him in an apologetic mess.After calming down, he would give you a hesitant ‘maybe’, which you’d accept for now.

LUHAN: Lulu would feel really proud that you’d consider him man enough to become the father to your children, but he’d also be really really nervous, thinking he might not live up to expectations. He’d give a firm yes once you told him you thought he’d be a better dad than any one expected.

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First Love: Part 10

Title: First Love

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warning: Slight eating problems that may trigger some. 

A/N: Agh I don’t want to write this anymore because I am getting to the climax which means I will be ending it soon, which I don’t want to I love this fic lol, I hope you enjoy this part, i need to write part 12 (its gonna be huge and I am just worried I will royally screw it up) but writers block is killing me right now. (I swear I got through like phases where I will write like four chapters at once then I can’t write anything for like weeks it’s super weird)

Part 9 / Part 11


Reader’s Perspective

You bit your lip as you searched through the crowds of people walking through the airport, suddenly you smile and jump up and down waving your hands. “LUNA! OVER HERE!”

“Y/N!!!!!!” Luna screams as she runs to you, dropping her bags at your feet and jumping into your arms. “I missed your face girly!~”

You try to hold on but start falling. Luna jumps off of you and you both start laughing. “I missed you to Lulu,” you chuckle as you pick up one of her bags.

“I am so happy that the CEO let you bring me in! I am so excited to help you,” she says as she picks up her remaining bags and walks toward the exit with you.

“Well, it wasn’t just my doing. The boys somewhat helped.” You smiled at her as you got into a taxi.

The boy’s comeback was in full swing now, they were out promoting the Wings album.

After filming had wrapped you started on choreography for the Wings tour, but a few weeks passed and the boys noticed you rarely slept or left the studio and they started to worry quite a bit. Yoongi finally said something to you about it. Asking if they could help in any way. You said no, but told them about Luna. A week later they went to the CEO and requested to have her come out and help. The CEO was fine with it so here you were now. Reunited with your best friend again.

You both caught up on things while in the taxi, arriving at your apartment you opened the door and Luna’s jaw dropped. “Where is all your furniture! There’s nothing!”

Of all things she would notice of course she would notice the lack of furniture you had in your apartment, but you figured you weren’t going to be here permanently and that you would never use any of it anyways considering that all your free time was spent at the studio.

“Well, when you live in the studio you really don’t need furniture Lulu,” you chuckle as you take her things to the spare room across from yours.

“I guess I can understand that.” She smiles as she places her bags on the spare bed. “So explain exactly why you were straining yourself. I know something has to be going on. Spill it.”

You figured she could tell by the dark circles under your eyes. Groaning you sit on the edge of the bed. “Well just coming up with all these dances has been stressful. I have never had to do this many. Plus Yoongi has just been, ugh…” You fall back onto the bed and close your eyes “I have officially fallen for him and he does stuff like hug me from behind or he holds my hand, and it just makes me want him more. It sucks.”

Luna rolls her eyes and sits on the bed next to you. “Why can’t you just tell him already? Then if he doesn’t feel the same way you can move on, instead of sitting in this limbo. And making yourself sick over him,” she poked your stomach. “You are losing weight, you look a lot thinner than when you left. I am really worried about you y/n that is why I got the first plane ticket I could.”

You weren’t intentionally starving yourself, but because of the high amount of stress and work to be done sometimes, you would forget about eating bigger meals instead of snacking on a granola bar or something. Of course, Luna noticed. She knew you better than the boys. If the boys knew they would flip out. Especially Yoongi.

“I can’t tell him. It would be wrong. We work together. There is just no way Lulu, trust me if there was I would have done it by now.” You open your eyes and look over at her.

“I can kinda understand that.” She tapped her cheek, a habit she did when she was thinking. “When was the last time you just freestyle danced?”

You give her a weird look, “It’s been a while. Why?” You sit up and look at her as you could still see her thinking.

“Let’s go to the studio and just freestyle. Get some of that stress out. We will get food too. Just take it easy for today and start fresh tomorrow. See if it will help your creative spirit!” She nods and gets up, changing into something more comfortable to dance in.

You head into your room to change into something more comfortable. There was no use arguing with her when she made up her mind like this, so you just went along with it. Even though you didn’t think it would help.

A short time later, bellies full, you both arrive at the Big Hit headquarters. You turn to Luna and look at her seriously, “Now, I know you love BTS but you can’t fangirl on them alright, promise me you won’t freak out when they are around. I don’t care if it’s at home or when they aren’t around, but please try not to freak out on them.”

She laughs, “Y/n, you really think I would embarrass you like that? Of course, I am excited to meet them, but I am not going to be a crazy fangirl, trust me.” She links arms with you and smiles.

You nod and smile back at her, guiding her into the lobby and up to the studio. You step into the studio and turn on the light, only to see a note on the Cd player in the corner. Walking over to it you pick it up, reading it out loud to Luna.

So sorry we couldn’t be with you today to meet Luna, we will be by later tonight, so say hello for us.


You smile and let Luna look at the note. “Oh my gosh isn’t he the sweetest ever,” she giggles.

You chuckle, “He is the closest as far as friendships go, he is alway so happy with all the members, he really is a ray of sunshine.” You set your bag down and look over at her as she continued to stare at the note.

“I still can’t believe you did the choreography for all those videos. I watched them all a million times I swear, I am so proud of you y/n. Your choreography really made the teasers and Blood Sweat and Tears come to life.” She looked up at you with a few tears in her eyes. She was cute even when she was crying. The boys were going to tease her so much because of her height and how cute she was.

“Thanks, Luna, it means a lot. It really does, I am still pinching myself to make sure this all really happening,” you laugh as you put some music on and start stretching.

“Well I would be too, it’s an amazing opportunity. I am so happy I made you do it.” She smirks at you, knowing she pretty much forced you on the plane.

“I am happy you pushed me to do it. I really am.” You smile. “So if we are going to freestyle, should I just play random tracks then?”

She nods, “Let’s keep it Kpop. OH! Even better let’s make it a dance battle, I can’t remember the last time we battled!~” she jumps up all excited and giggles.

You nod, “You’re on Lulu, I won’t go easy on you,” you say as you stand up and put the music on your Kpop Playlist. Voodoo Doll by Vixx came on first. You turn to her and start freestyling.

Yoongi’s Perspective

I was exhausted from all the work we did today. As much as I really wanted to just go back to the dorm and sleep, we promised y/n we would meet her at the studio so we could meet her friend Luna.

I yawned as the van came to a stop in front of the headquarters, Hoseok jumped out excitedly and literally ran into the building. The rest of us lazily following.  

I had seen Luna in some of y/n’s videos before so I knew what she looked like. Y/n had done a couple behind the scenes with Luna as well. She seemed nice enough. I just hoped she could help y/n because we were all really worried about her health.

We walked into the room, all to see y/n dancing in the middle of the room. She was dancing the to the song Highlight by Seventeen. Luna was standing by the door as we walked in. She shushed us and pointed to y/n. We all watched y/n, she had her eyes closed and was dancing the choreography for Highlight, but throwing some freestyling in as well.

We all watched in awe as she finished. Hoseok jumped up and down and ran over to her putting his arms around her and lifting her in the air “Y/N YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD DANCER YOU KNOW THAT!” he yells as she laughs and opens her eyes.

After she was put down Luna walked next to her and poked her. Y/n spoke up “Everyone I would like you to meet my best friend Luna.” We all said hello politely.

Y/n blushed, “I am sorry you guys caught me dancing to that. Luna is making me take a break from the tour music. She says it’s making me crazy.” She laughed

“Well when you are stressing out so much it’s good to take a break and do something else,” Luna nodded.

We all started talking with each other. Luna made her way around and got to talk to everyone a little bit better.

Jimin, Hoseok, Jungkook and Y/n were all freestyling while Namjoon and Jin went to grab food. Luna came over and stood next to me. She was so short compared to us, she made y/n look tall and y/n was still pretty short.

“Hey Yoongi, can I talk to you about something?” Luna said as she looked over at y/n and back at me. “It’s about y/n.”

I blinked trying to figure out what was going on, but nodded slightly, “Sure what’s going on?”

“Well, I know you guys have been worried about y/n because she has been stressing out, and not sleeping and all.” She bites her lip and looked over at y/n making sure she wasn’t listening before she continued to speak. “But, she told me earlier that she hasn’t been eating a lot either. Now don’t freak out. She isn’t starving herself. Guess she said she just forgets to eat because she is so focused on dancing and getting everything done in time.”

I looked over at y/n and frowned. I had no idea she hadn’t been eating. Now that I was looking at her, she looked a little thinner than normal. I bit my lip. How had I not noticed this? “I didn’t even notice..” I looked at the floor ashamed.

Luna frowned a little “Don’t be upset Yoongi. This is something that has happened a few other times, she will get over it. In fact, I am happy she has you and the other boys. Without you all being so worried and close to her, she could have been much worse off.”

I nodded, “I guess I can somewhat relate, I get the same way when I get stressed, I just wish she would have come to use more is all, she is very special to me. I hate to see her trying to do all this by herself. I want to help her in any way I can.” I looked back up at Luna, smiling a little.

She smiled a little, “You care for her so much Yoongi, there is only so much you can do.” She patted me on the arm and looked over at y/n who was pushing Hoseok back as she got ready to battle him in a dance off. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, just because I’m curious. Has she told you which member she likes?”

My eyes went wide, remembering what y/n had told me at the video shoot. Her words loud and clear in my head. “Yes, she told me she likes someone, she didn’t tell me who thought” I looked up at her as she did an ariel and then turned to face Hoseok, trying to be cocky.  A frown spread across my face, I hated thinking about the fact that she liked someone else, and not me.

Luna, noticed me looking at her. “Yoongi? Do you like her?”

I gulped, nervously. “I uh,”

She looked over at y/n before turning back to face me. “You do don’t you, I can see it in your eyes, the way you look at her. You really like her don’t you?” She smiled a little.

I nodded, a slight blush crossed my face. “Yeah, I guess I make it obvious since everyone seems to guess it.” I looked away from Luna and over at the mirror.

She smiled and giggled, “Don’t be so embarrassed. I am not going to tell her if that is what you think I am going to do. Just because I am her best friend doesn’t mean I will go off and tell her everything. Especially when it’s something that I shouldn’t be involved in.” She looked at you seriously. “But you really should talk to her about it. I won’t say any more.”

She took a step back, as she noticed my face wince. She must know the members have been harassing me nonstop to tell y/n as well.

“I don’t think she likes me, she sees me just as a friend.”

Luna nodded and bit her lip. “Well, then I will leave it there then. I don’t want to push it any further. I just wanted to know is all.” She turns away back toward the everyone else.

“Wait, Luna,” I mumbled

Luna turned and looked at me humming happily waiting for my response.

“Who does she like?”

She smiled and shook her head, “I can’t tell you that Yoongi. If you want to know the answer you will need to ask her yourself.”



EXO M catches Luhan red handed with his girlfriend


It was a long day for Minseok and when he came all he wanted to do was dive into bed and sleep for about a year. What he did not expect was to arrive to a not empty dorm like he had expected. He was in the process of taking off his shoes when he heard a noise in the kitchen. Quickly slipping further into the dorm he peeked in the kitchen expecting to find one of the members trying to find something to eat. What he found was Luhan pressing you up against the counter and kissing you softly. Minseok gasped eyes wide and tried to escape the kitchen but ended running to the door. Not his brightest moment.

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“Ah shit! Ow! Damn door blocking my escape! I needed to leave not hurt myself!”


He had no idea you and Luhan were in the bathroom when Lay woke up one night. All that was on his mind was dealing with his screaming bladder. He didn’t even bother knocking on the door because seriously who would be awake at 2 am? Well about that… evidently you and Luhan would be awake at 2 in the morning… in the bathroom… missing a few articles of clothes… kissing passionately. So when Lay walked in he froze in shock but the shock was quickly replaced by embarrassment. Heat flooded his face and he back peddled out of the room saying over and over again how sorry he was. 

Originally posted by overdosed-for-exo

“OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I am so sorry! I should of knocked. Yea knocking is very important… Oh my god.”


It seemed the world was set against him today. He had spilled coffee all over his shirt causing him to have to change which made him late to vocal practice. He was scolded for not only being late but also for messing up a few to many times. After that he twisted an ankle during dance practice and had to be sent home early. It was of course raining when he left and had no umbrella, normally this would not be a problem but the van that was taking him home took its time pulling up to the door so he was soaked. He finally limped into the dorm and had full intentions of going to wallow in misery in bed. Instead he walked into the living room to see you and Luhan full on making out on the couch. He stopped and stared for a full minute in shock trying to process what the hell he was seeing. He gave an yelp and suddenly his bad day became the best day ever. I KNEW IT! You are dating someone! Luhan tried to interrupt him but Jongdae just kept yelling I knew it! over and over again and dancing around until his ankle twinged in pain.

Originally posted by princewangeun

“Oh my god I knew it! I was just telling the guys the other day you keep sneaking off at odd hours! I knew it! I knew it! I kne- OW!” Holds his ankle in one hand hoping around. 


Kris was running late to his meeting when he realized he forgot his bag back in the dorm. Crap. He had the driver turn around while he pulled out his phone and texted Luhan to please bring his bag out to him when they got there because he was already late. The van pulled up to the dorm but Luhan was not standing there bag in hand like Kris was expecting. Cursing he realized that Luhan had mentioned being busy that day and would most likely not be reachable. Running up the stairs as quickly as he could he unlocked the door in record time and stepped into the dorm. He kicked off his shoes and ran Luhan and you kissing on the floor in front of the couch heading straight for his room. He skidded to a stop halfway down the hallway and ran back to the living room to see Luhan standing by the window trying to look casual leaning against the wall and you were sitting on the couch patting your hair into place. Kris snorted derisively. He totally did not buy this innocent act. 

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“Really Lulu? This is what you were busy with? Making out with your girlfriend?”


Oh this poor poor guy. Poor Tao did not expect nor did he want to see this. He had breezed through all of his work for the day and had surprisingly finished in time to leave a full hour and half earlier than he normally does. He was excited at the thought of going home to actually relax instead of just falling into bed like normally does. He was so happy he didn’t even register the extra pair of shoes in the entryway that were not there this morning. He was almost skipping down the hall into his room with the full intentions of changing into his comfiest clothes and watching some television. But when he opened the door all he saw was Luhan sitting on the bed with you on his lap kissing heatedly. Tao was so shocked and embarrassed he slammed the door shut after apologizing. He stared at the door his face completely red. He stepped back looked up and down the hall and then jerked the door open again and yelled at Luhan.

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“Seriously Luhan? That is MY bed! Go find somewhere else to fool around in!”

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LuLu || Luke Hemmings

hehe, this should be fun

I M A G I N E 

“You’re going to love my brothers!” Luke begins to muse as you guys were in a car, riding to Luke’s house. The boys had a weekend off the tour, which was always put to going back to Sydney to see their families. And so, being Luke’s girlfriend, you were going to stay with Luke and his family for the next 3 days. So he’s been gushing on and on over how hilarious his brothers are. 

“You brothers seem pretty peachy,” you say, giving Luke a sincere smile. He nods vigorously before anxiously looking out the window. Giggling at his excitement, you see the other boys also a bit jumpy. Its quite overwhelming to see your family after so many months, so its understandable that they’re all excited. 

“This is us! Yes!” Luke cheers 20 minutes later when we approach a house. The car stops, having Luke practically throw himself out. You say goodbye to the boys and the management for the both of you before grabbing you and Luke’s things, exiting the car, and trailing after Luke. You slowly go up the porch as Luke giddily knocks on the door. 

“Oh god, I haven’t seen Ben and Jack in ages, Y/N!” Luke whispers in excitement before his door is opened and was introduced to a tall, fairly old, man. Luke rushed up and hugged him, getting a hug back from the man. You shyly stand there, unsure as to what to do or really say. Luke breaks the embrace and shoves you right in front of the mysterious man. “Dad, this is my girlfriend, Y/N. The one who has been on tour with us for months. Y/N, this is my dad.”

“Ah, this is Y/N!” The old man says, opening his arms for an embrace. You go to hug him, feeling somewhat awkward but accepted in the embrace. “You are much prettier than that Arzaylea girl everyone pins with my son, haha!” 

“Thank you so much, Mr. Hemmings,” you say with a blush. Luke grabbed your shoulder and squeezed it, seeming very happy that his father approved of you. 

“Please, Y/N, you can call me Andrew,” Mr. Hemmings, or rather Andrew, urged, making you nod and smile. He then turns around to look into the house and places his hand by his mouth. “Ben, Jack! Your brother is home with his girlfriend! Come say hello!”

“Wait, LuLu is home?” One of the boys chirped from the top of the staircase. Another boy popped up next to him, giving Luke a devilish smirk. “You hear that, Jack? LuLu is home!”

“LuLu! It’s been so long, little brother!” The other boy cheers, the two very tall brothers. You watched as the two grown blondes rush to Luke and shove him in a sandwich hug. “We missed you, LuLu! How’s the tour been?” The one who seems to be the oldest cheered. 

“You guys are seriously calling me that in front of my girlfriend?” Luke asked in irritation, blushing like a mad man in the embrace. The two boys snap their heads towards you and you blush. You weren’t sure how to react, since this was the first time meeting the rest of the family after Liz. “Y/N, these are my brothers, J–”

“I’m Jack,” the younger one with messy blonde hair says as he lets go of Luke. He offers his hand and you give him yours, receiving a kiss on the top of it. You blushed as Jack looked up and winked. “My my, aren’t you a lovely creature. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.”

“How did our little brother manage to get someone lovely like yourself?” The older brother asked, chuckling a bit as he let go of Luke. He offers his hand, and although you were hesitant, you took his hand and received a firm shake. “I’m Ben, the oldest of them. And can I say that you are very beautiful?”

“And you’re gonna flirt with my girlfriend as you guys embarrass me in front of her?” Luke exclaims, squeezing through between the two and showing up beside you. He firmly grabs your waist with his hand extended fully. You blushed at the sudden, yet familiar, gesture. “I’m a rockstar who just got back from a tour for a temporary vacation.”

“So?” Jack said as he rolled his eyes. “You’re still our little LuLu! Have you seen any baby pictures of Lucas, Y/N?”

“No, actually, I haven’t,” you say, smirking at Jack.

“Oh god please don’t–” Luke moans but his father interrupts. 

“He had the cutest little face, Y/N,” Andrew comes around with a baby album, making you giggle a bit. As they flip through pages, they point out all of Lukes photos. And you guys were still in the front porch, too. 

“LuLu was such a cute baby, Y/N,” Ben commented as Luke slapped his forehead with his hand. “He had this soft, cute little butt that was just–”

“Ben, please stop!” Luke groaned but you were ecstatic. “I’m just trying to have a nice family time back with my girlfriend. You guys are sort of ruining it…” He begins to pout, making it the queue for the other boys to leave. You close the front door and stay outside with Luke, smiling up at his hung head and sad face.

“Hey,” you whisper, smiling at your boyfriend lovingly. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I think your baby pictures and nickname are very cute.” You tell him as you give him a light peck on his lips. 

“Babe, it’s so awkward,” Luke sighs, shaking his head while giving you a dumb smile. “Plus, I’m not LuLu! I’m Luke Hemmings, punkrocker with a want for a flower crown.”

“Well, how about this,” you began, smiling at those blue eyes of his. “We’ll only be here for two days so tomorrow, we can go get metal wires and tape, right? We’ll pick some flowers and make those flower crowns. How does that sound, LuLu?”

“Amazing,” Luke says as he plants another kiss on your lips. “The way you say LuLu isn’t that bad, actually.” You lean up again to give Luke another kiss. Luke pulled you on his body, having his hand on your waist and somewhat on your ass. But you didn’t mind as the kissing got heated. But, it was interrupted by a yelling from the house.

“Y/N, do you wanna see Luke’s naked baby pictures?” Jack yells, making Luke flush as you giggled at him. 

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Sweet Appetite

Genre: Romance | Smut 

Returning from a hard cardio session from the gym, you decided to treat yourself to a cold and sweet dessert. Once you removed your shoes and placed it in the closet, you headed straight for the freezer, your mouth already watering simply at the thought of eating an entire bowl of ice cream. Rummaging passed the frozen meat and vegetables, you finally settled your eyes on the bucket of mint chocolate ice cream that was calling out for you.

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 23/?

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Exo Reaction To The Gender Of Their First Child


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He enters the room after you did all the hard work and runs like a little kid to the incubator. With his eyes focused on the small infant he says, distracted, “Sorry babe the crowd was mental and I couldn’t get through, then the traf-” he stops once he makes eye contact with the small boy. He looks over at you with a gaping mouth, “I TOLD YOU SO!” he says smugly. With a huge grin he picks up the boy swaddled in blue cloth and says to him in a sing song voice, “Your mum didn’t believe me when I said you were a boy…she even insisted in bringing pink clothing to bring you home in…but don’t worry my boy I snuck in a dinosaur babygrow..you can thank me later”


He bursts in the room, with eyes gleaming. He sees all the pink balloons cluttering the tiny space and would drop his head back with his eyes closed and heave out “Thank you..” He runs over to you and grabs you face, giving you a gentle kiss. “You’re amazing” is all he would whisper repeatedly into your hair as he hugs you. He then jumps away from you as they roll your little girl in. With a heart warming grin, Suho picks up the little girl for the first time and with love in his eyes he takes in every inch of his princess. He then plants a kiss on the sleeping babys head and whispers to it, “Thank you for being a girl…I really didn’t need another son…especially after Sehun, he would get jealous if you got all the attention for being the maknae” 


He gently opens the door to find you holding the small child in your arms. He can’t help but beam at the two of you, he’s that immersed in the scene playing out before him that he didn’t even take note of the rose coloured fabric that his little girl was wrapped in. He stumbles over, his eyes never drawing away from her small frame. His large thumb makes a trail on her forehead, tracing all the way over her full cheeks and to her plump lips, which she obviously inherited from him. He chuckles lightly whispering, “My little girl, appa loves you so much” You hand her to him and he smiles like a lunatic for every second he has her. Once the nurse arrives she asks Jongin for the baby and he reluctantly hands her over and only you notice the water building in his eyes.


He gently knocks on the door and opens it after you approve of his entering. You can tell he feels bad disturbing you after all the hard work you had just done but he couldn’t wait to see the child that was half genetically his. You point him in the direction of the baby and his head snaps in the direction and he just freezes, “my baby girl..” You look on fondly at the gawking Kris. The rest of his wolf pack aka EXO bound through the door and all in chorus say “Awwhh” in a singsong voice. One of them jokingly says, “Eh she’s not as cute as Jongins neice..like how could she be, she’s half yours” they lightly chuckle and Kris joins in but suddenly stops giving the poor boys a look of death making them squirm, and just says, “no.” 


They boys all enter together and you immediately tell them to be quiet as the baby is resting. They tip toe over to you, with Lay leading them, still in concert gear, obviously they immediately rushed over not having time to change. He places one hand at the back of your neck rubbing his thumb over your skin and hair and kisses the top of your head lingering there for a moment and you feel something wet touch your scalp. You hear Yixing sniff and say quietly, “Thank you for our little boy, you are the most amazing woman in this entire world” He looks down at the small boy and chuckles at the face he’s puling. The other memebers make their way over and one of them points out the small dimple that appears on the infants right cheek when he smiles. You have never seen Lay happier and he has the biggest smile plastered on his face while the others cheer for passing on the good genes.


He timidly approaches you and the slumbering bundle of joy. When he reaches the two of you he mouths, “Boy or girl?” You smile and mouth back, “Girl”. He looks at you in disbelief and his jaw practically hits the floor. He begins happy dancing and you chuckle lightly and whisper for him to stop or your laughter will wake her. He complies with a smile and stokes your cheek and says, “I love you, you know that right” You nod with a small smile emerging on your face. Later the other boys try to enter the room when the little girl is awake and you say to him to let them in cause she’s awake, “Oh I know she’s awake but I need to protect my little girl from every guy out there even if it’s my band members…they’re all threats…I don’t need some freaking Jacob imprinting shit happening” he says while pushing Kai out of the room. You aren’t sure if you’re more surprised at his protectiveness of the new born or the fact he read Twilight…


He sees the banner draped on the wall and you look at him waiting for him to see the “BOY” part. You can see in the way he just stopped everything when he read the word boy. He looks at you to check this isn’t some kind of prank because you know how much he has wanted a boy, even though he wouldn’t admit it. He starts snapping his head in random directions, like a dog trying to catch its tail, “he’s with the nurses, he’ll be back soon” You saw the fear glimmer in his eyes when you said he was with the medical team. You hold out your arm to him beckoning him towards you and he walks to you slightly dazed, “he’s okay LuLu, stop worrying.” He just nods letting you know he heard you. You see the bag he’s holding, “What’s that?” He follows your gaze and gives you a full grin pulling out the contents of the carrier bag. Of course it’s a baby sized Ronaldo shirt…The baby finally comes back and Luhan’s face is priceless, “OH MY GOSH! HE’S SO FRICKING TINY?! dang he’s not going to fit into this shirt for a while is he…”


He comes into the room with his arms folded and his nose in the air, same old Sehun. “Sehunnie…come one, stop being immature and say hello” You say laughing lightly at his childish behaviour. “No that thing is going to take all of your attention and you won’t pay any attention to me” He says turning his back on the two of you. “That thing is half yours and a she, for your information” When you say that he reaches you in a flash, forgetting all of his worries and focused on the petite girl nestling in your arms. “Sh-She…..” It’s the first time you’ve ever seen him so speechless, that is until he finally admits in defeat, “She’s beautiful…I love you little girl, with every inch of my heart” He’s lost in soaking in the small girls distinct features which causes her to resemble him. You poke his cheek chuckling at his complete infatuation with the new born, which causes him to become embarrassed, he never did do well with loving things or people…like he didn’t admit that he loved you for four years! “Okay she’s the most precious thing I’ve ever seen” he says thinning his lips.

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He sprints to the incubator holding his little girl and beams at her with a face full of joy, “I’m a dad…like this little thing will call be dad” After repeating that sentence to himself several times he begins to get used to it and you see him puffing out his chest, trying to take on the protective father role. You role your eyes at his immaturity but you find it amusing. It’s also hilarious when he tells off the other EXO members when they visit and are rowdy when she’s napping. He scolds them and they all apologize and he even has sent a few out off the room for their behaviour, maybe he will settle into this new father role welll after all!


He impatiently waits at the room door for when he is allowed to see the two of you. “Where is my little man?!” he squeals when he gets into the room and you hold up the little boy to him. He instantly holds out his arms for the boy but you say to him, “uh uh, you have to promise not to mess with him, I just fed him and he seems to be getting tired so I really don’t need you doing any kind of flying with him…okay?” He nods quickly just wanting to hold him. You pass the little boy with a smile and when Chanyeol gets him rested in his arms a content smile forms on his lips. You go to sleep and when you wake up, you hear Chanyeol speaking so you focus on what he’s saying, “..App-a..try it son Ah-pa” You look at him, “Are you seriously trying to teach him to talk he’s not even a day old Chan” He would just avoid eye contact with you as you laugh.


He looks at the little girl whimpering softly in her incubator, with so much love and happiness. You wish you could live in this moment forever, with your little family. He doesn’t stop smiling at you and the little girl. “I always wanted a daughter..I never told you that because I didn’t want you to be upset if we had a boy, I would have loved the baby regardless of gender, I just have always wanted a daughter” he would say while rocking the infant. You would feel your heart flutter when you hear hing sing softly to the small girl and would look on in awe as her cries soften immediately as Kyungsoo began singing. A small smile appears on his face as he just lets the world melt away, all that is important to him is you and your little girl.


Like a kid in a candy shop, he would come bounding into the room with an infectious smile on his face. “Is it a boy? Please tell me it is!” He pleads with his hands held as if in prayer, you just nod smiling and he starts running around the small square room cheering. This causes the baby boy to squirm and erupt in howling cries. You try to hush him and rock him, whilst telling Tao to pipe down. He instantly becomes quiet and makes his way over to the red faced small boy and takes off his hat and places the over sized accessory on the boys head and he immediately stops crying, “YES! He appreciates fashion…we can go shopping together! THINK OF THE GUCCI BABE!” You look at him in complete horror thinking of how much the two are going to cost you.


DUDE! I loved doing this! I think it turned out really well, it was super cute and I’m super happy with this!

I hope it’s what you wanted! Thank you again for the request!


Evolution of HunHan

This is a long ass post

Phase ONE: The Awkward Predicament

Hey, so, you know when you have a crush on someone, you tend to act kind of weird around them? This is what I call the Awkward Predicament.

Now, on the contrary to popular belief, the Awkwardness Predicament isn’t necessarily a negative phase (for hunhan it most definitely wasn’t). A change in one’s behaviour around “said crush” is technically a display of affection/admiration in itself. 

Take this moment for example…

LuHan: Oh fuck, it’s the maknae.

SeHun: Just gonna walk all the way up to LuHan hyung and get all up in his personal space, not for any particular reason aside from the fact he’s a sexy little beast.

Oh my god, LuHan, honey, please don’t pull that face x

LuHan can physically feel the awkward vibes radiating off of Sehun in this moment and…it’s so adorable, like….fuck. The way LuHan turns away because he doesn’t know what the fuck to do is just (okay, you can kill me now)

And here it is again.


Look at that daydreamy Sehun admiring his little Hannie. Like bro, my feels can only take so much. And LuHan kind of glances over like “aha…yep…” because he knows Sehun is just STARING at him like the awkward marshmallow that he is and has no idea what to do. THEY’RE BOTH SO AWKWARD AND ADORABLE!!!

Basically ^^ in this interview, LuHan kind of had a brain blank and forgot how to speak Korean (aww, bless him) so he kind of just looked at Sehun like “…fuck, help me.” And of course, Sehun’s just standing there like “trollolol”. Ahh, so awkward…so cute <3

Phase TWO: Target Proxemics

The Target proxemics is basically referring to that thing that HunHan used to do a lot back in the day…which is…


For real bro.

For real.

It’s a given fact that when you’re in the presence of someone you:

A. Are attracted to

B. Find sexually appealing 

C. Hate

you will subconsciously stare at them whenever they’re close to you or in the same proxemics as you.

And I’m assuming HunHan don’t hate each other, considering… 

So either A or B is totally cool with me ;)

But yeah…the staring thing…

It’s not even like…a subtle thing. So I don’t think I really need to talk about it that much, haha.

Stage THREE: Principal Polar Attraction

I don’t really remember when exactly it was that HunHan got all touchy feely with each other…but hey, I ain’t complaining ;)

*cough* LuHan wants his daddy *COUGH*

LuHan’s just stroking Sehun’s arm…as you do.

Yep, he wants it bad ;) 

LuHan: Your chin is sexy.

Sehun: What is life.

^^This picture is everywhere though, and with good reason because it’s the most adorable shit I’ve ever seen ever like, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let me die in peace please, like guys, come on


Okay. What was I saying?

Oh yeah. And this.

I’m not going to speak about that set of gifs because if I try I’m actually going to start crying because my fucking feels man.

This though *sigh* Sehun protecting his baby Lulu :’) like, I seriously can’t. (Only appreciated this gif after I got over how white Sehun was being with his fucking Starbucks frap though) 

Stage FOUR: The Fanboy effect 

Simple as: You know it’s a solid ship when said ship member is the other’s biggest fan-boy.

^^ Sehun cheering LuHan on ;w;

^^Sehun’s excitement when LuHan finishes the race *sniffs* I’m not crying

Sehun celebrating LuHan coming second…okay, yeah, now I’m crying.


but it’s Hunhan, so I give myself permission to be emotional. Manly stuff this is.

Wow, my mates are out playing rugby right now and this is what I’m doing. Really defines me as a character, doesn’t it XD

Stage FIVE: Second Hand Fulfilment 

This is going to sound cheesy as fuck, but they…um… “complete each other”. As in, them together forms a bond that connects the two of them and evermore benefits both of their individual aspects, both physically and emotionally…eh.

Well, there goes my emotional stability. I swear to god, every time I do one of these things, it just ends with me sitting under my bed covers crying because HunHan.

It doesn’t die guys. No matter what they say, Hunhan never dies.

Notoriety (Luhan) - Part Five

Finally, the last part! Sorry for the wait. Everything lately has been very busy. There are lots of drabbles for me to get through, too, so please be patient! I hope you enjoy this ♥ Notoriety Luhan is one of my absolute favourites, so thank you again to mae-ern for requesting him! also this gif is beautiful

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five

Your knight in shining armour.

“_____, is that you?” A sleep-ridden voice fills the roomimmediately after you push open the door, and you jump, despite the fact youknow he’s there. “What’s wrong?”

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Trigger warning(bullying) and Bad words

Part 14/?

Gif credits

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anonymous asked:

Izumi x Ryouma for ask meme? с:

Nyuuh, moooaar OTP questionss <333 

Originally posted by ulquimaniac

1. Who has the cutest tickle laugh?
I HAVE PROOF THAT IT IS DEFINITELY IZUMI. Can we all take a moment to appreciate the sound that is Izumi’s laughter pls 

2. Who is ticklish in unusual places and where would that be?
So basically Izumi is literally ticklish everywhere that poor soul. Ryouma can never lightly run his fingers over his arm, leg or even his cheek without Izumi flinching and giggling and swatting at his hand. 
Ryouma on the other hand only has a few, but those are Death spots. He has this one spot under his ear (Izumi looooves kissing him there hue), then there’s his collarbone, inside of his elbows and his calves but mooost importantly, the back of his neck nGH 

3. Who gets cheer-up tickles?
Omg, Izumi rip. Izumi’s always so nervous about shoots and everything so Ryouma’s come up with this method in which he tickles Izumi until he’s basically too exhausted to be nervous and I may or may not have used this in a fic I am so sorry

4. Who takes advantage of the other one getting their arms stuck while taking off their shirt?
OKAY, GET THIS. Ryouma’s always in a hurry cause he’s effing glued to Izumi so he tends to get stuck in his shirt and Izumi gets this little sparkle in his eyes and legit just goes for it ‘cause he wants to be the seme and Ryouma won’t let him dang it

5. How did they discover each other’s ticklishness?
Since poor Izumi’s ticklish all over, it didn’t really take that long for Ryouma to figure it out. Like, they were making out at one point, Ryouma had his hand under Izumi’s shirt and Izumi started chuckling and squirming and pawing at his chest so Ryouma went ????? 
“It tickles, sorry.”
”… Oh.” 
And now they can’t have sexy times without Izumi ending up hiding under the bed because he’s just too sensitive rip 

Ryoouumma on the other hand was very good at hiding it until Izumi tried to top him (once again) and started kissing his neck. As soon as he reached that ooone spot near his jaw, Ryouma let out this incredibly cute snort and Izumi went all, “OH MY GOD, YOU’RE TICKLISH, TOO, HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS.”
Ryouma died that afternoon sorrynotsorry 

6. Who can’t take tickle bites?
RYOUMA. Like I said, sensitive neck and collarbone but here’s the thing: if it doesn’t tickle, he loves it, so Izumi does it very often but after a while he won’t be able to resist and turns his kisses into reeeallly light tickly smooches and bites. At this point, Ryouma will have become a puddle of goo and will be too weak to fight him off and it’s actually totally not fair, but hey, gotta let Izumi have his moments of strength, too 

7. Who has to be tickle-forced out of bed in the morning?
I will kindly point out that Izumi’s Lala Lulu alarm clock is loud af so he doesn’t need to be forced out of bed because he’s already wide awake as soon as he hears it 
Ryouma, though, that poor child constantly wants to sleep in because of his busy schedule so Izumi has to tickle-kiss him awake every morning and will never ever complain about it 

8. Who gives up in a tickle fight?
Since Izumi’s too weak to fight Ryouma off and too ticklish, he can never win, so when they’re in a tickle fight, he usually just accepts the fact that he will be rekt once again by his oh so evil boyfriend 

9. Who is in danger of getting hurt when attacking the other?
Izumi tbh. Ryouma’s really strong because he has to work out to stay in shape and he tends to flail a lot. He’s not used to getting tickles at all so he just swings at the air out of reflex and Izumi seriously has to lean back or sit on his arms to make sure he doesn’t get kicked or punched in the face lol 

10. Who always provokes the other into tickling them and how?
Izumi but not on purpose. Like, he’s just too cute and his smile and his laugh are so adorable that Ryouma has needs. The only thing Izumi has to do is look at him a certain way, smile at him, wear certain types of clothes, brush his bangs out of his face, kiss his cheek, take off his glasses, LITERALLY ANYTHING AND RYOUMA WILL BE LIKE, “ASIDFULAJFSDK LEMME TICKLE YOU, I WANNA HEAR YOU LAUGH ASFSDFUJK” 

I’m cry these two are so precious and so underrated so I wanna thank youuuu for askingggg ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤