i was like i feel you man

Today I met a German Shepherd named Sasha outside Starbucks. Her human came over and said, ‘Watch this - who’s a good girl?’ And Sasha responded, 'Aroo-ooo-ooo!’ Which was of course adorable.

He told me that she was a rescue, and that she had spent her first two years living in a crate. When he got her she was overweight, anxious, and in bad shape.

'I taught her that to sort of, you know - give her her voice back,’ he said. 'I would ask and she would answer, and she would see that it made people smile, and it makes her happy.’

So anyway, this man took this abused animal and in addition to getting her healthy, feeding her, walking her, and all the normal stuff - it was important to him that she have her *voice back*. It’s like - he wanted his dog friend to feel strong and safe and valid.

I can’t stop thinking about those two. My heart is so full of them.

Re: re: Sexualising Genos

This is basically a reply to the anonymous submission @criscura got, and a little touching on what I think is an interesting subject

I want to preface it, that there is nothing wrong in NOT LIKING sexual works. And I firmly believe that such things need to be labeled, if there is anything with my works that you’d have tagged so you can filter it out in future, just drop me a note and I will do it. 

But while there is nothing wrong in disliking and avoiding NSFW works… there is equally nothing wrong either with liking and seeking them out.

So to the actual answering bits…

I’d just like to point out how Genos is treated more than just a proxy in many cases in fandom. He’s pretty much a fuck toy, a fuckhole, a dog and recently, a bunny. He’s fodder for mindless aesthetic (eg ripped apart for robogore, both emotionally and physically). Often, he’s portrayed OOC and begging for dick like a whore or else he’s raped without preamble. Honestly, how he’s sexualised is so entirely degrading that going into it makes me physically nauseous.

And if this is a portrayal of us and our desires, what does that say about us?  

I think… that’s a very far-reaching generalization, and treating “fandom” as one single-minded entity. Instead of a place made of numerous individuals, that sometimes might produce a content you don’t like. I’m not going to say that one really needs to seek out the extreme content to find it, because… well tumblr doesn’t work the same like for example pixiv.  And one might, and sadly will come across things they might not want to see. I know I did, and I understand how troubling and/or upsetting it can be.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to help about “coming across things I don’t want to see”, if I had, I’d be using it happily myself, haha. But what I think, putting a collective responsibility on the “fandom” for possibly producing something one might not wish to see is not a way to go.

I’m not sure you’ve realized, but you just have effectively put a person who drew kinky pet-play, and someone else who drew a casinobunny!Genos chibi into the same box. Then proceeded to demonize them both with “BUT WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT US?”

You know what it tells about “us”? I’ll tell you waht : nothing in particular.

There are as many reasons to drawing themes as there are artists.

We wouldn’t have the art of H.R Giger or Salvador Dali if they bothered to worry about “but what people think this will tell about me?”. Oh, you can laugh that here I’m talking about world renowned artists and the discussion is about some silly fanart. But hear me out first:

We have no idea if that person who draws that cyborg’ robogore today won’t be 30 years from now hailed as a successor to Giger’s biomechanical horror. Exactly because they discovered that theme as fascinating subject to draw right here and right now.

There is “art” in “fanart” and artist has drawn erotic or shocking content for as long as history knows.

What is naive and ignorant, is to say that people use sexualising Genos as a proxy to be happy when in fact this is just normal projection that can be done on NON-sexualised situations. He is a literal normal guy in a domestic situation with an even more normal guy. Whatever we conceive of as ‘cute’ or ‘sexual’ is just personal bias.

It’s just a projection onto these characters who we warp into ooc mockups, literal caricatures in order to fit the mold of “coffeeshop au” or “florist au”. It’s excusing gross and often problematic sexualising to be more than just ‘for a wank’ at worst, and at best, just means we’re all desperate for a lay.

I’m not going to touch the projection element because it’s obviously a case by case basis. But I really don’t like the tone that suggests that everyone< who draws anything that deviates from the “As close to canon” depiction must be doing it because they’re “projecting”. Again a generalization like WOAH.

It does not work like that anon. For some, maybe, but definitely not for everyone.

I’ve been since long time operating on the basis that what is IC is what’s in the book, It’s what the author made, whether we like that development or not. That’s IC. While technically everything that is done by fans is OOC. Yes everything. “Coffeshop au” is equally OOC as “Saitama vs The Hulk”. Why the one is considered to be caricature and something silly and to be ashamed of, while the other is serious art, mhhm yes, is a subject of completely different discussion. A pandora box of it’s own.

But you know what? Operating under that directive is very liberating. Because it means I can draw or write whatever I want when the idea strikes me. I don’t have to worry IF IT’S IC ENOUGH, some people in fandom might roll their eyes on it, others might enjoy it and have fun with the idea. With that my job is done.

I’m not going to even touch the implications that “artists draw/write stuff because they’re desperate for a lay” bit. Because it’s both gross and an extremaly juvenile attempt at being patronizing at the same time.

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I'm an 18 year old girl and for my entire life I've seen myself as bi. But I've only been in relationships/been intimate with guys. Recently, I just don't feel attracted to men anymore like I used to be. I think I'm more gay than bi, but I don't want to explicitly say it because I don't want people to attack me later on if I happen to be attracted to a man. I've never thought about being a lesbian until recently, and it feels right, but I'm just unsure how to express it.

hey love,

some people do experience a shift in their sexuality in their lives. it doesn’t mean you weren’t bi before or that you can’t be a lesbian now, it just means that something has changed and an old label you had may not fit you anymore.

there will always be the possibility of “what if” when it comes to labelling your sexuality. What if something changes, what if the label wasn’t right, what if i fall for a man, etc. and there’s nothing I can say or you can do to eliminate the possibility of those things happening.

all i can tell you is this: you are allowed to switch labels if the one you had previously no longer fits you. You are allowed to ID as bi for one phase of your life, lesbian for another, and then something else after that, as long as you feel those labels represent who you are when you identify them. people grow and change and sometimes things change with them, and thats normal and doesnt mean you werent being authentic when you identified as whatever you did previously.

if calling yourself a lesbian feels right, then you are probably a lesbian. and if one, two, five, ten years from now, you find out that the lesbian label no longer fits, you are absolutely allowed to change it.

and unfortunately, there will probably be people who will give you shit for it in the event that does happen. there will be people who accuse you of “choosing a side” if you switch to the lesbian label, of “closing your mind” and “lying,” and then if you do fall for a man late in life and choose to ID as bi again, people will accuse you of lying again and betraying the community or whatever other bullshit. there will always be people out there who wont approve of you, and if you changing your label is what stops them from respecting you, they probably didnt respect you in the first place.

If you feel like you are a lesbian now, even if you dont think you were before, congrats! you can call yourself a lesbian! ur in the lesbian club! welcome! and if that changes in the future again, it doesnt mean youre a bad person or anything, it just means something has changed, and the bi community will welcome you with open arms. the most important thing is that you are true to yourself, anon

good luck!

Why I Stayed || Part 2/2

Okay, so, part two hehe. It’s a lot shorter than the first one but has a lot more emotion I feel like. I hope you guys like it:)

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Y/N = Your Name

words : 761


You really did need Peter, more than you thought you did too. It didn’t hit you the night you confessed to him, no, that night you stopped crying the moment you reached your house; everything felt numb. It’s like it was a nightmare. Fake, but terrifying.

It wasn’t until the next morning, when you walked into science class, and saw that Peter had switched spots with someone else in class; all so he wouldn’t have to sit next to you.

It was horrifying how much you really depended on him and your friendship.

You sit alone at lunch, understanding and doing homework was a bitch, you didn’t have anyone to talk to anymore, and you lost the one person that meant so much to you. All because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut and accept his hectic life and feelings for Liz.


Friday night, 11:54 p.m. is a time where any normal teenager would be going out and hanging with friends or going to some wild party.

Friday night, 11:54 p.m. is when you’d be at Peter’s house; binge watching Star Wars and Harry Potter, debating about whether or not that sneaky son of a bitch was a Slytherin or a Gryffindor.

But Friday night, 11:54 p.m. is now spent with you curled up in bed, attempting to fall asleep. Ever since you and Peter had a fall out three weeks ago, you found sleepless nights your only friend.

‘Just go take a walk,’ You thought, ‘It’s not like mom and dad will know and stop you.’

Your parents were away until Sunday night for their 20th anniversary.

‘At least they’re in love and well.’

You got out of bed, slipped on some leggings, a sweater, and converse, and got the hell out of that apartment.

Leaning against the wall of the elevator, you closed your eyes and started taking deep breaths to calm yourself.

‘In, out, in, out,’

The elevator dinged and opened on the first floor. Reluctantly, you opened your eyes and stepped out.

Leaving the lobby, you felt the cool night air hit your face.

‘This is all I need. Fresh air, that’s it.’ You thought to yourself.

You made it two blocks before you heard the sound of someone jump and land behind you. Immediately you turned around to face whoever it may be.


“You know you really shouldn’t be out here at this time,” Peter stepped closer to you, “It’s not safe.”

You rolled your eyes at him, “Why’re you following me, Peter?”

“I wasn’t following you, Y/N. I was patrolling the city and saw you on your own,” Peter sighed, “Look, could you just go back home? It’s really not safe.”

“And why do you care?” You asked aggressively.

“Because I do. You’re my friend, Y/N, no matter what,” he shook his head, “I’m sorry about hurting you, I just don’t feel the same way, but that doesn’t mean you ever stopped being my best friend and one of the people I care about most.”

“Then why did you leave?” You choked out, only for him to walk closer to you, “Why did you change your seat, why did you stop sitting with me at lunch, why did you stop talking to me? Peter, why did you cut me off?”

You felt tears falling faster and faster down your face as he took off his mask.

He was distraught. He never meant to hurt you the way he did.

“I-I wa-was giving you space,” he stuttered, “I never meant to cut you off, I just thought that maybe it would help.”

He stared at you as you wrapped your arms around your waist to hug yourself and tried to look in any other direction than his.

“Y/N…” he whispered,

‘Oh, that sounds all too familiar.’

Peter grabbed your arm before closing the distance between you two to pull you into a tight hug. You instinctively wrapped your arms around his waist and buried your face into his chest. You felt your own chest clench and every feeling of anger and hurt release then.

“It’s not-not f-fair,” you sobbed, “It’s not, i-it’s not-”

“Shhh, it’s okay,” Peter cooed into your ear, “It’s okay, I’m here, I’m here, I got you.”

You held onto him tighter, as if you’d die if you let go.

Neither of you knew how long the both of you stood there for, but neither of you cared.

“You’ll never be cut out, I promise,” Peter mumbled, “I’m always going to be here.”

okay but s5 and s6 would have been 1000x times more watchable if stiles stilinski made remarks about derek hale’s absence here and there like:

*in the middle of digging up a grave* ya know who would love this? derek hale man. he’d stand there and glare but he’d also carry the body.

*gets captured by mad scientists* let me tell you the story of derek hale and how he would kick your asses or at least die trying 

*saves liam’s ass* ok liam but you know who I miss? derek. derek hale with his smart ass comments and beautiful face and graceful ass

*hangs out with parrish* derek would make a good deputy dont you think 

*fights scott* you know who would believe me and be a true friend? derek.  

*theo slams stiles against a hard surface* triggered 

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I... respectfully disagree with your assessment of superhero films. I really don't think it's unnecessary at all. I suppose yes there are superhero films geared toward kids (The Incredibles is coming to mind here) but marvel has really always been a teen/older oriented thing, comics and movies. Plus, spiderman is set in high school, that shit happens man. It's very honest to being a teen and I don't think it should be watered down bc it's not intended for seven year olds in the first place

I do get where you’re coming from but I feel like profanity still does not belong. Yes, kids swear in high school - obviously - but shows like PLL were still able to portray an accurate high school experience without f–ing and blinding. I feel like the words shit and porn have no place in a Spider-Man movie. My little sister loves Spider-Man to death and I don’t want to have conversations with her too early.

People went to the cinema today expecting a family oriented experience and I felt uncomfortable when words like those showed up. YES I know they were brief mentions but still??? They were there!!! And if you’re gonna mention words like that, I don’t think a PG13 rating is good enough considering those films are usually just rated that based on violence and stuff. But idk. That’s just me.

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So Dad, my big sister (who has custody of me) treats me like shit. She invalidates me, deorives me of proper rest and is now ridiculing my weight to the point I've stopped eating again. I'm almost a legal adult but I still have one more year of high school and I don't want to be there. Her and her husband support trump and Hitler and a ton of other bad not good things and I just. In scared and tired and feel like garbage all the time and it hurts and man...I dunno what to do...

That’s a sticky situation. I can’t tell you what to do, but we can be here for you if you want to vent. We can be joy in your life, if only a little bit.

Just try to let her comments roll off your shoulders. Set goals for yourself. One more year, and I’m out of here. One more day, and it’s the weekend. One more week, and i get to go to this event I’ve been looking forward to. Just know that you aren’t garbage. You’re fantastic and talented and attractive and funny and kind. Sounds like a pretty great person, if you ask me.

Be safe and know that you are loved. Your sister doesn’t deserve you if she can’t see that.

Love you.

-Dad Steven

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*hugs* I just read probably all ur Jumin HC/Fanfic (Bc I'm so obsessed with him I had to get his pillow, Oops) & I can't believe my eyes how well you portray him! It's so perfect that I shed so many tears with some of them <3 It shows so much emotion with so little words, which is why I love writers =^-^= they can always convey so many feelings in only one piece of their work. Keep up the wonderful work and take care! Love you!

Nonny Chan! 


I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it honey, I’m always nervous putting anything up but knowing that people like it- can see their favourite characters and actually truly seeing them in my work- it’s baffling! 

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, I hope that you continue to enjoy all my future work- especially the upcoming Jumin/MC week I’m going to be writing for!  You take care my darling and much love to you and yours!!!! 

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A/N: {requested by @sometimesicryintheshower} and girl, I sympathize with your username on a personal level. lmao I hope it’s what you wanted for your remus feels, haha enjoy my babies ❤

  • PAIRING: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader 
  • SUMMARY: In which Y/N is a rebel and likes to live in the moment, meanwhile Remus is a shy nobody that is fond of living in the shadows; they fall in love with just one mini mediocre joke that the man intends.
  • WARNINGS: dirty jokes, cursing 
  • WORDS: 346

She was a rebel. A delinquent. She didn’t like authority nor power against her. The teachers of Hogwarts despised her, so did most of the students. However, she did get along with a group of boys known for being delinquents—The Marauders. The clique ultimately accepted her as one of them, being that she had identical views and interests as them.

The one person that she had gotten along on the right foot with almost instantly was Remus John Lupin. Even though the pair were complete opposites, they had gotten through thick and thin. She’s around him to a greater extent than her clique, so much that she had started developing feelings for him, and it was mutual. In her words, it was something about the way that he wasn’t like any other guy she had ever met and it was quite ridiculous the fact that he was extremely different from any of the Marauders.

As Y/N was lost in her thoughts, reminiscing their times together in her dorm room. She was laid upside down in her comfortable and springy bed, the sandy-haired man sat adjacent her on the twin bed, papers laid across his lap. The girl licked her lips speaking, “I feel the urge to do something stupid.” 

She wasn’t really talking to anyone, nor was she talking to herself. The girl was simply voicing out her thoughts. There was silence for a moment, but the effortless response that came from Remus was shocking. “I’m stupid. Do me.” He shrugged smirking. 

She slowly arose from the position she was previously in, turning towards the man with a bewildered expression at his sudden change of attitude. “What the fuck did you just say?”

“It was a joke Y/N chill,” He shook her off. The girl calmed a bit with the string of words that escaped his mouth. “…but I wasn’t really kidding about the doing me part.” She turned to him astonished once again, once he turned back to her she captivated his lips onto hers. 

And you all know where that leads to. ;)

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I'm on my period... Any tips on what to do to still feel masculine and valid?

Hey dude,

I find putting a little more effort into how I look than usual helps, for example I like to wear nice button ups, put on some body spray and such.

I also find it helps to get up and go out with friends or by myself to distract myself.

As for sanitary products I personaly like tampons because I can’t see or feel any blood but some trans masc people find it more triggering, it’s up to personaly preference.

If you have some spare cash the brand thinx sell underwear do that you don’t have to wear a sanitary product with them!

Generally try to get up and do things even just to make a cup of tea and have a shower, sautéing in your sweat won’t help.

Remember you are just as much as a man as a cis guy,
From Max.

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How do you feel about Jax cheating on Tara with Colette?

I mean it was fucked up but I think that people place a lot of the blame on Colette rather than Jax and Tara which were the couple. Now I’m not saying that a woman deserves to get cheated on if she does _____, let get that out there real quick. I don’t believe anyone ‘deserves’ to get cheated on. If you’re not happy, leave. HOWEVER. Jax, like many men, was a very kinetic person. He liked physical affection and attention. He liked to feel the touch and love of a woman. Most straight men do. Even men who have no desire to have a relationship like to feel the touch of a woman. It’s a man thing. So that being said, we were able to tell that about Jax pretty early on. Tara knew that.

So when you pair the fact that
1. She was giving him the cold shoulder ever since she broke her hand
2. She was distant much before that when she realized Jax wouldn’t leave with her
3. He’s attention and affection starved
4. He’s a man
5. She’s pushing him away at every chance
6. In the back of his mind he knows she planning something and will probably leave him and take his kids away

While I don’t condone it, I think it’s understandable that Jax did what he did. Was it right? No. Is lying to your husband and tricking him into thinking that you’re pregnant just so you can scheme him out of rights to the kids and then making him think his (nonexistent)unborn child was brutally killed by his mother right? No. He had a lot on his plate, his plans and family were caving in, and he found comfort in Colette. So again, I don’t condone it, but I do understand why he did it and think that with all the damage Tara caused that he still put up with and bypassed, I honestly wasn’t overly upset at him for it. In this instance, he could just leave her because again, while he tried to play dumb, he knew just what she was capable of and he wasn’t going to risk leaving her so she could turn it around to make him look like the bad guy and take his kids from him. Regardless, none of that was Colettes fault. Jax was married to Tara, not Collete. While it does go against a woman’s code to sleep with a married man, Colette doesn’t owe Tara anything.

I liked Colette. I just with they hadn’t used her as a piece of ass and a distraction in Jaxs garbage ass marriage.

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hey! sorry to bother but could you recommend me some blogs? i'm desperate for new to follow! thanks

Okay, i have to be like srsly Desperate to come for me tho… ayyyy no worries. Here is the long long list of my faves:

@/btsjimln: please dont tell anyone but i stalk their tags… they r just so endearing and full of love for jimin, my heart goes all soft for them

@1chimus: used to be syubbah, tumblr still recommend me care bear blogs thanks to them

@ahoneyyboy: lee… she will be your biggest hype man, so much happy vibes and friendliness

@flower-guk:  i feel like she is The role model, thinking so much of her mutuals and @ them in all the nicest things… WoW

@/velvethoseok: she gives off good feelings i really enjoy seeing her posts oh god my gays are showing

@n4ms: sometimes Girls that are bi Are better… i admire her love for Up10tion so much… just so cute ^^

@4hobii: the babaworm fanfic lol

@mikamee: mik will care for you because she is an angel…okay that sounds creepy but her posts are pretty cute

@nochucametru: may = a jungkook stan + a meme dealer, basically a 19/10

@/jinnies: A real Peach… also a yoongi stan

@/oh-no-its-mo: is funny as hell and yes a goddess as well

@/9yoong: you dont need for reason to follow The alpha yoongi stan

i think the list is long enough already i love to recs more but i dont want you to be drown in bunch of urls and not knowing anything about the ppl behind them. /i sounds as if i know them in person ughghhdgghfghd/

anddddd i hope u have a good day anon!!! im willing to follow more so if u want u can send me blogs


Someone really bigoted messaged me, asking for help. I didn’t know they were bigoted until after I checked out their blog and I feel really awful.

If you think I’m talking about you, I’m not because I blocked them and you wouldn’t be able to see this post if I blocked you.

But damn, man. If you message me privately then chances are now I’m going to check to see if you post / reblog anything anti-LGBT, racist, sexist, ect. I’d still help in an emergency, but if you’re a bigot then I’m not going to answer your questions.

It doesn’t mean I don’t trust you guys, I just feel so disgusted about helping out someone like that and I don’t want it to happen again.

You would not believe what lies
Beneath my Vulcan disguise
These feelings that I can’t comprehend.

There is this one man
Who changed my entire plan
To remain as static as I can.

I like to make myself believe
That’s what I feel means nothing
Most people think that I just simply do not care
But everything is never as it seems

Deep down within.

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Right????? He was my favorite Grump and one of my favorite YouTubers for years and a major inspiration for my own content, and I kinda feel like he personally broke my heart by getting into this awful white nationalist stuff. All his jokes like "Cars? Caaaaars?" and "I'm being strangled by the man in the mirror" are still in my brain and every time I'm reminded of them I Remember. :c

i still occasionally quote like, Early On GG’s when jon was still there and then i’m like /: oh wait i can’t enjoy this bc Ur Opinions R Shit Jon

also whats ur content dude gimme a link i wanna support the FUCK out of you


guys can you believe it?? because i can’t !!

man oh man i appreciate every single one of you and i love you all for reading my stuff and actually enjoying it (at least i hope you guys do). but i feel like this is a thing we need to celebrate!! so until the end of the week, i have decided to put imagines on hold and start doing match-ups.

the rules are simple; y’all send me a little description of your appearance/personality and i’ll do my best to match you up with a character from the maze runner and tell you why i think they’re the best fit for you.

i’m seriously excited for this! i want to thank you guys again for being amazing readers and for helping this blog grow so fast. i can’t emphasize enough how much this means to me and how amazing you guys are <3 i hope you guys look forward to the match-ups because i know i am ;))

NOTE: all current requests will be put on hold until this week of match-ups is over.

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mom, i identified as a trans boy for ages but then last year for a while i felt pressured to start calling myself a cis girl again. then i was like "this isnt right" and started calling myself nb and now i've recently started calling myself a trans boy again and i've embraced it. i feel kinda, "fake", i guess? idk, am i a real man?

You are absolutely a real man, in every way. You’re trying to figure your gender out, it’s super confusing, I know. Figuring yourself out and realizing you’re a boy after all doesn’t make you fake.

anonymous asked:

I feel like I have a rather complicated situation. I'm attracted to the idea of having sex with someone with a penis, but not if that person is a man. I have often fantasized about sex with a woman who has a penis and I wanted to know if that was fetishising trans woman (particularly those who haven't had bottom sugery) in anyway.

That depends on what exactly you’re attracted to. If you want to be penetrated that’s okay. If you want the feeling of being ejaculated or urinated in that’s ok. Both of these can be accomplished with strapons and a trans woman with a penis (who can and wants to use it that way) is not necessarily required.

If you want to just “try it” or are attracted to the taboo or are attracted to trans women just because they are trans then yes that’s fetishization and you’d need to work on that.

-*Mod Star*

splendidnothings replied to your post: I’m glad someone else liked Baby Driver and hated…

Ahhhh more people that have seen baby driver like yes so good! Also I really agree with your point about the difference between cacw and smh characterizations,,

Man I really liked Peter in Civil War, which is just more salt in the Homecoming wound. Civil War made it SO EASY to just move ahead without having to rehash Uncle Ben’s death again, in spite of what I personally might feel about how you have to show me the exact circumstances so I know Who This Specific Peter Is, but then Homecoming swerved so completely in the other direction and took it from This Traumatic Thing Happened In The Past And We Don’t Need to Directly Address It to This Traumatic Thing Had Absolutely No Impact On Peter Whatsoever and He’s Learned Nothing From It (the “everything that’s happened to her” line divorces Peter from the Vague Traumatic Thing, when “us” would have been so easy) and like. Why. What about that is more relatable and human to an audience than a young man who has suffered a loss and taken a lesson from it.

Like I don’t think you need to show Uncle Ben’s death in a Spider-Man movie. But I do think you have to acknowledge that Ben was a person Peter loved and who left a lasting impact on him, even if you only do that through subtext. You have to let Ben (and May, but that’s an entirely different complaint altogether) be important to him.

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I want you to read a thing I wrote but it got no notes and I love your writing and you're just !!!! and afjndl;gnjbgb

oh my goodness dude first of all i am far more ?????? than i am !!!!! like genuinely i promise i’m just a regular old nerd 

second of all pal i’m sure i would love to read your stuff like i’m crazy behind still from being gone for a month but i love seeing all the insane talent that goes on around here !!

third of all i wanna give you a little bit of advice that you didn’t ask for because that’s just who i am as a person i guess. i know it can be hard to not fixate on notes, trust me i know, but it’s also important to remember that just because you don’t have a ton of followers or people aren’t reblogging your thing, it doesn’t mean that it’s not good.

the fact that you’re writing and POSTING it??? like that ALONE is incredible do you know how much courage it takes to put your art out there?? it’s crazy hard and people that don’t do it don’t understand that and thus don’t always give you the recognition you deserve for putting yourself out there like that. 

at the end of the day, you gotta write for you and no one else. when it starts feeling like you’re doing it for other people instead of because this is a thing you enjoy or that you have fun doing or that brings you some sort of fulfillment, take a step back and remind yourself why you started. write something just for you, write something you’ve been putting off bc you don’t think anyone will read it, maybe just take a break from writing altogether!

ultimately, try to work towards being in a place where the notes don’t matter, and that you can just be proud of what you’re making bc my dude you SHOULD be proud. you’re amazing and you’re making stuff and I’M proud of that.

okay that’s it for the unwanted advice for tonight sorry y’all bye.