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Insecure ; Min Yoongi

Couple: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Angst

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Part 1:

You and Yoongi have been together for almost two years. You have never been the jealous type, but sometimes you got insecure about you relationship. You never told him tho, cause you trusted that he loved you.
In that period he was working on a song with Suran and he spent all his time with her at the studio. You always thought that she was hella beautiful and talented, and the fact that she was always with you boyfriend didn’t really made you happy.
You could only see him late at night, if you were still awake, and most of the times he was too busy to even answer his phone.
For the first weeks you kept quiet and didn’t say anything every time he got home late, just saying he had been busy before falling asleep next to you. After sometime, you started worrying. You didn’t want to seem clingy or annoying, but you started texting him more often, hoping he would understand that you were missing him and that you wanted him to be with you and not with her.
One day, he came home at a decent hour and you had the luck to see him, or so you though. You went to greet him and hug him, but he didn’t hug you back.
《How was work?》you asked
《Like always》he simply answered
《What did you do with Suran?》
《Jesus Christ! Every time I come home you ask me what I did with Suran! We worked. Not that you would understand the meaning of that, you do nothing all day》he snapped
《I didn’t mean it like that》you whispered
《Of course you did! Do you think I didn’t see how fucking clingy you have been recently?》
《I’m not clingy, I only miss you》you shouted back
《Just admit that you are jealous and stop bothering me》
《I’m not jealous》you said
He rolled his eyes and turned back, to go the bedroom. You couldn’t hold it back anymore, so you decided to take it all out.
《I’m just fucking scared that you’ll leave me for her! A relationship with her would be easier, you wouldn’t have to hide her from everyone all the time. And she is beautiful, talented, and famous like you. I am nothing, just a normal girl that you met at a caffe, and that clung to you right after. Sometimes I really wonder why are you with me. We barely see each other and we have to hide from the world every time we want to do something. You should be with someone like you, not waste your time with me》
You were a crying mess, and your boyfriend was looking at you with a blank look on his face.
《You know what? You’re right》he said, and your heart dropped to your feet 《I should be with someone that’s worth it, and not waste my time with you》
He went to the bedroom that you two shared, and left you alone in the living room, frozen in you place, with tears running down your face. You forced yourself to react, you took you phone, put on you jacked, and run out of you house.

There will be a part 2. Hope you like it.


important points from the podcast w/ Chris Salih (longest list ever) (n it gets sad)
  • https://soundcloud.com/21pilotspodcast
  • he first met tyler when tyler was graduating highschool
  • tyler would literally create his songs by singing into a laptop’s mic
  • chris met josh at guitar center
  • tyler had never been in an actual studio before he went to chris’s
  • he. talked. about. the. taco. bell. saga.
  • chris and tyler wanted to start a band but “two people don’t make a band”
  • Self-Titled was written in tyler, chris’s and nick’s shared basement.
  • there were no live drums in Self-Titled… just programmed ones (i personally had no idea WHOA)
  • ideas from self-titled were recycled into blurryface!
  • the band name was almost “Bicycle Thief” or “Chill Coat”!!!!
  • they would go through the newspaper or captchas on ticketmaster to see any cool word combinations that would be good band names
  • the live show, as said by tyler a thousand times, was the most important part of gaining a fanbase
  • nick had to learn to play the bass as the band progressed
  • they used to have their programmed backup music stream from an ipod during the shows (and sometimes they still come up on shuffle when Chris is listening to music)
  • the piano tyler plays is actually a keyboard inserted into an old piano that chris gutted and repaired
  • ode to sleep was one out of three of the options for the name of the song, but most of the fans voted for ode to sleep, so that became the name
  • TOP played RAB songs at concerts before the album was released
  • Chris had to quit TOP to pay off student loans and fix his car. “everyone has this dream of being a rockstar, and it doesn’t always happen.” (so sad)
  • an argument with tyler over whether or not to play at a college campus was the final straw for Chris.
  • leaving twenty one pilots broke Chris’s heart: he cared so, so much about the band.
  • after chris quit, tyler and josh played for a full year, still not knowing if the band would work out
  • chris had no desire to leave the band.
  • tyler felt like his band had given up on him. he was devastated.
  • “if twenty one pilots is going to be successful, it can be successful without me. i know i will always be part of the band.”
  • tyler: “josh and i thought about quitting multiple times that year.”
  • tyler felt let down and abandoned.
  • (tyler texted him while he was talking about him LOL)
  • tyler and josh met at chris’s house after chris fell asleep. tyler went with josh to church the following day, to see him play in the church band, where before and after the service they were playing TOP music. tyler started going to that church. 
  • josh would go to the shows and go hang out with tyler afterwards.
  • josh was about to move to nashville to make a push in the drumming industry.
  • chris took josh to lunch and convinced him to be the drummer of TOP
  • Nick still works for Josh and Tyler!!! I thought he had disappeared!
  • chris was the behind-the-scenes guy on a lot of the stuff they were working on & was still a huge driving force in the band
  • Michael! Snyder! Mark! I Miss Them!
  • tyler likes the Killers and Coldplay and was influenced by Bob Marley
  • they almost had a second keyboardist in the band!
  • Chris is super bothered when people ask him/tell him that he regrets leaving the band because their famous now. it drives him crazy. “how would you like it if i made fun of your personal life?”
  • “people will eventually forget what twenty one pilots is. people will say that is a “used to” or “was band at one time” 
  • it’s hard for tyler and jenna to even walk down the street or go to dinner because of they attention they receive. it’s really hard on them.
  • Chris gets a LOT of crap online, and he wishes it would stop.

okay this is really random and i know its probably been played out since lady midnight but cassandra clare is a sneaky bitch and im really nervous about something i noticed a while ago. so we all know julian was named after julias caesar right and the most famous thing about caesar is that he got killed by brutus. and then i was thinking oh i wonder what brutus’ first name is. its marcus. fucking mark. like this could mean nothing or it could mean something either way why the fuck would you neame your children something like that its like you want there to be stabbing.

My Fave Japanese YouTubers + some YouTube Vocab

I was introduced to Japanese YouTube and J-Vloggers through a friend and I watched a lot of videos when I was first learning Japanese. I do admit that I couldn’t understand EVERYTHING but YouTubers tend to repeat themselves often and you can see what they’re doing so you pick up a lot.

It’s important to distinguish J-Vloggers from Japanese Youtubers.  

J-Vlogger is a term that usually refers to foreigners living in Japan who vlog regularly.  Simon and Martina, Taylor R, Sharla, Micaela, Rachel & Jun, VenusAngelic, and Mimei are all J-vloggers.  Their channels are mostly in English and they speak very little Japanese in their videos.  Mimei actually does a lot of her videos in Japanese now but I wouldn’t recommend learning Japanese from her because she isn’t a native speaker.  Her content is still really cute though. 

Japanese Youtubers are usually native Japanese content creators.  Their videos are all in Japanese usually with subtitles created by the community.  They usually belong to the big partner group UUM but there are a few independents like PDR.  


This is a great channel for beginners.  @uni-venture​ mentioned him in her own post about this as Just Duncan.  He’s a British-Japanese ハフwho spent much of his childhood in England but now currently lives in Japan with his wife and their cats.  He speaks in Japanese in most of his videos with an even pace and simple videos.  All of his videos are subtitled in English.  He’s pretty unusual for a Japanese Youtuber because he isn’t attached to a major partner company and he mostly makes sarcastic joke videos and vlogs.  He often talks about Convenience store customers and things that annoy him.


PDS is PDR’s younger brother Dante.  Dante was much younger when the family moved back to Japan so he speaks no English and all of his videos are completely in Japanese.  Only a few of them are subtitled in English (mostly older videos that Duncan subbed for him when they both still lived at home) and he speaks a lot faster.  Despite his speed, Dante tends to repeat himself more often or use captions to emphasize words he’s using.  For example I learned the word 交ぜる from one of his videos.  Mostly he sits in his house and screams while doing something unnecessary like turning himself into a water balloon or fucking up one of his coffee tables.   Occasionally he also make 20 minute long videos of himself trying to win something from a UFO catcher (claw machine) and throwing away like $35 in change.  He is also a bodybuilder? So he occasionally makes videos about his fitness, but most of the time you would never know that because he does things like eat 100 Umaibo or deep fry an entire watermelon.

If you want to know how to use the particle ね you should really watch his videos.

はじめしゃちょ Hajime Syacho (President Hajime)

Hajime is probably the most difficult of these YouTubers. He talks FAST and his words often are kind of slurrred to together. But I think his videos are often translated by the community and he repeats himself a lot so you can learn lots of stuff from him.  He does a lot of dumb stuff like Dante. His videos include drinking too much of a drink that is meant to inflate your stomach to curb your appetite, making slime alone and nearly spilling it on the floor, and covering an entire room in those heat pads that you can stick to your skin.  He also does some science-y videos sometimes.  He’s a pretty big YouTube celebrity in Japan so his videos are usually a lot of fun.

If you want to learn how to use the phrase やばい!his videos are the best.  

Kinoshita Yuka: Oogui Eater

Yuka is kind of a legend. She’s a little Japanese woman who eats a LOT of food. The nice thing about her is that she eats pretty normally and unlike YouTubers who do this for the weird factor, she like legitimately enjoys everything she eats. She will like eat the entire Mister Donuts holiday menu and take time between don’t to discuss how fluffy the dough is and how refreshingly light the glaze is and so on. All of her videos are translated by the community. The translations are pretty good except the regular translator always translates 美味しい to Oishii which is not helpful and is really kind of annoying.  In all honesty, Yuka is my life goals.  Like she is my fave of all time.  If my job could be to just eat like this girl, I would be living a dream. 

If you want to learn how to talk about how you can’t handle spicy food, Yuka’s your girl.


I used to watch him all the time but now I really don’t?  He is one of the biggest Japanese Youtubers who got famous for beatboxing.  He often beatboxes in his videos and even has a video where he beatboxed for Ariana Grande when she was on tour in Japan.  He mostly does like food and snack reviews where he gives a review at the end.  Most of his videos have been subtitled in Japanese so that you can read while you watch if you want. I don’t know he’s really not my favorite tbh…

モーニング娘 Morning Musume

So this isn’t really a Youtuber.  This is an idol group with an audience of middle aged men and young girls.  However, Morning Musume is one of few Japanese music groups that has its music videos available to view in the United States and all of their music videos have English  and Japanese subtitles which is very rare.  If yo ucan get past the cheesy costumes and the general idolness of their videos, you can learn A LOT from them.  Remember to keep in mind that the Japanese you’ll learn will be a little bit more awkward than vlog-style Japanese because it will come from song lyrics.  To be completely honest though, I love muting their videos and playing like hip-hop and rap underneath of them because they match up shockingly well.  

Texan In Tokyo

So this is technically more of a J-vlog channel but whatever.  So this channel has actually ended but it’s the channel of Grace and Ryosuke, an international couple.  Most of their videos are travel videos in English but some of them are cooking videos done entirely in Japanese with subtitles.  Ryosuke is really good and speaks slowly in simple sentences so you can see what he’s making and hear him talk about it.  He tries to do the videos with time constraints but doesn’t always do that.  Their other videos are good too for culture lessons and general information about living in Japan.  

Kirizaki Eiji 桐崎栄二

So in all honesty, you probably won’t learn anything from him at all but I put him on here because I love his stuff.  He, like many male Japanese Youtubers, is just like the master of pure idiocy.  His channel is mostly him messing with his sister and making videos with quick, sudden jump cuts and loud slapping noises.  He talks way too fast but he uses a lot of subtitles so you’ll get something. Eiji lives in the suburbs somewhere with his sister, grandparents, and parents and frequently just messes with all of them.  Occasionally he purchases expensive cuts of beef, pours himself a couple of glasses of Mugicha (barley tea, god’s gift to mankind) and feasts alone in his kitchen.  I just find him really entertaining I don’t know. 

I think the lesson with him is to find things that make you want to learn Japanese.  I don’t quite completely understand all of the humor in his videos but I really want to so I study Japanese. 

Other Reccs: 

AskJapanese – Interviews by Cathy Cat

Mahoto – He eats giant cicadas once a year

JPCMHD – Commercials usually in one to two week intervals

slow hands - tom holland

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: A night of complete heartbreak leads you to Tom’s apartment. He was the only one you needed to finally make you feel truly loved.

Inspired by the song ‘Slow Hands’ by Niall Horan. listen to it here

Requested: no

Warnings: slight angst and like kissing? lmao nothing

Words: 2155

a/n: tom is NOT FAMOUS in this imagine! it doesn’t really cover his background story so! this is so fluffy and SWEET i cry bc I wish Tom would love me like this wowwowwowwowwowwow!! ALSO GIF!! i love crying wow!  but n e way hope you enjoy!:D



The feeling of nothing but unbreakable remorse and heartache floods your veins as if you had just leaped into a pool, the sinking feeling clouding your demeanor slowly. Your Y/E/C eyes portrayed a sense of darkness as they scanned the small shops scattered along the downtown street of London. The darkness of the hectic Saturday night developed a sense of negativity around your figure. Your ears could faintly hear the whispers of broken promises rolling off pairs of lips, and the alcohol tinted breath lacing itself through the husky and selfish voices.

“There’s nothing more to say, Y/N! I don’t love you anymore, god dammit! Why do you think I was always with her? I was in love with her!”

The painful words stung your heart rapidly, your eyes shutting quickly as the past event flooded your brain in a pounding headache.

Tonight was the night you had been dreading for weeks to come. Falling out of love was never easy. But, that was the problem. Five weeks into the relationship, your heart was happier and more vivid than ever. Your smile was clear and bright as he would come over to your apartment, light seeping through the windows, radiating your heart. That was, until you found out about her.

You knew, though. How could you not? As you would attempt to crack a joke, or tell an amusing story as you sat cuddled together on the couch, his smile faded as soon as his cold eyes hit yours. His mind would signal him to laugh amusingly at the story he wasn’t paying any attention to. All his attention was focused on his phone, his fingers throwing themselves against his phone screen as he whipped up a sly reply to her.

But you didn’t want to question it. Starting drama was the last thing you ever wanted to do, especially in a relationship. Your mind would spark up different scenarios that you could be catching him in, but haven’t. Something as innocent as replying to a girl’s text whilst you told a story was nothing to worry about.

Or so you thought.

Two weeks later, you were where you are now. Huskily walking the crowded streets of downtown London, your eyes focused on the pavement beneath you, hoodie pulled over your head, and heart broken into pieces inside you.

The memory of his alcohol filled breath fanning your cold skin, his lips teased you with a sky smirk as he muttered the words you dared to listen to. The feeling of heartbreak was something you could relate to somehow.

But, that similar yet aged feeling of the addictive emotion was sitting quietly in his apartment building right now. Exactly where you were headed.

Tom’s place was the only safe-haven you could bring yourself to think of at this point in time. The warmth of his apartment and the feeling you got when his beautiful eyes would light up as he swung open the door to you.

Tom was someone you could vent to, when you felt as if your life was headed in the wrong direction. This emotion that was beginning to bottle itself up inside you was creating a wave of useless and awful memories you wanted gone forever.

He was the familiar feeling of heartache you let go of, and shouldn’t have. It was hard to explain, it had you so confused at times. To the way your heart would ignite your veins in a fiery sensation as his hands clutched onto the sides of you waist in a hug, your arms wrapping around his neck. The long years you spent befriend Tom were so special to your now broken heart, you would never dream of letting him go.

There was consistently a tenderness for the calm yet enjoyable and beautiful man you grew fond of. Once your eyes hit his, it was as if nothing else mattered in the world, but you getting the chance to show him just the slightest bit of love you held for him.

That warmth and love for him is always present and always was. Even when you thought for sure your heart was captured by someone else’s, your mind sneakily knew it was still overcome with emotion for him.

So, that’s where your feet were carrying you. You yearned for the feeling of him so close to you, even if he didn’t feel the same. Your skin needed to be ignited by that flame he left whenever his body would press against yours.

Truly being loved was something you never felt often.

You needed his love.


“Y/N? Are you okay?”

Your head shifted itself from its previous position, you eyes leveled to meet Tom’s in an achingly sore gaze. Your Y/E/C eyes sparkled underneath the pitch black night sky as they tears dropping from them caused a radiance in them. Your hood secured tightly around your head as your lips thinned out into a line, slightly shaking underneath the pain you attempted to prevent from showing.

You dared to whisper, his worrisome brown eyes sunk deep into your saddened gaze, “I-uh. C-Can I come in?”

Tom’s arm that pressed up against the door extended to push the door open wider, making room for your figure to walk in, “Of course, of course. Come in.”

You walked in, your feet shuffling slightly against the carpeted floor beneath you. The air around the empty apartment felt heavy as you sat down on his soft couch, your mind seeping in everything that is about to roll off your chapped lips. You thought to yourself for several achingly slow seconds, your inner conscience whispering different scenarios you could possibly put yourself in within seconds.

Tom shuts the door, his eyebrows furrowed at your unusual sorrowful demeanor. His own heart ached when he witnessed you in such an unpleasant and bothered state, “So, let me guess. Nick?” Tom’s sweet, scratchy voice pierced through your ears, the concern laced through his words so heavily your veins pumped with warmth from his concern.

Should you explain?

That was the last thing you wanted to discuss right now. The familiar feeling was not welcomed back into your soul anytime soon. As your eyes looked up daringly into Tom’s, the fall of slightly curled brown hair laid perfectly against the soft skin of his forehead caused your need for the him to grow immensely.

Tom scooted closer to you, your hand limp against the top of your knee, the conflicting feelings pushing through your shaky body. Your eyes were focused on the floor beneath you, not paying attention to anything but your emotions right now.

Suddenly, you felt a familiar spark light the skin along your fingertips and knuckles and crawl all the way up your arm. You feel your breath catch in the back of your throat at the feeling, eyes immediately piercing themselves in the direction of it.

“You can tell me, Y/N. It’s okay, I promise,” the words roll off his small pink lips so quietly you almost didn’t hear them. As the words burned through your ears, Tom’s hand is now placed softly on yours, his structured fingers rubbing soothing circles along the back of your hand.

The air suddenly began to grow from heavy to heavenly as the beating of your heart against your rib cage grew louder, the closeness and developing butterflies in your stomach causing your tears to dry against your soft skin. The magical feeling of his skin soothingly casting itself against yours caused nothing else to make sense anymore. Your heartbreak, tears, ripped passion, and torn feelings whisked away with the chilled night wind as the heat between the two of your bodies grew, especially yours.

Your brain worked as your heart slowly began to sew itself back together. Your mind was now clarified with one thing and one thing only. You didn’t need the caring validation from Tom that everything was going to be okay in the end, or the soft circles he would rub along your back as your admitted all your sorrowful feelings to him with the horrid story of heartbreak you acted in just an hour earlier.

You needed him. None of his gestures or kind-hearted advice. No matter how much you adored all of those things from him, they didn’t matter.

What you wanted was all of him.

You clarified with yourself on what you planned on doing next. As you reached back behind yourself, pulling your hood off, and fully looking up toward the loving boy’s eyes, your heart knew exactly where home was.

Scooting your body as close next to his as possible, you moved your hand from under his push against his chest, the ignited feeling shooting throughout your body from your fingertips to your toes.

Tom’s heart slowly began to beat at a faster pace and his thin eyebrows furrowed once more, confused by your sudden change of state, “Y/N, what are you-”

Your hands slowly slid up from the heavy breathing of his chest to behind his neck, fingers gripping tightly yet softly onto the skin. Your thumbs rubbed soothingly against the veins carved beautifully into his neck, your eyes flushing from their darkened, saddened state to a much darker one, but void of all sadness. The sadness you once felt turned eagerly into emotion and lust all at once, your cheeks breaking with color.

“Please, Tom. No explanation. I need you, so, so badly,” your voice cracked slightly underneath the feeling of pure anxiety yet lust and need for the man in front of you.

A once bright brown, now a seemingly needy and darkened brown hits your captivating orbs in a gaze filled with nothing but demand for the other. The beat of your heartbeats collided as his fingertips reach up and lay themselves against your tinted cheeks. His mind no longer focused on trying to make you feel better. All he needed to happen was happening right now.

Your voice crackled some more but portrayed more confidence and whispered a bit huskier once more before the two of you were pressed up against one another, “I’ve been thinking about it all day, and I hope, god, I hope you feel the same way. ‘Cause I want you, I want you so much more than you may think.

“Please, Tom. Please need me.”

 The next thing you knew, your noses were brushing up against one another’s, lips so achingly close you could practically feel the electricity crackle between the two of you. His eyes ere etched into yours , not once looking down at your kissable lips before staring a loving gaze into your eyes and capturing your lips with his.

Pure bliss.

You instantly responded, lips hungry for the feeling. His thin lips locked against yours in a searing kiss, filled with every emotion he could possible show you. Your mind was clouded with absolutely nothing. There was no more worrying. All you needed was happening right now.

Tom’s hands went from rubbing your soft cheeks to whisking themselves achingly slow down your neck, thumbs massages the sweet skin between your shoulder and neck, where his lisp would soon explore. Your fingers wrapped around the hair at the nape of his neck, your arms pulling him closer towards our wet, hot mouth.

The growing intensity was evident as you both began to lose breath. You felt yourself slightly gasping for air, but continuing to collide your lips with his, as you couldn’t let go of the wondrous feeling it ignited within you.

Tom decided to let you breath (lol), and trailed his lips from yours all the way along your chin, neck and collar bones. Your eyes shot open as you felt his wet lips press themselves against your collarbone, and sucking slightly. The feeling caused a gasp to escape from your lips, your stomach twisting into a knot.

Tom felt you shiver beneath his lust-filled touch and released, leaning down to softly kiss the area that caused your state of shock. You softened at his actions and brought your head back down to watch what he would do next.

Your breaths heavily mingled as you made eye contact, the energy and emotion bouncing off the walls, “C'mere,” Tom whispered against your neck, the contact against the sensitive skin was enough to cause your eyes to shut in sinful and needy thoughts.

Tom’s hands slowly ran down your arm, his hand grasping yours. His fingertips played with yours and his figure stood up from his previous position. Your eyes scaled his features and feel back into a deep state of love just by feeling of him being this close to you.

He tugs slightly on your arm, Let me truly show you how much I need you,“ Tom whispered, eyes softening at the sight of your flustered features.

Both your hearts were now laced together in more than one way you could describe. As Tom led you to his room, your passion for him was just as much as he had for you.

You finally knew where your heart belonged.

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stronger ❖ jongin (2)

❝What would I do without you, love?❞

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, angst, dad! jongin au, ceo! jongin, daddy tbh, smut (in future), age gap, if you don’t like it, don’t read please.

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 |

The next day you found yourself in front of the Kim Family Company, the building was high in the sky and it seemed like the clouds were almost touching it. It scared you, you couldn’t deny it, everything felt so unreal, you wanted to go back home, say to your mother that you were sorry and you would have found another work by yourself, but then the images of Taeoh came to your mind and you couldn’t help but take out your phone and click the name of Kim Jongin on the screen.

You saved both of his numbers the night before, before going to sleep, so that you didn’t need to bring the piece of paper with you. You passed the worst night of your life, in the working field you were a freshman, you didn’t know what to do: should have you gone in time or before, should have you wore a dress or a skirt, heels or flat shoes, makeup or not, were you going to stay or was he going to let you go home? Everything was a big round of questions and you did not know how to answer then.

You called the number with shaking hands, the clock on your phone signed fifteen minutes to ten, you wanted to be there earlier, but your alarm didn’t work, so you now were there, an hour later from the time you assigned yourself and looking horrible.

Hello?❞ after the fourth ring Mr Kim’s voice vibrated from the other side of your phone, he was probably waiting for your call since he told you that he never used his cell phone, but still managed to pick up at the first call.

With shaky voice you answered. ❝Mr Kim?❞

Y/N! I’m coming down, wait for me inside the hall❞ he cheered, his voice raised with a little bit of happiness hearing yours and you couldn’t even mutter an abashed “yes” that Mr Kim already closed the call and left you there dumbstruck.

You surely weren’t expecting the happiness in his voice, probably he thought that you had just gave him a false hope telling him about you babysitting Taeoh, or maybe you were so late that he thought that you weren’t going to show up anymore so when he heard you he felt relieved.

Did you already fuck up or what? You weren’t sure.

You put your phone back into your bag and walked big steps to the entrance of the building, when you first put foot in there the strong perfume hit your nostrils and left your head fly high, the smell was too strong and it made you want to throw up, you just wished his house didn’t smell like this or you would have fainted a couple of times per day. A few people stared at you and a short girl came out of behind her desk and walked to you with little steps, she was dressed in grey, her skirt, her shirt, her blazer, everything was grey and it matched perfectly with the grey and sad atmosphere around the place. Even if people were working and running everywhere, the place still felt very stiff and uncomfortable.

How may I help you, Miss?❞ she smiled a little, bowing in your direction to welcome you. She looked so pretty with her hair up and tied in such an elegant way, on the other hand you just looked… normal.

Boring, in your blue jeans and black jacket, your white scarf tight around neck, preventing you from the strong wind and your hair was a mess, free and long, cut by the scarf.

You raised your eyebrows at her, not sure on what to say, you didn’t need help actually, you just needed her boss to be as quick as he could, you really wanted to go back home, you weren’t at ease in that place, it felt like going back to freshman years where people looked at you with pity.

No, thank you, Ma’am❞ you bowed to thank her, then looked in front of you. Embarrassment fell of the both of you, she was looking at you with a face, her hands clapped together in front of her and you, you were just trying to stay calm because you felt as if she didn’t want you there.

Miss, I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to ask you to leave the building if you have nothing to do here❞ even with her polite voice, you still looked at her face and the way she was watching you, clearly annoyed by your presence.

Your face fell in shock, did Mr Kim not tell her that you were coming for an interview? Clearly, why were you even asking it.

You raised your hands in front of you and smiled embarrassed. ❝Oh, no, no wait. I am waiting for Mr Kim, I’m the new babysitter for Taeoh❞ you tried to explain.

Her face quickly changed, her eyes opened wide and she almost looked… small in front of your presence.

Mr Kim? I’m gonna call him for you then❞ she smiled politely at you, her face now completely different and that must have been the effect of being in front of a person who was in strict contact with her boss.

It’s fine❞ you called out following her a little to make her stop in her tracks ❝I already called him and told him, he’s coming down❞ you whispered a little shy in front of that situation. Even if that was your first day, she already seemed to hate you, and the look she gave you after those words was the mark of it.

Is he coming down?❞ she cringed at the thought and you shook a little, you weren’t sure why she looked possessed thinking about her boss coming down in the hall, but her eyes opened more widely than before, leaving you astonished.

I am❞ said a voice from your left said. You quickly whipped your head to the side, a tall Mr Kim, hugged in black pants and a white shirt was walking toward you, his hands hidden in his pockets and the sleeves of his shirt were folded till his elbows, showing the tender skin of his forearms. You almost gasped, he looked so good, you were really feeling like a freshman looking the last year most famous kid.

Just like you, even the secretary looked shocked in front of such a man, her face softening at his beauty and her eyes dreamy.

Mr Kim❞ she said with a sultry voice bowing deeply at her boss. The way she was batting her eyelashes didn’t look very professional, but Mr Kim didn’t seem very impressed at her little show.

He looked at you with raised eyebrows, his face looked softer than the day before and his lips were tilt in a little smile. ❝Y/N, it’s nice to see you, please follow me

You smiled back shyly and nodded a little, letting him know that you were going to follow him, of course and not stay there. He totally ignored the secretary and that made you smile in amusement, if she wanted to be treated nicely she had to be the one to treat nicely people first. You followed Mr Kim till the lift, he indeed was the boss in there, everywhere he walked people stood up and bowed in deep respect and you were wondering if maybe you were going to do that to, one day.

Mr Kim entered the lift first and you did the same, the people in the space dispersed leaving the lift only for you and the boss. He clicked the last button on the screen and you both waited side by side for the lift to close and to go up into his penthouse. You were already starting to imagine how embarrassing that ride would have been, but before the doors closed, a woman entered the space with you, a big smile on her face.

So here we have ‘the’ babysitter❞ she smiled happily coming next to you while the doors closed. You turned your head confused to Mr Kim and saw his playfully pained expression.

Junghwa❞ he started in a warning, closing his eyes and rubbing his right hand over them.

She giggled loudly and took your arm in her grasp, her face was now close to yours as she was examining your features and you felt your cheeks turn red. She was gorgeous and looked like Jongin, their faces were simply the same and you between them were just… you. The normal girl who went to university and stayed still in the standards. ❝She’s beautiful, you were right❞ she said amused looking at her brother with a smiley expression. Hearing those words you almost choked, did Mr Kim tell that you were beautiful? When? Why?

He widened his eyes and you lowered your gaze covering your smile in the scarf. ❝Yah, Kim Junghwa, do you have nothing better to do than annoy me and my babysitter?❞ he asked tearing himself away from the wall of the lift.

Yah, Kim Jongin❞ she mimicked him, walking slightly away from you to puff her chest in front of her brother ❝why do you talk to me as if you are the older one. Be respectful

You jumped a little in front of that situation, the two bosses were playfully fighting in front of you, but the atmosphere still felt pretty stiff.

You bit down on your lip and hummed a little, quickly - way too quickly - both of their head turned to your direction, Jongin looking at you slightly surprised and Junghwa looking at you with a big smile.

Nice to meet you❞ she giggled pushing away her brother from in front of her and turning all her body to you ❝I am Kim Junghwa and I’m Jongin’s older sister. If you need anything and he’s not here, you can ask me and my mother, we run the place with him so -

I was going to tell her, if you just let us alone❞ he talked through his teeth.

You smiled a little in front of their exchange of salty sentences.

Can you shut up for a second, Kim Jongin? I’m trying to have a conversation with the girl who’s gonna stay with Taeoh more than me❞ she hit him slightly on the arm.

Jongin raised his eyes at the ceiling and you chuckled. They clearly were very close, they loved each other and that was amazing, Jongin wasn’t used to have a woman by his side to help him, having his sister around was clearly helping him open up a little bit.

She always does like that❞ he mouthed in your direction pointing at his sister. You laughed a little.

Before she could reply the doors of the lift opened with a ding and Jongin grabbed your hand to lead you out and into his penthouse. You surprisingly saw that Junghwa didn’t follow you both and stayed in the lift with her arms crossed.

This doesn’t end here❞ she pointed at her brother with an annoyed face, then she turned to look at you ❝I’m looking forward to see you, if you need help, remember to call me, my number it’s the third on the card

Yes, okay, bye. She has me, we don’t need you❞ Jongin pressed the button for closing the lift’s doors and turned around giving his sister his shoulders while she screamed at him to be respectful and the doors closed.

You were dumbstruck in front of the situation that just happened, but you let a chuckle come out of your lips, you and your older sister always did the same thing and seeing that even two ceos could do what two normal people did was heartwarming. You turned and gave the back to the lift, finally your eyes landed to the magnificent sight that was displaying in front of you. If you thought that penthouses in movies were beautiful, in real life they were even better.

Jongin’s house was basically all made in windows, the walls that landed outside were big windows that showed you what was under you both, the city and its lights and the clouds seemed so close. The internal walls were white and not very high, but the living room was very big, it had a black and long couch in the middle, a low glass table in front of the couch and a black tv some feets away. The floor was warmed up, you could feel it even under you sneakers and all around the place there were toys and baby bottles, some with still some milk in it.

Jongin next to you sighed and walked into the living room leaving his shoes behind and passing his hands through his hair.

It’s a mess, I’m sorry❞ he sighed again ❝please take off your shoes and your jacket and feel free to roam around❞ he smiled turning slightly to look at you. You nodded more to yourself than him and then took off your shoes, living them next to the black elegant ones that were his. You looked as he bent down to take some papers from the glass table and then sat on the couch, his face falling into exhaustion that he had been so good hiding it all that time.

You took your bag and jacket off and hung them both on the hanger next to you, walking shyly with your hands in the back-pockets of your jeans.

Come sit here if you don’t feel comfortable walking around by yourself❞ he smiled tiredly at you, his free hand patting the place next to him on the couch.

Okay, so, Y/N, thank you for coming, this really means alot to me. I really need your help, I think I’m going to die for exhaustion in any time and I can’t keep on doing this, I could ask for my mother and my sisters’ help, but they have to work too, sometimes more than me, so I can’t leave Taeoh to them, I would feel like sh- trash❞ he corrected himself, his eyes boring into yours as he talked and you sat next to him.

He looked so vulnerable, you were pretty sure you were one of the only people he ever showed this weak, his eyes were pleading you.

Mr Kim❞ you started smiling a little.


Jongin. I have no problems helping you, but you need to help me too. I have to study so I may sometimes not be able to come❞ you tried to explain, you thought about it all night and you were scared he could not give you the work ❝If it’s not a problem for you, I sometimes may take Taeoh to my house before coming here

Jongin’s eyebrows furrowed and he looked at you concerned. ❝Do you not feel at ease in someone else’s house?❞ he asked softly placing down his papers and giving you all of his attention.

It’s not it, I have my homeworks and my books at home, I can’t always take them here and back home, it would be better for both if

Leave them here

That answer made you widen your eyes, how could a perfect stranger suggest you to leave your things in his home. ❝Leave the books you may need here, then before you go to school you take ‘em away with you so you can keep them in class and the others will be here for your needs

Seriously?❞ you asked a little emotionless, that would have helped you a lot and Taeoh could go home right away from the kindergarten.

Jongin smiled relieved and nodded taking back his papers and looking at them.

Thank you❞ you whispered and looked around.

The place was so nice, outside the windows the clouds were grey and big, it was probably going to rain and the people on the streets were running everywhere, the cars were speeding through the city streets and seeing the life made you feel secure. From your position you could see the kitchen, it was not very big, but looked very cozy, the walls were white, but the fornitures were a warm wooden brown.

That’s the kitchen❞ Jongin smiled at you and you whipped your head to see him, he probably caught you stealing stares around you, which was nothing you should have been embarrassed of, but still you blushed.

Taeoh usually tells you what he wants to eat and he usually wants to eat Chinese or Japanese food and since I don’t have time cooking I just call some takeout restaurant and ask them to deliver me the food here, but if you can cook❞, his hand touched your chin slightly, in an attempt to make you feel safe and warm your mood. The touch giving you goosebumps, his fingers felt calloused, but boiling, you wanted him to print his touch on your face.

You cleared your throat and smiled back at him. ❝I can, should I go grocery shopping after I pick Taeoh up from the kindergarten?❞ you asked excitedly, making Jongin smile warmly at you, he looked at you adoringly. His eyes tired, but happy to see you this excited.

You loved going grocery shopping and you weren’t sure why, it was something that calmed you.

What would I do without you, love?❞

  1. BULGE 
  4. “i’ll make you scream oh sehun oh sehun”
  6. they will actually scream oh sehun and i feel bad for their s/o
  8. you have no idea what they’ve seen
  9. how are their eyes not bleeding yet i have no idea
  11. i swear his bulge is just as famous as he is lmao
  14. also they write really good smut
  15. really good smut
  16. not that i’ve read any of it but i mean
  18. most fans are like oh ksoo changed his hair colour comeback time
  19. but sehun fans will be like
  21. will also fight sm with their eyelashes
  23. slightly more satisfied this comeback but
  25. pretty chill at times but also
  26. at the same time they’re screaming
  27. looking at fanwars like “lol bow to me bitches”
  28. hate antis with a passion
  29. probably multistanned
  30. shook all the time
  31. 01:00 mood: shook
  32. 02:00 mood: shook
  33. 03:00 mood: shook
  35. probably inspired 26/7 by sehun’s newest ig post
  37. but then realize they need to save money for important things
  38. like repackage
  39. fucking jealous af of vivi
  41. like watching sehun piss everyone off
  42. like watching sehun harass everyone 
  43. like watching sehun
  47. would stare at his face for hours
  48. isn’t that what they do on tumblr anyways
  49. dash is full of oH SEHUN OH SEHUN -PORIJHUR0F9PGVRF
  50. call him sebrat but pissed off when their friends call him a brat
  51. like could you at least get it right he’s a higher class brat
  55. but honestly they really like bubble tea
  56. and if they haven’t tried it yet they better do so soon
  57. love themselves a good sehun rap compilation
  62. SEHUN
  63. they just really like sehun
  64. they probably also stan jongin ?? 
  65. fuck they just stan exo okay
  67. like starting shit in a shitstorm bc they like the word shit
  68. chocolate
  69. dash is either flooded with smut or sehun updates or both
  71. waiting for sehun to become an underwear model
  72. we’ll wait and wait and wait
  74. always thirsty
  75. always wet
  76. just always waiting for that sehun dick
  78. honestly if they deny any of the above & following just know
  79. lying isn’t cool bro
  80. honestly they’re a bit reserved irl
  81. like they’re not introverted
  82. they’re just allergic to stupid people
  83. and they don’t want to get an allergic reaction
  84. probably have been told they’re rude and were like
  85. “thx for reminding me ttyl”
  87. also they can be soft if they want to
  88. but most of they time they just want something from u
  90. like they’ll be like finding buried pre-debut pics and bOOM
  92. but they’re also good at editing
  93. so much so that it looks real
  94. wouldn’t it be funny if a sehun stan edited and another sehun stan posted
  95. probably ranks as one of the most perverted exo stans
  96. bc every exo stan is fucking perverted and it’s beautiful
  97. have a secret list of their favourite smuts
  98. as you can see they really like smut
  99. smut = water to a sehun stan
Friends Part 6

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2749 (ops)

Warnings: Fluffy, sadness and all flashbacks are in italic

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Originally posted by flyngdream

The elevator ride was torture, it felt like hours and hours but in reality, you know that was only a few minutes.  You take a deep breath looking in the mirror of the elevator, your lips are puffy from the kiss and your neck is red from his beard scratching you.

You look like a mess.

All you want is go home, take off this bikini that is making you feel exposed and take a long hot shower. You feel like you made a huge mistake, you just don’t know what the mistake was. If it was the kiss or never letting Bucky say whatever was that he wanted to say to you.

You tap your pockets looking for your car keys, you curse yourself when you remember that you came here with Bucky and now you don’t have any idea how you are going to get home. Anyone you might ask for a ride, it’s going to ask a lot of questions and you don’t want to answer any of it.

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anonymous asked:

I saw this on another account but how do you think Shawn would react if his gf was mad that Katy touched his butt, cause I would! (You could write the scenario;))


It’s Not Jealousy 

word count: 1,360

“Just grab it babe, grab my butt” Shawn laughed, shaking his booty at your face.

“Stop Shawn” you said annoyed, pushing him away from you.

“Come on y/n, just give it a rough squeeze. Your hands on my booty is better than Katy’s. Don’t be jealous” he joked, still waving his butt at your face.

“Seriously Shawn, back off” you said, rolling your eyes frustrated at him.

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Too Bad You’re Famous- Tom Holland x Reader

request: You meet tom on insta because you made fun of him!

summary: reader lives in new york and makes fun of tom while he is in town, you make fun of him and you catch his eye…

word count: 560


You crossed and uncrossed your legs, uncomfortable in the crowded Times Square McDonalds. You didn’t even like it but your best friend was on her period and she liked this one best, so out of obligation you were here. While Y/F/N waited in the extensive line you scrolled through instagram. 

@tomholland2013 posted:

You stared at the picture trying to figure out what it reminded you of. And then it hit you: JIMMY NEUTRON. You couldn’t help but snort out loud, you commented:

hahaha, you look like jimmy neutron, soft serve on your head 💩😂

Satisfied with yourself you leaned back in the seat. You placed your phone on the table when your friend returned to the table with her food.

“Hey what are you so smiley about?” Y/F/N asked. You felt your eyes roll and chuckled.

“Oh just this funny comment I left on Tom Holland’s instagram.” You knew that she would roll her eyes hardcore because she thought you liked Tom a bit too much.

“..Oh my god, girl look at your phone, HE COMMENTED AT YOU!” Y/F/N started freaking out. Scrambling for your phone, you tried not to get your hopes up. You knew she liked to make fun of you for your “little” obsession. It really is too bad he’s famous.

@tomholland2013 said: @yourinstagram wow thanks, love that lil dude

2 years later, you sit looking at the handsome boy across from you. Tom lifted his head to see you staring at him with an amused smile. He squinted his eyes and you and tilted his head in suspicion.

“What? You look like you just committed a crime and you look too proud of yourself.” You threw your head back and laughed at him.

“I was just thinking about how we met.” You know that your story isn’t super romantic or anything, I mean you made fun of him on instagram and then you guys got to talking on DM and it just escalated from there.

“A joke on instagram, led to me living with you. Technology is weird but without it I wouldn’t have the love of my life.” Tom reached over and lifted your hand to kiss it.

“You know, the other day this guy commented on one of my posts saying that I was gorgeous, maybe I should date him instead?” You jokingly pulled your hand out of his grasp and crossed your legs contemplatively on the couch.

Tom’s eyes turned dark and he slowly stood up, “You’re going to regret that.” You eyes widened in excited fear as he pounced on you and started tickling your belly.

“STOP, STOP OKAY OKAY I LOVE YOU!” You shouted in mercy. Tom retreated his offensive hands and flopped back next to you, causing your body to bounce a little from his weight displacing the pillows.

“That’s what I like to hear,” His breathing was a little labored, funny that tickling you could tire Spider-man out so much. He smiled the most sincere smile, one only Tom was capable of, and lifted a hand to your chin. Tilting your head to him you greeted his lips happily with yours. He kissed you gently, like he always does when he is sappy like this, and you couldn’t imagine a place you’d rather be than on your shared saggy couch wrapped up in Tom’s arms on a rainy Sunday morning.


(tags under the cut)

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Green Eyed Monster (Draco x reader)

// Draco x reader

Requested: Yes.

Summary: Draco has liked y/n for a long time, and gets jealous when he sees her with Harry.

Rating: Mid-Fluff

Warnings: Language.

Note: Y/h means your house.

Title: Green Eyed Monster. //


When y/n walks over to the y/h table, Draco’s eyes immediately meeting Blaise’s. “What?” He scoffs, picking up his cup and scowling into it, still peering up. Now his gaze goes past Blaise and to y/n again. Draco tries to ignore the obnoxious fluttering in his heart as he takes a sip of the pumpkin juice. “I don’t see why she associates with Potter.” Blaise raises his eyebrows slightly and glances at him. “She’s too good for him-not even just Potter, but all of them.” Draco scowls again, setting his cup down rather harshly. “And what’s he doing right now- look at him. The nerve. Look at that bloody fool…” Blaise sighs slightly and turns around.

“He’s talking to her,” he states. Once again, Draco picks up his cup, turning his attention to the liquid in it as he raises it to his lips.

“It’s disgusting,” He replies. Pansy sighs and shifts in her seat next to him, clearly wanting Draco’s attention on her and not y/n.

“He’s still talking to her,” Blaise continues narrating what’s going on, which oddly enough puts him in a state of ease. He drinks from his cup again and sets it down, focusing all his attention down on the table. Pansy shifts a little closer to him. “Erm, mate?” Blaise murmurs.

“What is it?” He hisses, quickly picking up the cup once more and bringing it to his lips; peering down at it to keep himself from looking up at her, and to hide the obvious blush creeping across his cheeks.

“He’s…oh, he’s sort of…” Blaise pauses for a second, and all his patience snaps at once.

What is it you daft-” When Draco’s gaze travels up and lands on her, it feels as if his heart skips a beat. “What is- what is he doing?” Blaise turns back to me, opening his mouth. “No! Don’t,” Draco hisses, setting the cup down. “That was a rhetorical question, Blaise. Don’t answer it.”

Harry’s body is turned completely towards y/n, a huge smile on his face as he talks to her, leaning closer as he speaks. Blaise peers behind him once more before shaking his head and turning his attention back to his friend. “Hey, mate. It looks like this might be your last chance…they look cozy right now.” Draco’s gaze falls to the ceiling as a slew of curses falls past his lips. He stands up, still eyeing y/n as he takes a deep breath and straightens his tie.

“All right then, I’ll head over. Doesn’t bother me at all,” Blaise simply nods and smiles to himself as Draco moves forward.

There she is, she’s right there. He can’t help but notice how close she is to Potter, how bright her smile is…it isn’t fair, not at all.

Only a few more feet.

Why are my palms so bloody sweaty?

She’s practically right in front of Draco now.

Why won’t my heart calm down? You’re a Malfoy-you’re Draco Malfoy, any girl would be lucky to have you…right?

Y/n glances up from her conversation, her eyes widening slightly. Her smile falters for only a second before it returns, albeit slightly different than before. Draco can’t seem to place what’s off about her smile, but his mind slowly wanders from it when she laughs softly. “Oh, Draco. Hey…can I help you?” She murmurs, her body tensing slightly when Harry looks over.

Malfoy,” he spits. “What are you doing here? Come to give your wonderful insight?” Draco’s eyebrows instantly shoot up.

“Excuse me?” He asks, covering his nerves with a cold laugh. “It doesn’t look like you own this part of the school, famous little Potter. Am I invading your area?” His voice is slightly laced with venom, and despite y/n’s quiet protest, Harry stands up.

“Actually, you are Malfoy! I was just talking to y/n, and you- you come up to harass me. Just leave me alone already, it’s bloody pathetic.” Harry replies forcefully, his hand already reaching for his wand.

Actually, you prat I didn’t come over here to talk to you. I couldn’t care less about you, Potter. I came here to talk to y/n- actually, ask her something that is.” His gaze falls on y/n briefly, and his heart flutters obnoxiously once more.

Keep it together.

Harry shakes his head in disbelief. “What do you mean, Malfoy?”

“Not everything’s about you, Potter! I just came over here to ask- to ask y/n, something.” Draco curses himself on the way he stutters slightly, and he looks away for a brief second. “I actually was wondering if you maybe wanted to go to Hogsmeade sometime-the two of us, that is. I think it could be-” before Draco gets to finish his sentence, Harry laughs sharply.

“I see what it is. Can’t let me have anything I want, Malfoy, hmm? Got to take everything from me, is that right? First you become Slytherin’s Seeker, to compete against me, now this? It’s pathetic Draco, really.” Harry hisses, stepping slightly closer to Draco.

“You’re so full of yourself!” Draco snaps. “That scar of yours getting to your head, Potter?” He scoffs, lifting his nose slightly as he peers down at him. “Why is it so hard to believe I just want to ask her out, hm? It’s not like I haven’t been wanting to since year three. But no- everything I do has to be about famous little Potter!” His eyes seem to ignite as he stares Harry down. “Maybe I just truly like her. Which I do,” he turns to meet y/n’s gaze, his face softening. “I do. I know I’m not good at this stuff, but honestly- I care for you. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t. You have to believe me.” It’s a miracle that Harry doesn’t catch onto his sincere, pleading tone, because the next thing Draco’s knows, Harry’s pulled his wand out and is pointing it discreetly at him.

“Cut it out, Malfoy. This is cruel.” Y/n stands up quickly.

“Oh, cut it out Harry.” She mumbles, pushing his hand down with her own. “Can’t you see his being truthful?”

“Of course, he isn’t y/n. You don’t know Draco like I do, you don’t know what he’s-”

Oh, so you know me now, Potter? Hmm?” Draco raises his voice, startling everyone around them. “So, I assume you know about how I’ll never be enough to please my father?” He steps closer to Harry. “Please, go on. Tell y/n how cruel I am. Tell her that I’m such an awful person, that I torment you daily. Tell her that I hate you and your friends. Please, tell her everything about me, perfect Potter. I can’t wait to her what tales you’ll tell this time.” His voice slowly lowers until it’s barely above a whisper. “I’ve left you alone all this year, Potter. You get everything. The Professors favor you, Dumbledore adores you, you have all your close friends-” His voice cuts out for a second as he inhales shakily. “But greedy Potter has to have everything he wants. No matter who cares more for her- Potter wants her, step aside lads!” His eyes darken slightly. “You can’t let me just have one-win Potter? Not one?” His body shakes slightly as he straightens his posture. “Very well then, treat her right- if you hurt her, I won’t hesitate to hex you.” As Draco turns around, the sound of y/n scoffing makes him freeze.

“As if Harry gets to decide who I’m with,” she murmurs, moving forward. “You know Draco, you are a complete git.” Y/n sighs when she sees Draco flinch, not understanding how her words stung him. “Maybe that would matter if I didn’t care about you.” She continues, reaching out and grabbing his hand gently. “But, see, here’s the thing: I do. That’s where it gets complicated, you see. You’ve somehow roped me into your heart, and I can’t seem to find a way out.” She laughs slightly. “Still don’t know how you did it…” Draco turns around slowly, trying to ignore his fluttering heart enough to say something, anything.

“S-s-s, so…Hogsmeade, nice place? For a guy and a girl, that is.” He stammers, griping the back of his neck with his free hand. “I mean on a date, of course. It’d be a nice place to take you- on a date.” Y/n’s eyes light up slightly.

“Yes, you might have already mentioned that, along with asking me.”

“Right, but I d-d- don’t think I got an answer, did I?”

“You really can’t tell my answer for yourself? After that whole speech? I didn’t think you were this daft, Draco-” she continues teasing him as she moves forward, pulling him along with her, all the while Draco cursing himself for not doing this sooner.

Kim Jongdae//Collision Course - Part 2

Originally posted by baekintime

Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1 / 2/ 3/ 4 /5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 5,165 

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concerts with shawn include...

 hi ok I’ve had this in my drafts for a week or two but decided to post bc its spawns birthday and why the hell not 

ps I’m aware it kinda sucks but this is all I want in life so idc lol just tell me what y'all think or something!!!

  • begging him to go to some indie band you really liked at a small, GA only venue
  • Shawn a little apprehensive but couldn’t say no after seeing your face
  • “babe, you sure it’ll be okay?” as you two walk towards the venue
  • “Shawn come on it’s not like you’re famous or anything, right?” with the biggest grin on your face
  • he laughs because as much as he wanted to make sure you stay safe, he knows you can take care of yourself
  • shawn recording the band but switching to record you too because he never wants to forget the look on your face 
  • towards the end, you finally get him to jump around and dance with you
  • posting a picture that you asked someone to take of you and shawn before the concert 
    •  a cute candid of you two still posed but you were laughing and Shawn was looking at you full of love
    • “saw one of my fave bands w my fave boy”
  • afterwards you two end up at an empty dennys or waffle house or small diner 
  • still being on a post concert high and having the time of your life with each other 

  • finally getting to go to one of his concerts after flying out to see him on tour
  • Shawn dragging you around backstage to introduce you to his friends and crew
  • the two of you exploring the venue
  • probably ending up in some empty hallway making out because “if you think I’m waiting any longer then you’re insane”
  • not going too heated though because Andrew keeps calling him to go to soundcheck
  • standing in the back of the room with Matt during the Q&A
    • so you could still get the true experience without making a scene or distracting Shawn
  • hanging out with everyone in the green room and watching Shawn do any pre concert rituals
  • right before he goes on stage, you give him a quick good luck kiss
  • standing side stage for the beginning
  • During the bridge of TNHMB, he looks over at you with the biggest smile
  • finally seeing how truly happy he is on stage makes all the distance worth it
  • Matt and you going to the light/sound area before Shawn goes to the B stage
  • he runs past you on his way but not before blowing a kiss, winking at you, or something equally ridiculous 
  • after the concert you make your way backstage again 
  • Shawn immediately coming over to kiss you
  • “ew you smell, go take a shower”
  • “this is the rock star life, you better get used to it” before trying to hug you
  • “this rock star better find a new girlfriend then” as you push him towards the showers
  • 10 minutes later, you’re sitting on the couch and feel Shawn drop next you
  • Shawn pulls your legs onto his lap and your head finds his shoulder and says, “I’m so happy you’re here with me now”
  • turning your head and quickly kissing his cheek before pulling him up to get some food so you two can go to the hotel

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You were always there for him. You cheered him on, supported him, but apparently, you were just a distraction.

Word Count: 1548

Originally posted by bwiseoks

“I’m sorry” were the last words you could ever remember him telling you. 

That day you were so fired up with feelings of anticipation and excitement; it was only a few days before your boyfriend was to debut after all. For as long as you could remember, music always had such a strong grasp on Yoongi’s heart. He practically breathed music, hell he probably was made of music itself. 

You had always known about how his parents didn’t take too kindly of his passion for music, but you had always been there for him. You, along with his older brother, were the only support he had until he auditioned for an entertainment company called BigHit. Although he placed second in his audition, he still managed to grab a spot as a trainee. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if you were to claim that you were beyond ecstatic. You were practically bouncing off the walls when Yoongi had told you that he had made it. 

You both knew what it meant for your relationship when he became a trainee. He had to work hard and spend most of his time moving towards his dream. This meant less time spent with you, but you knew how much this meant to him. You loved him so much that you prepared yourself for the lack of dates, the lack of communication, the lack of affection shown towards one another. You prepared yourself because you wanted him to fulfil his dream, even if it meant putting a strain on your relationship. 

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Higher (pt 8)

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Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

“Be glad that we’re not flying across the world,” Yixing pointed out as he plopped down in the seat next to yours. “An international flight would have been a pain in the ass.”

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Something was off. For the past couple of weeks, Harry had been acting strangely. He’d always seem like his head was up in the clouds, and whenever you managed to pull him back down to earth, he’d give you nothing but short answers. You put it off at first, thinking it was just him being super tired from all the work he had to get done. It made sense, obviously! He’d leave the house in the morning, and he wouldn’t come back until the dead of night. The most affection you had gotten from him was a side hug and a quick peck on the cheek. 


“I honestly have no idea what’s going on.” You shook your head, raising your mug to your lips to take a sip of coffee. Y/F/N raised an eyebrow before shrugging casually while she continued to scroll through her phone. Since Harry was barely at home, you figured you’d leave the house for some fresh air. Spending a day with Y/F/N doing nothing but drinking coffee and gossiping was a great way to unwind! Except, Y/F/N was doing nothing but winding you up. 

“If you think about it, what I said makes a lot of sense.” Y/F/N continued to push her logic, locking her phone and setting it aside. “All the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly! What else would he be doing? He leaves early, he comes back late. He’s barely showing any affection. You two have only been together for a couple months - I don’t want to come off as brutal, but maybe he’s… Y’know, goofing around with-” 

“Harry would never cheat on me!” You interrupted, your cheeks flaring up as you got a couple glares from other coffee-drinkers. “I… I trust him.” You cleared your throat, Y/F/N letting out a sharp breath. 

“Y/N, listen to me. Sometimes, relationships don’t work out! I know you really, really like him, but it can’t be helped if he doesn’t feel the same way about you! I hate to say it, but maybe you two just aren’t compatible.” 

Suddenly, it clicked in your mind. Your lifestyle and Harry’s lifestyle didn’t match up. While he was off attending interviews, mingling with celebrities, and going to fancy parties, you were at home studying for your finals. You were a university student - Harry was a world-renown popstar

“Honey, maybe he wants someone who knows what it feels like being super famous. Maybe he wants someone who understands- Heck, maybe he already found someone else! He obviously cares about you so he’s probably finding a way to break it to y-” 

“That’s not fair.” You cut Y/F/N off, feeling your heart beginning to race. You couldn’t accept it, you didn’t want to accept it! 


“I don’t wanna talk about this anymore.” 

You were going to do it. You were going to finally talk to Harry about the ongoing situation. Even though you hated confrontation, you knew you had to do something about it. You were sick of being alone, you were sick of the fact that Harry was treating you like a friend rather than a girlfriend. Or maybe you could just avoid everything and act like nothing was wrong. 

“Y/N, love - It’s nearly 1 in the mornin’, why’re you still up?” You jumped slightly at the sound of the door slamming, making you look up from your textbooks. 

“Studying.” You responded, watching as Harry kicked his boots off and hung his coat up on the coat rack. 

“A’right.. I’m goin’ to bed, then. Don’ study for too long. You go crazy when you’re running on less than 6 hours of sleep.” Harry joked, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. Just before he had the chance to head towards the stairs, you stopped him. 

“Can we talk?” You asked quietly, unable to make direct eye contact with Harry. He tilted his head in curiosity before nodding slowly, moving over to sit down next to you on the couch. 

“Wha’s the matter?” He pinched your arm playfully before grabbing a throw pillow and hugging it to his chest. There was a moment of silence before he noticed your eyes beginning to well with tears. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” Harry sat up straighter, about to wrap an arm around your shoulder before you pushed his hand away. 

“I just… I feel like you don’t like me as much as I like you.” You sniffled, trying your best to keep from bursting into tears. “I don’t think I can be in a relationship where I’m alone for most of the day, and the most I get out of you is a kiss on the cheek.” 


“And I understand that our lives are different from each other’s, and as much as it hurts me - If you want to be with someone who’s more… Compatible with you, I can accept that.” A hot tear rolled down your cheek before you reached up and quickly wiped it away. “I just want you to be happy, you know? I don’t understand why you’ve been acting so distant lately, and I want you to talk to me, but you’re barely here and I feel like it would be better for the both of us if we-”

“I love you.” 

“-Harry, I’m not done talking, let me finish.” You hiccuped, using the back of your hand to wipe away a tear again as the gears continued to click in your head. “As I was saying, it would be-” Wait a minute. Wait a minute. “I’m sorry, you what?”  

“I know I’ve not been the greatest boyfriend lately… Y’know, we’ve only been together for a couple months but I… I’ve been feeling different, I guess, and I was scared that if I told you, you’d freak out and run away or something. I dunno, I went out a lot cos I was afraid that if you did something cute I would blurt out how much I like you and that’s jus’ not the ideal way I want to do it?” Harry was rambling at this point, his cheeks brightening up as he reached up to scratch the back of his neck nervously. “This isn’t exactly the way I wanted to tell you either, but I figured it be good to tell you now rather than have you break up with-” 

“Say it again.” You whispered, a soft smile ghosting over your features. You were obviously still in a state of ‘what-the-hell-is-going-on’, considering Harry had just admitted he loved you - but you needed to hear it again to make sure you weren’t dreaming. Harry paused, blinking quickly to make sure you were reacting positively. 

I love you.” 


gif isn’t mine!

hopefully this makes up for the fact i’ve been very inactive lately sorry my friends!! (this hasn’t been proofread by the way don’t kill me) 

Good for me C.H.

Another Calum one shot. After this one I am going to write something but it won’t be about Calum. If you have some requests, leave them here 

By the way, this is my first ever requested imagine so I’m so happy. I hope you like it, babes. Also, I’m not so good writing smut so I’m sorry for that. 

Summary Could you do an imagine please of where you and calum go to an interview and you’re a popular singer long before 5SOS were around and the interviewer keeps saying things like “you’re here because of y/n” ect and then he’s grumpy all the time you get home and you guys just like get into a bad argument and make up sex with is v steamy thank youuu xxx

Requested: yassss

Trigger Warning: smut 

Word count: 1,5k

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

Camera flashes were the only thing I could see all along the red carpet. People were screaming our names as we were walking down, pausing every second to pose for the cameras.

Calum had his arm resting on my waist, his finger brushing the skin that my backless dress showed. He was dressed in an amazing suit that made me drool over him. A smile was plastered on his face the whole evening, even in the red carpet, a place I knew he didn’t like that much. But he had told me that he wanted to be there with me, supporting me in what could be the most important night of my career. I had been nominated for two Grammys: best R&B singer and best album of the year and I couldn’t be more nervous. Of course, I wanted to win but I also adored the other artists who were also nominated. So having Calum by my side, made me feel calmer.

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Super Star (Part 2)

Originally posted by iwriteaboutdean

Summary: Jensen brings the reader over for dinner at his place…

Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 3,200ish

Warnings: language

A/N: A wee bit of angst but only a teensy bit…

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Exchange Student -1- Jungkook

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Exchange Student - Jungkook

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Genre; Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.650

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS. 

“Good morning everyone, please take your seat.” You quickly did what the teacher asked and sat down. “I’ve got some news for everyone. We will start our new program of exchange students. A few of you will be hosting one of the students.” You knew that your mother signed you up for this new program so this wasn’t really a surprise. You were curious though because you didn’t know where this person was coming from. You just knew a few languages which existed out Korean, English, Spanish, and Japanese. The reason why you learned Korean was because you loved Korean drama’s, just like your mother so last years she gave us up for night school. We learned Korean together and now we could speak it almost fluently. So I must be a student from either Japan, Korea and a Spanish country.

“Y/n,  I believe that you are signed up for this program right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, could you come over here, I will give you some details about this exchange student.” You got up and your best friend Sophie thought it would be funny to trip you, This backfired though as you saw it coming from miles away. You quickly took a sip from your water and as you passed her desk she stuck out her leg and as you stopped next to her, you turned and spit out the water right over her. At first, she was horrified and then she burst out in laughter and you couldn’t help but follow her and as you both were laughing like crazy, you walked towards the teacher who was just shaking his head. He wasn’t laughing but he also didn’t say anything about it, probably because he was used to it.

“Sorry about that sir.” he shrugged and smiled at you “I’m used to it.” You chuckled because this was true. It was not like you were the only ones who pranked each other but the entire class liked to goof around. Not that it was a bad thing because your class was above average in scores, so this was allowed, as long as we cleaned up after ourselves.

“So the student that will be staying at with you is from South Korea and his name is Jungkook Jeon.”

“If he is from South Korea, shouldn’t you say Jeon Jungkook?”

“Technically yes but this is America, so he should say it the right way.”

“Sure but don’t you think it will be hard for him?”

“He has to get used to it really fast, so please call him by his first name.”

“Whatever, Just know that I’m not going to disrespect his culture.”

“I’m not asking you to but he has to get used to the western way’s.”

“I’m sure he will do that, without throwing away his own culture.”

“I’m not going to discuss this with you. He will be arriving at 11 a.m. tomorrow. You will get two days off, to get him settled, then he has to come to school with you. You will be his guide and you are responsible for him, do you understand this?”

“I understand, thank you, sir.” You grabbed the information and walked back to your seat. You immediately told Sophie about what the teacher had said.

“Wait, what is his name?”

“Jeon Jungkook.” She blinked a few times and you couldn’t help but wonder if you had said something wrong but when she started to blush, you couldn’t stay still. “What are you thinking off.”

“Jeon Jungkook right?” You nodded and that’s when she started to smile but it was her fangirl smile, which scared the hell out of you. “Why are you smiling like that?”

“You really don’t have a clue do you?”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking or thinking about.”

“You know that I have been talking about this group called BTS right?” You had to think back but you could remember her saying something about BTS. “Yes, I heard you squeal about them yes.”

“Well, Jeon Jungkook is a member of that group unless there is another Jungkook.”

“Look I really don’t know but I will see this tomorrow.”

“Can I come?”

“No, I don’t think that’s allowed.”


“No, I will let you know if it’s him okay?”

“Ah come on.” she was literally begging you, which was really cute but you had to disappoint her. The last thing Jungkook needed if he really was in that group, was some weird ass fan. “Nope.” you put your finger on her forehead and pushed her back. “Just focus on your assignment.” you chuckled when she stuck out her tongue. “You are too cruel.”

“I know, just deal with it.” She did turn around but within no time she turned back again.

“I can’t focus now.”

“Figures, just go watch bts on youtube then.”

“Oh, that’s a good idea. I can show you a mv of bts, so you can prepare.”

“Ladies is something wrong?” The teacher stood next to you and you knew it was your own fault for not paying attention. “She can’t concentrate sir.” you didn’t want to throw her under the bus but you panicked.

“Oh really, well I know some things you can do.” Sophie groaned because this usually meant nothing good. You had to pay her back for this eventually and as she followed the teacher. You went back to your work, you were studying music, you had piano lessons and you played the drums in your band. At the moment you were trying your hand at writing songs, which wasn’t that easy but the band was really enthusiastic about it. You kept practicing, which led to one complete song but the song made no sense at all but they still liked it, we used the song for sound check, which was hilarious.

“Y/n, you can go home early today. You probably have some things to arrange before Jungkook Jeon arrives.” You couldn’t help but cringe when he said his name like that but you knew better than to say something about it.

“I do actually, thank you, sir.” You didn’t expect to walk out after only three hours of school, not that you minded because now you could skip Math and chemistry so this turned out well.

“Mom I’m home!” You yelled the second you walked through the door.” She popped her head through the open kitchen door. “Already?”

“Yes, I know. Remember when you signed us up for that exchange student thing?” You asked her whilst walking into the kitchen. “Yes I remember, why?” You ruffled your little brother’s hair before you sat down. “Well, we have been chosen to be a host to a Korean student.”

“Wait, Korean?”

“Yes, his name is Jeon Jungkook and he will be staying with us for at least six months.”

“Really, do you have a picture?”

“No, but apparently he is really famous.”

“He is?”

“Yes, Sophie said he is one of the members of BTS.” You shrugged and grabbed the iPad, you went straight to YouTube and searched them. Apparently, they were really popular as they had millions of views and followers. You clicked on the MV which was called “Fire”. The way it started with them chilling out and then this super handsome guy jumping over a fence and then he just put some guy on fire well that grabbed your attention but then the others came into view and by the end of the video you were deeply impressed and you were wondering how you managed to not know about them earlier.

“So which one was Jeon Jungkook?”

“I really don’t have a clue mom.”

“Aren’t there introduction videos about BTS?”

“I guess there are.” You searched and found a lot of videos and the second you found out who Jungkook was, you were fanning yourself because damn he was hot and around your age. So this would be fun. “This is Jungkook mom.” You showed her and even she blushed.

“He is really handsome.”

“Yeah and about my age mom.” She nudged you gently and you both started to giggle. “Let’s go shopping for this handsome fellow.”

“Let’s do that.” You lifted your four-year-old brother out of his chair and walked to the car.

“What do we need?”

“A bed and maybe a desk?” You suggested when you suddenly got an idea. “Sophie knows what he likes, shall I give her a call.”

“Please.” You immediately pressed her number and after two rings she picked up. “Traitor!” She always cracked you up and this wasn’t any different. “I know but I know a way to make it up to you.”

“Really? I doubt that.”

“We’re going shopping for Jungkook and we need your help.” It was quiet on the other side as she was probably imagining stuff about Jungkook, which was kind of adorable. “Are you still there?”

“What, yes, when are you picking me up?” She was definitely hurrying.

“We will leave now.” Which meant she had five minutes until we would be there and with that, she just hung up the damn phone. “And?”

“She is helping, so let’s go.” You made sure you brother was tucked in safely and after sitting down yourself, your mother started the car and drove off. “So this Jungkook, he is really famous but we aren’t that rich and we don’t have a big house, do think he would mind?”

“I’m sure he doesn’t mind mom.”

“I just don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.”

“Mom really doesn’t worry about it, our house is bigger than the average house there, I mean those houses in drama’s, I think it’s like that in real life as well. Sure there are really big houses but overall I think it’s like in drama’s, so please don’t worry.”

“If you say so, I’m just nervous, I never met a famous person.” She was cute when she was nervous but there was nothing you could do about it because to be honest you were also a bit nervous and to think you had to act normal around him. You were wondering why he was coming here though, Aren’t kpop groups really busy all the time? When you stopped at Sophie’s driveway she came running out of the door,  it was so funny, usually, she hated working out but Kpop groups made her do the weirdest things ever.

“Let’s go!” she quickly hugged your mother who was giggling about her enthusiasm. “Alright let’s buy this boy some furniture.” After a few minutes you were walking through the IKEA and that’s when you let Sophie loose, she was running around like crazy, talking to herself, texting people to make sure she was picking the right items. “Why don’t you give Dylan to me, so you can assist her.” your mother nodded towards the crazy person and you quickly handed over Dylan and skipped towards your best friend. “So do you think we have enough, it’s not like we have a lot of money.”

“I do, so don’t worry, this is on me.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“I’m not, this is for Jungkook, so there is no limit today.” You shook your head and slapped her arm. “You are crazy.”

“I know, just let me.”

“I will but only because I can’t stop you anyway.” she smiled and stuck up her thumb. “You’ve got that right sis.” you rolled your eyes and after an hour you were finally done. You were going to get it delivered because she really got a lot. They would deliver it tonight, which meant there was no sleep for you, as you were the one who had to put it all together but luckily for you, you were in a band so you texted your bandmate Christian and begged him to help you. He arrived after the delivery guys left and you immediately went to work. You made sure there were snacks and drinks, otherwise he would never forgive you. “So why are we doing this?”

“Ah, we are getting an exchange student tomorrow.”


“Yeah and you know he is from South Korea.”

“Really? That’s awesome.”

“I know right, now I can test my Korean.”

“I already told you this but your Korean is really good.” It was good to have a Korean friend but he had been living in America since he was really young so it was just different. “Yeah, yeah but he lived in Korea his entire life so it’s just different.”

“Whatever, just put that desk together.” he focused on the bed and after six hours you were finally done. The walls in this room were white, so you decided that black furniture went best with it and after everything was set up, you were really satisfied, it wasn’t really your taste but a guy could live here right? “Yah Christian? Do you think a guy will like this room?”

“I think he will like it.” h ruffled your hair and after that, he left. You made the bed and dusted the room before you went to bed. It was already past 2 a.m. and you had to be on time to get him from the airport because somehow you didn’t expect for a thing to go easy as he was famous. Your mother woke you up the next morning and she was stressed out. “I can’t come with you!”

“Why not?”

“They need me at work, there is an emergency.”


“I know sweetheart but they are understaffed in the hospital, so I really need to help them out.”

“Alright, I will take care of everything, don’t worry.” This was going to be awkward because you had to bring Dylan with you as well, what if he thought he would be your son. What would he think of you, this was going to be great and when you saw the time, you quickly buckled up Dylan and told your mom to jump in and after you dropped her at work, you drove to the airport. You had your sign with Jungkook’s name on it and with Dylan, you walked to the arrival hall and waited. You didn’t have to wait long because you recognized him right when he walked out, he wasn’t alone though as a guy followed him. You quickly held up your sign and Jungkook immediately noticed it and pointed at it. He was even more handsome in real life and as his eyes checked you out, a smile appeared on his face and it stayed there even when his eyes landed on your little brother. He stopped in front of you and the first thing you did surprised him. You bowed whilst introducing yourself in Korean. “You speak Korean?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Oh yeah, I’m Jeon Jungkook, please take care of me.” he bowed as well and after he introduced himself he introduced his manager. “He won’t be staying, he is just here to go over a few things.”

“Ah okay.” He looked around as if he was looking for someone. “Is your mother not here?”

“She is at work, something came up so it’s only my little brother Dylan and me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I’m fine but can you drive?”

“Of course I can.” you smiled at him and his eyes lit up a bit. “Can we go then?” he politely asked and you nodded and as you walked towards the car, you couldn’t help but think that he was just a normal guy, there was nothing really special except for his good looks and the fact that he was in kpop group.

You first buckled in Dylan and then you got behind the wheel. Jungkook sat next to you and his manager sat in the back. “Do you mind if I put on some music?” Well, at least he was being polite. “I don’t mind.” Not long after you heard Justin Bieber fill up the car with purpose and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes at this. “You’re a Bieber fan?”

“Yes, I like his songs a lot.”

“Of course you do.”

“You don’t like him?”

“I do but I’m not his fan.” That was the best way to explain this. “Why?”

“I just don’t like him. He does make good songs but I don’t like him as a person.”

“Do you know him personally?”

“No, but I don’t want to.”

“So you judge a book by its cover?”

“Apparently I do.” You felt embarrassed as he pointed this out and the thing was you couldn’t disrespect him as he was older, this was not going great so far. “Do you know me?” This threw you off for a second.

“I know you since yesterday.” You felt the blush on your face because you felt like you did something wrong but he just smiled. “So you haven’t been binge watching my mv’s?”

“No, I only watched “fire” and “dope” they were really good!”

“Thank you, you know it’s a relief that you don’t really know me because if you were a big fan then I couldn’t stay with you.”


“Because you might sell information to reporters.”

“Fans really do that?”

“Of course they do.”

“Well, just so you know my best friend is a really big fan and she will be coming over frequently.”

“That’s okay, she just has to sign some stuff then.” You sighed because this could only mean one thing and that was confidential docs. Probably to protect himself. There was nothing you could do though but he was much more business like than you had expected. “Do I have to call you Oppa? I mean you’re a year older.”

“In Korea you do but it’s maybe weird if you do that here. You can call me Oppa in private.” You nodded and as you drove home you kept thinking about why he was sent here but now was not the best time to ask him about it. When you arrived home, you were worried he didn’t like the house, you first unbuckled Dylan, who climbed out himself and ran to the garden to play with his toys. You opened the door but waited till Jungkook got his stuff from the car. “Please come in.” you moved out of the way and as he walked in, you were already trying to make up an excuse for the smallness of your house. “It’s cozy.” your mouth dropped on the floor because this was absolutely not what you expected.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, it’s nice.”

“Thank you, do you want to see your room?”

“Yes please.” you walked up stairs and stopped at the door next to your room. You opened the door hoping he would like this too, he better though as you spent the entire evening putting stuff together. You walked in and Jungkook followed you, as you turned around he was looking around and a smile played on his lips, which made him even more handsome. “I like it, are these furniture new?”

“Yeah, My bandmate and I put them together yesterday.”

“Really? Well, it looks really good.” he touched the bed to see if the mattress was good and you crossed your fingers because this was the best mattress they had. “This feels soft.”

“Do you like soft mattresses?”

“Of course I do.” you smiled and walked to the door. “I will leave you so you can get settled. I mean your manager is waiting for me anyway.” you bowed slightly before leaving the room. You walked to the kitchen where his manager was waiting. “Sorry about that, do you want some coffee?”

“No thank you, I’m in a slight hurry.”

“Ah yes, I’m sorry, what do I need to sign?” He pulled out the documents “I’m sorry for doing this but it’s really necessary.”

“Ah it’s fine, I understand.”

“You’re mother when does she get back?”

“I really don’t know, she is a nurse so she works a lot.”

“I see, well then you are responsible for now.”

“Okay, that’s fine.”

“Jungkook will be staying with you for six months, this is the time he is allowed to stay away from Korea. You are probably wondering why he is coming here, well it’s simple. He needs to finish school and his schedule allows it, he has a comeback scheduled in October and he needs to graduate this year, without any distractions.”

“I understand, well this is a private school and it mayors in different music classes but also in math and chemistry, he can even take lessons in English or Spanish.”

“That good to hear, he will be attending the music classes and he can choose what he wants to do besides that.”

“Okay, I will notify the teacher.” you smiled and as he pointed where to sign, you didn;t even read it and signed the papers, it was not like you were going to tell anyone that Jungkook from BTS was staying at your house. “Thank you and please get your mother to call me.”

“I will.” you bowed again and as he said goodbye to Jungkook, you quickly made something to eat. You decided on something he knew and as you were making the fried kimchi rice, you couldn’t help but think there was something more to this whole moving countries thing. Dylan came back into the house and ran towards the tv and this time you decided to just let him watch it. “Dylan do you want to watch Mickey?” he nodded and started jumping on the couch. “You immediately put on Mickey and friends which made him quiet for at least thirty minutes but this gave you enough time to go check on Jungkook. You walked upstairs and without thinking, you opened the door but you stopped when you saw him without a shirt. He noticed you right away and he couldn’t hide the smirk.

“You like what you see?”

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