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Introduce me to kpop. What is a BTS.

where to start omg

ok well basically BTS (bangtan sonyeondan) is this group of 7 korean boys who make dope music and they’re basically a family (jin = mom, namjoon = dad, suga = uncle, jhope = aunt and the 3 youngest are the kids) and they debuted in june 2013. since then they’ve gotten HUGEE both in korea & internationally and this fandom is called ARMY and lemme warn u, once u join it’s pretty much a life sentence :’)

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if u wanna get to know the members here’s a very brief intro:

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon):

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  • leader
  • producer & writer of a lot of their songs
  • Bang PD (CEO of BigHit, their company) said he created BTS because of namjoon 
  • so without him there wouldn’t have been bts ugh my heart has so much room for namjoon
  • ANYWAY. HE’S SUPER TALENTED AND HE’S ONLY 22, released a mixtape titled “RM” that got on the Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of 2015 by US SPIN which is amazing (you should take a listen)
  • known to break things he touches
  • is actually very soft and nerdy on days when he’s not Rap Monster aka spitting pure fire into the mic on stage
  • part of the 2 man No Dance Line with Jin (but honestly both of them are way better dancers than u and i will ever be)
  • posts outfit of the day pics on twitter with hashtag #KimDaily

Jin (Kim Seokjin):

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  • oldest member, born in 1992
  • became trending as #cardoorguy after he walked out of their car to walk the red carpet in 2015 melon music awards because ppl wanted to know who this handsome bastard was
  • cooks for the other members :’) thus the nickname of being the mom in the group
  • likes the nickname of Pink Princess fans gave him
  • does mukbang shows called Eat Jin where he literally just eats food and gets super excited about it
  • voice of an angel
  • studies acting in university
  • the only one who can put suga in his place

Suga (Min Yoongi)

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  • one of the 3 talented rappers of the group
  • released his mixtape this year “Agust D” (give it a listen) that literally slayed us all
  • struggled in his trainee days and talks about it in his mixtape
  • second oldest, born in 1993
  • not the most talkative but will be savage af when needs to be 
  • aka doesn’t take anyone’s shit
  • also produces and writes their songs
  • his hair color changes like every single era but he somehow pulls off all of them???
  • has a tough exterior but is a soft ball of love past it :’)

J-hope (Jung Hoseok)

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  • other half of 94 line
  • DANCING MACHINEEEE HOLY SHIT if you watch his “Hope on the street” videos on their v app channel or any bts performance video you’ll see what i mean
  • helps the other members with choreo
  • used to be a street performer before BTS. learned rapping after he joined and he’s hella good at it (listen to his track 1 verse)
  • when will bighit release his forehead again
  • loudest of all of them lmao

JImin (Park Jimin)

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  • the other half of 95z 
  • (the reason why i got into bts)
  • amazing dancer
  • his vocal skills are also 10/10, hits them high notes as precisely as he hits the choreo
  • I WILL NEVER BE OVER HIS THIC THIGHS #thicthighssavelives
  • a selfless cinnabon, too pure for this world. puts the members before himself, always. it kills me how much he loves them. like he will tweet the most supportive things, is the photographer of #kimdaily and always praises them before himself ughhhhhhhhhh my heart
  • perfectionist
  • his solo song Lies did really well, ranked #2 after their title track on melon charts
  • smol bean

V (Kim Taehyung)

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  • other half of 95z (btw if you want to know more about 95z or the other ships, that will have to be another post because i have A LOT to say about them)
  • listen to his deep voice to understand how wonderful of a singer he is
  • actor!!! going to debut in his upcoming drama Hwarang soon :’) 
  • cutie with a soft spot for dogs, his late grandma, babies, and jimin
  • very kind hearted and pure soul
  • rude af on stage tho (if you saw the taejin moment during MAMA u know what i mean)

Jungkook (Jeon Jeongguk)

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  • maknae (youngest member), born in 1997 but does not act like it at all
  • nicknamed ‘golden maknae’ cause he can do literally everything and do them well (even bowling)
  • talented af. triple threat (sings, dances and raps)
  • his hyungs all dote on him so much :’)
  • its moving how much he quietly cares for them (his solo song Begin was written based on how he felt like the other members raised him since he joined kpop industry at such a young age and that meant being away from home since he was like 14)
  • has a thing for plain tees
  • has one celeb friend, yugeom from got7 :’)
  • a walking human meme 


I can let go of everything | c.h

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Prompt: Being able to live out your dream has its price. Is Calum willing to pay it?

Word Count: 1,036

A/N: This goes out to all fandom, just love the celebrities for their talents please. Also, would anyone want me to tag them in any new writing that I post?

5SOS bassist lit a cigarette.

Calum Hood, 19 year-old rockstar, was seen out and about 130 days consecutively.

Calum Hood’s rumoured to be cheating…

Calum angrily threw his phone across the empty hotel bed as the headlines started to add fuel to his rage. 3 years. He had been dealing with all the bullshit the media had thrown at him for 3 years. Not once did he flinch. He was reminded everyday that the consequences of living his dream might be costly but it was worth it, with all the people rocking out to the rhythms he composed, screaming at the top of their lungs to the lyrics that was so personal to him.

But the people who were wearing shirts with his face on them, the people who claimed to be his “biggest fans” stabbed him the hardest.

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voltron social media au

im too lazy to draw these/make photoedits….so have some headcanons instead

  • allura’s @ howallurrring
    • has no less than 200k followers on any platform, but she mainly uses instagram and has like 300k there
    • pretty snarky overall, routinely shuts down men trying to argue against feminism 
    • has a running joke where instead of posting a picture of lance’s face she just shows his ear or his leg or something and tags him as ‘”leg”
    • she travels a lot and posts pics of places shes been/her home of altea/royalty shit/galas/the mysterious man she refuses to call her bf
  • shiro’s @ t-shirogane
    • rarely posts pics of his face, but when he does it gets over 1000 likes and a slew of comments
    • has yet to figure out snapchat, so all his sc story’s are him doing mundane things ie feeding his dog, reading a book
    • allura gets 99% of his photo creds…..its like theyre together a lot….alone…hmmm interesting….
    • his favorite thing to do is take weirdly zoomed in pics of keith/tweet quotes from keith without any context
      • k: “imagine knives….
        shiro: ”…ok and???”
        k: “no thats it. just imagine knives.”
  • keith’s @ keithkogane
    • what the hell is an instagram
    • mostly on twitter, he just figured out how to retweet things and we’re all very proud of him
    • basically Jaden Smith 
    • “Can You Believe There Are So Many Stars But I Am Not Dating Any Of Them” —@keithkogane
    • now he posts a lot of pictures of lance with captions about whatever weird shit was going down at said time
    • his bio is always, without fail, a quote from hunk that’s usually something like “hugs not drugs –the greatest man of our generation @ hunkules” and hunks always his header
    • sometimes he just quotes picture of aliens/monsters at pidge with no context 
  • lance’s @ itslancetime
    • he insists that his username is a pun but literally no one gets it
    • half his pictures are of him doing something stupid with the caption “PARKOUR”
    • his avi is always either him and hunk or literally just hunk
      • also uses hunk quotes in his bio
    • will randomly make posts like “hunk garret is better than all of us” and keith favs, retweets, quotes, screenshots it
    • one time pidge called him Leg McClain instead of lance and no one has called him lance since
    • posts lots of pics with his family/likes to randomly make shoutouts to them
    • gave up on explaining himself and now just tweets the shrug emoticon whenever someone @s him
  • hunk’s @ hunkules
    • likes to post pics on beach
    • likes to post pics of animals
    • likes to post pics of his friends
    • everyone has at least one instagram pic of hunk hugging them really tight and spinning them around 
    • basically….Thomas Sanders
    • he’s also really big on vine and half his jokes are just telling people he thinks theyre pretty (and said person swooning in response)
    • his most liked pic to date is the one of keith, lance, pidge, shiro, and allura in matching “in hunk garret we trust” shirts
    • he’s a soft bro 
  • pidge’s @ pidgey
    • her snapchat is literally just hours of matt doing/saying really weird shit with shiro just shaking his head in the background
      • alternatively, shiro responding in kind with equally weird shit and pidge, off camera, “i need a fucking vacation”
    • likes to take pictures with robots (and also of robots)
    • cut her hair really short and then responded to every “you look like a boy” comment with “wow thanks my brothers a boy this really reminded me of him”
    • responds to every picture from keith with “ALIENS ARE REAL!!!!!”
    • refers to matt as “matt” and shiro as “taller matt”
    • no one can tell if her conspiracy theories are genuine or not
      • pidge: “throwback thursday is just the governments way of cataloging on the pictures you never posted on the internet before”
        shiro: “pidge…………why……….”


  • matt’s @ mattpew-holt
    • meme queen
    • seriously, please stop him
    • if Neil DeGrasse Tyson and birdsrightsactivist had a baby, that baby would be matt
    • literally goes from posting an in depth discussion on dark matter or blackholes or space travel to posting a pic of shiro falling with the caption ‘DAT BOI COMES…….AND THERE HE GOES”
    • his snaps are 50% shiro 50% pidge
      • matt: hey shiro what time is it
        shiro: uh like noon–
        matt: time for death to free us all from the chains of existence
        shiro:……..ok but same
      • matt: you ever wonder why we’re here
        pidge: you ever wonder how i havent actually murdered you yet
    • he’s never met hunk. he has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt.
      • sam holt also has a “in hunk garret we trust” shirt. matt posted a pic of them wearing the shirts and @ed hunk and said “i dont know you. but i trust you” 

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What's your favorite feature or characteristic of Hanzo from Overwatch? I'm just curious. :)

Good question, Nonny. This is just my opinion, but I have to say that, even though his entire appearance is great-looking (understatement of the year X3), my favourite feature - physical feature, to be specific - of Hanzo’s has got to be his face. It sounds silly, but I remember when I first saw him in a promo pic (that one where he’s holding his arrow), I was instantly drawn to his face: it was so beautifully handsome, more so because of that broody, sombre expression that it held. It made me want to know why he was looking like that (and he was an angsty archer, so it made me all the more intrigued with him).

In a way, his facial expressions are a kind of gateway into his personality/mentality. Take, for example, this scene between Hanzo and Genji from the “Dragons” short:

I mean, damn, this man’s got a stunning face, that’s for sure (I can literally look at him all day). :) But in this moment, Nonny, I was able to see beneath that angry, bottled-up exterior and see a mixture of his pain, his disbelief and his wonder upon finding out that Genji was alive - his brother whom he thought he had dutifully killed, whose “killing” made him become remorseful and leave behind his clan and its activities in search of redemption. He carried these emotions for so many years (no doubt it weighed heavily on its mind), and in these few seconds we’re able to see these emotions conveyed through this single look of disbelief. It actually makes him look vulnerable, something that he probably rarely shows because he has to be the responsible older brother/leader/skilled, nonsensical warrior. Hanzo seems more human, more relatable, as a result.

I’m also quite fascinated by his eyes:

Again, same story: Hanzo’s too pretty for this world his eyes convey his emotions clearly. In that brief flicker of recognition when he sees Genji half-unmasked, we see his sadness borne from what he had to do to Genji in the past, and - when the eyes narrow a little bit - perhaps maybe a little relief and affection when he realises that his little brother’s alive. I think we also catch a glimpse of disappointment and tinges of regret, because for Hanzo it’s like, “Genji’s actually alive and has become this cybernetic thing, and I left my old lifestyle behind and spent all this time grieving over him.”

If we don’t see those two emotions there, then we definitely see it here:

Hanzo’s face beautifully shows how he feels when he asks Genji (possibly also asking himself), “What have you become?” He’s still reeling from his shock, but it seems as if he can’t digest the idea that Genji is alive but in a different form, as if he’s disappointed/saddened/regretful that he did this to him and/or that he threw his old lifestyle away for redemption’s sake but now it all seems like it was pointless.

Like I said before, Nonny, I can look at Hanzo’s face all day because I can’t believe that he has such a gorgeous face (I can’t understand how a cute man like this exists, bless him McCree, you lucky bugger T33T), but the way his facial expressions exposes his emotions, his personality, his current state of mind … just things like that make me want to learn more about Hanzo’s character, his motives, his fears, etc. I love him for his abilities and bruh, is he beautiful, but his character and background story are fascinating, and I’m always drawn to characters with an angsty past/bad boy tendencies because it makes me wanna dig beneath their surfaces and see their hidden humanness.

Hope that answers your question, Nonny, thanks for asking! ^3^

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Hi! First of all I really like your blog! *_* You are perf! I am new in Super Junior fandom and I really appreciate all your edits like omg Eunhyuk is also my favorite. But since I am new here, I don't really know how to tell them all apart. I had enough problem with EXO as it is xDD as for SuJu I know Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon so far lol. If it's not asking too much, can you help me and write something about them, how to recognize them etc? :3

Eh, Super Junior… my precious boys. Don’t even look at Hyukjae, pick another bias, there are plenty of them to choose from lmao k  But back to what you asked lol. I know there are way too many of them. (OT15 FOREVAAA) At first it seems impossible to know them, but trust me, if you watch the shows you really get to know them better. Okay, here’s a little description about each member and pics and stuff in no particular order. :3 

1. Leeteuk ~ His real name is Park JungSoo. He is the leader. Has the cutest dimple when he smiles. Very Caring ~ he’s an actual angel (nickname angel teuk). He was born in 1983, so he’s the oldest and is always teased by other members because of it. He’s known for his unique laugh hahah. You should hear that like oh my god hahha xD He’s sub-vocal but also the second best rapper (so he usually does some rap parts). He MCs many shows, so you probably saw him somewhere lol. Usually has blonde/brownish hair. And damn gurl that body… like woah. *fangirling* Was in military ~

2. Eunhyuk (baby boo ❤(ˆ‿ˆԅ)) Real name is Lee HyukJae. He is damn dancing machine, meaning SuJu’s main dancer. Also main rapper when we are at it. :3  Always being picked on by the other members who claim he is the ugliest one except Donghae . (Srsly guys leave my babe alone, u wanna die ha?ha??┻━┻︵💨ᕙ(🔥益🔥ᕙ )) He was born in 1986. He tends to  change often his hair colour. I am worried that he’ll end up being bald lol (ye, thats him with that pink hair. Yes, that too with that blue hair in that MV… *rollsEyes*). He has the most adorable gummy smile. ASDFGGHJKL And that JAWLINE of death. :O His nicknames are monkey, anchovy, jewel boy… I wonder why. (-.-)  Best friends boyfriends with Donghae. Idiots in the group of two. Famous pairing Eunhae. They damn ship themselves lmao He has dog named Choco. Never forget ”I am not short, I am long”. lmfao my precious He is a crybaby. xD

3. Heechul or Kim HeeChul. He was born in 1983. Beauty. lol That says it all xD But no, seriously he is really, like REALLY beautiful. He usually has long hair. Somewhat feminine. SOMEWHAT?? He makes me question my exsistence as a girl. His nickname is Cinderella. If you see someone dressed in Hello Kitty stuff or buying Frozen merchandise - yup, that’s probably him. He has Russian Blue cat named Heebum. His English speaking skills hillarious :’D. He is the King of Kissing. (ELFs know hahhaha) He is the most outgoing tbh and loves the spotlight. He can be very moody and others don’t mess with him. Was in military as well. He is an atheist. Donghae (though younger than Heechul) is the only member of Super Junior who is allowed to address Heechul informally, and that’s because Heechul finds him cute. Heechul himself talks formally to young kids! Srsly Heechul is hilarious.  

4. Han Geng or Hankyung (Korean name) was one of three Chinese members. He left SuJu in 2009 because the company was treating him bad. (you know that story already *RollsEyes* ). He’s known for his Beijing Fried Rice. He is great at dancing, he knows ballet! He is now doing his solo activities in China.

5. Yesung ~ Real name is Kim JoongWoon ~ He is one of the three main vocals. He was winner on Immortal Songs 2. Was born in 1984. He has somewhat chubby face and is one of the taller members. But man, his voice… His voice is AMAZING. When he sings you know it’s him. He is also in Super Junior KRY (with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook). They always call him the weird one haha. If you see someone around turtles (he has three), bugs etc.  with that unique ( bushy?) hair, that’s probably him. xD In Explorers of the Human Body he was very confident but always failed at his challenges haha. He is currently enlisted in Military so he wasn’t on last SuJu album, ಥ_ಥ

6. Kang-in or the real name is Kim YoungWoon. He was born in 1985. He is known for his strength. He’s is one of the bigger guys in the group. He is also very funny. Was in military. The members are all scared of him when he gets mad, although he’s actually really hilarious and sweet. He really has beautiful voice.

7. Shindong- or Shin DongHee. He was born in 1985 and is damn great Dancer. ~ Lead Rapper. He is also one of the bigger guys in the group. But his sense of humor is really cute. Usually he is the mood maker. Probably the easiest to tell apart because he’s “chubby” and is always teased about it haha. But he is super hilarious and I think is very cute. He choreographed many of the groups’ dances along with Eunhyuk. ♥ Going to military this year together with Sungmin. :(

8. Sungmin or Lee SungMin. If you saw someone with blond hair, short, wearing all pink - you got your man. LOL HE LOVES PINK. It’s not even joke. xD He is super like super-duper cute. Also does Martial Arts. One of the lead singers. He is just as girly as Heechul hahaha. People (and members) have voted him as the member with the best booty. xD. Oh yea, he is the only married member. xD He really has strong, beautiful voice. He is member of Super Junior M.

9. Donghae or Lee DongHae. Eunhyuk’s boyfriend best friend. REALLY GOOD Dancer. Known as the second best dancer in Super Junior, after Eunhyuk. D&E unit with Eunhyuk.  He is very funny, and although he was born in 1986 he is 5 years old. Seriously. He’s really a sweetheart who everyone loves.  If you hate baby Hae, I am judging your existence on this planet. He doesn’t know how to lie. Kangin said, if you want to know anything about their private life, you should ask Donghae because he couldn’t lie. lol xD He is very popular with fans, and one of my faves. He likes rain so he often uploads pics and vids of it on his SNS. His nickname is “Fishy”. That damn body tho…Did I mention how effin handsome he is???

10. Siwon or Choi SiWon. Siwon is the richest lol. He can buy SM :O hahah He is known for his infamous hand gestures. Very polite. Muscular. Model. And those damn DIMPLES! >.< He is the tallest member and damn he has the sexiest abs. Definitely has the the best body and is very handsome (VERY).  ”Shibrows” (ELFs know hhaha). Siwon is the most religious member of Super Junior. He’s trying to convert Heechul for years. What a failure. LOL He’s very conservative. He is a skinship addict. He loves to hug or ask his members for a kiss. *cough* EunSiHae *cough*

11. Ryeowook or Kim RyeoWook. He is SO DAMN CUTE. He used to be the youngest member until Kyuhyun was added to the group. THAT DAMN VOICE He’s one of the main vocalists and his voice isn’t hard to recognize. He is pretty shy. The one with those unique cheekbones? Yup, that’s him. He cries very easily as well. He’s very short (the shortest one, he once said he is even shorter than EXO’s Kyungsoo lol xD) and is just tiny overall. Ryeowook likes cooking, and often takes care of his hyungs by cooking for them. His nickname is ”eternal maknae” because of his looks. He loves giraffes lol. He really has unique looks and unique voice, theres no way to miss him. xD Make up king xDD He is adorable overall.

12. Kibum or Kim Kibum. He is on ”hiatus” - pursuing his acting career so he kinda is in suju but not really… Who knows. *sighs*  He was pretty quiet even when he participated in SuJu activities. He lived in the US for a few years, and has fairly good English. He has an IQ of 138.  :O

13. Kyuhyun- or Cho Kyu Hyun. He was born in 1988  and is maknae. (May I add EVIL maknae). Main Vocalist. His voice could melt the heart of any living person. He is also in Super Junior KRY and SuJu-M. Although he is the youngest member, he doesn’t look/act like it. LOL He was added to SuJu a year after the group debuted, but he fits right in. If you see someone non-stop on their computer playing games - that’s him. He plays so many games that people call him Gamekyu. He’s very witty and funny. He is the type to hold grudges haha. A lot of people call him “evil” because he plays so many tricks on the other members. He is very tall, and very attractive as well, may I add. He has that ”manly” image written all over him. xD Kyuhyun is a recipient of the President’s Award as he showed excellent results in a Math
Olympiad. He has his solo album. ^^

14. ZhouMi - One of the two Chinese members. He is part only of Super Junior M. He was born in 1986. Main vocalist in SuJu-M. He is gentleman Mimi. Has solo album. Very tall and handsome. Zhoumi has a nickname “Siwon” since he looks like him. Some say he looks like a combination of Siwon, Kyuhyun and Leeteuk. He’s SJ-M’s Mandarin teacher. He’s big fan of fashion. He has one of the most beautiful smiles you” ever see.

15. Henry or Henry Lau. He was born in 1989. He is Canadian. His skills are amazing. I mean AMAZING. He dances, sings, plays violin name it.  Very talented. He’s 2nd Chinese member in Super Junior M. He speak English fluently. He speaks Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, English, Korean and Japanese. He’s the only fluent English-speaker rn. Has solo albums. And OMG Henry is just the most adorable person ever. He even follows his fan club accts on twitter. He’s always so adorable towards fans.

Here, I hope this helped you ^^

Just a little piece inspired by these photos of Stana Katic.


“Castle, stop it.”

She nudges his camera out of her face, hearing the sharp click followed by his huff of annoyance.

“Beckett, you are my wife. I want pictures of you.”

“You have pictures of me. All kinds of pictures of me.” She grins, directing her gaze away from the TV and pinning her lower lip between her teeth in that way she knows drives him crazy, and while he does waver, his blue eyes going dark and unfocused for a moment, he isn’t deterred.

“Yes, and while I do treasure all of those photos.” He waggles his brow and she rolls her eyes, returning her gaze to the movie they’ve hardly paid a second of attention to. “You’re my muse, my inspiration, and I just want to do a little photo shoot with my new camera.”

“That you still don’t even know how to operate,” she mutters, earning an offended scoff that has her lips quirking. 

“Just a few photos, Kate. C’mon, please-

She pinches the bridge of her nose at the start of his begging, the lingering traces of his inner nine year old coming out to play, and she sighs in defeat, a sound he recognizes and crows with delight over.

Castle rises from the sofa they transferred over from the loft, grabbing her hand and tugging her towards the stairs. “I already have so many ideas.”

“You said a few,” she reminds him, trudging up the stairs after him and that stupid professional camera he just had to have. 

“I know what I said, but really, I thought you’d be all too ready to strike a pose for me,” he muses, strolling towards their bedroom, but she pauses in the doorway, her brow creasing.

“What are you talking about?” she demands, narrowing her gaze on him as he grins back at her, mischievous and teasing. She knows that grin, knows it means he has something on her.

“Oh, just your old modeling days, remember?”

Her jaw drops. “They told you?”

Showed,” he corrects and the arrogant smirk is enough to have her lunging for him, going for the camera.

Castle shrieks, wholly unmanly, and tumbles back to the bed, laughing through his shouts for help as she crawls atop him, grappling for the camera, biting back a smile of her own.

They both cease their struggling at the sound of an impatient cry from the bedroom down the hall.

“Look what you did,” she huffs, poking him in the chest and rising on her knees.

“You started it,” he throws back, lifting his camera to snap a photo of her glaring down at him. “Now, would you prefer I get our child while you prepare for your promised photo shoot or-”

“You’re ridiculous,” she grumbles, using his chest for balance as she crawls from the mattress, grinning at his grunt from the pressure of her palm. 

Kate pads down the hallway, easing the cracked door open further until she has their son’s attention. James beams when he notices her, already sitting up and waiting. He’s a patient baby most of the time, not a big cryer either, and her heart softens as she approaches his bouncing form.

“Hey buddy, did Mommy wake you from your nap?”

His little fists beat against the bars of the cribs and Beckett chuckles, leaning over the structure to slip her hands beneath his arms. James’s tiny smile grows once she has him cradled in her grasp, delight spreading in his bright blue eyes as he examines her face and then the rest of the room - his usual observation routine - and blinking against the afternoon sunlight streaking through the nursery window.

“Sorry baby, it’s Daddy’s fault.”

“The monitor is still on, Kate,” Castle calls from down the hall and James straightens at the sound of his father’s voice, peering around the room, searching. 

Beckett laughs and transfers James to his changing table, making quick work of his diaper and snapping up his onesie before scooping him up once more, carrying him back to the bedroom with her.

He lets out an excited shout when he notices Castle, his small body already extending towards his approaching father, and Kate hands him over, watches with a smile that has her cheeks aching as Castle lifts the boy above his head before bringing him back down, hugging their son to his broad chest where James always seems to find peace.

Must be genetic.

“Good nap, huh? Perfect, now you can help Daddy,” Castle tells James conspiratorially, carrying him into their en suite with him, and Kate follows with a sigh. 

She promised to do his silly photo shoot and she will, but she isn’t happy about it.

“We’re doing this in the bathroom, really?”

“It’ll look cool against the white tile,” he insists, snatching his camera from the sink with his free hand and allowing James a clear view of the device that has his blue eyes wide with fascination. “Don’t disrupt my vision.”

Her eyes roll yet again, but she steps past him, still in her heels from the precinct, and slumps back against the tile of the wall, arching an eyebrow in impatience.

“How do you want me?”

His eyes flicker up from the camera, blooming cobalt at her words, and she feels her cheeks heat despite herself.

“Just act natural,” he murmurs, bending to set James down at his feet, but he instantly crawls towards her, tiny fingers curling around the fabric of her pants.

Kate hears the camera snap, but keeps her eyes on the happy little boy scooting around their bathroom, watching him try to lift from his knees only to topple sideways and bubble with laughter every time he plops back to the soft rug by the sink.


Her gaze snaps back to Castle only to see him lowering his camera and turning on his heel.

“Wait, what?” she calls after him, pushing off the cool wall and plucking James from the floor, disrupting his intense work process of trying to open a baby proofed cabinet. 

“See, wasn’t so bad, was it?” Castle grins over his shoulder, trotting down the stairs, towards the office just off the living room.

Kate trails after him in confusion, wiping a stray piece of fuzz from the bathroom rug off of James’ knee while Castle takes a seat at his desk, opens his laptop, and plugs in the camera. “I thought you said - a photo shoot?”

“Well, I had envisioned something a little different,” he winks. “But with James there and you watching him… you’re a beautiful mother, Kate. I wanted to capture that.”

Kate drifts to stand behind him with James on her hip, her eyes going wide and her heart fluttering against her ribs, swelling with affection as they land on the screen. He has a folder open on his laptop, the screen filled with rows upon rows of pictures - her, his family, their friends, James. An endless amount of preserved moments.

“You took all of these?” she whispers, leaning in closer and eventually easing James into his lap so she can get a better look, reaching over him to brush her fingers to the mouse pad.

“I don’t like formal photos,” he shrugs, shuffling his feet while she continues to scroll through the images in the saved folder. “I like capturing moments, real moments, of you, of our life together. Most of the ones here are just from my phone, taken over the years since before we were even dating,” he chuckles, spanning one hand at James’ stomach as the boy rests back against his chest, his eyes roaming the computer screen with wonder. “But now with the new place and James, I thought an actual camera might be more appropriate.”

Kate laces her arms around his neck from behind, bends forward to drop a kiss to the top of their son’s head before pressing her lips to his cheek, lingering there for a long while.

“I just want to remember every second,” he murmurs, quiet and soft, lifting a hand to curl at her unoccupied wrist as she continues scrolling through the abundance of photos, her lips tugging upwards at the memories, her eyes starting to sting over the man who documented all of it in words and novels and photographs.

Their story.

Kate abandons the laptop, steals the camera from the desk instead. Careful not to disconnect it from the cord, she focuses the lens on him, calls for James’ attention and smiles at the picture that appears on the screen after she takes the shot.

He may have spent the first few years as a solo photographer, but she’s determined to capture the rest of their lives together.

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You made some really good points: They are not 'fighting' the closeting as before, because they have most likely come to an agreement (w who I do not know), but that also means RULES. Harry not interacting w the others can be because of so many reason: contract, future goals and so on, But it's not because HL do not like each other or that harry is going solo, no way. Judging by who happy all of the guys are right now, I wouldn't be worried. Someone is handle it and they are doing a good job.

During WWA in 2014 MM has denied radio interviews from tons of stations and legit gave no access to 1D, they legit sabotaged 1D there and they only pushed pushed pushed 5SOS. 5SOS got the rolling stone cover, and almost every day was a 5sos trend, while 1D was closed from anyone. But then their availability drastically changed when the YAI perfume needed the boys to give interviews.

So this was the past.

Now compare that to how many times have we heard and seen the boys, how much their twitter changed, how much more freedom Louis has, how much Louis’ mood changed, damn that boy is skipping on stage and is being as flamboyant as he is and it’s so wonderful. 

In the past Rainbow Directioners’ concert experience was legit messed with, because the bodyguards stood so high and close that the people didn’t see the stage, and we had several reports like that I think Lorna was screwed over the most?? 

In the past the RBB was such a threat that they removed him from tour and only came back once.

Today we have RBB as one of the tour mascots and it’s not just the gayest thing ever, but has a sugar bear as well.. Talk about change.

This also brought more rainbows and signs in rainbow colors, and they all get positive reactions from the boys.

In the past we haven’t heard about a single denial.

In Apr/May we got about 5-6 from reps???! That’s such a huge deal! 

The change in the colors and the branding of Between us compared to all the previous perfumes.

The change in how their tattoos are more visible and they are dressed as adults, no longer using the 2012 pics for promo.

The change in doing a Toyota VIOS, a Coca Cola commercial.

Change everywhere. Everywhere.

I also believe that the stage interaction is cut to the minimum for a reason.

But people forget the Louis Tomlinson undressed a man on stage and it made articles, people forget how babygate pushed Louis closer to the doors of his closet than ever, people forget how the media ridicules babygate, people forget that literally no one believes there’s an actual baby from Louis Tomlinson, people forget that the searches for Louis when babygate started were the second most in the world, only Pluto the PLANET being more popular, like holy shit that’s big, people forget that there’s increased Tomlinson-Styles interactions we have access to, people forget how the screens were showing ZERO and I repeat ZERO larry and we lived off screen transitions for Little Things for months, people forget how banned the signs were, like god save people if they dared to bring Larry signs but now they are displayed ON SCREEN FOR SEVERAL SECONDS, that’s huge, people forget the change in how Larry is not a curse word anymore and the Larries are not the scum of earth but actually respected and feared, so much that even Billboard finds us important enough to tease us with next to yous, people forget that HL touched and interacted that kinda happened total 3-4 times during WWA, people forget that a closet is still a closet and some things will only go back to normal after their relationship is out in the open, people forget that Harry literally had 50 something pictures on IG in black and white for more than HALF A YEAR and the dude started posting colored ones, and yes I think it’s pretty intentional that 2 days before babygate he posted another black and white (which is not a famous artist) picture, because he’s not letting colors into his IG while his boyfriend has this scandal, people forget lairport, people forget how much more update accounts THAT HAVE BEEN SECRETLY LARRIES dare to report and talk more about Larry, their followers are no longer bullying them, people forget that they are no longer doing stunts and stupid pap shots to promote things, people forget that H can be in the background finally, people forget the leaked rider, people forget all the Larry press we got this year, people forget that the boys have so much more MIA times, people forget that the old patterns changed, people forget that just one look at the boys (including HL) should indicate that they are in a good place.

Niall in 2016

lets be honset. 2016 SUUUCKED. but niall made it a little better so lets take a second so we can talk about our irish prince!

warning:this post is loooong

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It annoys me when the fandom is so hard on whoever the boys date… like when Liam started dating Sophia people were calling her ugly. And then after awhile they're like MOM. This will happen with anyone they date, it's crazy and disgusting that any GF has to suffer with so much hate when none of us even know them.

Take a look at what the wonderful people (mostly girls) in this fandom do to the women the boys are linked with. This is a selection of comments under Cheryl’s pics… 

And the list goes on and on… I only screenshotted a few pics, because I was tearing up, looking at the stream of hate that was continually pouring in. It didn’t shock me, (how sad is that when you think of it…) ‘cause I’m not new to this fandom, but it never fails to leave an impression on me. And if never fails to make me sick.

Liam writes that he’s happy. His own fans respond to that by way of shitting all over it. Makes sense, yeah? I mean, that’s what you do to someone you seemingly care about and want to feel happy in life? You try to ruin it? Do these girls not realize that they’re actually typing into someone’s heart and mind? Words hurt. They can hurt as hell and they can do emotional damage. These boys are you and I. They’re us, but with some songs that people can sing along to… And the people who should be fighting for them, are the people who disregard that fact the most. 

And it never stops. This fandom (emphasis on the larries…) have continually been harassing Briana during her pregnancy and after. They’ve harassed a PREGNANT INNOCENT WOMAN. She now has a beautiful baby named Freddie with Louis and fans are, yeah you guessed it, they’re still harassing her and now, an innocent child. Louis became a dad! That’s incredible! He’s so proud of Freddie and loves him so much. He should be showered with love and support from his own fans, daily. But fans are calling him a liar, calling Freddie a stunt, harassing his (and Briana’s) family, spreading viscous lies, trending absolutely vile things and being overall gross human beings on every social media platform. For everyone to see. For Louis to see. For Briana to see. For Freddie to see when he grows up. How can Louis’ own fans treat him like this? Even tabloids are calling out 1D fans for their misogyny and ignorance… How ironic and sick is that? What did these 4 amazing boys who have worked their asses off for 5 YEARS to make US happy, do to deserve treatment like this? And note, larries have been harassing and bullying for YEARS now. It never stops. It never.fucking.stops. 

Briana recently made a comment saying how tired she is of the bullying and harassing. A new and blissed-out mum, who should feel nothing but love right now, has to comment that she’s tired of the hate. Her insta account is on private now. Go look under Danielle’s pictures. It’s the same shit.. over and over and over again. Misogyny, slut shaming, larry shit, body shaming, bullying, mocking, spamming, hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate haTAE HATE HATE HATE. Over and over and over again. And it’s been the same for ALL the girls these boys have been linked to throughout the years. I truly admire these women for the way they’re dealing with the obscene amount of abuse and hate they get. And I can only hope that they all have an amazing support system and loving friends and family around. I wish I could erase what they’ve seen. What the boys have seen. And what they’re yet to see, ‘cause this fandom is so repulsive, and I have no idea how 4 so amazing boys, ended up with the worst fans I’ve ever come across.