i was lazy with the carpet

give me domestic phan.
give me dan falling asleep on phil’s shoulder after a three hour buffy marathon.
give me dan cooking breakfast in the morning, smiling sweetly when phil comes up behind him and hooks his chin over dan’s shoulder with a quiet murmur of “did you sleep well?”
give me phil draping a blanket over dan when he accidentally dozes off on the carpet because he can’t be assed to crawl into bed.
dan knows exactly how phil likes his coffee and makes it for him every morning, while phil knows exactly how dan likes his tea and makes it every afternoon.
give me forehead kisses goodnight and lazy, toothpaste-minty kisses after they’ve brushed their teeth. quiet “i love you’s” during lunches an cab rides and cuddles, hands intertwined under the table because this love, this affection, it’s just for them and nobody else.


Requested by @degeathesaviour

• Being assign with him to Task Force X
• Watching his back on the field
• Lazy morning cuddles
• Slow and passionate kisses after a mission
• Always tending to his wounds 
• “ Stop moving, Rick, it’s only a flesh wound. ”
• “ A flesh wound? I’m totally bleeding out on our new carpet right now. ”
• His head on your lap when watching a movie
• Playing with his hair
• Hand holding
• Not a lot of PDA
• He will mostly put his hand on your shoulder or the small of your back
• Being one hell of a kickass couple

How To Love [a James March imagine]

Request(s): ‘i just found your blog and writing is really good :-) can you write a imagine about James March with this : “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”’ + ‘Hi! Can I make a request for a James March one shot?
a/n: i put them together bc i’m hella lazy tbh

Peeking around, you tiptoe in the hotel’s hallways. For the past few days James has been avoiding you. You need to find out why, no matter how much it could possibly hurt. It can’t be worse than what you already know. Being a famous serial killer ghost? No way he can top that one.

Bare bottoms of feet pad against the burgundy carpeting. When you finally make it to the popular room 64, you halt, adjusting the bottom of your shirt. Slowly, you reach your fist up to door, knocking on it gently. “James?” You whisper, face close to the door. Could he even hear your delicate voice?

There’s loud stomps, followed by the clicks and clangs of bolts unlocking. “What is it; what do you want? I am in the mid-” James begins to yell as he opens the tan door. He stops when he looks down slightly, seeing you. “Oh darling! To what do I owe the pleasure?” He asks slowly, wrapping his arm around your back.

“James, why have you been avoiding me?” You question as he pushes you into the room. Before the door shuts, he quickly pokes his head into the hall, looking to the right then  left.  “James!” You yell, folding your arms over your chest in frustration. He always beats around the bush.

“What?!” He screams, flailing his arms. An annoyed sigh leaves his lips. The dress shoes he’s wearing clicks every time he turns while he paces. “I’m sorry. You shouldn’t yell at a lady; I do apologize.” He frowns, walking over and grabbing your hands in his. “You are correct; I have been avoiding you, dearest.” He admits; almost more to himself more than you.

Furrowing your eyebrows together, you squeeze his hands tighter. “But why?” You ask, gazing into his muddy brown orbs. “Did I do something wrong?!” You start panicking, letting go of his strong, calloused hands. Had you done something without knowing?

James shakes his head, gripping onto your shoulders forcefully. “No, no, my sweet, not you but I.” He continues moving his head, gulping. “I… I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified, my dear…” He smirks, “I have not been in love since my ex wife… Perhaps I am a little rusty in this subject, I fear…”

This is way better than when he told you he was dead. Cupping his pale cheek, you grin, “I think I’m in love with you too, James.” You nod, rubbing the pad of your thumb against his skin. “It’s okay to be afraid and rusty. Don’t worry, I can help you with this.” You giggle, leaning closer to him.

He holds your stare, bringing his hand up to yours. There’s a muffled cry from behind you and you start to move. “Show me how to love, Y/N.” James whispers, grabbing your chin and bringing you closer to him. Lips connect for moments as you begin to creep your arms to his neck. A scream interrupts the kiss, making James pull away and roll his eyes. “What?! Can’t you see I am busy with more important things than you, you imbecile?!”


Undertale (Behind The Screen) Scenes = screens. Get it…? …No? 

Featuring white backgrounds, blank speech bubbles, one lonely comic FX, a generally empty set because the artist was too lazy to add more monsters…

And overall sloppiness.

Also some red carpet illustrations that I never got around to complete. 

Sorry guys, this was supposed to be complete with a minimum of 30 pages but I’m just couldn’t bring myself to finish it. Not to mention this needs a lot of research and time. And to top it all off I don’t know anything about the acting industry.

If anyone wants to take over, feel free to grab the script from me.

“When someone says, It’s the Squirrel, you don’t ask questions. You run.”

Finally finished the Mango Squad! This is based on the scene where they were running from Ratatosk. I was too lazy to draw the carpet. ALSO! I know Blitzen and Hearth are running oddly. When I was reading the scene I couldn’t help but imagine them running funny and I had to resist from making Hearth run like a ninja.


Jared x Reader 

Warnings: None?

Words: 1,713

Request From Anon: Jared convinces the reader to go to a red carpet event with him and she’s super nervous cause she doesn’t have anything fancy and she’s afraid everyone will judge her. Can I request a oneshot of that?

I loved writing this! Hope you all like it!

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Dating Justin Drabbles

Heres the list of drabbles I put together so be sure to send in the number you would like!

1. You’re first time

2. Vacation

3. Romantic bath

4. Massages

5. He gets jealous

6. You get jealous

7. Dinner date

8. Movie Night

9. Lazy Sunday

10. His Kinks

11. Your Kinks

12. Road Trip

13. Going to the club

14. Award Show

15. Car Shopping

16. Interview With Ellen

17. He gets home late

18. He’s Clingy

19. He Comes Home Upset

20. Red Carpet Romance

I remade the cover for Twisted Ones, kinda, for the background of the one blog, it’s a weird background and reminds me of both a really lazy 80s carpet and the Glitch from fnaf world. Maybe it’s meant to remind people of static? 

TSE’s background was flat dark brown with Red color themes, so i’m not sure if there’s anything to take from Scott’s decision to make this book red and Blue, aside from him using Blue a lot in Sister Location, which I really don’t want to think about.


Although he is always impeccably dressed at red carpet events, one of the major Australian paparazzi syndicates once complained that Joel “always looks like he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards when we snap him.”  :-)

Joel readily admits that he dresses purely for comfort on his own time: “I’m not that into preening,” he confesses, and then jokes that, "Some might just call me lazy.“  :-)

“Ride me”

Word count: 1003

Rating: R

Pairing: Ashton Irwin/Reader

Request: Yes yes yes!


A/N: Hell yeah! Fucking finally some Ashton love, I was getting so upset. I hope this is to your liking because anything that has to do with any of these boys is fucking hot as hell. All different kinds of riding here hot damn.

I was sprawled out on the couch, watching reruns of pretty little liars and unattractively stuffing my face with popcorn. It had been a lazy day, both Ashton and I didn’t have work so we got a couple things done around the house and were doing our own stuff.

“y/n can you come here?” I heard Ashton call from our shared bedroom. I padded softly up the stairs, walking down the carpeted hallway to the bedroom. Ashton was sitting on the bed and nearly jumped up as I entered the room.

“Yeah babe?” I asked, he smiled and motioned for me to come over. He had a look plastered on his face that I couldn’t quite pinpoint until I realized a look of hunger in his eyes.

“I have a question.” He said, staring into my eyes and holding my hands. I was placed in between his thighs as he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Then ask silly.” I giggled, he smiled adoringly at the sound of my laugh.

“How many different ways is there to ride me.” He asked, all smiles gone from his face. I thought about it for a few seconds. Well there was just plain riding him, riding his thigh, riding his face, and I think that’s all.

“Three?” I answered in more of a question than a statement.

“Right baby girl, and I want you to do all of them. Can you do that for me?” He asked, his voice getting lower. I nodded my head quickly. He smiled, helping my lift my shirt above my head and toss it to the ground beside me. I shimmied out of my leggings, left in only my underwear. He contributed in the nakedness by taking his shirt off.

He tapped his leg, signaling for me to straddle his thigh. His hands locked on my hips and he assisted me in moving my hips in a circular motion. His sighs were nearly inaudible and I was left making all the noise.  His warm breath fanned over your ear while you rocked harder against him, moaning out and leaning my head on his shoulder.

“Getting close babe?” He asked, the smirk evident in his voice. I moaned in response and his hands on my hips stopped my movements. “Then up you get princess. Time to ride my face.”

His eye dropped into a wink and I blushed climbing off his thigh and noticing the wet mark on his dark wash jeans. I climbed to hover over him with the help of his steady and large hands guiding me. He moaned at the sight of my exposed heat hovering over his watering mouth.

He teased me with his tongue, flicking it expertly against my clit making me moan on impulse. He laid his tongue flat against me, sucking lightly on my folds. The immense pleasure he was causing me was blurring my senses and all I could focus on was his mouth. I felt my release nearing faster and faster and I couldn’t get the words out to warn him. He knew me well enough to tell and he sucked harshly on my clit. My high washed over my in a blur of moans and curses before I felt my shaking body being lifted off of him.

“Last one baby.” He coaxed in my ear while I started seeing straight again. I nodded and helped him pull off his jeans and boxers. His hard erection slapped against his hard stomach and he laid back, leaving me to crawl on top of him and sink down onto him.

We both moaned at the same time. I let him stretch out my walls as I adjusted to his size before moving. I was tired of the slow and steady so I changed things up. Surprising him, I began slamming myself down on him, moaning profanities and his name all at once.

“Fuck y/n oh my god.” He called out at my unexpected roughness. His hands cupped my boobs as I bounced on top of him. He moaned uncontrollably along with me.

In one swift motion he flipped us over, pounding into me with a force that made the headboard bang against the wall but he was giving no fucks. I screamed out, coming undone unexpectedly. I was seeing stars as he continued slamming into me to finish himself off. We were both breathing hard and uncontrollably as he rolled beside me.

“That was..” I trailed off.

“Yeah.” He said breathlessly as we both stared at the celling. I tried to process what had just happened but at the moment it was all one big blur. My thighs were aching and I knew I would have immense trouble walking these next few days. Apparently Ashton noticed it too because he reached over and rubbed them tenderly, kissing my shoulder.

“Awe, sorry princess.” He said and I giggled.

“That was too hot for you to apologize.”



Things I say to my rats

“Why is there poop on my carpet?”

“Stop standing on her head!”

“How in the world could you have destroyed a brand new hammock in less than ten minutes?”

“Let go of the spoon, you have to SHARE”

“No but seriously, why is there poop on the floor?”

“I know you’re excited, but you’re goinG TO FALL OUTSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOP”

“You already ate your yogie. That one is your sister’s. GIVE IT BACK TO HER.”


“I really don’t like stepping on rat poop, you know.”

Chapter four, lovelies, remember if you want to be tagged then let me know xx


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Christmas- Kenny Holland

A/N: okay someone requested a kenny imagine a while back and this is it. I know christmas is way over but ive been lazy and just now finished it lol. so here. sorry if it sucks ass. at least i wrote something lmao.

It was two weeks before the most joyful holiday of all, Christmas! Holiday lights strung up everywhere, giving anyone passing by quite the show and bringing a small smile to their face. The twinkle in small children’s eyes as they admired the beauty of the lights. Thick layers of snow carpeting the grounds everywhere in sight. Everyone happily buzzing about the arrival of the big man in the red suit visiting shortly in a couple of weeks.  But best of all, the feeling of joyfulness filling the streets, around every corner. The most joyful time of the year has arrived at last!

“Kenny, Sammy, Nate, don’t you guys even dare think about throwing any bit of snow at me.” You growled, emphasizing the ‘think’. The four of you were walking down the crowded sidewalks of Times Square. It was quite a magical place to be around Christmas time, literally everything was completely covered in bright lights. Not that Times Square wasn’t already bright, but around the Christmas season, it somehow managed to get brighter. “Don’t be such a scrooge, Y/N.” Nate complained, throwing a snow ball he had originally aimed at you, at Sammy instead. “Well, for starters, I don’t exactly enjoy being out in freezing ass weather and a fucking snowball wouldn’t quite help the fact that I’m freezing my fucking tits off!” you scoffed, picking up your pace to get some distance between you and the guys. You wanted to be as far away as possible at the moment, or at least away from Nate. “Damn, someone’s grouchy.” You heard Nate mumble as your pace quickened.

You didn’t bother turning around at all the boys at all. At this point, they had pushed your anger button far too many times tonight, Nate being the main one. Now you didn’t really care if you got lost in Times Square. You knew exactly what subway to take to the hotel so it shouldn’t be no problem. “Y/N! Wait up!” You heard from behind you, knowing it was one of the guys you didn’t bother to turn around, if anything you just walked even faster. Before you knew it there was a large hand on your shoulder, causing you to stop. You looked up and saw Kenny, making your eyebrows knot in confusion quite shocked of who was actually calling for you. Kenny was one of the quietest, yet sweetest guys out of the whole group.

“Y/N,” he wheezed, “finally I caught up to you. Who knew you were so fast?” you gave a light chuckle at his question, knowing how lazy you normally were. “Sorry if I’m bothering you but I really didn’t feel comfortable having you walking these streets alone.” He confessed. “It wouldn’t have been a big deal,” you shrugged, “but I really do appreciate your concern.” You blushed and shoved him lightly with your shoulder. You looked up at him and saw the faint red on his cheeks beginning to show as he smiled at the ground. In reality you were glad Kenny came after you once you stormed off, you normally don’t get to spend as much time with him as you would like. The boys always were around whenever you saw Kenny and on the off chance they weren’t it wasn’t long before they were.

“Sorry about Nate,” Kenny trailed off, “and Sammy, and myself. We have been quite crazy tonight.” He apologized. “It’s fine. Maybe I was just over reacting.” You shrugged. You thought about the fight you had with your parents the previous night, maybe that was what triggered such an angry reaction from you. Kenny wrapped his arm around your shoulder, taking you out of your thoughts.

“I don’t think you overreacted one bit. I probably would’ve done of the same thing if I was in your position.” He explained making you smile. You leaned your head on his shoulder, earning a small blush from him, unknown to you. “This is why you’re my favorite.” Your comment making him blush even more which you had no idea about. Little did you know Kenny had a crush on you, which was gradually expanding. He never had the courage to sweet talk you, let alone make physically touch you. He knew the boys would tease him endlessly, and what scared him even more is he knew they would do it right in front of you. He made sure to keep his expanding crush on you to himself.

“Can we go see the big Christmas tree?” you asked, breaking the silence between him and you. The only other sound was your guys’ feet stepping on the newly fallen snow and the cars that occasionally passed by. You guys found yourselfs on the streets with the least amount of people on it, not that either one of you were complaining, New York is crazy crowded. “Of course. Can we take a break real quick, though? My feet are killing me.” He replied. “Okay.” You followed him over to a bench covered with snow. You watched with a sour look on your face as he wiped off the snow on the bench and then sat down. He looked at you with a questioning look, “Are you going to sit down?” he asked, beginning to wipe off more snow for you to sit next to him. “No no no!” you exclaimed, waving your arms back and forth causing him to stop and look at you with more confusion and an embarrassed blush on his cheeks.

“I’m fine. I’ll stand, my butt will just get colder if I sit.” You laughed, and wrap your arms around yourself since you were cold. “You want to sit on my lap?” Kenny offered shyly. You chuckled nervously, “Sure, if you don’t mind.” You awkwardly walked the short distance to him and sat down feeling warm arms wrap around you immediately. You sat with your legs on the bench, far away enough so you didn’t get any on Kenny’s pants and your arms were wrapped around his neck with you back slightly on his chest. (I hope that makes sense) “As much as I hate being cold, I love the snow and I love New York when it snows, not sure why it’s just gorgeous.” You commented observing your surroundings. The lights shining down from the many floored hotels giving the snow a small glow, showing off its natural sparkles. “You’re gorgeous.” Kenny commented out of nowhere, getting your attention. You looked to at him with a confused look on your face. Although Kenny was nervous as hell, there was no way he was going to let himself show it.

He was staring at your adoringly, causing your heart to flutter. “Uh- what?” you stuttered not knowing what to say. You noticed Kenny tense up after your response. “What? Uh- I- Nothing. Sorry.” You chuckled noticing Kenny’s nervousness. You weren’t good with situations liked this but you didn’t want to leave him hanging, and to add to it, you felt yourself getting feeling towards him. You leaned down to kiss his cheek, “Thank you, Kenny. You’re so sweet.” You commented, finally responding to his compliment. He was completely flustered and not to mention red as a tomato.

“We should, uh, walk. Yeah, to Christmas tree.” Kenny managed to get out making no sense, but you laughed knowing what he meant. You got off of him while smirking. He glanced over at you but he immediately regretted it when he saw the look on your face. His eyes went wide and he began walking away making your smirk flattened and mood sadden slightly. You looked to the ground and played with the snow with your foot. After sighing to yourself, you slowly followed Kenny.

As you followed, you regretted kissing Kenny on the cheek, knowing you completely ruined everything for the night. “Hey…” Kenny spoke softly, appearing by your side. “Sorry for walking away without, I just…yeah sorry.” You looked up and into his eyes and gave him a small smile. As the two of you turned the corner and saw the huge tree with many people crowded around it, admiring it. While you admired the overly decorated tree, Kenny admired you. He loved the way your eyes sparkled when it came to things that excited you and how his whole body tingled when you touched him. There was no denying Kenny craved your touch.  

Not being able to control himself anymore, he grabbed your hand; grabbing your attention as well. You looked from your intertwined hands to Kenny, smiling at you. “Why are you so warm?” you chuckled, tightening your grip on Kenny’s hand. He chuckled and shrugged in response. “Here, come here.” He said before wrap his arms around you and engulfing you in a hug. The warmth from his body instantly providing you with warmth. Although for Kenny, all he was getting was streams of tingles rushing through his body, not that he was complaining though. After a while you moved your arms to around Kenny’s neck. The movement making Kenny tense up slightly. “Kenny.” You said making him look at you, which he wished he wouldn’t have done because he knew it wouldn’t be easy to look away. Silence surrounded the two of yet, it was so calming and comfortable. Not long after, you found your faces getting closer and closer. “Kiss me.” You demanded not being able to wait any longer. “Don’t have to tell me twice.” He chuckled and connected your lips.

His arms instantly tightened around your waist and brought you closer to him. Your hands tangled in his hair making the kiss more enjoyable for him. “This is the start of something beautiful, I can promise you that.” Kenny commented before moving in for another kiss. You pulled away momentarily, “I think we can both agree this will be a very merry Christmas.”

A/N: request yo.

clarke is a lousy roommate (and also sucks at doing laundy)

based off of the tumblr prompt “I accidentally flooded the laundry room and you really need to do laundry” au

         “Clarke, I swear if you don’t get off your lazy ass and pick up your dirty clothes, I’ll contact the RA.” Clarke pouted and put down her book.

        “Make me.”

       This seemed to throw Raven in to a rage, and she lifted the edge of Clarke’s mattress, and flipped her on to the floor. Clarke let out a moan and clutched her knee, glaring at her roommate. 


        “Oh, I know. If I come back and this room isn’t clean, I’ll make sure you don’t have a room. Goodbye!” Raven slipped her sunglasses on to her face, and slammed the door. Clarke laid out on the stinky dorm room carpet, and sighed. Okay, so maybe she was lazy. So what! All week, she had spent her days and nights leaning over her medical textbooks, occasionally crying out in frustration, and throwing pens across the room. Her fingertips were stained blue and pink from constantly highlighting and her right hand was blistered from writing so damn much and-

           You know what? She deserved to be lazy with her laundry. It was the only thing she was lazy with. Clarke gradually sat up and crawled over to the ever-growing mountain of clothes in her corner of her room, and began placing them in the basket next to her. Once it was over flowing with various types of clothing, she stood up and dragged it out of the room, a textbook under her arm.

            This being the first time Clarke ever attempted to do her laundry, it took her twenty minutes just to find the room. Then it took her an extra twenty minutes to figure out she had to put a quarter in the machine.

            “God damn you Raven,” Clarke hissed in between her teeth as she slammed the machine shut, and sighed in relief when the machine began to drone and hum. She had gotten it to work.

            The first forty minutes of the machine droning had been quite peaceful. Clarke had gotten far in reading, and nothing seemed to be going wrong.


            Clarke looked up from her book, and raised her eyebrow at the washer, challenging it to make another unusual noise. It clunked again, and Clarke stood up.

            Walking over to the machine, and examined it. A drop drizzled down the side. Nothing seems to be wrong..

            Oh, Clarke was dead wrong.

            Within seconds, the top of the machine popped open and water was pouring all over the place. Clarke was soaked, and jumping up and down frantically.

              “Shit, shit, shit!” She screamed loudly, sloshing through the sudsy liquid. What made matters worse, is someone came waltzing through the door.

              “Oh shit.” He breathed out, and Clarke’s eyes watered, Yeah, I got that. She turned to look at him, and saw a fairly toned man with tanned skin and a face full of freckles. His eyes were wide and his nose was crinkled in thought and-

            Clarke could not really understand why, but tears began pouring down her face and before she knew it she was sitting in a puddle of soapy water and tears, walloping in the misery that was her life.

            “I’m so sorry, I’ve made such a mess, and now my textbook his soaking wet and OW!” She held her eye in her hand; she had rubbed soapy detergent water in to it and now it was burning like hell. She looked up with her one good eye, and watched him place his basket of laundry out the door, and put his hands on his hips.

             “We… we can fix this, let’s get this jawn unplugged.” He mumbled to her, and Clarke thought she would have laughed at him for saying jawn if she wasn’t in a state of despair.

              “DON’T YOU DARE!” She screamed, latching herself on to his ankle and tugging. The man fell in to the water, and looked at her incredulously.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He asked in all seriousness, and Clarke punched him in the shoulder.

              “Do you want to get electrocuted? You don’t unplug things when an effing tsunami is happening.” It was true, and Bellamy seemed to realize this, and nodded.

              The two sat in silence for a while, and Clarke heard the machine click, and the water stopped.

              “It stopped, what do we do?” She turned to him and he stood up and walked over to the machine. Clarke watched his drenched sweatpants cling to his butt and oh my god-

               “Well, you can restart your load, after taking out about half of it. I mean really- you have enough clothes in here to support a large latino family.” Clarke scowled and trudged next to him, lifting her heavy clothes back in to the basket. She restarted her load, and stared quietly at the evil machine. He remained standing next to her, and leaned against the top of the washer.

              “So I take it you’ve never done your own laundry before?”
“Never.” The man cocked his head and smiled at her. Why, she didn’t know; she most likely looked like a sad wet rat. 

               “Ever folded it?” She glared at him, and he seemed to get answer. He laughed.

              “Oi, Princess; you’ve got a lot to learn.” She smiled at that, and glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. His hair was wet and slicked back, and he sniffed, his eyes and nose crinkling up, before he sighed. Oh my god, Clarke thought.

               Soon enough, both of Clarkes loads were washed and dried, and she was leaving the washing room with a smile on her face. She really liked him, him…

             She whirled around,”Hey! What’s your name?”
He turned around and gave her a curios smirk she couldn’t exactly identify.

             ”Bellamy.” Clarke smiled; the name fit him. Later, she would let whisper the name to herself, and smile at the way it sounded rolling off her tongue.

              “Mine’s Clarke.” Little did she know, Bellamy would do the same thing.

              Weeks later, Clarke was begging for Raven to not call the RA, but she wasn’t having any of it.

           “He’ll be here in five minutes.” She said smugly, and Clarke cowered in to her mattress, with pitiful tears in her eyes.

            Sure enough, the RA was at her door in five, and Raven opened the door, flashing her best “I’m the best roommate in the world give me a gold star” smile.

            “Hey! Alright, so come in, as you can see by my roommates mountain of clothes we have a problem here-“

            “Bellamy?” Clarke asked loudly, popping out of her bed, and he snapped his head over to her, and smiled.

               “Oi, Princess, didn’t you learn a thing or two about laundry with me?”