i was laughing the whole time i was making this gifset

Tsundere Jungkook in Bon Voyage

…when Jimin lost his bags.
I know, another throwback and random rant. I’m so sorry :D -.- But every time I remember moments like this it makes me smile, so maybe it will make someone else smile, too :)

Yesterday I mentioned how Jungkook keeps his ‚pokerface‘ sometimes on camera. This is really alike in a way. I was inspired by that lovely gifset of Jungkook in Bon Voyage, first all about pranking Jimin who lost his phone. But the second sad Jimin appeared, Jungkook gave him his phone, his plans to prank him flying out of the window. (♥♥)

The beginning of Bon Voyage where Jimin forgot his suitcase on the bus is very similar situation. We have foolish, cute and panicked Jimin over his bag, dad Namjoon and mom Jin dealing with it, rest of the members shook… and then we have Jungkook. Who is not even on camera as much, but when he is, there’s just footage of him, being very nervous. We all know he has lots of things he does when he’s nervous/not comfortable, among others, there are these „mouth-movements“ (yep, there’s also Jeonlous tongue thing :D ^^). So while Namjoon calls the consulate, Jungkook is quiet but his expression is screaming once again.

One of the staff members goes to him and asks him on camera how he feels about this whole „Jimin-lost-his-bags“ situation. Jungkook is casual af, even goes through his hair – totally chill – and says: „Oh, you just have to let it go!“. Pretending he doesn’t care. Yeah, sure you don’t, that’s why you almost ate your face from the inside earlier. (His face reminds me of that in AHL when they kidnapped them. I don’t know till this day if he bit his lips so he wouldn’t cry or he bit his lips so he would cry and kidnappers took mercy upon him, but sure as heck he wasn’t feeling cool about that situation, either.)

Anyway they go to their apartment, then they grab some food, he still pretends he’s casual about everything, even takes pictures of some flowers :D (I laugh so hard at that part every time :D)
Well, Jimin then goes to pick up his bags from the airport bus and as he’s coming back, guess who we see in the window of the restaurant, full with his „you have to let it go“ attitude, looking over if Jimin has his things now?

…I bet you’re all surprised. It’s Jungkook. Only one of the other six members that paces by the window, probably nervous if his hyung found his belongings.

So, same as yesterday, I’m not sure what I was trying to do here. But I’m just gonna say Jungkook likes to act all tsundere on Bon Voyage, when it’s obvious he’s soft for Jimin-hyung. And once again, I think that’s cute :D ^^

K, bye ~

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don't take this the wrong way but like i'm always so surprised when you say you're a keith stan bc your entire blog SCREAMS that you're a lance stan lmao

hewuuwhwwhe okay but do you want a kind of serious answer??

Come away with me on a journey to June of 2016….. I’ve just made my blog and have started my foray into the fandom. No matter where I turn, I always come up with the same thing: Keith content. Everyone loves Keith. There are gifsets about Keith, there’s tons of Keith fanart, there’s all this meta/theory/analysis about Keith being Galra. And this is all aided by the fact that the show itself loves Keith.

Now me, being an immediate Keith stan, is happy about this! I love Keith. I love klance. Everything is coming up Katie. But I’ve always tried to love characters in a ship equally. So I go looking for Lance content. And I find it! We’ve got Lance memes, we’ve got Lance gifsets, we’ve got whitewashed fanart, we’ve got Klance fics, we’ve got Lance as the butt of the joke posts, we’ve got more memes, we’ve got Langst. My god, do we have langst. There’s langst where Lance is horribly injured, there’s langst where Lance dies, there’s langst where Lance is tortured, there’s langst where the team hurts Lance’s feelings, and there’s klangst where Lance dies for Keith.

Me, noticing a pattern: ummmmm. What the hell lmao

So I’m looking around, and I’m realizing that the fandom… treats Lance like shit. And I’m a ‘everything in moderation’ kind of gal, so when I saw how one-sided this treatment was, I decided to personally balance things out. Basically: I ramped up the Lance loving. I made as many shitposts about Lance as possible, so people would laugh and associate Lance with fun times and like Lance more. I tried to encourage more positive Lance enjoyment. I’m not like, claiming I’m 100% responsible for the Lance Stan movement, but at the time I figured I could make a difference. I also tamped down on my Keith stanning. I figured, there are enough Keith stans in the fandom. I don’t need to add my voice to the group. But I can help Lance. So… that’s why there’s a lot of Lance loving on this blog.

Things got even easier once season 2 aired and the disparity between Keith and Lance grew bigger. Even when Keith was pulling the most bullshit of his young adult life he received way more attention and praise than Lance, both in the show and fandom. So again, I tried to be the balance I wanted to see. I drank a gallon of Loving Lance juice and started bullying Keith.

Tldr I’m a Keith stan who bullies Keith and loves Lance extra hard to make up for the over glorification of the former and the piss poor treatment of the latter.

J2 Main Panel at VanCon 2017

This time I will only make a panel post about the afternoon panel from Vancouver con, as most of what happened during the Gold panel has already been discussed and giffed, and there wasn’t a whole lot that I got out of it. 

J2 seemed to be in great humour throughout the entire panel and I was not left cold while watching them joke around for an hour. 

(4:20) There’s some joking about Jared being high, but Jensen looks as though he’s high on Jared. Umm, I don’t blame him. At all.

(13:10) Dog!Dean clearly appeals to Jared.

(19:43) A fan asks a question about how J2 connect to their characters. Jared speaks of how him and Sam were both searching for themselves and had a hard time finding their places. He goes on to explain how difficult it is to be an actor when there’s always other people “a thousand times more talented than I am, a thousand times harder-working, a thousand times more attractive, taller, or builter.. maybe not taller” after which he looks at Jensen. He talks about how tough it is to sometimes believe in himself and to do justice to all the people who are working on Supernatural.

(22:28) Jensen is clearly affected by the answer and keeps looking at Jared with those concerned eyes. 

(22:30) Jared tries to make him laugh with a joke, but it doesn’t really work.

I wonder if this falls under the category “stuff to talk more about back at home.”

(30:18) Jensen (to a fan): “I’m all yours.” Wooh, those words will make you sweat, especially if you happen to be Jared Padalecki, who has no doubt heard them said to him a few times in the past. ;)   

(58:05) Ooh la la! How about some intimate lower-back touching? I love Jensen’s face after Jared shoos him away - he looks as though he just did something naughty and just doesn’t care that he got caught. Speaking of idgaf…

(59:21) What a way to end a panel! 

All in all, this was highly enjoyable panel with a decent amount of show talk. Both of the lads were clearly in good spirits and the jokes flew out of them with ease. 

Other memorable moments:

  • (7:40) A fan asks about which female characters on the show they would like to play. Jensen’s answer and Jared’s reaction are more than a little suspicious. (gifset)
  • (12:00) Jensen talks about Baby (the episode) and Jared thinks the fans just like to hear him repeating the word. Doesn’t look like he minds it that much himself. (gifset)
  • (13:21) A fan wants Jensen and Misha to be in a romantic comedy. I wonder what Jensen would’ve said if Jared hadn’t made a joke out of it (look at his face!) (gifset)
  • (16:45) Jared re-tells the story of how he came to insult a waiter in Italy by an accident. It’s already been established that this happened with Jensen, not with G, but he tells the official version. (gifset)
  • (31:54) A fan inquires about where the samulet is kept. J2 make a buttplug joke about it that lasts for minutes. (gifset)

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hi do u have favorite vixx gif-makers here?

of course i do~! we have so many talented gif makers in our fandom~!

@chyogi Vola~! she makes beautiful high quality gifs and her colouring is gorgeous, sooo warm and very unique ♥ [x]

@saltykong Riri ♥ always makes gifs smooth and pretty. once even told me how she’s making them, but i’m pretty sure she uses some kind of magic anyway~~ [x]

@jongtaekwoon Selena ;;w;; i’m totally in love with her gifs, i’d like to my gifs look just like her ♥ AAAA+++ pretty hq gifs~! [x]

@hong-buns omg i’m pretty sure that you’ve seen and reblogged Anna’s gifs on tumblr even if you don’t know vixx lol. her gifsets always make me laugh like crazy! (thanks a lot ;/////) her sense of humor is gold and you can see it in her gifs (the captions and subtitles thoo~!!) i love it~~~♥♥ [x]

@royalbins a place filled with beautiful and clear gifs!! do you know how it is possible??? i don’t know too but i like it so much~~~♥ [x]

@kongsook​ hi, hello and welcome to the world of vivid hongbin gifs~!!! ♥ the colouring is original and beautiful ;;U;; [x]

@chahakyeo these gifs are nice&sharp~! almost like hongbin’s jawline XD so many details visible ♥♥ warm couloring [x]

@fan-girl-zone every time i see these gifs, i want to thank the author for making them but i don’t want to look like a scary stalker so…..ekhhmm! truly amazing and beautiful gifs ♥♥♥ [x]

@ravbin very unique, pastel/grayish gifs~! i like the aesthetic of these gifs [x]

@chained-up-taekwoon your daily dose of new vixx gifs~! i’m not even joking!! it really seems to me that she makes her gifs everyday ;;A;; [x

@vixxmyheart i know it may sound silly but the colours of subtitles added to Nina’s gifs are so pretty ;;A;; I LIKE THEM OKAY??? and the gifs itself are so beautiful~~~♥♥ [x

@wontaec can you smell it? the scent of wontaek gifs in the air??? i love these AA++ (very often dark) ideas~! the aesthetic tho ♥ [x]

@hugbin veeeeery smooth and pretty hongbin/leobin gifs~! ♥♥ [x]

@vixx-syndrome the most beautiful hakyeon gifs in the whole galaxy. that’s true, trust me! hakyeon’s gold skin looks so good in these gifs~~~♥ glowing skin~~ ♥ [x]

@at-taekwoons-mercy JUNG TAEKWOON IS EVERYWHERE! such a nice place to live lol jkjk you can find a lot of pretty leo gifs on Angeline’s blog~~ [x]

@hakyunie please teach me how to make gifs…….. THE QUALITY OF THESE GIFS IS AMAZING!!! ;;A;; i love everything about these gifs tbh, just look at them!! ahhhh~~ ♥ [x]

and also these gif makers make beautiful vixx gifs: @wonsiks-hamster-taek, @ravsik, @smilange, @shit-vixx-say, @sangthyug, @sprouthyuk, @hakyeons i hope i haven’t forgotten anyone ;;A;;


1x02 // 1x07

Hey, remember when the revived Doctor Who was actually good, and helmed by Russel T Davies and not Moffat? Well, RTD had a great quote (which is also great writing advice). Before I get into how it relates to Always Sunny, here is the quote in question:

“I suppose there’s a basic characteristic that I bear in mind. An essence. Rose is open, honest, heartfelt, to the point of being selfish, wonderfully selfish. Martha is clever, calm, but rarely says what she’s thinking. Donna is blunt, precise, unfiltered, but with a big heart underneath all the banter. But we come back to what I was saying ages ago about turning characters. If Rose can be selfish, then her finest moments will come when she’s selfless. If Martha keeps quiet, then her moments of revelation–like her goodbye to the Doctor in "Last of the Time Lords”, or stuck with Milo and Cheen in “Gridlock”– make her fly. Donna is magnificently self-centred–not selfish, but she pivots everything around herself, as we all do–so when she opens up and hears the Ood song, or begs for Caecilius’ family to be saved, then she’s wonderful.“ - Russel T Davies

We all know and are aware of the heaps of flaws each member of the Gang has, as well as the Gang as a whole. They are disloyal, selfish, angry, ignorant, all kinds of -phobic and -ist, impulsive, rude (even, if not especially, to each other), dangerous to themselves and others, and honestly, just a whole host of shit that I am too lazy to go through individually. Due to their natures (and the nature of the show, in extension) Always Sunny is rarely serious. It’s almost always over-the-top and fucked up; that is why the people who laugh at the show find it hilarious.

However, that is also why when the show does something even remotely semi-serious, or even fully serious, it has more of an impact, and more of a punch to the audience’s emotions. If the Gang is transmisogynistic, then when Dee is a surrogate for Carmen, it’s more impactful. If Dennis is a flat-out dick to his sister, when he defends her or tells her he loves her upon fear of death, it tugs your heart strings. If Mac, whose denial at his sexuality progressed so that he had to make insane leaps to straighten himself out, finally comes out and stays out, it sticks with you. That’s why the simplest acts of something approaching half kindness (Charlie singing Dee a love song, even though she forced him; the Gang singing together) resonate so much with the audience. That’s why something that wouldn’t be cute, or at all noteworthy, in other shows (complimenting someone’s appearance? Not arguing?) encourage gifset after gifset from the Always Sunny fandom. A talker who gets quiet or a quiet person who gets chatty; these are moments, in storytelling, that shine brightest, and right now, Always Sunny is shining.

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hi! i saw ur posts about panarin and 1. welcome to the jackets fanbase! our team is a group of Good Boys trying their best to shed their years of failure and suffering, and i'm sure columbus will take good care of ur boy bc we adore fast goalscorers. 2. i've been doing some Research on ur boy but i would like to know More if you'd be amenable to sharing information about him

Anonymous said: Why do you like Artemi Panarin so much? (P.S. this is totally not some sort of judgy “omg why do you like him?” thing). It’s just I don’t know much about hockey or him at this point and I would like to read a cute little summary of what you like about him so that I can be educated about this fellow.

YES YES YES i would love to educate as many people as possible about my sweet pea artemi panarin…. strap yourselves in because i just made a PANERA PRIMER!!!

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Internet Friend!Seungcheol

Originally posted by cheolshu

  • requested by anon: who wanted an internet friend Seungcheol in which you didn’t know he was a part of Seventeen
  • Seungcheol was curious
  • he was curious over this whole rave about Tumblr
  • he knew his fans were so into the site, but he couldn’t find anything amusing about it
  • so he decided to give it ago
  • Creating a whole new tumblr account dedicated to himself
  • His username @ xcoups
  • ‘Get it, because it sounds like s.coups’
  • ‘Please stop’
  • he chose pictures he felt were his best and placed it as his profile picture and header
  • the members broke in laughter seeing the leader be so interested in the new technology, they even tried to help make a short bio which only ended with them teasing him
  • after two hours of hard decisions over pictures and a short bio,
  • It was time for him to start working the actual site
  • it took him fifteen minutes to figure out the reblog button, ten minutes to find his likes page, another ten minutes to write a post accidentally and then trying to delete it
  • he finally mastered the art of tumblr after about an hour and a half
  • and he was addicted
  • he mostly reblogged things, pictures of himself, some of the members, and some random things he found along the way
  • Seungcheol was mesmerized by the tags, he followed his own tag, and seventeen’s, he scrolled late at night often staying glued to his phone
  • Overall he was impressed, his fans created intricate gifsets and pictures that honestly he thought made him look better
  • he even showed off to the members all of the tumblr users dedicated to him
  • in just a few days, he followed more than fifty people so his dash could be filled with random things
  • Seungcheol knew your tumblr by heart, he hadn’t realized he did until he kept getting notifs from you reblogging stuff that he had
  • He’d be lying if he said that he didn’t stalk your blog
  • You were a Seungcheol blog, he found your tumblr cute, your header was a gif of him and your profile picture, well it was also him
  • He scrolled through your post, most of it was reblogs but once in awhile he’d come across a post you’d make, some of it describing the little things you loved about seungcheol, and others were of just random parts of your day
  • and sometime he’d unconsciously reblog them which he would then kill himself over because now he thinks he’s a creep
  • you on the other hand, smile when you receive the notification, it felt nice to have someone like and reblog your random personal post, it made you feel like someone was listening
  • and with small interactions, here and there, the title of mutuals falls between you two
  • it all started when you weren’t having a particularly nice day so you took to tumblr, writing that all you needed was to be tagged in a few seungcheol post
  • and you weren’t expecting much from your just over thirty followers who probably don’t even see your post
  • but it wasn’t ten minutes later that your phone buzzed
  • a little tumblr notification popping up from none other than xcoups himself
  • Your heart filled with joy seeing a cute gifset of Seungcheol in which he smiled and waved
  • you reblogged the post, thanking xcoups with your whole heart and a smile on your face
  • and now, you two constantly reblog post tagging each other
  • until tagging turned into sending each other things privately
  • and then conversations of anything besides himself of course
  • Seungcheol was smitten
  • He was glued to his phone even more now because he awaited your messages
  • he didn’t care if it was of you screaming over a cute pic you saw of him, or just you saying you were lying in bed snuggled in your blanket
  • and when he wasn’t waiting by the phone, he was thinking, he was thinking of what to message you
  • should he message you about how one of his friends (Mingyu) who tripped over air, or should he message you that he saw something cute that reminded him of you
  • he got jealous sometimes
  • Because you talked about other members being cute, often joking how you might leave Seungcheol for them
  • and he would pout at the phone
  • ‘Seuncheol’s going to be really mad if you drop him’
  • ‘oh but Jihoon looks so cute’
  • ‘ S T O P’
  • You’d laugh at your friend’s reaction to keep you loyal to seuncheol
  • to be honest, you assumed you were talking to a girl, never in your life would you think you were talking to a boy, let alone Choi Seungcheol himself
  • It’s been a year now
  • You two have talked non stop almost every day for a year now
  • You’ve always wanted to meet your friend but Seungcheol on the other hand, nervously didn’t want too
  • he felt that when you met him, you’d feel lied too, because you’ve poured your heart out to him multiple times, and it’d feel as though he broke your personal space
  • so when you said that you were so excited to be attending a fanmeet, he was panicking
  • Because he was finally meeting you, face to face, up close, he was going to actually see you
  • he knew what you looked like, you sent him selfies unexpectedly sometimes and he’d grin ear to ear because to him, you were the most beautiful person
  • he knew it was finally time, to tell you the truth, to let everything out on the table
  • he was waiting for you on the stage, sitting in his chair, he was looking everywhere, his hands were antsy as they messily wrote other people’s names, his legs bouncing rapidly as he tried to remain calm in front of everyone else
  • and he was so focused on trying to remain calm, he didn’t notice you standing next in line
  • so when he saw you, when he looked into your eyes, he froze
  • this was the moment, this is what he waited for for a year now
  • ‘Hi! I’m such a huge fan’
  • and he got scared, he smiled brightly just like he did to the others, continued a nice conversation where he gave fanservice and you moved along with his eyes slowly glued onto you who moved over to Wonwoo
  • you got off the stage buzzing, you went back into the crowd of fans, you were so excited to show xcoups your signed Seungcheol page, you flipped to the page quickly to sneak a quick picture when you noticed it
  • it was not signed ‘S.coups’ like you’ve seen other people’s page have, no it was signed @xcoups
  • and you were in disbelief, it must have been a mistake, so you looked up, looking at Seungcheol who was already staring at you
  • you felt deceived
  • Seungcheol watched as you scowl, the fansign just finished at the moment when he saw you packing up, trying to get out of the crowd
  • he excused himself to the bathroom, running backstage, he was at the entrance, waiting as your figure walked towards him
  • ‘y/n’
  • ‘No!’
  • ‘What was i supposed to do, tell you I was the leader of Seventeen from the beginning?’
  • you remained silent, you knew he was right, he couldn’t have just outright told you
  • Seungcheol pulled you into a private room
  • ‘Okay what i did was wrong. You practically confessed your love for me to me without knowing it and I’m sorry. But i like you, a lot, and texting you everyday was the highlight of waking up’
  • ‘Flatter isn’t working right now’
  • ‘Can we start over. We can be friends, i promise i’ll just forget everything you said’
  • You look at him skeptical ‘i guess’
  • ‘Okay. Hi, i’m Choi Seungcheol’ he grins with a hand out
  • You shake it with a smile yourself, ‘I’m y/n, hey aren’t you a member of Seventeen? My bias is Jihoon’
  • ‘HEY!’
  • Your heart swooned even more now than when you hadn’t met him officially. Watching him up on stage, messing around with his members, eyes secretly looking at you. The feeling was weird, because you knew him for a year, and yet now, knowing his true identity, it felt as though time reverted to when you met this awkward tumblr user xcoups.

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Hell yeah, you love Lego Batman, too? Both Lego movies so far are among my favorite films ever tbh they are genuinely well made and clever postmodern joys and the Lego Batman Movie is also really gay


legit when me and @itsbeanefun came out of it we were like “I can’t believe Lego Batman invented cinema”

I’ve seen it twice at the cinema and now thanks to you making the gifset turn up on my dash I’m now going to go again on Friday because my best friend still hasn’t seen it

  • entirely around the importance of found family
  • genuinely hilarious like we were laughing out loud the whole fucking time, I’ve seen it once in a cinema of mostly adults and once with a cinema of mostly kids and the adults were laughing more, this movie is not juvenile in any way that isn’t wonderful
  • Batman sings a song while beating people up and that sounds like it should suck but it’s the best thing ever somehow
  • Excellent running jokes
  • Badass female character
  • the entire plot is…. literally a gay best enemies romance like the entire dialogue is cliched romantic dialogue with reversed language for hero/villain dynamic
  • it makes you emo about an emotionally constipated piece of Lego like, fuck, how did it do that
  • 100% my favourite Batman movie, like, I love Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises but like… yeah. this one is my fave. 
  • it’s so fucking gay oh my god how did they get away with it were they all just pissing themselves laughing in the writer’s room
  • Jemaine Clement aka half of Flight of the Conchords and your fave shiny crab from Moana is the one who voices Sauron
  • “I don’t have [feelings], I’ve never seen one”
  • *while flopping up some stairs* “no no no no no no no no no” what a fucking mood 
  • seriously how is Lego Batman the most relatable character I’ve ever seen

I have one complaint and it’s… if Ralph Fiennes was already in the cast playing Alfred, why the fuck doesn’t he also voice Voldemort?!

Doing the mage time travel quest with Inquisitor Solas is wild

Inquisitor Solas: we’ll undo this abomination of a future. We’ll fix it. You’ll all die so that we can stop this bad thing from happening, all right? It’ll be like it never happened.

Solas: exactly what I was thinking. This world is wretched and I’d die to fix it

Cassandra: thank the maker, someone’s speaking sense. We’ve got a second chance.

Dorian: I love this plan. A good plan.

Leliana: you don’t even think this future or our pain is real.

Inquisitor Solas: Nope 🙂

Leliana: people are terrified of mages because of this kind of power, to snuff out whole realities like it never happened

Everyone else: Solas, please destroy this reality!!!

Inquisitor Solas: of course I will

Me: 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃


New Girl Rewatch Party: 2 x 19 - Quick Hardening Caulk

So, another really hard to gif episode. Luckly the best of the episode is already here, on it’s own gifset. The kiss (x)

The beginning of the episode makes me a little sad for Schmidt, depressed because of Cece’s engagement. But I love to see Jess’s face while looking at Nick.

  1. I love how Jess goes “It’s just, like, I thought it was one kiss and then it was over”, and Cece’s face says it all. Like, yeah Jess, right. Just one kiss. Who are you trying to fool?
  2. I really appreciate Winston trying to help Schmidt here. And Schmidt just taking that guy’s fish hat is hilarious. The give just looks like someone who gives 0 f***s.
  3. I always, ALWAYS laugh at this little bit where Jess is standing behind the door when Nick goes into her room. I know it’s stupid, but I always laugh at that.
    Nick saying “My car is not working, so can I please get a ride?” seems about right. In Parking Spot he couldn’t make his car start, so…I guess his car is not working yet. Question: do we know if Nick changed his car after he bought the bar?
  4. Was it absolutely necessary for Nick to get so close to Jess and grab her neck like that just to pull an eyelash off her face? Apparently, yes.
  5. All this wordplay will from now on remind me of @fangirlingwithjen
  6. I think it’s funny how Schmidt and Winston say in 2x21 that they can’t be friends withou Nick, but we have a lot of episodes where they intereact a lot without him.(i.e. this episode).
  7. Can we consider drugged Jess a type of High!Jess? Anyway, this scene is awesome. she just tells Nick bluntly that she wants to have sex with him. His face is priceless.
  8. Winston and Schmidt with diving suit to go look for fish-Cece. I don’t know about California ocean, but here that would not be so easy like that.
    Nick’s line could easily be used this season. I truly believe that.”You thought the door was so closed that you went out to another door. But had I known the first door was open, that’s the door I wanted to walk through.” He just looks so sad when he thinks Jess didn’t mean what she said, about having sex with him.
    Another great scene that proves my point of Schmidt and Winston being friends all along is when they are at the ocean and Winston just says “I don’t know why you want that damn fish so bad. But what I do know, is that’s it’s gonna make you happy. And that’s all I care about.
  9. About guy’s night: I know Nick was really proud of his idea, but I would never go to a bar full of drunk men - which is Jess’s point. Good for Nick that his idea actually worked.
    The whole scene with Nick trying to jugle between Jess and Shane is so embarassing. Really…second hand embarassment. But it gave us our beloved fandom name…so…yay? lol
  10. Nick’s face when Jess says she wants to have sex with him. He could not believe what he was hearing. You can literally feel the butterflies in his stomach.
    That freaking aquarium… man… why did it have to be there? But there’s one stupid thing that bugs me everytime. So…the fish tank breaks, there’s water everywhere…and still they are dry. When they walk back to their rooms you can totally see that they are not wet. Television miracle, maybe…hahaha. I think I’ve watched it too many times, I started to pay attention to this insignificant things.

Bonus gif:

I love this. They are having this huge fight, go to their rooms, then they come back for one more kiss, and leave again.

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Hello my beautiful Dayana ~ about the gifset of our lovely Danielle ~ the BIGGEST question is WHY YOUNGJAE WANTED TO LOUGH ?? ? xD he knew that it would trigger JB to react xD Youngjae is innocent? kidding love you ~ oh and the disappointment on JB's face ugh I live for excited JB when it involves Youngjae ~

Hi beautiful anony ^^/

First off: when it’s time to talk t Jaebum casually.. and it’s Youngjae’s turn after Jackson

Then idk if you noticed but Jinyoungie reaches over to Jaebum to get Yugyeom’s attention.. like idk? i’m sure Jinyoungie knows this will affect Jaebum because it’s YOUNGJAE!


Youngjae to Jaebum: Hey! Jaebummiee~

the after:

Then when they said they can’t laugh, Youngjae was still leaning on the table to sign the poster and stayed there to try to make JB laugh!1

YJ while looking at JB the whole time: “No laugh” “No funny” “no laugh” he then made a funny face when Bammie did and directed it to JB who wants to laugh so much!

And then little Youngjae plays a video, thinking everyone would laugh, and he wanted to laugh because Sunshines should at least laugh every minute and he wanted everyone to laugh already!

but they don’t, and then JAEBUM literally acts like the girl from the Hunger Games! even though Yugi and Jackson are next to Youngjae!!! like really Bum?

“I volunteer as tribute! ‘Let me spank him’!” *smiles* *gets caught by Jackson, and then Youngjae..

and he grabs Youngjae’s sleeve and they hold hands for a bit :)

and then here comes Jinyoungie! the savior of Jaebutt losing his cool! and changing the subject xD i am so still sure Jinyoung knows everything..

But to make this short, yesh, i loved Danielle’s post [mjbm] and eventhough Youngjae doesn’t know what would be the outcome, i’m sure Jinyoung knew Jaebum was in trouble of getting caught more than he did already haha and so saved him as usual

I love you anony <3333

Don’t be sad like Bummie when you can’t spank your man <3

also you did notice how Youngjae would laugh and smile the whole time and nobody else caught him or didn’t care xD! even though you can know it’s his laugh and Yugyeom looked straight at Youngjae smiling but ignored it haha

bye bye anony, stay safe <333

anonymous asked:


anon, i was taking a nap and i bolted out of bed for this. i shall try to help as best as i can

see, the thing abt yoonkook is, you won’t get moments on a daily basis, and sometimes it’s really subtle, so it’s sometimes hard to ship. but honestly, their relationship is so precious and sweet it just seems so natural. where to begin honestly. let’s start nice with some photos shall we, just to get started

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anonymous asked:

1. Henry looks down at the container in his lap, and wrinkles his nose. ‘Look,’ he tries. ‘I know it’s not lasagne or anything, but I checked online and this is what cobras have to eat!’ The Queen hisses at him, and promptly glides to the far corner of the cage, coiling up tightly and resting her head to face the back wall. He senses the clear dismissal, and huffs in annoyance. ‘I’m not going to let you starve,’ he snaps, dropping the container into the cage with a defiant ‘thwack’.

2. He grumpily stomps over to his bed, and hauls himself back on it, careful not to disturb the leaning tower of books. He is just settling back into his biology essay, when there is a sudden noise, and he looks up. The Queen is thrashing around, her tail banging against the glass and the container upended onto its side. At first, he thinks she is angry. And then he realizes – she is writhing in pain. ‘No,’ he gasps, reaching towards his mobile with trembling fingers. ‘No, no, no, no.’             

3. He tries mom first, but there is no answer. Taking a deep breath, he calls Emma next, the harsh ringing in his ear taunting him. ‘This is Emma. I can’t come to the phone right now, so leave a message.’ Third try: David. No answer. The Queen has stopped moving so much, but he can see slight tremors rippling through her body, and he scrambles off the bed to wrench the lid off her cage. ‘It’s OK, mom,’ he whispers, attempting to keep his voice steady. ‘Let’s go find help.’             

4. He shoves his phone into his back pocket, and then scoops her up into his arms, running downstairs and out the door without thinking further. Dashing onto Main Street, he instantly sees the reason why no-one was answering his calls. The entire area is in chaos, with half the road destroyed by some sort of blast and cars are being consumed by raging flames. Emma is in the center, fighting desperately against Rumple, while Belle is crumpled over a prone figure, her harsh cries filling the air.            

5. Suddenly he spots David, kneeling next to – ‘Mom!’ he cries, racing over. She is lying on the ground, and as he crashes down beside her, he’s horrified to find a pool of blood. ‘Mom?’ he asks desperately. David reaches for his shoulder, but he shrugs him off and grasps his mom’s hand. She turns slightly glazed eyes to him, and smiles. ‘Henry,’ she whispers. ‘You shouldn’t be here – it isn’t safe.’

6. The Queen begins to struggle again, frantically. Henry releases her without realizing, and then mom and the snake are staring at each other. He watches as mom reaches up her other hand slowly, and with fumbling fingers pulls the collar off. The Queen is stumbling back, returned to human form once more. She stands unsteadily for a moment, breathing heavily, and then nods at both mom and him. She turns away, and as Henry gathers mom more firmly into his arms, he watches her storm away.             

7. Emma is tiring in the fight against Gold, her magic no match against the power of all the Dark Ones combined. Henry opens his mouth to call out a warning as a flash of light speeds towards her, but before it makes contact the Queen has appeared out of nowhere, deflecting it with a twist of her wrist. ‘I may be dying but you certainly can’t kill me, imp,’ she sneers, throwing a spell at him and forcing him to stagger backwards. Henry can see her simmering anger, and encourages it in his mind.             

8. ‘I may not be able to, but this can,’ Rumple snarls back, flinging out his hand. A sword appears, having been forgotten from the earlier battle, and Henry screams as Rumple smiles victoriously and stabs the Queen. Henry wants to leap up and run to her, but mom has become worryingly silent and unmoving in his arms, and he is paralyzed in uncertainty and fear. He watches as the Queen chuckles slightly, even as she coughs blood.             

9. She grips the front of Rumple’s jacket, pulling herself further onto the blade and into his face. ‘You know your problem?’ she gloats, and he rears his head back. ‘You’re always so predictable.’ Then she is pushing herself away from him, and wrenching the sword out to fling it aside. One hand clutches her abdomen, but she straightens defiantly and Henry can see the curved blade of a knife held up in her other. ‘Dark One I command you,’ she begins, her voice clear even as she gasps for breath.             

10. ‘I command you to leave this town – leave this country – without harming anyone, physically or mentally. And you will never return.’ Rumple sways, clearly fighting the orders, and Belle lets out another small sob. Then he is gone. The Queen stumbles, strength leaving her, and Henry reaches out a hand desperately even as he draws mom closer to his chest. ‘Emma, they need your help,’ he calls. David races over and together him and Emma half-carry the Queen, laying her down next to mom.             

11. ‘Emma, heal her. Both of her,’ he begs, but Emma is pale from her own battle, and he can see her hands shaking as she concentrates them over mom. ‘Come on Regina,’ she mutters. There is a bright light, and then mom is opening her eyes and pushing herself upright. Henry flings his arms around her, sobbing loudly as she hugs him back tightly. But he pulls away quickly, scrambling over to the Queen. ‘Now her,’ he demands, grabbing her hand. Emma leans over, but no light comes.             

12. ‘I’m sorry kid,’ she says with a grimace. ‘I think my magic is used up.’ He shakes his head vigorously. ‘No, she’s my mom too – she can’t die. I won’t let her!’ Mom moves to his side, resting a hand on his shoulder. ‘Henry-’ she begins, but he desperately shakes his head again. ‘No, she’s a part of you, mom. You’re not whole without her.’ The Queen lets out a pained laugh, her fingers tightening around his. ‘Let her be free of me, Henry,’ she chokes out.

13. ‘Don’t be so defeatist,’ Mom says, before Henry can respond. She has an oddly fond expression on her face. Her and the Queen stare at each other for a moment, and then Mom reaches out with her magic, at the same time leaning down to kiss the Queen’s forehead. Henry shields his eyes from the bright light, and when he can see again, the Queen is gone. ‘What happened to her?’ he asks frantically, fingers scrabbling in the dirt where she once lay. ‘Did – did she die?’             

14. Hot tears are streaking down his cheeks, and it is difficult to breathe properly. He looks around, as if she’d magically appeared somewhere else. Then strong arms wrap around his shoulders, and he knows instantly what happened. ‘Don’t worry, Henry,’ mom reassures. ‘I’m here.’


This was perfectly heart-wrenching in every way! Snake Queen/Henry, Regal Believer, and eRegal Believer all in one! Perfection! Also that last line was <3<3

But this was our show...

(Disclaimer: This is going to be rather long. Sorry for the negativity)

I know I’m late to the party but I need to get this out. 

I hate series four. Not just TFP, not just Mary’s redemption arc…I hate the whole thing.
The last days I spent delving deep into old tags, fic and started to rewatch the show and I only got sad. So fucking sad.
I remember joining fandom back in June, how it helped me crawl out of my shell and talk to people (sorry for not reaching out, I haven’t forgot about you lovelies).
I remember spending nights reading meta, which brought me from reluctantly shipping Johnlock to a full blown TJLCer.
I remember watching the show over and over, at first on my own, later surrounded by amazing people from all over the world at Steph’s watchalongs.
I remember following the news at the sdcc, and screaming over ‘love conquers all’ and our first teaser trailer.
I remember setlock and all the funny exchanges with Arwel.
I remember Sherlocked and watching the GBBO finale just to see two new frames cut into the teaser.
I remember being super excited about every new TJLCE video.
I remember how I couldn’t listen to the radio because EVERYTHING was Johnlock and my heart beat faster.
I remember “Tell them your darkest secret”-“I love you”.
I remember all those countdowns.

And S4 aired…

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alright here’s what i want, malec single by 30 au but no marriage pact, no one sided pining and no angst related to one of them having reservations.

no i want the two of them making a pact when they are in high school to try dating if they reach 30 and haven’t found anyone else. because the simple fact is that there has always been something there. something palpable that they both couldn’t ignore. there was always this magnetism and it was always mutual, they just never acted on it.

this magnetism was the very reason they got along so well, the reason they made each other laugh so hard and could open up so easily. two people who were both so tucked away in themselves for totally different reasons but who spent nights sitting out on the porch, fireflies hanging in alec’s yard, shoulders touching, spilling their deepest secrets to each other. there were all of these knowing glances, all this easy laughter, this sassy banter and turbulent flirtation that left them spinning in circles.

then magnus graduated, leaving alec with a year left of high school. and it wasn’t bad, but at the same time it was terrible, an aching kind of pain, hugging each other for the last time in front of magnus’s beat up car right before magnus went off to college because they couldn’t act on it now could they? and the pact wasn’t exactly forgotten but life was tugging them in different directions.

but that didn’t mean they lost touch. they didn’t. they dated other people but they never lost touch. they orbited in each others lives. sometimes not speaking for weeks or months but then falling back in to each other like no time had passed at all, because it was just that easy. because no amount of distance could break this thing. and it was hard for any kind of distance to break anything between them because their families were all interconnected.

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better than myself

Or, the one where Marcus Kane figures out he’s a little more in love with his counterpart than he planned. Post-s2 grayspace) Kabby pre-relationship pining fluff; PG-ish. Inspired by this gifset by the always-wonderful @shefollowedfires.

Her. It always comes back to her.

He wonders, sometimes, how he got that lucky. How, out of everyone he ever had the chance to fall for, he found her. Emphasis necessary, of course, because Abby plays a lot of different roles in his life right now and the version of her that Marcus is currently fluttering over is just slightly separate from the version that is currently yelling at him.

(Just slightly separate, he swears.)

“Are you even listening to me?!”

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Rewatching Band of Brothers

Part 5-Crossroads

  • Dick you good it sounds like you need to work on your cardio a bit my man
  • Ok but in all seriousness that opening scene is hella rad bc it seems like you’re running with him
  • Wait do Winters and Nixon share a room holy fuck
  • Aww look how married they are
  • Look how Winters lovingly pats his back and lovingly tells him to get up
  • And look how Nix lovingly tells him to fuck off
  • Annnd Winters proceeds to dump Nixon’s own piss on him
  • After Nixon throws the pillow at him he starts to laugh this man is not innocent

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The Rockabilly Teen Wolf AU I’m Not Actually Writing

It started innocently enough. Scott saw a flyer on the coffee shop bulletin board for a classic car show that weekend and suggested it to Stiles, who was always looking for new things to take pictures of. His Instagram following was getting pretty decent now, if he did say so himself. He liked to keep them happy.

It turned out to be more of a rockabilly event that the car show was just part of, and Scott, of course, managed to find the booth of a tattoo artist, because he had a problem, in Stiles’ opinion, though at least this artist seemed good, so maybe Scott’s next tattoo wouldn’t be quite so stupid. (Stiles had learned that voicing his opinions of Scott’s tattoos just got him sad eyes and pouting, but he still judged. Silently. Well, mostly silently.) Anyway, Tattoo-Guy-with-the-Curly-Hair then told Scott that the car restorer in the other half of his building was looking for an office manager, “so he doesn’t have to deal with the public anymore, and believe me, you’d be doing us all a favor,” and Scott applied as soon as they got home.

Stiles probably should have been paying more attention, but in his defense, he had no idea that Scott being tired of bartending was going to end up changing his life, too.

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goodbye to our empty ruins

klaus x caroline (werewolf mate au inspired by this gifset series by @howeverlongs)

“Eight ball, corner left pocket.”

Caroline let out a defeated groan as Bonnie sunk the last ball without a hitch, winning another round. Elena just giggled from the other side of the pool table, as she saw the prediction she’d made earlier (that Caroline had protested hotly) coming to fruition.

“I’m gonna beat you one day, Bennett, and when I do…”

A skeptical laugh told Caroline exactly what she thought of the idea as she started gathering the balls to rack again. “Well maybe if you spent half as much time contemplating the angles of your shots than the ones that make your ass catch Tyler’s eye more, you’d have a chance.” The teasing rebuke had Elena snickering along then, too, and Caroline would’ve thrown her stick at one of them if it weren’t so impossible to choose which one deserved it more. Yeah, she might have been sneaking furtive glances at him all night, but it was for completely opposite reasons.

“Ugh, you guys are seriously the worst.”

Although she hid it underneath a playful whine, the desire to avoid the whole Tyler issue was starting to come from a very real place of uncertainty. She couldn’t imagine anyone understanding her sudden hesitance to what she’d always said she wanted. Least of all, her father who was already questioning why they weren’t busy planning their June wedding as a white house with a tidy little picket fence was built for them somewhere nearby town. A neat little package of domestic bliss wrapped up in enough square footage to remind them to fill it up with pups.

It was the nice, quiet and secure future she’d always pictured for herself. One she would’ve never second-guessed had it not been for the tugging deep in her gut, lately. Ever since Tyler had hinted that he was finally ready to make those commitments to her, and to their pack, an urging in a voice very unlike her own had whispered to her at every turn.

Wait, wait, wait.

Shaking off the troubling thoughts, she focused on helping Bonnie empty the pockets. She and Elena had now started a debate on which angle her ass did look best, and Caroline let out an irritated grumble. ”Can we please talk about something else? Anything else?”

Bonnie flashed her an evil grin as if she had no intention of dropping anything when Elena brightened at the sudden opening.

“Ooh, what about your dad’s mysterious visitor, huh? I got a look at him earlier when Stefan was showing him around, and let me tell you, I wouldn’t kick that out in the morning.”

As grateful as Caroline was for the change of topic, she couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

“Aren’t your hands full enough as it is?“

The implied dig about her situation with the Salvatore brothers didn’t go unnoticed, and the gathering frown on the other girl’s face made it clear she wasn’t going to let it go.

“Oh, so it’s a crime to have eyes, now?” she muttered defensively, her voice rising steadily as she went on. “I’m not allowed to even look at another guy just because—“

Sensing the impending argument, Bonnie quickly interrupted whatever Elena was leading up to, no doubt staving off another argument about a subject that had been rehashed over and over for years without any kind of resolve.

“Well, you gotta admit,” she began teasingly, “it’s gotten you into some scrapes, babe. Remember that fiasco at the founder’s parade when we were freshmen?” The memory of that day had them reluctantly smiling, and before they knew what was happening, they were engulfed in laughter as if nothing untoward had happened.

Just then, a small commotion at the entrance caught their attention and all three of them gave each other a confused look before craning their necks to get a better look.

Caroline’s view was completely blocked from her position, but Elena’s surprised gasp of “He’s actually here!” made it clear what the fuss was all about.

The excitement and curiosity of the pack since it was announced they were expecting some kind of important visitor had become a familiar refrain to Caroline over the past couple of weeks. At some point or another they had all come to her in search of any scraps of information or tidbits on who it might be, but in truth, she knew little more than the rest of them. She might’ve been the daughter of the current alpha, but her father had been as tight lipped with her like everyone else.

The only insight she could offer were the extent of the preparations for his arrival, all of which had automatically fallen to her, of course. Admittedly, she’d enjoyed the excuse to implement some long overdue improvements, but the fact that it was only for the sake of some unnamed guest rankled her a bit.

Okay, it had bothered her a lot, and to the point where she was already determined to hate him. Clearly, Mystic Falls wasn’t good enough for the likes of him, in which case she wouldn’t mind showing him the door and letting it slam his ass on the way out.

As if fate wanted to prove how fickle she was, the crowd dispersed enough for Caroline to finally get a good look at him. And the ass she’d just vowed to shove out as soon as possible.

She immediately cursed Elena’s knack for understatement as she gave him a thorough once-over. And then another. Not wanting to kick him out in the morning was hardly an accurate description. She felt her wolf stir beneath her skin with growing interest as she eyed his lean outline, noting with satisfaction that the hint of curls were just long enough for her to rake her fingers through and pull. Even though he didn’t seem like her usual type at all, the confidence of his easy movements in a place crawling with wolves unknown to him spoke to an intriguing level of confidence she and her wolf wanted to dig into with claws and teeth.  

The blatantly possessive thought surprised her enough to bring her out of her daze, but not enough to stop her from following the lines of his chest and shoulders where his shirt clung a little tighter. She barely caught herself before licking her lips.

“Oh my god,” Bonnie whispered lowly from somewhere beside her, “that’s Klaus Mikaelson.”

The name sounded vaguely familiar, but other than her friend’s hushed horror and the aura of danger she could sense herself, nothing concrete materialized to curb her increasing attraction.

Shifting uncomfortably, she sat back onto the edge of the table and leaned against her stick for better support, her damnable knees very close to actually wobbling. This sudden hunger that permeated throughout her entire body was as unwelcome as it was all-consuming. She wanted to blame it on the considerable dry spell she’d been in for the past few months since she’d put the brakes on with Tyler, but she had the creeping sensation that it was something… more.

Even during their best, she’d never felt the urges of her wolf push at her this hard.

She watched with undisguised curiosity as they settled in at the bar, Stefan pointing out various people to him and making a few introductions to those brave enough to actually approach. When their attention shifted over to the pool table she and her friends were occupying, Caroline’s heart lodged itself fully in her throat. Its almost painful pounding getting even worse as she saw him start to make his way over to them with purposeful strides.

And just as swiftly as it rose, so did it sink to the pit of her stomach when she noticed what had caught his interest.

Elena was beautiful, of course, but the automatic draw she had over every single person they’d ever met had some deeply buried insecurities rushing back in to the forefront of her mind and her wolf gnashing its fangs furiously.

He was halfway across the room when something strange happened.

The offhand glance he gave her brought him to an unnaturally abrupt halt as their eyes finally met.

Caroline didn’t understand the shockingly immediate response of her body, but the flood of want she suddenly found herself drowning in kept her rooted to the spot, unable to escape the intensity of his direct gaze. She was afraid he could see her desire to bite down on those lips written plainly across her face, but the startling blue eyes locked with hers darkened with something far more feral. It was clear that whatever was raging through him in that moment dwarfed even her filthiest, most secret cravings.

When she saw that he was similarly struck immobile, an instinctive panic rose within her even as a deeper, more powerful need to have him closer vibrated throughout every nerve.

His steps seemed faster, but less sure when he finally resumed his path towards them. A predator made clumsy with the scent of new and more enticing prey.

Although the entire room had stopped pretending to be discreet and looked on with obvious astonishment, Caroline couldn’t see any of them past the quickly approaching figure that was pinning her in place with only the force of his gaze.

He came to stand less than a few inches in front of her, and somewhere in the back of her mind the fact that his eyes were flickering gold and black should have alarmed her.

“And just who might you be?”

Caroline didn’t respond immediately, the unexpected accent throwing her even more off balance. Since the few beers she’d had earlier could hardly be blamed for this dizzying lightheadedness, she was forced to admit it was purely an effect of his proximity.

Ever the self-appointed white knight, Stefan was quick to step forward. “This is— ”

Klaus held up his hand swiftly to silence him, not even bothering to break their eye contact to address him. “I didn’t ask you, old friend, I asked her.” The dangerous edge to his voice should have made her shake in her boots, but apparently tonight had somehow rewired her synapses, because it made her toes curl instead.

“Caroline,” she finally managed to say, her forced calm in direct contrast to the riot of emotions beneath her skin. “Caroline Forbes.” There was a flicker of something in his eyes at that, but it quickly dissipated as he stepped even further into her personal space, taking the pool stick from her grasp and setting it aside before insinuating himself between her legs.

The press of his body against her own had her biting down hard on the inside of her cheek to hold back a moan.

“Caroline,” he repeated softly, drawing out the vowels as if to test and savor the sound of it on his tongue. “What an interesting turn of events, this is.”

Before she could puzzle out his meaning, he leaned forward and dragged his lips along her jaw, the shocking force of her wolf’s pleasure drowning out any other rational thought.

It had taken Caroline years to leash the more basic urges of her animal, and with one brush of his cheek against hers, it was instantly severed. He let his hands roam freely along her body, and instead of pushing him away, her wolf begged for more.

It was only when he grabbed a fistful of hair at the base of her skull that she stiffened in his hold and dug her nails deep into the back of his arms. As a warning, or an entreaty— she wasn’t quite sure.

Either way, it seemed to please him, and he hummed deep in the back of his throat. Tugging on his grip just short of rough, he tilted her face up to meet his.

A twisting sense of both alarm and excitement coursed through her at the strange sight of both hardening veins and his glowing yellow eyes. The instinct buried deep in the back of her mind rang clear with the recognition that he was more than just a wolf, but the longer he held her stare, the less important it seemed.

“I think you’re mine, little Caroline Forbes.” Any half-hearted protests or objections were cut short when he bared his fangs, and finally, just as she was about to lean over and give him the length of her throat, she registered the looks of varying horror and disbelief among the onlooking crowd.

He licked over the throbbing pulse at the base of her neck with a self-satisfied chuckle, and a sudden burst of indignation exploded inside of her with the realization he was going to claim her right then and there.

It was the single most significant thing that would ever happen in her life and it was about to happen in a crowded bar, by a man she didn’t even know, with whom she’d shared less than a handful of words.

Fuck. No.

The edge of his teeth were cool where it pressed against her heated skin, and spurred her on to reach out to her sides for something, anything

Her fingers settled on a discarded beer bottle and without hesitation she brought it up to crash right against the side of his head.

Later, she might savor the look of utter shock on his face, but in that moment all she could think was that he was lucky she hadn’t gotten ahold of the pool stick.