i was laughing the entire i made this bc im such a hilarious person like holy shit

assorted fic/msa asks

Anonymous said: msa izuku while an Official Of The Law tries to stop him from doing his usual cryptic stunts: hey where can i go to file a complaint? its not formal. fuck you.

this is just the right level of irritation, sarcasm, and wit to come straight from msa izuku’s mouth. i love that

Anonymous said: someone asks msa izuku what he wants to be when he grows up. he stares at the floor angrily. “a concept. if even that,” he says. no one knows how to respond. the silence stretches.

god this is PRISTINE. the silence stretches. im laughing you’ve captured the quintessential msa izuku experience!!!

Anonymous said: msa izuku’s saving grace yet achille’s attention-pulling heel is his ability to circumvent the powers people use to attack him, linear narratives, and any expectations placed on him

nfljsdfjsd yeah. his greatest strength and greatest weakness… it’s so funny to write. i love it

Anonymous said: 
kirishima: deku we actually dont want to screw you over
msa izuku: that sounds fake but ok

YEP! thats pretty much it

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WOW !! wow look at that !!! jai finally did a bias list !!!! i hit the 420 milestone like a week and a half ago and ive been wanting to make a biast list for it but lmao…. aint nobody got time for that, certainly ya boi dont

SO !!! GOOD FUCKING BYE 2016  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

god i am by no means a mushy person but. yall have made these past two months so…… special to me !! there’s really no words for it, there’s no way to word the things i feel, because well. who’s got time for that, let alone the energy and motivation u feel me, my homie ???? i mean for sure i can sit here and ramble about how i love all yall gaylords from the bottom of my heart and all the mushy valentines gay shit BUT LISTEN. listen. i can reblog an askbox meme for that later. this is not that time. YOU’LL HEAR ME GUSH ABOUT YALL SOME OTHER TIME………..im gonna gush about myself. bc i love myself. hoe. 


but gosh….. i can’t tell you how much i love this community !! and every other fandom that follows me and makes a point to interact with me in some form or another, you have made all of this shit POSSIBLE !! i honestly never thought i would make it this far, to be on so many peoples’ bias lists, to be some peoples’ favourite blog like HOLY SHIT that’s so !!! unimaginable to me !! because i am a horrible fuckin person lmao !! but yet…… you all make me a good person. well no, i shouldn’t say that bc yall don’t make me do anything but cry and laugh ( im lookin at my squad and specifically ASHTON AKA PRCITIA ) but you help me be a better person. truly, the things i do now are with the intentions combined of everyone here, everyone giving me positivity when my depressed ass needs it, everyone being there for me when i need it the most. so…… well, looks like my unmotivated ass finally found a will !! to do things again !! and man, it’s so…. nice. that’s really somethin’, ya know? i love u guys, truly. from the bottom of my heart, i read every kind message, every reply, every feedback, every gay message, every pained message from my angst, everything. i love it all. i love being here with you guys. yes, you gaylord behind that screen who actually decided to read this mess of a bias list. am i rambling? probably. HA you probably answered that out loud didnt u :^) i’m a fucker i know!!! but u love me, and i love u <333

well atleast u know what my thoughts uncut are like lmao welcome to That ADHD Life™!!!!


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