i was laughing the entire i made this bc im such a hilarious person like holy shit

WOW !! wow look at that !!! jai finally did a bias list !!!! i hit the 420 milestone like a week and a half ago and ive been wanting to make a biast list for it but lmao…. aint nobody got time for that, certainly ya boi dont

SO !!! GOOD FUCKING BYE 2016  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

god i am by no means a mushy person but. yall have made these past two months so…… special to me !! there’s really no words for it, there’s no way to word the things i feel, because well. who’s got time for that, let alone the energy and motivation u feel me, my homie ???? i mean for sure i can sit here and ramble about how i love all yall gaylords from the bottom of my heart and all the mushy valentines gay shit BUT LISTEN. listen. i can reblog an askbox meme for that later. this is not that time. YOU’LL HEAR ME GUSH ABOUT YALL SOME OTHER TIME………..im gonna gush about myself. bc i love myself. hoe. 


but gosh….. i can’t tell you how much i love this community !! and every other fandom that follows me and makes a point to interact with me in some form or another, you have made all of this shit POSSIBLE !! i honestly never thought i would make it this far, to be on so many peoples’ bias lists, to be some peoples’ favourite blog like HOLY SHIT that’s so !!! unimaginable to me !! because i am a horrible fuckin person lmao !! but yet…… you all make me a good person. well no, i shouldn’t say that bc yall don’t make me do anything but cry and laugh ( im lookin at my squad and specifically ASHTON AKA PRCITIA ) but you help me be a better person. truly, the things i do now are with the intentions combined of everyone here, everyone giving me positivity when my depressed ass needs it, everyone being there for me when i need it the most. so…… well, looks like my unmotivated ass finally found a will !! to do things again !! and man, it’s so…. nice. that’s really somethin’, ya know? i love u guys, truly. from the bottom of my heart, i read every kind message, every reply, every feedback, every gay message, every pained message from my angst, everything. i love it all. i love being here with you guys. yes, you gaylord behind that screen who actually decided to read this mess of a bias list. am i rambling? probably. HA you probably answered that out loud didnt u :^) i’m a fucker i know!!! but u love me, and i love u <333

well atleast u know what my thoughts uncut are like lmao welcome to That ADHD Life™!!!!


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