i was laughin so hard while making this

ok so what if killua won’t let gon give him head anymore because one time he was doin’ it and it was g r e a t but gon like got really excited and happy cause he could tell how good he was making killua feel and he tried to talk and oops he bit killua. 

gon’s actually a little scared to let killua go down on him for a while afterwards because killua doesn’t get mad, he gets even.

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FATIMA how'd it go with Jared

o yea i nvr told u guys dhejfndn okay this gonna be long i might dlete it but okay shsjffnf
on june 17th (fjndfn) he picked me up at 6 and like bich he texted me like “im coming” i was like BICH!!! i was having an anxiety attack sjdnfnfn anyway he kinda got lost and it was so cute he like my bad :/ i was like it okay i get lost here all the time n i live here shsjfn anyway he laughed n i was like o here u go I got this for u as a graduation gift and it was a lil keychain of spiderman cause he loves my spiderdad as much as i do djdjfn and he looked like a lil boy :(( like he smiled so muc and kept saying thank u and put it immediately on his key ring :((( anyway so i was like u welcome n we talked about spiderman for a second n then about graduation and how he was excited n all tht and i was like tru!! and he was playing dmx zhdjdn and we were talking about his fave music and he love beyonce BICHT and i kno he love michael a lot cause my friend told me he do but i acted like i didn’t KNO 👀🔦 anyway we talked the whole way there he’s so cute my kid sjjsfnnag anyway we got there we were talkin about movies he wanted to see and he like i wanna watch angry birds like bichtbabgb im ded i loved it he like u SAW IT?? I was like yeth and he like i wanna watch n i was like dam we shud watch it together :) anyway we saw the movie X-men: apocalypse n he liked it i liked it in my onion and u kno we talked about all thi stuff about marvel n how he wanted to watch dory also n i was like ye and mind u it was just me and him in the whole theater like sjsnnfg and when we got out it was FUCCIGN raining like fuk he was like dam what u wanna do i was like….. wanna make a run for it he like okay and we ran to the car wat kinda 2005 romantic comedy™ and when we got in we were like BITH we made it n we were LAUGHIN BITH and i was like dam now how do we get home cuz it was raining HARD like FUK and i really thot i was gonna die so did he jdjdjf and then while we were driving i whispered …..u got mj he was like BIH!!! U KNO I DO!! I WAS LIKE SJDJFN AND HE PLAYED MAN IN THE MIRROR N HE STARTED SINGING AND I WAS LIKE FUKCJDKF AND I STARTED SINGING ALONG HE KNEW WORD FOR WORD LIKE ME I WAS IN SHOC AND THEN HE PLAYED BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE AND I WAS LIKE FUK AND HE LAUGHED AT MY REACTION CUZ I WAS LIKE THIS IS A BOP!!!! AND HE SANG WORD FOR WORD N I DID TOO I NEVER SING AROUND NOBODY CUZ IM SELF CONCHSHELL AND HE WAS SO CUTE MY KID :(((( n so we got 2 my apartment i was like thnk u for watchin it with me he like yea no problem fatima n he SED my name Iwas LJKE …. What r we sjdjfj and i was like okay bye he like bye fatima n djjdgnnf and then my friends texted me saying when he got home he immediately texted them a pic of the keychain i got him :(((( i lov him wow
:((((( I’m dying shjdnfnf this long sorry bye sjsnfb