i was kinda doubtful in the beginning

how a music crush begins
  • me: *sees male musician*
  • me: meh I guess he's kinda cute
  • male musician: *plays for two seconds*
The Vampire Diaries Series Finale Predictions

Guys, tomorrow is the day we´ve been dreading. I guess I can answer this question for all of us; Are we ready for the finale?:

!!Obviously do not read if you don´t watch Season 8!!

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so i made a lockscreen for every wings short film and i like how some of them turned out but some of them look kinda shit tbh but i thought: hey why not share it with the world!!! so here they are! if anyone saves these please like and/or reblog and maybe also follow me, that would be nice thank you. i doubt anyone will even see this but oh well.

Oh well. Let the shitty, full-of-holes storyline begin and end hopefully very very soon!

Aaron is home, he and Robert are in love, Robert alluded (we hope) to getting therapy for Aaron, and Aaron is smiling again. Now all we need is the confession from Robert, a nice little twist in this storyline (I’m kinda doubtful that we’ll get it, but it is just starting really), and Robert and Aaron to move on with their lives together. 

Still riding the positivity train! Robron ride or die!!

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Can I ask why you want to, or feel the need to be, anon? I want to be a mental health professional too, but I'm worried that my love for blog/vlogging and being an active "personality" online will be an issue somehow. Any thoughts on that kinda stuff? Love your blog. 😊

Thank you! I’m glad you like this. You may find a way to make it work for you! There are speaking gigs - if you go into private practice only, every professional will tell you “start a blog” or some way to interact with potential clients.

When you become a professional, things change. My facebook/snapchat/instagram/twitter are and have been locked since the beginning. I know I askedjeeves (proto-googling) about my therapist in high school and have no doubt that my clients do the same. Lucky for me, there is a soccer player who when to state university in my state and has done a whole bunch of public shit with my name as well as a reviewer in the pacific northwest and a decently followed blogger. I just googled myself and I have one entry on the first page for me that leads nowhere and the next mention is 7 pages deep. Lemme just say I posted some dumb stuff on the internet when I was high school and there is no way a client needs to read the depressive rambling of 18 year old me. 

I have found in doing the trauma work that I do, disclosures need to be done with intention and care if at all possible. It’s long term, deeply connected work. My clients don’t necessarily see me as a human with a life outside work. I have been working with a client for years now and due to some crisis situations, this client knows more about my family life than most others do and we have had to talk about it. It’s brought up stuff. I’d still do it again in a heartbeat but it can complicate things for clients to know too much. A lot of share here is what I wish I could tell my clients but it’s not clinically appropriate. So for them to find it would be a whole deal. I’m very careful to remove or obscure any identifying information when I do my answers or gifs and will sometimes queue it for weeks out from the event that triggered the entry. 

I also had a stalker when I was 19 who disappeared when I was 21 and popped up again this summer and just like no thank you.

So it’s both for the client’s protection and mine.

My Top 5 hispanic characters

I’m a Hispanic person, Latinx if you will and this month is totally my month. Between HIspanic Heritage Month, halloween, and my birthday is a pretty fun time for me. So to celebrate I wanted to make a nice good old fashioned top 5 list of hispanic comic book characters. These characters are characters that share a culture with me in some way or I just feel like they are really good. Hispanic characters sadly are vastly under represented and many of them are legacy or spin off characters of white men. That said it didn’t stop their writers from making them shine and the best news is almost everyone in this list is going to be in an ANAD book.

Anya Corazon: Spider-Girl  seems sadly cursed to be put in mediocre stuff. She is a pretty cool character with a pretty cool personality. She was actually the first hero to go the whole Twitter route with an official twitter and everything for her book. Sadly they started her latest run by fridging her dad so that was sad stuff. In Spider-verse she got to do an important thing and then they acted like she was going to be super important but sadly thanks to the Spider-gwen craze she got pushed back in favor of making Gwen the lead. Anyway she is a spunky determined hero who keeps on fighting regardless of her situation. I hope she finally gets a spot light in Web Warriors.

Robbie Reyes: Robbie would be a cinnamon roll but it’s one that’s on fire in a halloween theme that also does a bit of murder. He takes care of his brother who can’t walk, he tries to balance school, works a job, and does so much for to keep the one person left in his life happy. Then everything went to hell when the spirit of a serial killer begins allowing him to become the newest Ghost Rider. His book felt like it skipped a beat due to be canned but honest I doubt it doesn’t get announced to get another go given that Axel Alanso and Fellipe Smith both really like the character.  

Victor Mancha: Sadly our chances of seeing poor Victor in a post Secret War world is slim to none since Marvel apparently hates the runaways even though they know they are popular enough to sell issues (See Darken and Avengers Academy). Like almost every runaway Marvel Now attempted to kinda ruin his character in Avengers AI but I still love you Victor. He is the son of Ultron but also a person raised in a Hispanic household who is Hispanic. he has super cool robo powers to go along with you know being Ultrons kid.

White Tiger: Ava is so amazing not only is she one of the stronger heroes around but she is also a badass. I felt a sense of straight up Puerto Rican Pride while reading her in Young Avengers and I just picked up her solo mini series so here’s to hoping that is good. Seriously though Ava is just like a cooler Batman in terms of personality but you know not. I really really like everything I’ve read in in so far and she will be in New Avengers. 

America Chavez: If you follow me on any social media, on Comics Amino, on Tumblr, whatever you know this was going to be at the very top. America Chavez is from another dimension but much like Superman being an alien doesn’t stop him from being a poster boy for white people America Chavez is Latinx through and through with random Spanish and all (not to say that’s required I don’t do any random Spanish). She is a lesbian, a princess, an ass kicker, a real hero. She gave up everything to protect us and as far as I’m concerned she deserves to be the next superman (although that will never happen with the name Miss America or at least is much more unlikely).

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Can I get a having a child with Jungkook scenario thingy? Please and thank you 💕

hey stranger ahaha sorry this took so long man i am the worst ever ahh im sorry babe really

Originally posted by jeonjeons

Daddy Jeongguk!

  • okay so so so im really excited for this one because jungkook is one of the easiest members for me to write for personally (him and yoongi both)
  • so we are gonna talk about the first baby experience with jungkook!
  • jungkook reminds me of someone who would want to wit to have a kid like he would want to be with his significant other for a few years (like maybe five at least) before he takes that step in a relationship because kids are a big deal and he doesn’t want to just start a family with anyone you know?
  • he would also want to be a little older like whereas i can see taehyung having kids in his mid twenties, and jin having kids before thirty (just because he is older already) jeongguk would probably want to have his first kid when he’s closer to twenty-seven ish?
  • he seems like he has so much he wants to do with his life, and so much he wants to explore and try and having kids definitely limits your time and your ability to do things you want all the time
  • while the above scenario would be the ideal for jeongguk, i could also see him having a kid unexpectedly like that baby wasn’t planned at all and it just kinda happens like that could also be jeongguk cause i dont think he would actively try to not have kids?? does that make sense? he’s also young and impulsive and god knows how those two things work together
  • obviously with someone he really loved and trusted though obviously obviously not like some random girl oh my god
  • for this scenario we’re gonna say that it’s not the ideal situation like you guys have been dating long but he’s not really the family man yet oops (that’s more fun right?)
  • you two have talked about having kids before, but unlike jin and taehyung, it’s not anything jeongguk ever really seemed more than excited about?
  • like he thinks it would be nice to have a family but it’s not the top priority in his life and he’s not dying to be a parent?
  • it’s something you two might talk about when you can’t sleep but it’s not like an everyday topic with you two
  • that is until you start feeling like crap
  • and it’s not your usual sickness like wow i have a fever like no you feel as if your body is trying to murder itself from the inside out
  • and you think maybe it’s the flu?? it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten the flu so that seems like a valid option?
  • your main concern is that you’ve lost a crap ton of weight because you’ve been throwing up so much and you have no appetite and it’s just this big downwards spiral of hell and you can’t even go into work honestly it’s that bad
  • jeongguk is more concerned than you are right off that bat
  • he doesn’t like seeing you rolling around on the couch in pain, and he doesn’t like hearing you moan and groan and claim you would rather light yourself on fire or something drastic so he does that any mature, responsible adult would do in this situation and he googles your symptoms
  • “nausea” well yah “headaches” sure that’s one “mood swings” yes that one is a big check “severe weight loss” thats definitely on the list better write this down
  • and he determines that you must have Cryptococcosis even though pregnancy is what shows up like first every freaking time he googles your symptoms
  • and he’s rushing around and he gets namjoon on the phone cause mama jin is busy with his own real baby and namjoon seems like a good option but nO he doesn’t even pick up and so yoongi calls the next best thing which would be jimin
  • jeongguk screams to jimin about how your lungs are gonna collapse or something and soon they’re both screaming hysterically and meanwhile you’re laying on the bed and whining with a bowl near you in case you can’t make it to the bathroom in time
  • and then they call tae because they need some expert advice like should they drive you to the hospital or should they call an ambulance??
  • and you kinda whisper cause voice is no more “hey gukkie, i think that-”
  • and you just roll your eyes and face-palm because this boy will not even listen because her has zero chill
  • soon the conference call has come to include namjoon and yoongi who are steadfastly holding down the “not having children ever in my life” camp (oh you wait yoongi i have one coming your way)
  • and they’re kinda like jeongguk plz stop acting like you’re two
  • hoseok feels left out cause tae told them there was a group phone call so he ends up joining cause yoongi adds him and he’s like “jeongguk don’t listen to them you obviously need to get this poor thing to the hospital before she expLODES”
  • they all continue to shriek and holler and by this point you have managed to pick yourself up and drag yourself to the toilet so you can hurl
  • jeonguk loses it at this and he hangs up the group call and he rushes over to your side and rubs you back and holds your hair back and despite all the calamity that went down like two seconds ago he’s actually really soothing and he remains pretty calm for your sake like he knows you’ll be more stressed if he yells anymore
  • once you’re good he gives you this stern look and he’s usually not very serious or grim or like someone to tell his significant other what to do cause he values freedom and the ability to make his own decisions but he gives you this look and you know he means business and he kinda “I don’t care what kind of doctor we see, but we are seeing one, no questions about it”
  • and you kinda !! but hey he probably has a point even if you suspect there is a tiny bun in the oven you should probably see someone about all the weight you’ve lost and make sure it’s all healthy and not dangerous
  • you wanted to be the one to tell jeongguk you’re pregnant but now that he’s calling the doctor while you lay snuggled in a million blankets you begin to have your doubts? like what if he doesn’t want to be a parent? what if he leaves you? you two never really agreed on being ready for kids at the moment and you don’t wanna be the one who holds him back from achieving all his dreams?
  • and so you begin to tell yourself that you’re most definitely not pregnant and you’re living some nightmare
  • this poor boy doesn’t know what he did wrong after that day like you seem so closed off?
  • you won’t snuggle and you avoid him and he can’t even confront you about it because you always smile and say nothing is wrong??
  • and he kinda goes to some of the older boys one day and it’s like the day before your appointment and he’s sitting at lunch with yoongi and jin and nams cause hoseok is busy with his own little surprise (he would have kids before jeongguk for sure but hey this was requested first)
  • and it’s not even jin who comes up with the genius solution but yoongi and he kinda pats jeongguk’s hand and mumbles “did you ever stop to consider maybe she’s pregnant?”
  • and jin kinda !! “funny how yoongi always picks up on these things”
  • “I’m a vibe person”
  • and namjoon nods cause oh this makes so much more sense “which would explain why she avoids you all of the sudden, she’s probably really scared right now jeongguk”
  • and this poor baby kinda !! “oh my god no that’s not the idea i wanted her to have oh god you’re right and i was so stupid and i didn’t notice”
  • and he practically beats himself up over it but the older boys stop him and remind him that he was the rest of his life to be the best father in the entire world and he didn’t know any better - he’s still the baby after all
  • and he hugs them all and they congratulate him and ruffle his hair and promise to do everything they can to help but right now he should be talking to you, not sitting with them!!
  • and so he runs off to make things right
  • you’re curled up on the couch when he returns, buried under some blankets and drinking some tea all sniffly
  • and he comes in and he tosses you this plastic bag and when you give him a look he just nods
  • slowly, so slowly, you reach to the inside and you pull out some pacifiers- one pink and one blue
  • “I thought I should get both colors, since we don’t know what the baby is yet”
  • and at that point you don’t know whether to laugh or cry and so you instead run over and hug him and bury your face in his chest and he plays with your hair and kisses your head and apologizes for not paying more attention and mm
  • he holds you so tightly and he tells you how excited he is for this baby and how he can’t wait to finally start a family with you and how this is the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he in no way is mad or upset with you, whatsoever
  • and once you two have that money to talk things out and he alleviates all your fears he immediately turns into a shy bunny and he kinda looks down at your belly and then back up at you and then down at your belly again
  • “can I um… maybe say hi to the baby, or something, I mean, not if you don’t want me too!!”
  • you kinda laugh “I think they’d appreciate that a lot…”
  • and he leans down and kisses your belly and there’s just this look of awe on his face and he smiles so so softly and he kisses your belly again and he whispers something against your nonexistent bump then stands up and kisses you gently
  • you two do end up going to the doctors and the Doctor is like “please gain weight and take these vitamins and sir you’re going to need to watch over her very carefully and makes sure she’s eating and drinking enough and resting too”
  • and jeongguk nods so seriously and he squeezes your hand “don’t worry I’ll take the best care of her!”
  • and he really does
  • he’s not really one for cooking but after the appointment he’s asking jin how to cook healthy meals and how to cook all your favorites (and everything you start to crave)
  • he rubs your back and shoulders every night before you two sleep and he makes sure to get you enough pillows to support you all you need
  • he takes off every day he can to spend time with you cause he doesn’t want you home alone
  • out of all the boys he would be one of the most worried cause he is the youngest and he just seems like someone who would easily stress over his lover cause he feels responsible for their health and wellbeing
  • he always talk to your bump like not cute baby talk but when you’re sleeping he’s kinda “hey you’re a lucky kid you know, you’re gonna have the most beautiful and wonderful mom in the entire world! you’re really lucky… God I’m really lucky to have the both of you in my life…”
  • and other times he’s like “wow guess what taehyung did today he ran into a wall I swear, people tell me i’m not parent material well”
  • he’s scared to tell anyone but the boys honestly cause you two aren’t married and you’re not that old (in early twenties or something maybe?) and he definitely doesn’t wanna tell his parents
  • he does end up telling his brother though like please help me I need some support I’m scared
  • and of course his brother calls his parents up right away like yoooo our little man is gonna be a dad what are the odds
  • you two are sitting watching your favorite movie one night and his hand is on your belly like it usually is and his phone gets a FaceTime ring and it’s his folks?? and he kinda oh alright
  • “son why didn’t you tell us you were having a child??”
  • and jeongguk throws the room and the popcorn that was on his lap spills everywhere and he kinda gives you this look
  • “jeongguk they were gonna need to find out sometime…”
  • and they’re still trying to talk to him and it’s rapid Korean between the three of them and he goes over and picks up the phone and he instead calls them instead of face time and you stay on the couch as he paces back and forth, back and forth
  • and he finishes and he comes back over and he’s tearing up and your heart sinks and you immediately hug him
  • but he says “they said they’re happy for us… they said they’re so so happy for us and they’re going to get a plane here to come see their grandbaby… oh god they cried, they cried they were so happy…”
  • and you stroke his hair and he cries into your shoulder cause he’s overwhelmed, he’s so overwhelmed but it’s a good feeling, it’s a good kind of feeling really
  • he doesn’t want to find out the gender of the baby
  • he’s so worried about everything else like buying the crib and baby-proofing the house and making sure you find the right hospital that he doesn’t wanna find out the gender
  • he does try to guess by himself though
  • he googles all these old wives tales okay and he finds a bunch to try on you and the first one he does is the one where he drops the key and you pick it up by the fat part so he’s like oh crap we’re having a  boy!!
  • then he does the morning sickness test thing and he’s like what this is another sign we are having a mini bunkook oh my god
  • and then he does the craving one and sweets mean it’s a girl hey wait a second??
  • so he decides that you must be having twins!!
  • even though you have been to the doctors and you have one small baby in there?? it’s not two??
  • but jeongguk is convinced that the doctors are lying to you
  • they’re not
  • there’s only one baby
  • he shows the pictures to everyone and he gets so excited and he cries when you guys see the heartbeat and is just a mess okay he doesn’t know whether to hug or kiss you or kiss your belly??
  • he sends at least a million pics to his family so they can hang them up and he hands out one for all the boys so they can keep them in their wallets or something
  • he doesn’t really understand how to budget cause you’ll come home one day from hanging with friends and there on your bed is like seven hundred pairs of clothing and there’s blue and pink and yellow and green?? and you kinda jeongguk plZ we don’t even know what gender the baby is
  • and he gives you a cute smile and he’s like “yah but they were cute and our baby is gonna be the cutest, seokjin and tae don’t have crap on our child”
  • and you roll your eyes but kiss his face all over anyway
  • the boys are a lil disappointed he doesn’t have a party where they can spoil him in gifts so they decide to throw a surprise baby shower for the both of you!!
  • except it’s really poorly planned cause they end up all parking outside your house and don’t hide very well and yoongi shows up the same guys you are pulling in with a giant present in his hand and he kinda “well shit”
  • but it’s endearing anyway cause they all bout lots of clothes and diapers and they have a bunch of toys for the baby and jin baked a cake and there’s lot of snacks
  • and half the boys (and by that i mean chim and hoseok and jin) are crying cause baby kookie is all grown up and having his own baby and he’s so old now
  • while namjoon and yoongi are still trying to figure why this baby looks like a freaking alien what’s up with kids??
  • and they get you a bunch of stuff too cause they know that this is gonna be hardest on you
  • like yoongi gets you a nice grade a neck pillow and jin promises to make all your meals once the baby is born and chim has this beautiful blanket that he found and it has lots of fairy tale characters on it and it’s for snuggling the baby he says
  • and they all have so many gifts for you and jeongguk ends up tearing up again cause they’re so good to him and he wouldn’t have been able to do this alone??
  • that’s when the first kick happens, at the party
  • you’re listening to jin and tae give advice on what to do with the newborn once you bring them home and all of the sudden little jeon starts to kicking around and you get this look on your face and jin kinda um you okay??
  • and you start breaking into hysterics and you motion jeongguk over and place his hands on your belly “please acknowledge your child”
  • he screams and yoongi ends up recording it and jeongguk starts dancing around like a madman and screaming about his baby is kicking and it’s so cuTE
  • the baby comes a little early not too much but jeongguk claims it’s cause the baby can’t wait to see him
  • he was actually prepared for this moment cause he was anxious throughout the entire pregnancy so he had everything ready to go just in case
  • he was showing you some new choreography down at the studio and you made this really pained face and he was like was i really that bad??
  • and you shake your head and you try to answer but oh crap this hurts and you kinda just point down at your belly and his eyes go wide
  • even though he is physically prepared he is nowhere near mentally prepared
  • he panics so badly that you end up calling namjoon like plz take us to the hospital before i give birth in this godforsaken studio
  • namjoon was heading that way actually for recording and he speeds over (nearly gets pulled over)
  • and jeongguk ushers you into the back and he’s holding your hand and he’s trying to keep calm honestly this boy is more stressed than you are he’s about to lose it honestly
  • you get there and he’s trying to tell the nurse what’s going on cause you’re busy trying not to diE
  • he can’t and the nurse asks him if he would be better waiting and he’s like over my dead body
  • he’s not calm throughout the entire thing but he’s really stressed out over you like he’s scared something will happen to you
  • he squeezes your hand maybe harder than you squeeze his?? and he tries to calm you down with his words but he’s struggling
  • but after a bit he calms down and realizes he needs to try harder to be calm for your sake and he eventually relaxes and encourages you and wipes the sweat from your head
  • finally the baby is born and he’s exhausted (obviously not as much as you) and he’s kinda zoned but then the doctor is like
  • “do you wanna hold your baby daughter?”
  • and he didn’t really cry much through the entire event like not at all but then he takes his daughter in his arms and he loses it because she’s so so so tiny and perfect and beautiful?
  • and he kisses her head “hi angel, it’s me, your papa… and i’m gonna take the best care of you and spoil you rotten and love you to the moon and back…”
  • and you hold her next and you’re both crying a bit but little baby girl is so calm after the first initial tears she just stares up at you two blankly
  • and then they take her to make sure she’s healthy and whatever and you’re in the wheelchair and the boys are there and they kinda move and behold there are jeongguk’s parents and he runs to hug them and tell them it’s a beautiful healthy baby girl
  • they stay over your place for maybe two-three months (when my people go to china they stay that long so im assuming you wouldn’t travel across the world to spend five days there?)
  • the baby has his hair and eyes and smile and nose she looks a lot like him but she has your complexion and ears and face shape
  • he stays up with her every night like what is sleep?? even when she’s sleeping he stays up and watches over her cause he’s so afraid she’s gonna get hurt somehow??
  • he loves holding her it’s his favorite thing in the world cause she’s so tiny and precious and he can fit her in one hand at first almost she’s so small??
  • once she’s old enough he’ll hold her on his hip and dance around with her
  • he’s always singing to her too okay always always always no matter what the situation will be
  • he’s really good at calming her down whenever she’s crying all he has to do is hold her and sing her a lullaby and she’s good
  • she’s a really giggly baby she’s always giggling at everything
  • jeongguk spoils her so badly she has everything in the entire world
  • he’s really protective though he gets scared that tae’s little child is gonna steal her or something and he’s like tae keep hIM AWAY FROM MY ANGEL
  • her first word would be something completely random?? like duck? or cow? probably an animal cause jeongguk gets her so many plushies and tells her all the names
  • he enrolls her in a mommy and me yoga class and he’s the only dad there but whatever he doesn’t care
  • he’s like the best dad and he always spoils his baby girl and he loves her so much and this is my longest yet so wait for part two to hear about the rest of the jeon children!!
  • thank you so much!!

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🖊🏝 🗡 :))))

Hello :D thank you for asking sweetie <3

🖊 who do you think is the best song writer?

Without a doubt Yoongi!!! Everyone in the rap line is incredibly good at writing songs, yet for me Yoongi is the one who can really move me to tears with his incredible lyrics (So far away is probably in my top 10 kpop songs ok) :’) even tho Begin by Jeon imakes me super emo too (but Nams gave him an hand if I remember right? Le kid still has a long way to go, even tho he’s pretty good too) 

🏝 which member would you take with you on a deserted island?

Ah, I really really hate to admit this but… Probably Jeon? The kis seems the best one at surviving dangerous, wild situations -__- so yeah him… aaahh, I can picture him so well climbing a tree to get us bananas and coconuts lmao

🗡 in hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end?

Ah, this one is hard anonnie!!! But well… the first to die… hmmm, probably Jin and JImin? I feel like they’d trust people too much, and so would get killed by their own partners with some dirty tricks (like killing em in their sleep) :/ While for the one to survive… I’d say Namjoon? He has a super good brain so I can see him defeat people with nice tactics (even tho he’s so clumsy he could actually accidentally kill himself lol) or Tae, I mean, he’d play the dumbass part at the begin but then SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS he’s actually pretty smart, like a fox, and has very good acting abilities, so I can see him trick everyone into thinking he’s weak and easy to kill when it’s everything a trap :)))) if they underestimate him, then he has more possibilities to kill them!

BTS askbox meme

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Once you get this, you have to publicly post five things you like about yourself, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers! Spread Positivity 💞

I doubt know if there’s even 10 things I like about myself xD
Probably my eyes to begin with, my collarbones (though there’s a bit of work to be done until they’re that pretty again as they were a few years ago), I like my lips, I’d say I’m kinda intelligent, I never get a hangover which is pretty amazing xD, I like that I don’t necessarily need someone around me; just a book and myself and I’m happy, I guess I’m not THAT bad at writing xD, I can walk almost perfectly on high heels :D, I’m a bit of a nerd in some ways, and I bloody love soft throw blankets; I’ve got 4 by now :D

One or Two Miracles (1/2)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: I mean I don’t really see any warning I mean you kinda doubt Steve in the beginning but that it for this part.

Prompt: Anonymous- Married Reader x Steve where the reader is pregnant? Lots of fluff and uncle/ aunt avengers.

Note: I did so much research on this I wanted it to be solid and I’ve never been pregnant before so it was kinda hard so yes before reading this fic I recommend watching this video to kinda get you in the right mood. Ya feel? Anyways I hope you enjoy and the second part will be uploaded either tomorrow or Friday I need to add more details. – Anahi

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That "living with Jimin" list is the cutest thing, can it please happen irl?!?! And whenever you have the chance, could you pretty please with a cherry on top make one for "living with Tae?" You are a blessing to the kpop imagines world, thank you for being so sweet and talented~

ahh you are too sweet thank you for being an angel!! you are so sweet i might cry

Originally posted by jiminutive

Living with Tae

  • wow what is sleep
  • cause i doubt there would be any in this house
  • or sanity
  • because y’all would have a farm going
  • anyway
  • let’s start from the beginning!!
  • tae realizes there’s an issue when suddenly your laundry turns up in the wash
  • he kinda just is folding all the clothes one day and look it’s your favorite t-shirt??
  • and then he goes to make his bed and your socks are all curled up in the bottom and he realizes oh man well this is gonna be an issue
  • and it’s not even that?
  • like your shampoo is in the shower
  • and you’ve programmed the tv to record all your favorite shows
  • the fridge is filled with your favorite foods??
  • and he just “oh”
  • so then he does what any logical human being would do and dedicates an entire dresser for your things!!
  • but then it’s jeongguk actually who points out maybe he should take it a step beyond that??
  • he kinda “hyung, it’s not my place to make decisions about your love life but wouldn’t you rather if they moved in here?? isn’t a drawer a little..”
  • and taehyung laughs a little and his cheeks are all pink and he’s playing with his hands
  • and jeongguk is all shit well if tae is nervous there must be something bad happening what the?
  • and tae is just smiling “i’d like that a lot more i think…”
  • and jeongguk realizes he’s not nervous, he’s just imagining you living there with him??
  • and he gets all shy and sheepish when he thinks about living with you and it’s so touching really??
  • but once he gets over his endearing moment he is all about trying to plan how this will all go down??
  • and he sits down with jeongguk and jimin and they have whiteboard between the three of them and whenever someone gets a good idea they’re supposed to write it down
  • and jimin has some really romantic stuff planned and it’s touching and endearing and it’s sweet and sappy
  • and jeongguk is like”just ask” and then jimin erases his idea with an old sock so the younger pelts him with gummy bears
  • and taehyung is giving them the look because guys you’re supposed to be helping me??
  • but jeongguk and jimin are gone they’re too busy hurling snack food at each other to pay attention
  • and taehyung just sits here glumly with a pout on his face
  • and he kinda looks at the tv for a split second
  • and he gets an amazing idea and he jumps up and he tells the boys he’ll be back he’s going on an important mission
  • and jimin and jeongguk kinda oh okay I see how you feel about us I see how important we are
  • but Tae is gone there’s no getting him back that boy is out the door
  • Tae wouldn’t be nervous about asking you?? like that wouldn’t concern him at all he wouldn’t be scared to ask
  • he probably wouldn’t have asked unless someone brought it to his attention, cause to him obviously you two were gonna move in together, that was the next logical step in your relationship after the dresser
  • he didn’t realize there had to be a big asking ordeal about it honestly
  • but now that he’s aware he’s gonna make it as cute as he can
  • he comes back from his mission and threatens to stab jeongguk and jimin with a spoon if they spill the secret
  • and all three of them are giggling and smiling and they think this is the best idea in the world
  • and you’re chilling on your couch eating popcorn or something and you get a text from your boyfriend saying he’ll be over in like an hour
  • and you’re kinda confused cause he usually just barges in without warning??
  • but nope here he is, actually telling you he’ll be over and you’re getting weird vibes but you shake it off
  • you want to look good cause you’re wearing pajamas and your hair isn’t even brushed and you just run upstairs and throw on some jeans and a cute shirt you //stole from taehyung//
  • and you’re kinda like sitting a lil anxiously cause what’s going on??
  • and it seems like ages and you open the door and taehyung is beaming at you and you’re smiling too but then you look down
  • and he’s holding a puppy in his arms
  • he’s holding a small, baby puppy in his arms
  • more like hand, this puppy is tiny
  • and it’s a shihtzu and it’s mostly a tan color but the tips of its ears and paws are black
  • and you squeal and take the puppy in your arms and kiss its baby nose and snuggle it up to your chest
  • and you kinda “I didn’t expect this when you texted! what’s the occasion huh?”
  • and he pulls at his shirt collar (jimin and jeongguk put him in this nice button down thx)
  • “well I was thinking since we now have a baby, it would be better if you lived with me so he would grow up with both his parents all the time! having both parents around is critical to a child’s health you know!!”
  • and you’re so wrapped up in the puppy you kinda just nod and smile and you’re giggling
  • but then it hits you and you “oh shit you mean you want me to move in?!”
  • and taehyung laughs and nods and he leans down and kisses you as the puppy yaps happily
  • y'all end up having like seventeen animals
  • guarantee if taehyung finds something wandering the streets it’s coming to your house until you find the owner
  • and if you don’t find the owner well guess who’s proud new parents for like the eighty millionth times
  • there’s fish, there’s an entire tank, plus like six dogs (named after vixx and God only knows why) and like seventeen cats (four were stolen by yoongi) and a parakeet you swear is the devil
  • and you have the room cause taehyung lives in a townhouse
  • and you kinda joke about how much room there is for only two people but taehyung always shakes his head and kisses your nose “it’ll make more sense later”
  • (you later realize he’s already making sure there’s enough room for your future baby number one, cause we’ve all seen how he wants five, and something tells me he’d want to get right on it)
  • there’s three levels (I’m basing this after my dad’s place bear with me)
  • you walk in to the main level with the kitchen and small living room area
  • you two don’t really spend a lot of time there actually
  • when you first walk in, there are actually steps going down to the basement
  • the basement has the laundry room (so tiny) and an office space (taehyung turns this into a mini studio of sorts to work on his singing) and then a bathroom and main room
  • that’s where you two usually hang out cause that’s where the tv is, and there’s a nice couch and a fireplace and it’s really nice for a basement
  • there’s the upper level
  • that’s where your bedroom is (there’s a bathroom in there, it’s nice!!)
  • there’s two other, smaller bedrooms and another tiny bathroom
  • one of the bedrooms gets dedicated to the pets that don’t like sleeping on your guy’s bed with you
  • so like the fish and half the cats and the dog named after leo
  • you guys walk the dogs daily
  • you live in a cute cul-de-sac with a lot of young families so little kids are always coming over to pet the doggies
  • and taehyung just fawns over the kids and he’s loved by all the neighbourhood kids tbh
  • like whenever the ice cream man comes around he buys them all ice cream
  • and he plays kickball with them
  • and tag too
  • and all the moms love him and they always ask when you two are gonna start a little family of your own
  • and you always blush and stammer
  • but taehyung just wraps an arm around your shoulder “when we have more time, so maybe like… next year?”
  • and that always makes you more flustered but Tae only laughs at you and kisses your head
  • you guys always have picnics on the deck
  • he’ll make like salami and cheese sandwiches and he’ll get a blanket and you’ll make some lemonade and you’ll sit on the deck with all the animals
  • and he’ll serenade you
  • always ends up singing cypher though and you kinda taehyung plZ
  • but you guys sit out there to stargaze a lot
  • he names a star after you and every night he points it out
  • you’re not sure it’s the same one every time but he’s more than five hundred percent positive and his eyes light up and so you let it slide
  • and you two lay out on that blanket for hours and stare at the stars and talk about your future together and ugh
  • when you first moved in you realized the walls were white and gross
  • and so you guys take a trip to lowes and you spend like seven hours trying to decide what color you want for the walls
  • your room ends up yellow and the basement is dark green and the kitchen is gray blue and he living room is a tan color and whatever else y'all like
  • and you’re like time to hire someone
  • and taehyung just
  • “why would we do that”
  • and so you two end up painting the place and it doesn’t look half bad actually and you’re quite surprised it turned out looking so good??
  • so taehyung gets this idea he can fix anything in the house
  • like the washer machine isn’t working??
  • well guess who’s gonna be on that Tae is
  • he breaks it even more and you have to call yoongi over to try and salvage it
  • anime nights with your boy taetae
  • you guys sit on the couch in the basement and all the animals that can follow along and come sit on the couch too
  • and you guys have popcorn and sour patch kids and twizzlers
  • and his fave is ouran
  • he likes a lot of the comedy and slice of life ones
  • you watch fruits basket and attack on Titan and soul eater and he gets so into it oh my god he’s belting out the opening themes and he’s picking which character he would be and he’s so cute!!
  • another blanket hogger for sure
  • the dogs wake you two up every morning by jumping on the bed and licking your faces
  • tae lives for shower duets like you’ll be in the shower and he’ll wait outside the door and sing along with you
  • he gets you matching everything including towels and toothbrushes and pillows and bath robes
  • he lives for his baths man and he has a lot of bath bombs that he lets you use all the time
  • he tries to cook for you and he’s actually not that bad either
  • and he sets the table all fancy every night and he she’s across from you and holds your hand while you eat, every time
  • lots of macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets though that’s like his main diet
  • but he tries harder to cook actual food for you and he always like makes smiley faces with the sauce
  • his fave part is dessert
  • you eat it every night
  • it’s usually ice cream sundaes
  • and he eats half of yours!!
  • and it’s really cute and he’s so precious and he loves you unconditionally and it’s always a lot of fun in your house
If Rukia and teenage Byakuya were locked in a room...

As requested by anon. :)

Here we are at our last “locked in a room” post! At least for now. The teenage version of Byakuya has already chatted with his adult self and the other Bleach characters have met him, but now it is time for him to talk to his future sister - Rukia.

Teenage Byakuya: Who are you?

Rukia: …

Rukia: …

Rukia (whispering): Y-you’re just so tiny and adorable!

Teenage Byakuya: How dare you address a member of the Kuchiki clan in such a fashion!

Teenage Byakuya: I demand to know who you are!

Rukia: I’m your sister!

Teenage Byakuya: …

Teenage Byakuya: …

Teenage Byakuya: Wait, what??

Rukia: In the future, I mean!

Rukia: Adult you adopted me into your clan.

Teenage Byakuya: Oh. So what noble clan were you a part of before that?

Rukia: Actually I was just from the Rukongai.

Teenage Byakuya: You’re a peasant?

Rukia: Well, I was, yeah.

Teenage Byakuya: I adopted a peasant? That does not make sense. Why would I do that?

Teenage Byakuya: [gasps]


Rukia: You mean Yoruichi? No? Why would it be her fault?

Teenage Byakuya (looking into the distance): In my experience, most things are.

Rukia: You weren’t tricked or anything, tiny Nii-sama!

Rukia: It’s a bit of a long story, but basically you adopted me because I am the younger sister of your dead wife and you promised her you would find me and accept me and so you did.

Rukia: Coincidentally, I look almost exactly like my older sister, AKA your future dead wife! So that’s a little weird.

Teenage Byakuya: …

Teenage Byakuya: …

Teenage Byakuya: So I grow up to be in a soap opera?

Rukia: I-in a way, yes!

Rukia: But tiny Nii-sama, if I may, I would love to take this opportunity to find out what my brother was like as a teenager!

Rukia: It’s a rare opportunity for me!

Rukia: So… do you like to draw?

Teenage Byakuya: Draw? Ha! Drawing is a peasant activity!

Rukia: Actually, peasants tend not to have art supplies in my experience.

Rukia: Or food.

Rukia: Or anything.

Teenage Byakuya: Oh. 

Teenage Byakuya: Well still no!

Rukia: That’s funny. Adult you is very artistic. He makes the most wonderful sand sculptures and cookies and everything!

Teenage Byakuya: I-I do?

Rukia: Yes, adult you is an amazing artist!

Teenage Byakuya: So all my practice pays off!

Rukia: I KNEW IT

Rukia: What do you draw?

Teenage Byakuya: Just…stuff.

Teenage Byakuya: Myself as captain.

Teenage Byakuya: Me beating the demon cat in a race.

Teenage Byakuya: Swords.

Teenage Byakuya: Cool stuff like that.

Rukia: And Admiral Seaweed, right?

Teenage Byakuya: HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT HIM??

Rukia: Everybody does!

Rukia: Future you makes Admiral Seaweed cookies ‘n’ stuff!

Teenage Byakuya: So all my dreams come true.

Teenage Byakuya: Amazing.

Rukia: You’re….smiling?

Teenage Byakuya: So?

Rukia: It’s just not something I see very often in the future!

Teenage Byakuya: So I am very serious, then?

Rukia: Very much so.

Teenage Byakuya: That’s so cool.

Teenage Byakuya: I am probably a very cool older brother, huh?

Rukia: …

Rukia: Eventually, yes.

Rukia: Kinda a rocky beginning.

Teenage Byakuya: Rocky how?

Rukia: Now that’s a long story!

Rukia: But just know that everything turns out okay.

Teenage Byakuya: Um, have you met me?

Teenage Byakuya: I have no doubt that everything will be okay.

Teenage Byakuya: My pride will not have it any other way.

Rukia: Well, at least some things never change!

anonymous asked:

Camy, there's a witch in the Tarot? Recently I've seen some & if you haven't catch up I'll tell you, do you remember the suit what Hide is wearing at the theather with Ken? There's a simmilitude with the star drawn on his right eye & we know what side has Eto her kakugan & it's her right eye, certain? And her suit it seems a little to hers. Then his job in the theather is ''The witch servant'' I think this is a coincidence or could be a revelation(?) I hope you are nice Camy, don't give up! ;3

Hi, hi dear Anon!! <3 ( (I won’t give up, my theories maybe suck but i’ll continue with this, thank you so much o(^▽^)o)

Oh, yeah. I saw that before: the Hide theory about that.You’re refering to this, do you?

And replying to your ask: YES. A tarot card have a person who resembles to a witch. 

And you won’t believe who is she: The Queen of Clubs or Wands. 

Better known as Eto, in  Ishida’s cards. 

Yes, please, read this:

The Queen represents the yin, or receptive qualities of each element.
She shows an appreciation of that element rather than the King’s social use of it. This does not mean that the Queens indicate weakness, or even inaction, but rather the element translated into feeling and understanding. A black cat guards her throne. In Christian folklore the Devil gave a black cat to a witch to guard her from attack. The meaning here is less melodramatic. Sometimes if a person loves life, the world appears to respond by protecting that person from harm and send her or him joyous experiences. (From the book: “ Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom ”)

And yes, that is a sunflower. Just so you know.

The sunflower represents her naturally sunny outlook and disposition and along with the lions, which form the armrests of her throne, connect her to theFire sign of Leo if found with the Strength and Sun card of the Major Arcana. (x)

Eto has a very good card, actually. The queen of Wands is a strong, independent, creative and powerful woman. Sunny and cheerful, in her way tho.

Now, what does it mean? Honestly, I have no clue. Could be just a coincidence, but…I kinda doubt it.

Let’s begin for the most dark symbol here:The cat. Yeah, the black cat is a symbol for the occultism but it’s there for demonstrate the knowledge of the Queen in the world, in the dark world. Eto knows the dark world, she rules the dark world as the empress because she was born in that world, raise in that world, and grown up as the Queen of it. And the cats are animals independents, with they own view of life, like Eto. And the cat also mean good luck…or bad luck, depends.

Where’s Hide in all this? In the servant part. Yeah, a servant is a person who help the person who’s serving, redundant, I know. But I don’t see Hide being the servant of Eto, at least, in a explicit way (evil and conspiratorial way)

Maybe, Hide helps Eto in other way. Not in a bad way, and besides, the sunflowers represent the light up of the queen. And…the star in his eyes is interesting too.

Stars, being nocturnal element, represent the fight against darkness and, depending on the number of points the star has, symbolise the divine relationship between man and God. They are also considered to be the embodiment of truth and spirituality, because they light up the night. (x) 

And, the left side also represent logical thoughts: 

The left side of our brain controls our masculine, analytical aspects so it represents our logical mind, our mental drive and our physically active side. This is reflected in the right side of our bodies. (x)

Or in others words: a star who light up the night, in a logical, analytical way. Just like Hide is. (Eto is logical too, a very, very smart person)

Hide tends to light up situations (even he’s not truly “light” in those parts) and he’s very analytical and logical person, almost practical.

If Hide is related with Eto maybe will be a help to light up certain situation, and that maybe helps Eto in way. A way that’s not dark, because the star and the sunflower are elements that light up the Queen, bring her realization. And in antique cultures, the stars were symbols for guidance in the night.

And also, they had met before. 

They have crossed paths in the history, so maybe they’ll meet again. Maybe their path will intersect again. Maybe in differents side of the history. 

Hide’s card is the Magician:

“The Magician, as the beginning of the Major Arcana proper, represents consciousness, action and creation. He symbolizes the idea of manifestation, that is, making something real out of the possibilities in life. He not only uses the physical world for his magical operations, but he also creates the
world, in the sense of giving life a meaning and direction.”  (From the book: “ Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom ”)

And the Ace of Spades.

“The final (first) Sword card returns u s to the true essence o f the suit- intellect. Pointing straight up for true perception, the sword pierces the crown of the material world. Wisdom leads us beyond illusions and limitations to the spiritual truth contained within life.”  (From the book: “ Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom ”)

Those two cards are the first of their respective suits. So maybe Hide will be the beginning of something, and maybe that something will relate with Eto. Or, both will be the beginning of something.

Or maybe, Hide is Eto’s cat. Without the cat, the Queen cannot be the witch.
But, maybe someone else is the cat, if Hide is her “servant”, maybe Noro is the cat? The cat is usually represent as a feminine spirit and Noro being the Queen of Spades just…make sense. Besides, the cat protect the Queen, is like her right hand. The cat is her guardian, so maybe the cat could be Noro.

The relation between Hide and Eto is uncertain. He could be her servant, or maybe he’s someone’s servant and Eto is just other witch. Maybe, they’re two witches, Eto and somebody else.

In the alternative ending for TG root A, Hide apologizes to Kaneki for join to the witch side, isn’t he? What if the CCG is the other witch? That make sense too. Maybe they’re two witches, Eto and the CCG, both powerful and dangerous. Both using their magical powers: Eto use the Aogiri and the CCG use the investigators. But a town can’t have two witches, right?

So, there are two witches and Hide is in the other side of that witch (CCG) or just one, and is Eto. And Hide, eventually, joined to her in some point, or he’s related to her, or, in the future, they’ll be in the same situation or event, maybe as allies or enemies.

I’m not sure that Hide and Eto have a connection or they’re related in a way, but i do believe that maybe this could be a hint for Hide’s participation in some event in TG. His role as the witch servant is unclear, but I believe that the “witch” he was serving was the CCG. And that’s why Hide apologizes to Kaneki in that ending, and eventually, return to the side of the prince.

If there are two witches…well, that will be very interesting.

The next Persona girl and part of the YU gang, Yuka Ayase.

Have you noticed how many character’s names begin with Yu?

Yuka, Yukino, Yukari, Yukiko, Yosuke, Yu, Yusuke…

Anyways, I am kinda sad she didn’t show up in Persona 2. Would have been interesting to see her grow up, Everyone else (minus Masao) grew into what you’d expect them, but I wouldn’t know what to expect of her. And I doubt P5 is gonna bring her back either soooo it gonna remain a mistery.

long thoughts on skimmons.

I got the inspiration of writing this after a very emotionally exhausting discussion about Skimmons with a fellow Skimmons-shipper.
Credits to me (hackingxbiochemist) and my friend.

We are personally disturbed by the lack of Skimmons in Agents of Shield Season 3. It got us moping around and we don’t really understand why can’t Skimmons have more any on-screen interaction?
Is it logical? Think about it.

As time goes by, I realized Chloe rarely posts picture with Elizabeth anymore in her social media and viceversa.Well, they used to.
My friend said that maybe it has something to do with the fact that maybe the producers and PRs don’t want Skimmons fans to get over-excited?
Like…because FitzSimmons and StaticQuake are canon now.
Our heart hurts.
And at the last Wizard World interview they were talking about how they were good friends but before they were…talking about kissing.
Maybe Jemma needs a girlfriend. Holding hands. Laughing so hard together.
Even Chloe and Elizabeth were asking for it in their interviews and also social medias.
Why do you have to surpress the possibility of making a good girl/girl on-screen couple?

It’s like Skimmons in season 1 didn’t exist. Remember the good ol’ days?
I’d say without any doubt that season 1 is the best season of AoS for me.
I’ve read that ratings for AoS are beginning to drop from season 2 and now it is much lower in season 3
Hope the writer realize what they missed.

Let’s look at Lincoln.
Lincoln had already insulted the living shit out of Daisy and hit one of her biggest insecurities. Is that how Daisy was supposed to be treated?
Lincoln is a guy that had been lying to Daisy from the first time they met, and Daisy was just like:
“Yeaaa but maybe I kinda like this guy, they said I need a love interest so why not this guy”


For me personally, I still caan’t let go of Skye. She was the character I fell in love with.
The funny, sarcastic and brave hacktivist who had the nerve to maybe feel something more for her adorable best friend in a lab coat.
And the writers transformed her into this serious and sullen agent Daisy that believes the man she deserves is just a guy who took advantage of her.
As we get to watch season 3, our hopes were torn down and our hearts broke bit by bit.
We don’t hope for much now, it would just be great to start giving the viewers more Skimmons interaction,just show that they are still good friends, that’s enough for us.

Reminiscing the happy days back before season 3, I think that Jemma never shows that much sadness, love and care toward other characters except for Daisy.
Remember season 1? When Daisy was shot? That fucking touched my heart. And the way Daisy hugged Jemma when she thought she lost her?
That makes me feel something. I’ve never see Daisy THAT relieved.
We never see Jemma broke down crying except when Daisy was shot. It was heart-wrenching. And Jemma do everything in her power to keep Daisy alive, she did not think twice when she got the drugs, cause she was willing to do anything for Daisy to keep her alive.
Jemma was willing to bring Daisy back into a stable state everytime she coded because she will do anything just to bring Daisy back.
Daisy thought that she lost Jemma again, for the second time when Ward told her that he had sunk Jemma and Fitz in the ocean. Daisy was furious, we’ve never saw her that furious.
Who got Jemma’s back just like in season 2? It was Daisy. She kept Jemma safe even when she thought Jemma really turned to Hydra.
Then the moment Jemma’s cover was about to be revealed by Raina, Daisy dared to challenge May, the Cavalry,
just so she can keep Jemma safe.
And who make that freakishly awesome tech to keep control of Daisy power? It was Jemma.
Moving on to season 3,


And more points to think of,
In season 2, Jemma saw Ward and swore to kill him if she sees him again.
Can you imagine, a kind,loving and patient Jemma, says that to Ward? And as she said it, she kept Daisy behind her, she was protecting Daisy.
She loves the shit out of Daisy and she would KILL…KILL SOMEONE. To keep her safe.
When Daisy’s power was getting worse and Jemma didn’t know, and she found out because of the quake, the statement “I’M SO SORRY JEMMA” was heart-breaking.
Daisy was saying a lot of things in that apology.
And when Jemma knew that Daisy had kept something from her, she was disappointed. How could her best friend, the girl she loves, keep this important info from her?

In every season, the scenes between them become more rushed and less frequent and it’s breaking our heart.
Give them some time. Even as best friends. They love each other.
They care about each other.
The writers are making this all about the guys they are with.

Where is that friendship theemes between Jemma and Daisy the writers promised us with when they are making the show?
The only scene showing that the two at least are still talking was the part in season 3 where Daisy visits Jemma.

“Call me whatever you want” was what Daisy said to Jemma.
She is only letting Jemma call her with either Skye or Daisy. Not her teammates, Lincoln,or even Coulson who is the closest thing she got to a father.

And where did Daisy get those daisies for Jemma, tho?
They are on a classified compound with lock-downs and securities, that meant she must went out to get it, only for Jemma.
Daisy said that, “it’s a multipurpose gift”

However, there’s nothing gay in bringing your friend flowers, then blushes when you see them, then that line of ‘call me whatever you want", that adorable stutters, and that subtle smile toward each other, 'i’m your multipurpose gift’.

We just think that Jemma was feeling bad for Fitz because he kinda saved her from the monolith.
Tell us how many months Jemma had to return Fitz’s feelings since the end of season 1?
If Jemma feels something for Fitz too, why didn’t she return his feelings? THAT MEANS SHE IS CONFUSED.

The shows are teaching the little guys and girls watching that:
Lincoln- if you’re nice and cute…you’re entitled to the girl. You get the pussabra right after that.
And Fitz- that a.) if you’ve been her friend for a long time and admit your feelings? You get the girl.
And b.) if you WHINE about it and mope and throw tantrums…the girl will go to you.

This is just thoughts we had as we analyzed the Skimmons interaction that are getting less and lesser.
We did not mean any ideas to anger other ships.
Repost with credits if you will. Thankyou.

Dialogue Breakdown: VACUUMING

One of my favorite things about Episode 9 is the dialogue between Balth and Peter. TCW write it using a technique that my Creative Writing professors were really fond of, and that reflects real-life communication really really well. It’s basically neither of us are having the conversation we each think we’re having. I’ve been seeing speculation, theory, and meta about the “once you get an idea in your head” line of Balth’s, and Peter’s reaction to it. I present to you the following: a breakdown of the meatiest parts of Peter/Balth dialogue in Episode 9.

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Yo, why are people suddenly accepting these really unreasonable theories? Like come on guys. We can’t be playing as Purple Guy- Baby states in the beginning that she doesn’t recognize us. Why would she not recognize her own creator? Next, the animatronics didn’t malfunction- The blue prints straight up show they were made for kidnapping and killing children cause they were made by a sick man. Finally, I highly doubt Ennard is behind everything and speaks to you in the beginning. Why would he ramble about the incident on Night 3? This one of the only things I believe Mark got correct on the stream, where the animatronics are scooped and all become one entity-Ennard. It’s just kinda ridiculous to me to see all these people accepting this without some of the key facts, but maybe I’m being oversensitive. 

dimensionaldemon  asked:

I think you've talked about this before, but how often would Mephistopheles show up if this were made into an actual series? Would he be in every episode or every other one?

I think he’d be in almost every episode!  A long time ago (before I’d ever animated any of it) I kinda thought maybe if W2H was episodic it would begin and end in some way with Mephistopheles.  Either Sock reporting back to Meph about his day, asking questions… or Meph checking in on Sock, like he does at the end of the film, to kind of show the state of the situation they’re in, haha.  Like Sock is having some quiet revelation, or Meph is beginning to have doubts, something like that.  I don’t know though!  I could definitely see a potential story idea where he isn’t necessary, so I don’t think I’d ever force him in.  But he is good comic relief!  And someone’s gotta’ remind Sock of the gravity of the situation!  

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hey! could you recommend comics with good Jason characterization? thx

I’ll be honest that I’m a bit iffy when it comes to some of these comics, but if I’ve still included them it means that they’re most likely important for Jason’s characterisation. As a side note, I won’t be getting into the New 52 with this.


  • Batman #408-#429 (Batman: Second Chances collects #402, #403, #408-416 and Batman Annual #11) (Batman: A Death in the Family collects #426-#429) - This is Jason’s original Robin run in Pre-52′s Batman. I’d personally recommend reading #413, the last issue before Jim Starlin takes over.
  • Batman Annual #12 - It has two stories, the second one is completely about Jason. It has him preventing some other students from cheating without anyone actually knowing he did.
  • Detective Comics #568-#582 - This is Jason’s original Robin run in Pre-52′s Detective Comics. I actually like some of these issues more than the Batman ones even if they’re less popular.
  • Action Comics #594 - It’s not a big appearance by any means, but it’s cute and shows how Jason feels about Superman.
  • Batman: The Cult - The art’s not the best but it’s still an awesome story where Jason saves Bruce’s life.
  • DC Retroactive: Batman The ‘80s - One of my favorite comics where Jason’s featured in as Robin. He’s not portrayed as a bad Robin and for once its a post-death comic where there’s no mention of Jason’s death.
  • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #100 - This one has three stories, one for Dick, one for Jason and one for Tim. I’d say it has one of the saddest narratives when it comes to Jason’s death.
  • Deadman: Dead Again - Jason mostly appears in the second issue and it shows his reaction to his own, well, death
  • Gotham Knight #34 and #43-#45 - The end of #34 shows Jason as a ghost and it’s pretty cute. And personally I’m not really a fan of #43-#45, so this one I’m iffy about recommending, unless you’ve read plenty of comics about Jason.


  • Red Hood: The Lost Days - This is without doubt one of my favorite storylines DC Comics has ever published. It explains the events following Jason’s death and what happened before he came back to Gotham.
  • Batman #617-#618 (Batman: Hush Volume One and Two collects #608-#619) - Eh, I don’t think you need to read it, but this storyline is kinda the reason why Jason was resurrected to begin with.
  • Batman Annual #25 - Like The Lost Days, this annual explains how Jason came back to life and what happened to him before became the Red Hood.
  • Batman #635-#641 and #645-#650 (Batman: Under the Hood collects #635-#641, #645-#650 and Annual #25) - The first story to feature Jason as the Red Hood, written by Judd Winick and amazing in every way possible. It shows Jason’s first real appearance after his death and how Bruce finds out and deals with it. It’s one hell of an emotional ride.
  • Green Arrow #69-#72 (Green Arrow: Seeing Red collects all these issues) - Jason has some awesome dialogue in this comic, not only that but while everyone keeps underestimating him, he shows how smart he really is in his visit to Starling City.
  • Outsiders #44-#46 - In which Jason has some intel for Nightwing, they fight a bit, Dick doesn’t seem to know Jason very well at all and Jason helps them.
  • Countdown - Dear lord, this is one mess of a storyline and I wouldn’t recommend it when you’re a beginner to reading comics, at all. The characterisation changes from writer to writer, but there are still amazing things that happen in it.


  • Batman: Arkham Knight (game) - The graphics are amazing, the gameplay phenomenal and Jason’s characterisation, while different than in the pre-52, is one of my favorites.
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (tie-in) - Based in the Arkhamverse, it takes place between the games Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Knight.
  • Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis - The Arkham Knight’s origin story within the Arkhamverse.
  • Batman: Under the Red Hood - The movie based on The Under the Hood storyline.
  • Li’l Gotham - The most adorable comic ever. Jason’s not a main character in this series but it’s complete gold.
  • Beware the Batman #11 - It’s never stated that it was actually Jason in this comic, but I’d like to think so.
  • Bombshells #46 - Jasón, as he’s called in this, is a Basque kid that was adopted (fight me on this) by Batwoman and he’s too adorable for words– Of course this issue also hurts.
  • The World of Flashpoint - Jason’s a priest and has the famous white streak in his hair, what else is there to want?
  • Tiny Titans - He’s not a main character either, but this series is just as adorable as Li’l Gotham. Hell, Jason’s name is Jason Toddler.


  • Nightwing: Bad Blood - It’s an universal known fact in the fandom that this comic does not, in fact, exist. Spare yourself and never read this.
  • Robin #177, #182-#183 - Fuck Fab Nic for throwing all of Jason’s characterisation in the trash. Also, fuck him for taking always the possibilities for amazing character development.
  • Battle for The Cowl - Tony Daniel’s one of the worst out there and should never get his hands on Jason ever again.
  • Batman and Robin - While Judd Winick wrote Jason later in the series, even he couldn’t undo the horrors that was Morrison’s Jason.
Some Thoughts on Vampire Michaela’s Story Light Novel Volume 2


I guess I will disappoint 99.9% of dans by saying it but vampires have no interest in sex. In fact, it’s stated they have no interest in anything but blood. Isn’t that horrible? You live forever and can’t even enjoy life properly. I thought they would still get laid from time to time for fun but they seem to have zero interest in that.

And lolol, I actually wonder if they go to the toilet since their organs are not working. Do they? xD

Btw, not really a spoiler. It’s mentioned that vampires sleep in coffins. Vampires don’t really need sleep but since they live for so long they just want to sleep those 7-8 hours everyday and forget about reality, that’s why they sleep. And sleeping in a coffin for some reason makes them feel kind at peace. It’s narrated from Ferid’s point of view as he looks at Crowley sleeping in a coffin as Ferid’s busy with his own business.

1) I’ve never hated Ferid as much in my life as the moment he cold-bloodedly told Crowley it was him who killed everyone and kills the poor boy Maren (the one that survived in that town when he parents died). I understand that it was all according to Ferid’s calculations and he needed Crowley. But the way he killed everyone and the only thought that crossed his mind was “amusing” “exciting”.

It makes it hard to believe that Ferid once too had someone he loved.

2) Even having become a vampire back then Crowley seemed to still have some humanity in him. How come the current Crowley can easily attack kids and think it’s fun? The current vampire Crowley and the vampire Crowley he was back then - the gap in character is way too big. Is it a plot hole or it will be explained later, I wonder?

3) In manga when Ferid offers Crowley blood in the beginning, Crowley says he doesn’t drink kids’ blood but he has no objections drinking blood of Shinoa’s unit. Hmm? Which one is true?

4) The current Crowley seems to care only about strong opponents and having fun. He still seems to care about Ferid’s plan though. I have no doubts that even the current Ferid is quite a complex character, but what about current Crowley? I kinda want them to elaborate on it in manga.

5) How did Ferid meet Mahiru/Guren? I guess we’ll find out in fall.

6) I really really liked human Crowley. He put his friends and justice before everything else, and gave a lot more thought about everything compared to his aloof exterior.

7) Reading narration from Ferid’s part of view confirmed that he’s a complex character but honestly speaking, I didn’t feel an ounce of good in him. Even his revenge plan was twisted, his way of thinking itself is evil. Is it the result of him living for over a thousand years or the result of what happened when he still was a human?

8)  I wonder Mikaela gene/factor means. Does that mean that Ferid has the same gene/factor?

9) Mikaela’s thoughts during the last chapter are no different from manga, so nothing new really.

10) I also wonder what Ferid’s thinking picking a fight with the council.

11) And the last and the most exciting thing for me here: Ferid and Crowley’s master is Saitou!!! How sick is that! I wonder if Ferid’s playing with or against Saitou here. I’m most curious about that. Just how big and thought-out is his plan? My guess is he’s together with Saitou because it didn’t sound like Ferid was the only one who thought of that plan.