i was kinda doubtful in the beginning

I tried to see if I could play through Bros, because I couldn’t find any complete playthrough videos and I wanted to see what the ending looked like for this tragic bro game, or if it had any ending at all.

As you may already know the game greets you with a somewhat lifeless looking title screen with a weirdly sad theme playing in the background. It gives me the feeling that this is the bro’s first adventure but may also be his last…

The game also kicks you back to this title screen every time you get a game over. It’s the beginning but also the end.

This game is such a bizarre experience. I knew what the first few levels were like based on a video I saw but they couldn’t make it past a certain burning pipe without running out of lives.

When I got past it I knew I was walking into unknown territory. I had to rely on save states because this game is long, hard and unfair. I doubt anyone has even beaten this game without save states or cheating.

Shortly after this burning pipe the levels started getting weirder by using bizarre and also kinda scary color palettes.

I already thought the game had this melancholy, lonely and hopeless feel to it, and these color palattes combined with the unfair difficulty and awful level design doesn’t help. Every time you die the game also plays a realistic voice clip of a man going “uUNGH!!” so you’ll be hearing that a lot too.

I had no idea how long time game was going to be. Every world has 4 stages, with the fourth one being a castle level. After about 4 or 5 worlds I was thinking I had to be close to finishing the game. Yet I was still greeted with the same message at the end of every castle.

And then I got to world 8. This had to be the end, I could feel it.

I saw the entrance to the final castle and I was finally going to solve the mystery of this game. Do you finally get to save your brother, or does this game even have an ending at all?

But first I had to face the final challenge… the void.

Either the developers didn’t think anyone would make it this far, or they must have hated their players. The final level of the game is a series of mazes with tricky jumps in the pitch black darkness. You’re also very low on time, so you have to be really fast. The game also freezes for half a sec every time you jump into a wall, making this really frustrating to play.

Luckily there are no enemies or pitfalls that can kill you here but the timer is still a big enough problem.

It was way too hard and unfair, and I was starting to doubt if I could get through it, even with save states.

But after a while I finally made it.

And this is all I get for the trouble.

I don’t know what I was expecting…

how a music crush begins
  • me: *sees male musician*
  • me: meh I guess he's kinda cute
  • male musician: *plays for two seconds*

so i made a lockscreen for every wings short film and i like how some of them turned out but some of them look kinda shit tbh but i thought: hey why not share it with the world!!! so here they are! if anyone saves these please like and/or reblog and maybe also follow me, that would be nice thank you. i doubt anyone will even see this but oh well.

Why You Should Be Open Minded To The Clip Possibly Not Being a Flashback.

If you’re curious as to why i’m not on a side when it comes to the argument on Flashback/ No Flashback, it’s because the arguments that are really trying to push it being a flashback don’t really work as well as they sound. This isn’t me saying it can’t be a flashback, but it’s me telling you why these arguments against it not being one don’t make any sense.

Lemme explain why.

Marco isn’t there!!!

Ok, Marco might be a main character, but he’s not obliged to have a huge role in every single episode. Some episodes require Star to be more focused on and some episodes focus on other relationships. Star didn’t need to be in Friend-enemies cause that would’ve only ruined the episode that was supposed to focus on Tom and Marco’s relationship.

If this is an episode made to focus on Tom and Star’s relationship, then Marco being there would kind’ve ruin it. Plus it’d be kinda stupid to push up a dead love triangle that was already killed off in s2.

Also, note that this is a private party, because the only people there….are mewni royalty. No citizens, and no outsiders, this is clearly a party meant for Royal Families in Mewni. Marco might be a princess, but Marco is not ruling a kingdom here nor part of a Mewni Family. 

Marco is probably not here, because he can’t, or isn’t remotely allowed to begin with. Being friends with Star might give him some privileges but I doubt he’s allowed to access everything, friend or not.

Moon’s design looks like the one in s1!!

Yeah, but you know what it ALSO looks like?

Her design in Face The Music, which was from s2.

The show reuses models and outfits sometimes, it’s nothing new.

Star’s Headband!!

Again, Face The Music.

It probably wouldn’t be very formal for her to wear to something this fancy and exclusive anyway. If it’s for royalty, then yeah, she should probably wear a princess crown.

Star’s Wings!!!

Star’s wings also didn’t show up in another episode that might sound familiar, Blood Moon Ball.

Which came after Mewberty.

So they could just be behind her dress or not there for the same reason they weren’t in BMB.

Tom would’ve been happy to dance with Star!!

Thing about this clip, we don’t know the context behind it, we don’t know what happened before it or what will happen after it. 

Star being grumpy to Tom is no surprise of course but everyone is deadset on saying Tom’s bitterness is a clear sign this has to be from the past. Here’s the problem, we don’t know enough to even understand why he’s angry.

Tom, for all we know, could be angry at Star for many reasons that relate to the beginning of the episode. He could be upset she kept on treating him coldly, he could be upset he’s being forced to dance with someone he’s supposed to be getting over, heck he could be upset for the same reason River and Dave (Tom’s dad) are fighting.

Without context on this episode, Tom being angry is not a determining factor, Tom gets angry sometimes; that’s nothing new. Unless we understand the full story behind him being upset, we can’t determine when this clip was.

He liked Star in BMB and was still pretty frustrated with her, who knows what happened here.

Disney is just lying!!

Sure, disney could be lying when they say this isn’t a flashback, that’s not out of the realm of plausibility, but Disney had no problem spoiling spoilers out in the BFM trailers.

Them spoiling this NOT being a flashback would not be out of character for them, you know how they love to tease and reveal things without the Crew’s consent.

Daron’s not new to tricking the audience either, her trying to make you think this was a flashback only to say otherwise would be something she’d do.

This isn’t me saying there’s no way it’s a flashback, but i am saying that this clip is a tossup to which it could be and a lot of these arguments people are using do not work. It could go either way, there’s no guarantee this is a flashback, at all. Nothing in this clip is a clear indicator of it and the fandom is taking anything they can to forcibly say it HAS to be. 

I’m choosing to sit in the middle and wait for anything else to be revealed about it instead of being in denial of the chances of this ship having present romantic moments. 

This clip, could go either way.

And I for one, will treat it as if it could go either way.

You know what I find… annoying, to be honest? Every “bad” plot hole that the rwde tag complains about in RWBY, with the exception of some things like the train in V4. or Phyrra’s death, can be traced back to V1. Jaune’s screentime and character? V1-2. Wiess’ racism? V1. Bad villian development? V1-2-early-3. And guess who get’s the blame for this? Miles and Kerry. Guess who actually wrote those in before going to RT with the idea? Monty.

I recognize that Crwby changed parts of the script, I mean, they didn’t have much choice, I doubt Monty left a cohesive, episode by episode script from beginning to end of the show. But I’ve never seen even the littlest bit of critique towards Monty, it’s ALWAYS M+K’s fault, even though the most hated/critiqued parts of tge show comes from seasons 1-3, when Monty was alive still. Sure, the plot still kinda sucks from time to time now still, but those bits are still Monty’s doing in some way, shape or form.

So while I still have the utmost respect for Monty, I really don’t think he was as good of a writer as people make him out to be.

And I don’t necessarily agree with my examples in the first paragraph. I love Jaune, Wiess’s racism being dragged out any longer would have been extremely annoying (although using the two episodes to maybe shed a bit more light on Wiess’s side rather than just giving us the tsundere apology would’ve been preferable.), and I rather like Cinder and her crew, as well as Salem and team WTCH. But rwde hates these things and doesn’t shift enough blame to Monty that O feel he deserves, that’s all.

And finally, I know Miles and Kerry are also responsible for the crap writing, but what annoyed me was that they got all the blame while Monty got none whatsoever.

EDIT: just reworded and added on. Was in an extremely bad mood when originally writing, and just felt like venting. Sorry about that.

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OK. SO I want to hear your thoughts on something. A lot of people want a Saeran route, and I'm one of those people who dream of such a thing. Except, deep down I know that there's a HUGE potential for toxicity. What do you think a Saeran route would be like? I can only imagine how scary the bad endings would be. High mcfreakin difficulty like I feel like you'd need to tread so carefully to get a good ending.

Yes I agree it’s going to be difficult. But, I think the level of difficulty depends on when exactly the route takes place! 

During the original routes, Saeran is pretty far gone, and has taken so many drugs that he’s basically succumbed to the ‘Unknown’ personality full-time. That’s going to be waaaay more complicated if our story takes place there. But in V’s route, he’s still got a lot of Saeran in him. I think if they kept the same start as V route, it could really work well. 

The key points are going to be 

1) Pulling him from Rika’s grasp. This will be hard. And I am guessing that the only thing that will make Saeran start to doubt Rika is if she is going to hurt/harm MC, or take MC away from him. Maybe MC pisses Rika off by getting too close to Saeran and she’s starting to get to his head so she pulls MC away from him and he starts to doubt her intentions. 

2) Delving into Saeran’s past. That’s the only way he can begin to trust MC and start to heal. Unless he opens up to her about what has happened, she has no way to connect to him and heal him. The problem with this is that I don’t know how this could work unless MC kinda knows Saeyoung already? I mean…it could, but it would seem very shallow. “Hey, Idk who that bro of yours is or why he like abandoned you but…ya a cult is not the answer.” I’d love to see her be the one to bring them together again. 

^^^the above two kinda tie in together, as well. We need to figure out his past, connect the damn dots, and chip-chip-chip away at all of Rika’s credibility. We have to shatter Rika’s weird fun house image of Saeran’s life that she has created. The way we could bring Rika down is revealing her lies about Saeyoung. Saeran has to trust MC more than Rika at this point, obviously. 

Bad Ends? yikes. Yeah, I can imagine they’re going to be a bit intense. I think it’s going to be a very delicate balance for some of them. Where you can’t be too harsh with Rika but you have to also keep planting questions and doubt in Saeran’s mind, gently. Leaving lots of breadcrumbs to the truth. I’m sure at least one will be like, “Oh, hey, yeah, Mint Eye sounds awesome lemme chug up some of that there elixir!” Maybe some of the darker ones will be forcing MC to drink. Or even the old ‘capturing one of the RFA that have tried to rescue MC’ thing. 

I’m also very curious how much of a role V will play in the Saeran route. He could be an awesome catalyst for Saeran opening up about his past. Because hey, why do you hate that blue haired dude so much? 

There are sooo many amazing scenarios they can place into this route. They have a ton to work with! So much tension and angst, I can’t wait. I’m sure whatever Cheritz produces is going to be amazing. 


Based off of #36 prompt found here

Shawn Master List found HERE

Finals week; the week where all students are strung out on coffee, sleep deprived and cramming a whole semester’s worth of information —which is not a sufficient way of studying, at least, that is what psychology taught you.

After almost four years of college, you still have not managed to adequately find a successful way to deal with the week of horror. It just gets worse and worse each year, and the week feels as though it gets longer and longer, almost neverending.

You groan heavily, your eyes burning as they stare at your notes and your Chemistry text that seems to have sticky notes and highlighter all through it. The information is just getting soaked up in your eyes and not adhering, which could be due to the lack of sleep and the coffee now shrinking thin. Your attention is driven away from the study notes and the study guide, Shawn stepping into the bedroom of your apartment, your keys getting thrown to the bed.

“You know, you should really start paying attention to the oil in your car.” He comments with a small grin as he shrugs his coat off of lengthy arms.

“I have been a tad busy,” You gesture towards the notes scattered across your bed, your pen now aimlessly tapping against one of the pages.

He steps closer to you, leaning down and kissing your lips, “I know, I thought we could maybe get some take out and watch a movie?” He suggests, sitting down beside you, “And before you whine about finals week, you need to eat and to have a break.” He immediately prevents you from disputing his requests of a movie and some food. You nod, your eyes scanning the presumptuous statements in the book, Shawn’s soft hums distracting you as his fingers trace small gatherings on your back.

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My Top 5 hispanic characters

I’m a Hispanic person, Latinx if you will and this month is totally my month. Between HIspanic Heritage Month, halloween, and my birthday is a pretty fun time for me. So to celebrate I wanted to make a nice good old fashioned top 5 list of hispanic comic book characters. These characters are characters that share a culture with me in some way or I just feel like they are really good. Hispanic characters sadly are vastly under represented and many of them are legacy or spin off characters of white men. That said it didn’t stop their writers from making them shine and the best news is almost everyone in this list is going to be in an ANAD book.

Anya Corazon: Spider-Girl  seems sadly cursed to be put in mediocre stuff. She is a pretty cool character with a pretty cool personality. She was actually the first hero to go the whole Twitter route with an official twitter and everything for her book. Sadly they started her latest run by fridging her dad so that was sad stuff. In Spider-verse she got to do an important thing and then they acted like she was going to be super important but sadly thanks to the Spider-gwen craze she got pushed back in favor of making Gwen the lead. Anyway she is a spunky determined hero who keeps on fighting regardless of her situation. I hope she finally gets a spot light in Web Warriors.

Robbie Reyes: Robbie would be a cinnamon roll but it’s one that’s on fire in a halloween theme that also does a bit of murder. He takes care of his brother who can’t walk, he tries to balance school, works a job, and does so much for to keep the one person left in his life happy. Then everything went to hell when the spirit of a serial killer begins allowing him to become the newest Ghost Rider. His book felt like it skipped a beat due to be canned but honest I doubt it doesn’t get announced to get another go given that Axel Alanso and Fellipe Smith both really like the character.  

Victor Mancha: Sadly our chances of seeing poor Victor in a post Secret War world is slim to none since Marvel apparently hates the runaways even though they know they are popular enough to sell issues (See Darken and Avengers Academy). Like almost every runaway Marvel Now attempted to kinda ruin his character in Avengers AI but I still love you Victor. He is the son of Ultron but also a person raised in a Hispanic household who is Hispanic. he has super cool robo powers to go along with you know being Ultrons kid.

White Tiger: Ava is so amazing not only is she one of the stronger heroes around but she is also a badass. I felt a sense of straight up Puerto Rican Pride while reading her in Young Avengers and I just picked up her solo mini series so here’s to hoping that is good. Seriously though Ava is just like a cooler Batman in terms of personality but you know not. I really really like everything I’ve read in in so far and she will be in New Avengers. 

America Chavez: If you follow me on any social media, on Comics Amino, on Tumblr, whatever you know this was going to be at the very top. America Chavez is from another dimension but much like Superman being an alien doesn’t stop him from being a poster boy for white people America Chavez is Latinx through and through with random Spanish and all (not to say that’s required I don’t do any random Spanish). She is a lesbian, a princess, an ass kicker, a real hero. She gave up everything to protect us and as far as I’m concerned she deserves to be the next superman (although that will never happen with the name Miss America or at least is much more unlikely).

Destiel evolution

I’m re-watching supernatural from the beginning, since, you know, hellatus and all.

I’m in the middle of s4, Dean and Cas have interacted literally 3 times so far (and Cas has already told Dean he has doubt ffs).

But the thing is, sometimes, while scrolling trough Tumblr, I stumble upon a gif of them in season 11 or 12 hugging or just looking at each other and I, get run over by /emotions/.

Their relationship has evolved so much over the course of the last 8 years, they’ve gone from hunter and angel who don’t trust each other but also kinda don’t really dislike each other either, to “knowing you has been the best part of my life” “I’d rather have you, cursed or not” “I’m not leaving here without you” “let’s go home” “I love you”.

And I just,

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How you the boys feel if Candy/ Guardienne left without a trace?

It’s the fourth time I try to write this.

Also, I don’t get notifications about the requests I’m ???

Well, but I hope you like it! I was a bit clueless about what to do with this one :v

Lots of love <3



  • Nath would be a bit clueless and broken?
  • Like yesterday you were smiling and loving him
  • And then he wakes up and you’re not there
  • He tries to wait for you but then notices some of your clothes are gone, your phone, computer… everything.
  • There was no ticket or an explanation, you just left.
  • He would feel so empty and confuse, was it something he did? Or were you suffering in silence?
  • He would try his best not to freak out and call to your family and friends, but they had no idea you left.
  • He will definitely report it to the police
  • Life without you wasn’t the same, he didn’t know what to feel, say or do. He was devasted,


  • Castiel would feel so betrayed like, he trusted you everything and loved you with all his heart and you just left him without an explanation or even a talk?
  • He couldn’t trust anyone but you so in the end he cries a lot.
  • Probably overthinks about this, has insomnia, doesn’t even eat.
  • Will also contact your friends and family
  • Would risk his life to search for you
  • This guy is pretty stubborn so I kinda doubt he will stop searching for you soon.
  • He just wants you in his arms again ):


  • Would probably be clueless and didn’t even care at the beginning. 
  • He thought that you left to go shopping or something so he didn’t pay THAT attention.
  • But the time passes and he notices some of your things are gone and like?? You didn’t even call
  • Tries to call you but it doesn’t even ring
  • Starts to get worried and calls your friends, family, the school and maybe the hospital
  • And then he gets desesperate, notice your clothes aren’t even there
  • How did he not notice? But mostly, how didn’t he notice that you weren’t okay?
  • Heartbroken seriously.
  • Maybe will try to search for you and tell the police, but will accept your will to go and give up.


  • He wouldn’t also notice at first. Since he’s a bit of an air head he thought that you probably told him where you went but he forgot.
  • He messages you, but if after like 7 hours you don’t reply/call he will be worried.
  • Called you, but it didn’t ring.
  • Called your family but they didn’t knew anything about you in days.
  • Starts to get worried and looks in the house: your favourite perfume? not there! your clothes? gone! letters? no where to be found!
  • Thinks that he did something wrong, probably crying, not too much.
  • Tries to search for clues but then remembers he can try to localize you through your phone signal!
  • He runs to the place the signal caught you lastly, is devasted to see that you’re not there.
  • Can’t find a clue about you, tries to run through the roads and forests and in the end, he just gives hope, but never loses the hope that one day you’ll be back. In the first months whenever Alexy unlocks the door, he thinks that it’s you, but you’re never there.
  • Heartbroken, sad.


  • This boy would notice just from feeling that the bed was too cold!
  • Goes to the kitchen, bathroom, garden, living room, attic… And gets a bit desesperated! You always tell him where are you going before leaving! 
  • Also, 7am? You would never wake up that early, he knows it!
  • Any of your clothes were there, nor shoes, jewelry, computer.
  • Tries to call you, he does ring but no one answers.
  • Would freak out and call the police.
  • Will remember after to call your parents and friends, but they don’t know anything.
  • Never gives up, he will find you one day and he stills is very positive about that!
  • Will cry himself to sleep.
  • Is really heartbroken.



  • Would def. be worried like, where do you think you went alone lady?
  • Would ask EVERYONE if they have seen you, probably gets answers like “no” and “I was searching for her too”.
  • Asks the guards if they have seen you leaving the gates, but they say they don’t.
  • “Oh so she flew?”
  • Thinks you were kidnapped by someone! Makes everything he can to find clues of anything!
  • Tries to find you by your smell, steps that ended in the middle of nowhere, like did you fucking fly?
  • He’s so worried and sad, but also a bit salty you didn’t told him anything, like he fucking trusted you what the hell.
  • The Shadow Guard (idk) will defenitely be searching for you if the Light Guard didn’t want to.
  • Would be so hurt, you didn’t even said anything…
  • NEVER gives up.


  • Searches for you, doesn’t find you, gets mad at you, stops.
  • You had things to do with him today.
  • Random people start asking him if he has seen you and he’s like “I thought she was with you????”
  • Searches for you even in the damn toilet!
  • His heart is beating so fast, he’s not joking anymore!
  • Starts screaming for your name, sends his pet to search you in all places he can!
  • Searches the forest alone and with help of the guard.
  • Tries to make a potion that can find you, will probably make the absynthe guard help him do it. (like you drop it on the floor and you can see X people steps)
  • Everyone is like ???, specially his guard because he’s normally so chill he’s never mad or anything so they really obey him and try to satisfy him.
  • SISTAR’s Alone mood for sure: “Walks alone, cries alone, gets drunk alone, and cries and cries again, can’t sleep because of you”.
  • He’s half heartbroken and half mad.
  • Loses hope but out of nowhere he finds random clues that gives him 7 minutes of hope.


  • Oh Dear, I have no idea about you Valk.
  • Would be sad, heartbroken and desesperate like the others where!
  • Would try to be a detective and find clues, but fails.
  • Reports this to Miiko after making sure everyone in his Guard and his “close friends” like the boys, kero, ykhar where already informed and asked to search for you with him.
  • Half of him gives up, but the other one doesn’t.
  • Is really stubborn about anything.
  • Thinks if he didn’t say anything that might hurt you.
  • w o r r i e d (people do this sometimes, it seemed cool so I did it too :|)
  • Can’t sleep correctly.
  • You should’ve stayed with him.
  • Doesn’t accept *inserts annoying voice* “we did everything we could” like stfu and keep searching.
Without You

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+ issac lahey - teen wolf 

 author’s note: IM ISSAC LAHEY TRASH also sorta sad imagine based off of shane dawson’s video “Why Was I Born?” which you should totally watch if you love balling your eyes out. also this is kinda long & very eh

italics in quotation marks = angel speaking

 ISSAC AND I HAVE ONLY each other, ever since the beginning. People in school romanticized Issac running to me after being abused, and later on, the pack romanticized me being his anchor. 

 That’s a whole lot of bullshit. 

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The Vampire Diaries Series Finale Predictions

Guys, tomorrow is the day we´ve been dreading. I guess I can answer this question for all of us; Are we ready for the finale?:

!!Obviously do not read if you don´t watch Season 8!!

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I read the article where it sums up what we know about season 5, so this clearly means that jason is A) a asshole B) he doesn't like bellarke cuz clearly he isn't going to make them a couple in season 5 also. And lastly if he kept on doing this shit he might go in S6 (if he gets another season) Or he might loose his lead actors aka Bob or Eliza and this whole show will face the fate same as TEEN WOLF just like DOB left and STYDIA doesn't have any couple like scenes.

A) No argument there.

B) I disagree and here’s why:

He doesn’t dislike bellarke.




Or, one of my favourite tweets when 1x08 aired. Because we know it from the leaked scripts that he indeed cut out exactly some of that.

+ Right now, both Bob and Eliza love working on this show. We don’t know what the future brings, of course, but I don’t want to worry about that right now.

And I can hardly wait the moment when they are without a doubt canon* romantic for the people in the back because I’m kinda expecting an Alan Rickman-like revelation when he confessed he had known from the beginning of filming HP that his character was in love with Lily, Harry’s mom.

I agree on one point. I am keeping my expectations low for canon bellarke happening early s5 because it’s been 6 years and people change and they have to find their way back to one another. Right now, I think we might get to canon bellarke by the finale. I am sure, however, that we will get more of that bellarke extraness in s5. (It can, of course, also happen that they overcome with lust and finally give in to their feelings at any point in s5. I give it like 1%. But that is my opinion.)

(*) If you ask me bellarke became canon in s4 even without saying “i am in love with you” or without that damn long awaited kiss.

Say When: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: Poe is being held by the resistance( basically the beginning of the force awakens, but I kinda changed it), and Finn needs help escaping, so he recruits another member of the resistance, who is also trying to escape.

Warnings: A couple swears, a lil bit of self doubt,and shitty writing in general whoops

Comment for a Part 2

Poe was royally screwed. He’d gotten captured by the first order, and some dumb storm trooper had stepped on his radio, so he couldn’t even contact the resistance. And he was supposed to be on a 2 week mission to Jakku, so nobody would even realize he was missing for about a week. The First Order had sent in some lousy interrogators so far. The worst was Kylo Ren, and all he did was threaten Poe and invade his mind.

Eventually Kylo got Poe to admit that the map was inside a BB Unit, but the thing that hurt the most was Poe’s Pride. Although he hadn’t technically given up the resistance, he still felt like if BB-8 got caught it old be his fault. And being alone for about 6 hours ata time between interrogations, didnt help his guilt. He wasn’t worthy enough for the resistance, and he certainly ain’t the “best pilot in the resistance”. God, he might die here. He hadn’t thought of that. His last thought could be how pathetic he was. His last sight could be some trigger happy first order goon who he pissed off too much. And that thought pissed him off. He decided that no matter what the hell happened, no matter how long I took, or who got in his way, he was getting out of here.

It was that thought that caused him to finally get up. He had been passed out in this standing chair that he was cuffed to, his head hanging low. He snapped his head up, and turned to face the 2 storm troopers guarding him. He looked over to one and said What’s it take for a guy to get some water around here? The storm trooper simply laughed and walked out of the room. Poe called after him, so how long til I get that water huh? Another stormtrooper walked in and addressed the 2nd one. Lord Ren requests to see the prisoner. The stormtrooper nodded and hit a button, which released Poe’s my bonds. He let out a groan as the pressure on his waist and wrists disappeared. But his joy was temporary. The stormtrooper grabbed his arms and hauled him out of the room. He led him down a maze of hallways, and eventually said come this way. Poe followed, confused as to what was going on. The stormtrooper dragged him into a small closet and shut the door. A loud pop signaled the opening of his helmet, and the trooper took it off.

He said I’m FN, and I’m here to get you out of here, but we have to wait for the commander. Poe looked at him confused. So, are you with the resistance? The stormtrooper shakes his head and Poe nods saying so you need a pilot to get you out of here. Once again the stormtrooper shakes his head saying no, the commander is the pilot, you’re just our ticket to the resistance. The commander is the first order’s best pilot, and she’s been trying to get out of here for months. She was loyal to the resistance but as she worked up the chain of command, she started to have her doubts about who she was loyal to. And, the fact that Kylo Ren is completely smitten with her, and he disgusts her, just made her want to leave even more. Poe started thinking about the kind of girl Kylo Ren would like. She probably looked like Morticia Addams.

The stormtrooper pulled out a radio and called Line 3, commander are you there? You’re needed in the main hallway. A voice responded FN, I’m very busy in Lord Ren’s chambers at the moment, what is it. This better be more important than last time. The stormtrooper replied there’s someone you have to meet. Have you ever heard of Poe Dameron? Poe leaned towards the radio, anxious to hear whether the best commander had ever heard of him. He’d expected a yes, or an of course, or even maybe a swoon, but what he got was the commander saying Who, Pie Doggeron, no I’ve never heard of him. Should I have? Poe’s heart sunk, and the stormtrooper fought the urge to laugh. Just get down here he said. And they waited. Poe was twiddling his thumbs anxiously, nervous of what would happen to him if the first order figured out that he was trying to escape he’d be in a loud of crap.

Another thought that he couldn’t get out of his head, was who this mysterious commander y/n would be. Would they get along? Would she make him feel threatened? What would a women that Kylo Ren loved even look like?

Poe’s thoughts were interupted by the click of footsteps in the hallway. The hallway was suddenly silent, and the air felt like it was full of tension. A high pitched voice interupted the silence saying at rest people. The commander walked in, and Poe’s gasped. Her hair, which was a dark brown color, was up in a tight bun, with a few stray pieces framing her face. Her high cheekbones defined her face. The orange lights from her hallway gave her face an orangey glow. Her red flight suit was undone, and the arms were lazily tied around her waist. A simple black tank top was underneath her flight suit, but she made it look more, well formal. Poe looked in his mind for a word to describe her, and ethereal came to mind. God, she was perfect he thought to himself.

But something about the way she was looking at him made him think maybe he hadn’t just said that in his head. What did you just say to me flyboy she asked. Poe felt his cheeks heat up and he looked down at his feet, positive his face was as red as her flightsuit. Nothing he barely mumbled out.

When he looked up again, he saw she was staring at him. Well, more like analyzing him. He watched as she scrutinized him from his head to his feet. Only then did Poe realize how shitty he looked right now. His face was bruised, and he had a split lip. His jacket had one arm practically torn off, his pants and shoes were covered in sand, and to top it off, his face was still the color of a strawberry.

She looked him over once more before remarking so this is the best the resistance has got to offer? You don’t look to hot… She snapped her fingers, waiting for his name. He answered Poe, Poe Dameron. And I just wanted to thank you for helping get me out of here. She waved him off, and then gave him a confused look. She turned towards FN, saw he was smiling nervously.

She looked from him to Poe, and then back to him before whispering Oh no, I am not breaking out some rebel scum. Poe raised his hand as if to interject, but FN shot him a look that told him now was not the time, so he lowered his hand and let her continue Kylo is this close she held up her thumb and forefinger, putting very little distance between them to letting me go on a solo mission, and if you want to get out that bad, I can just smuggle you onto the ship. I am not wasting the one chance I have on some resistance pilot. FN turned to her, and spoke, saying that this our chance to really escape, he knows where the resistance are. He could get us in with them. You could see your sis-. The commander interjected saying don’t talk about her. You don’t even know her.

Poe turned to FN and the Commander and said I hate to interrupt, but there are some guards coming this way, so it’s now or never.

FN looked at the commander, and spoke very softly, almost in a whisper, You wouldn’t have to worry about your family anymore. Or him. Don’t you want that.

The commander rubbed her hands along her temples, obviously thinking. After what seems like forever, she looks up at Poe, and says If this goes downhill, are you going down with us?

Poe stood up to his full height, looked the commander straight in the eyes and said absolutely commander.

With that, the commander threw FN his helmet, and said well then, what the hell are we waiting for.

As FN opened the door, Poe felt the commanders eyes travel to his waist. His heart was racing, but he didn’t want her to know that. So he smirked at her, and was going to make some comment about how couldn’t that wait for after they escaped, but his flirty thoughts were interupted by her grabbing the blaster from his holster, and shooting directly over his shoulder at a stormtrooper that was attacking them from behind. Poe stared down at her in awe, and now it was her turn to look up at him and smirk.

The hangar’s this way, she motioned towards another hallway. FN grabbed Poe by the arm and led him after the commander. Poe was still stunned by what had just happened.

The commander led them through a series of long hallways, until they reached the hangar. Poe was shocked at the sheer size of it. They had thousands of ships, tie- fighters, bombers, royal ships. God there were so many. The commander gestured to a tie-fighter that was tethered to the wall. She waited until the coast was clear, and then ran towards it. FN and Poe followed right behind her. She opened the hatch, and stood to the side, shoving Poe and FN inside. Poe immediately dove for the cockpit, to which the commander said not so fast flyboy. You’ve never flown one of these puppies. Let mama work her magic here she said, patting the ships interior. She pointed him to the gun spot. He raised an eyebrow at her, not accustomed to being treated this way. He slid into the seat of the blasters, and took a moment to get used to his surroundings. The commander started up the Tie- Fighter in no time, and they only got shot at a few times before they exited the hangar.

Outside of the hangar however, was different. There were massive cannons on both sides of the massive first order ship, and the commander ordered Poe to take out as many as he could, and leave the rest up to her.

After Poe shot down a few of the cannons, he got a feel for what he was doing. He started to let the adrenaline take over, and go on cruise control. But what Poe hadn’t realized, was that there was a massive asteroid field outside of the first orders quadrant. One that had killed or struck down many a pilot.

Poe was sitting in the back of the ship, and he didnt see the field until he came up to check on the commander and FN. Poe was an amazing pilot, but even he couldn’t get through the 10 mile long, burning asteroid field. It just couldn’t be done. Holy Shit what’s that.

The commander didn’t answer and instead just said I recommend you get back into your seat now commander. Were going to be experiencing some turbulence.

Poe sat down on a bench near FN, and put his seatbelt on. What he witnessed next changed the way he thought about flying. The commander was so graceful, so immaculate as she flew the ship. She weaved in between asteroid that were 4 feet apart in a ship that was 10 feet long. She did flips and turns, and at one point even flew sideways, which even Poe could never figure out how to do. And she was so calm about it. While she was maneuvering around about 5 asteroids, she turned around and spoke to FN saying, if you’re going to have a real life now, you should probably have a real name. Commander Dameron, any thoughts? I was thinking Finn.

Poe shook himself out of his daze and said yeah Finn’s the perfect name. She turned to FN and saw him smiling ear to ear. He said it out loud my name is Finn. My name is Finn. He kept repeating the words, and grinning as he did so. The commander let out a high pitched squeal, and if Poe didnt know any better, he’d say that was a giggle, and she shot an asteroid simultaneously.

Poe smiled, before turning to the commander, and speaking towards her. So commander, what’s your real name?

The commander laughed and said said y/n y/l/n, why?

Poe replied well, because y/n, if we get out of this alive, I’d be mighty happy to take you out for a couple drinks.

Y/n smiled and asked like a date, commander Dameron?

He answered call me Poe y/n, and yes, if you’re alright with that.

Y/n grinned and replied in that case Poe Dameron, don’t say if we get out, say when. She turned around to look at him, and smiled again. God, that smile was making Poe melt. And all of a sudden, Poe knew, that he was going to make it out of here alive, even just for the sake of possibly being its y/n. He ran back to blasters,(although Finn later told y/n that it was more like he was leaping with joy) and started shooting at every asteroid that was coming into y/n’s path.

a lot of people have been asking me to make a country music recommendation type thing so  here’s the first post in a series of posts i’ll be doing going in depth on Country Music and giving some recommendations! (i’m making it a series type thing because i’m dumb and don’t wanna kill peoples dashboards.) i mean what better place to start than the history of the genre. Country music evolved from folk songs brought to Appalachia by European immigrants. while a lot of older songs and artists are lost with time some artists that carried the songs on are:

Doc Watson.
The Carter Family (A.P. Carter would travel throughout Appalachia gathering traditional folk songs and bringing them home to record them and document them)
the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band covers a lot of older songs too

from there Country music kind of evolved with the time, a lot of people consider people like Jimmie Rodger and Roy Acuff the fathers of modern country. Hank Williams Sr. has been on record saying “without Roy Acuff there would be no Hank Williams” some of the following artists that grew with the sound were:

Roy Acuff.
Hank Williams. (GOD)
Ernest Tubb.
Kitty Wells (women are often overlooked in the importance of country but Kitty Wells ushered in an era of independent and talented women musicians who werent afraid to mix it up with the male dominated industry).
Webb Pierce.
Patsy Cline.
Johnny Cash. (Cash tends to transcend the genre in terms of impact but his music is without a doubt country to the bone)
Hank Snow.
Ray Price.
Willie Nelson. (who is honestly one of the most important musicians of all time)
Jim Reeves.
George Jones.
Buck Owens.
Lefty Frizzell.

Waylon Jennings.
Porter Wagoner.
Faron Young.
Merle Haggard.
Dolly Parton. (sahvfashvfashvf literally the queen of country music and deserves every ounce of praise in the world)
Skeeter Davis.
Hank Thompson.

links might come at a separate time, i know this doesnt even begin to scratch the surface but i just kinda wanted to give a background and some recommendations to ease into the genre

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Can I get a having a child with Jungkook scenario thingy? Please and thank you 💕

hey stranger ahaha sorry this took so long man i am the worst ever ahh im sorry babe really

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Daddy Jeongguk!

  • okay so so so im really excited for this one because jungkook is one of the easiest members for me to write for personally (him and yoongi both)
  • so we are gonna talk about the first baby experience with jungkook!
  • jungkook reminds me of someone who would want to wit to have a kid like he would want to be with his significant other for a few years (like maybe five at least) before he takes that step in a relationship because kids are a big deal and he doesn’t want to just start a family with anyone you know?
  • he would also want to be a little older like whereas i can see taehyung having kids in his mid twenties, and jin having kids before thirty (just because he is older already) jeongguk would probably want to have his first kid when he’s closer to twenty-seven ish?
  • he seems like he has so much he wants to do with his life, and so much he wants to explore and try and having kids definitely limits your time and your ability to do things you want all the time
  • while the above scenario would be the ideal for jeongguk, i could also see him having a kid unexpectedly like that baby wasn’t planned at all and it just kinda happens like that could also be jeongguk cause i dont think he would actively try to not have kids?? does that make sense? he’s also young and impulsive and god knows how those two things work together
  • obviously with someone he really loved and trusted though obviously obviously not like some random girl oh my god
  • for this scenario we’re gonna say that it’s not the ideal situation like you guys have been dating long but he’s not really the family man yet oops (that’s more fun right?)
  • you two have talked about having kids before, but unlike jin and taehyung, it’s not anything jeongguk ever really seemed more than excited about?
  • like he thinks it would be nice to have a family but it’s not the top priority in his life and he’s not dying to be a parent?
  • it’s something you two might talk about when you can’t sleep but it’s not like an everyday topic with you two
  • that is until you start feeling like crap
  • and it’s not your usual sickness like wow i have a fever like no you feel as if your body is trying to murder itself from the inside out
  • and you think maybe it’s the flu?? it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten the flu so that seems like a valid option?
  • your main concern is that you’ve lost a crap ton of weight because you’ve been throwing up so much and you have no appetite and it’s just this big downwards spiral of hell and you can’t even go into work honestly it’s that bad
  • jeongguk is more concerned than you are right off that bat
  • he doesn’t like seeing you rolling around on the couch in pain, and he doesn’t like hearing you moan and groan and claim you would rather light yourself on fire or something drastic so he does that any mature, responsible adult would do in this situation and he googles your symptoms
  • “nausea” well yah “headaches” sure that’s one “mood swings” yes that one is a big check “severe weight loss” thats definitely on the list better write this down
  • and he determines that you must have Cryptococcosis even though pregnancy is what shows up like first every freaking time he googles your symptoms
  • and he’s rushing around and he gets namjoon on the phone cause mama jin is busy with his own real baby and namjoon seems like a good option but nO he doesn’t even pick up and so yoongi calls the next best thing which would be jimin
  • jeongguk screams to jimin about how your lungs are gonna collapse or something and soon they’re both screaming hysterically and meanwhile you’re laying on the bed and whining with a bowl near you in case you can’t make it to the bathroom in time
  • and then they call tae because they need some expert advice like should they drive you to the hospital or should they call an ambulance??
  • and you kinda whisper cause voice is no more “hey gukkie, i think that-”
  • and you just roll your eyes and face-palm because this boy will not even listen because her has zero chill
  • soon the conference call has come to include namjoon and yoongi who are steadfastly holding down the “not having children ever in my life” camp (oh you wait yoongi i have one coming your way)
  • and they’re kinda like jeongguk plz stop acting like you’re two
  • hoseok feels left out cause tae told them there was a group phone call so he ends up joining cause yoongi adds him and he’s like “jeongguk don’t listen to them you obviously need to get this poor thing to the hospital before she expLODES”
  • they all continue to shriek and holler and by this point you have managed to pick yourself up and drag yourself to the toilet so you can hurl
  • jeonguk loses it at this and he hangs up the group call and he rushes over to your side and rubs you back and holds your hair back and despite all the calamity that went down like two seconds ago he’s actually really soothing and he remains pretty calm for your sake like he knows you’ll be more stressed if he yells anymore
  • once you’re good he gives you this stern look and he’s usually not very serious or grim or like someone to tell his significant other what to do cause he values freedom and the ability to make his own decisions but he gives you this look and you know he means business and he kinda “I don’t care what kind of doctor we see, but we are seeing one, no questions about it”
  • and you kinda !! but hey he probably has a point even if you suspect there is a tiny bun in the oven you should probably see someone about all the weight you’ve lost and make sure it’s all healthy and not dangerous
  • you wanted to be the one to tell jeongguk you’re pregnant but now that he’s calling the doctor while you lay snuggled in a million blankets you begin to have your doubts? like what if he doesn’t want to be a parent? what if he leaves you? you two never really agreed on being ready for kids at the moment and you don’t wanna be the one who holds him back from achieving all his dreams?
  • and so you begin to tell yourself that you’re most definitely not pregnant and you’re living some nightmare
  • this poor boy doesn’t know what he did wrong after that day like you seem so closed off?
  • you won’t snuggle and you avoid him and he can’t even confront you about it because you always smile and say nothing is wrong??
  • and he kinda goes to some of the older boys one day and it’s like the day before your appointment and he’s sitting at lunch with yoongi and jin and nams cause hoseok is busy with his own little surprise (he would have kids before jeongguk for sure but hey this was requested first)
  • and it’s not even jin who comes up with the genius solution but yoongi and he kinda pats jeongguk’s hand and mumbles “did you ever stop to consider maybe she’s pregnant?”
  • and jin kinda !! “funny how yoongi always picks up on these things”
  • “I’m a vibe person”
  • and namjoon nods cause oh this makes so much more sense “which would explain why she avoids you all of the sudden, she’s probably really scared right now jeongguk”
  • and this poor baby kinda !! “oh my god no that’s not the idea i wanted her to have oh god you’re right and i was so stupid and i didn’t notice”
  • and he practically beats himself up over it but the older boys stop him and remind him that he was the rest of his life to be the best father in the entire world and he didn’t know any better - he’s still the baby after all
  • and he hugs them all and they congratulate him and ruffle his hair and promise to do everything they can to help but right now he should be talking to you, not sitting with them!!
  • and so he runs off to make things right
  • you’re curled up on the couch when he returns, buried under some blankets and drinking some tea all sniffly
  • and he comes in and he tosses you this plastic bag and when you give him a look he just nods
  • slowly, so slowly, you reach to the inside and you pull out some pacifiers- one pink and one blue
  • “I thought I should get both colors, since we don’t know what the baby is yet”
  • and at that point you don’t know whether to laugh or cry and so you instead run over and hug him and bury your face in his chest and he plays with your hair and kisses your head and apologizes for not paying more attention and mm
  • he holds you so tightly and he tells you how excited he is for this baby and how he can’t wait to finally start a family with you and how this is the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he in no way is mad or upset with you, whatsoever
  • and once you two have that money to talk things out and he alleviates all your fears he immediately turns into a shy bunny and he kinda looks down at your belly and then back up at you and then down at your belly again
  • “can I um… maybe say hi to the baby, or something, I mean, not if you don’t want me too!!”
  • you kinda laugh “I think they’d appreciate that a lot…”
  • and he leans down and kisses your belly and there’s just this look of awe on his face and he smiles so so softly and he kisses your belly again and he whispers something against your nonexistent bump then stands up and kisses you gently
  • you two do end up going to the doctors and the Doctor is like “please gain weight and take these vitamins and sir you’re going to need to watch over her very carefully and makes sure she’s eating and drinking enough and resting too”
  • and jeongguk nods so seriously and he squeezes your hand “don’t worry I’ll take the best care of her!”
  • and he really does
  • he’s not really one for cooking but after the appointment he’s asking jin how to cook healthy meals and how to cook all your favorites (and everything you start to crave)
  • he rubs your back and shoulders every night before you two sleep and he makes sure to get you enough pillows to support you all you need
  • he takes off every day he can to spend time with you cause he doesn’t want you home alone
  • out of all the boys he would be one of the most worried cause he is the youngest and he just seems like someone who would easily stress over his lover cause he feels responsible for their health and wellbeing
  • he always talk to your bump like not cute baby talk but when you’re sleeping he’s kinda “hey you’re a lucky kid you know, you’re gonna have the most beautiful and wonderful mom in the entire world! you’re really lucky… God I’m really lucky to have the both of you in my life…”
  • and other times he’s like “wow guess what taehyung did today he ran into a wall I swear, people tell me i’m not parent material well”
  • he’s scared to tell anyone but the boys honestly cause you two aren’t married and you’re not that old (in early twenties or something maybe?) and he definitely doesn’t wanna tell his parents
  • he does end up telling his brother though like please help me I need some support I’m scared
  • and of course his brother calls his parents up right away like yoooo our little man is gonna be a dad what are the odds
  • you two are sitting watching your favorite movie one night and his hand is on your belly like it usually is and his phone gets a FaceTime ring and it’s his folks?? and he kinda oh alright
  • “son why didn’t you tell us you were having a child??”
  • and jeongguk throws the room and the popcorn that was on his lap spills everywhere and he kinda gives you this look
  • “jeongguk they were gonna need to find out sometime…”
  • and they’re still trying to talk to him and it’s rapid Korean between the three of them and he goes over and picks up the phone and he instead calls them instead of face time and you stay on the couch as he paces back and forth, back and forth
  • and he finishes and he comes back over and he’s tearing up and your heart sinks and you immediately hug him
  • but he says “they said they’re happy for us… they said they’re so so happy for us and they’re going to get a plane here to come see their grandbaby… oh god they cried, they cried they were so happy…”
  • and you stroke his hair and he cries into your shoulder cause he’s overwhelmed, he’s so overwhelmed but it’s a good feeling, it’s a good kind of feeling really
  • he doesn’t want to find out the gender of the baby
  • he’s so worried about everything else like buying the crib and baby-proofing the house and making sure you find the right hospital that he doesn’t wanna find out the gender
  • he does try to guess by himself though
  • he googles all these old wives tales okay and he finds a bunch to try on you and the first one he does is the one where he drops the key and you pick it up by the fat part so he’s like oh crap we’re having a  boy!!
  • then he does the morning sickness test thing and he’s like what this is another sign we are having a mini bunkook oh my god
  • and then he does the craving one and sweets mean it’s a girl hey wait a second??
  • so he decides that you must be having twins!!
  • even though you have been to the doctors and you have one small baby in there?? it’s not two??
  • but jeongguk is convinced that the doctors are lying to you
  • they’re not
  • there’s only one baby
  • he shows the pictures to everyone and he gets so excited and he cries when you guys see the heartbeat and is just a mess okay he doesn’t know whether to hug or kiss you or kiss your belly??
  • he sends at least a million pics to his family so they can hang them up and he hands out one for all the boys so they can keep them in their wallets or something
  • he doesn’t really understand how to budget cause you’ll come home one day from hanging with friends and there on your bed is like seven hundred pairs of clothing and there’s blue and pink and yellow and green?? and you kinda jeongguk plZ we don’t even know what gender the baby is
  • and he gives you a cute smile and he’s like “yah but they were cute and our baby is gonna be the cutest, seokjin and tae don’t have crap on our child”
  • and you roll your eyes but kiss his face all over anyway
  • the boys are a lil disappointed he doesn’t have a party where they can spoil him in gifts so they decide to throw a surprise baby shower for the both of you!!
  • except it’s really poorly planned cause they end up all parking outside your house and don’t hide very well and yoongi shows up the same guys you are pulling in with a giant present in his hand and he kinda “well shit”
  • but it’s endearing anyway cause they all bout lots of clothes and diapers and they have a bunch of toys for the baby and jin baked a cake and there’s lot of snacks
  • and half the boys (and by that i mean chim and hoseok and jin) are crying cause baby kookie is all grown up and having his own baby and he’s so old now
  • while namjoon and yoongi are still trying to figure why this baby looks like a freaking alien what’s up with kids??
  • and they get you a bunch of stuff too cause they know that this is gonna be hardest on you
  • like yoongi gets you a nice grade a neck pillow and jin promises to make all your meals once the baby is born and chim has this beautiful blanket that he found and it has lots of fairy tale characters on it and it’s for snuggling the baby he says
  • and they all have so many gifts for you and jeongguk ends up tearing up again cause they’re so good to him and he wouldn’t have been able to do this alone??
  • that’s when the first kick happens, at the party
  • you’re listening to jin and tae give advice on what to do with the newborn once you bring them home and all of the sudden little jeon starts to kicking around and you get this look on your face and jin kinda um you okay??
  • and you start breaking into hysterics and you motion jeongguk over and place his hands on your belly “please acknowledge your child”
  • he screams and yoongi ends up recording it and jeongguk starts dancing around like a madman and screaming about his baby is kicking and it’s so cuTE
  • the baby comes a little early not too much but jeongguk claims it’s cause the baby can’t wait to see him
  • he was actually prepared for this moment cause he was anxious throughout the entire pregnancy so he had everything ready to go just in case
  • he was showing you some new choreography down at the studio and you made this really pained face and he was like was i really that bad??
  • and you shake your head and you try to answer but oh crap this hurts and you kinda just point down at your belly and his eyes go wide
  • even though he is physically prepared he is nowhere near mentally prepared
  • he panics so badly that you end up calling namjoon like plz take us to the hospital before i give birth in this godforsaken studio
  • namjoon was heading that way actually for recording and he speeds over (nearly gets pulled over)
  • and jeongguk ushers you into the back and he’s holding your hand and he’s trying to keep calm honestly this boy is more stressed than you are he’s about to lose it honestly
  • you get there and he’s trying to tell the nurse what’s going on cause you’re busy trying not to diE
  • he can’t and the nurse asks him if he would be better waiting and he’s like over my dead body
  • he’s not calm throughout the entire thing but he’s really stressed out over you like he’s scared something will happen to you
  • he squeezes your hand maybe harder than you squeeze his?? and he tries to calm you down with his words but he’s struggling
  • but after a bit he calms down and realizes he needs to try harder to be calm for your sake and he eventually relaxes and encourages you and wipes the sweat from your head
  • finally the baby is born and he’s exhausted (obviously not as much as you) and he’s kinda zoned but then the doctor is like
  • “do you wanna hold your baby daughter?”
  • and he didn’t really cry much through the entire event like not at all but then he takes his daughter in his arms and he loses it because she’s so so so tiny and perfect and beautiful?
  • and he kisses her head “hi angel, it’s me, your papa… and i’m gonna take the best care of you and spoil you rotten and love you to the moon and back…”
  • and you hold her next and you’re both crying a bit but little baby girl is so calm after the first initial tears she just stares up at you two blankly
  • and then they take her to make sure she’s healthy and whatever and you’re in the wheelchair and the boys are there and they kinda move and behold there are jeongguk’s parents and he runs to hug them and tell them it’s a beautiful healthy baby girl
  • they stay over your place for maybe two-three months (when my people go to china they stay that long so im assuming you wouldn’t travel across the world to spend five days there?)
  • the baby has his hair and eyes and smile and nose she looks a lot like him but she has your complexion and ears and face shape
  • he stays up with her every night like what is sleep?? even when she’s sleeping he stays up and watches over her cause he’s so afraid she’s gonna get hurt somehow??
  • he loves holding her it’s his favorite thing in the world cause she’s so tiny and precious and he can fit her in one hand at first almost she’s so small??
  • once she’s old enough he’ll hold her on his hip and dance around with her
  • he’s always singing to her too okay always always always no matter what the situation will be
  • he’s really good at calming her down whenever she’s crying all he has to do is hold her and sing her a lullaby and she’s good
  • she’s a really giggly baby she’s always giggling at everything
  • jeongguk spoils her so badly she has everything in the entire world
  • he’s really protective though he gets scared that tae’s little child is gonna steal her or something and he’s like tae keep hIM AWAY FROM MY ANGEL
  • her first word would be something completely random?? like duck? or cow? probably an animal cause jeongguk gets her so many plushies and tells her all the names
  • he enrolls her in a mommy and me yoga class and he’s the only dad there but whatever he doesn’t care
  • he’s like the best dad and he always spoils his baby girl and he loves her so much and this is my longest yet so wait for part two to hear about the rest of the jeon children!!
  • thank you so much!!
pequeño abejorro // lin x daughter!reader

summary: (just read the request) ↓

request: hi!!! I have a college audition coming up and it would be super radical if you could maybe do one where Lin is the reader’s father and she’s super nervous before her audition?? you can choose yourself whether to add angst by deciding if she got accepted or not. thank you!! -anon

warnings: fluffy clouds of fluff, anxiety, mentions of death and stillborn babies.

word count: 3,608 WOW

a/n: ooo another request! thank you! sorry for the wait. I just started my first year of high school and I’m still kinda getting used to it. 

You sat at the piano in your room for hours, your fingers gently pressing down on the keys to create a nonsensical tune. It didn’t make you forget about tomorrow, but it at least calmed you down a bit. Your back hunched over and your hair sprang out in every direction.

Finally, you stopped, and your fingers hovered over the keys. You groaned loudly in annoyance from all the stressed and nervousness laid upon you, and banged your head on the keys, creating a broken, cacophonous sound.

“Ugh, I need alcohol,” You complained, you head still on the piano keys. You heard a chuckle from behind you, but you still kept your head down. 

“How about a coquito instead,” Your father, Lin, said. You managed the strength and pulled you head up to see you dad turning the corner, the drink in his hand. He set it down carefully on the old piano that you grew up with, which happened to be the one Lin had grown up with also. Your eyes lit up at the sweet, coconut beverage that you loved. 

“Does it actually have the rum in it this time?!” You asked with high hopes, grabbing the drink off the top of the piano. You really wanted to drink your anxiety away, but then again, you were only eighteen. You waited for him to answer the question before you took a sip. 

“Nope!” He said just as enthusiastically, mocking your tone. Your shoulders dropped and you narrowed your eyes at him jokingly as you took a long sip, and to your disdain, tasting no alcohol mixed in with the coconut and cinnamon. You had already had your first taste of alcohol, however, your father was still in the unknown. Lin waved his hands for you to make room. You scooched to the side, the old seat creaking when you moved. Your dad sat down beside you and looked into your solemn eyes.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. You’re going to do amazing tomorrow!” Lin emphasized with his hands, throwing them up to the side. You took another sip and then set the drink down, the glass clanking on the wood. You sighed, thinking about tomorrow. Tomorrow you were going to audition for college, your major being performing arts. You had practiced every single day for past month just to get it perfect and being super careful not to get sick or even worse, lose your voice. You performed your audition in front of the Hamilton cast, and they were completely blown away by the song choice, your voice, how you looked up on the stage, and how you portrayed yourself. 

“I don’t know dad, what if I stutter? Or-or if I start late or too early?” You said nervously. You had always doubted yourself throughout your entire life. Your self-doubt made you miss out on so many opportunities. You put your head down and looked at the keyboard again.

“Mija! Don’t fret!” Lin cupped your chin, turning it up towards him. “You will make it in. I know you will, and if they see you the way I do when you’re up on that stage, then they’ll know too.” You smiled slightly, the corners of your lips turning upward. A single tear ran down your cheek. You closed your eyes as your dad rubbed his thumb across your face, wiping away the tear. 

He leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead. “It’s getting late.” You nodded your head in response. He stood up from the bench and went back around the corner to the rooms, getting ready for bed. He was right; you looked at the clock, which showed the time of twelve o’clock. You let out a long sigh and gathered the chewed pencils and scraps of paper that littered the top of the piano. Your eyes drooped down, practically screaming how exhausted you were. 

You lazily walked over to the kitchen, placing your unfinished Coquito in the fridge. After that, you walked back over to your room.

Your room wasn’t huge, but big enough to hold the simple bed, bookshelf, and desk. The walls in your room were covered with posters from your favorite musicals and pictures of your many celebrity crushes (there may or may not be a small picture of Daveed Diggs posted on there somewhere). You didn’t even bother to turn on the light as you undressed, slipping into your pajamas in the dark. You flung yourself onto the bed face down, grumbling in exhaustion from the long and stressful day you’ve had. You heard your door creak open and footsteps nearing the side of the bed. 

“Turn around so I can kiss you goodnight,” he chuckled, seeing the position you were in on the bed. You only turned your head, the rest of your body still lying front down on the mattress. 

“Goodnight,” You mumbled, the sheets semi-muffling the sound of your voice. Lin bent over to the side and kissed the top your forehead, something that he had always done ever since you were a small child. He smiled at you as your eyes fluttered closed. “Te amo, mi pequeña abejorra,” He whispered. You smiled softly at the old nickname your father had also given to you when you were a toddler. The nickname derived from a time when you were fascinated with bees, intrigued with bee farms and even wanting to have pet bees of your own. You weren’t scared of them like Lin was. 

“I love you too, Papa,” You said sweetly. Your dad walked back to the entry of the doorway and watched you thoughtfully as you fell asleep almost instantly. He finally closed the door and went to his own room, where each night he would think about what happened over the years that led him to this point. 

He fiddled with his wedding ring as he remembered going home from the hospital with only you left to care for. Your mother had died from a hemorrhage at birth, and the last thing she saw was your small but beautiful face in her arms. It had been difficult raising a baby into childhood, as of course, he could not supply any milk, but his sister, Luz, had recently also given birth. Luz had become your mother figure and was able to give you her milk because sadly, her baby was stillborn. He remembers the sleepless nights he and Luz faced, and the endless cries for attention, even when he had already given you so much attention already. 

Coming back from his reminiscing, Lin deeply sighed and got ready for bed also. 

It seemed like only a moment past before you woke up, stretching and yawning while feeling the soft rays of the sun on your back. You hadn’t any nightmares the night before that could waver your confidence, which you wer quite thankful for. You got up and got ready for the day, taking extra time with your hair and clothing choice, making sure you looked presentable enough for your audition that was only hours away. 

With your father being a morning person, you knew that he would already be up and ready, making breakfast. Surely your notion was correct, smelling the sugary smell of powderd sugar. You walked across the hall and into the kitchen, where sure enough your dad was standing front and center, placing Mallorcas onto a plate. Noticing you out of the corner of his eye, he looked up and smiled widely, happy to see your face once again. 

“Good Morning, (Y/n), if it isn’t the loveliest girl in the place,” He sang, refrencing his first musical, In The Heights. You sang along, singing the next verse. “You’ve got some sugar on your face.” You changed up a word, pointing to the powderd sugar in his beard. You thought about how your voice didn’t sound as bad as it usually sounded in the morning, which reminded you that you still needed to do vocal warm-ups, and essential part to obtaining your magnificant voice. 

You quickly sat down on a bar stool, and Lin placed a plate full of Mallorcas, an eggy and sweet bread topped with powdered sugar, in front of you. It was a type of breakfast sandwhich that you loved, filled with egg, ham and cheese. You quickly dove in, taking your first bite and melting over how delicious it was. 

“You ready for your audition?” Lin asked, sitting down beside you and beginning to eat. You swolled your food before speaking. “Physically, kinda. I have all of my sheet music ready and everything, but I just need to do some warm-ups. But Mentally, not at all.” 

“You’ll do amazing, (Y/n). Never doubt yourself,” Lin assured, placing a arm around you and pulling you closer to him. He placed a light kiss onto your forehead, leaving some of the powered sugar that was on his lips. He let go, and you leaned back. Lin laughed when he saw the sugar.

“I got some sugar on your forehead,” He said, pointing at your forehead. You dusted the powdered, annoyed when you basically dusted it into your hair, making the hairs at the start of your hairline turn white. 

“Aw, man, now it looks like I have white hairs like you,” You complained. Lin put his hand on his chest and gasped dramatically, feigning offense. “I am not old,” He retorted. You laughed. 

You finished your breakfast and got up, putting your plate away and heading to your room to do your warm-ups.

You pulled up into a parking space in front of the theatre where auditions were being held. As you un-buckled your seatbelt, your last doubts ran through your mind. But you knew not to think like that, so you shook your head and took a deep breath. Lin looked at you and smiled, already feeling proud of you and what you’ve become.  

As you walked through the front doors, your heart began to race. The theatre lobby was huge and so beautiful, the most magnificant theatre you had ever seen in your entire life. Even Lin was amazed, looking around at how ornate everything was. There was already a line, but it wasn’t too long. Showing up in public was always a havoc ever since Hamilton began. Everywhere you went, someone would always come up to your father and praise him, asking for a photo with him. It was rare that only a person would only wave, or smile, or make eye contact with him but not say anything. And it was very rare that someone would ever notice you or ask for your picture with them. But you strived to be just as succesfull as your father, so that one day you would praised like your father was. Per usual, when you got in line, your dad was approached by the usual fangirls and boys. It amazed you how through years of this happening to him every single day, he still treated them with love and respect, never getting annoyed with them. It was always so genuine when he conversed with them, never forcing a smile. 

After a fifth fangirl left, Lin felt around in his pockets. You raised an eyebrow as he came to a realization. “Shit, I forgot my phone in the car. I’ll be right back,” he said, leaving you alone in the line. Like aways, no one came up to you asking you for your picture. You stood there alone for at least five minutes. 

As you rolled your eye in annoyance, thinking about the fame of your father, you felt a tap on your shoulder. You spun around and became face to face with a guy, who was just a bit taller than you. 

“Are you Lin-Manuel Miranda’s daughter?” he asked. He had a deep voice, but it was more on the softer side. You rolled your eyes again. “I have a name you know,” You scoffed, looking him up and down. He was strongly built, with tan skin and deep brown eyes. You couldn’t help but admire his features. 

“Well, then what is it?” He asked. You folded your arms and looked him in the eye. Something about him made your heart leap.

“(Y/n),” You finally said. He smiled, accomplished that he was able to get something out of you. His smile captivated you, and couldn’t help but match his smile. Your smile captivated him as well, almost making him fall in love with you right then and there. 

“Well, (Y/n), could I get a picture with you?” He asked. You almost couldn’t process the simple question, mostly because the words had never been spoken to you before by a complete stranger. Before asking why, you went ahead and took the picture with him. 

After you were done, you finally asked him, “Why did you want a picture with me? Wouldn’t you rather have a picture with the famous Lin Manuel Miranda instead?” You moved up a little bit, still facing him. 

“Yes, but then when you’re famous, I can tell people that I’m best friends with the famous (Y/n) Miranda.” He put on a smirk. 

“And how do you know that we’ll be the best of friends like you claim?” You raised an eyebrow, the corners of your mouth turning upward a little. You moved up even more, him following suit, until you were the third person in line. 

“I have a pretty good feeling that we will be.” You looked into his eyes, fully immersed in them. You finally smiled, tucking a loose strand of hair behind you ear.

“Well if we’re going to be friends, you’re going to need my number, right?” You said, taking your phone out of your pocket and unlocking it, opening up your contacts and handing your phone to him. He smirked again, and took your phone. 

When he was done, he gave you your phone back, and you read the contact name. 

santi (your best friend ♡)

You laughed at the add-on that he put, but wondered about the first part. “Santi?” I questioned the nickname. You realized that you hadn’t know his name before now. He shrugged. 

“Sangiato, actually, but I just go by Santi most of the time, unless you’re my mother and you’re yelling at me to clean the house,” He chuckled. Lin had finally entered the theatre lobby again after almost 10 minutes of trying to find his phone, until he finally realized that he left it at home on the kitchen table, and then another five minutes conversing with fans. As soon as he came up to the line, he looked for you, until finally he saw you, talking to another. At first he was happy that you were talking to someone else, until he realized that you were talking to a guy that was about your age. His father instincts emerged, and he strode towards you.  

You laughed along with Santi, until you were interrupted by your dad coming up to you. 

“We’re up next, mija,” He spoke, making sure to say it in a loud and clear tone. He turned you around and pushed you forward. You looked at the lady at the front desk and said your name. While the lady looked down at the list, trying to find your name, Lin turned around and looked at Santi, who was a little surprised by the sudden interruption. Lin raised an eyebrow at him, looking him up and down, almost scowling. Santi saw his observations, and simply smiled at the man. It wasn’t a smirk, or a develish smile, but a gentle one. One that was soft and kind. When Lin saw his smile, he was almost taken back by it. But because smiles to him were always contagious, he smiled back. 

The lady finally found your name and gave you a number. Lin turned his head around, and smiled at the lady. You thanked her and began to walk towards the entrence of the actual theatre. Lin noticed you open the door and look back at the guy you were fraternizing with. He saw you blush as the guy smilled at you, which he had never seen you do before. In his heart, Lin knew that you really liked this guy, (besides the fact that you just met him) and he thought that maybe, just maybe, he would be a true friend to you, remembering the multiple times when you came home from school crying becasue your ‘friend’ left you, all because you couldn’t get her parents tickets to one of your dad’s shows. Even in your last years of high school, you had boys asking to date you so that they could get tickets for Hamilton and girls asking to be your friend just for braging rights.

You walked onto the stage, the sound of your heels echoing through the huge, empty theatre except for the directors that sat, waiting patiently for you to start. You took deep breaths as you walked to the center, your heart racing. You tried not to think of your dad, the person who you didn’t want to dissapoint. Your entire life you strived to make him proud, but what you didn’t know was that from the moment Lin held you in his arms, he was already proud of you.
You closed your eyes and took a final deep breath.

When you opened your eyes, you smiled at them, building up your confidence. The spotlight above shone down on you, preventing you from seeing the directors, which you were thankful for. You introduced yourself, and began with your monolouge. Thankfully, you had remembered all of the words and spoke like you did when you practiced, becomming the character in the passage. 

Then it came to your song. You were very happy with the song you chose, and you thought it perfectly displayed your voice, showing off your belt, your low notes, and even some of your high notes. The song you had chosen was very somber and dramatic, including notes that held so much emotion and power. You began to sing, closing your eyes and pretending like you were at home, putting all of your effort into it. You perfectly hit the right notes, matching your tempo with the tempo of the pianist. You didn’t blank, and your voice didn’t break. 

When you closed with the long, high-noted ending, you stood there, almost crying tears of joy at how well you did. You immediately heard clapping, and you squinted your eyes, where you could slightly see the figures of the directors… standing up. You smiled, knowing that you had blown them away.

You bowed deeply, thanking them.

“How about we save you the wait and tell you that you’re definitely accepted,” One of the directors said. You put your hand over your mouth in shock. As you exited, you had to refrain form running off the stage as your excitement almost boiled over. Once you made it off-stage, you ran towards Lin, who was waiting for you backstage, throwing your arms around him and hugging him tightly. He hugged you back with as much power and whispered into your ear.

“I’m so proud of you my pequeño abejorro.”

The words hit you as soon as they were spoken from his mouth, and it made you cry even more. You both pulled apart, wiping the tears from your eyes. Before you began to speak, you felt a tap on your shoulder. You spun around again and saw Santi, a huge smile on his face. Lins smile dropped as he saw how the guy had interrupted your conversation.  

“(Y/n), you did marvelous out there!” He said with joy. Out of pure excitement and impulse, you hugged him also. Santi looked down at you, surprised by your sudden action, and looked up to Lin, who was scowling at him. He started to grow nervous, but eventually hugged you back lightly. You soon realized what you were doing and pulled away from him, embarrassment filling you. You turned to the side and moved out of the way, Lin and Santi now facing each other without you in between them. 

“Dad, this is Santi.” You motioned to Santi, who took a step foward and put out his hand, waiting for Lin to shake it. Lin hesitantly reached out a hand, shaking Santi’s hand and noticing how firm of a grip he had, which he was actually impressed by.

“And Santi, this is my dad.” This time you motioned to Lin, who now pursed his lips.

“It’s a great pleasure to meet you, sir,” Santi said, a smile on his face. Guessing by his name, Lin figured that he was Latino, in which he challenged him, switching to his Spanish tongue.

“Igualemente, Santiago,” He said, using his full first name. Noticing the language change, Santi also switched into his Spanish tongue.

“Su hija es muy talentosa. Ella es muy afortunada de tenerte como padre.” He responded, which made Lin smile. You looked up at Santi, smiling.
You kept eye contact with him, looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Dad, this is my best friend.” You said. He broke into a grin, showing his perfect teeth.

Lin smiled, looking between the two of you. He thought about how this guy that you adored would change your life for the better, and he knew that you knew also. In that moment, he knew that both of you and had fallen in love with each other, and it was just a matter of time before he would become yours forever.

“I’m glad, mi pequeño abejorro.”  

Hongwon angst/fluff - Dreams and Nightmares

Dickids member - Hongwon 

Warnings; swearing, mentions of unhealthy past relationships

Part 1 / Part 2 (end)

Ahhh I’m sorry I took ages on this D: I’m kinda having a writing block, so I’m sorry if the ending wasn’t that good ;-;

The following day, Y/N was still feeling grey when she woke up. Checking on her phone, there’s no notifications that appear on her lock screen of herself and Hongwon, smiling. She was grateful that Hongwon was giving her the space she needed, but after last night, she was beginning to doubt how long he could be patient for. She wanted to be on her own for a bit, but even Y/N herself didn’t know how long for. So this day was spent alone, the gloom keeping her company. Probably know one except for Hongwon knew about the situation that occurred yesterday, therefore she was going to need to reach out as much as she hated being a burden to somebody.

“Hello?” Bryn on the other line had answered rather quickly.

“Hi Bryn, I’m just wondering are you busy right now? I just need a friend.” Y/N voice immediately wavers trying to answer as quickly as possible.

“Of course I’m not busy! Y/N what happened? I’m gonna call a taxi now, do you mind if Byeongho comes? He’s with me at the moment.” Bryn worries and Y/N can hear Byeongho in the background butting in with questions of his own, concerned. After replying that she didn’t mind and that she’d explain everything once the two of them were here, she hung up and began to tidy up and bring some snacks out for her friends. It already hurt her heart that her friends were kind and responsive enough to her. She was touched that she was lucky to have these friends to reach out too.

It doesn’t take Bryn and Byeongho long to arrive. The minute Y/N opened the door and greeted them both, she broke down again in tears.

“Aww, Y/N…tell us what happened.” Bryn gently questioned, taking her hand to walk her over to the sofa. Whilst Byeongho goes to fill glasses of water for the three of them, he notices that Y/N’s phone is ringing;it’s Hongwon. Byeongho and Bryn had already had a vague idea it was to do with Hongwon but they tried not to jump into conclusions as worried as they already were. Y/N explains to the two what had happened, still in tears every so often as she was trying to justify the way she had reacted. She kept repeating how she guilty of feeling selfish which only seemed to sting all three of them watching Y/N beat herself in circles, non-stop.

“Y/N, listen, you had every right to tell Hongwon to leave and to shout at him. Like you’ve said, it was in the heat of the moment so he didn’t realise that he was scaring you. That’s what anger does. Stop beating yourself up, we’re hurting seeing you in this state.” Bryn calmly replied, taking Y/N’s hand in hers, handing her tissues. 

“Bryn’s right. We’re glad you told us about this. Do you want us to stay over? Hongwon called you by the way, but you don’t have to talk to him if you’re not ready.” Byeongho offers. 

“If you guys don’t mind-”

“We don’t mind.” They interrupted firmly.

“Then yes, I’d be thankful.” 

The evening ended with Bryn ordering a delivery for dinner, the mood of the conversation had lifted up from the heavy clouds. Laughing, at funny youtube videos, Y/N forgot about her worries temporarily before her phone rang again. A frown automatically tugged at her lips, looking at her two friends helplessly. 

“Sorry, I just didn’t want to ruin the fun. You were happy again.” Byeongho apologised meekly and had hung reacted too fast and hung up on Hongwon.

“What am I gonna do? I’m too scared to talk to him. But it’s not fair to keep Hongwon waiting. He’s probably worried sick.” Y/N wailed, only for her friends to take control over her bubbling negativity.

“Shhh, you’re fine. I can tell Hongwon that we’re with you to stop him worrying and explain that you want space. But when you’re ready to speak to him, I can always come with you or take you back home.” Bryn suggested, taking her phone out to call Hongwon. She steps outside to make the call meanwhile Byeongho suggests for them to play on the wii to distract her from Hongwon.

“How is she?” Hongwon asks when Bryn returns with their drinks and sits down onto her seat.

“She’s doing alright I’d say, but Y/N’s still worried. She’s aware that you had a natural reaction, but she feels bad at the same time for shouting at you even though it made sense for her to warn you. Byeongho and I are staying with her. When she’s ready to talk to you, I’ll let you know, but don’t beat yourself up. I hope this won’t stop your relationship with her, but now that you’re aware of have vulnerable she can still be, be careful whether it’s fair or not.” is the advice Bryn gives to Hongwon. 

The sky has turned black with the moon glowing in the sky accompanied by tiny specs of stars in the sky. Leaning on Byeongho’s shoulder tiredly, the two had continued to talk about a vast range of subjects whilst waiting for Bryn to return. 

“Bryn is going to be sleeping outside by the time she comes back. She’s taking ages and we’ve brushed our teeth and everything.” Byeongho whines, rubbing his eyes, making Y/N chuckle.

“Byeongho, what if Hongwon and I break up? I mean I shouted at him when I told him I hate getting shouted at because it reminds me of my ex. I’m a hypocrite. He shouldn’t have to put up with that.” Y/N suddenly swallowed.

Pouting, Byeongho rests his head on top of Y/N’s sighing.

“When you’re in a relationship, you should both be willing to put up with each others issues. Hongwon loves you enough to deal with that. Don’t worry yourself again.” Byeongho warns.

“It’s about time, we were actually going to head to bed and leave you outside.” Byeongho complains when Bryn rings the bell and he opened the door for her.

“Sorry, Hongwon and I were talking for ages, we didn’t notice that it had gotten darker. Basically, I told him how you feel and he pretty much feels guilty, Y/N he’s really sorry and desperate to fix this. If you’re feeling better by tomorrow, invite him over tomorrow and Byeongho and I will be in the other room.” Bryn explains. All three of them continued to discuss this matter further until tiredness took over and wiped the three to sleep. 

The next day arrived, Y/N was the first one up out of the three. Byeongho had spread his arms and legs out across the floor as if he was a starfish meanwhile Bryn had curled up into a ball. Y/N smiled and attempted to get up quitely and cover the two of them up with her blankets however trips over a bag and flies onto the floor, making a ruckus. The two of her friends had shot up, Bryn screaming in panic.

“Shit! Oh my fucking god guys, sorry!” Y/N shrieked, laughing at her own clumsiness, then triggering the other two to start laughing with her. Neither of them planned to sleep after the morning fright but decided to wash up and get something to eat. Finally, Y/N had agreed to talk to Hongwon despite the fact she was still nervous, sometimes it’s better to fix them as much as you dread to. When he arrives, you glance at Bryn anxiously and she gives you a smile and Byeongho gives a quick nod before leaving the two of them alone. Hongwon looked lost even though he did live with Y/N. The expression of guilt was still stained on his face after three day. Sighing, he apologies once again, when Y/N finally beckons for him to sit besides her on the bed. It’s awkward at first how Hongwon continues to repeat his apology while Y/N is insisting it’s ok because for around five minutes, this was getting nowhere.

“Am I allowed to hug you?” Hongwon whispered, this suddenly made Y/N reach over and bury her face in the crook of his neck. She missed his presence even though she wanted to avoid him. He exhales relief, wrapping his arms around her, keeping her close.

“It was a mistake, I know. I’m sorry I was being a hypocrite. I’m sorry I worried you. I’m sorry I-”

“Shh, you silly girl. It’s fine as well. I promise I’ll be more careful in the future.” Hongwon cuts Y/N off and she pulled away still sat in his lap to stare into his face.

“Do you still want to be with me?” Y/N fragilely mumbled, the confusion glowed in Hongwon’s eyes when his girlfriend had popped the question. It was a flashback to when Y/N had asked him for help. The waterworks had began yet again for her.

“Of course I do. We haven’t quite made it to recovery yet, but we’ll get there, together.” He gave her sad smile as he wiped her tears away with his thumb. The heavy weight was lifted off both their chests as well as Bryn and Byeongho’s. There were occasional times where Y/N would be mentally tripping up, but she managed to get back up whether it was by herself or with the help of Hongwon for the next few months that passed by. On this journey, she was happy, sad, she laugh, she cried but Hongwon and her friend’s would always be there until she finally reached the stage where she could finally move on from her previous unhealthy relationship and be that strong woman she had wished to become.

On the roof, the couple sat hand in hand, staring above at the stars at shone above them.

“Thanks for helping me again. It means a lot to have somebody willing to help me whenever.” Y/N blushed lightly, still gazing at the sky. Hongwon stares at his girlfriend, briefly smiling because it was worth the journey that he lived besides her. She had gone from leaning on him completely, to stand up on her own. Y/N had finally found a way to be happy and confident with herself. He continued to wish for many dream like days ahead for Y/N, and he’d be there to comfort her if any nightmare appeared.

“You’re welcome, angel.” He chuckles.

anonymous asked:

I know you don't watch Red vs Blue as much as RWBY, but a good thing about that show is there's never just one bad guy, so I hope they transfer that idea over to RWBY so even after Salem is beat we have more adventures with the girls.

Well I think the difference is, and they’ve spoken on this, is that RWBY has a definitive ending - an ending they’ve known from the beginning. Whereas RvB has never had a solid ending so they can make more villains and seasons. 

There’s almost no doubt in my mind that there will be more stories told in that world, it just may not be an endless run with these characters like they’ve done in RvB. Which I’m kinda glad about because RWBY feels like a show that needs a solid beginning, middle and end.

That being said, I always remember them saying that Monty had Ruby’s character plotted out well into her late 20s, so our girls are going anywhere for a long time. 

On Taang and the Bei Fongs

Okay out of all the things I really love about this pairing (and there’s a lot) I really like the hint that there was (possibly) going to be a-disapproving-parent-trope.

Now, I could go on and rant about how Toph was one of the most neglected characters after season 2 and how absolutely upsetting it is that she never got the opportunity to work things out with her parents (even though there was foreshadowing that she would reach some sort of understanding with her mother in particular… Possibly creating a mother-daughter dynamic that was previously non existent in the show… don’t even get me started on how they ruined Aang and his character potential…)

But I won’t (for now).

Instead I’d like to point out how interesting it would have been to see Aang navigate the complexities of the Bei Fong family dynamic.

Especially since they are a family that embodies the exact opposite of everything he grew up knowing. Where he was raised to abandon worldly possessions and focus on spirituality, the Bei Fongs built their entire family legacy, their empire, on worldly possessions and accumulating wealth.

Mayhaps a more in depth look into their way of life, would be the push that would get him to, for the first time in his life, question the philosophies and customs he grew up with.

I imagine that Lao would have the hardest time coming to terms with it all. In his mind, whenever he had imagined giving his blessing for a union with his daughter, he always envisioned someone wealthy enough to contribute to the Bei Fong fortune, someone with a nacht for managing finances who would help manage all of their assets and estates. Someone who would appreciate and acknowledge how “delicate” and “fragile” his daughter is, and take care of her.

Enter instead:


A young man whose only possessions are the clothes on his back, a pair of flying mammals (who are more like pets or family than possessions really…) and a stick.

He may be the Avatar but even that won’t be enough to get back in Lao’s good graces. After all Lao (canonically) is under the impression that Aang kidnapped his daughter in the dead of night and dragged her into a raging war.

Toph and Aang would certainly have their hands full trying to explain\clarify that one.

And it would be so great because Aang’s used to having everyone find him friendly and likeable, so to have the parents of the girl he cares about loathe him with an intensity that rivals the fire nation’s view on him during war time; he’d be tripping over himself to gain their approval, especially since Toph would finally be getting somewhere with repairing her relationship with her parents.

I’d like to think that Poppy, at first, would not be the world’s biggest Aang fan either. But after reaching out and trying to understand her daughter, she’d come to respect her choices. Plus, I could see her growing rather fond of him, and appreciating how much he genuinely cares about Toph and how happy she is with him. Besides there’s a certain beauty in the romance of them running away together, she thinks…

They’re good together. Balanced. Toph seems freer around him. Lighter somehow.

(Poppy strikes me as a hopeless romantic)

Lao and Aang would probably never *truly* get along, but I imagine there’d be this sort of resigned tolerance of each other, after all they both have at least one thing in common: their love for Toph.

So being a cause of contention and upsetting the delicate balance of their fragile healing process would definitely bother Aang. Especially since he contributed to the initial problem to begin with… But Toph would just jokingly tell him to quit bummimg her out with his guilty vibrations. She’s glad he’s here.

Aang would be supportive and be there for her during this no doubt frustrating time. Which would be kinda difficult since he’s not allowed on the Bei Fong property.

But that’s okay. He snuck in once, he can do it again…and they would walk along the pond in the garden, just like when they were kids, when they first met, laughing and trading stories about how they grew up so differently, reminiscing about the day they met:

“Hey, Toph, isn’t this the shrub I fell into?”

“Who knows? They’re all starting to *look* the same these days, don’t you think?”

“Now that you mentio– Toph. Why are you like this?”

“You love me this way.”

“…Yeah I do.”

And of course the occasion bending battle. Maybe visit an earth rumble match. See if the name ‘blind bandit’ still makes grown men weep like infants.

Toph loves her parents, in spite of everything, and she really does regret hurting them by leaving, even though she doesn’t regret the act of leaving itself and really appreciates them trying to finally get her and she’s also matured enough to want to meet them halfway. But Twinkletoes is a big part of her life now and he’s not going anywhere.

She keeps him grounded.

So Lao and Poppy will just have to deal…

I could see this whole mess being equal parts angst and humor. And it really is a shame this was never explored in canon.