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Fix You - Scott McCall Imagine

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@krism98 : Hellooo! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where Theo is physically and mentally abusing the reader and she’s best friends with Scott and he wants to help her but she refuses because Theo had her brainwashed but then one night Theo beats her where she is dying and leaves her in the woods and to save her Scott has to give her the bite and finally she lets him help her?

Warnings: swearing,domestic abuse,depression,belittling & near death.

A/N: If you are uncomfortable with anything written above don’t go forth and read this also I kinda changed it up hope you don’t mind All the Love xx

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fix you  - coldplay

river flows in you (ft rain) - Yiruma

breathe me - sia 

“You honestly a worthless piece of shit” “one day i’ll kill you” “Scott’s an idiot for not realizing how much of a drag you are” “stupid” The words replayed in my head as if they just took place. It was currently 12:45am and here I lay with bloodshot eyes and a broken ribcage my parents would’ve been disappointed to see how low their daughter had fallen.

Theo Raeken. My kryptonite the reason I spent too many nights bloodied,bruised,crying and in pain. The relationship had started sweet like a couple right from the movies but as the months went on and his lust for power got the best of him our love deteriorated into domestic violence. Scott had warned me about Theo but stupid me had to give him a chance. 

There was a buzzing meaning I was getting a phone call I reached for it slowly trying not to hurt my ribs more than they already were ‘SCOTTY’ I shouldn’t answer I didn’t want to but if I didn’t he’d know something was up. He’s known me my whole life he knows my flaws and strengths everything and anything about me. I hesitantly picked it up “hello” my voice came weaker than I intended “Y/n what’s wrong? did he hurt you again?” Scott sounded panicked “no Scotty everything’s fine what’s up?” I lied “Y/n let me help you. I can protect you and take him down I’m an alpha for christ sake” Scott’s voice was raised meaning he was on the verge of his talks “Scotty I’m fine let it go” I begged Scott sighed “okay. Well I wanted to know if you wanted to come over we’re having a movie night the packs all here we just need you” he beamed.

My lips turned upward at his compliment “ok I’ll be right over” I answered hanging up shortly after. I slowly moved to my bathroom and began applying make up to cover the black eye and cut just below my left eye my heart sank as I did it how could love go so bad in less than three months?

I arrived at Scott’s house letting myself in with the key he hid for Stiles & I, “hello” I called as I walked in “Y/n hey” Scott smiled but it quickly faded when he noticed the cake of make up I was wearing he dismissed saying anything but I knew it hurt him seeing me like this. “uh we were about to start that movie you wanted to see” he spoke “oh great” I gave him a small smile then proceeded to the living room to say hi to the pack.*the following morning*I was at my locker trying to get out as quickly as possible sadly my goal wasnt achieved Theo came beside me “and what do you think you’re doing here fatass” he spat “I-I’m going to bio” I answered avoiding eye contact “what have I told you about stuttering” he questioned “you said it made me more unattractive” I felt my tears prickling my eyes.

“Hey Y/n” It was Scott I looked up and gave him a frightened smile Theo quickly grabbed my waist pushing his hand into my broken rib “agh” I cringed in pain “what’s wrong?” Scott’s eyebrows were furrowed “nothing you know girls” Theo chuckled “I think she can speak for herself” Scott growled.I knew I’d pay for that remark after “you’re right where are my manners” Theo chuckled “speak” he pressed “I’m okay Scotty,promise” I faked a smile Scott frowned shaking his head as he left. Theo let go of me and pushed me onto my locker “How many times have I told you I don’t want you talking to him” he towered over me “You’re mine and if he so much as touches you intimately I’ll snap and you know what’ll happen when I snap” Theo threaten “do you understand Bitch” he growled I nodded “yes I understand i’m sorry” with that Theo kissed me roughly and was off.

I wiped my mouth feeling disgusted. I headed to the nearest bathroom and balled my eyes out how did I fall so far?

The rest of the day was calm seating with my friends at lunch was my only mistake and I knew it. Theo roughly had me by my hair “Theo please” I cried “shut up!” he instantly silenced me “now your gonna learn you pathetic whore”.We were in the centre of the woods away from civilization I knew today would be it. My tears flowed freely at least I’d be with my parents.Theo threw me to the ground beginning his attack,he stomped on my leg I screamed in agony it was probably broken Theo hit me with every finer of his being “this is for being a slut and sleeping with Scott” he punched my already black eye.The incident he referred to was one night after Theo threw me through the glass door of his house and Scott slept over to keep me company. Theo thought I had cheated on him that night which wasnt true at all.

“this is for telling Scott about everything” another blow to my stomach “for ditching me for your pussy friends” Theo kicked my stomach again this time I coughed blood “and lastly for never being able to love me as much as you do Scott” his claws came out and scratched my throat I gasped for air knowing my time was short “Atleast now you’ll be somewhere where people actually care for you” with those words he left.I laid there gasping for breaths and my blood spilled to the ground I silently wished to die and be with my family but the tiny beacon of hope in me wanted someone anyone to find me and be with me in my final moments. 

Just as I was closing my eyes I heard someone running to me I thought it was Theo coming back to finish the job but when I saw that grey and black stripped sweater I had bought him for Christmas I knew it was Scott. He kneaded “Y/n” he touched my face gently “Scott” I whispered smiling at him the best I could “shh don’t waste your strength” he informed tears slipped past his cheeks “I don’t want to lose you” he spoke “I know it’s okay” I smiled a few tears falling past my own cheeks.“I can save you just let me help you please” he begged “Scotty i-its okay” I repeated “no Y/n it’s not I cant lose you because..” he paused taking a deep breathe “I love you, I’ve always loved you” he admitted “r-really?” I croaked “yes I’ve loved you since that first day of preschool when you wore pig tails and a baby pink dress” he smiled down at me I chuckled at the memory but coughed up some blood.

“so please let me save you” he pleaded I finally agreed and Scott sighed a breath of relive then lowered his lips to my wrist his fangs poked out and bit me. I closed my eyes in pain but Scott soothed it with a tender kiss my breathing became uneven “y/n relax take it easy” he spoke but I couldn’t suddenly I couldn’t see Scott all I saw was darkness.

My body didn’t hurt anymore,my breathing returned and I could see,hear and smell more accurately. I open my eyes and heard Scott & Theo arguing, I scurried to my feet and raced to them “you never appreciated her!” Scott yelled “funny she never complained” Theo chuckled “you son-of-a-bitch!” Scott socked Theo right in the jaw causing him to fall he proceeded to beat him to a pulp “if she wakes up I better see you far away from here” Scott growled still throwing punches “Scott!” I called his head rose up looking for me.

He let go of Theo and made his way to me checking me for cuts “it worked” he cheered holding my face gently in his hands “it did” I smiled leaning forward to meet his lips kissing him softly. After a while we pulled away “I love you too, I was just to afraid to say it” I admitted hugging him. 

Theo got up “that’s ok you weren’t anything,anyways” he spat groggily “fuck off asshole” I shouted at him filled with rage Theo was shocked his eyes were wide but then went narrow as he made his way toward us “don’t test me” I commanded as my eyes glowed yellow Theo held his hands up in defence and went on his way.

“That’s my girl” Scott smiled kissing my cheek sweetly “let’s go home” I smiled holding his hand in mine feeling free at last.


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college!Michael would live in the nearby frat house to the girls sorority where you lived, and one night he is dared to go round all the girls room and somehow get a kiss from each of them, including you. however, you're offended when you're the only person he avoids out of all the girls and you're upset because you really liked him?

frat parties were stupid, in you opinion. a bunch of drunk, horny guys trying to pick up as many girls as they could? that wasnt really where you wanted to be. however, there was one particular frat guy that caught you eye. you were somewhat friends with michael, you guys talked on the occasion and you had somehow gotten the biggest crush on him. so of course, you attended all his stupid frat parties. in a game of truth or dare (were they all 13? who still plays truth or dare?) one of michael not very sober frat brothers dared him to get a kiss from every girl at the party. now, there were a lo of girls at the party but that didnt mean that you werent one of them. but as the night went on, michael only seemed to avoid you. literally. once you caught his eye and he immediately looked away and walked into the other room. so of course that hurt, since you had the most embarrassing crush on him ever. it was when you had finally decided to leave that he talked to you for the first time that night. “hey, are you leaving?” he asked, pace increasing as he caught up to you on the front lawn of the house. you only nodded, not answering him. maybe it was immature, and a little childish but you werent thinking of that right now. “oh,” he said. you were probably imagining the disappointment in his voice. “are you sure? its still kinda early.” you let out a sigh. “yes michael, im sure.” he was silent for a few seconds, walking with you of the property of the house. “are you mad at me or something?” he asked, and you simply decided not to say anything. “why are you- oh my god.” he cut himself off, his tone going from confused to cocky. you turned around, confused by his sudden change. “is this because of that dare? is this because i never kissed you?” you didnt say anything. he got it spot on. “do you, do you actually like me, y/n?” he teased, drawling out your name. once again, not speaking you turned around. there wasnt much you could say. “hey, dont go.” he called again, grabbing hold of you arm. “ill walk you home.” he offered, head tilting to the side as he waited to hear your answer. you only briefly nodded, glad that he dropped the subject. still, you couldnt help it. it was eating you up inside. “why didn’t you.” you said in a quiet voice. “kiss me, i mean. why didnt you want to?” you didn’t look at him, not wanting to meet his eyes as you prepared yourself for more embarrassment. “honestly i-” he paused, looking down at his feet. “honestly i was scared that if i started, i wouldn’t be able to stop myself”

college!5sos and jock!5sos blurb night with tryhardlrh!