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college!Michael would live in the nearby frat house to the girls sorority where you lived, and one night he is dared to go round all the girls room and somehow get a kiss from each of them, including you. however, you're offended when you're the only person he avoids out of all the girls and you're upset because you really liked him?

frat parties were stupid, in you opinion. a bunch of drunk, horny guys trying to pick up as many girls as they could? that wasnt really where you wanted to be. however, there was one particular frat guy that caught you eye. you were somewhat friends with michael, you guys talked on the occasion and you had somehow gotten the biggest crush on him. so of course, you attended all his stupid frat parties. in a game of truth or dare (were they all 13? who still plays truth or dare?) one of michael not very sober frat brothers dared him to get a kiss from every girl at the party. now, there were a lo of girls at the party but that didnt mean that you werent one of them. but as the night went on, michael only seemed to avoid you. literally. once you caught his eye and he immediately looked away and walked into the other room. so of course that hurt, since you had the most embarrassing crush on him ever. it was when you had finally decided to leave that he talked to you for the first time that night. “hey, are you leaving?” he asked, pace increasing as he caught up to you on the front lawn of the house. you only nodded, not answering him. maybe it was immature, and a little childish but you werent thinking of that right now. “oh,” he said. you were probably imagining the disappointment in his voice. “are you sure? its still kinda early.” you let out a sigh. “yes michael, im sure.” he was silent for a few seconds, walking with you of the property of the house. “are you mad at me or something?” he asked, and you simply decided not to say anything. “why are you- oh my god.” he cut himself off, his tone going from confused to cocky. you turned around, confused by his sudden change. “is this because of that dare? is this because i never kissed you?” you didnt say anything. he got it spot on. “do you, do you actually like me, y/n?” he teased, drawling out your name. once again, not speaking you turned around. there wasnt much you could say. “hey, dont go.” he called again, grabbing hold of you arm. “ill walk you home.” he offered, head tilting to the side as he waited to hear your answer. you only briefly nodded, glad that he dropped the subject. still, you couldnt help it. it was eating you up inside. “why didn’t you.” you said in a quiet voice. “kiss me, i mean. why didnt you want to?” you didn’t look at him, not wanting to meet his eyes as you prepared yourself for more embarrassment. “honestly i-” he paused, looking down at his feet. “honestly i was scared that if i started, i wouldn’t be able to stop myself”

college!5sos and jock!5sos blurb night with tryhardlrh!