i was kind of lazy and uninspired :

Acknowledging Dean’s numerous sacrifices and sufferings in a positive light would bring the possibility of character development. Dean resenting Mary for what she did to him and not for what she did to Sam, Dean understanding how he was wronged and how his childhood was stolen from him would also open the doors to a Dean who values and loves himself, who sees himself as worthy and worthwhile. 

If Dean learns to love himself, to protest for his own sake, to put himself before others, to value his own life as he values others lives, then that Dean would not take every punch and every hit as his due. He would not internalize and forgive, instead, he would demand answers, he would demand to be treated like a person in his own right. He would act like he matters, like he is more than just Sam’s brother. Like his pain matters, like his life matters. 

And the writers can not allow that to happen now, can they? They have to keep Dean’s self esteem below freezing point, they have to keep Dean self-hating and forever guilty. Dean’s guilt and low self esteem are the plot devices by which the writers absolve Sam and Cas’s transgressions. Dean being the literal and metaphorical punching bag of the show is what allows the writers to get away with their lazy and uninspired writing without any accountability. They’d rather keep Dean unhappy and miserable because it makes their job easy. 

Which is why I have zero expectations on having any kind of real, tangible, positive character development for Dean, ever. 

Yeah, that ain’t what I said, and that wasn’t what my complaint was about. I’ll start this off by stating that pulling the ‘generic furry BS’ canard doesn’t win any points on this blog, ESPECIALLY when what I’m railing against is Generic SONIC Styled BS. 

See, my problem isn’t the Sonic Style- it’s the fact that for a good many, the design is adhered to without any kind of innovation or variation, and in doing so it creates a horrid sense of genericness in a lot of the designs. 

Case in point: Queen Angelica. The Anglerfish. Who looks like this. 

Queen Angelica is, obviously, an anglerfish. And how is this tremendously unique organism depicted in this book? As a fish woman whose only real distingushing trait is the lure on her head, who otherwise looks little different to any other fish woman. 

From this animal here… 

… we got that cookie cutter made character up there. And it doesn’t have to be. 

To contrast, this here was an experimental design for a hypothetical Angler Fish Mobian, designed by my good friend @fini-mun.

Notice that while the Sonic Style is within full effect here, the *design* is much more unique and incorporates more of the animal into the design and in doing so, creates a much more visually distinct character. By contrast, Angelica up there is bog standard- beyond her lure, there really isn’t much of anything to her design that we haven’t already seen elsewhere in one form or the next. 

See what I’m getting at? What I object to isn’t the ‘Sonic Style’, it’s the fact that all too often, characters designed for the book adhere so strictly to it that there is no innovation. The visual style of Sonic is a unique one and gives the series a good deal of its identity, but the down side is that it makes it *so* easy to justify lazy fanworks- this fandom is infamous for the abundance of character templates and the resulting uninspired fan-characters who result from it, and the fact that the comic itself will so often delve into the same kind of ‘Assembly Line Character’ approach is both saddening and frustrating, because it *does not have to be that way*. 

Angelica ain’t the only one. Jian the Tigress looks like a recolor of Blaze the Cat despite the wealth of difference between a tiger and a domestic cat- which is doubly absurd given that Big the Cat is another domestic cat and yet manages to look radically different to Blaze, while Jian, who is a vastly different kind of feline than blaze, looks even *more* similar to her. Dulcy’s redesign looks more like something an incredibly unimaginative fan came up with, the Witchcarter’s designs hold that similar sense of sameness to everyone else (especially CArrotia, who looks like a half-assed fusion of Rouge and Cream), and the Shamar Freedom Fighters in general just look like fan-factory characters- ESPECIALLY Spike. Not coincidentally, all of these were *not* overseen by an artist with an actual sense of design… such as Evan Stanley. 

Stanley’s designs for Cassia and Clove are another example of designwork that, while adhering to the Sonc Stylization, is definitely not strangled by it- they both possess unique traits and qualities that help them stand out visually. 

And speaking of designwork, let’s cover why I’d want Stanley doing most of the redesign work if possible. 

Here is the redesign of Naugus that we got for the post-reboot world. 

How amazing. He now has a hat and a consistently drawn tail. Truly, this is the magnificent re-imagining for a new age. 

Now let’s look at a redesign Evan Stanley made of Naugus, one that I *wish* got used. 

Look at that. That’s astounding. The changes are not extensive, and yet they are more than sufficient to give him a greater sense of character and visual distinction compared to the last one. Furthermore, this design actually references something from the games- in there, you can see Sonic and the Black Knight. This design is using the platform made by the previous games and their designs and aesthetics and springing from it to create something new, rather than slavishly towing the line of the most common design principles. 

It is for these reasons that I would want Stanley to oversee more of the designwork in general for the book, because unlike the individuals responsible for things like the Witchcarters and the Shamar Freedom Fighters, she actually HAS a great grasp of visual design while keeping things within the desired aesthetic. 

So yeah, in conclusion? It ain’t the Sonic Style I rail against, but rather the interpretation of that style that leads to so many lackluster designs within this book since the reboot. Because I have seen others use it and use it to incredible effect, and the fact that the comic cannot or willnot do similar is maddening.

I’m tired of Cookie Cutter Candy Animals, and I sincerely believe we deserve better, especially for the talent that the book has available. 

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One more ask for Kagami, Murasakibara, Aomine, Midorima and Himuro: the kind of person they would have never thought they might have fallen for (personality wise) :-) Thank you~

Hi again! (〃・ω・)ノ I could simply go and write about the opposites of their officially listed preferences, but that would be too boring and uninspiring for me, so I’m going to come up with my own stuff here. Here we go, surprises for Kagami, Murasakibara, Aomine, Midorima, and Himuro.

Aomine is pretty much a lazy ass while at the same time he has very little patience and can be really impulsive. Someone who takes too much time to make decisions, or constantly hesitates, or is too meticulous with planning ahead, who likes having everything clean, neat, and in order, who is utterly serious 90% of the time… that would give him a headache and he’d never have suspected he could fall for a person of this kind. He’d expect they would exhaust him to the bone in 3 days and would argue all the time, but… it somehow works out?

You bet Midorima would be reluctant to even go anywhere near any person that values science and logic above all and considers horoscopes utter bullshit. After some time, if he was forced to see them regularly (work, school, wherever), he would start thinking “but they aren’t so bad, even though I’m personally outraged by their idiotic disregard of how helpful Oha Asa is.” Then, he’d wonder whether their preferences were just as important and reassuring as astrology for him, and he’d want to learn more about it. He’d notice more and more fascinating things about that person. And so it happens…

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omaha, NE

i thought today about moving
to omaha, NE.
i thought then i could become one of the greats:

a singer-songwriter voice for the twitter community;
the elliott smith of utterly lost post-millenials;
the conor oberst of the inbetween kids;

stuck between the last of the lucky generations
and the big short —

and meet it all with defiant and absolute irony,
the kind of cultivated and self-aware detachment
that has gone so far on the quest of rejecting objective meaning
it has come full circle and chews its own tail.

i figured though, that even in omaha,
i would still be artistically lazy,
consistently uninspired,
and lack any ability to hold a tune

so it’s probably not worth the effort.

A retrospective review of Tomb Raider Chronicles nobody wanted.

Part 1. The Philosopher’s Stone.

Ah,  Chronicles. A game nobody  anticipated or enjoyed. It’s hard being a hardcore classic TR fan out here, when you have to constantly feel some kind of second-hand embarassment every time you see this game mentioned. A cash-grab developed as quickly as possible to release a TR title in the year 2000 (classic TR policy was one game per year, remember), this one is so lazy, uninspired, glitch-riddled, I have no clue how did it get past the testing stage.

The good part: Chronicles has a LOT of lovely ideas that should’ve been properly explored. The first chapter, Rome, is the introduction to the game, so it’s reasonably easy, and short. Levels ‘Streets of Rome’ and ‘Trajan’s Markets’ regain the feel of the first game perfectly. Scarce enemies leave you to explore night alleys of the city without a hassle, the secrets are a bit weird (backtrack to a previously visited area to find a golden rose relic behind a now-disappeared wall section?) but satisfying to find nonetheless, and the level design features fresh, good-looking textures.

The story revolves around one of the first Lara’s adventures, - as noted in the intro animation - and her hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone, with the original bad guys Pierre and Larson not far behind. Presumably, it takes place just before the first TR game, which killed both guys off, although some fans claim they didn’t perish at all, but were merely knocked out in the original game. Oh well!

‘Trajan’s Markets’ has 3 bosses too many, but it also blends ancient and modern building structures organically, and although the level design is much more straightforward than in the ‘Streets of Rome’, there is a lot to explore.

‘The Colloseum’ though, is probably the worst TR level I’ve ever played through. Whose idea was to put ancient gladiators and lions into caves below the real-life monument? Bizarre enemies and badly-timed cutscenes in a level full of lava pits and bottomless chasms remind me of nonsensical platformer games from early 90s. Unforgivable for a turn of the century game from the most popular franchise!

Score: 7/10

A new Kingdom Hearts headcanon hit me yesterday, because apparently 2016 is going to be all about digging up my old fandoms or something. You know that sort of apprentice deal they have in Organization XIII with new members being assigned to more senior members so they can teach them the ropes? I’d bet Demyx was assigned to Xigbar when he was a new member.

It would explain why they seem kind of close in Days, and I love the idea of Saix sort of blaming Xigbar for how uninspired and lazy Demyx turned out. Like, imagine a 15-ish Demyx going out on one of his first missions with Xigbar, and after they defeat some big Heartless Xigbar’s like ‘Ok, we’re almost done, just one more thing’ and Demyx is like ‘Do we have to? Come on, we already did all of this’

And instead of being the responsible adult and saying ‘Yes, we have to’ Xigbar just thinks for a minute and goes ‘You know kid, you’re right. Screw it, we’ve done enough for today’. And most of their missions ended haphazardly like that when he was still mentoring Demyx.

Even years later, Saix has learned the hard way that you never, ever pair them up on missions, because either they’ll get absolutely nothing done or they’ll both half-ass it enough to add up to the effort of one person actually kind of trying to accomplish something, maybe. Sure, he already expects that from Demyx, but Xigbar seems like he’s usually pretty reliable for the most part. But he’s also not really the kind to scold or inspire people to try their best or put in extra effort, so that’s why Demyx’s terrible work ethic went unaddressed for so long.

Basically Demyx and Xigbar are mutually terrible influences on each other and Xigbar is never entrusted with training a new member ever again.