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Important question. Where do you think Michele and Emil shop for clothes?

OMG, this is important

I hope this answers your question!

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So first we have to figure out what their usual styles are


  • It is canon that Sara helps Michele pick out some of his clothes, so surely his outfits consist of both her style and his own. He’s learned a lot from his sister and he actually does have a pretty good sense of style. In the show, he’s usually wearing his Italy jacket over his outfit, so unfortunately we can’t tell all that much what he wears. But one photo I do remember from the show is that Michele has this bomb ass coat:
  • Like?? That looks handsome af on him, i bet he has lots of coats
  • He is also seen wearing plain t-shirts, sometimes with jackets over them.
  • From just these, we can conclude that he looks hella fine in darker colors


  • I would say Emil’s style is pretty casual, even more so than Michele. He wears a lot of t-shirts/jackets and also some beach-y type stuff. (didn’t Kubo say that at some point? I thought I remembered a tweet about Emil liking beachwear, but I could be wrong)
  • So here are some examples of his outfits in the show. He clearly likes jackets/vests, and he looks hot af in them

Now that we know a little bit about their usual styles, it will be easier to figure out the kind of places they shop at/types of clothes they shop for!

  • There is actually this brand of Italian shoe that I could def see Michele wearing and also converting Emil to wearing: Supergas. They’re basically like tennis shoes except they’re a lot classier looking, but you can get fancier/more casual ones. They’re kind of like Converse, if you know what those are. (they are super comfy!)  So since Emil is the kind of guy to wear a lot of sandals, Michele would take him to get some Supergas.
  • Emil probably insists on getting some weird shoes like Birkenstocks or Crocs, and Michele is honestly so disappointed™ and he’s def not letting his man walk around like that.
  • So one of the stores they visit (probably online, unless they’re visiting a place with one of the stores) is the Superga store
  • And since Emil always has cold feet, they probably shop for funky socks for him!! (I def see his as a type to wear fun socks)
  • Michele subscribes to fashion magazines because Sara got him into them. A lot of them include super expensive brands (Gucci, Armani, etc.)
  • They don’t spend all their money on expensive clothes, but they both like to look nice, and sometimes they’ll get each other expensive things as gifts
  • Michele gets Emil an Armani leather jacket, as well as other jackets bc he looks nice af in them
  • I feel like Michele would have a thing for watches, so he’d probably splurge on a nice watch
  • Emil!!! Wearing!!! Rings!!! (besides his wedding ring, of course)
  • Michele looooves to pick out the cool shit for his man (he knows Emil doesn’t expect him to get him things all the time, but he can’t help it)
  • Emil actually has a harder time choosing things for Michele, because as we all know, Michele is a particular man, and he’s the one that knows more about fashion
  • Okay but EMIL BUYS MICHELE A SPEEDO!! He knows Michele would never buy one for himself, so…that happens (let’s be honest, we all want to see Mickey in a speedo)
  • But they go to the beach a lot, so it’s totally necessary!
  • One year for Christmas, Mickey and Emil buy each other new winter coats (M and E)
  • Michele also gets his man more sweatshirts! Plain or printed, they all look so nice on him (plus, since they’re a bigger size than his, Mickey can wear them if he wants hehehe)
  • Mickey thinks he is punny, so he gets Emil this
  • In return, Emil buys this for him, but Michele doesn’t get the meme (smh)
  • OH AND EMIL BUYS CLOTHES FOR THEIR DOG!! (But only things like sweatshirts and booties for when it’s cold out and such)
  • But also Halloween and Christmas outfits!! (Emil insists that Michele wears the spaghetti shirt he bought him so he and their dog match)
  • “Look, Mickey! His winter coat is kind of like yours!”
  • Emil also purchases new headphones for Mickey, since he only has one pair and he fears they’re going to break (he chose blue because he knows it’s one of Michele’s favorite colors)

I could go on and on about this, but I’m gonna cut it short here. Perhaps I’ll make another post like this since this one was super fun! I did a lot of research for this, ahahah. But for some reason I couldn’t find that many Czech fashion brands? I searched for a bit but couldn’t find much, so my apologies that most of brands I specifically named are Italian. 

Thank you sooo much for the ask! I hope this somewhat answered your question, and if it didn’t, I’m sorry and I hope you enjoyed this anyway.

 Have a great day!

Welcome to my blog! +prompts

Hello friends, I just thought I would take the time to say hello!
Here you will be able to read short stories and imagines that I create (mostly about BTS and Got7 hehehe,) Along with some funnies on the I hope we can be good peeps and kpop buddies. Anyways, for my first post. I thought I would post some one-liners for you guys to choose from. Here’s how it works!

You just pick 4(or less) from the list below and a boy. Be specific about if it’s an AU or not. (Just a reminder, I find myself drawn to writing about BTS a lot. But I will be more than happy to write other people. It’s no problem)
Warning-these prompts will be…Interesting

1- “wouldn’t want the others to hear us, would we?”
2- “can I taste you?”
3- “oh look at that…my towel fell”
4-“so wet for me….”
5-“room for one more?”
6-“have you even heard of thigh riding?”
7-“you actually read that Shit?”
8-“Fuck, you have no idea what you do to me”
9- “date not go so well?”
10- “I don’t hate you because I think you’re a Bitch….it’s because of what you do to me?”
11- “at night…do you think of me?”
12-“hmm…you need to relax…”
13- “just what do you think you’re doing?!”
14-“I’m better than any man you’ve ever been with”
15- “the others….they wouldn’t appreciate such a body like I would”
16- “I like the way you dance…”
17-“ such a cute moan….do it again”
18- “I bought you something you might like”
19- “did you really just put a vibrator in my hand?”
20- “is a blindfold really necessary??”
21- “it’s raining and I can’t go back home…let me in”
22-“i have never hated someone so much”
23- “still thinking about last night?…I knew you would”
24- “…I want you to sit on my face babe..”
26- “I may be a bad dancer…but I’m awesome so it’s okay”
27- “shut up and cuddle me, you ass”
28-“what are you doing up?”
29- “I know you had a rough day..”
30- “why are you shy, you weren’t before”
31-“I love it when you do that”
32- “oh come on now. That was a good one”
33- “….which one of you flat foots ate my apple?”
34- “you’re a mess babe”
35-“…..so I’m too gentle eh?”
36-“ seriously. Where did you find time to purchase a vibrator”
37- “I have ways, babe…remember”
38- “just Lay back and let me make you feel good”
40- “babe…you didn’t have to punch her”
41- “you write about me??….can I see?”
42- “you’re nervous…about ‘us’?”
43-“I never thought I would see you again?”
44- “you liked how I made you feel, didn’t ya”
45-“ all these marks aren’t enough”
46-“you’re trapped…with nowhere to run”
47- “hmm. I can make you scream louder.”
48- “did you just throw glitter at me?”
49- “oh my god…I didn’t know you could do that”
50- “we have to do this movie together…can you at least try and act civil”

So there are the prompts. If you have another idea of what you’d like added, feel free to let me know. Welcome again and don’t be afraid to request…it’s kind of how I put material on my blog haha!