i was kidding of corse

Lance ships and acrylic nails head canons

So, this was a while back, (again on the Lance server, because I spend all my time on discord now apparently) but I decided I wanted to share this with everyone anyway.

It all started when @candywii666 said the magic words:

“I wonder if lance get’s acrylics
Who am I kidding of corse he does
But like the space acrylics so they stay on longer and meld to the nail instead of just super duper glued
Filling them in takes like 20 dobashes total because the longest part is getting them put on cause they have to make sure it fuses to the nail right”

And I instantly jumped on this because we had all just been talking about my own nails. So, I came up with how different ship partners (read: literally everyone I could think of) would react to Lance with facy acrylic nails.

  • Keith teases him about it at first, but then won’t let him go back to normal nails because he *L O V E S* the way they feel when Lance scratches his back when they fuck.

  • Shiro enjoys the look, and the gentle scrapes of just barely touching his arm or chest.

  • Lotor has his own claws and helps Lance to file his nails into perfect pointed tips so he has a flawless set too.

  • Hunk helps Lance paint them and so always tends to pin Lance’s arms above his head just to be careful not to ruin them.

  • Matt loves the feel of it when Lance runs them up and down his spine

  • Sven thinks they’re pretty but doesn’t quite get the appeal until he feels them against his scalp in his hair.

  • Kolivan fell in love with them as soon as Lance started running his hands through his fur while they were cuddling

  • Antok likes it when Lance gently scratches his tail with them

  • Thace enjoys the feel of them on his thighs

  • Ulaz likes the noise they make when Lance nervously drums his fingers on hard surfaces, but also how they apply just the barest hint of an edge when they hold hands

  • Lance himself enjoys running his nails up and down his chest and legs, leaving red lines on his skin in his wake, he especially likes drawing patterns on his stomach with the lines to admire while they last for a few hours.

If I get permission from Candy I’ll post the rest of that conversation, but this was the main part I wanted to share. Imagine any ships you want!

Also, if you wanna join the fun, let us know, the more the merrier.

Where he went-part3-Michael Clifford

Your POV

You sat staring at the invitation. You weren’t sure if it had been a mistake and he accidentally sent you one. You cried for over an hour before your tears turned to anger. It had a return address on it which you assumed was his address so you got in the car and drove over to his house.

You rang the door bell twice before he answered.


“Is this some type of sick joke?!” You screamed at him throwing the invitation at him. He picked it up off the floor. “Do you honestly think that I was going to come to your stupid fucking wedding?! So I could see the exact same thing I imagined for my wedding since you got her the ring I wanted!” He had no idea what to say.

“Can you keep your voice down? The babies are sleeping.”

“You honestly think I give a fuck about your kids or what they’re doing?!” You shouted. Of corse you cared if his children were doing okay but at this moment in time it didn’t matter. “You can go fuck yourself!” You shouted before you started to walk away.

“Y/n.” He said as pulling on your arm and pulling you into him smashing his lips to yours. It was stupid but you kissed him back. You never got one before he left.

“I hate you.” You said.

“Does this mean you’re not coming to the wedding?” He questioned.

“No. You do realize that that’s our wedding right? You literally bought he the ring that I showed you. You said you were going to live your life Michael and now you’re a dad to two kids and you’re getting married. You lied to me.”

“I didn’t lie to you. She was my life! Our sex life was shit! You were always nagging me! Always! You complained about everything. Why the hell would I stay if I was unhappy?” He questioned and all of the questions sent daggers to your heart.

“So it was me.” You said looking at him. He never answered but you got the memo. “Have a nice life Michael.” Walking away was probably the worst thing you could have ever done.

This is Nivida in Nerd and Jock AU (belong to @blogthegreatrouge)

I want to tell the firs day at school But it will be a little bit difficult ^^;;

So, the great day started. Me and my brother come to school togheter.

BlackLight: So, getting nervous?

Me: N-no, o-of corse…

Oh, who am I kidding? All my body are shaking.

BlackLight: Oh, Don’t worry. The first day will be fine. You will make friends very fast. And you know why?

Me: Why…?

BlackLight: Because you are my brother, and I know that: My bro is the coolest and the cuttness bro I ever had *big smyle*

And thas’s the last words I heard from my bro before he go into Highschool. When I step in, I saw a lot of people. First of all, I had gym class. So, I got the gym uniform and go to the class. We start with a little basketball game. It was hard for me. When the teacher call my name, I turned around and the ball hit right there, ON THE FACE. In that moment, my tears fell down on my face, burning. Before I fell down, I heard a lot of laughter and some people staring at me. I ge nervous, and scared. I get up and run away, hiding in library. There, I find Goth.  Is a nice person, so I spend time with him. It was wonderfull. Before I know, the class was over. I ran, telling him “I will come back to reading books togheter”.

Nivida belong to me

BlackLigt belong to @asimphonyforthemoon

NAJ!Goth and the AU belong to @blogthegreatrouge

Original Goth belong to @nekophy