i was jut too lazy to draw

Naruto is wearing mascara and Sasuke thinks he’s being super cute about it.
and yes that is a dog if you can’t tell im sorry its so bad

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Prompt: Lavellan awakens after their first night together to discover that Solas is a total and utter snuggle bug.

She’s grown used to waking up in her quarters, turning over on her back to find the ceiling spanning high above her head, and the cold, winter-white light spilling in through the windows and the balcony doors. She’s learned to feel at home here, beneath stone and sky and on a bed that doesn’t smell of moss and woodsmoke; has grown used to hearing the soft shuffle of feet on the stairs, and opening her eyes to find a tray at her desk. And she can name the contents without looking – a steaming cup of black tea, two warm rolls with butter, and a bowl of honey and whatever fruit has survived the trip up the mountains.

She’s used to this now, waking up to the feel of crisp sheets and the soft feather mattress. The muted crackle of the fireplace.

She’s not used to waking up with arms around her.

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Heya, sorry to bother you but do you have any tips of how to make drawings look less stiff? Mine always look robotic and not "alive", if you will. I love your art by the way, it's very warming to see in my feed :)

Oh goodness, I’m honestly terrible with tips but I’ll try my best to make it as not confusing as possible. 

Okay, alright. So one thing you should really focus on is making every thing flow. For example, compare the drawing on the left to the one on the right. 

The one on the right is very stiff, and angular. It doesn’t look quite “alive”. it has no flow. Don’t use too many straight lines, especially when drawing the back, arms, and legs. our spines are not straight lines, they’re meant to be quite flexible. Even when we’re standing straight, we don’t look like we have a wooden plank tied to our backs. The pose should also seem to flow in the same direction. If you look at the drawing on the top left, all the lines seem to flow together.

furthermore, you should also try to pertain to the body’s shape. it should all meld together in a fluid-looking silhouette(i guess?? does that make sense..). Take this drawing I did as an answer to another ask, for example, because I’m too lazy to draw out a whole, complete, tutorial.

It’s more stylized and cartoony, but see how the poses still look fluid? it’s not made entirely of straight lines and everything seems to flow in the same direction. Further more, it follows one fluid, not-solid-and-stiff shape. the same even goes for the drawings above this one:

see? The shapes on the right are more angular and stiff. The shape shouldn’t just jut out into solid angular.. uh.. angles.. it should be more smooth.

(Good god i feel like I’ve just been rambling throughout this entire post I’m sorry if this makes like no sense at all..)

anyway… That’s all I can think of to say, at the moment… I hope that helped?? and I’m really sorry if it didn’t.


Let’s jut art dump this here, okay? Okay.

Pictures from my camera because I’m too lazy to scan everything. I’ve done a lot of drawing since I’ve been gone. And recently got into Fairy Tail, so yes… This needed to happen.

Some things went unfinished, but that’s okay. I’m okay with it so you guys need to be okay with it.

These were mostly done for me or friends on Twitter who I do Fairy Tail RP with.

I can hear you judging me, shhhhhh