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Can I just say, I work in the movie industry, and it's actually impossible to understand what the f is happening when you're making a series. For the show I worked on we shot three ep at once on a period of 6 weeks for 3 eps (on a ten eps season), but even if, I think, spn shoots an ep per week, I'm pretty sure they're in the same boat. Eps get rewritten constantly, including during filming, one day you shoot scene number 2 for two hours then you cut to scene number 40 and the next day (1)

You’re shooting scene number 12, etc. It’s hard for everyone, including actors, to understand the show as you’re making it, which is why I think Jensen is not in the best place to see what we, viewers who watch the eps so many times we know them by heart, see. Some actors don’t even read the full scripts, just their lines. So, I guess what I want to say is I appreciate how you took the time to be calm and resonnable about all this, and explain this to people! Thank you!! (2/2)

Exactly! THIS! Thank you for giving us your insight into the process here.

Yeah, tv shows and movies are shot entirely out of order. Yeah, they’ve got the full script (which they probably read in order the first time it was put into their hands), but from the day filming begins until they’ve called the final cut, they live that script as a shuffled and largely incoherent jumble of scenes.

And then they get a day or two off, only to turn around and start the process all over again.

Is it any wonder that they have no real idea what the finished product is going to look like?

Supernatural shoots in a nine day cycle (not including weekends and holidays). Every ninth day of shooting, the whole process begins anew. Week after week after week.

Jared, Jensen, and Misha have ALL said that they don’t always watch the finished product. Yes, sometimes they livetweet episodes. Some episodes get special treatment and they have viewing parties (such as season finales, the 200th episode, etc.). Some episodes are just SO well known that all the actors are familiar with the finished product version (like The French Mistake). And then Jensen and Misha have both directed episodes themselves, and surely we expect their job continued through to inspecting the final product before it aired. And then there are several episodes every season that they record a commentary track for on the DVD’s.

They’re not entirely unfamiliar with the result of their work, but they’re not entrenched in the finished product the way we are, observing it from the outside, after the fact.

I can only imagine that scenes we only remember for the dialogue or the characters on-screen actions, they remember very differently.

At one recent con Jensen was telling a story about how he accidentally set his hand on fire throwing something in a trash can. It turned out to be a scene from 12.08, where Kelly ignited a bible with her touch, and then Cas tossed the flaming book into the trash can Dean was holding. Dean then poured a pitcher of water over it to extinguish the flames. It was a much talked-about scene. But the entirety of Jensen’s ability to comment on it revolved around the fact that he was trying not to lose it because HIS HAND WAS FREAKING ON FIRE!!!

He didn’t even recall what episode the scene was in, or what was happening in the story. Just the fire.

So… yeah. Sometimes it’s hard for us to remember how differently the entire experience of the show is for the actors living in that weird microcosm of creating it, versus what we experience out here in the world, deconstructing it as a finished product and a linear narrative.

Thank you! :)


Jackson’s CF with Cass Light ep 1 😭😍😍 why is he so adorable?!!
and I just dreamt that I met him n shook his hand 😱 he’s beautiful 😭 so real heol

watch it on YT to increase the views!! https://youtu.be/22e_C8_YBiM or on Cass TVC channel

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So if by now it was just a possibility that Aldertree is actually Sebastian, after this episode I’m freaking sure he is. How else would he know that Valentine killed Jace’s falcon? And in the City of Bones when Valentine tells his minions to take Jace and kill Aldertree he says “Take my son. Kill the other one.” I put emphasis on “the other one”, which I believe is foreshadowing for the other son. 

Also, Jocelyn can’t be dead. Valentine loves her and he would never allow one of his demons to really kill her. This is probably one of his many attempts to break Clary and now he keeps Jocelyn locked somewhere.

And one more thing. As we know Sebastian would appear in 2b I think Valentine would use the same trick with Aldertree to make him look dead as he used with Jocelyn. 

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i am thinking of resetting to try the other starters and maybe do some kind of locke!

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Sometimes I found posts where people complained about victuuri not being canon enough for not saying the three words or having their lips covered in ep 7 despite, I dunno, having the Cheesy Airport Run scene, mistaken for getting married then one of them declared engagement, beds pushed together, intimate gestures in pair skating, not to mention interviews abt them literally can't stand being apart and having saved each other from their lowest

The concept of canon has changed, I’m afraid
People expect couples (and by couples I mean LGBT couples) to be 100% explicit about their relationship.

It used not to be like this??? Subtext exists for a reason.

I just recently watched FMAb, for example, and Roy and Riza are a couple even though they never confessed or kissed?? At all??

God, not even Ed and Winry kissed or said “I love you”, but their confession scene was obvious enough (not to mention the fact that they had children).
Damn, even when I watched FMA03 it felt obvious for me that they were in love even though they didn’t end up together.

Explicit kisses and “ I love you”’s are not everything… Sometimes subtle love is perfect.

We should ignore those people. It will never be enough for them…

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Ive always knew tom hardy. Like, I saw almost all his movies without realizing and now idk why but im so into his projects now. Like i watch a movie of him per day, i rewatched Taboo's first two ep 4 times. Keep watching videos of him (1/2)

on yt. Gurl, im obsessed! I need help. I just want to cry because i dont know what to do with my feels and i just want MORE movies with him. I need a doctor ahaha (2/2)

Lol ur not alone ive been there trust me!! It gets even worse if you watch his interviews / read them…then you REALLY get hooked. When i first discovered him id eat that up like a duck to water. Not only is it cool to see his talent and just see his characters unfold onscreen, but its even more stunning just to read/listen to interviews where he talks about his process and approach. Hes super intelligent and perceptive, and just really…cant even describe it. Hes just cool. So honestly dont listen to me if you dont want to get hooked further 😂 ill make it worse.

okay so i want to start writing things outside of r/wby since v4 is killing my love for it. doesnt mean ill stop and i know i have two r/wby prompts to do ill do them soon since im asking for this

but I want to start writing for little witch academia and voltron so does anyone want to send me prompts for that. Im open to most ship but course dont send huge age gaps for ships or the usual ‘wrong; shit. other than that, im fine with most ship tho i dont ship anything. tho i really just want to learn how to write the characters and how they work off of each other before I do like one shots. 

one note, i have not seen s2 of voltron. So don’t send me any new characters in that. As for lwa, i only need to watch ep 3 so im pretty caught up tho im just still remembering names.

so yeah, want to send me some lwa or voltron so i can get use to writing the characters so i can move onto longer fics? probably do a lot tomorrow after classes and work


films watched in 2017 ☰ star wars: episode v - the empire strikes back

                                                                     I love you.                                                                                                                                              I know.  


I’m the winner. That’s who I am.
                                                      The Time Lord Victorious.


robert „romance novel” sugden


Some good Josuke faces