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So one thing I really fucking loved about Rogue One happens before the movie even begins and it is this: lack of Main Theme + opening crawl. 

We knew that Rogue One was going to be a totally different type of story than any other Star Wars film we’ve ever seen. But this just brings it home. You see A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away come up on that screen and the entire theater waits in silence, breath held, because we all know what’s coming next

But suddenly, it doesn’t. Instead of the orchestration blasting right at us, it’s the silence that is startling. We’re thrown right into the middle of this story like these characters are. We don’t get to see The Story So Far, because there is no “story”. Not for these people. 

They don’t have a plot line. Theirs is not a saga. They don’t have a family legacy that spans generations and wars and an entire galaxy. They aren’t even out to save the damn thing at first. They just want to survive, maybe even do what’s right. None of them were trying to change the course of history.

The war isn’t their story. They didn’t even know they were in a story to begin with. But they keep fighting anyway, to see it through to its end.


Robins in the Night- Stage Adaptation

One time, I wrote a novel. It was about transgender lesbian Robin Hood in an alternate history setting.

More recently, I adapted that novel for stage.

It’s got segments of narration taken straight from the original descriptive paragraphs of the book, it’s got the full story, and perhaps best of all it’s got lesbians that don’t die.

Buying the script counts as buying the rights for performance, if you feel like putting it on somewhere. I don’t want people to have to go through the process of buying the rights separately. I think theatre should be more accessible than it is currently. I’d make the script free if I didn’t have to like, live, and fund a transition, and write more things.

So, if you’re interested in the play then follow the link above, or if you’re interested in the book, just search “Robins in the Night” on Amazon and it’ll be there, waiting, being a book.

I just outlined it all out and I have what looks like about 15 chapters of eret III left. That might be less, I’m I’m efficient in passing some time narratively and if I stick to the 7k kinda chapters I have been doing but it’s definitely more than ten.

And there’s a lot of good stuff ahead, and if I really put my mind to it and sit my ass down and right I think we’ll all be happy with where I am by the end of the weekend. I just gotta crank out two badass chapters to be somewhere we’ve all been waiting for…

The Triboelectric Effect

fandom: gravity falls
characters: stanley pines, stanford pines, bill cipher
words: 2248

inspired by an art stream conversation/this post that summed up our thoughts by @saisai-chan. an AU scenario branching off from AToTS

“Are you gonna explain what’s going on here? You’re acting like mom after her tenth cup of coffee…”

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The New House: Willie

It’s been a weird week, but. I’m incredibly happy right now. All of you have been so sweet and encouraging to me. I got a B on a paper that fought against me the whole time I wrote it and when I got home I had another box of biscuits waiting for me from @thatwetwomaybeoneagain! (Don’t worry I’ll put the pictures of those in another post). So. I decided to write more happy!

Jamie smiled to himself. William was a braw lad, his hair a soft brown. It fell somewhere between Claire’s hair color and his own, he thought.


He had a son and he was perfect. His eyes slanted just a little, like his own, his ears had a slight point at the tip. Somehow, despite his broad shoulders (another thing he inherited from his father), his birth had been relatively easy. 

This morning the lad had woken the house up with a nasty cough. With him being so young, Jamie insisted that she take him in to visit with his doctor to be sure it wasn’t anything serious. He wished he’d gone with her, but the girls were still asleep and they had an appointment with a man about Jenny’s goats that he couldn’t miss.


His smile grew and he went down the stairs.

“How’s the lad?”

“Oh he’s alright. Just a little cough. Nothing to worry over.”

“That’s good. He just sounded so bad this morning, I thought…”

She cupped his cheek in one hand and grinned up at him.

“Because you’re an amazing father. Where are the girls?”

He frowned and thought hard, but couldn’t recall where they’d said they’d gone.

“Ah… I dinna ken.”

Claire snorted, making the sleeping Wille wriggle.

“Alright. I’ll go put him down then maybe we can sit down for some tea? I feel like I haven’t seen you in days.”

“Ye havena. But aye, go put the lad down.”

While she settled Willie in his nursery, he got the kettle set on the stove. She came back down, running a hand through her curly hair.

“It’s good to have you back.”

“Good to be back. I didna think moving here would mean I spent a week in the damned stable.”

Claire laughed lightly while their tea steeped.

“But the pony is alright? She and her foal?”

“Och aye. She has a verra bonny wee filly. Mother and daughter are verra healthy and happy.”

“It’ll be good to have you in bed at a decent time. And not smelling like a manure pile.”

He laughed and poured their tea.

“Aye, I ken I didna smell verra nice when I got home this morning. I was just so tired I couldna make myself shower.”

“It’s alright. I got you back.”

They sipped their tea in companionable silence for some time, simply content to be near each other.



“The girls are probably with Jenny, right?”

“Aye, I think so.”

“So we have the house to ourselves?”

He nodded slowly.

“Aye, we do.”

She put her empty teacup down and got to her feet.

“Willie fell asleep in the car on the way home. He’ll be out for a few minutes. Long enough to…”

He smiled and got to his own feet.

“Have something in mind, Sassenach?”

“Yes. Something upstairs. In our bedroom.”

With a long, luxurious stretch, he groaned.

“Aye, a nap sounds like a good idea. I havena slept properly in a week.”

Rolling her eyes, she took his hand and dragged him up the stairs.

“You can sleep when I’m done with you.”

She didn’t bother closing their door. The baby monitor was sitting on the bedside table on her side of the bed, the only sound was Willie’s breathing.

“You’re sure he’s alright? He’s no’ sick?”

“I promise, love. Now come here. I haven’t seen you naked in nearly a week.”

He let himself watch her undress, enjoying the elegant lines of her body.

“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid my eyes on, mo nighean donn.”

She sighed and sat down on their bed, letting her head fall to one side.

“That’s because I’m the only one you’ve ever seen. Now if you don’t hurry up and join me, I’ll have to take care of myself. And we both know how much you love that.”

Pulling his shirt off, he tackled her down onto the bed, pinning her with his own body.

“Thank you, Sassenach.”

“For what?”

He kissed her softly.

“For giving me a son.”

“You know that isn’t how genetics work. According to the science, the-”

“I dinna care what the bloody science says,” he said, kissing her again. “All I care about is that wee lad sleeping down the hall from us. The one ye grew wi’in  your own womb, one we made together. No matter what the science says, you gave him to me.”

“Well when you put it like that…”

Faint mumblings and coos came over the monitor, filling his chest with warmth and pride. 

“Think he’ll get as big as you?”

“Christ I hope not,” Jamie laughed, nudging her legs apart.

Her mouth opened in a soft ‘ah’ as he filled her.

“I canna imagine how much food we’d go through if yon wee Willie was as big as his da,” Jamie said softly.

That sent Claire into a fit of mad giggles, which he loved. Making her laugh or squeak was one of his favorite things to do. Well… That and making love to her.

Claire’s eyes snapped open and fixed on his, burning with passion and lust.

“Oh shut up already,” she growled before rolling them over.

It was always an interesting encounter when she was frustrated and in charge. She got herself comfortable and put her hands down on his chest. As she began grinding against him, he was sure he heard Willie wake.

“Sassenach, I think-”

“Shut up. I heard him. I’ll be fast.”

“That’s no’ nearly as much fun,” he pouted.

She laughed.

“No, it isn’t. But we’ll be in the same bed tonight again. All night. I’ll make it up to you then.”

“You’d better.”

Moving against him as hard as she could, he felt her body build and release. Her hips continued rocking back and forth until he’d reached his own conclusion.

By that time, Willie was fully awake.

“May I come watch ye?”

“Of course.”

He went with her as she cared for their son, who was currently gumming one of his wee fists.

Later they got a call from Jenny to let them know that the girls would be staying for dinner, but that Ian would drive them home after. Claire kept her word and made it up to him that night, before the girls came home.

For a long time, he watched her sleep. Her hair was wild about her face, sticking up in odd directions. The bedsheets were askew, not really covering her anymore. He’d once tried to convince her that they need not wear clothes in their bedroom, but that had been received with a glare. She’d been right, of course, as Bree sometimes got nightmares.

His eyes darted up to the baby monitor where he heard Willie dreaming. Unable to resist, Jamie climbed carefully out of their bed and wrapped the wool tartan blanket around his hips. He stood in the doorway, watching William’s wee arms flail about.

Hush now, my son,” Jamie said in Gaelic. “Rest and be safe in your home. I will keep watch over you and protect you. As will your mother and sisters.

“I come and watch him sometimes too, da.”

Jamie flinched and turned to see Faith standing in the doorway.

“Do ye, now?”

“Aye,” she said, her eyes on her brother. “Sometimes I hear him crying and I come to make sure he’s alright. That he hasna got a thing to worry over. His big sister Faith will always watch o’er him.”

With a proud smile, he bent and kissed the top of Faith’s head.

“Aye, and so ye will. You’re a good sister, lass. I ken you’ll never let anything happen to him.”

Faith smiled and went back to her own room. Jamie turned back to his boy.

You have been blessed with a good family,” he whispered once again in Gaelic. “God knows we’ll drive you mad at times. But we will always love you, no matter what.

Willie’s flailing calmed down and he settled back into the happy sleep of a safe child.