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I’m at work all night again. What should I work on? Drabbles? She’s a Monster? Angels and Demons? My personal life (😂😂)? Also if you are reading this send me your favorite song. It doesn’t have to be kpop. I’m just trying to put a playlist together for my trip to D.C. next week. K thanks bye This is more for me than you, but…

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Sometimes its hard to let these guys go. I put a lot of effort into every one of them - they travel to me from all over the world just for me to slap some paint on them and send them away. Some were once childhood gifts, some spent most of their years tucked into boxes and hidden in warehouses, some were pristine but most had deep scratches or obvious wear. They all come to me with their history and I try to do them justice. 

Pictures like this one are my favorite. This is a day or two before mailing day, where I get all the finished cards together and get them ready to ship. Its very blissful seeing all the different colours and cards and histories piled up on my desk. If cards could talk, I’d love to hear their stories.


Hello and welcome to my Thor Fic Recs post! I have seen more than one person walk out of Age of Ultron commenting about how they enjoyed Thor’s character more than ever before, that suddenly they find themselves wanting to get into that part of the fandom. “Well,” I said to myself. “That sounds like a good time to put together a starter pack of my favorite Thor fics then.”

Given that this corner of fandom has been pretty chill lately (it seems like most people agreed that Thor was pretty great in AOU), it might be nice to come over and play with us for awhile, maybe get your feet wet in the fandom, before we try to drag you all the way into the deep end. ♥. Or maybe you just want to reread some old favorites!

I’ve done many fic recs in the past, you can find all recs on this tag or you can go specifically for the Thor/Loki recs or the gen fic recs or you can find more generalized AOU recs here. If you’ve not read much in this fandom before, if you’re getting a feel for the characters in the Thor parts of the fandom, I think this list will help be a solid primer for you! It’s geared towards well-written Thor characterization and separated out by gen vs pairing, so it’s easier for you to skip over what you don’t want.


- No Such Liberty by Xparrot - I enjoy all of Xparrot’s fic (another good one is Sea of Storms, Bridge of Colors, which is a Juuni Kokki fusion and has fantastic Thor characterization), but No Such Liberty is the Thor fic in my eyes, nothing has yet to beat it. Set post-Avengers, Thor brings Loki home and then boy does shit happen. Asgardian world-building to repair the Bifrost, Thor dealing with Loki’s cracking sanity, the looming Thanos threat, action sequences, the Avengers involvement, all of it is tackled beautifully in this fic. This is a story that is about a plot and expanding the world the characters live in and stuff happening, but it never forgets that it is also about Thor’s character progression, that he’s taking even more steps forward in thinking things through, in seeing more than he did even before. This is that fic that I can’t even write a coherent rec for because it’s just too much for me.

- Road Trip into Mystery by Mythtaken Identity - This series is about the comics counterparts (Thor and bb!Loki in the 616 universe) but I don’t think you have to be very familiar with the characters to dive right into this series. It’s a Loki-centric series, but Thor’s characterization is absolutely spot on here and the brotherly feelings are off the charts. The writing is fantastic, the author weaves in genuinely engaging supernatural shenanigans, but also never loses sight of this being a road trip and how amazingly fun that is! Every time I read anything by this author (No More Than a Goat is also a must read, both hilarious and awesome and fucking spot-on Thor characterization, but I’ve been really enjoying The White Boar as well!) always leaves me just absolutely revved up to get back into reading Marvel fic, no matter how far I’ve strayed, that’s how engaging they are!

- Shiny_n_new - This author has labeled their fics as Thor/Loki, but they’re really more gen or maybe pre-slash, I don’t think you have to read a pairing into them if you don’t like. Loki tends to be the central character, but both he and Thor are exquisitely characterized, I was absolutely over the moon during every inch of Postbellum (my favorite!!) and The Weight of Family and cannot recommend them enough. Postbellum is a favorite because, even in the background, Thor is off doing stuff in the way that he absolutely would and Loki’s jealousy-and-love mix of awfulness is absolutely pitch-perfect.

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I’m about halfway through my travel journal/sketchbook so I wanna do a tribute post to it! 

I’ve got a lot of stuff in it. Mostly it’s art from my life or some of my favorite things, but there’s other goodies in there too; like comic ideas hastily scribbled onto post it notes, the watercolors I did on our road trip to Sacramento (that all bled together when it fell into the ocean as I was trying to paint with water from the beach just a few weeks later) and, most recently, a collage of my feelings about moving back to Boise, made from the Boise Weekly newspapers I’ve been using to pack boxes for said trip.

Normally when I get sketchbooks or journals I spend so much time worrying what I’ll put in this or that one, but this thrown together memory scrap/sketch book is easily my favorite I’ve ever done. 

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Holy fuck Jennifer damn she's not pulling any punches with how much she despises X-Men. It wouldn't surprise me if she spent the entire panel texting Josh telling her how board she is,lol. So may I ask what have been your favorite Joshifer moments from CC and what's been the moment that's confirmed to you at comic con that they're together. For me it's the BR story, sorry that's just too personal for buddies to do.

she did try to be involved in the panel, but that was such a dead room, i don’t know how she could’ve saved it.

as for the MJ2 panel, these are my favorite moments:

for me, there is never just ONE moment that has convinced me that they were together.  it’s all the little pieces put together that build an image that to me is undeniable.  however, there was one moment that i saw and i was just like OMG.

it was like she just couldn’t help herself, out of complete habit.  it was both funny, cute, and so very telling.

  • My favorite part of the Hamilton soundtrack is when Hamilton sends Burr an "itemized list of 30 years of disagreements" because I can just imagine him trying to put this list together
  • Alexander: Eliza help me look through these papers I need a list of times I've fought with Burr
  • Eliza: ...
  • Alexander: I don't want to miss anything!
  • Eliza: but why Alexander?
  • Alexander: Look he called me disrespectful but won't give me a specific time so I'm going to need to list all the times he wouldn't take a stand on the issues because I'm right ok?
  • Eliza: *rolls eyes and picks up a stack of papers*
  • Eliza: Alexander, you really do write too much
If we're together, be prepared for me to:

• Write you notes all the time
• Let you wear my clothes
• Probably steal your clothes
• Make your parents love me
• Make you laugh constantly
• Try to turn you on when you’re mad at me
• Hold your hand while I drive
• Hold your hand while you drive
( unless you need both hands on the wheel, then I’ll just put my hand on your leg )
• Learn how to cook your favorite meal
• Learn how to play your favorite song on the guitar and make someone else sing it because I can’t sing for shit
• Shower you with compliments. especially on days when you don’t feel beautiful
• Encourage you like it’s my job
• Support you like I’m your biggest fan
• Want you more than anything else
• Love you like it’s the only thing I’ve ever done right

But the people who are saying how toxic and horrible Johnlock is are the same people saying how wonderful Sherlolly is. Just saying that’s a bit hypocritical. I don’t hate Molly, in fact she’s probably my second favorite character, but I do think that Sherlock doesn’t really love Molly and it was all a bit forced. The whole show was kind of leading up to the moment to see who he loves and I was disappoint by the way they did it. And while I do ship johnlock and think they should have been together I do realize they wouldn’t have the most ideal relationship but I think Sherlolly is much much worse in terms of how they treat each other. If you point out flaws of johnlock you should look at the flaws in Sherlolly because Molly deserves better

I’ve recently decided to try my hand at DIY projects, and let’s just say it’s absolutely nothing like what they show on television! Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty fun and hella joyful once everything’s done and put together, but after cutting my finger and staining one of my favorite pair of leggings, well – I clearly need to tap into my inner roots or something to go unscathed, so I can leave trinkets I’ve made on everyone’s door step… y’all better freakin’ love anything that shows up because there may be actual blood and sweat in it.


I can’t go on my favorite tag anymore without feeling betrayed, I never posted one troyler gif and tagged it with the tronnpr tag so why do you throw your ship at my face when I’m just trying to pick up the peices of my broken ship, all I want is to be able to take what little I have left of my ship and put it back together without disrupting you. So could I kindly ask that you tag your stuff with the appropriate tag and not make what little people we have left feel broken, please and thank you.

Would y’all mind helping me out some and reblogging this post with your favorite women sci-fi writers in the tags? My dad is putting together a sci-fi board game where all the planets are named after sci-fi writers, but he’s only got 5 out of 36 as women right now. I’m trying to convince him to change it, but he wants specific suggestions and I don’t really read sci-fi. He won’t change anything unless he’s got someone to change it to. I’ve just about convinced him to use Shelley, but that about taps out my knowledge of sci-fi writers. Some help would be greatly appreciated!