i was just trying to make the colour more like how they are irl

20 things you can expect as a traditional (2D) animation student that they never tell you:

  1. you will love your rough drawings more than your clean
  2. if you don’t flip your drawings your teachers will know. oh they will know.
  3. you will draw an insane amount of detail at first in hopes to impress your teachers. don’t. they’ll get you to inbetween that shit and it’s not fun. trust me, there’s a reason successful cartoon shows have nice, simple, clean designs.
  4. line weight is hella important. as is colour theory.
  5. storyboarding is not easy. it’s actually in demand rn because of how time consuming/difficult it is. lots of fun though especially if you’re a creative person.
  6. the animator’s survival kit is your bible. doesn’t matter that thing weighs as much as a small child. take that shit with you everywhere. it is now your baby.
  7. glen keane is considered a deity amongst animators.
  8. your teachers will likely look hella young but irl be much much older. this seems to be a side effect of working in kid’s shows for over 10 years. it is a good thing.
  9. every animator knows the impending dread of deadlines. yes, this includes your teachers. it is likely many of them will be working at studios/their own projects the same time as teaching. that is why they are immortal and their wisdom incomparable.
  10.  speaking of deadlines, say goodbye to a regular sleeping pattern and balanced lifestyle
  11. if your wrist starts to ache like a bitch then start drawing more with your shoulder. loosey goosey baby. loosey goosey.
  12. life drawing is essential. don’t skip that shit. anatomy is important. even if your character has six arms and five eyes you still need to be able to make them move.
  13. you are regarded as a dying breed amongst the 3d kids. that’s ok. give them a pencil and paper and ask them to animate a 4 legged walk cycle traditionally. see what happens.
  14. however if you’re anything like me, maya will look like a foreign language to you.
  15. srsly wtf is maya? what sacrifice to the animation gods must i make to understand this program?
  16. watching your favourite cartoons and animated movies regularly is important not only to motivate but is essential bonding time with your classmates. only now everyone wants to talk about how beautiful the backgrounds in steven universe are as well as cry over the character designs.
  17. perspective is hard. period.
  18. there is always that one kid in class who’s already done their 10,000 drawings and are untouchable. those are the ones to sit near in the hopes you can try and get some of that raw talent to rub off onto you.
  19. coffee/energy drinks/sugar will rise to the top of your already crumbling food pyramid.
  20. you improve lots. and some days something will just click and all of a sudden you’re firing out 40 frames an hour. 

and finally no. 21 the most important thing of all: bring a blanket and something squishy to sleep on and leave them at school. there will be emergency nap times. sometimes weekly. sometimes daily.

Here’s the thing.

I am a transgender man (see photo of my mug for context).

I love all trans people and I love non binary people. But lately some of my trans spaces (both on the web and irl) that are mainly non binary have started to feel a little hostile.

I want to make something perfectly clear before I continue - I love and respect non binary people, I think their genders are valid and I am in no way suggesting they are any less important that myself or any other binary trans person. I also need you to understand that this isn’t meant to be a post calling out non binary people at all, it is just me talking about my personal experiences in the hope that it can get people to be a little more considerate sometimes?

In university spaces, it seems that there is a growing population of non binary people that tends to dominate trans groups. Which is good in lots of ways, especially since it shows how this generation has become much more relaxed and aware that gender is a construct and fluidity is key. However, amongst people I know there is a lot of ‘ew gross men’, or 'ew gross trans men that are masculine’, while at the same time being predominantly DFAB populations.

Now trust me, I very much understand the dislike a lot of dfab trans people have of men. A lot of us are survivors and I think that does play a big part in how we feel about the gender overall. Not to mention it is not uncommon for men to be, for lack of a better word- wankers. However, I don’t think people consider trans men when we are talking about this.

Making a comment like 'ew men are so fucking gross’ to a room of trans people means that to a trans man you are saying one of two things - 1) you are gross, or 2) you aren’t gross because you’re not a Real Man, and you are excluded from this statement because you are and always will be, partly a woman. Even now I feel uncomfortable 'complaining’ about this. I have to remind myself that just as suggesting that a trans woman is somehow different to other women would be considered incredibly offensive, so is it for trans men.

I didn’t realise how much this stuff affected me until it did. Constantly being around people that talk about, how body hair on men is gross, masculinity is by default toxic, making jokes about my masculinity being toxic when I excitedly tell people that I’ve started going to the gym and its making me feel better about my body. No, it’s not funny. It’s MY dysphoria I’m trying to ease. I as a trans person want to feel supported and loved when I do things that have a chance of making me feel good about my body.

It hit me like a brick wall when I realised how much it had affected me. I was with my partner, and was trying to have sex, but I just broke down. I felt so incredibly disgusted with my body and myself. So much hair, so masculine. The noises I made, gross. The way I touched him, creepy. I couldn’t get out of my head the idea that later in life he would talk to people about how gross and unshaven I was, just like I had heard friends describe ex boyfriends so many times before.

I felt cheated because these were the changes I WANTED my body to make. But now they felt ruined. Spoiled.
It was after that realisation that I decided I had to get out. I stopped going to some of student socials and instead started attending a group for older trans people. It was so refreshing to meet other trans men for once (just because I rarely meet them at uni, and it was nice to talk to someone similar.) It was awesome to be around people who weren’t shitty about trans people being stealth (as I remember I once was.)

There are some important things to take away from all of this:

1) Telling trans boys and men that they are disgusting for wanting to be like men will only destroy self esteem and feed into the toxic environment that a lot of cis boys grow up in.

2) Non binary people are extremely valid and awesome, but also must accept they have a responsibility to cultivate a supportive and friendly atmosphere in spaces where they are dominant (I put this in here for university spaces especially)

3) Laughing at a trans man/woman for being excessively masc/fem presenting if you are a dfab nb person who mainly presents as fem or androgynous is facetious and not respecting that they may have to present that way to stay safe, (especially in the case of trans women that may be more 'obviously trans’) and that despite suffering prejudice in many ways, the one thing you are not realistically facing is street violence and such because you inevitably are not going to be clocked as trans. (which yes, does NOT make your transness invalid but we have to respect the different struggles people in our community face.)

4) Someone being stealth does not mean they are adhering to 'toxic gender roles’. It means they are either 1) trying to be safe or 2) surprise surprise they want to live their life as the gender they identify with. Trans people are not less legitimately trans because you think they are 'acting cis’.

5) Being a binary trans person does not give you privilege over nb people. Like seriously, trans women are literally the most likely to be murdered. Don’t be a dick. Erasure is a problem yes but it’s not the same. I read names out at the TDOR vigil and pretty much all of them were trans women of colour. Respect that. Help the community. This isn’t about scoring points over who has it the shittiest.

6) The idea that the only good kinda of trans men are 'soft sensitive kinda trans masc guys that don’t have surgeries and shave all their body hair’ is shitty and offensive (tho that kind of trans man is totally valid, that not what i mean). Its shitty because one you’re sexualising them either as more childlike or more feminine (both is rude, former is creepy), but its perpetuating the idea that trans men aren’t really men and the best ones are the ones that YOU think still kinda look suitably enough like women.

Making friends (by not being awkward)

Admit it, at some point you have been stressed about having to make friends at the beginning of school year. It is intimidating, having to blend in with new people and socialise (especially for a socially awkward potato like me). Which is why this guide is gonna help you make friends with a little less embarrassment and effort. 

Okay, so you’ve stepped into the college/school gates and you already spot some groups busy chatting with each other. What do you do? You walk past them (like me) and walk straight to your classroom or locker or wherever. Instead of all the drama and adrenaline, follow these rules when you walk in on your first day :

⬛ Don’t, ever look down. Nope, hold your head high, be proud of who you are. 

⬛ Observe. I cannot stress enough on this fact. I always used to just look straight and rush to my class without glancing around at all. Stare at others (not creepily), notice details about your school. They’re pretty useful later, trust me. 

⬛ Smile at anybody who is looking at you. Okay, maybe avoid creepy stalkers, but just give everyone a warm smile and greet them when you make eye contact.
Never break eye contact awkwardly because you’ll come off as antisocial sometimes.
Throw in a simple “hi” with that dazzling smile of yours! 

⬛ Greet all teachers and other workers at school politely.
Greet the janitor who’s always sitting in a corner, or the woman who serves you food (if they do) with a simple smile. Thank them for their help. 

⬛ If someone approaches you, do not get nervous. Remember, they’re as new here as you are - they also need friends.
Be casual, and importantly, be yourself. Don’t make up a fake person who likes everything that the other person does, be proud of your choices and don’t hesitate to talk about them.
Nobody will hate you for liking Taylor Swift (I love her and I don’t care what others think) or for obsessing over space and stars. 

⬛ If you see somebody wearing a shirt with your favourite band’s picture or a reference from your fandom, talk to them about it. Seriously, if I’m wearing something fandom related it’s mostly because I want other people in my fandom to find me.
Go initiate and conversation related to the band. You’ll both click instantly! 

⬛ Best place to find new people is the cafeteria, so do not sit in the corner. Take a seat which is visible, so that people can sit next to you and probably talk. 

⬛ Join a club, sports, books anything that you like! It’s an easy way to make friends - plus they’ll all have similar interests as you so conversations will flow easily.
You can find awesome people at the library too! 

⬛ Be ready to help. If a student asks you for directions around the school - help them out.
And instead of just pointing, ask them to follow you - this will buy you more time to interact with them. 

Some icebreakers for preventing awkward silences and embarrassing moments :

◼ What’s your favourite song/singer? (music can get people together really) 

◼ Who’s your favourite actor/actress? 

◼ Do you have a pet? 

◼ Are you good at math?
(if they say yes ask for their help because you’re weak at it, if they say they suck at math you should tell them that you suck too and offer to study together) 

◼ I love your earrings /shoes /any accessory! 

◼ Pizza? (I’ll befriend you in a second) 

◼ Can you show me around a bit? I’m new here. 

◼ Hi, what’s your name? I’m Y/N.
(See what I did there anyone?) 

◼ Do you play [your favourite sport/any instrument]? 

◼ Hey, what do you think about [current event]? 

Just don’t fold your hands when talking, because it’ll make you look like you’re not interested in the conversation.

 Stand with a little distance between your feet as it shows you’re confident. 

Eye contact. If you just can’t look someone in their eye, try to determine the colour of their eyes - the trick always works. (I tried this once and my friend thought I was lost in her eyes romantically so be careful!) 

Smile. It won’t kill you. 

That’s it, use these tips and make friends irl!! If you need a friend, I’m always here - feel free to drop by a message letting me know how are you doing!! 

sketchywhz101  asked:

Hey roshheruu when blending what are some tips I can give me

sup, ya i can try, its going under a read more tho!

1. don’t over use the water colour tool / blur tool to blend things or try and not use it, at all? try and find other brushes, usually with low opacity and high blending and textures that you can use to blend your colours. I use my acrylic brush for this, as seen and better explained here. It gives the image texture.

You see here when I drew satya: 

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monsta x as students

requested by anon!


  • Not to be stereotypical, but he’d probably be the captain of some sports team like the football/basketball/swimming team or something like that.
  • People think he’s all brawns and no brain but he actually works very hard in his studies and people are surprised when he gets good grades???
  • Is the type of person to study while at the gym – like he would prop his textbook on a chair and read it while he works out or something dfjhbdf.
  • Slightly intimidating when you see him walking around the hallways because of his Broad Shoulders™, but then you see him walk up behind Hyungwon and knock him over with one shoulder and you realise he’s just a big goof.
  • Never brings his own stationary – keeps like one (1) pen in his trouser pockets at most but he normally just borrows Minhyuk’s.
  • Eats bread 25/8. Like no joke, you’d bump into him at the convenience store and see him buy like 80 packets of sweet bread.
  • Would hold the door for you even if you were a mile away.
  • Keeps forgetting to return his library books.
  • No one knows this but he actually does a lot of volunteer work in his free time, like helping to build houses for the homeless or at an animal clinic or something.
  • Very diplomatic and polite to all of his teachers, so they can’t even get mad at him when he forgets to do his homework sometimes because of training or some sports event have you sEEN THOSE CRINKLY EYES WHEN HE SMILES I’M- fine.

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If anybody knows me on my main blog or irl i’m sure you are aware I am an avid theropod enthusiast, I predominantly draw birds. When I first saw posters for Rio I was exited because I did like the first ice age, and I actually did like how Blu looked design wise. I did not see it in theatres, for whatever reason a school friend dragged me to see the 3D yogi bear movie instead (it was horseshit). Eventually I rented Rio on DVD to see with my mom and it was…….meh? and then mostly forgot about it. 

But that was younger me before I critiqued movies and had fermented in bitterness. So being a bird lover with a lot of things to say I decided to crack this into two separate posts because covering the designs alone will make this posts long and image heavy.

Why am I cracking down so hard on ‘realism’ in this movie’s designs? Well mostly because the “theme” of this movie is bird conservation. In a realism-based setting. Unlike, say, Seuss’s original Lorax. it has an environmentalist message but has a well developed Seussiverse where nonsensical creatures fit the nonsensical habitat. With rio however, it is based in our world in our present time. I expect the creatures shown to be based on reality. Otherwise you break reality, making your conservation message weaker by showing animals in this context that don’t even exist. These bird designs come off as lazy recolourings where the story and setting is just under researched.

Most clearly this can be seen with the “blue macaws”. 

Blu and Jewel are in fact supposed to be a real species of parrot, they are Spix’s macaws (which look adorable). They are critically endangered, and only one wild individual is known that was spotted earlier this year. Too bad they look nothing like the design, they couldn’t even at least make Blue a more turquoise tint.

Rio seems to model all of their macaws as Aras, the genus of larger macaws including the stereotypical scarlet and bluegolds. Spixs arent Aras, they are the only Cyanopsitta species, a smaller macaw which would be about under half of Blu’s size and roughly half a pound in weight.
If you took a colourless image of Blu i would assume he is an Ara macaw, or even the giant Hyacinth’s macaw. (In fact, most images that come up when i look for ‘Rio bird species’ places him as a hyacinths.) They also use Ara calls for his noises… 

Call me old fashioned but I think when you’re trying to make a movie about a real critically endangered species, I think you should at least try to competently represent it. Had he been a large species i would have loved his design.

However personally that doesn’t bother me as much as the background birds do. All of the macaws are odd recolours by which i mean hardly discernible species. In the top photo I see what may be a blue and gold, a scarlet or green-wing, and maybe even a red-shouldered macaw… which makes no sense because they are the smallest macaw, at 0.3lbs. BUT THEY ARE ALL OFF COLOUR AND NONE OF THEM INCLUDING BLU HAVE BARE SKIN ON THEIR FACES. i guess for whatever reason they thought it would look ‘too ugly’ :/

I literally had no idea what these bottom ones are, the only bird I’ve ever seen like that first one is a leucestic blue and gold, the green one may be a military macaw???? its just so frustrating to look at. So I went on the wiki and there they called them golden conures and peach fronted conures… that are large macaw sized..

(a golden conure with a large macaw trio, rio’s are the same size and shape..)


Then there’s the stock passerines… these guys are supposedly finches and there’s again a variety of recolours in the movies. but they are all just ‘ball with eyes’, a bird design stereotype that i really hate. I thought the blue one may be fairy wren but those are only endemic to australia soo

Other background birds included in Rio 1 are waders and other passerines or near passerines. I’m alright with the jamie foxx and will i am birds. I actually enjoy the cockatoo design as well as the toco toucan, but there’s more birds I dislike than ones I like. 

 I’m also bummed they had no raptors because south america some really cool ones like the harpy eagle, an abundance of diverse owls, and falcons. Other neat birds include hummingbirds, woodpeckers, herons, guans, hoatzin, cock-of-the-rock, curassows, and the potoo, just off the top of my head. Basically it just feels under researched on blue sky’s part when they set out to have a movie about birds and endangered species, but i’ll talk about my resentment for the plot later…

design nitpick round:

  • the parrots’ feet are missing a toe. parrots are zygodactylous, they should have two toes in front and two in back. so do woodpeckers.
  • the baby parrots are already immediately fledged with all their feathers, just looking like mini adults with a large head. just for once i would like to see nakey altricial birds in cartoons..
  • how did a toco toucan and keel billed toucan mate and have offspring.
Youtuber! Im Youngmin

Check out my Masterlist here 

Youtuber x Brand New Boys: 
Youtuber! Park Woojin II Youtuber! Kim Donghyun II Youtuber! Lee Daehwi 

“Even when I don’t get enough sleep in the morning, I’ll get up earlier and give you a morning call.”

  • A Youtuber who does rap covers and mostly post his own music
  • The first video he ever posted was him doing a cover on his phone
  • The video quality was so bad but the cover itself was really good hence people stayed
  • it also sort of got viral when the original artist actually shared it on twitter
  • He composes his own songs & he actually writes and produces many songs for super popular idol groups
  • He totally composed Wanna One’s Energetic
  • When he reached 100,000 subscribers, he did the alpaca dance
  • It was one the most highly requested things ever since Donghyun gave him that nickname when they did a collab
  • Brand New Boys never let him live it down
  • He wanted to take it down after a week but everyone is like ‘noooo’ and it is literally his most watched video lmao
  • He posts rap covers once a week and there are always bloopers
  • But his bloopers are literally what makes the videos 10 times cuter
  • He will be like super cool rapping and then oops made a mistake and just shyly smile and say sorry to the camera
  • *everyone watching just instantly faints*
  • His P.O Box is also filled with hair products because his hair is always a different colour that his subscribers are worried that he will have rly damaged hair
  • His editing is really simple and clean because he can’t edit to save his life me irl
  • He still gets confused at times over Youtube and there are times when has to call Woojin at like 3 am and ask why is comment section disabled??
  • “ Hyung, go to your setting and there should be a button to turn it on.”
  • “Where is the setting?? It is on the top right? Wait I. FOUND. IT.”
  • Whenever Brand New Boys vlog & they are eating Youngmin’s food
  • They will always say how it’s the best thing they have ever eaten
  • He started doing a 'Cooking with Youngmin’ Series on his channel because Brand New Boys keeps him asking for food recipes
  • He makes cooking seem easy and his recipes are super simple & easy to follow
  • In Brand New Boys’ Youtube Channel, he is the unofficial dad of the group
  • Despite being the dad, he has the least power LOL
  • Like the other boys will just poke his cheeks and go “Hyung is so cute heh” and he will just chuckle
  • Has this stare where it makes everyone go soft
  • He will sort of smile and shake his head when he sees something cute
  • There are tons of memes of him just lovingly staring at Woojin and the caption will be like
  • “Get a man like that will look at you like how Youngmin looks at Woojin.”
  • The person who cleans up everyone mess whenever they filmed a challenge
  • Brand New Boys usually films their covers or challenge at his place as he has a gigantic recording studio in his studio apartment
  • He is honestly the sweetest and kindest soul - he replies to everyone LIKE EVERYONE
  • Regardless of it being a hate comment, he is always super polite and modest
  • It has been said that 90% of his antis (IDK HOW?) have turned into his fans once he replied to them
  • You were a Youtuber who does instrumental cover (like Sungha Jung)
  • You could play almost any music instruments from guitar to the flute on your channel
  • You had a pretty decent popularity on Youtube but you still get amazed when people recognized you on the street
  • You look super serious when you post your covers
  • but you were really bubbly and talkative when it comes to uploading your monthly music playlist and it appealed to a lot of people
  • It was by coincidence when you stumbled onto Youngmin’s channel and found his music
  • You were actually looking for things to cook and saw his cooking video
  • The first time you watched it, you were wtf is this dude an idol you had no idea of
  • One video turned out to be 6 more videos and your ingredients in the kitchen was soon left forgotten
  • You only knew him on the surface but you were already in love with his smile and flaming red hair
  • You decided to check out his channel if he had other content and when you saw his rap cover and music
  • He was sooo talented and his music was totally your style
  • You quickly took out your guitar and notebook and did an arrangement to his latest song
  • Once you were satisfied with how it turned out, you started recoding and posted it subsequently
  • The next morning, while going through the comments
  • The top comment caught your eye
  • It was left by Youngmin himself, saying that he really enjoyed your cover and that it was probably better than his original instrumental
  • you low key had a fangirl moment
  • You noticed how it was getting spammed by a lot of people who subscribed to you two
  • You decided to message him privately
  • You told him that you were a huge fan of his songs and you hoped to work with him next time
  • He replied almost immediately, almost giving you a freaking heart attack
  • He told you that he was actually working on a new song right now and he thought it would be cool if you could add in your playing as he felt is was pretty incomplete
  • For a moment, you actually thought he was joking because what type of good opportunity is this ??
  • Both of you actually planned on just doing it online until you found out he literally lived 2 subway stations away
  • So you were heading to his place a week later after the conversation and you were a nervous wreck
  • It wasn’t even a date but you basically spent the entire night choosing the right outfit
  • Just as you were about to ring the doorbell, the door already swung open
  • If you thought he was cute on your screen, he was 100 times cuter irl
  • “Wow, you are cuter in person.”
  • When you noticed his blush, you clamp your mouth shut when you realized you just broadcasted your thoughts out loud
  • what a good first impression
  • you sighed internally but you heard him chuckled
  • He beckoned you to come in as he commented
  • “But I find you cuter.”
  • You weren’t even sure how the recording went cause his comment just kept ringing in your ears
  • He insisted that he had to walk you home since it was getting late
  • But your stomach grumbled the exact moment you guys stepped out
  • So that was you two ended up eating cup ramen at the convenience shop
  • You and Youngmin exchanged conversation - how you started youtube, how is your experience etc
  • Everything seemed to be pretty friendly until Youngmin reached out to wiped out the stain left on your lips
  • As cheesy it was, you swore your heart stopped beating
  • He pulled back his hand immediately but there was this unspeakable tension
  • You broke the silence asking if he wanted to try out the Japanese Resturant that just opened at your place
  • That conversation lead to an extremely fun date the next day as you guys went to a sushi buffet and tried to pronounce all the weird sushi names
  • It soon became a routine to have your meals with him - especially when he was cooking at home
  • Yonngmin will ask you to come over as he didn’t want to have leftovers
  • He just doesn’t want to admit that he wants to spend more time with you lol
  • That one collab became extremely popular on Youtube and you two were invited to perform for a lot of events
  • It was through one of those events that he asked you to be his girlfriend
  • He changed the lyrics of the song he was supposed to perform to something about he really like you and wanted you to be his
  • Ever since you started dating Youngmin, you will appear in so many Brand New Boys that people will think you are the new member or something lmao
  • He likes to hold your hand a lot as he thinks your hands are extremely precious as you use it to play all your instruments
  • Youngmin will just unconsciously massaged it when you two are just watching a movie and it’s literally the best feeling ever
  • He gets you flowers a lot and instead of big gifts, he shows his appreciation for you by getting small trinkets
  • He did get you an alpaca stuff toy that he won when you guys went to the amusement park
  • He gets so soft when he visits you and find you hugging it
  • He will then just hug you and that’s how cuddle dates began
  • The first video you two will film will be the boyfriend tag and e gets everything right
  • You have a lot of his hoodies and sweaters in your closet as you steal it from him whenever he visits you
  • You really like his scent and since he is tall, it goes way below your thighs
  • He wanted to be angry at you but the moment he saw you wearing hiss sweater without anything else, he literally went breathless
  • Long walks in the parks while eating frozen yoghurt or a cold treat
  • You guys talk about anything and everything
  • Communication is key for you two so there are barely any fights
  • He cooks for you A LOT
  • You will always be his taste tester when he tries out a new recipe
  • You don’t even know why because everything he makes tastes super delicious
  • More like because your reaction to good food is the cutest thing he has ever seen
  • He even has a video on it that he took along with his collection of you playing various music instruments
  • Both off you complement each other so perfectly in videos
  • Like you will play the guitar and he will start rapping and it literally sounds like a masterpiece

A/N: I’m back after being in bed for the past 2 days as I was sick T.T I will upload fuckboy! baejin (most likely a daewi fic as well) this afternoon but enjoy some Youngmin for now ;) Donghyun & Daehwi au will be different from Woojin & Youngmin as it will the process of them filming a video with y/n unlike them having their meeting through Youtube 

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all!

World’s Quietest Let's Play

I love the idea that Dark is the one in the ‘World’s Quietest Let’s Play’ videos, especially after some of the comments and facial expressions in the 4th one, so here’s a little story based on the last WQLP.

“I’m bored,” the monochromatic demon paced around in his office, a deep growl settling in his throat.
“Try possessing Markimoo again! Bet you could get a video~” Wilford spoke up from his position lay on Dark’s red, velvet lounger.
Dark continued to pace, his anger becoming more apparent until an idea struck him.
“I’ve not done a World’s Quietest Let’s Play in a while, have I?” he asked the rhetorical question and teleported immediately, leaving Will to stare at the floor where his friend once stood and contemplate whether he should leave or just enjoy this rare time he’ll get to be in Dark’s private office without the figment himself being there.

Meanwhile, Mark felt a cold air wrap tightly around him, entrapping him. His arms were numb and his skin was draining of colour, being replaced by a familiar grey. The last thing Mark remembered was the deep, echoing voice he hated repeating the words ‘I am bread’ before he fell into a black void, a small window showing the world he was once in. Dark snapped awake in Mark’s body, his skin returning the Mark’s natural colour. His eyes were the same soft brown as the YouTuber and even his voice was identical. In rare moment like this, Dark knew he could easily pass off as Mark, but what he really wanted to do was torture his ‘creator’ and make him watch through his own eyes as the demon films a video playing I am Bread, the game that Mark hates with a burning passion.

“Hello everybody,” Dark whispers, making Mark’s voice as deep as his own, “my name is Markiplier, and welcome back to another world’s… quietest… let’s play.”
Brown irises shot from the camera to the screen as the game loaded in, displaying a bedroom and a loaf of bread. Dark could already feel Mark’s anger rising up, which fueled him to continue, but Dark never expected that the game would actually have such poor controls. Although he’d heard Mark complain, he just thought the egotistical man was being dramatic as always, but even the master manipulator was struggling to contain himself as the slice of bread flopped off of the bookcase.

The bread seemed to have a life of its own as it fell to the floor, thankfully saved by a painting that had dropped from the wall moments before. Dark clenched his teeth, holding back a growl and trying to suppress his aura, which was starting to bend the room around him. He’d have to cut this bit from the video later on.
“Don’t worry little controller,” Dark lifted the controller to his face and kissed it, “I won’t break you unless you deserve to be broken.”
His anger took over momentarily and the ego forgot that he was supposed to be keeping up his ‘Markiplier’ act as he turned to the camera, his eyes dead and emotionless like they would usually be in his own body.
“Same goes for all of you.”

After failing a significant number of times, the game offered unlimited grip and guaranteed 100% edibility, which Dark gratefully accepted. He could finally try and beat this level, but he still had one challenge ahead of him. To toast the bread, he must reach the ironing board, but to do that, he needed to throw himself on to it. Every muscle in Mark’s body tensed as Dark reached the top of the wardrobe. He was just about to launch the slice into the air when part of a broken bowl hindered him, almost causing everything he’d worked for to come crashing around him. Dark took in a sharp breath, true horror spreading over his face knowing he almost fell.
“I just saw my life flash before my eyes,” the demon whispered, feeling Mark’s own tension.
Mark actually wanted Dark to win this, maybe because it meant he didn’t have to complete this level himself, but having someone believe in him made the monochromatic figment actually want to do this. Not just for himself, but for Mark as well. For the first time in a long, long while, Dark felt like Mark was more like a friend than an enemy.

The bread was finally toasting and Dark was ready to end the video when the controls seemed to freak out, throwing the bread to the side for no explainable reason. This is when Dark snapped. His shell cracked violently, causing Mark, who was watching everything from inside his own mind, to collapse in agony. The tearing of Dark’s shell wasn’t designed for a physical body, so the pain quickly reached as well Dark and he growled, clutching at his/Mark’s stomach. This was the last straw. He wasn’t going to let some stupid game with faulty physics and dreadful control best him. With Mark’s help, he managed to compose himself, even straightening a non-existent tie to help him ground himself. 

After a few terrifying minutes of trying to climb the wardrobe and reaching the iron yet again, the bread was finally toast. 
“I have done it. I am victorious,” Dark was filled with an overwhelming satisfaction, the same feeling he’d felt during his A Date With Markiplier appearance when the viewer chose to shoot Mark.
His shell was cracking again as Dark finally let his aura consume Mark. The sleeveless hoodie Mark had been wearing transformed into Dark’s signature suit and his skin drained completely of colour. A familiar ringing could be heard as Dark opened his mouth again.
“I’m the greatest bread-master to ever walk the earth, and anyone who disagrees with me shall be punished severely,” he pointed to the camera, a maniacal smile across his face.

The video drew to a close, and Dark regretted taking full control. Now he would have to work with Mark to edit everything and make it look as though the whole game was played by Mark, but it was worth it. The extra attention he would receive from fans comparing ‘Mark’s’ dialogue to their favourite ego or suggesting that maybe all of the World’s Quietest Let’s Plays have been the Darkiplier this entire time would give him enough power to stay away from boredom for now.
“And as always, I will see you in the next video. Buh bye!”
Although Mark was fuming that the demon had taken full control, he helped Dark edit the video how he wanted it, then felt the entity disappear from his body without so much as a ‘thank you’.

“Have fun?” Will asked when Dark materialised into his office chair.
Will hadn’t left Dark’s office and was still in exactly the same position as earlier, only now he was dressed in his pink onesie.
“You’ll see tomorrow when the video goes up,” Dark smirked, not even questioning why the hell the cotton candy killer was still here or why he was dressed like he was going to remain here and annoy him for another hour or so.
“Enjoy your eleven minutes of fame, Darkipoo~” Will twirled his moustache and rose to his feet, “I’m sure it won’t come anywhere near to the admiration I received from my video idea. Markiplier TV will always be a revolutionary video.”
Dark felt his blood boil. He wasn’t going to let an attention-seeking buffoon take away everything he’d achieved today. He met the other ego in the middle of his office, staring him down.
“Don’t start with me, Warfstache. That video was a FAILURE!”
“How dare you insult my perfect, and should I say selfless, plan which gave EVERYONE more recognition, NOT JUST YOU!”

The other egos heard loud crashes from the 4th floor of the building and soon after saw a bruised and slightly singed Wilford Warfstache, strangely dressed in pink onesie, heading back to his dressing room as a disheveled and wounded Darkiplier went to speak to Dr Iplier.
“Fighting again?” Google pondered as he watched Will limp into his dressing room and slam the door behind him.
“Seems like it,” Plus noted how Dark’s natural aura had faded, like his power had been drained.
“When aren’t they fighting, though?” Oliver chuckled a bit, remembering the numerous occasions just in the last month where these so called ‘business partners’ and close friends fought over nothing.
“I suppose we should get ready for the inevitable then,” Chrome walked back into the IT department, scanning the network was any notifications about a meeting.
They all knew one of the two would be calling a meeting soon to talk about ‘issues with certain individuals in the workplace’ as they always called it, just like every other fight between the two bosses of Ego Inc. It would always be the same story, that complaints have been filed against someone who the boss won’t mention, but everyone can tell it’s the suspiciously absent ego he’s referring to. The googles presumed the meetings were a way of venting their anger before either did something they’d regret.

Notification received: Please come to the meeting room ASAP for an emergency session on issues with certain individuals in the workplace. Thank you kindly, Darkiplier.
And with that, the googles set off to round everyone up, except for Wilford, who was still sulking in his dressing room.

Best Friend! Yoongi (pt2)

Originally posted by jeonbase


word count: 1500+ idk lmao

alsO this is my thiRD time uploading this wtf im sorry i keep making mistakes

-       Okay so like let’s be honest you guys would probably low key live together

-       like you’d have a draw full of your clothes in his closet and you’d probably wear his sweaters without even realising and he’d have his own toothbrush in your bathroom

-       and he’d always turn up at your house with a packet of Doritos and demand to play Mario Kart only to get really sulky when he loses

-       “leave me alone, you cheated”

-       “yoongi, you can exactly cheat at mAriO kART”

-       “yeah whatever go make me a sandwich or somethin”

-       “do it yourself lazy ass”

-       he’d probably text you at 3 am like aLL THE TIME and you’ll always reply despite being half asleep and it’d be him asking for your opinion of some lyrics or he’d send you a lil demo like “I totally haven’t been working on this for 3 months,, tell me you hate it”

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Kuromahi swimming together in which kuro is a lot more ripped than mahi thought snd now sunshine boy cant stop staring❤️ thank you dear❤️❤️

KuroMahi {17: Swimming Together}

“I’m back, Kuro! You can go change now.” Mahiru leaned over Kuro who was laying on the beach blanket. He opened his eyes briefly before closing his eyes again with a small protest that it was too hot to move. They decided to go to the beach for the day and Mahiru told him to watch their stuff while he changed. Unfortunately, he already made himself comfortable under the beach umbrella and was drifting off by the time Mahiru returned.

“It’s your turn to change, Kuro. I’ll watch our things now. Wait, before you go, give me your jacket. Seriously, how did you not swelter to death in that things while you were waiting for me?” Mahiru held out his hands expectantly and Kuro shrugged off his jacket with a sigh. He didn’t like beaches but Mahiru looked so excited about going that he had to agree.

“I said that I would come with you but don’t think you can drag me into the water. Cats hate water.” Kuro dropped his jacket into Mahiru’s arms. He watched Kuro leave with a small, satisfied smile because he knew that it was miracle that he could drag him so far from their home. After Kuro was out of sight, Mahiru folded his jacket carefully and placed it inside a bag so it wouldn’t get covered in sand.

Mahiru waited for Kuro to return and he watched the waves. He wondered if he could tempt Kuro into playing in the water with him. Though, he would be satisfied if they did something as simple as build a sandcastle together because he only needed to be with Kuro to be happy. But he thought that it would be good to take him outside and into the sun every once in a while.

As he was lost in thought, something cold pressed against his cheek. Mahiru jumped a little and looked up to see Kuro standing over beside him. Any words Mahiru had were caught in his throat when he saw him. Kuro noticed him gaping at him but only pressed the cone of shaved ice into his hand. “You don’t need to look so shocked that I got you a cone. It’s orange flavoured.”

“Orange is my favourite colour, not food, but thank you,” Mahiru chuckled and Kuro shrugged.

“Well, they don’t have hamburger flavoured snow cones and, if they did, they’ll taste disgusting. If you don’t want it, I’ll just eat both.” At his words, Mahiru quickly took the cone from him. The smile he gave him was well worth the small detour to buy it. Kuro sat next to him on the beach blanket and noticed that Mahiru’s face was a little red. He reached over and touched his cheek. “Hey, you okay? You’re not getting a heatstroke, are you?”

“I’m okay!” Mahiru assured him and pulled away from him slightly. He covered his cheeks with his own hands so Kuro wouldn’t see his flushed face. He knew that he couldn’t tell Kuro the true reason he was blushing so much. His eyes darted around but they would always end up staring at Kuro’s broad shoulders. He knew that Kuro was strong but he didn’t expect him to be so well defined.

“Are you sure?” Kuro asked and Mahiru felt guilty for making him worried. He tried to hide how flustered he was under an excited smile. Mahiru stood and took his hands to pull him to his feet. Despite his slight reluctance, Kuro let him drag him towards the water.

“I’m finished eating so let’s go swim. Going to the beach will be a waste if we don’t go into the water. I brought a pool tube so you can just float if you don’t feel like swimming.” Mahiru sighed contently when he stepped into the cold water. It took his mind off Kuro for a moment but it didn’t last long before he turned back to him. Kuro had the expression of a bored child as he floated in the water. He chuckled and swam after him. “Don’t go off too far, Kuro!”

“Tell the sea that. I’m not controlling this thing.” Kuro said. He knew how to swim but it was tiring so he let the waves take him wherever they wanted, trusting that Mahiru wouldn’t let him go too far. The soothing rhythm of the sea almost made him drift off to sleep. He became fully awake when Mahiru stopped in front of him and hanged onto the pool tube. He was breathing heavily but he still beamed a smile at him.

“I caught you!” Mahiru said but then he realized how close they were. He could count the individual water droplets clinging onto his lean muscles. Considering how lazy Kuro could be, Mahiru was surprised by how well-built he was. He could feel himself blush so he tried to focus on Kuro’s eyes. “I said you could float but be careful not to drift off too far.”

“It’s fine.” Kuro waved away his concern with a small laugh. Mahiru always fretted over him but he knew that it came from a place of love and kindness. He noticed that Mahiru’s skin was tinted red again and wondered if he was getting sun burnt. He touched his arm and kept his touch light in case it was a sun burn. “Did you remember to put on sunscreen? You’re getting red.”

“Really, I’m okay.” Mahiru said as quickly as his heart was racing. He tried not to be overly conscious of Kuro but he couldn’t stop himself from staring when they were so close. Kuro didn’t even seem to be conscious of how he affected him so he said nervously. “It’s just…”

“Yeah?” Kuro leaned closer to him to see his expression. That only seemed to make him blush more and he pressed his forehead against the pool tube to hide his face.

“Don’t look at me like that. You’re going to make my heart explode because…” Mahiru looked up at him finally. He made a vague gesture his hands and Kuro raised a brow at him. Oh God, he was going to make him say it out loud, wasn’t he? “I always thought that you were beautiful and strong but I didn’t expect… for you to look so good… in your bathing suit… Stop grinning like that, Kuro!”

“You look good too.” Kuro chuckled when he saw Mahiru’s shy blush. He had to wonder how someone as wonderful and pure as Mahiru could exist and wanted to tease him. Mahiru gasped when Kuro suddenly let go of the pool tube and sank under the water. Thinking that he was drowning, Mahiru tried to swim after him.

Underwater, Kuro took his arm and pulled him closer to kiss him. At first, Mahiru gasped but then Kuro quickly covered his mouth with his own so he wouldn’t swallow water. He made sure to keep the kiss brief, mindful that Mahiru was human and needed air. Even though he wanted to continue holding Mahiru underwater, he took him back to the surface.

“Kuro, you could’ve made us drown!” Mahiru yelled once he could breath again. His heart was beating wildly and he clung onto Kuro’s shoulders to keep himself from submerging again. He wasn’t certain what took away his breath more, being under water or the kiss.

“I wouldn’t let you drown.” Kuro held him securely and rested his forehead against his. “I thought that the water would cool you off. Need another trip?”

“Stop it, Kuro! It’s not fair what you do to my heart sometimes.” Mahiru blushed but Kuro continue to smile.

“You’re one to talk when you make my heart race every day.” Kuro kissed his nose. “You’re too cute all the time so it’s nice to know that I can make you flustered every once in a while.”

“Once in a while?” Mahiru giggled and corrected him softly. “All the time, silly. I just couldn’t hide it this time.”

Underwater kisses look really romantic in movies but try to keep them brief if you try it irl because air is a thing you need.

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Dianakko~ Sick Of Losing Soulmates

Part 10/???

Story so far: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(5.5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)

Summary: In a world where you can find out who your soul mate is with their final breath, it is reasonable why Diana grew up to be who she is now. (Soulmate Au- where they are words of soulmate’s is on your skin of when you first meet them or your last)

A/N I truly truly apologise for not updating in ages. August was a kinda difficult/busy month for me and irl stuff got in the way. Hopefully updates will be a bit better as I will get my own pc soon. I do truly thank you readers for waiting this long and I fully appreciate your patience. This chapter is kinda short because the original chapter length was getting ridiculously long again and had I feel too many thing happening at one go so I broke things up a bit. Anyways I hope you like this chapter! Enjoy~

Chapter 10~Friday part 1

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junipurplei  asked:

So does Shikako have chakra hypersensitivity or was that a misdiagnosis?

Okay, well. Firstly ‘Chakra hypersensitivity’ is a totally imaginary disorder I invented for the purpose of DoS. So I guess the best place to start would be to define it. (Bearing in mind I am not a specialist in… anything. This is ninja!science for fanfiction purposes only.)

The only real symptom that’s ever given or discussed is ‘can’t use chakra because pain or discomfort’. It’s explicitly different to ‘can’t use chakra because deformed coils’ which seems to rule out major physical causes.

Shikako was diagnosed pretty early on, in the first few weeks of life, based on what symptoms the medical ninja could observe. Obviously Shikako personally has a lot of confounding factors that they couldn’t have known about, so they went with what they did.

(I headcanon that the Konoha medical division is very much emergency medicine focused. Cuts, stabs, burns, poisons, infections and the aftermath … they’re extremely good and competent at it. Hereditary, developmental or genetic problems? Probably much less so. There’s been less time for the village as a whole to focus on it, 3 or 4 generations, and these things are much less ‘urgent’ and effect fewer people.)

So, in comparison, IRL there are sensory processing disorders. Either over- or under- sensitivity to sensory input, from from mild to severe. A common one I see mentioned is fabric/itchy cloth/clothing tags being unpleasant to wear as tactile sensitivity problem.

‘Chakra Hypersensitivity’ would probably fall under an ‘over sensitivity’ type of thing - i.e. getting more sensory input from the same stimulus than others would.

Which Shikako does. It’s what makes her a good sensor and so aware of her own chakra system, to the point where things interfering with it are uncomfortable. But! Clearly she can use chakra.

And, sidetracking a bit, I think most ninja have some ability to sense chakra. Not at massive range, or for particular techniques or even very reliably, but there are moments where they go ‘this guy is strong’. The Force Is Strong With This One, anyone? So most ninja have some natural ability. Some have a lot of natural ability. Some train for more ability. It’s a scale. It’s just that, at a certain point, it reaches a critical limit where it stops being ‘good’.

Sidetracking again - there are definitely chakra sensing that is received as ‘negative’ stimulus, regardless of level of ability. Killing Intent straight up paralyses Sasuke twice in the early series. So it’s not just more = bad.

It’d be facetious to say that everyone else diagnosed just didn’t try. (Which also begs the question of how common this is. I think it strikes more in sensor type families, who have selected for ‘more sensory ability’ because being able to tell what chakra is doing is massively beneficial, right up until it hits a tipping point of being not.) So there are likely people who genuinely find using chakra too painful to do.

Shikako personally considers the diagnosis incorrect - to her, sensing chakra is more like being born into a world that has a new colour and every time she sees it she’s like ‘hey, new colour’ where most people don’t even notice it because its normal to them.

Does that mean she doesn’t, technically, fit the criteria for this made up disorder? eh. If she had to be re-diagnosed, the medics would probably stick with it, even if they concede it’s ‘mild’ or ‘manageable’.

So. There’s my page long ramble that completely doesn’t answer the question.

-Silver Queen

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Just wanted to tell you, I've never met a colorblind person irl so I've never really cared about it, but since I knew you were colorblind, I've been learning how to make my designs way more accessible.

Oh, thank you!! The best advice I can give is that if works in black and white then it will almost certainly be accessible to a colour impaired person; try not to encode information in colour and if you have to (like a bar chart or something) make them really distinct colours with different value levels.

ok im literally about to get on a long ass flight rn & im finally posting this cos it has been on my to-do list for way too long & it’s v overdue think of this as like a follow forever/long appreciation post for my beloved mutuals & friends. im making this cos ily all and u have all in some way you don’t realize really helped me not dread coming on this hellsite every day so in no specific order here goes!

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dude did u even R E A D kosme's callouts she's done some bad shit

This is the only one I found: https://kosmecallout.tumblr.com/post/155030521417/callout-for-kosme and the link on it to another callout doesn’t work (it just sends me to an ad, idk if it’s a problem on my end or with the link).

…and the first thing on there is a Snow filter being called yellowface. I use those filters, they’re not yellowface, they just make your eyes look bigger and your face look smaller. They’re just cute.

Okay, here’s the thing, the problem with blackface is that it’s got a cultural history of being used to insult and mock black people via caricature, so when someone paints their face black or brown in that style and for the sole purpose of being a black caricature it’s bad, but when someone paints their face black because of a separate cultural practice (ie Morris dancers here paint their faces because the miners who used to dance painted their faces black with coal, to help people focus on the bright colours and movement of the dance rather than individual people or faces) or paints themselves for a cosplay (like the person who cosplayed Garnet) it’s an entirely different scenario and it’s not blackface, and when someone tans or uses fake tan it’s definitely not blackface. It’s also not blackface to wear clothing or makeup that is popular among black people, and so wearing clothing or makeup that is popular among Asian people is not yellowface… and using a face morphing feature on a popular app definitely isn’t.

Before I go on, I just want to say that it doesn’t matter what this girl has done - there is absolutely no excuse to stalk and harass someone irl.

Moving on with the callout post.

Oh it has links explaining why Snow is yellowface! Let’s see…

1. It’s kawaii and an Asian person says so.

2. It’s “imitating” people who are striving for features they don’t have.

3. Another girl did the same makeup with the goal of looking like an Asian.

So, for one, kawaii fashion is a fashion, it’s not poorly imitating an Asian person’s skin for the purpose of mockery like blackface. Cultures and fashions are shared amongst people who enjoy them, that’s life. For the second one… like… neither the Asian people doing the makeup nor the white people have those features or necessarily appeal to the beauty norms without the makeup, plus individuals doing it on both sides do it for far more reasons than to “imitate features” like that they simply like the fashion. I mean, your argument is “society tells people to look like this so we try to look like this but you’re not allowed to try to look like this”??? And for the third, first off, they’re imitating a fashion style, a makeup style, not parodying a person’s skin colour and race; secondly if you think calling an Asian fashion trend that was inspired by English fashion “yellowface” then you’re dumbing Asian people and cultures down to a fashion that originated in western culture and saying that wearing that fashion is a parody of Asian people, which is bollocks. The girl who did the Korean makeup tutorial on YouTube (a different girl to the one the callout is even for) is clearly a YouTube makeup artist showing off her makeup abilities. Sure, the YouTuber is dressing up as an Asian and some people might take offense to that and I can kinda understand, but it’s not the same as blackface - blackface doesn’t even involve trying to look like an actual black person for one thing; they smear on black or brown facepaint and giant red lips, it’s a mockery, an insult. Calling it “yellowface” is undermining what blackface actually is, just as calling things that aren’t blackface “blackface” is. (PLUS none of that actually addressed the Snow filter, it’s all about makeup and fashion.)

Back to the callout.

She insulted a Mexican one time (no context for that so no idea why she said it - everyone uses insults that they later regret while in heated arguments or when annoyed at individuals, I have no context for whether she said it because she actually hates Mexicans or whether it was just one individual that she insulted, but in the context of the callout it’s being used to make her look racist when it could easily be a spat between two people that she went too far in, so I’m reserving judgement on that). She also sassed back to anons and people going after her, oh the audacity.

Whether she apologized to this Mexican person is apparently up for debate, but all of the screenshots the callout post claims to have are showing up as URL not found. So I’m reserving judgement on that one too.

The IDing outside of her race thing confuses me - are we talking kintypes or Dolezal? I’d like some more context on that. What Dolezal and people like her do is insert themselves into minority support groups and advocacy things under false pretenses, appropriate transgender language and thus imply that there’s a “white brain” and “black brain” which simply isn’t true (and has gross race realism vibes), and they don’t appreciate the culture or share it pleasantly but instead claim to be something that they’re not in order to feign what would be seen in their ideology as a “legitimate claim” to that culture - if that’s what she’s doing I’ll complain about that, but if she just has a kintype or something that’s Asian then that’s not a problem, it’s not the same situation. Again, this fucking vague ass callout is making it hard to actually judge the situation.

As for the last thing, yeah, she fucked up on that one; telling people to slit their wrists and die is not cool. One question though: why does this callout once again claim something without providing links to the majority of the claim… it says that she’s talking about one specific group, mixed race people, but doesn’t provide proof that that’s actually what she was using “race faker” to mean? I mean, this callout post needs to provide proof of that because that sentence, telling anyone to die, is bad enough, but if she genuinely does mean mixed race people then you can report that as hate speech.

…notice how I said “report that as hate speech” not “go harass her and then stalk and bully her irl at a convention”. Vigilante mob justice isn’t the solution to this or anything.

~ Vape

Sparkle- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Theres a holiday party being thrown in your home, but the music is giving you a headache. Instead, you and Daryl decide to ditch the party.

Word count: 1009

Warnings: nothing

 happy holidays!! this is kinda christmasy, but barely. i think i only wrote “christmas” once and it’s in the first paragraph lmao.. on another note, got my very first piece of ‘hate’ (it was more funny the offensive) ever! i’m officially a fanfic writer now! 

Tagging: @irl-clementiine, @supernotnaturalcas, @milkyblubber, @zombeeegurl, @buckaroo–barnes, @its-bri19, @bitchasaurus, @sexyseabaz, @danandphllfics, @dashesoflipstick, @thatrandomblogblog, @team-barry, @sesshomaru-lover. inbox or message me if you’d like to be tagged in upcoming fics! (please specify if you’d like everything or certain characters/series)


You could almost feel the loud music echoing through the large home. How the others could even hear each other, you weren’t sure. Maybe it was just that you’d been getting over a cold, or maybe it really was that Rick liked to blast Christmas music.

The warmth the house supplied was too appealing for you to try and leave. Instead, you worked your way across the room, dodging conversations as you headed to the staircase. When you reached the top of the stairs, you turned a corner, letting your hand drag along the white railing.

The song still attacked your eardrums, a thumping beginning to form inside your head. You winced, pressing down on your temples but it didn’t do much. A sigh escaped your lips and your eyes squeezed shut.

“You ok?” A familiar voice asks. You quickly look up, seeing Daryl leaving the bathroom. He walks closer to you, meeting you in the middle of the hallway.

“Yeah, just,” You mumble, blinking hard as you try to compose yourself.

Daryl interrupted, “Music loud?”

You scoff, nodding slightly. “I’m still getting over this bug.” Daryl nods, chewing at his thumb nervously. He looks up to you through his scare eyelashes, small but bright blue eyes looking into your own. Thirty-second pass, but it isn’t awkward as you both stand a mere foot away.

Finally, Daryl speaks after his hand drops. “Aaron and Eric offered their place,” He shrugs, trying to ignore the butterflies fluttering in his stomach. “only if you want to, though.”

“They’re ok with me coming?” You ask, ready to accept the offer, but not wanting to impose. Daryl hums lightly, nodding his head as he runs his tongue over his thin lips. A smile erupts on your face, happy to hear that you could rest somewhere quiet.

The two of you make your way downstairs, trying to find a way to get through the crowd. Almost all of Alexandra was in your shared living room, so it was going to be hard to find your way through.

You stand on one of the bottom steps, high enough to look over Daryl’s head and locate the door. For a moment, you see an opening. As eagerness takes over your thought process, you grab Daryl’s hand and make a run for it.

The two of you chuckle slightly as you finally reach outside, the cool brisk air passing through your thin sweater. You shiver, grasping Daryl’s hand tighter. Daryl looked down, staring tenderly at your hand and his intertwined. He blushes softly and you do too, noticing what you’d done subconsciously.

“Sorry.” You whisper, ready to pull your hand away, but Daryl’s fingers wrap around your hand before you can do so. You look up to him with soft eyes.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it.” He spoke under his breath. There was a moment where you both just stood there, staring at each other as his thumb softly brushed over yours.

A crash came from behind you both, making your hands separate as you jerked back. Soon after, laughter erupted from inside the home. You shook your head at your friends, who were probably drunk.

“Uh, (Y/N)?” Daryl mutters, slightly disappointed at the sudden bareness on his hand. Turning your head to the left, where Daryl stood, you looked at him. He was biting down on his bottom lip, nervous. “I uh, got you something.”

Daryl reached behind into his jeans’ back pocket, pulling out a small box. It was thin and shaped like a rectangle. In the dim light, the porch’s lamp provided, you could tell the box had been through some wear and tear. The navy blue colour was slightly peeling, brown sneaking out. The little box shook as Daryl extended it to you, his arm shaking as a deep red spread across his cheeks.

“Daryl, you didn’t have to.” You muttered, grasping the corner of the box. It was light, but as you moved it closer to yourself, there was audible movement inside it.

“It’s nothing, really,” He shrugs, scratching the back of his neck. You try to keep your eyes down on the box and not his muscles. As you open the lid, you see a small rock.

You smile slightly a little confused until your eyes catch a glimpse of the thin leather string running through the top of it. You grab the handmade necklace and hold it in the air, inspecting it further. The rock is pitch black, but in the light, it sparkles.

“It’s,” You inhale, giving him a wide smile, “beautiful. Thank you, Daryl.” You looked him his eyes for a moment, running your tongue over your bottom lip in anticipation. “Can you help me put it on?” You ask somewhat snapping out of your trance before turning to the side and moving your hair. He nods after a moment of looking starstruck. 

You feel the warmth of his fumbling fingers brush against your neck. The feeling makes you shiver for the second time in three minutes. A few seconds pass as you look out into Alexandra’s road, slightly bouncing up and down to keep warm. 

“Done.” He whispers, so you let your hair fall down. He hadn’t removed his hands, so the hair covers them for a moment before he pulls them back. Again, turning to face Daryl, you smile, looking down at the new piece of jewellery to occupy your neck.

“Did you make it?” You ask, a sly smile on your face. He blushes again, so you take it as a yes. Before one of you could say something else, the wind attacks your bare skin, causing you to tense up as you grow colder.

“Let’s get you warm already.” He grunts, putting a hand on your back, leading you there. As you walk, you can’t help but feel the stone between your fingers, a small smile gracing your lips.

anonymous asked:

hi I see your lovely watercolor art everywhere and I'm trying to get into painting with watercolors better, do you have any tips or suggestions? how do you make them so pretty??

hi! thank you so much for the compliments <3 I’ve never given painting advice before so I’ll try my best and if you have any more questions or need clarification please don’t hesitate to ask, okay?  :)

first of all, I know a lot of people recommend beginners to start with “artist quality paints” (vs. student quality. artist quality have more pigment and also more resistant to fading but they are a lot more expensive). I disagree with that completely. Sure you may get better pigmented colours but you do not need expensive art supplies to make beautiful art! My watercolour palette (the same one you see in all my painting photos) was a cheap set from target. My paper is also bought from target. when I use acrylics, I buy my canvases and paint from the dollar store. you do not need expensive supplies!! If you want to invest more in your art supplies later, or now if you have the money, fine! but please don’t ever think you need brand name supplies.

Okay maybe that last paragraph wasn’t much of a watercolour tip so I’ll get into some now. note: I’m still learning and I am by no means an expert on watercolour. these are just methods that I use and have worked for me but you may find that some of these tips don’t work for you and that’s okay! you can paint however works best for you as no rule is set in stone. 

1. usually I start by painting a background (flatwash), some people don’t, that’s fine! do what works for you to get the effect you want. I use a wet on wet technique. I brush water completely on the paper (soak the page), choose two colours, brush one on the top of the page and the other on the bottom. wet your brush and blend into a gradient.  less pigment, more water. done

2. wait until your background is completely dry until painting the foreground (in front) stuff. I usually do wet/dry for this (wet paint, dry paper) so it blends less. if the paper is still wet beforehand, the second layer of colour will blur with the background. you probably don’t want this so wait for the background to dry.

3. I seriously cannot stress drying time enough. it doesn’t only apply to the background. when painting things near each other in the foreground, you need wait for the first thing to dry so the second thing doesn’t blur into it. for detailed things, I suggest the wet/dry method.

4. when using wet/wet (wet paint, wet paper) for your foreground stuff (make sure the background if still dry!!), only put water where you need it, do not wet the whole page like when you do the background. example: wet/wet cat? put water down in the shape of a cat, so you have a water cat blob, then go and drop pigment with your brush into the water blob. the colours should spread out and blend.

5. with layers, remember to paint lightest to darkest

6. paint everything in a single layer at once or else it will not blend together (if that’s what you want)

7. use painters tape on your paper if you want a white border on the page around the paint. rub the tape on your clothes first to get in less sticky or it could ruin the page when you try to take it off that the end.

8. change your brush water frequently or you will get a weird tint on all your colours

9. a variety of different sized/shaped brushes will be of more use to you than a 50 colour pallette. brushes don’t need to be expensive, but it does help to have a bunch of different sizes.

10. buy basic colours and mix your own to shades to have money. scroll down a tad and look at the list here for ideas. does my pallete have these names? nope. aim for similar shade and you’ll be fine

11. tutorials are great, but don’t try to make your art look exactly like the example.

12. unless you want to make a colour lighter, don’t use white watercolour. simply leave blank space on your page as your white. remember, blank space is good and interesting to the eye.

13. draw in pencil first or don’t. I only draw complicated things first. backgrounds and clouds? wing it, it’s more fun that way

14. buy paper in bulk

15. break the rules sometimes, experiment! you can’t learn unless you make mistakes

16. look to nature for your colour inspirations. all my sunsets are based on colours I’ve seen together irl. that being said, using your imagination is great too!

17. here are some videos (you’ll see some of the tips I mentioned in visual form here!)

also please remember that we are all our worst critics. usually when I look at my paintings and I only see their mistakes. it’s okay to critique your own art, so that you can make improvements to your next piece, but it’s not okay to tear it apart (literally or metaphorically) because it didn’t turn out the way you envisioned it to.  Us artists usually have an image in our mind of what we want our pieces to look like after they are done. When they don’t turn out that way, we get upset. people who look at our art don’t have that image in their mind. they can see all the good things about our art that we simply disregard.

On a similar note, save all your art. yes, everything. grab a huge container from the dollar store and chuck everything in it. date it and keep it organized if you want, but you don’t have to. when you are feeling discouraged, look back at your art from a year ago, or even a month ago. you will see improvements, no matter how small. remember that for every piece of art I post here, there are like 20 sketches, sculptures and various paintings that I have hated. there’s art that I’ve posted online that I hate now. what do I do with it all? save it, do more art, and look back at it when I’m feeling discouraged. trust me, seeing those improvements will encourage you to keep working at it. though motivation and inspiration is not something that will just come to you sadly. 

if you don’t want to do art, do it anyway. make it bad, mess up, try new things. everything will make you better in the long run. not seeing the improvements you want? that happens. I don’t pick up my brush, pencil or tablet pen for weeks because I don’t like how my art looks or because I know there are better artists out there. but I always get back to it eventually because I know I can’t improve if I sit around watching art tutorials on youtube all day instead of practicing. just paint, okay? it doesn’t have to be good. but there in a 0% chance it will be if you don’t try

I know this had been a rambling mess, but I really wanted to give you the advice I’d wish I had received when I was starting out and looking to improve. 

I hope this helped you a bit. If you ever post your art, I’d love to see it!

anonymous asked:

hi! how are you? i hope you've had a good day today as i had aswell c; i'd just like to request a domestic au of oikawa n kuroo tryna steal some mouth and neck kisses from his wife as she gets easily flustered but their son thinks his mum is in trouble so he gets a toy sword and protects his mum from both of them? LOLOLOL thank you if you answer this!!!

hello fellow anon! i hope you have had a great day too (today), thank you very much ^.^ honestly, i need more domestic aus in my life - it’ll be even better if it was irl ygm? here you go anon! i hope you enjoy this cute (in my opinion) au ~



The simple call of “I’m home!” never failed to lighten your spirits, especially if it was from your husband, Oikawa. Both of you have come a long way from high school as high school sweethearts and it still made your heart flutter at the sight of Oikawa as your husband. There had been many highs and lows in your relationship - but it was what strengthen your relationship and now the two of you have been happily married for years with a son, Hiroki Oikawa. Hiroki was the spitting image of his father, but he had your eyes and tiny nose, the rest was all a proud product of Oikawa Tooru.

Oikawa dropped his bag carelessly by the sofa where you and Hiroki had been happily role playing as royalty. Your son had decided to roleplay as a knight, wrapped up in his towel ‘armour’ with a toy sword in his hand, and you were to be a damsel in distress held captive by an evil dragon plushie. “My, my, you do make a wonderful princess.” Oikawa muttered, bending to kiss your forehead.

You blushed slightly, your princess get up mainly being an old shawl draped around your shoulders and a crayon coloured cardboard crown rested on the top of your head. As Oikawa had a stable job as a renowned volleyball player, he had enough income to support your family of three but you also occasional worked as a freelance journalist, writing articles here and there - which provided more than enough income for your small family. “Shh, Hiroki’s going to defeat the dragon!”

Moooooooom! You’re not supposed to know that yet!” Hiroki groaned. For a five year old, your son had quite the vocabulary, impressing many teachers at his kindergarten. It was partially your influence for you had pushed many books towards him growing up, especially those tales of dragon slaying princes and princesses in distress. Hiroki pulled down his makeshift helmet and pretended to attack the dragon plushie that sat on top of stomach, poking at it with his homemade toy sword. Oikawa watched it unfold from the sides with amusement, wishing to record a sweet moment like this but not wanting to distract his son, knowing that Hiroki was showing off to his father.

“Take that evil dragon! You’ll never take the princess ever again!” Hiroki fist pumped the air with his sword. “And now the princess owes a kiss to her saviour!”

Oikawa raised an eyebrow and chuckled lightly at Hiroki’s request. You gladly went along with it, picking your son up and smothering him with kisses on his nose, cheek and lips. “You’re such a brave little prince! And brave little princes have to go to bed to make sure they have enough rest for their journey ahead.”

“Aw mom, but it’s only nine!” Hiroki complained, pouting slightly.

“And that’s late, I allowed you to stay up tonight just to see papa.” You kissed his forehead, picking him out. ‘I’ll be back.’ you mouthed to your husband, who sat on the sofa amused at the entire situation.

“Dad?” Hiroki pleaded, widening his eyes. From behind your son, you shook your head at Oikawa, mouthing that it was bedtime for your son.

“Your mom’s the queen of this household, and we have to all obey the queen.” Oikawa patted your son’s head, picking him up and spinning him around. From behind, it almost seemed as if Oikawa had changed back into his Seijoh uniform of white and teal, making you reminisce about your high school days together - sneaking kisses in between matches, after training sessions in the club room, getting caught once or twice (or more) by Iwaizumi or other members of the team. You blinked and he was back in his training gear, a black t-shirt over white shorts.

Oikawa signalled that he was putting your son to sleep and you slumped against the sofa in relief, shutting your eyes slightly. It was tiring today, roleplaying as a princess in many different situations. You had almost drifted off to sleep when suddenly a pair of lips found themselves at your neck. You opened your eyes to see Oikawa bending over you, trying to sneak a few kisses on you while you were asleep.

“Tooru!” you gasped at the sudden lip contact. It had been a while since the two of you were as intimate as you were before Hiroki as with a child, it can be quite draining on the two of you from staying up late in taking care of him and sharing your sleep schedules. However, Hiroki was quite a docile child and sleep peacefully most of the time and you counted your lucky stars you had a son as peaceful as Hiroki.

“_______.” he whispered, sneaking in another kiss on your lips.

It reignited a fire within you, one that had been dormant for many years and you craved for more. You didn’t care that he was probably sweaty from training all day and climbed onto his lap, him growling in pleasure behind your lips and deepening the kiss. Oikawa’s hands moved more freely than they did in the day and it made you giggle ever so slightly. “Shh, he’s asleep.” Oikawa whispered, kissing you again.

Suddenly, his lips travelled lower, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses from your lips and down your jaw to your neck. You gasped loudly at the sudden contact, an odd sensation but one that you loved all the same. You forgotten how easily flustered you got whenever Oikawa kissed your neck as it was quite a sensitive spot. In the midst of him leaving behind a hickey, you had gasped loudly again along with a squeal but you buried your fingers deeper into his chocolate locks.

“Prince Hiroki to the rescue!” a voice suddenly called out and Oikawa almost dropped you onto the floor at the sudden voice. Your son had apparently bounded out of bed, with his blanket wrapped around his shoulders and a toy sword in his right hand. “You, the evil wizard, has made the queen scared.” Hiroki ran up to the two of you, that still remain in an intimate position.

Oikawa, whom you thought was a pretty damn good actor, decided to play along with your son’s whims. “It is I, the Greatest Wizard of the Land of the Rising Sun.” Oikawa drawled in a low voice. “And I am here to take your queen.” He pretended to lock you in his grasp. “What are you but a measly knight against I, the Great Wizard of the Land?”

“I may be small, but I will protect my queen!” Hiroki jumped onto the couch and began to poke the toy sword at Oikawa’s ribs.

“You can never defeat the Great Wizard! He will keep Queen ________, in his tower forever!” Oikawa dramatically exclaimed, finishing his sentence with an evil laugh that sent chills up his spine.

Hiroki pursed his lips and hopped off the sofa. “Where have you gone mere knight?” he demanded, pretending to frantically look around for your son, while he was busy climbing behind the sofa.

“The Great Wizard is no match for the greatest knight, Hiroki!” he repeatedly poked Oikawa and Oikawa slowly dropped you to the ground and also pretended to fall backwards to his ‘death’ dramatically.

“NO!!! I will get you one day!”

Hiroki rushed to your side and noticed the tiny hickey on your neck, in which you quickly wrapped up with your shawl. “My brave prince.” you commended, kissing his forehead. “You are my saviour! Now, let’s go to bed. It has been a long day for you my prince.” This time, he did not argue but followed you, jumping into your arms and resting his head against your shoulder. As he slowly drifted off to sleep in his medieval styled room, Oikawa’s head popped through the door, a cheeky grin on his lips.

‘We’re not done yet.’ he mouthed with a wink.


The sound of the lock turning and clicking alerted your ears as well as woke up your three year old son. The two of you had been exhausted from a day of playing at the park and returning home to continue role playing as pirates. Who knew it could be exhausting to simply roleplay as a pirate? A voice uttered: “I’m home!” loud and clear across your tiny apartment household and your son seemingly regained back all energy that had be used up and hopped off your body, running to embrace his father, your husband, Kuroo Tetsurou.

From what seemed like the most annoying person at your high school, you had never expected to end up marrying Kuroo. He had this persona about him that irked you, especially that untameable bed head of his. However, all it took was one ball to the face and an ice cream treat for you to start realising that you were falling for him. But that was a long time ago in high school, now the two of you were happily married with a three year old son: Takeo Kuroo.

Albeit sweaty from his volleyball training, your son climbed on him like a tiny Spiderman, demanding a hug from Kuroo. As he now took volleyball as a professional career - actually as a coach at your old high school Nekoma, and editor by day - he was sweatier as ever, his defying gravity bed head slightly dishevelled but fell it its place. “Hey there little guy!” he picked up Takeo, swinging him around (as Kuroo was pretty much a six foot giant). “How was your day with mommy?”

“Great! We went to the park, had ice cream and we played pirates!” Takeo answered happily, as Kuroo dropped his training bag by the side and placed Takeo on his back.

“Ice cream, without me?” Kuroo feigned hurt. “How about we have some ice cream now since daddy’s home?” Takeo squealed in delight, almost falling off Kuroo’s shoulder - which would be quite a long fall considering that man was a fricking six foot giant. You slowly rose from the sofa, poised to catch your son in case shit hits the fan.

“Tetsu! It’s Takeo’s bed time.” you chided. But your words seemed to enter both their ears and escaped through the other because they glanced at each other before striding into the kitchen. You sighed and shook your head - Takeo was as stubborn as his father. Other than inheriting his father’s stubborn traits, he seemed to have also inherited the unmanageable bed head, but it was more tamer than Kuroo’s. Takeo had Kuroo’s feline eyes and probably his height, but he had your nose and lips.

You rested on the sofa for a moment before giving in to the temptation of getting up and going to the kitchen where you saw Takeo already eating from a bowl - the very least - and Kuroo with the ice cream spoon stuck in his mouth already. Takeo sat on the kitchen counter whilst Kuroo was casually leaning against the fridge. “Takeo, how are you going to sleep tonight?” you sighed, staring at the goop of chocolate ice cream in his bowl. Thankfully, Kuroo had not given him as much as she had thought he had given - but a decent amount that might keep him up to eleven, the latest.

“I’ve missed you.” Kuroo snuck a kiss on your lips, nibbling your lower lip slightly. You side eyed to see Takeo busy slurping up his ice cream and deepened the kiss for a short while. Due to Kuroo’s late schedule and Takeo’s constant need of attention from you, you rarely got to spend intimate times with Kuroo.

It seemed as if you had been transported back to your teenage years where the two of you would sneak a makeout session or two in the clubroom - and get caught most of the time - and if you two were daring enough, kisses in between classes. Kuroo’s hands soon made their way lower, squeezing your butt gently resulting in a breathy giggle from you. His lips soon moved to your neck, a trail of sloppy kisses along your jawline and you jumped back slightly, flustered, squealing slightly.

Your first instinct was to look for Takeo but it seemed that he had disappeared from the kitchen counter. “Oh no, Takeo!”

As you turned around to find your missing son, Kuroo quickly grabbed your wrist and pulled you back for another passionate kiss, moving his lips gently against yours and working his tongue that send you in a state of euphoria. He soon returned for your neck, where he knew was your sensitive spot after years of leaving hickeys on them. He was in the midst of leaving quite a prominent hickey, with you in a flustered yet moaning mess when your son began bounding in with a toy sword.

“Captain Takeo here to save the day!” He charged in with his toy sword attacking Kuroo’s legs. “Mommy’s in trouble with daddy, so I am here to save the day!”

Kuroo held your waist tightly and spun you around. “Is that so? I challenge you to a duel good sire.” He said in a dramatic tone, picking up a wooden spoon that had been conveniently sitting on the table and bowed down to be eye level with your son. You watched from the counter as two of them fought, their ‘swords’ hitting each other’s in a clack sound, an amused smile on your lips.

The duel ended with your son emerging as victor, and standing on Kuroo’s back to claim his victory. “Have I saved you mommy?”

You chuckled at the innocence of your son, and mentally reminding yourself to never makeout with Kuroo in front of your son. “Yes you have. Now, let’s go to bed.” you picked Takeo up, spinning him around for good measure and helped Kuroo to his feet. The two of you walked back to Takeo’s room, tucking him in together and leaving him forehead kisses.

“Sleep early or the Tickle monster will come for you!” Kuroo teased, tickling your son’s belly and sides. Switching off the nightlight, within a few steps from leaving Takeo’s room, you were pinned against the wall, with Kuroo standing above you with a dark look in his eyes. “Now, where were we?”