i was just trying to do warmup drawings

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ahh your jumpluffs are so cute if you want to could you draw mew or porygonZ or espeon? those are my favourites ;u; do you have like a ko-fi or something? i'd love to send you a tip too ♥

both of them bc theyre big favs..

porygon looks ready to party

and omg that’s so nice!?? i set one up just now on my blog :’)!

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How do you draw so many expressions? You're art is amazing and I aspire to be an awesome artist like you

I’m still trying super hard to exaggerate expressions and stuff so I’m super glad you like them! ;o; I kinda got the inspiration from older cartoons where expressions are really pushed, and just really trying to capture an emotion in the face in general. Like sometimes I do tiny poorly drawn comics as a warmup or to express something and really trying to push expressions in those to emphasize the emotion has been really fun but difficult.

I think looking at actors and looking at the people around you when they express helps? Also if you have a mirror handy, you can use your own expressions as reference! Lots of animators have done this in the past, reminds me of this tweet I saw recently of Ken Harris using a mirror to help draw expressions.

(this is a really nice twitter account for animation content btw)

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those random dalish drawings you did are super nice! Are they ocs of yours?

Oh, thanks! Nope, they’re not full featured ocs or anything, just the result of my browsing my dalish inspiration board on pinterest and trying to piece together an interesting character design based on all the references i’ve put together. I do them as quick warmup sketches, to be honest. 

I think the Dalish npcs we see in all the games all tend to look rather samey, since they’re limited to using the same body model/hairs as the player character so it’s a fun challenge to create something that is visually more diverse but also still recognizably dalish. 

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Have you considered drawing some Yeptune or blacksun (or anyone else) chibis?

I kinda did before

like a lot of my early rwby drawings were just silly chibis because I was bad at drawing people

but there’s not enough chibs of the babs and I needed a warmup so here:

They’re transparent so you can use em for your blog if ya want!

Some more Vivienne/Bull (do they have a ship name yet?) warmup sketches before I got started on a few comic pages. Trying to get a feel for drawing faster with looser lines, and it was fun to throw in some grayscale as well. I love these two’s interactions and Bull calling Vivienne ‘Kadan’ when he’s worried about her (or any time in general) just makes me smile. The person who hurt Bull is in so much trouble right now. I love drawing these two. <3