i was just trying out a psd


If Wiishu ever gets snapchat I’ll be so happy

Psh.. I didn’t spend an hour trying to figure out how to use a psd to just say fuck it and spend another hour figuring out the best way to make my own version because I couldn’t work the psd.. psh.. no way.. haha ha :^)

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Hi there! May I ask how you made those gifs that you did for an rp meme 'six characters that aren't mine'??

oh daaaaaamn. at the time that was a long, hard job of totally clicking around and hoping for the best hahaha. and i 100% stole the idea from @sammrps ‘s to begin with, hers is a lot better. 

honestly, I branched out and learned how to use the layers in the animation timeline by trial and error. It was a lot of keyframe work. (I did an animation degree in college, so that helped by giving me a lot of background knowledge to make educated guesses.) its really just a lot of hiding and unhiding layers along the timeline tbh. but here. i’ll try and make a speedy tutorial???


INTO A CREDIT STILL (or something);

Edit: i forgot how i did the motion blur, but as soon as i figure it out, i’ll update this tutorial.

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I screw up a lot, alright. And being around you, I just don’t want to be that guy anymore. Who do you want to be, Nathan? I want to be somebody who’s good enough to be seen with you. You should have thought of that last night. You know, I keep putting myself out there and you keep blowing it. That’s probably a good thing…


Make me choose between two characters and I’ll make an edit with my answer 

Anon asked: Shinpachi or Yamazaki

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How do you handle art theives? Do you ever get worried someone out there is selling your art?

Do your best to prevent it!

-Upload small .jpeg versions of your art with low DPI
-Apply big ugly watermarks, especially over the main focus so it can’t just be cropped out
-Apply the watermarks over any detail shots you post as well
-If you do commissions Never give away the .PSD/whatever file type of the work.
-Make usage rights clear when discussing a commission and write up a quick contract if you have to.

I haven’t had to deal with anything past people heavily referencing so far, but it’ll happen eventually I guess, I’m not looking forward to it tho.

If anyone is trying to then yeah they’re not gonna be making a great product since i only post small heavily watermarked .jpegs :y

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do you have some tips for making gif icons of scratch?

sorry for the delay w this , baby ! i’ve been sick the last couple of days , so i haven’t rlly been around. here’s some of my tips tho !! let me know if you’d like me to go into more detail abt any !

  • pick a cute psd that works well on different skin tones , lightings , etc. the best way to test them is to have a few different gifs ready (w different skin tones & lightings ) w no psd & put them to the test. sometimes u may just need to adjust a layer or two to make it work , or u might find that u need to change too much of the psd to make it work & sometimes it’s easier just to find a new psd ! but it’s better to work this out before you start giffing so u don’t get mid-way through a hunt or a couple fc’s in & realise that the psd may not be the best universally. i try to pick a psd that i know i’ll like in the long run, esp when it came to this blog. i didn’t want to use a psd that i would get sick of in a couple of months time.
  • you can also test textures & the place of them once u find a psd. sometimes i put the texture below the psd , others i prefer the texture above the psd. it’s all about preference !! 
  • i don’t use actions on all of my gifs as i find it can look a little bit harsh on some, especially snapchat vids. but for me, it comes down to trial & error on each new vid to whether i like it w or w/o an action.
  • make sure that the gif isn’t too short ! u don’t want the gif to look too choppy bc the gif ends mid way through a movement or smth. i tend to do between 50-60 frames per gif ! 
  • another important thing is to make sure that the gif isn’t too quick or too slow. i tend to use 0.06 sec when my gif is 60 frames, 0.07 sec when my gif is 50-59 frames, 0.08 sec when the gif is around 40ish frames & 0.05 if i ever use a gif over 65+ frames. this isn’t always definite tho !! it can change gif to gif. sometimes the time may be too slow or too fast for the number of frames compared to others. 
  • decide on a size that works best for you & your preference !! i prefer 100px gifs & that’s the size of the gifs i release on this blog. sometimes i like 80px gifs for a change, like the cartia gif below, but i always end up going back to 100px. personally, i wouldn’t go any smaller than 75px because it can be hard on the eye. if you do any smaller than 100px, make sure that u crop it so u can still see the expression on the fc’s face clearly & so it isn’t in the background on the gif.
  • i find it more enjoyable making gifs of fc’s that i’m familiar with & like. that’s why i personally take suggestions over requests, that way i have a little more freedom & can go w my muse. a way to get muse for a fc u might not be familiar w is to actually watch some of their videos before you gif them. for some reason, this has worked for me !!
  • i try to use videos that are 720p !! i’m v hesitant about using videos that are any less than 480/360p because the quality can be hard to work with even at that level. 

ultimately, gif making is all about trial & error and working out what works best for you. so just play around and have fun w it !!! you’ll find your technique pretty quickly once u get the hang of it !! 

excuse this crappy banner i made in two seconds hey! so i reacher 1,3k yesterday, and i realized i didn’t celebrate 900, 1k, 1,1k, and 1,2k, so here is a big celebration! (i know i know i still haven’t finished everything from my previous celebration, but i’m getting my life together now so those things will be posted soon!)

what do you need to do to:

follow me
reblog this post
check out the info under the cut to see what you need to do for the things i’ll be doing!

okay so what am i going to do:

i will make a follow forever and a mutuals appreciation (posted soon)
i will be making url inspired icon packs (more info under the cut)
i will be doing a gif request meme
i will be doing a female awesome meme
i will be making some psds requests (im trying to figure out how coloring works)
i will be doing gif requests
i will be making tutorials, just hit me up with an ask and i’ll explain it to you!

i know this is quite a lot, but i’m feeling super inspired now and i’ll finish everything, i promise! if not you can come hit me and come here and i’l make you cake

more info under the cut!

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hi! omg your gifsets are so stunning and i was wondering if you could do a coloring tutorial for this one /post/145419707272 ??

thank you so much!!! and sure, i’ll give it a go. though i’m not sure how good i’ll be at explaining because my colorings are all over the place. okay so under the cut you’ll see how to go from this:

to this:

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