i was just tryin that color line

Four, three, two, fuck you

Listen up y'all, this shit is ironic

Strider’s beats are best suited to trolls hooked on phonics

Karkalicious definition makes Terezi loco
She wants to know the secrets that she can’t taste in my photo

Dyin’ just to know the flavor

I ain’t doin’ her no favors

No reasons why I tease

Her flush just comes and goes like seasons

I’m Karkalicious (so delicious)

No, I don’t do kismesis

And if you read any fanfics

All that shit is fictitious

I blow kisses (mwah!)

Don’t matter if we’re just moirails

Trolls be lining down the veil for a chance to fill a pail

(Four, three, two, fuck you)
So delicious (super sweet)

So delicious (fuckin’ adorabloodthirsty)

So delicious (even egbert wants a piece of me)

I’m Karkalicious (l-l-l-l-like candy, candy)

Karkalicious def-,

Karkalicious def-,

Karkalicious def-
Goddammit, doc scratch, stop fucking around with my mic-

Karkalicious definition makes the shippers crazy

Nepeta’s always squealin’ cutsey pet names like Karkitty

I’m the K to the A, R, K, the A, the T,

And the majority of pairings had better include me

I’m Karkalicious (so delicious)

My body stays vicious

All the highbloods feelin’ nervous ‘cuz I’m doing some fitness

Zahhak’s my witness (*whistle*)

Bet that ship curls Nepeta’s tail

And he’ll be needing all the towels ‘cuz I'mma make him sweat pails

(Four, three, two, fuck you)

So delicious (super sweet)

So delicious (fuckin’ adorabloodthirsty)

So delicious (even egbert wants a piece of me)

I’m Karkalicious
Now you nooksuckers hold the fuck up, check it out

Baby, baby, baby,

If you really want me,

Honey get some patience,

Maybe then you’ll get a taste

I’ll be tasty, tasty,

I’ll be laced with lacy,

It’s so tasty, tasty,

It’ll make you crazy

T, to the A, to the S T E Y - fuckin’ tasty
T, to the A, to the S T E Y - fuckin’ tasty

D, to the E, to the L I C I O U S
To the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the-
I’ll just spell it out for you!

All the time I turn around trolls gather round
Always sniffin’ at me, wanna guess the color of my blood

I just wanna say it now I ain’t trying to round up any drama, little fucker, I just don’t want you to know

And I guess I’m coming off as just a little insecure although I keep on repeating how the secret’s fucking awesome

But I’m tryin’ to tell, it’s a secret that I just don’t wanna tell

Terezi says I smell delicious (so delicious)

No, I don’t do kismesis

And if you read any fanfics

All that shit is fictitious

I blow kisses (mwah!)

Don’t matter if we’re just moirails

Trolls be lining down the veil for a chance to fill a pail

Four, three, two, fuck you

My body stays vicious

Zahhak’s been feeling nervous 'cuz I got down to business

Nepeta’s my witness (meow~!)

I’ll even let her first ship sail

Just watch that kitten be the first in line to fill a pail

So delicious (Eridan, see)

So delicious (you can trust me)

So delicious (I’ll help you be)

I’m Karkalicious (l-l-like candy, candy)

It’s so delicious (ay, ay, ay, ay)

So delicious (ay, ay, ay, ay)

So delicious (ay, ay, ay, ay)

I’m Karkalicious, (she says my blood is like candy, candy)

T, to the A, to the S T E Y - fuckin’ tasty
T, to the A, to the S T E Y - fuckin’ tasty

T, to the A, to the S T E Y - fuckin’ tasty
T, to the A, to the, to the, to the, to the
To the D, to the E, to the L I C I O U S
To the D, to the E, to the L I C I O U S
To the D, to the E, to the L I C I O U S
To the D, to the E, to the-
Now, wait just a motherfucking second!

Do I seriously have to spell this shit until the end of the fucking song?
I mean, whoever fucking wrote the original never had access to spellcheck I guess
Because T-A-S-T-E-Y does NOT spell “tasty.” Was this Fergie douchemuffin illiterate or something?
What do you mean human rap artists are the only ones brave enough to write their own grammatical trainwrecks and call it music!? What the fuck even is Will Smith doing?
He doesn’t throw down sick fires anymore!?
Fuck this shit, I quit.


Hoppin through dimensions
Loosened my grip on reality to relieve the tension
Did I forget to mention
You must be mistaken
I meant to color past the lines
Even as a kid I knew I could climb the vines
Fuck the law that’s why I’m defying physics
Feelin froggy then jump or you’re just another ree-bit
You catchin fines or you are makin trips to the bank
How you play the game can determine if you got gas in that tank
Fuck the juice tryin to get the gloss from the source
Putting food on the table without dealin with a boss
Fly like boba-fett with a jetpack
She said what those fingers do
And I pulled out my teck-deck
I just want a house by the lake
A blunt and A-1 sauce for my steak
Now I’m livin good


Agent Carter Week - [2/7]

Day 2: Favorite BROTP - Peggy x Howling Commandos/”Dum Dum Dugan” 

“Commandos can always use another good fighter. We just need to come up with a nickname for you.” “Tempting, but I think it’s time I put my days on the front line behind me.”
(S01E05: The Iron Ceiling)

the roadtrip au!! sorry it took forever and it's probably bad-i came to finish today and the page refreshed -_- but i hope you like it! :)

Steve sat down on the crumbly steps of the orphanage, gingerly placing his bleeding hand in Bucky’s. He could feel Bucky staring him down and he didn’t want to look up.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Rogers?” Bucky asked as he wrapped his handkerchief around Steve’s knuckles. 

“They were tryin’ to force her, Bucky. I couldn’t just stand there and let her get taken advantage of. Besides, I had ‘em on the ropes.” Steve said, offering Bucky a shy smile.

“Sure ya did, punk,” Bucky responded, shaking his head and laughing a little. “But next time, get some help. I don’t want you gettin’ hurt." 

"Aw, Buck, I couldn’t leave her. She was pretty little, too. Couldn’t have been older than sixteen.” Steve protested. Bucky pressed his lips into a thin line.

“I know. And it’s good you’re doing the right thing. But I just- I can’t lose ya, okay?” Bucky said, his grip tightening almost painfully. “So don’t go off getting yourself killed.”

Steve only nodded, squeezing back gently. 

“Ya know, one day, we’re gonna get out of here.” Bucky said, and he pointed out of the yard. Steve followed his gaze over the heads of the orphaned children kicking around a ball, dressed in dirty, ragged hand-me-downs; over the crumbling rooftops of businesses long since closed down and boarded up; over the soup kitchen lines stretching all the way around the block; over the head of the young woman with only a thin blanket to her name begging for just a nickel for food; all the way to the sun setting in bright colors over the horizon.

“Where?” Steve asked.

“I dunno. Up north. Somewhere nice, without too many people. Like in them quaint old towns in the movies,” Bucky said, blushing a little. “I heard they don’t have it as bad as us. ‘Course, that’s probably just the ol’ witch here tryin’ to get me to move out so she can give my bed to some other thirteen year old without parents who deserves a bed more. But maybe she’s right. It’d sure be nice to find out, wouldn’t it, Stevie? But we’d need a car… Or maybe just your good looks to get us hitchhiking.” Bucky mused.

“What if they don’t like my looks?” Steve asked.

“Then they’re crazy.” Bucky answered immediately.

“Okay, what if they’re crazy? And they want, like, payment. Like they do in the movies?” Steve asked.

“We ain’t got money, so I guess one of us is gonna have to suck some dick,” Bucky said. “Probably you, you got a purty mouth.” He grinned.

“Bucky!” Steve squeaked, face cherry red, smacking his shoulder. “There are children here.” 

"So? They can’t hear,” Bucky shrugged. “Anyway, Rogers, promise me right now that we’re gonna do it. Some nice road trip up north. In the summer or somethin’, though, so you don’t get sick." 

Steve nodded. They spit in their palms and shook hands, and from that day on they had something to hope for. 

Steve didn’t go up north after Bucky died. It didn’t feel right doing it without him.

"Steve? Steve, wake up,” Bucky shook his shoulders. “Ich habe kavo, draga, olla, olla!”

“What?” Steve asked, scrubbing a hand through his hair.

“Sorry, I’m just excited. I said I have the coffee, draga, up, up!” Bucky repeated. He sat down beside Steve and placed the travel mug on the nightstand. Steve smiled sleepily up at him. Bucky was visibly vibrating with excitement. 

“Excited?” Steve asked.

“I have been waiting for this for, like, seventy six years.” Bucky smiled.

“Okay, okay, let me get dressed.” Steve said.

Bucky didn’t move.

“Um, Buck? You gonna go, like, into the kitchen or something?” Steve asked.

“Are you serious? I saw you naked ten hours ago. You’re naked right now! I can see your butt! What are you doing, punk?” Bucky asked incredulously.

“Okay, okay.” Steve grumbled, trying to hide his laughter. 

“You better be done in, like, ten minutes, because I am way too excited to wait much longer.” Bucky warned as he left the room.

“We’re really doing this.” Steve grinned as they drove into the main road. 

“Finally.” Bucky grinned, and the two shared a nearly maniacal smile.

“You know, since there’s been so much inflation five dollars is now worth fifty, so I guess one of us is gonna have to suck a dick.” Steve said, catching Bucky’s eye.

“What.” Bucky said flatly.

“You heard me. And since, I’m driving, guess I can’t be the one.” Steve said.

“That is the least sexy way I have ever heard of to ask for a blow job, punk,” Bucky shook his head. “It doesn’t even matter that this is from our conversation seventy years ago. You can do way better.”

Steve laughed. “Yeah, and we better not anyway. Remember the first time you tried to give me one here? You almost gave yourself a black eye when you punched yourself in the face.” 

“Shut up,” Bucky growled, snickering. “I misjudged. But you’re the one who knocked over every single soap and shampoo bottle in the shower the first time we had sex in there. Every. Single. One. I thought someone was gonna come down and call the bomb squad, it was so loud.” 

"Okay, so we’ve both made some slight misjudgments.” Steve laughed.

“Yeah, and we’ll see about later, buddy. That whole sentence up there was a misjudgment.” Bucky said, shaking his head and grabbing the hand Steve wasn’t driving with.

“Radio?” Steve asked. Bucky turned the volume way up and turned on the acoustic station they both loved to sing along to.

“Oh, kiss me, beneath the milky twilight, lead me out on the moonlit floor, lift your open hand and strike up the band and make the fireflies dance, silver moon sparkling… so kiss me,” Bucky and Steve sang along to Jason Walker’s cover of Kiss Me. Bucky leaned over and pressed a kiss to Steve’s cheek, smiling broadly, happiness filling his chest. “Kiss me, down by the broken tree house, swing, swing, up on its hanging tire, bring, bring, bring your flowered hat, we’ll take the the trail marked on your father’s map…”

This song made Bucky think of all the times he and Steve had danced to it, barefoot in the kitchen, when it was 2:39 am and neither of their nightmares would let them sleep. He remembered the kitchen, illuminated only by moonlight and the refrigerator light spilling on the cold wooden floor. He remembered being wrapped in Steve’s arms so carefully that he forgot about the nightmares. He remembered hearing Steve sing and resting his head on Steve so he could feel the vibrations rumbling in his chest. He remembered the gentle way Steve would tilt his chin up and kiss him softly and slowly, like they had all the time in the world.

“Where exactly are we going?” Bucky asked once he was out of his reverie.

“The Vermont 100. It’s got those little towns you were talking about, and nice outdoor stuff so we don’t have to spend it all with closed in with people. Also, it has a Ben and Jerry’s, and I know for a fact you love that stuff.” Steve said.

“You really do remember everything, don’t you?” Bucky said, staring at Steve.

“Just the important stuff. Like you.” Steve said.

“Thanks, Hallmark.” Bucky shook his head and laughed.

Several hours of laughing, singing, and teasing later, Steve and Bucky arrived in a small town called Alberg, Vermont. They checked into a quaint little inn for the night. Within ten minutes, Steve found himself backed up to the wall, hands in Bucky’s hair, as Bucky ‘paid’ him for the drive up there.

The next day, Steve woke up with Bucky wrapped in his arms sleeping soundly. He smiled and shifted slightly to get the feeling back in his fingers, and Bucky snuggled closer before shooting up. 

“We have to go to the Ben and Jerry’s factory. Right now.” Bucky said. Steve laughed. 

“You sure?” He asked. “Right now?” Steve trailed his fingers under the tee shirt Bucky had worn to bed.

“Yes, Steve. Ice cream is extremely important.” Bucky insisted.

"More important than, say, this?” Steve asked, sliding his fingers over the waistband of Bucky’s boxers and moving over so that he was leaning over Bucky and pressing him down into the bed.

“Y-Yes. Ice. Cream.” Bucky said, trying to act unaffected.

“Right. Ice cream.” Steve nodded solemnly as he leaned down and scraped his teeth over Bucky’s collarbone.

“Heard there was, uh, some nice stuff here.” Bucky said, hissing out a breath

“Bucky?” Steve asked. 

“Y-Yeah?” Bucky stuttered out as Steve’s mouth sucked a red mark under his jaw.

“Why are you still talking in full sentences?” Steve asked.

‘Maybe you should work harder.” Bucky smirked. Steve pulled back and raised an eyebrow. 

“Is that a challenge?” He asked. Bucky stared him down and nodded before tugging Steve back down by the collar of his t-shirt and kissing him hard.

Needless to say, it was a challenge they both won in the end.

Steve loved the noises Bucky made when Steve tugged his hair. He loved the way Bucky would shiver and get goosebumps when he’d lean down and growl, “Mine.” in Bucky’s ear. Steve loved the way Bucky would grip at Steve’s shoulders and bury his head in Steve’s neck. But Bucky after sex was one of Steve’s favorite Bucky’s. He was loose and languid, happy and (usually) hoarse. The hoarse voice was the best effect, besides the hickeys dotting his neck and ribs and collarbones where Steve had marked his ownership. 

“So. Ice cream.” Bucky said when they lay tangled in a sweaty mess of sheets and limbs.

“Bucky,” Steve whined. “Really?”

“You did a great job, don’t worry,” Bucky said, leaning down and kissing him hot and wet. “But it’s time for ice cream and now you can’t make me have real breakfast. First thing I’m gonna put in my mouth today is gonna be some quality ice cream.”

Steve stared at him for a minute. 

“Okay second. Whatever. Point is, sex plus ice cream equals a good morning for Bucky Barnes, and that is the morning we are well on our way to accomplishing.” Bucky said.

“Alright. Ice cream. Let’s do this.” Steve grinned, grabbing Bucky’s hand and pulling them both up.

“Steve look at this ice cream!” Bucky ran over excitedly. “It’s called Karamal Sutra and we are so buying as many containers as possible.”

"Okay, but only if we can take a picture of it and send it to Sam and Clint. See what they make of it.” Steve said.

Bucky laughed and kissed Steve quickly before running back to the freezer. Steve grabbed his (and Bucky’s) favorite flavor, Phish Food. Marshmallow, fudge fish, and caramel mixed with chocolate ice cream made the best thing they’d ever had. It was actually the first kind they’d had together, and since they were together they often forgot they weren’t camping out in Germany in a time of war and rationing. This meant that all the sugar in the ice cream made it even better.

“I got, like fifteen containers of Phish Food. We can put all this in the cooler in the back.” Steve said when he met up with Bucky.

“That sounds like a plan.” Bucky nodded.The two spent almost a hundred dollars on ice cream in a single day, and by night time there were maybe ten containers left.

On day three of the road trip, they left the inn and drove out again. 

“Bucky, look, a fair!” Steve said, already putting the car in the lane to go in.

“Oh, great!” Bucky grinned. “But you have to promise me we won’t go on the Cyclone. Really don’t want you to puke all over me again.”

“Oh, will you let that go?” Steve asked.

“Never.” Bucky promised.

They went on every single ride in the park and enjoyed the sunshine with cotton candy and corn dogs and fresh lemonade. Bucky ate about four funnel cakes and Steve ate three containers of kettle corn. They cheered on the cars in the demolition derby and versed each other in bumper cars. A clown saw the two of them holding hands and came over to tie a balloon into a heart, which he presented to them with a genuine smile. The people around them clapped and one good-natured joker pointed Steve and Bucky to the Tunnel of Love. They shared a look and immediately ran to the swan boats, cheered on by the crowd.

It was warm and quiet in there, a little dark, and the decorations were cheesy, but Bucky insisted that was the point. They spent nearly the whole time kissing and holding hands. Steve insisted they stay until the fireworks at dark. Bucky leaned on his chest and Steve ran his hands through Bucky’s hair as the sky exploded in bursts of color. 

The next day, Bucky let Steve braid his hair. 

“This is way harder than it looks.” Steve frowned.

“That’s what you said last night, too.” Bucky snickered, and Steve smacked his shoulder.

They went to the diner down the road and ordered the classic burger, fries, and chocolate shakes.

“Hey, I bet I can drink my milkshake before you.” Steve said.

“No way, Rogers. Never.” Bucky said.

“Wanna make it a bet?” Steve asked.

“Nah, I don’t wanna take your money.” Bucky laughed.

In the end, neither of them won. The brain freeze was way too strong for them to do anything but clutch their heads and laugh at each other.

“This has been pretty successful. I like it.” Bucky said when they were back in the car.

“Me, too,” Steve grinned. “Now where to?”

Steve was called back to work the next day.

“I can quit. Probably not, but they wouldn’t know…” He said sadly.

“It’s fine, Steve. We did everything we came for. It was honestly better than I imagined it would be.” Bucky said. “Besides, who says we can’t do it again?”

“Have I told you that I love you recently?” Steve asked.

“Only every five minutes or so. Now get in the car before Nick sends Nat for you.” Bucky replied, grinning.

It was a bittersweet ride home, full of the knowledge that their trip was over. But it was also full of Bucky videotaping Steve dancing to Call Me Maybe when they were stopped at a traffic light; and drive-thru Arby’s; and soft kisses. Bucky had a camera full of pictures, from them smiling at the fair to Steve with fries in his nose. It was their first road trip, but it wasn’t their last.