i was just thinking of cas's i watch the bees line and then i got this idea

The Last Word

I was rewatching that episode of Community where Abed and Troy kept hitting each other with pillows because they didn’t want their friendship to be over, and I just kind of liked the idea of an argument stretching out ridiculously long just because 2 people don’t want to stop talking ^^

college AU.

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“Dean, this is Cas - Cas, Dean,” Jo said, calling over the thudding music in the bar where they were standing, propping up the bar. She had a hand on Dean’s shoulder, and she gave him a little shake. “I’ve been meaning to introduce you guys since forever. I just know you’re gonna get on great. Cas, Dean likes philosophy, and psychology - that kind of thing!”

“I’m, uh - an armchair philosopher at best,” Dean said, throwing Jo a look that said, as clearly as he could without words, don’t play me up too much. Cas, the guy standing in front of him, was quite clearly out of Dean’s league - tall, lean, with the looks of an Athenian hero and the expression of a Roman statue, chiselled and unsmiling. Dean took a hefty swig of his drink, and smiled charmingly.

Well, he thought, you never know until you’ve tried.

“So, are you a Freud or a Jung kind of guy?” he said. Jo clapped his shoulder and moved off, evidently satisfied with the opener and feeling as though her introductory duties were complete. Dean watched after her for a second as she went, taking her social skills with her.

It wasn’t that Dean was bad in social situations - it was only that when there was just him and an undeniably cute guy, things tended to get a little… flustered. Jo, on the other hand, was perfectly at ease, and good at smoothing over the stupid things his runaway mouth tended to say -

“You can go and talk to her instead,” said Cas, and Dean started and looked back at him guiltily. Cas’ expression was unreadable, watching him watch after Jo. “Please, feel no obligation to enjoy my company.”

Dean blinked. Cas raised his eyebrows.

“I’m, uh, I’m - uh,” Dean said, wrongfooted. “I was just -”

“And I think - Jung,” Cas said, cutting through his fumbling. “Freud’s theories are too rooted in misogyny and phobia to be of any interest beyond the influential and contextual, for me.”

Dean swallowed.

This is going great, said a little voice in his head.

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Happy Galentine’s Day! Have a fluffy college!au with fem!destiel

“Pssst. Cas. Caaaaaaaas. CAS!”

Cas pries one eye open and glares at her roommate. Deanna’s hair is a tangled mess and there are pillow lines indented in her cheeks but she’s got a smile that threatens to split her face and Cas knows she’s in for some trouble.

“What?” she growls. 

“It’s brunch time! Come on, get up!”

The one eye falls closed and Cas turns her face back into her pillow. “Fuck off.”

“But Cas! It’s Galentine’s Day!” The bed shifts as Deanna invites herself in and burrows into Cas’s side. “It’s the best day of the year and I have everything ready.”

“Wanna sleep,” Cas groans.

“I made you coffee,” Deanna tries to tempt.


“And we have mimosas.”

“Go away.”

The cheeriness cuts like a switch. “And chocolate chip waffles.”

Cas lurches. “I’m up.”

Deanna springs from the bed with a fist in the air. “Knew that would get you. Hurry up before everything goes cold.”

Cas struggles to separate herself from her sheets but the scent of Columbian roast catches her nose and she follows it into the living room. Deanna is parked in her spot on the couch and smiles smugly before gesturing to the coffee table that is now operating as an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. 

There are waffles, bacon, sausage, some kind of egg casserole dish, and-

“Did you make crepes?” Cas asks mostly in awe as she takes her seat.

“I had some extra time,” Deanna shrugs.

“How long have you been awake?”

“Four hours.”

Cas stares at her and Deanna quirks a shameless smile. “Wow.”

“Shut up and drink your coffee,” Deanna says and passes Cas her bee mug. “Now, it’s time for the best part.” She finds the remote and pulls up Netflix, scrolling to their recently watched queue where “Parks and Recreation” is always waiting for them. 

“It’s seasons two, ep-” Cas starts.

“Episode sixteen,” Deanna finishes and she finds the episode and clicks. She looks at Cas smugly. “You think I could forget this shit?”

Cas raises a hand in surrender and sips her coffee.

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Human Cas’ adventures

or as I like to call it: ‘’ Imagine the possibilities if season 9 hadn’t been a train wreck’’.

  • Cas finally finding his place, living in the bunker with Sam and Dean, with his family.
  • The brothers teaching Cas everything he needs to know about being human, Dean teaching Cas how to cook (please take a moment to imagine a really proud Cas watching the brothers eat a burned breakfast while trying not to cry), how to drive and the two of them trying to convice him about using shampoo before hair conditioner.
  • Cas trying ice cream for the first time, tasting all flavours, making weird faces when he doesn’t like one and smiling at the ones he likes. Cas and food, Dean’s hamburgers,cotton candy and discovering he is allergic to bees after a run to the hospital because ‘’ Cas what is happening to your face? I don’t know but I don’t feel alright’’.
  • Sam and Cas going to an animal shelter in their free time.
  • Cas living things for the first time, a bath in a river on a hot summer day, puking because that roller coaster wasn’t a good idea. Cas having a garden and using all the hot water when he showers in the morning, Cas taking a shower for the first time and screaming, imagine the brothers running with their weapons prepared just to find a naked Cas saying something in the lines of ‘’ Why you didn’t tell me? I think I’m going to die, this burns like hell’’ because he got shampoo in his eyes.
  • Dean being dissapointed because he discovers Cas watching one of this awful movies with talking animals.
  • Cas gets asleep in the weirdest places and Dean always has to carry him to his bed and Cas never knows how he got there and by the way Dean blushes when he asks about it he doesn’t talk about it anymore.
  • Team free will on a hunt, Cas forgetting for a moment he is not an angel anymore and putting himself in danger trying to save Dean, and they have a fight because Cas has to stop putting himself in danger but at the end they hug because Dean understands how hard is for Cas not being able to protect them like he used to.
  • Dean realising he loves to have Cas around with no more disappering, Dean realising he doesn’t want Cas to leave never again.
  • Dean and Cas finally being able to sit down and talk about how the feel about the other.
  • Dean and Cas holding hands, Sam smiling at them.
  • Dean hears slow music( something that sounds like Unchained Melody) coming out of his- their- bedroom and he finds Cas moving slowly in the same spot and after a moment of just watching him he decides to join and that’s why Sam finds them just hugging and swaying without music twenty minutes later.
  • Dean and Cas arguing for  little things ‘’ Cas stop hogging all the blankets for fuck’s shake’’ and ‘’ Dean stop laughing at my music taste’’ and the good old make up sex.
  • Castiel being human, happy and loved.

Prompt: Can you write a Destiel fic where they go to a firework show, maybe fluff? Idk


It was the fourth of July and Cas had never seen fireworks before.

           Of course, when Dean had brought up the tradition Cas had no idea what Dean was talking. And even after Dean had explained it to him he didn’t understand the appeal of watching explosions in the sky. Something so violent didn’t seem to correlate to fun in Cas’s mind. But Dean insisted they go, he loved fireworks and he hoped Cas would too.

           “You got your coat Cas,” Dean asked as a gathered up two blankets from the linen cupboard in the bunker.

           “I do, but its already so hot outside, why would I require-“

           “Cas, think about it,” Dean interrupted, “They light up the sky, so we’ll be watching them at night, it’s gonna get cold, man.”

           Cas gave him a perplexed look before asking, “Then why are we leaving so early.”

           “Well,” Dean said trying to sound coy, “There’s a fair in a nearby town and they’re gonna have the fireworks show there tonight, so I thought we could hang out and enjoy the fair first. I mean, Lord knows we need a break.”

           “The fair may prove to be a good distraction. Will Sam be coming with us?”

           Dean groaned and then blushed as Cas gave him a quizzical look in response to Dean’s apparent irritation with the question.

           “Hey Sammy,” Dean called, his voice full of reluctance, “Cas wants to know if you’re coming with us?”

           Sam entered the room with a smirk on his face. He knew why Dean was taking Cas to the fair. He had been telling Dean for months to finally come clean to Cas. Sam insisted Dean would be much happier if he did. But Dean was convinced Cas wouldn’t reply too keenly to any confessions. Sam reassured him that he was sure Cas would be more than happy with what Dean had to say. It had taken a lot of convincing, but Sam told Dean this was the perfect opportunity.

           “Hmmm, I’m not sure,” He teased. Dean sent him a death glare as Sam continued, “What do you think Dean?”

           Dean tried to play it cool, “Whatever man,” he said with exasperation, “You do whatever you want. Come with us, or don’t. It makes no difference to me.”

           “Sure…” Sam said smirking once again. Dean mouthed ‘Fuck you’ to his brother causing Sammy to laugh.

           “Sorry Cas, but I think I’m too busy tonight, but I’m sure you two will have fun together.”

Sam winked at Dean, and with that, he was gone.

Cas wasn’t entirely sure what the subtext of that whole conversation was, but he chose to ignore it.

“Ready Cas,” Dean asked, smiling.

“Yes,” He replied as he picked up his coat and followed Dean out.


“The fair isn’t too far from here,” Dean said as they began driving.

“Don’t you think it might be a little quicker if I just flew us there,” Cas asked.

“Well, yea,” Dean said, “But we need somewhere to stash our blankets and coats while we’re walking around. Plus, I like driving with you.”

Before he knew what he had said, it was out. He felt his cheeks flush as he gripped the steering wheel and looked straight ahead at the road.

Cas turned to look at Dean trying to read him and understand exactly what he was saying. Cas thought his face looked redder than usual, but he couldn’t really tell.

“I… Thank you,” Cas said as he shifted in the seat and looked forward again, “I too enjoy your company.”

Dean felt himself relax a bit at Cas’s words. ‘Maybe this will turn out ok,’ Dean thought, ‘Or maybe Sam’s wrong and I’m just going to fuck everything up.’

The two remained silent for the remainder of their relatively short ride.

“And here we are,” Dean said as he pulled into the parking lot on the fair grounds.

The two got out and made their way to the ticket booth.

“So what do you want to do first, games, or rides?”

Cas mulled it over for a moment, “Well, since I have participated in neither of the two before, I trust your judgment over mine.”

“We’ll start with games,” Dean said.

After they bought the tickets, Dean brought Cas over to the game booths. The first one was the ring toss. After explaining the rules to Cas, Dean went first.

After tossing the ring, Dean watched as the ring swung around the bottle and fell off.

“Shit,” he said before grabbing the second ring from Cas’s hands.

Concentrating a bit more this time, Dean tossed the ring and it made it around the bottle.

“I’ve still got it Cas,” He said as he looked over at Cas who was smiling as well. Dean started staring at Cas. He loved the few times Cas smiled and always valued those moments.

After he got back to reality, he ended up getting the next three around the bottles making his score 4/5.

“Which do you want Cas,” Dean said pointing so some of the prizes on the wall.

“Well you won, not me. Shouldn’t you pick out the prize.”

“No man, I want you to have it, like a gift or something.”

Dean blushed as Cas looked up at him, “I guess we can get the kite,” Cas said, “I’ve never tried one of those either.”

“Cool,” Dean said as the man behind the booth handed him the kite.

“So now it’s your turn,” Dean said as he handed a ring to Cas.

“Are you sure, I’m not entirely sure my skills will prove as fruitful as yours did.”

“That’s ok Cas, that’s part of the fun anyway. It don’t matter if you win really, I mean everyone who tries gets something, even if it’s just a consolation prize.

“Okay,” Cas said as he lined up facing the bottles. Cas pulled his hand behind his head and threw the ring forward almost like one would throw a football. The ring went flying and ended up hitting the back of the booth before landing on the floor.

Dean suppressed his laughter as he showed Cas how he should really do it.

“You have to flick your wrist,” Dean said as he showed Cas.

“I see,” Cas said as he tried again.

This time at least the toss was stable, but it veered off to the right and onto the floor.

“Ok, ok,” Dean said as he placed his hands on Cas’s hips, “Why don’t you try standing this way and toss a bit lighter this time.”

As Dean adjusted Cas’s body position with his hands. Cas felt himself blush. He felt himself reacting to Dean’s hands over his hips in ways he hadn’t experienced before.

Dean quickly realized his hands were lingering and quickly snapped them away. His heart was racing, he felt like he had touched Cas so intimately even though the act was actually fairly casual.

It took Cas a second to regain his composer but as he did, he remembered that Dean had told him to throw it softer this time. He did just as Dean had told him, he flicked his wrist and tossed the ring softly.

This time, the ring made it onto the bottles as it clanged around before falling.

“That was so close,” Dean exclaimed, clapping his hand onto Cas’s shoulder.

Cas tried again with the same results.

“Come on man, you still have one more try,” Dean reminded him.

This time, the ring finally made it around the bottle.

Cas smiled and was quickly wrapped in Dean’s arms.

“That was awesome Cas! I told you you could to it,” Dean said as he held onto Cas.

“Th-thank you,” Cas said. His mind was racing at the moment and he wasn’t exactly sure how to react. Finally he placed his hands around Dean and hugged back. Cas was pleased with Dean’s response. They had hugged before, but this seemed different, better.

After a few moments, they heard a man’s throat clearing and separated from each other’s grasp. They looked and saw the booth man handing Cas the red beaded necklace he had won as a consolation.

“Thank you,” Cas said taking his prize.

The two eventually played most of the games and seemed to be relaxing a bit.

Eventually they came across the dart toss and Dean was pumped. He ended up hitting all a balloon with each of his darts.

“What do you want this time Cas?”

“I’ll take the bee,” Cas said, pointing to the bee plush.

The lady handed it to him before Dean said, “You ready to give it a shot?”

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea,” Cas said looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Come on, I’m sure you can do it!”

“I’m sure I can throw a dart as well, but what it will hit is what I’m unsure and afraid of. “

“I see,” Dean said, “How about I help you, will you try then?”

“I suppose,” Cas replied.

“Good,” Dean said taking the bee from Cas’s hands and placing it down on the floor with the rest of their prizes from the night.

Dean grabbed a dart from the lady and positioned himself behind Cas, he placed one hand on his hip, and one on Cas’s right hand. Cas held on to the dart as Dean began making sure his elbow was squared.

Cas suddenly became very aware of how closely their bodies were together. He could feel Dean’s hand on his hip, Dean’s hips against his lower back and Dean’s hand on his. He tried to stay calm as his heart rate increased.

           He then heard a loud pop and was shocked back into reality.

           “We did it Cas,” Dean exclaimed.

           Cas looked forward and sure enough he had hit the balloon. Dean continued to help him throughout and every time they managed to pop a balloon.

           “What prize do you want sir,” the lady asked Cas”

           He thought about it for a moment before saying, “Dean, why don’t you choose.”

           “What, why?”

           “It’s a gift,” Cas said quoting Dean from before.

           “Thanks Cas,” Dean said.

           By now, he had let go of Cas’s hand but his other hand was on the small of Cas’s back.

           He ended up picking up a second bee plush to match Cas’s. Where Cas’s bee was black, Cas’s was yellow.

           As the two collected their things and were about to leave the booth lady said, “You two make an adorable couple,”

           “Oh, ah, thanks,” Dean said as he led Cas away.

           Dean felt his cheeks burning. Cas then turned to him saying, “What did she mean?”

           ‘Oh, well, she thought we were a couple and she was saying we look cute, happy together, we are a good match.”

           “I see,” Cas said, looking down to hide a blush.

           “I’m sorry, I should have said something.”

           “No, I mean, it’s okay,” Cas said as they continued walking, “It’s kind of nice.”

           Eventually they made it back to the car and dropped their prizes off and made their way back to the fair.

           “Ok, so which ride do you want to do first? And I want you to pick this time.

           “That one looks ok,” Cas said pointing to the ferris wheel.

           “Fuck,” Dean said under his breath, “The ferris wheel it is.”

           Eventually the two were sat in the ferris wheel and it began to move. At first Dean was able to stay calm but it kept getting higher and higher.

           “Shit,” Dean said as he felt his stomach dropping.

           “Is something wrong,” Cas asked, looking at Dean’s paling face.

           “It’s just a little high,” Dean said, his hands balled up and his knuckles white, “And I’m not exactly a fan of heights.”

           “Oh, I’m sorry, you should have said so-“

           “No, no, it’s ok, I want you to have fun.”

           Eventually they made it to the top and Dean looked even worse. And then it stopped.

           “Oh fucking hell,” Dean said, “I think it broke, we’re going to die up here Cas, we’re going to fucking die!”

           “Calm down Dean,” Cas said, “I’m pretty sure they’re just loading and unloading passengers. And if we were stuck up here, which we are not. I could just ‘fly’ us somewhere else.”

           “That’s not helping anyway,” Dean said, “You’re probably going to let go of me or something and then I’ll die!”

           Cas wasn’t exactly sure if what he was about to do was appropriate, but he remembered that humans found comfort in the touch of others. Cas placed his hand around Dean’s and instantly he felt Dean relax. Eventually Dean’s hand unfolded and Cas intertwined their fingers.

           “I’ll never let go of you,” Cas said, looking up at Dean.

           Dean looked back and felt his heart racing. Maybe it was from the fear, but maybe it was from what Cas had just said and the hand that he was now holding.

           “Cas-“ Dean whispered not knowing what to say.

           Cas just smiled at him and Dean felt his heart swelling. The seats were small and he was already close to Cas, but he felt himself moving closer. The gap between their heads was getting closer and closer. ‘It’s happening, it’s fucking happening,’ Dean was yelling in his head, ‘Holy fuck.’

Suddenly the two were jolted as the ferris wheel began moving again. The two turned away and faced the front once again.

           Dean felt awkward as hell. ‘Maybe Cas doesn’t want me to kiss him. Maybe I really am going to fuck this all up… But he grabbed my hand so maybe…’

           They made it back to the bottom and Dean was relieved they could finally get off. But the ride kept going.

           Cas sensed Dean’s fear rising once again and squeezed his hand, “It’s ok, I’ve got you.”

           “Thanks,” Dean said squeezing back. He felt his fear dissipating and was now able to enjoy the views.

           “It is truly beautiful up here,” Cas said,

           “It is,” Dean said back.

           The ferris wheel went around a few times and Ca’s heart never stopped beating fast. He was hyper sensitive to every movement Dean was making. Every tiny twitch of a muscle in Dean’s hand and every small movement he made caused Cas’s heart to race.

           Eventually their ride came to an end and their hands separated.

They walked around for a bit before Dean spotted something he couldn’t pass up. He grabbed Cas’s hand and ran over to a food booth.

Pie. ‘Of course,” Cas thought.

           Cas and Dean ended up getting burgers and pie.

           Although Dean wanted to eat the pie first, Cas insisted that the longer he waits for the pie, the better it will be when he finally eats it.


           “That was so good,” Dean said after finishing his past bite of pie.

           “I agree,” Cas said.

           Dean leaned across the table and wiped his hand just under Cas’s mouth. Dean then licked the remaining pie filing off his finger.  Cas looked back at Dean shocked. Cas blushed deeply as Dean said, “You had something on your face.”

           “T-thank you,” Cas said quietly.


           At this point, Dean was pretty sure Cas would respond kindly to any affection Dean presented to him tonight. Based on everything that had happened so far, his chances were high. But he couldn’t help but think that maybe it still wouldn’t work out. ‘Maybe Cas blushes at everything,’ Dean thought. ‘And he probably would have held Sam’s hand too if they were in the same situation.’

           In reality, Dean really couldn’t picture Cas holding Sam’s hand for any reason. But the thoughts of doubt still crept in.

           After throwing out their plates, the two made it back to the impala and grabbed their jackets and the two blankets. It was getting dark and much colder than Cas had anticipated.

           “Let’s sit here,” Dean said as he laid down the blanket.

           Cas pulled on his coat and sat down on the blanket. He leaned back on his hands as he looked up at the sky. There were stars everywhere and he was in awe. Feeling Dean sit down next to him he said, “They’re beautiful.”

           “They are,” Dean thought. He couldn’t help but also think about how beautiful Cas was. There in that moment, and every moment. “I think you’re going to like the fireworks,” Dean said.

           They talked for another half hour. They talked about hunting and all the things they would have to do when they got back. But they also talked about their day and how much fun they had had. Dean promised Cas that by next year he would be a dart champion and wouldn’t need Dean’s help.

           Although Cas had enjoyed Dean’s help, he was sure being taught by Dean would be just as great.

           As the fireworks were about to start, Dean threw the second blanked over them. He had noticed Cas was starting to shiver and was worried.

           “You ok Cas?”

           “Y-e-e-ea, I’m f-f-fine,” Cas said as he shivered.

           “Shit,” Dean said, “I didn’t think it would be this cold.”

           Dean moved closer to Cas until their arms and legs were touching, “How’s that,”

           “Better,” Cas said as his body begged him to move even closer.

           As the fireworks started Cas started forgetting about the cold. He was mesmerized. He had never seen anything like it before. They were explosions of colors and shapes and designs he never thought coulb be made by an explosion. He never thought something so destructive could end up being that beautiful. He watched for a few minutes in awe. Eventually Dean turned to him saying, “How do you like it?”

           “It’s amazing, it really is; today was amazing, the fireworks are amazing, you are amazing.”

           Before he had realized what he said the words were out. Immediately Cas filled with regret, ‘I shouldn’t have said that,’

           “I’m sorry,” Cas mumbled looking up at Dean waiting to hear Dean tell him he wasn’t like that, and how they should just forget that this ever happened and go home.

           “Don’t be,” Dean said. He took Cas’s jaw in his hand and began slowly leaning closer. “Don’t be,” He whispered.

           Cas felt Dean’s lips hot against his. His body filled with heat as he felt his heart face faster than ever before. After a moment, Dean began moving his lips over Cas’s and Cas soon did the same. Cas felt Dean’s tongue pushing past his lips and he moaned in response. Gripping onto Dean’s supporting arm, Cas began to kiss Dean more passionately as he let his emotions flow through him. He was so happy, he couldn’t imagine a day more perfect than this.

           Suddenly the two broke apart panting softly as they heard the crowd clapping and cheering. They looked up and saw the last of the fireworks go off. Cas smiled thinking about how amazing the fireworks truly were.

           “I think we kinda missed the ending,” Dean laughed.

           Cas pulled Dean in once again and kissed him softly, “I think this was better.”

           Dean kissed him back as the two got lost in the moment once again.

           As they heard people getting up to leave they stood up and collected their things. Dean reached out and took Cas’s hand in his as they walked back to the car.

           Once inside. Dean sat down and took a deep breath, “Are you sure about this, about us?”

           “Yes,” Cas answered, “Why, are you not-?”

           “No, I mean yes. I mean I’m happy. I’m so happy Cas,” Dean said as he pulled his fingers through Cas’s hair.

           “I’ve waited for this, for you, for so long Dean. Since the day we met, since the first touch,” Cas said as he placed his hand over where Dean’s scar was.

           “Fuck, Cas,” Dean said. He pulled the Angel closer and started kissing him again. This time it was Dean’s turn to try to show him just how important he was. Between kisses Dean breathed, “I’ve wanted you for so long-, I just never thought you would ever-, but you did, you do,- God Cas, I love you. I want you to know I love you.”

           Das kissed Dean more deeply as he felt his body swell with emotion. After a few moments their lips parted and Cas said, “I love you too, I always have.”

           “Thank you Cas, thank you so much. For everything,” Dean said.

           Cas smiled back and kissed Dean once again.

           “I think we should get home,” Cas suggested.

           “Yea, ok,” Dean said as he started the Impala and pulled out of the parking lot.


           The two made it home pretty quickly and walked quietly into the bunker.

           As they closed and locked the bunker Dean pulled Cas in for another kiss.

           “Stay with me, tonight,” Dean said looking into Cas’s eyes.

           “Okay,” Cas replied, his heart racing.

           Dean grabbed Cas’s hand and led him through the room. As they walked through the kitchen they saw Sam apparently eating a midnight snack.

           “So,” he smirked, “I see it went well, didn’t it Dean?”

           Cas looked over at Dean confused, “Yes,” he said squeezing Cas’s hand before leading him out of the room and closer to his bedroom.

           “I told you it would jerk,” Sam yelled.

           “Yea, whatever bitch,” Dean said as he opened the door and pulled Cas inside.



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I Understand

I haven’t written anything in a long time. So, I figured I’d take me pretty intense love of Dean and Cas in Purgatory and write a thing based off of the scene where they are reunited in 8.02. My skills are rusty, man. Around 1.4k words.

Dean would have recognized that trench coat no matter what state it had been in. Ripped to shreds, covered in Leviathan goo, sopping wet, or all of the above—it didn’t matter. That coat was stretched taut across a pair of shoulders. Cas’ shoulders. Right there, stooped over the stream running through Purgatory was Castiel.

“Cas!” he hesitated, waiting for a response despite wanting to hurdle toward the angel and dig his fingers into his first taste of familiarity in nearly a year.


Short reply. Typical of Cas but the sound of his voice rang like bells in Dean’s ears and he found himself having to refrain from sprinting to reach him. He moved cautiously despite the only thing on his mind being how badly he wanted to feel a solid form against his being.

“Cas?” he repeated the name he’d spent night after night calling out into the wilderness with no response like it was a question. There was still the possibility that it wasn’t Cas standing before him, but the slightly shocked expression was so quintessentially Cas there was no way any creature could replicate it. Through a mixture of nervousness and joy, a chuckle slipped from his mouth as he drew Cas into a hug.

Cas was rigid, unwelcoming to the arms around him, but it didn’t stop Dean from squeezing tightly and clapping his hand on Cas’ back. He wanted to hold the contact, revel in the way his fingertips could feel the slight give of the muscle in Cas’ shoulder blades through his dirty coat– but he couldn’t and he knew that.

“Damn, it’s good to see you.” He pulled away. His hand lingered on Cas’ shoulder as he stepped back to take in the sight before him. A mess of greasy dark hair and blue eyes paired with an expression that read both somewhat aloof and slightly terrified.

“Nice peach fuzz,” his hand grazed the beard that had grown in scraggly on Cas’ jawline. It was an affectionate touch. Something Dean would have never done outside of the realm they currently stood in, but he had been killing monster after monster in rough combat… he craved tenderness to balance the violence.

“Thank you.” Cas’ eyes darted from Dean to various places in their surroundings.

“You should meet somebody,” Dean pointed his makeshift weapon in the direction of the vampire who had been his only ally since he had lost Cas. “This is Benny. Benny, this is Cas.”

“Hola.” Uneasy, skepticism laced Benny’s voice as his eyes swept over the angel in a trench coat and hospital scrubs.

There was no response from Cas to Dean’s introduction to their company or to Benny’s greeting.

“How did you find me?”

“The bloody way.” Dean halted, his brow creasing as he watched Cas’ obvious, yet well warranted, paranoia read on his features.

“You feeling okay?” he wondered, remembering how Cas had been affected so harshly by taking of Sam’s mental burdens. Now Cas had gone from altogether avoiding conflict and watching bees in gardens, to bloody 360-degree combat.

“You mean am I still…” Cas pointed to his head, making a circular motion with his index finger.

“Yeah, if you want to be on the nose about it, sure.”

An instant response followed. “No. I’m perfectly sane. But, then, 94% of psychotics think they’re perfectly sane, so I guess we’d have to ask ourselves, ‘what is sane?’”

Dean held his breath for a moment, his heart stuttering in his chest. That was certainly Cas. A sane Cas with his long winded rants on questions that involved no more than a yes or a no in response. That was so typically Cas that is caused an ache to spread through the depths of Dean’s chest.

“That’s a good question,” he forced out with breath he didn’t have.

“Why’d you bail on Dean?” Benny’s Louisianan drawl tailed Dean’s words like a chain behind a truck.

“Dude –“ Cas hadn’t bailed on Dean. Cas wouldn’t do that, or at least Dean wanted to believe that Cas wouldn’t do that.

“The way I hear it, you two hit monster land, and hot wings here took off.” Benny pointed his weapon toward Cas, eyes moving slowly between the hunter and the angel. “I figure he owes you some backstory.”

“Look, we were surrounded, okay?” Dean looked from Benny to Cas, brows arched in questioning. “Some freak jumped Cas. Obviously, he kicked its ass, right?”


That was it. All it took to rip Dean Winchester’s heart from his chest. One word. One syllable. Two letters. Whispered with slight hesitance in the angel’s deep rasp.

A blank emptiness had settled over Dean’s face. “What?”

His shoulders heaved with the slight shake of his breath. “You… ran away?” Dean’s words slipped out as betrayal began to mix with rage inside the deepest workings of his mind.

“I had to.”

“That’s your excuse for leaving me with those gorilla-wolves?” the fury was swelling, bubbling away in his gut becoming harder to contain with each passing second. He’d spent nearly a year slaughtering his way through miles of forest and monsters he had no name for, he didn’t want to hear he was alone because Cas ‘had to’ leave him.

“Dean – “

“You bailed out and, what, went camping?” he paused, seething anger invading every cell of his composition as he considered the words he was about to say. “I prayed to you, Cas, every night!” those prayers had been desperate pleas for help. Breakdowns in which Dean had been brought to his knees confessing his needs… Confessing his love. He remembered the times he had prayed to Cas with fists clenched so tight, his knuckles whited out like bone as he fought off angry tears.

“I know.”

“You know and you didn’t…” Dean cut himself short, reeling in what he nearly said. Cas knew. Cas heard every time Dean had thought to the angel 'I need you, because I love you, Cas.’

He squared up his shoulder and set his jaw. “What the hell’s wrong with you?”

“I am an angel in a land of abominations! There have been things hunting me from the moment we arrived.”

“Join the club!” Dean hissed. That was no excuse. No excuse for hearing someone choke out confessions of love and cries for help.

“These are not just monsters, Dean. They’re Leviathan. I have a price on my head, and I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead of them, to – ” Cas’ body seemed to freeze for a split second, averting his eyes from Dean, as if he was considering whether or not what he was about to say would be too much. He began to speak again, his voice coming out much softer, “To keep them away from you.”

The words hit Dean like a big rig semi-truck going full speed nearly knocking the breath from his chest. His entire body seemed to relax upon realizing that Cas was ignoring him because of the fact that he felt just as much need to keep Dean safe as Dean felt toward him.

“That’s why I ran. Just leave me, please.”

Dean could feel Cas’ heartbreak through the static in the air and it was heavy.

“Sounds like a plan. Let’s roll.” Benny agreed, keener on the idea of not dealing with Cas than he had ever been.

“Hold on, hold on.” His eyes didn’t leave Cas for a second. “Cas, we’re getting out of here. We’re going home.”

Dean wasn’t exactly sure what home even was, but he was going to find it with Cas.

“Dean, I can’t.”

“You can! Benny, tell him.”

“Purgatory has an escape hatch, but I got no idea if it’s angel-friendly,” Benny informed Cas, being sure to tack on that extra bit about not being sure if he could pass through it or not.

“We’ll figure it out. Cas, buddy, I need you.”

He said it out loud to Cas himself. He needed him. He needed him for no other reason than being completely in love with him. Cas had messed up, but he was trying.

“Dean…” Cas’ features fell into a look of sorrow as his voice tapered off unable to find words to finish.

“And if Leviathan want to take a shot at us, let ‘em.” A tiny smile turned up one side of Dean’s mouth.

He believed with every part of himself that they could get out of Purgatory together and alive.

“We ganked those bitches once before. We can do it again.”

He believed in Cas.

“It’s too dangerous.”

Dean’s eyes narrowed. “Let me bottom-line it for you. I’m not leaving here without you.” Dean made direct eye contact with Cas in attempt to establish that there was no choice between all or nothing. They were getting out. All of them.


“I understand.”

An Angel’s ‘Birthday’

“I didn’t even think angels had birthdays.” Dean grumbled under his breath as he sulked by another store in the shopping mall in a town they were researching for a hunt. “I mean… they were created before time, right?”

“Dean.” Sam sent his brother a bitch face but didn’t slow his stroll. “Cas wants to be more human. And that includes having a birthday. He picked August 20th for whatever reason so we are just gonna go with it. Stop whining like a bitch.”

“That’s my line.” The older brother stuffed his hands into his jacket pockets and glared at the ground. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to celebrate his boyfriend’s ‘birthday’… it’s just that he didn’t know what in the world to get him. Dean had never been a great gift-giver and he didn’t want to ruin what he has with his angel.

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Like a Flower to the Bee

Based on this prompt. 
Dean doesn’t normally watch the customers who come into his flower shop, but then again the tatted-and-pierced, blue-eyed stranger isn’t your average customer. 
Thank you to supernaturallynoble for her suggestion on what Mary’s favorite flower would be. 



Dean doesn’t like to make a habit of scoping out the random customers that come into his shop, but the dark-haired guy with the unshaven face, full sleeve tattoos and labret piercing gives him pause. Not that he thinks this man is going to give him trouble but really, how often do you see a guy like that in a flower shop.

He is sitting behind the counter, browsing through his copy of The Knot and picking out ideas for next month’s bridal expo, when the bell above the front door goes off. The guy immediately catches his attention. He looks around the shop absently and Dean cringes a little when he reaches out to touch one of the orchids.

“Can I help you?” Dean asks. The man startles a little at the sound and Dean is hypnotized by the bright blue eyes staring back at him.

“Um, I need… flowers?” The man says hesitantly, voice rising at the end. Dean lifts a curious eyebrows and gives a soft chuckle.

“Came to the right place,” he says, gesturing around the shop. The man gives a small smile and nods quickly. He looks up at the sign behind the register and laughs.

“‘How mad is she?’” He reads. “That’s clever.” Dean looks up at the sign where different sized bouquets are lined up from smallest to largest..

“Yeah, wish I could say I came up with it, but…” Dean shrugs and closes the magazine. “So, what kind of flowers are you looking for?” The man stares up at Dean, his expression once again lost.

“Uh… pretty ones?” Dean bites at his lip. He doesn’t want to laugh, but the way the guy says it is so damn adorable, he has a hard time holding back.

“Alright. That’s a… good direction to go in,” he replies. “What’s the occasion?” The man stares at Dean blankly for a moment before blinking several times and shaking his head.

“Um, yes, uh, my sister,” the man says, “she’s… having a baby.”

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SPN at Hogwarts: Time Travelers

People keep liking this little spiel of mine. Oh gosh, I guess it’s a bit bigger than a little now, though. Anywho, since you guys still love this fun thing of mine, I’m making a new chapter.

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SPN at Hogwarts: Time Travelers

Donna tapped Dean on the shoulder. Dean glanced at her.

“What?” he whispered, annoyance in his tone, “We’re in the middle of class, I’m missing what Professor Snyder is saying.”

“I, uh,” she said, clearing her throat nervously, “I…just wanted to ask you…uh…”

Dean gave her a quick glare.

“Come on, just say it,” grumbled Dean, scribbling down notes as best as he could.

“I was wondering where Cas was,” blurted Donna timidly, “I mean, he hasn’t been to class in three days. He’s been glued to you for over a month. What happened?”

Dean froze.

He honestly didn’t know. Dean didn’t think much about it at first. How Ennis, David, and Violet had suddenly been spirited away. How Cas had suddenly been nowhere to be found, that the only glimpses of him with April, with Professor Naomi Shurley, with Professor Chuck Shurley and people Dean had only heard offhandedly by Cas or by shady reputation. People like Michael Shurley who worked higher up in the Ministry of Magic and Uriel Novak who was head of the Aurors.

Dean didn’t quite feel the space between them during those times, however. It was more when Dean sat down at class and didn’t feel the warmth of Cas sitting too close for it to be normal. Dean didn’t feel the distance until Dean said a muggle reference and Dean didn’t see that head tilt, didn’t hear the strange remarks back as Cas tried to decipher his words. Dean didn’t truly feel the cracks in their relationship until Dean walked into a empty hallway and didn’t feel a hand hold his own, didn’t feel a kiss stolen.

“I don’t know what’s happening to him, man,” mumbled Dean, his whole being drooping in held off depression, “He’s always been so mysterious. Hates to push his frigging problems onto others.”

Dean wasn’t sure if it was just that, though. Dean wasn’t sure if he had done something to push Cas away. He thought back to Balthazar and his unnerving discussion with the older student. Dean wondered if Balthazar lied to Dean. Dean wondered if Balthazar told Cas in the end, told Cas everything.

“Well, it’s not like you’ve honestly been that forthright with your problems, Dean,” said Donna.

Dean shifted in his seat uncomfortably, knowing that what Donna said was true. Maybe that was what pushed Cas away. Maybe it was because Dean never really talked about his father to Cas, that Dean rarely spoke about his time outside of Hogwarts.

“It’s not like he asks about my problems,” Dean said lowly, but Dean knew by Donna’s look that it was a crap excuse.

“You really think that’s how a relationship works, you idiot?” Donna said, kicking Dean in the shin under their table, “No wonder Cas isn’t coming to class anymore. Thanks a lot for getting rid of one of the only people who talks to me. You may have a bajillion friends but I don’t so you better make this fine or else I will make you wish you never met the wonderful guy who actually listens to the Witching Hour. I mean, who am I supposed to talk to about the Witching Hour without Cas, DEAN? WHO?”

Dean felt really awkward about that. Throughout the past month or so, Cas had become more and more friendly with Donna, or at least as close as he got to most people.

“I will, Donna, I will, Merlin’s beard,” said Dean guiltily.

Donna sighed.

“I’m more worried about you, honestly,” whispered Donna, “I mean…have you seen you these past couple of days? Trudging around like some zombie. Moping about with that constant pouty face. Barely a joke or a weird reference has come from you since Cas took it on himself to go cold turkey on you.”

Cas cringed when she said that. Cold Turkey. It’s not like Dean was bad for Cas. Dean…Dean didn't think he was bad for Cas. He knew Cas was good for him! He knew that having Cas around…it made him a better person, more open and secure. When Cas was around, hell, he felt like he could believe in himself for once in a way he never thought he could.

Dean never thought about his impact on the nerdy little guy, though. Was he…was he really that bad of an influence on Cas? That he’d just drop Dean like this, with no rhyme or reason, no explanation? Dean hoped he wasn’t. He really hoped he wasn’t.

“Mr. Winchester? Mr. Winchester?”

Dean looked up to see Professor Snyder gaze at him indifferently. Dean straightened up.

“Yes, Professor?” asked Dean.

“I just asked you a question, Mr. Winchester,” said the Professor, “Now, do you or do you not know what year Gellert Grindelvald was defeated by Dumblerdore?”

“Uh, yes, sir,” said Dean, “1945.”

Professor Snyder nodded.

“Good,” said Snyder, “I wish you were paying attention to class, but I can’t say that you’re the best in this class for nothing.”

Dean sunk into his seat. He hated the attention he was getting from that comment, the wandering, jealous eyes set on him with spite. He knew Professor Snyder did that on purpose. The History Professor tended to do this to Dean when he started to slack. Dean almost hated the guy for that.

Snyder took out his pocket watch and grimaced.

“Looks like this class is history for now. Please remember to read up on the period between Grindelvald’s fall and the Rise of Voldemort by next session,” said the professor as the students began to shuffle out.

“Come on, Dean,” said Donna, basically dragging him out of his seat, “If you keep moving at this pace, we’ll get to potions by next week.”

“You can just come with me, Donna,” said Gavin, moving in from behind and pulling Donna close as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, “I hate it when my partner’s last in class anyways.”

“Hey! I’m not last in class usually!” hissed Donna as she got farther and farther ahead, Gavin picking up her pace.

Dean blinked, watching the two. It was strange, really. He never thought Gavin would actually…well, be friendly with Donna. Ever since they were shoved together whenever partners were involved in class, Gavin seemed to soften up. It was sort of nice. Seeing Donna making friends outside of his own social group. Not that Dean thought it was bad that Donna became friends with his own friends, but more that Donna was, well…growing. It was nice.

“Hey! Hey, Dean!”

Dean grinned as Sam rushed up to him.

“Hey, Sammy! What’s up?”

Sam seemed distracted.

“Uh - nothing really. Isn’t that your friend over there? Donna or whatever?”

Dean wasn’t sure why Sam was so curious.


“Who’s that?” asked Sam.

“Oh, uh, Gavin. Donna doesn’t make friends easily, but she seems to be getting close to the guy. Good for her, right?” said Dean, not sure why he was telling Sam all of this. He wasn’t even sure why Sam wanted to know any of this.

“I guess,” grumbled Sam, “Got to go. See you, Dean.”

And like that, Dean was left to his thoughts. He decided not to go to potions that day.

Dean didn’t know why he was doing this. It was a stupid idea, really. It’s not like Professor Sands had shown herself to be distrustful, yet…something about the whole atmosphere she brought this suggestion to him in screamed fishy, to say the least. Nonetheless, Dean had nothing better to do and his curiosity was killing him. Instincts aside, Dean followed those instructions, followed them and waited for the Patronus.

Dean had been waiting there for an hour and was starting to wonder whether or not this was some sort of cruel practical joke. Dean was about to leave, too, right before he saw a small mouse scurry over to him.

The patronus was a scruffy looking mouse. More like a field mouse than anything else. It’s nose twitched, glancing up at Dean as if it had eyes. For a moment, all Dean could do was stare at the thing in disbelief.

Finally, the patronus moved. It scurried a few meters deeper into the Forbidden Forest before it turned around, glancing back at Dean. Dean began to follow the patronus, hoping Dean wasn’t being led astray. Dean had been used too many times to not be wary about this.

Dean found himself going deeper and deeper into the mysterious forest, remembering the horrors that lay in them during his last venture into the woods. But something about the mouse was…well, it was soothing. Something drew Dean to it that Dean didn’t understand.

Finally, Dean saw something in the distance. It was something Dean hadn’t seen the last time he came through this dangerous place. In the distance there was a field. A long, winding field with something that looked like an archaic house in the middle. Dean wondered who would live in such a place. Why would someone want to live in such an isolated way, in such a deadly environment?

Probably because they were dangerous. The thought just blossomed without Dean even taking the time to think. Dean shivered at the thought. Who was powerful enough to think they could just live here peacefully, knowing nothing would be stupid enough to attack them? Was this truly a place Dean wanted to go?

Dean didn’t know. He honestly didn’t know. All he knew was that the mouse patronus was getting farther and farther away and Dean didn’t want to lose it.

The house was older than Dean thought it was, more archaic than archaic, and there was something unerringly horrible about it. As if it were misplaced in time, as if it should have never been there in the first place. Something kept pulling Dean towards it, though. He only stopped to stare at the line of Langstroth hives. He stared at them, stared at the bees.

They reminded Dean of Cas. They reminded Dean of a day where he had found Cas sprawled on the Quidditch field, watching a flower in the distance. Dean had sat down next to him - laid down, really - and tried to see what Cas was seeing. When Dean asked, Cas simply said he was watching the bees. And there, they sat for a few hours, just staring at the bees. Dean didn’t know why Cas wanted to watch those bees, but Dean stayed there to try to understand.

The bees gave him such mixed feelings.

Dean tensed up. There was a sound nearby. An aura of some sort he could just feel in the air. Dean felt raw from seeing those bees. But then…there was that patronus again. That small, field mouse patronus. Dean didn’t know why, but…that mouse was soothing.

“So you’re Dean Winchester?”

Dean could hear someone walking over to him.

“I didn’t think John’s eldest kid would look so…well, you’ve got delicate features. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, though.”

Dean turned to see a man he’d never seen before. He was young. Older than Dean, probably by a decade or so, but his eyes were youthful, naive in some way Dean hadn’t felt since his mother was alive. Something about his eye color, that hair…it reminded Dean of someone.

The rest of him felt quite alien to Dean, though. The slight figure, as if he hadn’t punched a man in his life. He looked like a man who’d spent most of his life indoors, with skin pale as that. He was wearing clothes that cost more than everything Dean owned.

Dean narrowed his eyes.

“Who’s asking?”

When the man stepped forward, Dean stepped back. Some of Dean’s tension left him when the patronus scurried over to the man, disappearing as it went. There was this sad smile on his face.

“Field mice,” said the man, “Millie was always fond of them. Said they were her favorite animals.”

Millie. Dean had heard that name before. He didn’t remember where, but he knew a Millie from hearsay and whispers.

“I suppose it makes sense that…that my patronus became what it is now. After I heard that…well…An owl doesn’t quite fit her memory.”

There was a sullenness to this man. Dean was suddenly afraid of knowing who this was. He felt like he should run. He felt like he never should have came.

“I heard you’re the best in your class,” said the man, “Just as I suspected from you. Your brother seems to be doing just as well. I’m just glad you two took that from me, at the very least. Or perhaps you found it in Millie. She had the chance to go to college, and back then, well, that was a rarity within itself. Majored in the sciences, though she was always good with her hands. Tinkered with cars with her father and brothers on days off from assisting at the lab.”

Dean didn’t quite understand. Dean wasn’t sure if he wanted to understand. The words came out of his mouth anyways.

“Who are you?”

The man extended his hand.

“Henry Winchester, and I must say, it is a pleasure to me-”

Dean punched the twerp in the face, the fragile man tumbling backwards onto the ground. He groaned, standing up as he held his face gingerly.

“Is that how your father taught you how to greet a man?”

Dean spat a laugh out.

“Yeah,” said Dean, nodding, “Actually, yeah, that’s how he taught me how to greet people like you. You know, the ones who abandon their own children.”

“That…that wasn’t planned. Not at all. You have to understand that, Dean,” said Henry, wincing as his cheek began to swell a bit.

“Like it's ever okay to do that to a kid, whether or not you meant to,” Dean hissed, “I swear, when I have children, I will never do what you did.”

Henry nodded.

“And that will probably be for the best. I hope you don’t. I pray you never have to.”

There was something horrifying in his voice. Something dark under the calculative and logical tone Henry had. Dean wasn’t sure if fear or anger was the correct response to it.

“I didn’t bring you hear to talk about John, though,” said Henry, “While I have much to repair in that area of my life, well…we unfortunately have more pressing matters to attend to.”

Dean didn’t like the sound of that.

“What could be more important than family?” said Dean, disbelief washing over him.

Henry looked hurt, but shook off the comment rather quickly.

“You can’t just be selfish and think only of what you hold dear. Sometimes, you have to look at the big picture. Try to stop a looming evil before you think of your own problems.”

Dean glared at him.

“And is that what you’ve been doing? You’ve been just - what - sitting in that stupid house over there, fighting the good ol’ fight since you left my dad all alone with his mom, left them poor as hell?”

Dean could tell a part of Henry was breaking.

“Please,” said Henry quietly, “I didn’t mean for this…I didn’t mean to leave John behind, Millie behind…I can’t do anything about it, though. I have to push forward now.”

Something was off.

“Why do you want to talk to me, anyways? You disappeared without a trace when my dad was a kid, and now, what? Is this ‘recruit your grandson for your shady activities day’ or something?”

Henry shook his head.

“You’re mistaken to think I was the one who recruited you, Dean,” said Henry, “Make no mistake, I do truly want to be part of your life. Part of yours as well as John’s and Sam’s lives, but…I was not the one who recruited you.”

Dean was confused.

“Who, then?”

“Actually, I did.”

Dean wasn’t sure what to expect from the man dressed in the beekeeping outfit. he didn’t seem exactly horrible. Dean didn’t get that sort of air from him. No, there was something tragic about this man. Why else would he be out here in the middle of nowhere, tending to these bees? 

“Are we just going to play Guess Who or are you going to tell me your name?” asked Dean.

The beekeeper smiled.

“You’re more like me than I thought you would be,” said the beekeeper, “Strange how after so many generations, history just loves repetition.”

Dean didn’t like where this conversation was going. From what Dean knew about prophecy and fate, well, nothing seemed good to him.

“Cain,” said the man.“

Dean waited.

"What? No last name?” asked Dean.

“No. Just Cain.”

“And why would you want me here, Just Cain?” asked Dean, crossing his arms.

Cain turned and began to walk into his house.

“Come on, Dean. We’ll talk about this inside,” said Henry.

Dean glanced at his young grandfather. He didn’t understand how he looked so young.

“If he wanted me, why were you brought here?” Dean asked.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” said Henry, “We all must play our roles. All the world’s a stage and the play’s the thing. How must we find the truth in actions if we don’t set up scenarios to shed light on that truth?”

“What about ask?” asked Dean incredulously.

Henry sighed.

“If only it were so simple,” said Henry, “But it won’t be so for us. Not on this matter.”

The inside was quaint. Dated, yes, but not horrible. It was actually sort of homey, kind of…well…nice.

“Sit down,” said Cain, putting his beekeeping equipment away, “It will probably be best for all of us if we sit.”

Hesitantly, Dean sat down on the ancient couch, unsure of the situation he was in. Should he really be there?

“Now, it has come to my attention that you are close friends with a young man by the name of Castiel Novak. Is that correct, Dean?”

Dean tensed. Cas. All this vagueness, all this mystery, it all was connected to Cas and that terrified Dean.

Dean gulped.

“Yeah,” said Dean, “What’s it to you?”

Henry and Cain gave each other looks, as if talking to one another in some silent code.

“Dean,” said Henry, trying to find the words, “Dean, this may be hard for you to understand right now, but…Castiel…he’s going to become someone very dangerous soon. He could hurt a lot of people. He could..do a lot of horrible things.”

Dean glared.

“Cas wouldn’t do that. This is Cas we’re talking about. He…”

Dean paused.


Dean was going to say Cas couldn’t hurt a fly, but that would be a flat out lie. Dean knew Cas could do more than just hurt a fly. He had seen Cas do more than just that.

“…He’d rather help people than hurt. He wants to be a healer, not some hammer.”

Henry shook his head.

“No,” said Henry, “He definitely has the ability to become something haunting. You may be clouded by your friendship with him, but we are not. There’s a storm coming, and we intend to make sure it doesn’t destroy us all.”

Dean couldn’t believe this. He wouldn’t. He trusted Cas, he wouldn’t let some strangers tell him that Cas was anything less than a good person.

“I didn’t see it happening to Colette.”

That grabbed Dean’s attention. He turned to Cain.

“Colette…she was so good. She meant well, she wanted to be a good person, she made me want to be a better person. I was a monster, once upon a time. Someone who couldn’t look himself in the mirror, someone who gave into giving pain because taking pain was too much. I was a coward before her, a righteous man who wanted to do what was right, but fell into the grasps of darkness. And she?”

He laughed somberly.

“People came. They warned me. They warned me and I thought I could protect her from that fate. I thought I could save her like she saved me. I distanced us from others, I made sure we were somewhere hard to find, hard to get to. We were happy. But…the next round of people weren’t as concerned. They managed to take me out, almost killed me, made her think I was dead. That was when…she gave in. They told her she could save me from death if she gave in to those inner demons of hers. And she did. She gave in and became a monster, something godlike and fearful.”

He began to roll up his sleeve. On his forearm was the strangest mark.

“I had to take matters into my own hands. You see, Dean, I’m cursed. This mark of mine allows me to live without death. It brings me the power to kill gods like what she became…”

There was this pause. This terrifying pause that made Dean want to flee. Because deep in his heart, he just knew what was coming next. He just couldn’t.


Dean didn’t know what he was saying no to, it was just…


He shook his head, his lips trembled.

“You need to take it, Dean. Before it’s too late, before Castiel does something he will forever regret - Take it. Stop him from becoming a monster.”

“I - I can’t,” said Dean, feeling his eyes watering, panic filling him, “You can’t ask me that. You just can’t. You don’t understand. I can’t do that to Cas. Cas is family. Sam and I - We need Cas….I…I need Cas.”

Dean felt fear swarming within him, taking over. He didn’t know how they would react to this. He didn’t know what he was saying. All he knew was that it was all true and he couldn’t do it.

Dean stood up.

“I’ll stop him. I’ll make sure he doesn’t. Please!…Just…Please don’t ask me to do that,” begged Dean.

Henry stood up.

“Cain, I think we should give him a chance,” said Henry.

Cain looked away.

“We are so alike that it hurts,” said Cain.

“No,” Dean said, shaking his head, “If we were so alike, than you should know that I would never want anyone to ask that of me.”

Cain laughed bitterly.

“I ask you this because I’m the only one in this group who understands the pain of this. I know how this will all end.”

“No. I highly doubt that. Prophecies are broken everyday. I won’t. I can’t. I will never,” said Dean.

“It may be a bit early to say you’d never,” Cain said gravely.

Cain glanced from Henry to Dean.

“Fine. Have it your way, Dean. Don’t take up your family’s burden,” said Cain, “But remember that I will be here for you when you’re ready, because trust me when I say that you will come back one day in the near future, cursing that you didn’t take this while you had an easier target.”

“If it’s fine with you, then, I’m going to leave,” said Dean, “I’m tired of you two trying to convince me I should kill my boyfriend.”

There was a tense silence.

“I think I’ll walk him out,” said Henry, ushering Dean towards the door.

“Even if we’re meeting under such harsh circumstances, I’m glad that I was able to meet you,” said Henry, walking past the beehives with Dean, “I would like to meet with you once more. Not for a higher mission of any sort, but…just to get to know you. You and Sam. Possibly your father, if we can find him. He’s a nomadic man. I don’t know where he got that from.”

“Maybe. I’ll…I’ll have to think about it. I have a lot to think about,” said Dean, feeling tired.

Henry nodded.

“Of course,” said Henry, “my patronus will lead the way back.”

Dean took comfort with the field mouse, walking with it and wondering what his grandmother was like.


Someone stop me from thinking so hard about this stupid show

I was just watching Shut Up, Dr. Phil in my rewatch and I had a terrible realization about Sam’s side of things in the aftermath of Amy’s death as it relates to his perspective on Dean’s spiraling behavior.

So, the first time we see Dean in the episode he’s having the nightmare about Cas, Sam’s hallucinations, and killing Amy. These flashes spell out for the audience what’s dragging Dean down throughout the episode. Sam comments constantly throughout the episode about Dean’s drinking and tries multiple times to get him to open up, until very plainly bringing it up to Dean at the end.

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My two cents

Just my two cents about the whole fandom fighting that’s going on around the whole Cain/Abel/Colette parallels with Dean/Sam/Lisa vs Dean/Sam/Cas.

From where I am, I just don’t see the Lisa connection. There was nothing at all to indicate anything about her return, and while I wouldn’t say it is definitely off the cards, I feel sure that they would have at least hinted at her returning somewhere before now. Even just a line from Dean saying “man, I really miss Ben & Lisa” or something along those lines. Perhaps not as explicit, but something that gives you that sense. There was also nothing in what Cain said/did that reflected Lisa at all (and we know that they are using heavy mirroring in this season, so surely something would have shown up before now). Here is a brief list:

1. Colette rescued him (metaphorically, of course).
2. Colette knew everything about who he was & what he had done, and forgave him for it. She loved him unconditionally.
3. He prayed to her.
4. She watches over him.

None of that really applies to Lisa.

1. Dean showed up on her doorstep, and she took him in. Yes, she looked after him, but her priority was always (and rightfully) Ben. Even Dean gave the impression that Ben was the more important one to him (on screen at least). I’m not saying that they didn’t love each other, because they really did, but I think that Dean more loved the idea of Lisa (as Jensen himself said), and that Lisa, while she loved Dean, recognised that he was bad for her. She knew it could never work.

2. Dean only told her what she needed to know, and pretty sure it wasn’t everything. She certainly didn’t seem to know most of the bad shit around hell etc. And her love wasn’t exactly unconditional. She did want him to change.

3. He has never prayed to her. He never even really speaks of her.

4. She definitely doesn’t do this - she doesn’t even remember him.

Cas, on the other hand, is represented symbolically throughout the episode. Cas this season has been associated with roses - Cain had a lot of rose imagery throughout his house. The wallpaper, the teacups, the photo of Colette. And Cas is heavily associated with bees (thank you S7). And what did we have repeatedly shoved in our faces? Bees and bee imagery. If that isn’t supposed to make you think of Cas, I don’t know what is (other than pictures of Cas himself plastered everywhere & like that is a possiblity). And as for the list:

1. He literally rescued Dean from hell. It may have been a mission, but that was just the start of rescuing Dean in every possible way.

2. Cas has seen everything there is to see about Dean. He held his soul. Just the last episode, Dean came clean and told Cas everything that had happened and what he had done, and Cas forgave him. No matter what Dean does, Cas is there and continues to love him (whether you read that love as romantic or platonic, I think everyone is pretty clear that Cas loves Dean).

3. Dean prays to Cas all the time. He prayed to him every night in purgatory, he prayed to him all night while Sam was in the hospital, he prays to Cas every time he needs anything, even if it’s just reassurance.

4. Cas watches over Dean. He watched him raking leaves. He says he’ll watch over him in 8.08.

And while talking about the watching over him, we sorta have to take into account Robbie’s tweets about the episodes he was watching while writing this episode, 5.13 and 6.20. There are two connections to this episode:

5.13 Michael says their line goes back to Cain & Abel.
6.20 Cas makes mention of seeing Cain & Abel.


5.13 Mary says “Angels are watching over you”
6.20 Cas watches over Dean.

So we’ve got two references to Cain & Abel, and two references to angels watching over Dean.

This is why I believe that the parallel is Dean/Sam/Cas and NOT Dean/Sam/Lisa. Narratively it is the only one that makes sense. I can see why people would see Lisa (to a certain extent), but really the only mirror that fits in with Lisa is that she & Dean were romantically attached, like Cain & Colette. Which is also why I see this as the biggest red flag that Destiel is going to happen in one form or another (and also why I think Abaddon is going to possess Cas & Dean is going to save him, but that is for another time).

Actually, as a side note, that now makes two interspecies relationships in a row - an angel and a human (Abner & his family), and a demon and a human (Cain & Colette, which also ties in nicely to Jeffrey and his demon from 7.15 Repo Man). And if the promos for next week are anything to go by, we may just have a relationship between a human & a monster (Garth & a werewolf), depending on IF Garth has really been turned, and if he has, whether he found love THEN turned or whether he found love AFTER he was turned.

A continuation of my “Accidental First Date” ficlet, because so many people asked. 


Castiel sits in his brother’s kitchen, quietly munching on Meg’s leftover meatloaf, and watching as Balthazar tries to feed their adorable, although rambunctious 8-month-old.

“No, no, Hannah, love,” Balthazar coos, as the baby squeals gleefully, flailing her chubby hands. “We do not put pears in our hair. No. Pears. In. The. Hair.” Castiel snorts and shakes his head.

“What?” Balthazar asks over his shoulder as he tries to slip a spoon into the babies mouth.

“Nothing,” Castiel says, as he takes another bite of green bean casserole. “I just recall this image of you passed out drunk on mom and dad’s front lawn… in full drag.”

“eh…College,” Balthazar shrugs. “So how are things, Castiel?” He scoops another spoonful of puree into the baby’s mouth. Cas shrugs slightly, wondering how he is going to bridge this subject with his brother.

“I, uh, had a date last night,” he offers quietly. Balthazar turns in his seat and stares at Castiel is disbelief.


“Yes,” Cas says, scooping up a forkful of potatoes.

“Like an actual, real-life, date? With another person?” Balthazar inquires. “You know it doesn’t count if it’s your waiter….”

“Yes” Cas emphasizes. “Honestly, that was one time…”

“I thought you were put-off from dating, especially after, whatshername… Crazy-Face.”

“April,” Castiel corrects, although he doesn’t entirely disagree with the moniker.

“Whatever,” Balthazar mumbles, giving the spoon to Hannah for her to gnaw on so he can turn to face Cas. “So? Details?”

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