i was just really lucky


Lisanne: I mean you could say that but it could have been. Anyway, I should be getting back. I just really hope you remember how lucky you are Ms. Philomel. Dan’s so considerate that it’s easy for a woman to want to snatch him away. 

Silvia: Excuse me? 

Lisanne: I’m just saying, you should be careful, having such an open husband could make any woman uneasy. Anyway, I’ll see you soon, Ms. Philomel? I need to be in the meeting with, Dan. Do have a pleasant afternoon. 


Tae & Lou, 2016

I don’t ever post things like this but as I look through the gallery of my phone, I can really understand just how lucky I am to have this beautiful Queen in my life. Blessed is an understatement.

P.S. - Send me some questions for us to answer on Youtube. OUR channel is in the works. ;)

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I don’t know. It’s hard to isolate. I guess I’m still in that process. You still slightly down that you’re ever going to work again, every time you finish something. That’s the territory of being an actor. It’s like anything that’s competitive. It takes a lot of determination. I just feel lucky to be able to do something that I really love.

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Romina, you are a fandom conductor of light and I appreciate you. :D Inquiring minds (read: likely just me) want to know what is you favorite photo (or photos if you can't narrow it down to just one) of Martin? I would say that I am inquiring 'coz I'm conducting an experiment (its for a case, I swear), but really its just 'cuz I'm curious.

Oh dear!! That’s such a hard question because I literally fall in love with every photo i see of Martin… I’ll just post a few that I really love

(i’m the lucky owner of this following 2 photos in a3 print ♥)

ok im going to stop ahhahahaha as you can see i can’t pick one!! and there are so many more i didnt add.

Just reached 4000 followers on Instagram, which is a big deal because of the number, but it makes me happy because I couldn’t draw anything but buildings just a year ago. Then X-Files happened, and the flying saucers, the cabins, the cacti, the planets, the mountains, the trees, and so on.

And in that time.. I found all of you. I won’t really comment on what’s going on at the moment, but I just want to say that I genuinely feel privileged to know all of you. You’re challenging at times, but so am I, so I guess it’s a perfect match.

Anyway, thank you ❤️


All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.


“I think I was really lucky growing up, I just had a mother who- there were no limitations, whatever I wanted to try, I was always so encouraged, my father as well, and my brother… I just had strong women around me to kind of encourage and nurture that. That being said, some of the things that I’ve experienced, personally, in my life, are, you know, I would never want that to be something that my daughter went through and I think it’s very hard, I was saying this earlier, I think it’s very hard sometimes for men to understand how deeply we can feel, some of these issues, because some people, they don’t see them happening in the workplace, or on the street corner, or the grocery store, or all these things and I just think it’s wonderful that people are speaking up and uniting.”


“When I’m looking out into this audience, I can see every single one of you. It makes me think about how right now, I’m playing a show, and we’re dancing together… but pretty soon, we’re not going to be anymore and it will be just a memory that I’ll play when I go through a really bad day. And anytime I don’t have perspectives on my life, I will think about this. I just wanted you to know that you make me feel really lucky.”

Wanted to draw some fanart of these three for a while now.

@mcsiggy, @caezsucksdangs, and @toastyhat have all been such influences on my artwork and I think everyone should give them lots of love.

So, here’s Nina (who I just really wanted to draw) with Seirath, Lucky, and Chazei. Because I think these three would totally be up for a selfie.

The Halcyon ep6

Tonight’s episode of The Halcyon was written by me. I’m very fond of this show - created by the very clever Charlotte Jones - and I’m very happy with this ep, which is not something I can always say and mean it. 

You might work on writing an episode of tv drama for anywhere from four to twelve months of your life, sinking all your heart into every line, and it will be your baby right up until you hand over that final draft… Then, it’s gone. Your work might get “polished” by the head writer/showrunner until it’s no longer quite yours, or worse, something essential will get changed in tone or meaning that totally betrays your intent. 

If you’re really lucky, as I am in this case, everything just clicks. I love these characters and this world, my script editors were total legends, the director has done a brilliant job, everyone on the crew is obviously tremendously talented, and the cast are stellar. 

Seriously, this cast. They’re so!! good!!! I’m thrilled they’ve found adoring fans on tumblr, especially newcomers like Akshay Kumar and Edward Bluemel. 

ANYWAY if you’re watching The Halcyon I hope you enjoy tonight’s ep. Come talk to me afterwards if you want. I’m also here for general screaming about how dreamy Sope Dirisu is. 

“Primer” (Hyungwon Fluff)

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Title: Primer

Featuring: Hyungwon (monsta x) x Reader

POV: First person

Rating: PG

Summary: As Hyungwon’s make-up artist, getting to be close to him every day is good enough, until he has other plans.

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When I finished school, I imagined quite the future for myself. My sights were set on theater, elaborate stage make-up and prosthetics every night, getting to channel my crazy inner-visions to the face of an actor.  It would be the dream.

That’s not quite what happened.

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