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I’ve seen a lot of positivity posts for new artists on tumblr. And, that’s important, but I don’t see a lot for new writers.

So, here’s to the new writers and authors.

Here’s to that kid writing fanfiction in their room, hoping to God nobody finds their work because it’s for their eyes only. You go. Write what makes you happy. You’ll be glad you did, even if you’re cringing at it a decade from now, you’ll be happy you did it.

Here’s to the girl writing online about her favorite boy band or artist. You go, girl. Work those writing skills. You’re learning with every imaginary interaction.

Here’s to the person in their 50s deciding they want to start on some realistic fiction. Go and do it. It’s never too late to start. I’ll bet you’ve got some awesome ideas.

Here’s to the person that randomly got inspiration one day and is just now trying their hand at poetry. You’re improving with every poem. Whether you just want to write a haiku, or you’re aiming to write an epic poem to rival the odyssey, you can do it. Your imagination is big enough, I promise.

Here’s to the college student writing that short story feverishly when they should be writing a paper. Work your creative muscles. You’ve got them, no matter how much you try to convince yourself you don’t.

Take those burning ideas in your head and write them out. You will make some mistakes. We all make a lot of mistakes. We never stop making mistakes.

Remember: you are creative enough, your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect, grammar is a bitch, so don’t beat yourself up if you mess it up sometimes, and make sure to have as much fun as you can.

Advice for beginners in bullet journaling!

I want to start with the fact that I am no expert in bullet journaling, I started a bit more than a year ago and I’ve learned a lot in this year!

1. It’s okay if your bullet journal does not look like the ones on tumblr. When I first started bullet journaling I always went on tumblr and tried to copy what all the other people were doing which are super incredible spreads using like 20 different kinds of pens and washi tapes and yours might not look the same which can really discourage you. Looking for inspiration on Tumblr is great, but stick to something simpler and something you would like if you’re just starting now.

2. You don’t need a moleskin/leuchtturm notebook. I know that a lot of people say those are the notebooks that are specifically made for bullet journaling and such, but ANY notebook would work, I for example have a notebook that I just randomly bought in Amsterdam last year and I still have it and it works perfectly for everything.

3. At the beginning you’re going to want to do a lot of ‘lists’ and different spreads, which is hard to keep up with. Speaking from experience here, I made lots of different kinds of spreads like ‘books I’ve read’ and ‘how many eps of this tv show I’ve watched and its just frustrating to keep up with, so my advice from this is to start lists that you know you will keep up with.

4. Make it yours. Now I know how vague this sounds, so let me explain a bit further. You do not need to do what everyone’s doing, for example the ‘index’ at the beginning doesn’t work for me at all. If something doesn’t work for you, don’t force it, because you will start to feel discouraged. If you’re a student, make it more about studying and how many hours you spent on it or a grades tracker.

5. It’s okay to have a messy bullet journal. I see all these beautiful, perfectly lined bullet journals on tumblr and I get kind of self conscious about how mine should look, but you shouldn’t do that. Bullet journaling is something that helps you be more efficient in life and helps you keep up with your own life and everyone has their own pace.

6. You can’t expect to love your bullet journal when you start. There’s a lot you have to experiment with a lot of different things and what works for you, because you’re probably reading this like ‘I don’t know what works for me’ and that’s why you have to experiment.

Extra fast tips :

1. Check ‘bujo battles’ by @studyign​ on Youtube. She shows you the bullet journals of a lot of different people and how different they can look and how differently you can use your bullet journal to the original one. (Bujo stands for bullet journal)

2. When buying a notebook make sure the papers are not thin, because your pens and markers are definitely gonna bleed through.

3. The tags #bujo #bulletjournal has a bunch of simple bullet journal setups.

Go set them up and be your best self with your brand new bullet journal! + I also post a lot of my imperfect, but efficient bujo spreads so be sure to follow me:)

I want to discuss boob writing further. (Reference point is my last reblog for anyone wondering.)

My point of contention regarding men-writing-women isn’t so much “women consider their breasts in non-sexual ways 90% of the time,” as it is “the male approach to how women think about their breasts sexually is fundamentally incorrect and actively destroys female agency.”

Because women (those who have breasts, who enjoy their breasts in a sexual way, who are sexual beings — which is many women but not all women) do think about their breasts sexually. But we do it when in a sexual context.

The male framing is so often similar to “I was inspired to think about sex by a leaf falling on my breast.” A non-sexual event inspires sexual thoughts. I’m sure this seems like a grand and poetic way to frame things, but it’s also why so much of male writing of female thoughts is laughable.

It’s really a lot more dull and simple than that. You’re already thinking about sex, or a person you’re attracted to, and then you start to notice the impact your thinking has on your body. It’s the complete reverse of how it’s so often portrayed by male authors. It’s not that your loose blouse that you wore bralessly grazed your nipple and oh god, that feels good, isn’t it nice that they’re on their way because you’re so turned on now. It’s that you put the blouse on without a bra because you know they’re coming over and you were already thinking about sex. If the loose-blouse-no-bra attire occurred separate from a sexual context, you’re going to instead feel tickled or overstimulated by it, dependent on the sensitivity of your breasts/nipples. You’re going to think, “Why didn’t I wear a bra? Oh yeah, because nothing is happening and it’s more comfortable. This has literally nothing to do with men.”

The whole “randomly thinking about my tits” thing in female characters is quite revealing of how little agency male writers want to give women. We don’t get to think of sex on our own because women can be sexual beings; we have to be inspired to think of sex by an external trigger: motion, usually, in a way that men who are attracted to women find pleasing.

Even more absurd is how often the boob details have nothing whatsoever to do with sexual thoughts: it’s just, like, “well, my female protagonist is standing here, but have I told the reader what’s up with her boobs yet?” Like breasts are a whole other character. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Her Tastefully Augmented Tits.

Male writers assume female thoughts originate in the male gaze. We don’t even get to own our own body parts.

completelytwitterpated  asked:

HI HI HI OMG I REALLY LOVE YOUR SHINEE and MX HOLDING HANDS EVEN THO UR JUST FRIENDS THING HUHU (TBH I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING IN GENERAL LIKE U INSPIRE ME TO WRITE thank u for taking the time to do all this ahhh) I was wondering if you could write one for GOT7?! love those boys to death ahhh

org req: what would mx do if you were to randomly hold their hand while you guys are walking down the street, but you’re just friends? (They like you and you like them but you’re not dating)?

JB seems like he’d kind of get a little embarrassed and sort of not hold your hand back just because he’d be unsure of the situation and if you wanted him to react. You’d maybe ask him if it’s too awkward for you to hold his hand and he’d be like “No, it’s just,,,,,,do you want me to hold your back?” and you’d just be like yes oh my god Jaebum that’s what I want and he’d be like oh! well then I could do that. I think you’d see JB’s super soft side come out.

Mark would wordlessly move his hand so that instead of you just holding his, he can entwine your fingers together. You’d be a little startled, but Mark would regard it really calmly because hey - you initiated this, why not make it as romantic as possible? Mark has a lot of moves up his sleeve. 

Jackson would try to contain his excitement, but his palm is getting sweaty and all of a sudden he’s skipping instead of walking and you’d giggle into your free palm because Jackson seems over the clouds just with hand holding and you’d sort of wonder would he just combust if you kissed him on the cheek? Yes, yes he would. 

Jinyoung would give you a look, a kind of questioning and curious look. You might slow down and he’d sort of ask you, straightforwardly if you’re holding his hand because you think you’re going to get lost or for the other obvious reason. When you give your answer, Jinyoung will kind of look at your hand before smiling to himself and gripping your palm in his a little tighter. 

Youngjae would get scared and assume something is happening and be like “Ah- is everything ok? Did someone scare you?” and you’d be like “No, I just,,,,,,,your hand looked soft so I wanted to hold it.” and Youngjae would get a little pink in the face but say something silly like “O-oh it’s not that soft,,,,,,” because he’d be a little shy but you’d just laugh and be like “Really? I think it is!” which would make him get even more soft but it’d be adorable. 

Bambam would try and play oblivious and chill, but inside he’s probably losing it. He’d at some point be like “Do you want to switch hands, just this one is getting a little hot?” and you’d look up at him and that’s when Bambam would crack and be like “We don’t have to switch, please keep holding my hand.”  

Yugyeom would giggle and start humming to himself in happiness and he’d kind of think you’re just being playful but if you bring up his hand and kiss the top of his palm he’d maybe hiccup in surprise but then go straight back to giggling. He’d be really happy though, because finally you guys get to do cute couple like things (and Jinyoung isn’t there to prevent it I mean what?)


All I know is a simple name
Everything has changed 

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Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. 

You stare at the closed door in front of you and take a deep breath for the third time tonight. You’re standing outside your boyfriend’s apartment, like you’ve done a thousand times before. It’s the same chipped and faded paint on the wood you’ve seen that has been etched into your memory, along with the same useless doorbell that never works- But it all feels different, because of what you’ve come here to do.

You are completely, totally, hopelessly in love with Daveed Diggs. He feels the same way about you, you know he does. He’s expressed it breathlessly between kisses, in dorky love letters, and in a song coupled with Lin’s awkward beatboxing in the background. And because the two of you are in love, you want to do what people who are in love do.

In the year that you’ve been dating he has mostly managed to keep his hands off of you. You never went much further than the occasional hasty make out session on the couch, but lately you’d been wanting more. You came to his apartment with the intention of finally, finally taking that next step with him. You are worried about one thing, though, since you are an absolutely clueless virgin. You’ve never done this before, but have always imagined how it would go… your first time being so intimate with another human being. Thinking it through from the last couple of days, you convinced yourself you had nothing to worry about. He’s always been so caring with you, and you’re not a child. You know how this works.

You finally knock on the door, smoothing out your dress and fixing your hair as you wait. You’ve chosen to wear something that you know makes you look irresistible-a short, sleeveless dress, lace tights, and your lucky heels, all in black. It should definitely do the trick.

Soft footsteps come closer, and the door opens to reveal your boyfriend, messy haired and as cute as ever.

“Hey, Y/N,” He beams at you, his brown eyes shining with joy from your surprise of just randomly showing at his door. He’s so cute that you nearly forget to respond.

“Hi, Dave. Mind if I come inside?” You smile back, trying to add an edge to your voice that you hope is anything near sexy.

“Not at all, sugar,” He ushers you inside and kisses your cheek as you brush past him. “What inspired this visit?” He hums against your neck, slipping his arms around your waist.

“Oh, nothing, I just wanted to see you. That’s all,” You reply coyly.

“Well, you’re always welcome here. I can never get enough of you,” He’s still smiling at you, although it’s more of a smirk now. Maybe he knows what you’re up to. Still in an almost-embrace, you drift into the living room and onto the couch.

“Do you want a drink? I could get us some beers,” Daveed asks.

“How about something a little more… sophisticated?” You suggest sinking your vision to his eyes, hoping that you’re still being subtle.

He must have caught on to your plan, because his eyebrows quirk up, like they always do when he’s in a playful mood. “Coming right up, doll,” he says and whisks to the kitchen and returns shortly with two blood-red glasses. When he gives you yours your hands touch and linger. It’s as if every time your skin has come into contact, from the kiss at the door to this quick moment, sparks have flown between the two of you. Even making eye contact with him over the rim of your glass has you feeling hot all over.

It doesn’t take long before both of your glasses are drained and you’re basically in his lap, toying with the buttons at the top of his shirt. You kick off your shoes so you can bring your feet up on the couch. Looking down at you, he pulls you closer to him, as if it were even possible. It’s still chaste and innocent. You’re only playing with each other’s hair, looking into each other’s eyes. His gaze keeps flicking down to your lips, which you had agonized over for some time, delicately painting on the perfect shade of red. Then his lips are on yours, soft at first and then building up to something dangerous and reckless. There’s teeth, there’s tongue, it’s filthy and you love it. Your lipstick is definitely ruined but you couldn’t care less.

He pushes you onto your back, suddenly harsh and commanding. He has total control over you, and you’re just helplessly needy, arching into his touch and chasing those wonderful feelings he’s giving you. There’s that sinful thing he does with his tongue, and the way he keeps grinding his hips where your dress has ridden up… It’s too much and not enough.

“Maybe we should… Mmf… Go to your room?” You ask as he stops his assault on your lips to nibble at your collarbone.

He simply nods, holding your hand on the way there and looking at you like he wants to devour you. He throws you onto the bed, making you squeak in surprise. “I want you, and I’m going to take you… I’ll make you mine, babydoll…” He murmurs and literally tears your tights off your legs. The amount of force he’s using begins to scare you.

Your dress is the next to go. Thankfully, he manages to keep it in one piece. Now you’re fully exposed, except for a thin lace bra which he makes quick work of. He’s straddling you at this point, and you can feel his erection straining in his skinny jeans. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Y/N.” He growls as he takes in the expanse of your bare body. Even though it’s a compliment, it sounds almost predatory.

His clothes come off quickly. You want to take a second to let the fact sink in that you’re skin to skin with the love of your life, but he’s moving so fast you don’t have the time. It’s too frantic. Every touch is fleeting; every brush of your lips is too rushed.

“It’s been such a long time, sweetheart. You’re so gorgeous. I might have to skip the foreplay. I need to feel you, now,” He growls and pounces on you, and starts rutting his cock against your opening. It’s nice- but your eyes widen when you realize exactly how big he is. You were not expecting it to be so thick or so long, and you find yourself wondering how on Earth that is going to fit inside you. “Mmm… You’re going to feel me for days. You’ll be so wrecked when I’m through with you…” He’s pressing harder, sending prickles of pain throughout your body and your heart is racing. You want to back out, but it must be too late now. He’s starts to force it in you and it’s too much too soon- you cry out in pain.

“It’s okay, it will be better soon, it’s just been a while-” he begins to soothe you, his eyes closed and running his hands over your arms.

“No, no, no- I’m a virgin. I’m a virgin, Daveed.” You blurt out.

“You’re what?” He stops immediately, and pulls out to scoop you up in his arms.

“I’ve never had sex. I’m sorry… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” tears practically falling out as you admitted it. “I thought it would be fine, but you were being so rough, and you were bigger than I expected and…” You trail off, pressing your face into his bare shoulder.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry Y/N.” He strokes your hair, kissing your forehead softly. “I’m so, so sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed that you’d done this before. I don’t know what I was thinking. Why didn’t you tell me? I would have made it better for you.”

“I don’t know.” You sigh. “I wanted everything to go smoothly.”

“That worked out really well.” He says sarcastically, trying to pull a joke. He must have noticed your worried expression because he adds, “I’m not mad at you, babe. Don’t worry. Just be honest with me in the future, okay?”

You nod meekly, and then smile at him, which he returns happily. Then he wraps you in another hug. “I didn’t say we had to stop. I only said we should go slower., You whisper, glancing at him and biting your lower lip.

“Will you be okay if I touch you?” he asks cautiously. He seems more afraid than you are, now. You find yourself unable to believe that he cares about you so much.

“Yes,” you breathe out.

He lets his hands run over you, in no rush. This time he worships you; he treats you like a queen. Daveed memorizes every dip and curve, delicately tracing every freckle and scar. It seems like an eternity before he reaches the place you need him to be. His fingers touch your clit hesitantly at first, but he moves faster as you let out whines and gasps of pleasure. “Do you like that, sugar?” he asks, smirking, obviously proud of the reactions he’s retrieving from you.

“Oh God, yes…” you cut yourself off with a moan when a finger enters you. It’s seconds before he finds the spot that has you begging for more and bucking into his hand. Then it’s joined by another, and you wince at the stretch but never stop the stream of noises and incoherent curses leaving your mouth.

“So wet… I think you’re ready, doll,” He retracts his fingers and guides you onto your back. He’s above you, now; knees braced on either side of you. You’re still shaking, but he’s still lending you soothing touches. Every time you look at him you find yourself reassured, somehow. It reminds you that all he wants tonight is to make you feel as special as he thinks you are. “I’ll be careful, I promise,” Daveed motions and kisses your forehead. Then he’s pushing in, as slow as he promised. He watches you carefully, ready to pull out at the first sign that you’re in pain. Your eyes are shut tight as you try to ignore the slight stretch. “Hey, look at me.” He tilts your chin up and you look at him. He’s absolutely bewitching like this, towering over you, beautiful eyes glinting and full of an intoxicating combination of adoration and lust. “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” you say. He takes this as his cue to slide in fully, eliciting a pained whimper from you. Immediately he’s planting quick, sloppy kisses to your neck, mumbling apologies and promises about how good it’s going to feel. You’re not sure if you believe him until he starts to move. Somehow he’s managed to reach a place you never knew existed, and each time he rubs against it you’re overcome with such an intense want for him. You moan out loud, shamefully loud, and he grins against your skin. Heat spreads over you, radiating from every point where your body connects with his. He keeps making all these wonderful, lewd noises- groans and breathy “oh fuck”s and unintelligible praise. The unhurried roll of his hips is driving you mad with bliss, to the point where you’re almost delirious.

“You’re so perfect, Y/N,” He groans. You try to respond, but you’re so overwhelmed by aching need and the heavenly drag of his cock in an out of you that you can’t manage more than desperate panting. You’re trembling beneath him, consumed with unfamiliar feelings and a fire that keeps threatening to break loose in your body. Unfathomable ecstasy washes over you when he finds your clit again, rubbing it to the beat of his thrusts. “I want to see you become undone for me,” he purrs.

So you do. It’s everything you thought it would be- heaven, paradise, a high you know you could never get from any drug. Your release triggers his, and you watch his face contort in euphoria.

Still in a haze, you untangle yourselves. He pulls you close to him, your back against his chest. Both of you are sweaty and practically burning up from your previous activities, but you don’t mind at all. “That was… amazing. You’re amazing,” He mumbles into your hair.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” You giggle, exhausted from your adventure.

“I love you so much, you know that, right?” You turn to face him and he props himself up on an elbow.

“Of course I do. I love you, too,” you say, and you mean it. He smiles and pecks you on the lips.

“I am sorry about your underwear though…”

Have you ever heard your heart beat, felt it, at least?
The 3 most common ways to do so never worked for me
- the wrist
- the neck
- the stethoscope
The last one I didn’t have an access to and the first two I never got the placement right.
All my friends could easily put their fingers on their wrist and feel it. I was so upset when I could never do the same.
I gave up. It didn’t mater too much, did it? I knew I had a heart which had to be beating for me to be alive.
But intellectually knowing and feeling are two different things, right?

Growing up there were many times when randomly I could feel my heartbeat.
If I lied down in a certain way so there was pressure on my ear or when I wore my hair in a really tight pony tail, unexpectedly and excitingly, I could feel it.

Some ways that work most for others, may not work for you.
You can be disappointed and disheartened but understand that’s just one of the many ways to do what you want to do.

—  creatingnikki 
Change is good. You know, like change is, the thing is like when I’m a YouTuber and I’ve got this established community of lovely, intelligent, kind, supportive, talented people with great taste that are just… they have the best taste on the Internet - I feel like it’s a big deal to change anything because people, you know, you like watching the Dan videos and if something changes then it’s like ‘oh, no! this thing that entertains me is like *argh*’ but personally in your lives change can be inspiring, sometimes just like randomly changing something can give you that, that you know, inspiration that you need, a little bit of adversity, changing your surroundings. Sometimes you do things that would make you less comfortable, ‘cause it’s that whole living versus existing thing. It’s like what is having everything you need and being comfortable and being content moment to moment versus really doing it, ‘cause I honestly I’m the kind of person - there’s some people out there that are quite content to just be comfortable and enjoy the little things - but deep down, I’m somebody that craves that challenge, you know, and I feel like I need to be provoked a bit, so maybe stuff like that’s important, even if it causes adversity in the meanwhile.

@danielhowell​ during his live show on the 2nd of May 2017

Quotes from Dan (47/?)

I’m not very good with change but I recognise that it’s part of life and I’m slowly getting better at handling it and encouraging and comforting words from Dan really help me.

Till The End.

Best friends, 
Ex-friends till the end,
Better off as lovers,
And not the other way around…

Originally posted by mochifairyjimin

info: min yoongi x oc
genre: angst, smut, fluff, ex-friends!au
word count: 3.2k
a/n: inspiration just struck me randomly for this and I had to write it. I don’t have enough Yoongi on my masterlist. Let me know what you think and as always, enjoy space cadets!

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Under My Umbrella

This is my first headcanon, have mercy. I had to! Thank you to @centixue whose artwork inspired this fic. (Click that link the images will change your life.)

Ballet!Peter, LipSyncBattle!Peter, Crossdressing!Peter, Spideychelle

  • So one day it just randomly came up that Peter knows how to dance ballet
  • Pick your reason why.
  • Maybe Ned and Michelle are joking around about how Michelle used to have to do ballet when she was five, and how she only stayed for two lessons. All she remembers are the stupid ballet buns that she hated being pulled into.
  • And Peter being the little shit he is walks up and mentions eagerly that he still danced ballet
  • And Michelle and Ned are like no you don’t
  • And Peter does a pirouette and a leap to show them
  • And Ned is like BLOWN AWAY and keeps asking him to do it again.
  • So Peter decides to try and teach them how to do it. While Ned is just having a blast, Michelle falls a lot. Peter is doing his best to stop laughing but finally she hits the floor face first and he just loses it.
  • And Michelle is like “if you’re so good at it, how many can you do?”
  • Being Spiderman, Peter says 100 which is impossible but he likes challenges. Besides, he’s Spider-Man, so he can do anything.
  • Michelle insists that’s impossible but since Peter disagrees, she decides to make it a bet. So she proposes Peter needs to wear women’s clothes and do a wild dance for her and Ned if he can’t do it and if she loses, then Michelle and Ned will swap clothes for a week. Ned isn’t okay with this part of the deal but Michelle insists because Peter will lose.
  • Peter is so confident about this, he just goes for it without worrying. He’s on 34 pirouettes when he sees Michelle staring at him. She’s biting her lip and looking very amused, almost too amused. As he spins, he starts wondering why. This matters soooooo much for some reason.
  • Suddenly his focus point, what he uses to keep his balance, becomes her face. So he makes eye contact with her for every spin and she starts giving him these really confusing looks. He wants nothing more than to figure out what this face means and why it’s making him blush. Is she checking him out?
  • That question is enough to startle him, he stops spinning, he nearly falls flat on his face.
  • While Ned asks if he’s okay, Michelle just smiles down at him.
  • “Make it a really good dance, Parker,” she requests before walking out like she got what she wanted.
  • Once his ego recovered, Peter decided he’d have to really go for this. He took a week to prepare. He went into Aunt May’s closet for her party clothes and he put together an outfit. He rehearsed every day, sticking more and more risque dance moves in the routine, knowing he’d really make his friends laugh if he made it scandalous.
  • They settled on meeting in Ned’s house. When he walks in, he sees an open box of monopoly.
  • Michelle’s there already and she is splitting all of the monopoly money between herself and Ned
  • “The entertainment arrives,” she announces when she sees Peter.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “We figured we could toss money at you while you dance.” Fuck.
  • This is to be expected from her.
  • He ignores her to go change in the bathroom. Peter even gives himself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror.
  • Something like “You’re Spider-Man. You can do this.” bc this little shit has battled giant mechanical birdmen and lived, he stole Cap’s shield, he took a punch from the Winter Soldier. He is ready to dance like he’s never danced before.
  • As he comes out, Ned and Michelle raise their voices and holler at him, Michelle even wolf whistles. Peter gets really into the song, his prop umbrella becoming almost a partner in the dance.
  • He’s shaking his hips and gesturing at both of them. Ned is covering his eyes for most of the routine, and Michelle is grabbing onto Ned’s shoulder for help as she holds her stomach and laughs.
  • Peter keeps running through his routine because he’s practiced and he knows exactly how to impress them. He’s flexible af and he uses that to the best of his ability.
  • He even gets so cocky he starts mouthing the lyrics to the song.
  • Finally, Ned and Michelle come back to the present and just starting clapping whenever he does something impressive. There’s one part where the umbrella goes between his legs and they both cover their eyes and have another laughing fit before they throw the fake money at him.
  • Peter actually starts to enjoy that part.
  • Honestly, this isn’t half bad.
  • Finally, Michelle seems to recover and just watches him as Ned still can’t keep it together.
  • And in that moment, Peter recognizes a difference. She isn’t embarrassed anymore, she’s just watching him with this smug look on her face. Just like when he was spinning. He stops for a moment, suddenly very self-conscious about the experience.
  • “No one told you to stop, Parker,” she chimes jokingly.
  • They stare at each other for a second before Peter resigns himself to his fate
  • He continues the routine, putting his game face on, but regretting including the part where he grinds against the umbrella
  • Especially since his eyes naturally traveled towards Michelle to see if she was making fun of him
  • Instead, she was making smug eye contact, looking content with herself and watching him dance.
  • When he finishes, there is a long silence before Ned and Michelle pushed into each other laughing. Ned asks how Peter learned to dance like that, and Michelle just praises him for going all out
  • How Michelle went back to pretending she wasn’t watching him like that, he didn’t know
  • She was acting like nothing happened.
  • Peter just bowed, keeping up his good spirits as they applauded him
  • When they finally stopped laughing, ten minutes later, Ned asks him where he got the outfit
  • Michelle stands up suddenly.
  • “I’m going to be late for dinner,” she pipes up. She walks up real close to Peter and takes a good look up and down before smiling. “The look suits you.” She pulls up one of his dress straps and tucks in a small folded up wad of Monopoly money, letting the strap snap him when she let it go.
  • “Bye losers.”
  • Peter stares after her, wondering what he’d just done and how he’d let himself walk into this situation.

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• April 18, 2017 •

I found this note inside this book that I randomly came across and have been wanting to read while I was exploring this awesome library in the city.

First, this note is so touching and is such a good & wise message to just randomly find in a book (I don’t know if this has anything to do with the book though, but still appreciate the message). Second, the library has 4 levels and incredible scenery of the city! And there are plenty of study spaces, so I think I’m going to spend some more time there studying. 😄

I just need to get this off my chest.

When you see me talking over excitedly or crying about a certain character or a TV show or a book , don’t tell me they’re ‘just’ books , they’re 'just’ characters, they’re 'just’ ships because NO , they’re not .
When a person gets obsessed with some character or show , it’s because they’re either escaping reality or somehow see themselves in the character. They’ve been inspired or taught something by that character.
It’s not childish or stupid to love a fictional character . Sometimes even fictional things can make you feel less alone .
When you insult my favorite character or show , It’s like you’re insulting me , you’re insulting my choices or you’re insulting my emotions .
It hurts because they are a part of me .
People defend their fandoms because they understand what it’s like to be an outcast or push people away or be jealous of an almighty sibling or be a rape survivor or to make all the wrong choices or be bullied …… the point is , fandoms are way more to me (and a lot of people) than just a way to kill time .
Sure , there are people who just watch a movie for fun or read a book cause they have nothing else to do or just randomly watch a show because they need something to see while they’re eating but there are also people who’ve been deeply affected by their fandoms.
For all you know , a fictional character has SAVED THEIR LIFE !
I have prayed for Daenerys , I’ve cried for Fred , I’ve learned with Hermione , I’ve been sad with Draco , I’ve loved Loki , I’ve traveled with The Doctor , I’ve been inspired by Arya Stark , I’ve observed with Sherlock , I’ve laughed with Chandler , I’ve hunted with the Winchesters , I’ve fought with the Avengers , I’ve guarded the galaxy and I’ve lived more lives by reading than I can count.
The TV shows , the books , the movies , the comics, they were all there when I didn’t have enough courage or confidence to make friends , they were there when I was feeling like hell and all alone , they were there when I needed a good laugh after a tiring day , they were there even when no one else was . They were there when I felt like I had no reason to go on ,they were there when I just wanted to relax in my bed with a cup of coffee.
And they are REAL TO ME !

You don’t have to be a part of my fandom , you don’t have to love what I love but don’t tell me that I’m stupid to love and appreciate something that has gotten me through a lot of shit .
You don’t know what goes on in someone else’s life , you don’t know what a character means to someone , you don’t know what a book has done for someone .
You don’t have to understand it , just don’t insult it .

Supercorp fic idea: Lena gets a tinder and just right swiped everyone out of boredom, and doesn’t realize she swiped a guy (it’s winn) until she matches with him and he massages her, she politely replies that she’s sorry but she’s gay and swiping was an accident, expecting the normal “I can change that ;)” response but instead he goes “Oh, I know a girl who would totally be into you, if you wanna snap her!” To which Lena replies, “thanks but I’m not gonna randomly Snapchat someone I don’t know because thats weird, but my Snapchat is lezzylena if you want to try and get her to snap me” then five minutes later a “potstickers4life” adds her on Snapchat, and almost immediately snaps her. Lena opens it to see a very toned Kara Danvers in a bra and panties standing in the mirror with just the caption “what do you think?” Lena forgets how to form words and decides to cancel tomorrow’s plans, she’s asking this girl on a date.

Sonic Skyline Halloween/Autumn Special: Hypnos

“No!  Absolutely not!”

“Awe come oooon!  Why not?!”  the small hedgehog humphed, tapping his foot impatiently on the ground.  “I already got everythin’ on the list!”

“Because I said so!”  Eggman countered and  crossed his arms in stark disapproval.  “Besides, it’s not safe for you to go alone.”  

Sonic’s eyes lit up, reflecting his sly smirk.  “Soooo, you’ll take me, right?”

The doctor snorted, nearly losing his spectacles over the heavy laughter that escaped his mouth.  “HOHO, NO!  I have far more important things to deal with than taking you to go raid every house in the village of its candy supply.  Not to mention you’re hyper enough as it is…the last thing I need is you racing around with a mouthful of sugar!!”

A look crossed the child’s face that couldn’t have been described as anything less than pure disappointment.  His ears drooped and he shuffled his feet dejectedly. “Fine,” he mumbled.  

Eggman just scoffed and pushed open the door to his lab.  “I’ll be in here if you need me for anything other than meaningless holiday traditions.”

“I’ll be here if you need me for anything other than meaningless holiday traditions,” Sonic mocked as the door shut.

“I heard that!”

The hedgehog just pouted, sticking his tongue out at one of the security cameras and racing upstairs into his room before Eggman could react.  He was just about to throw himself on his bed when he realized one, pivotal point of interest.

He didn’t want to stay home.  

He wanted to have fun.

…so why shouldn’t he?

He cast a glance over to his bag of rings and yet another to the scarf hanging on his door handle, gaining a crafty sparkle in his eyes.  

Seconds later, he was soaring through the skies.  The scent of autumn hung heavy in the morning air as the frosty wind whipped through his quills against his face. That sense of freedom it gave him never seemed to fade, and he laughed happily as he let it take hold.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last and his smile disappeared soon after he got into town.  He had hoped to find a costume but apparently,  so had everyone else…days ago.  Vendors gave him their “humblest apologies” as he raced from stand to stand, ultimately finding nothing but a single black cape.  And after scouring the village and mumbling a final, disappointed “thank you,” he just plopped down against a wall.  “So much for halloween,” he sighed.

“A little late for costume shopping, isn’t it?”

“Tell me about it…” the hedgehog grumbled, then looked up in surprise.  

The speaker laughed and winked at Sonic, wolfish muzzle wrinkling slightly as he smiled.   “Well…I might be able to help,”  He grinned and held out a black mask, its surface lined with edges and artificial scars, giving it a fierce and intimidating appearance. “It’s certainly not the greatest thing in the world, but…”

“Whoa!”  Sonic shouted, eagerly snatching the object and turning it over in his hands. “This thing is awesome!”  

He looked up to thank the gifter, but the wolf had vanished.  To anyone else, that might have seemed slightly strange….but the hedgehog was young and far too trusting.  So with a shrug, he wrapped the cape around his neck and brought the mask to his face.

For a moment, the world seemed to shift beneath his feet. There was a flash of red, and then everything changed.  The place before him was not the world he knew.

Day had turned to night in a matter of seconds, and the galaxies surrounded him on every side, a surreal landscape of moonlight and stars. They looked down upon the island on which he stood, casting shifting shapes and shadows.  Ebony forests stretched for miles, and poppies lay scattered beneath their boughs and on the banks of a single river that flowed through the island and cascaded off the edge.

“Hello?”  Sonic called, dropping the mask on the ground beside him.  “Is anyone here?  Da…Doctor Eggman?  Anybody?!”

Panicked, he began to run.  But the plane before him seemed to loop.  No matter where he turned or how far he ran, he always ended up at the beginning. His head spun with confusion and, unusual for him, he felt exhausted. It was like all of his energy had been drained and he desperately needed to rest…He sunk to his knees then lay down, eyes growing heavy as he curled up in the grass.  Even the stars above grew dim, consuming his vision as he he drifted off to sleep.   He suddenly cared very little about whether or not he ever woke up.


He stirred only slightly.  

“Sonic,” the voice persisted, and he managed to open his eyes. Before him was a blinding figure, her face obscured by sheer white light.  “Sonic, you must not fall asleep.  Not here.”  

“But I’m…so…tired…”  he replied, yawning.

“Such is the power of this place…but you must not succumb.” She took his small hand and a jolt of energy raced through his body. “Quickly,” she told him, helping him to his feet.  “Follow me.”  

Not fully understanding but too exhausted to argue, the boy stumbled after the woman.  There was something about her the child trusted.  But unlike before, it was in a manner far past naivety, as though they’d met before. And he couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly safe as she led him through the forest.

They passed into the mouth of a cave, following a winding river through its depths. “Here,” she said at last, just as he felt he couldn’t resist sleep any longer. A white gem, strikingly similar to the one he’d found before, lay on a pedestal in the center of the cavern.

Sonic looked at it, then back at her, suddenly feeling very small.

“Go ahead,” she murmured softly, kneeling down to usher him forward. “Take it. It will return you home.”

Sonic crept forward, forced to stand on his tiptoes to even be able to see the gem.  He reached for it, then stopped, a small thought piercing through his fatigue.

“Who…who are…you?” he asked quietly, words slurred by drowsiness.

The woman hesitated a moment before answering. “You may call me Maia…” she answered finally, but her words were nearly swallowed by a deep growl within the caverns. Her light flared.  “Go, now!”

He didn’t hesitate.  Eyes wide as shadows filled the cave, he reached for the gem with both hands, snatching it from the pedestal, then covered his eyes as white light enveloped his vision.


“Huh..wha-?”  The hedgehog blinked, rubbing his eyes as the sleep left him.  When his vision finally came into focus, Eggman was there, kneeling beside him.  The man looked altogether frantic.  His spectacles hung at a crooked angle and his black undershirt was wrinkled.  Sonic couldn’t understand why his overcoat was missing…until he realized it was wrapped around him.  He might have objected to that if it weren’t for the fact he was freezing.  Why was it so cold?  “…Eggman..?”

“Where have you been??”  the doctor questioned him furiously.  “I’ve been looking for you for hours!  And then I find you here, half frozen..!”

The child’s eyes narrowed in confusion. Hours? It couldn’t have been more than one at most, right?  He opened his mouth to argue then noticed that the sky above was dotted with stars and a thin blanket of ice lined the ground.  Night.  He’d been out since noon at least…

Over six hours.

He clutched the jacket tightly and shuddered.  “I’m sorry…. I didn’t…I didn’t know…”  He vaguely remembered something like a mask, but that was it.  Everything else just seemed fuzzy and disjointed.

Eggman’s expression softened and he pulled the hedgehog close, letting out a shaky sigh. “Promise you won’t ever disobey me like this again.”  

Sonic nodded timidly, snuggling closer to escape the frosty chill. “Promise,” he assured him quietly.  

The doctor stood up and brushed the frost from his clothes. “Good…Now, come on.  You’re going to need a better costume than that if you want to get anything good.”  

Sonic perked up instantly, eyes shining with excitement. “You mean it?  I can go?!”  

“I can take you,” he replied sternly. “But you have to stay with me the entire time–no running ahead!”

“Okay!”  Sonic replied eagerly, jumping up and beaming from ear to ear.  

Eggman chuckled, grabbing his coat as the boy flung it off and started towards the street. But even as the doctor turned to follow, a pale flash caught his attention.  Kneeling down, he brushed the frost away to reveal a gem…one that was all too familiar.  A sense of suspicion fell over him for a moment. It was close to an exact copy of the one Sonic had brought him before, and bore with it the same sense of apprehension.  

A shadow shifted in the corner of his eye and he jumped, instinctively clutching the gem tightly in his hand.  Only silence followed.  

Well, until Sonic came rushing back, scarf and cape both trailing behind him.

“Eggmaaaaan,” he whined.  “Come on, we’re gonna miss all the good stuff!”

Eggman shoved the jewel into a coat pocket and joined the hedgehog, playfully ruffling his quills as they left the frosty corner behind.  But throughout the night, the emerald was heavy on his mind, and he could not escape the feeling that the child had encountered something far more dangerous than either of them knew.  
But despite everything his scientific mind knew to be true, he came to the only conclusion he dared to believe…

It was probably just coincidence.

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I wrote this on the train earlier inspired by 2 people in the hotel today near where we were sat randomly doing  the below, except not the bit that wouldn’t be appropriate in public.  There’s a bit under the cut, but you don’t have to read it. This is just nonsense.


“You know you did though.”

“What?” It comes out more high pitched than Zayn intended, but that’s okay as it does more to show how (fake) indignant he’s being.

“You know exactly what Zayn Malik,” as Liam speaks, he gestures towards the table before he does a sweeping motion with his hand towards his own torso.

Zayn lifts up the bottle of beer, raises it to his lips, has a sip and tries, but fails of course to disguise his smirk as he places the beer back onto the table.

“Still struggling to see the problem Li.”

Liam lets out a huff of indignation as he reaches for his phone and taps at the screen loudly, shooting a glare Zayn’s way as he does.

“What you doing now?” Zayn asks. 

 "I’m sure there must be divorce lawyers who work 24/7 in this city.“ 

Zayn barks out a laugh. "Liam, come on, it’s just a game of monopoly that’s all.”

Liam shakes his head, but puts the phone down anyway. “Not having that, you rewriting history, I mean I know it was my idea to have a game of monopoly, but I distinctly remember that it was your idea to make it into strip monopoly.”

Zayn nods, knows he looks far too pleased with himself and can’t even be arsed to hide it now, it rates pretty high in the book of genius ideas he’s come up with when he’s been 3 sheets to the wind.

“True, but it’s not my fault someone,” he points at Liam as he emphasises the last word, “is so rusty at the game is it?”

He’s a liar of course. It’s entirely his fault.

"Not rusty you knob, someone’s dirty tactics involved sending me out on errands every other time just before my turn and cause of that I’m sat here with just 1 sock left on and me boxers." 

 Zayn’s eyebrows dart up and down quickly. "I noticed Li." 

 There’s a louder huff and muttered words that Zayn can’t make out. 

“Anyway babe, how can I rig something that’s dependent on you throwing the dice?”

Liam pulls his face and bites at his lip, but then he’s shaking his head. 

“That’s a good point, but I’m pretty sure you didn’t have all the green properties before I went and got us a bag of popcorn, and I know you definitely didn’t have all the red properties and 3 hotels and 4 apartments before I went and made sure the toilet didn’t have a leak when your hearing which is normally bloody shit whenever we have a plumbing issue and I need a hand, suddenly turned into supersonic level hearing .”

Zayn throws up his hand in mock horror, but can’t keep the smile off his face.

“It’s a big thing to accuse your husband of cheating you know babe, now I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you suggest that and we’ll carry on with this nice civilised  game of monopoly.”

“Strip.” Liam adds.

“Only if I lose a turn babe.”  Zayn fires back and ducks just in time to avoid the pillow thrown in his direction. 

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Pharrell’s Frontin’ Vocals were Inspired by Prince

We’re sending some love up to the legendary musician, Prince, who would have been 59 years old today. #PrinceDay

“I made Frontin’ as a track for him. When I couldn’t get it to him, I just randomly came across it like a year or two later. I was like man I need to do something. And I tried to posture it like tone wise like I thought that he would, but obviously his voice is superior. It’s incredible what he is able to do, that guy’s range is just unbelievable. But I screeched like a hot goat but it wasn’t what he would of done. But he was a huge inspiration for many songs of mine.”

“It’s not his first time on the planet. It’s not his first time being a musician.”

-Pharrell Williams

Requested by @comenowpretty : You were assigned to act as some kind of “babysitter” for Bucky on missions, just in case he would ever fall back into his old habits. Once that actually happened, you somehow forgot all you were trained for and were simply scared that the man in front of you would end your life right there and then.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: near death situation

A/N: LOOK LOVE, I FINALLY MANAGED TO WRITE IT!!! I hope this is what you were hoping for and to be honest, once my inspiration for this request hit me, I couldn’t stop myself lol.


You approached Natasha while you were still on the jet, quickly glancing to your left, just to see if anyone was listening.

“Don’t you think it’s time that I stop babysitting him?”

She was busy with something on the monitor, but still answered you, even if a little absentminded.

“It’s just a precaution.”

“I have other things to do, Nat. I can’t always jump when you say jump, just to make sure Bucky doesn’t randomly shoot civilians!”, you didn’t yell, but you were slowly getting angry at your friend. It felt like she was using you and you hated being used.

You liked Bucky, really did, but Nat called you at least once a month for stuff like this and you were getting tired of it. You’d rather support Bucky at home, just talking about his past and hug him when he was getting sad, even if he wouldn’t return the hug.

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