i was just messing around with this psd

Color Adjusting for POC with PSDs Made for White People

Since there aren’t half as many PSDs or coloring tutorials designed for POC, I figured a better way is to show people how to adjust the PSDs or techniques they already have on hand instead.

Things we will look at:

  1. How to recognize white washed POC**
  2. How to fix it

I’ve divided it into 3 parts under the cut :D

**This is also for people who reblog things and want to know what is and isn’t white washing

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anonymous asked:

hi! omg your gifsets are so stunning and i was wondering if you could do a coloring tutorial for this one /post/145419707272 ??

thank you so much!!! and sure, i’ll give it a go. though i’m not sure how good i’ll be at explaining because my colorings are all over the place. okay so under the cut you’ll see how to go from this:

to this:

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anonymous asked:

Your screenshots are so bright omg *-* my eyes are hurting lmao

I have a rlly saturated monitor so I’m never aware how bright my screens look until It’s already been posted so I normally just make it really bright just in case!! I’m sorry!! (I can try messing around with my psd if it’s ~too~ bright?)


No, no it wasn’t me. It was Nina. Okay? We were just messing around and Nina saw you guys parked and I didn’t even realize it was you until - 


anonymous asked:

your psds are always so nice! would you consider in making some? it's okay if you don't! i also wanted to say that i love your blog! ❤️

perhaps! normally i don’t use the same psd, i just mess around with a new coloring everyday. i’ll see if i can throw a few together though, it might be hard since one coloring doesn’t look good on every video

rey-sky-walkers  asked:

Your gifs are always so beautiful and I was wondering how you get them so colorful. Do you just use vibrance and color selection in photoshop?

Oh thank you so much!!

And yeah, that’s pretty much what I do!! I have 2 layers of vibrance in my PSD, as well as like 3 or 4 layers of selective colors :) And then just a lot of tweeking and messing around to get them to look the way I like :D


Requested by a lovely anon I decided to make a tutorial on how I make gifsets like these (x) (x) (x)

We’re going to go from here:

To here:

Please like/reblog if this proved to be helpful - don’t feel ashamed to ask me any questions, help on turning something a specific colour as this is mainly for purples but the steps would be the same for any other colour.

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♡ sabrina carpenter gif icons.

as a product of boredom and messing around w/ some psds, here are fifty-one gif icons of my favorite lil bean sabrina carpenter. i’ll probably be editing/adding to these after i make other gif icons for myself so keep an eye out for that. i don’t take any credit for any of the actual gifs just the editing & if you would like your gif taken down pls let me know! liking/reblogging would be a pretty cool thing to do!!

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