i was just messing around with some textures and


I’ve learnt alot when painting the azir piece, but I’m still far from perfect with expressing realistic metal. The gifs up there could be self-explanatory for the more experienced artist, but if you want the full breakdown, more below.

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Originally made for a friend but I decided I would go ahead and release these. There are THIRTY-SIX gifs of CHRIS WOOD from SUPERGIRL. Some of them have different psds/textures considering I was messing around with what I had. I don’t care if people edit these or crop them just give some credit. Please LIKE or REBLOG if using.

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Im not sure if you answered this already, but how did you make the two PBP gifs (the one where it says "* You hear a passing echo")? im trying to make a glitch animation but i dont how to do it ^^" and i did read the FAQ twice just to make sure

* I’m guessing you mean this one and this one? owo

* For the static I used a program called Medibang Paint Pro.
You can find it by going to the Material Dialog box and opening the Tones tabs shown below.

* It also has some other nifty tones and textures!

* You can tell I have fun messing with it…

* To make the image glitch out like the Playbacktale Menu gif, an easy way to do it is to use this Image Glitch Tool that I found online.
You can mess around with the controls at the bottom until you get the image to glitch the way you want it to.

* Now to actually animate it, I use a program called Fireaplaca (which I think is from the same company that made Medibang?)

* Here is a good tutorial on how the frames work. Once you got your frames, you put them in here to turn them into a gif.

* Hopefully this makes sense and helps! ( >wo)b


hi! i’m amika, here’s how i did one of the pages for straylight, coming out in Island #3. This is my very first comic - I feel super lucky to have been given a place in Island where I can just do whatever I like the most, cause Straylight is mostly made up as I go along and just whatever I think would be the most fun and interesting thing to draw at the time. I actually finished this issue way back, so it’s kind of cool to have to look at my old stuff and not hate it while I’m working on the next chapter in the present. Brandon said he wanted me to have a chance to tell my stories before the comics industry had destroyed my spirit.

1. i do all my pencils and stuff on 11x17 bristol board (this one took up the whole page to be scaled down 50% but more recently i’ve been doing it at print size), and then ink over and scan / clean it up in photoshop.

2-3. my colours are pretty much just flats with textures applied, beyond the shadow/sunlight i added in the top centre panel, i like to keep shading to a minimum. i think with my style being pretty geometric and sometimes disproportioned, it helps not to get too concerned about how small shadows would fall unless i’ve got some particular emphasis i’d like to work out.

4-5. my texturing is mostly dot patterns and photoshop noise - lately i’ve begun scanning and using gross damaged old paper and watercolour textures and stuff. you can also kinda see i’m messing around with the values of the things right up until the very last minute so the general light/dark shapes don’t make me unhappy to look at.

6. i work pretty dark on screen, so i remove a lot of the black ink on the version that’s going to print by putting it in cymk mode and using curves and levels to make sure the printer isn’t going to murk things up by using black ink to darken where it doesn’t have to. i also nudge out the cyan/magenta channels - i do this a lot because it seems to soften a lot of the ink edges that lose their smoothness when they’re translated to square pixels!

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Hey friend, what kind of brushes do you use when digitally working?

it makes me feel real special that anyone actually Wants to Know this so thank you! and sorry for the lateish response, but i whipped this lil thing up here!!!

just as an fyi before tho i play a LOT with minimum size and sometimes w/ density! so go ahead and mess with those, have fun!!!!!

i don’t really use this one so much anymore but it’s still fun sometimes!! mostly i just use it for sketches n stuff, occasionally lineart if i’m going for a super textured look! i use it to shade a lot of lineless art for that purpose :^)

THIS is my main lineart brush!!! for lines of all kind, be they smooth and clean or scribbly and sketchy. i also use it to fill in colors, flat/unblended shading, etc. i really like working with hard, sharp lines, and this does the trick p well.

this is what i use to sketch the most and it’s also the brush i use the most when painting! it can be really blocky or really soft depending on the amount of pressure ur using. i use this and my ‘soft’ brush to make gradients for overlays and stuff, and i typically use this one to paint in shading when i do a more finished piece. SOMETIMES i use it for quick/messy/sketchy/etc lineart if it’s just a doodle or something.

i use this for gradients, blending, soft lighting/shading, etc! that’s about all there is to this one lol, whoops.

i use this one for adding some quick texture to stuff, but mostly for cool effects n stuff or bloodstains, or just big splattery blobs for backgrounds cause im lazy lmao. it’s a p fun brush and you can get pretty blendy with it!

these are pretty much all the main ones i use at this point, but i like to play around and mess w/ diff brush settings a lot from time to time! just experiment and use whatever is the most fun and comfortable for ya!!! thanks!!!!! :^)


More Monsterfalls because there is never enough Monsterfalls. It be funny if they were just born like that and no one cared enough to notice. Don’t think about it too much. Ford wrecked his wings in the portal so now he can fly with them anymore. I messed around with SAI filters to get my pencil lines to look like charcoal? I used it for Gargrunk’s skin texture and it turned out nice.

Stronger in Your Arms - Cullen x Inquisitor Fanmix  [listen here]

i. stray italian greyhound - vienna teng | ii. falling slowly- lee dewyze & crystal bowersox | iii. green eyes - coldplay | iv. whispers in the dark - mumford and sons | v. flaws (acoustic) - bastille |  vi. falling fast - avirl lavigne | vii. what i wouldn’t do - serena ryder | viii. i choose you - sara bareilles | ix. tenerife sea - ed sheeran | x. eavesdrop - the civil wars | xi. bedroom hymns - florence and the machine | xii. in the dark i see - lights

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do you mind posting your lineart brush? the one that looks like it has some rough texture to it. sorry if you have before, i couldnt find anything.

Sure! Don’t think Ive actually posted the brushes I use before. HERE are the brushes I use. These are pretty much everything, my inks along with my primary painting brushes are in there, so it’s a bit scattered but I didn’t want to eliminate most of my tools for the sake of cleanliness. The ink brushes should all be titled “ink” or “sketch,” or “pencil” of some kind. Others are better for painting, just mess around. Most of the painting ones work better with transfer: ON, and shape dynamics turned OFF. Examples of some of my fave painting ones are below on the right. Inks are on the left. Inks work better with shape dynamics turned ON and transfer turned OFF. 

HOPE THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED. since they’re TOOLS and not BRUSHES, to load the file into photoshop, go to window - tool presets - and there should be a drop down menu where you can ‘load tool presets’ and from there you just load the .tpl. theres other tutorials for this online but its pretty simple. 

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what are ur current brush settings since the ones in ur link are outdated? :o

the only one I use frequently that isn’t there would be the one I sketch with sometimes and it’s just a round brush with a paper texture on it!

the marker one is still the same, I just added a bunch of possible textures (which are usually on SAI but weren’t in mine) so I mess around with those usually by combining either “fine flat” or “rustled sidewalk” with other textures but I renamed a bunch and I change the settings back and forth all the time (I don’t even remember them myself)  + some textures I made myself so it wouldn’t be very useful if I posted them :^(

I also made some new brushes a while back but I hardly ever use them

it’s all brush, marker and airbrush for the most part!


My Elsa Cosplay Part 8

So this one is kind of a lame update, but anyway… I’ve been hard at work trimming the ends of my sequins for the bodice so they have a better shape! They only had longer and thin rectangles in the colors i liked and i would have had really high minimums if i wanted them to punch the sequins special for me (they make sequins by punching a huge plastic sheet with a dye) so I’m making do!! I actually do like how, by hand cutting, all the sequins will look slightly different and hopefully more true to the actual costume!!! It’s annoying though because it takes a while to cut each sequin because it must be curved…

I’m going to use these kind of matte frosted shiny blue sequins for a majority of the bodice and scatter in some more shiny or darker etc. sequins to give it a little more texture. I’ve just been messing around with how I’m going to have them look on the bodice, but i don’t think ill do it like the photos here because it looks way too much like fish scales (but i want to cover up the holes where ill be sewing them to the dress as much as possible- unlike what they did for the parks dress!)

Anyway, i still need to try this, but i think ill first sew the sequins to the dress flat (no overlap) and all over. Then ill glue more sequins on top (but not quite all over) like how it looks in the movie and try to strategically place them to cover up the stitching holes!!! Also, for the top coating of sequins the trimming thing is helpful because then ill just cut down from the side with the hole and they will be hole-less!!!

Anyway- that is where things stand!!! I’m thinking ill start on the actual dress with my actual fabric (GASP) next week- ill try to finish making changes to the pattern and possibly dying the fabric in the meantime- scary stuff!! ALSO- that is a screenshot i took today of the weather here. It sucks and it’s fucking hot.


Black Thumb Sketches tutorial, part two.

And we’re back!

If you missed part one, just scroll down a bit, then come back when you’ve perused part one.  COME BACK.  I know the internet is an unfathomably deep abyss of distractifrocrastination, but I’m waiting here for you, and I get bored easily.  Also I just made up a word that should replace the word “internet.”

Welcome back.  Let’s just jump right back in with Step Ten:

Here’s what it looks like with a bit of texture stamping applied.  Far from done, texturing with stamps just makes a more interesting-looking mess.  From here on out, we’ll mostly be refining, using the somewhat random shapes created as a seed.

Step Eleven:

For the background, I’m just dabbing the eraser around our dapper thri-kreen friend.  It lifts off just enough to give him a silhouette, but leaves enough that it’s still got an interesting pattern.

Step Twelve:

Squishing the eraser into a point, I carve out some highlights.  Now we’re starting to bring a little volume and shape to Mr. Mantisman.

Step Thirteen:

And pinching the eraser into a chisel, I can scratch in directional textures.  Making some of the highlights make sense tricks your primitive human worm brains into believing the rest of it does, too.  I mean our.  Our primitive human worm brains.  I’m human.  Yep, human, human, human!

Step Fourteen:

First, give it another couple of coats of lacquer or fixative.  Apologize to your cat a second time.  This time with tuna water or something.

Then, grab your dark pencils.  The Wolff’s 6B is blacker than my heart.  (Barely.)  The Tonbow 4B is also quite nice, and retains a bit more actual pencil look and feel.  You know, if you’re afraid of the awesome dark power of the Wolff’s.  Coward.  Just turn to the Dark Side already.

Step Fifteen:

Inevitably, and just like your soul, the innocent white of the card will have been tarnished by your filthy deeds.  But unlike your soul, a white charcoal pencil can bring that purity back!  If you put down a lot of carbon in that last step, you may want some more lacquer first.  If you put white charcoal down with unfixed pencil underneath, their unholy union will scar your lovely drawing with weirdness.  Fun as that sounds, you’ll regret not making the proper preparations.

Step Sixteen:

If you still need to punch up the highlights, there’s no shame in using for-realsies paint.  Be sparing though, as it’ll probably be a slightly different color temperature than the white of the paper, so it won’t really work to cover large areas, or correct your horrible, horrible regrets.

And viola!  You’re done!

Celebrate in whatever manner you do, and try not to get arrested in the process!

Pet peeve #506 fixed! :D I’ve been messing around with Bridgeport in CAW this past week (so I can finally start a new save for my Pixel Rust story that doesn’t take half an hour to load…), and these base game street signs were annoying me. The shine on them looks almost metallic in game, even on the wooden pole. I assumed it would be a simple fix, just darken the specular texture and done, but after cloning them I realized they don’t actually have an individual specular texture so it took some extra digging to figure out the problem. But I think they look much better now, so it was definitely worth it! ^_^

ETA: EA’s version is on the left, and my fix is on the right. I should have mentioned that before, sorry!