i was just looking through their faces

i keep thinking about that post that went around a while back, about a high school rom com where an unpopular girl has to go to prom with the most popular boy in the school for a bet or a dare or whatever, and instead she falls for the dude’s female friend who’s been put in charge of the makeover

and i think you could do a lot of interesting things with that, especially if the unpopular one starts out with that alienated-kid thing where she’s developed a little dash of internalized misogyny and “not like other girls” and dismissive of anything too strongly female-coded

and if the popular girl can see through that bullshit and calls her on it, but also feels a little boxed in sometimes by the makeup-as-empowerment beauty industry, like sometimes you just wanna go outside without thinking about how your face looks, and also maybe she’s internalized a little too strongly that you have to be nice to people no matter what and the unpopular girl is like, nah fuck that.

and they could teach each other things and they could argue about performative identities and they could secretly like the exact same super-saccharine pop ballad, and they confront each other about the ways they’re eat lying to themselves, and possibly they don’t even wind up going to prom, they just confess their feelings and spend most of the evening in somebody’s old treehouse with craft supplies and glitter, writing a comic book about a team of girl superheroes and occasionally taking breaks to make out

but i have literally already written a teen rom com about a same sex couple and a plot that involves fake dating at prom, and good lord that is one hyper-specific niche to write yourself into

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I was driving to work the other day. It was about 6am in a small town, so there weren't many cars on the streets. I was stopped at a stoplight waiting for it to turn green. Then, a car driving through the other side of the light passed and the driver is just STARING at me. That was odd bc he wasn't facing the road. To make it worse he had the biggest grin I've ever seen and didn't stop looking until the car was out of sight. The size of the mouth on this thing didn't seem human. Wtf did I see???

me on my way to chili’s


it makes me so sad

so f*cking sad

just look at his face

he’s trying so hard to hold back his tears. 

he wanted his group to win. 

they have worked so hard for this comeback.

 they’ve been through a lot of shit. 

it’s so sad that he is trying to smile to make us feel better.

 to tell us is not our fault. this group deserves all the love of the world.

 they are so talented and yet only a few people appreciate it.

i’m not blaming anyone.

i just wanted to share his sadness. 

their sadness. 

to me, they are n.1. 

i’m gonna support them no matter how many prizes they win. 

they make music that reaches people and makes them think. 

and i’m grateful for that.

 you did great guys. you are great.

don’t ever forget that.

stan B.A.P

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Can I have a got reaction where the s/o in a teasing way acts shocked when they see a member on a cover of a magazine


Every time you came running in the room with his face on something he’d shake his head and press his lips together. ‘You were there at the photoshoot, y/n’ he’d say trying to get you to stop flipping through the magazine for the other pictures. When you told him he just looked so handsome and so famous he’d laugh and really you were teasing him, pulling the magazine out of your hands and boping you on the head with it. 

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Hand in hand the two of you were out, walking home after lunch. When you pulled away from Mark to grab magazine saying ‘god this guy is so freaking hot.’ He’d get a little angry as he watched you buy the magazine but still wouldn’t say anything. ‘You know if this guy asked me out id be all over it.’ You teased again, making his brows furrow. Finally he’d snatched the magazine out of your hands and flip it over. After seeing it was his face on the magazine he’d yell slightly and wrap his arms around your shoulders to keep you walking, complaining about how mean you were to him. 

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When you got home carrying a stack of magazines Jackson instantly knew something was up. But as you took them to your bedroom, came back out and got a stack of large envelopes and went back into your room without saying anything he couldn’t help but to think something was wrong. He waited a few minutes but after wracking his brain on what it was you could be doing he finally got up to walk into the bed room he’d scream and fall to the floor as the area around where you were sitting was covered with the photoshoot he had just done. ‘Im sending one to everyone in my family so they can know how handsome my boyfriend is.’ You’d say nonchalantly as he yelled asking what you were doing. He’d be so embarrassed that you actually were sending them to your family, but he couldn’t deny it was funny. 

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You never called him at work, so when your name popped up on his phone as a face time call he was worried something had happened. When you popped up on his screen and began shaking your camera and calling his name he grew confused until you showed him the stack of magazines that had his face on it. ‘You’re famous oh my god your so famous!’ He’d laugh and tell you you were a dork before your act faded. ‘Im getting a copy and I’m going to frame it and put it above the areaI hang my keys.’ You teased picking one of them up. ‘No you won’t. Put it down and come bring me food.’ He’d say smiling when you agreed.

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He’d would think it was hilarious that you kept sending him pictures of you holding up magazines from different vendors around the city. Every time you did so he’d call you just to hear you laugh at him jokingly telling you to stop and that you were annoying. But still, you knew how much he loved to see you excited for the things he’s done. 

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Seeing you coddling the magazine he was just featured in made his heart flutter. He knew how much you supported him so seeing you reading the article about him just added onto his love meter for you. But when he sat next to you and you said sternly while flipping the page once ‘Do you know this guy? Ive never seen him before. He’s kinda… Idk cocky.’ He’d snap his gaze over to you to see if you were serious and when he realized you were joking he’d pull you over to him. ‘Wanna see how cocky he can get?’

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There was no secret that he had a photoshoot for a magazine. You were there and you even picked out the picture that they would use on the cover. But still, as you sat in the studio with your legs over Yugyeom, you couldn’t help but tease him with Jinyoung came in to show him the test cover. ‘Oh wow who’s that? He’s cute don’t you think?’ You lightly teased, laughing as he squeezed your sides. ‘too bad my boyfriend isn’t this cute.’ He started to chase you around. ‘Jinyoung can you get me his number?’ You yelled laughing as he caught you and pulled you back down on the couch. 

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A distraction for April…


Anyone can jump in at anytime. Just add a little to what’s been written


Dean slammed on the brakes and looked at her, his green eyes studying her face. “What the hell did you just say to me?”

“I said I wish I could hate you but that hard. Loving you is easier.” Y/N glared at him. “Does it matter? You just told me you hated me!”

“I hate things you do!” Dean ran his hand through his hair. “Y/N, I don’t know if I can love you…”

“You’re not capable of love, unless it’s Sam or Bobby, or Mary, or Cas.” She looked out the window. “It’s cool, I get it.”


Thunder and Lightning (3 of 4)

It gave him time to think. 

He’d been graced with a goddess, who was he to argue with her? As Roskonith of Everhaven, he understood rules and obligations. How many times had he looked at Nora, asking the gods for her as a mate? He allowed himself to breathe, leaning back on the couch, she’d settled herself peacefully onto his chest, his hand running casually through her hair, tranquil, steady. The light scent of magnolias permeated the air. He closed his eyes and rested.

She moved and his hand shot out to catch her arm instinctively. Holding her just tight enough to stop her, he loosened his grip.

“Nice to know you’ll catch me.”


Nora scooted herself around to face him. “There’s so much I wish I could say, so many things I want to tell you.”     

“There is nothing you need tell me, until it is time for you to do so, if and when there is a time. I have trusted you with my life for years, I will trust your judgment now. Nora, I have felt in my heart since I first met you, and subconsciously in my soul I have known…. I have waited years to be able to say… I love you.” He took her hand in his, a shy smile played on his lips.  

“I have longed to hear those words. All of the time we have spent together, it has nearly broken me not to speak. How many times I’ve had to walk away from you when I’ve known you were hurting. I will never walk away from you again, I love you, Tsotinu.”

This time when she kissed him there was no stopping her…

“Do you always intend to be in such fierce control?” She had pulled his shirt off and then her own. The view alone was immensely pleasurable. He touched the curves of her body, appreciating what was his. When she lay herself against his chest he found he no longer had the control he did just days before. He didn’t care.

“Does it bother you, me being in control?” He found her smirk amusing. Her confidence exciting. Her intensity enthralling. He loved all of her. She lifted herself upon his lap, his hands moved up her perfect thighs, the muscles underneath tight and firm as she rocked her hips against him.

“Not at all. You may believe whatever you wish.” He could drown himself in her kisses alone. Later. He lifted her easily, carrying her to the bedroom. He needed more. He needed all of her…

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A White Wedding - by Solifiedjaporeanist21 (Admin SCYO)

Rating: Explicit

Member: Chanyeol (Exo)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (You)

Words: 2,124

Warnings: smut, romance, blow jobs, wedding fic, fluff

Summery: It was a white wedding, indeed, but not like the one you imagined. It was better.

You look taken aback at the mirror, everlasting joy radiating around you as you go over your appearance once more. Absentmidedly smoothing out your dress of any wrinkles that might have formed. You gap breathlessly, there was just no words to express the thoughts that itched to fall off your tongue.

“Wow…you look stunning, (Y/N).” You follow your friend’s voice beside you through the mirror. You let out a gleeful sigh. “I know…isn’t it amazing? I can’t believe this is happening, its seems so unreal.”

You turn to face her, grasping the side of your dress as you step down from the stool below you. “But it is happening,” she takes your hands in hers “-in just 30 minutes you’ll no longer be (Y/N) (Y/L/N) but rather (Y/N) Park.” She lets out a daydreamed breath. “The thought right? You’ll be the luckiest girl alive no doubt. Aish I’m so jealous.”

A big smile spreads across your face at the mere thought, your heart clenching from the over excitement. You pray this not to be a dream.

“Will you be alright?” Your friend suddenly asks. “Its just the others need my help. I can literally hear them from the other room.”

You smile, nodding “No, yeah go on.”

“I’ll see you at the isle?” She confirmed.

“Yep!” You give her one last hug, thanking her for helping with your dress.

It was quiet when she left, beside the distant chattering of all the guest downstairs. You breath deeply, once more you check your appearance, excessively making sure you were wedding ready. You didn’t want to fail your future husband.

You do a twirl, giggling as the long gown spins around you in thick waves, your heels heard on the tile floor. When you stopped you glanced up.

You gasp shocked, hands immediately covering your mouth. “Chanyeol!” You shriek.

Said person merely smiled, the grin of his he always had when he seen something that really interested him. You wouldn’t say this was one of those times.

Chanyeol walks your way, but you back away. “Chanyeol, you can’t see me, its bad luck!” Hurriedly you try to find a place to hide but no matter where you looked you couldn’t find one. Shit!

Frantically you hopped into the bed, hiding yourself with the blankets. “Chanyeol what are you thinking!?”

Your fiance just chuckles deeply, “I’m thinking of how gorgeous my bride looks right now. Cause fuck.”

“That’s not what I meant! Now go there’s still time!”

Chanyeol shakes his head, “But I just got here.”

“That’s the point!” You worry.

You stare up at your fiance fearfully as he stands before you, nearly taken aback at how handsome he looked in that tuxedo. It was oddly satisfying, the thought of just taking it off of him. You shake your head internally, no you mustn’t get distracted!

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll leave if I get a kiss. Simple enough.” The question catches you off guard to say the least. Shamelessly you consider it, but the fishy feeling made the decision a lot harder than it should. Chanyeol usually doesn’t give in so easily. No matter the circumstances. What’s he plotting?

You scoff, testing the waters “Don’t be a baby.”

“Please? I promise to leave after I’m done.” He pleads, childishly. Why’d you have to marry the cute ones?

Slowly you find yourself slipping out of the bed, moving toward your fiance, watching his every move just in case this was a trick. “One kiss, alright?” He nods, hands behind his back. You didn’t question it but something definitely felt off.

You rest your hands on his arms, leaning up on your tip toes, Chanyeol leans down to your height before his lips meet yours. It was gentle and slow, just how you liked it. He made your knees weak by the mere touch, your head swarming of all the decisions you’ve every made.

Just when it was starting to get to you, Chanyeol backs away, looking at you with dark eyes, seemingly seeking something else.

You were almost worried when your voice strained, inquiring. “There you got your kiss, now keep your promise.” He throws that look of consent, like he was actually going to do as he was told. But then he pulls you to his chest. You squeak surprised. “I said when I was done. And well…I’m far from that.”

You fucking knew it. It was way too good to be true. Chanyeol holds you tighter, his lips quickly tracing your jaw, a low noise escaping his throat. He hums, traveling further down. “Hmm, I waited your week, and you said on our wedding day I can have you all I’d like. Well baby what you didn’t say…was when.”

This makes your eyes widen, the exhilarating thought of fucking before the wedding both frightening you and turning you on. Just how could you have let this happen?! This whole time he had this planned! How did you not see it?

Your thoughts vanish as Chanyeol’s fingers dig into the curve of your arched back, his lips kissing every inch of your throat, his other hand at the nape of your neck. “Baby you don’t know how much I’ve wanted you…but this, oh this is so much better. The thought never tasted so sweet.” Chanyeol groans, his deep voice husky at your shoulder, it sends chills down your whole being.

You swallow deeply, your voice low. “God this is wrong,” Chanyeol acknowledges your fear but doesn’t entirely believe your words as he also notices the excitement hidden beneath.

To further prove his point he kisses you more feverly, sliding his tongue past your lips, a low moan erupting from you as his tongue met yours. It wasn’t fair how easily he could get you under his spell, making you crave him without needing your say so.

Helplessly you give into his charms, eagerly begging for more, arms around his neck, roughly pulling him down harder against your mouth. Your held back moans springing free.

Never had you realized how much you needed this- needed him. Your now regretting having waited a week because fuck how could you wait for this?

Chanyeol pulls back first, gasping for air, his dark eyes swarmed with the unsatisfied tension you’ve bestowed upon him. It was fucking breathtaking. You wanted to see more. It was you who leaned back in, doing just that. You didn’t want to ever stop.

Unconsciously your fiance walks you back to the bed, your kiss splitting when you lose your footing and fall atop of it. You giggle, fighting the dress to get on your knees, quickly reaching forward, pulling Chanyeol toward you by his belt loops. He chuckles, “I love seeing you all fired up, baby.”

You bite your lip, fumbling with his belt, “Yeah? Well I never should have waited, it was the stupidest decision I’ve ever made.” Chanyeol is quick to disagree. “I don’t know about that, I think I’m starting to like this side of you.”

You wouldn’t think so. This isn’t you, this was just your lust taking over.

Having finally undid his trousers you slide down his boxers, grabbing a hold of his dick. He watches you intently, awaiting. Gingerly you stroke him, moaning throaty at how hard he’d gotten. Although it never took him much to get up. Especially with you.

Chanyeol loudly gasps, a surprised “oh shit” falling from his tongue when you take him into your mouth. Slowly you glide your tongue up and down his cock, licking from balls to tip, hearing the intoxicating noises from above you, instructing that he craved more. 

You take his invitation, wrapping your lips completely around him, bobbing your head. He holds the side of your head, his own thrown back in the ecstasy that was engulfing him. You take his plead and suck him off at a quicker pace, your fingers digging into his thighs to hold yourself steady.

You moaned, “Fuck, (Y/N),” as he yanked at your hair. He pushes you further down his cock, his voice vocally loudly as you wantonly took him down your throat effortlessly, only lightly gagging.

“God, you don’t realize how fucking sexy you are, taking my cock like this in your wedding gown.” He compliments, pulling you off his dick, giving you a moment of breath. You smile, Chanyeol leaning down to kiss you. You whined at his boldness, loving the fact that he didn’t care his dick was just there.

Chanyeol lifts you up slightly, guiding you on your back. He towers above you, conquering your mouth with his own. When he separated from you, your eyes follow his move as he scurres through the layers of frill, you giggling. It was cute that he was struggling to find your pussy.

Gladly enough he gets through, gasping at what lied underneath. It makes him growl lowly, his hands running up your legs.

Chanyeol looks down at you hungrily. “Holy fuck! You know how much I love seeing you in stockings.” You lean up, running your hand through his hair, “I just know my baby well.” He beams at your answer, kissing you, yanking you forward roughly. 

You purr, feeling Chanyeol rub his cock against your barness, thrusting up slowly sliding himself across your clit. You tossed your head back, his name helplessly falling off your tongue.

He watches you, turned on further at your pleasure filled looks. He makes sure to tell you too, sliding his cock more and more against you. Chanyeol burying his face in your neck, suckling at your skin, shuttering as your pussy drives him over the edge.

He gradually traces his hands up your thighs next, sliding his fingers through the straps of your garter belt, before squeezing your ass. “Ahhh, Chanyeol!” You whined, him biting you.

Your fiance couldn’t wait anymore as he hastily enters you, you both drowned in the ecstasy. “More, baby please.” You plead, his cock inside you not enough, you needed him to move, to give you the satisfaction you both been yearning for.

Chanyeol obliged, he didn’t go slow, he was already in too deep from waiting. Slow just couldn’t quench the burning desire he had within. You honestly couldn’t careless yourself, you needed this so badly, you needed his breath on your skin, his lips on yours, his cock endlessly rubbing across your tightened walls until you grew sore. 

Chanyeol holds you impossibly close, meeting your gaze as he slowly fucks you. You smile, tilting your head, kissing him again, for as long as you could. Which happened to not be very long, for as Chanyeol’s hips picked up in pace, both your voices rising in volume. At this point you didn’t care if someone heard you. 

You close your eyes the more pleasure that washes over you, your body numbing from the intensness of the situation. His own quivering from straining to keep his rhythm, but from how long it’s been before you’ve had any intimacy, knew he wouldn’t last much longer. But that was okay. You want to believe he needed this more than you.

You cup your fiance’s face in your hands, meeting his lips. He gasps loudly, his body trembling as he reaches his desired end. You moan yourself, feeling him cum inside you, eagerly thankful that for once he reached satisfaction first.

Chanyeol pants against your lips, his breaths ragged and rough, sweaty forehead rested to yours. “I love you, (Y/N),” You smile, running your fingers through his hair.

Your mouth opens, ready to speak but someone else beats you to it. “(Y/N), its time, c'non lets get you marr….!” Your friend immediately stopped short, seeing just what was going on. You and Chanyeol look her way, not even fazed by her sudden appearance.

She gasps, turning around. “I am so sorry, (Y/N), I didn’t know you was…uh were…you know.” You chuckle. “I was just coming to inform you that they’re ready for you guys. S-should I tell them to wait a little bit longer?”

A grin rises on Chanyeol’s face. “Yes, tell them the bride is getting her wedding gifts early. It’ll only take about another 20 minutes or so, okay?”

Frantically you see your friend nod, “Right,” Hastily she begins to walk out but Chanyeol adds. “Oh and close the door, we don’t need anymore interruptions, you understand right?” She doesn’t argue.

You look back to your fiance. “Will they wait though?”

“Baby, I’m paying for this wedding they better. Now I have 20 minutes to get my wife off, just how does she want it?”

You hum, “Surprise me.”

Dates with Sam Holland:

  • Going on a lot of cute little dates
  • The museum would be one of your favorites
  • Just going through the museum, talking about all the paintings while holding each other’s hand
  • “You wanna know my favorite masterpiece?”
  • “Sure let’s hear it!”
  • “You.”
  • What a cute little charming boy
  • Blushing at his compliments all the time
  • Him adoring you with all of his soul

  • Another cute date would be the theatre
  • You guys would looooovvvvveee to go there
  • Both of you being so in love with everything
  • Sam singing some of the songs after the theatre
  • Swinging your hands back and forth all the time
  • Basically just wandering through the city at night cause why not
  • “You I love you right ?”
  • “Yeah. You wanna know something?”
  • “Sure!”
  • “I love you more Sam.”
  • Awww he’d blush and turns away or tries to hide his face oh my goooooood

  • Or the both of you just going to some cute little vintage shops looking at books or vinyl records
  • Sam would be your book holder (don’t think that’s a word tbh) while you try to reach one of the books
  • He’d probably hand the book to you cause he’s such a gentleman
  • You end up buying like ten new books
  • “You’re crazy y/n!”
  • “Yeah, crazy about you!”

  • And sometimes you just go on coffee dates
  • Simply just sitting in a small cafe talking to each other about any kind of stuff
  • You secretly taking pictures of him cause he’s a god
  • Him taking revenge on you by taking even more pictures of you and posting them on Instagram later with a really cute caption like “Coffee dates with this beauty” or some cute shit like that
  • Y'all basically just being a really cute couple that deserve nothing but happiness and each other
  • Sam could hit me up every time he wants

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I improved the battle at the ministry

Harry saw the look of mingled fear and surprise on his godfather’s wasted, once-handsome face as he fell through the ancient doorway and disappeared behind the veil, which fluttered for a moment as though in a high wind, then fell back into place.

Harry hear Bellatrix Lestrange’s triumphant scream, but knew it meant nothing - Sirius had knly just fallen through the archway, he woukd reappear from the other side any second…

And he was right. Sirius groaned when he hit the stone floor and his wand rolled away from him, but before Bellatrix could continue their duel she was stunned by Remus and Tonks simultaneously.

Not much later Harry and Sirius left the ministry together with Remus, but while Remus was berating him for his recklessness Sirius only winked at Harry and said “she thought she had me, the foul bitch. Close one, but you gotta have more in store to beat Sirius Black.”

Hope this was okay!!

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*gaara realising that he has a crush on s/o*

- he didn’t notice that the feelings that were slowly creeping up on him were feelings of interest in s/o until temari asked him “ do you feel some sort of way for s/o?” and he just kind of goes into computer processing mode for a bit because even he doesn’t know.(kinda like those memes that go “ .exe has stopped working/ crashed”)

- he would find himself thinking about s/o at random times and creep up a little smile, sometimes when he’s out walking in public he would look for their face through the crowds.

- I think it was official for him that he really liked s/o because they were a “stranger” that would go out of their day and talk to him, asking him how he is and laughing at his very very poor jokes that sometimes people can’t pick up, s/o would want to hang out with him, help him take care of the plants, or accompany him in little walks to the office.

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*kakashi realising that he has a crush on s/o*

- this dude would know the moment he realised how hard it is to distance himself from s/o when it came to talking to them. He would have this little thought In the back of his head saying “ I wonder what s/o is doing”, He would find himself buying little knick knacks for them and make the excuse of “ your house is boring, I’m just helping you decorate”

-sometimes when he reads his icha icha book he would find himself replacing the characters with him and s/o in the lovey dovey parts and sometimes in the more 18+ parts ( nasty kakashi;> )

- what made him have feelings for s/o would probably be that they have this calm aura, someone who doesn’t seem to want to pry at anything and genuinely showed worry and care for him. I would also like to think that if s/o is a civilian, something he really came to love about them is that they would wait by the gates for kakashi to arrive, s/o’s face of a slight worry would disappear the moment they saw him walk through the gates. ( a day before the mission kakashi finishes, he sends out pakkun to tell s/o he’s on his way )

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*hashirama realising he has a crush on s/o*

- hashirama is originally a nice guy to everyone, but he would find himself being more sweeter to s/o, calling them over when they see them, trying to make them laugh or smile. And then he would realize how his level of treatment was more higher for s/o than for anyone else and that’s when he realizes that he likes them.

- whenever he’s talking with s/o he always says how he promises to protect them from any harm, and he starts blushing when s/o jokingly goes “ do you say this to everyone or just to someone special?”

-what made it official would probably be hashirama craving s/o’s laughter or excited face. He would find himself making comments about s/o in conversations that don’t even include them. Whenever he’s walking with s/o, they tend to lightly brush their hands as they walk and he would start trying to hide his blush to an oblivious s/o.

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*madara realising that he has a crush on s/o*

- he would deny it so many times, he would try to ignore s/o or act rude to them but at the end of the day he would have that little voice in his head saying “ go see s/o!!, I wonder what s/o is doing!!” And he’ll just kinda go

“ fuck..this is really happening”

- when it came to sparring he would go straight to s/o, if anybody else wanted to spar with s/o he would give them a deadly glare, and if s/o already selected someone, I dare say he would act a little childish when s/o talks to him after.

- he started growing on these feelings when he realized s/o’s strength and how he would find himself staring at them as they trained, whenever s/o would make a trip to go get their weapons sharpened, he would tag along with his weapons or even take their bag of weapons if s/o can’t go that day. He would find himself annoying them because he’s always telling them what they did wrong in fighting and how they should train to perfect it but it usually comes out sounding harsh even if he doesn’t mean it.

look, the truth is that I’m sentimental and I believe in people growing and whatever, and despite all the awful things she did and how mad I am at her, I just know myself and know that I’d be ready to forgive Rika [ not in real life, but like, in context of the game ] eventually if she got help and wanted to make up for what she’s done

but she doesn’t. she literally doesn’t want to face consequences and get help. she keeps talking about going somewhere with V and I and walking through apple trees, and girl you literally stabbed V? just? be realistic for a second please?

I think people would make much better decisions when it comes to dating if they stopped focusing on things like weddings and babies and instead focused on things like funerals and disappointment. What I mean is when I think about who I want to marry, I can’t just stop at who I want to meet at the altar. Because when you’re thinking about the person you want to spend your natural life with, that means the person who will be by your side when life is hard. When your parents die. When you lose your job. When your child is hurt. When bill can’t get paid. And when all of those painful moments come, you have to think “is this the person i want by my side? Is this the person who will be generous and giving when I’m in need? Is this the person who will find the words to soothe my aching heart? Is this the person that when I look across the room through tearful eyes, I want to, need to see their face?”

What I’m saying is when you’re thinking till death do us part, you really have to listen to the whole vow. The commitment is more than just walking down the isle. Its who you want to walk through life with.

An Aquarius and I were sitting out in the park just relaxing, and suddenly she started kissing my neck and whispered, “I’m scared of getting too attached too quick to you, but you’re making this too difficult for me. I can’t stop thinking about you and I hate you for this..” She then bombarded me with kisses.

An Aries rubbed her hands together and sighed. “I’m so scared..” She said, “I’m scared of being a failure, to fail is something I can’t really see myself doing, and IF this relationship between us fails l, then I am too blame because I probably didn’t do my part.”

A Cancer looked at me with a small smile on her face and said, “I’m scared to love you. I’m scared to even think of loving you, but I have been through so much, so just wait for me to open up, okay?”

A Capricorn let out a small laugh and just looked at me and pushed me playfully, and then suddenly she got quiet and gently held my hand into hers. She looked back at me and said, “I’m not very good with words. I can’t always express myself the way you want me to, but believe me, I love you so much and I just don’t want you to think that I don’t. I see you. I feel you. You make me happy, okay?”

A Gemini slowly placed her hands on my face and squeezed my face playfully, then slowly got quiet before letting go and smiled. “Get use to me..”, she said as she backs away from me. “I’m the accurate Gemini and you wouldn’t want to get too attached if I just up and leave..” she slowly slowed down and stopped, “but that doesn’t mean you can just accept that, because for once I want someone to chase the fuck out of me..”

A Leo and I were cuddling and she slowly lifted my hand and looked at it and she snuggled closer to me and said, “I’m sorry if you think I’m very demanding at times, and I know that my pride gets the best of me, and I can’t seem to lower my pride when I know I’m in a wrong, but for you..” She looked up and stared at you. “I’m going to do everything for us to just work and we better meet halfway, okay?”

A Libra sat ontop of me in bed and we just talked the whole night like this, and slowly said, “I always think that I’d feel lost, or lose myself, when I know I’ll be deep in my feelings and no one is there to really listen to me, or even when I need someone.. I fear that I’d be just alone.. I’m scared, you know?” I watched her got quiet and I pulled her down and held her close to me and whispered to her that I will be here for her and she buried herself to me, holding onto me tightly..

A Pisces rolled and slowly inched herself closer to me and said, “I’m scared to wake up and to find you not in love with me anymore. To give my all to you, and you’ll just slowly just lose feelings for me right away…” She started to whimper and continued, “to feel like this will all be just a dream because you have been nothing but a blessing to me and I can’t lose this. I don’t want to lose this, to lose you. So, please reassure me every single damn day, asshole..”

A Sagittarius placed her arms around her my neck and whispered softly, “I overthink too much about things and I can’t stop. You’re in my thoughts alot. You always do..” Her hands rub the back of my neck and she slowly starts to sway us together. “I just can’t help that I’m like this when I’m with you..”

A Scorpio reached for my hands and squeezed them as tightly as she can and said, “I told you I have trust issues, and I have been hurt in the past, and I couldn’t put myself out there for you, and I just wanted you to know that if you give me a bit more time you’ll know.. you’ll know when I’m ready again.”

A Taurus and I were out in downtown and I watched her walk infront of me. She then turned around with her hands on her back and slowly walked towards me and said, “I’m falling for you, you know? But I’m not there yet. I’m scared to fall, because [laugh] I haven’t had anyone tried to catch me.. and I’m scared..” She looks into my eyes and slowly she reached for my hands. “I am falling for you, and I hope you’re there to catch me…”

A Virgo stared at me long and hard, she then leaned to kiss my cheek softly and said, “I have a fear of commitment. I’ve had alot of people promise me things and completely mistreated me and I know you mean well, but could you just.. can we take things slow? Because I don’t want to ruin this. I don’t want to ruin us. I like you, I really do but you’re..” I kissed her and she kisses back and suddenly she pulled away with a smirk on her face, “There you go again.. God, you’re at it again..”

—  Fears
It Ain’t Me: Part 7

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Genre: Angst

Words: 2.4 K

Part 6 | Part 8

You took great interest in reading novels and visualizing them in your mind however, one thing you were never able to visualize without cracking up was when people said, “It’s as if time slowed down.” How could one not crack up at that? It took a comical tint when you tried to visualize it in your head. However, now you weren’t so sure about that because you were feeling exactly like that. The moment your eyes landed on Jungkook and Seulgi, you could swear Kronos himself had come alive to make things worse for you because a heavy feeling settled on you, and everything suddenly seemed to be moving at a very slow pace.

You noticed every detail within a matter of a few long seconds. Their intertwined hands, the transition of Jungkook’s expression from shock to disbelief to anger, Seulgi’s widened eyes with a twinge of fear in them and the change in Yoongi’s body language, which suddenly seemed passive aggressive with his hands casually crossed across his chest but eyes, hardened and angry.  

After what seemed like an eternity of jumbled, nonsensical thoughts appearing and disappearing out of your head, you took a deep breath and snapped out of your trance. You forced your shocked features to accommodate a poker face and turned around in your seat to face the bar.  

You couldn’t even bear to look at them.

Yoongi noticed your noiseless but pronounced decision and strangely enough, he came back on your side and sat down as well. You looked at him with slightly questioning eyes but he just gave you a knowing look as if to say: I told you I’m on your side on this.

You gave him a small smile despite your resolve to not show any emotions under the scrutiny of the two unexpected visitors but only because you couldn’t help yourself. How funny was this situation? Your boyfriend and best friend, well-ex boyfriend and ex best friend, were not by your side but this unexpected friend, who you had never thought would be with you offering you support, possibly at the expense of his friendship, was doing just that.

You couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol or Yoongi’s unexpectedly supportive behavior this night but you were feeling warm on the inside despite all the tension surrounding you. At least there was one person, one friend, who was here, sitting by your side and listening to you.  You didn’t have to get affected by their presence. It’s not like they hadn’t individually made it clear to you that they were perfectly happy with each other. You could enjoy this night without paying attention to them and you would.

Your resolve, however, slightly weakened as you noticed Jungkook had broken out of his stupor and was very evidently walking towards you and Yoongi, leaving Seulgi in her place. He looked confused and angry. Your eyes were unresponsive throughout his short journey till Yoongi’s stool but your heart began beating so fast you could feel your ears vibrating with its movement. Nonetheless, you maintained your calm exterior until Jungkook stopped right behind Yoongi.

“Hyung, what the hell are you doing here?”

Of course, he wasn’t even going to acknowledge you.

You looked at Yoongi, expecting him to respond to Jungkook’s question but were surprised to find him looking at you.

“____, you want to get out of here? I’ll take you home.”

Your mouth fell slightly open at his blatant disregard for Jungkook’s question and looked up to find him mirroring your expression. Maybe Yoongi hadn’t noticed Jungkook?

“Y-Yoongi…” You gestured behind him to tell him about Jungkook. He looked at you and then turned back in his stool. You looked carefully at the exchange between the two friends, the tension getting the better of you.

Only, it didn’t last long.

Yoongi looked at him for two seconds and again, turned back towards you.

There it was. He was doing this on purpose.

“I know.” Yoongi said to you. “However, what I want you to pay attention to right now is my question. Do you want to get out of here?” He looked at you intensely, waiting for your answer.

At that moment you realized, he was telling you to make a decision much more important than just leaving the café. You either stay there and talk it out with Jungkook or leave him behind.

You considered both the options. Stay here and talk it out with him? Tempting. After all, you had tried so hard to get him to meet you even once without any success and now that he was finally in front of you, you had the chance.

But why should you?

It shouldn’t be you who’s getting anxious. It shouldn’t be you who’s hanging by every word that comes out of his mouth. It shouldn’t be trying to prove something to him, to offer explanations when there is not an iota of truth in the accusations put upon you. It’s been a while too late for you to even consider this option.

Leave him behind? Also sounds tempting. After all there’s contempt in you. Anger, frustration and hate. Yes, hate. You hate Jungkook for not believing you. You hate him for not listening to you. You hate him for not even giving you one chance. You hate her too. You hate them both. But why should you be the one running away?

Without newfound determination, you looked at Yoongi who was patiently waiting for an answer. You glanced at Jungkook as well, who was looking at you suspiciously.

“I want to stay here. Of course, if you want to leave we can.”

Yoongi smiled at your response, gauging the hidden meaning behind your words. You were not going to back down or hide in fear. You were going face the situation if it came to that. Or so you told yourself.

“Okay, we’ll stay here.”

You could see Jungkook getting agitated from the corner of your eyes. His breaths were shorter now, and his free hand- the one was not in his pocket was fisting and unfisting repeatedly. Of course, he was confused. He wasn’t going to just back down because just because he was ignored a few times. He brought his hand up to Yoongi’s shoulder

“Hyung. What is happening here?”

Yoongi finally looked back at him. “Why are you here, Jungkook?”

“What do you mean why am I here?” Jungkook asked him with incredulous eyes. “Why are you here hyung?”

“I am having a drink with _____, as you can see. Why don’t you go enjoy your time with your girlfriend?” Yoongi gestured, not so subtly.

A number of emotions passed through Jungkook’s face but his anger didn’t budge. He looked at you finally and even though you should have been prepared, you were still surprised by the amount of hate his eyes held as they looked into yours.  He looked at you as if you had once again let him down.

“Is this your way of taking revenge ____?” He spat out, his tone attracting a few stares from the people sitting around you. But you couldn’t care less about that. You were more focused on his words. You knew he was trying to rile you up.

“My way of taking revenge?” You scoffed. “C’mon Jeon, you know me better than that.”

“I don’t though, do I?” He shot back, his hand tracing his chin in derision. “I would’ve been prepared to see you shaking your pretty little ass for other men if I did.”

You felt a sharp jolt of pain hit your chest at his words. All sarcasm and humor left your brain as it tried hard to make you believe that the love of your life had openly shamed your character. You caught people staring in your direction, giving you unsavory looks but you tuned it out. All your focus was getting invested on keeping your goddamn tears in. You looked down at your lap and swallowed the huge lump in your throat.

“Jeon Jungkook, it’ll do you good to leave right now otherwise I swear to fucking god I’ll break your face.”

Yoongi’s voice rang out as he abandoned his drink and stood up to face Jungkook. Despite being slightly shorter, his aura was more intimidating and commanding. He didn’t flinch as he lightly pushed Jungkook in the stomach as a signal for him to back off.  

Jungkook looked at his hyung, clearly taken aback by his words. 

“Hyung,” He grit his teeth and stepped forward once again. “What do you think you’re doing right now?” His tone lowered considerably but you noticed that it was not out of respect but anger.

Yoongi was not one to be intimidated though. “I said, get the hell out of here punk, before I break your face.”

“Have you lost your mind, Hyung?” Jungkook exclaimed. “You will fight with me for…” He looked at you like you up and down, like you were something filthy, something untouchable. “Her?”  

Yoongi’s eyes grew wide at the vulgarity of his expression and he growled, bringing his hand up to hit him. Before he could land a punch though, you stopped him by grabbing his arm. It wasn’t like you felt generous towards Jungkook, far from it really. But you had had enough. Your heart felt like it was placed on a bed of needles. What had you even done to deserve such contempt? The tears had long escaped the holds of your fragile will and were falling down your face rapidly.  You heartbeat was skyrocketing, a little too unstable to be normal. You got up, you wanted to get out of here otherwise you would suffocate to death. However, the moment you got up from your seat your legs gave out. Yoongi rushed to grab you before you could fall down and held you in place.

“___! What’s happening? Talk to me!” His touch was light but through your blurry vision you saw the worry on his face.

You pressed on his arm to bring him closer to you and he complied, putting his ears near your mouth.

“I want to get out of here,” You panted. “I think I’m getting an anxiety attack.”

Jungkook’s heart fell when he saw your knees giving out. He reflexively reached out but Yoongi beat him to it. Had he gone too far? Were you drunk? He didn’t know. What could he do? He felt so very angry, so hateful. How could you sit here and enjoy your time? Did you not feel any guilt? Why did it have to be Yoongi? He had too many questions and no answers. Everything around him was hazy.

His jealousy flared the moment he saw you pulling Yoongi towards you and mumbling in his ears. Yoongi nodded and immediately put his hands around your waist pulling you up. You leaned on him for support, closing your eyes.

“Get out of the way, I need to take her home.”

Jungkook looked at Yoongi when he realized he was the one being addressed. Yoongi’s eyes were stormy; Jungkook could tell he was really angry with him. But why? Why was he angry with him? Jungkook grit his teeth. Why did it have to be him? Why couldn’t he see that you were the one who betrayed him? He was the victim here. He looked at you as your shallow breaths brushed away the few hairs falling on your face. Your face shined with sweat and tears and your lips were dry. He narrowed his eyes. Were you sick?

He again reflexively reached out to touch your face but you opened your eyes just in time. There was an unreadable emotion in your eyes but it was one that sent shivers down his spine. His hand froze mid-air.

“Don’t fucking touch me Jeon Jungkook. I don’t want you anywhere near me.”

Jungkook’s heart hammered in his chest at your words. A feeling of guilt settled over him as he looked in your eyes. You were the one in the wrong and yet your eyes were fixed. You stare was unflinching.

Your stare was unapologetically true.

His eyes widened. He could sense the seed of doubt growing in his mind but he quickly dismissed it. He couldn’t be wrong, he knew he couldn’t be…but what if he was? What would he do then?

He was forced out of his thoughts as Yoongi’s hands roughly pushed him out of the way. He staggered back but collected himself before he bumped into something. When he looked up again, Yoongi was already half way to the doors with you in his arms and you…you were sleeping?

No. No goddammit. You were unconscious.

“Shit.” Jungkook muttered under his breath and ran forward, concern taking over his senses. Yoongi was almost near the door when Jungkook rushed and stopped him.

“Hyung! What happened? Is she okay?” He asked, a little out of breath.

“Knock it off, kid. We can discuss this later. She needs to get out of here and she doesn’t want you there.” Yoongi told him sternly, once again turning away to step out. Once gain, Jungkook stopped him.

“Please, Hyung! At least tell me what’s happening to her! Is-“

Yoongi’s voice was steel cold when he interrupted Jungkook.

“You’re a fucking piece of shit, you know that? A brat. Do you think you can just step in anytime and do any thing you fucking want to? You practically called her a whore in front of everyone and you think you get to show concern 5 minutes past? If the situation was any different, I would have beaten the shit out of you. Get it together, you fucking bastard.”

Silence settled around Jungkook after Yoongi finished. There was nothing he could say. Despite the noise, all he could register was the stillness around him as he looked at you lying in Yoongi’s arms and Yoongi holding you protectively.

“Oh and Jungkook?” Yoongi’s voice rang in his ears and he caught his hyung’s eyes once again.

“Your girlfriend is waiting for you. Have fun.”

With that, he opened the door and rushed out, leaving Jungkook standing there immobile behind the doors, unable to decipher his own thoughts and feelings.

To be Continued…

Much love, 



Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it
Victory is in your veins
You know it, you know it
And you will not negotiate
Just fight it, just fight it
And be transformed

anonymous asked:

question: how does Dean cycle through like 20 expressions in the space of a second and a half. explain.

That man’s face is a treasure; so many expressions so little time. It’s a lot to do with the vast well of emotions he’s always sitting on and also his sensual (tactile is the word I use when I tag it but sensual is what I really mean) because not only does he use his hands to express himself, he uses his face too–his eyes his lips, the eyebrows. Look at his shoulders in that one too. He just uses his entire body to talk. One of my favorite scenes is from The French Mistake because he does this in the span of a few seconds: 

He just has so much in him all the time and it just all comes out in some form of facial expression and I love it. This scene too in 5.01 when he’s so shocked to be on the plane: 

Or here, in when his entire face tells a story from start to finish: 

Or those times you can literally see him thinking something through: 

He wears his emotions right there on his face and that’s why it’s impossible not to know what he’s really feeling even when he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

#angst #comfort #teacher

Prompts: @assassinsdragons
Author: @queenofthyme

Harry was on his way to the kitchens during one of his free periods – it wasn’t technically breaking the rules to visit now that he was a Hogwarts teacher – when he heard it.

“- said no. That’s dangerous. Put it down please Miss Perkins. Mr Calloway! That’s not for –“

Harry ducked his head into the classroom. Malfoy was running around the room frantically, putting out fires – both metaphorically and one real one. He had clearly lost all control over his students.

Harry had become a teacher as soon as Hogwarts had reopened – he’d already had some practice teaching from his time leading Dumbledore’s Army, and of course his status as the Wizarding World’s saviour made it quite easy to win the respect of his students.

Malfoy, on the other hand, well, it had taken him a few years to rejoin the wizarding world – he and his mother had travelled for a while, keeping out of sight. And after that it was still difficult for him to find a job – nobody wanted to employ an ex death eater. Malfoy didn’t know it, but Harry had convinced McGonagall to invite Malfoy in for an interview this year – seeing as the Potions Teacher position was open.

The interview had gone well – Malfoy had been quietly studying Potions in his time abroad and was always something of a prodigy anyway – but when it came to the actual classes…the students were ruthless. They weren’t as forgiving as Harry, not as eager to show an ex-death eater their respect. It didn’t help that Malfoy overcompensated by being a pushover – he must not have wanted to give parents any reason to accuse him of cruelty.

Harry couldn’t stand watching any longer. He walked into the room. “Silence!” He said loudly over the racket.

The students all paused and turned to face him, their demeanor changing instantly. It wasn’t that they were afraid of him. That wasn’t how to teach. It was respect.

“Miss Perkins,” Harry began gently, “Please return the bubotuber pus to the storerooms. You are not to touch top shelf ingredients until fifth year. Mr Calloway, please do not place your cauldron on the open flames upside down. It will become damaged and I’m sure your parents won’t be keen on replacing it out of their pocket. As for the rest of you, there’s only twenty minutes remaining of class, I suggest you make headway on your potion. What is it they are supposed to be making, Professor Malfoy?”

He turned to Malfoy for the first time since entering, and was fixed with a steely glare. Perhaps interrupting the class had been too far.

“Pepperup Potion,” Malfoy replied through gritted teeth. Yes, definitely too far.

Harry cleared his throat. “You heard the Professor. Pepperup Potion. Get to it.” He made to leave, but Malfoy stopped him, an arm on his elbow.

“Going so soon, Professor Potter? Perhaps you should just finish the class for me?” He whispered snidely.

“I didn’t mean to overstep my – “

“But that’s what you always do, isn’t it? You always have to play the hero.”

“You can talk – if you weren’t always playing the damsel in distress, I wouldn’t have to save you so much,” Harry retorted, careful to keep his voice down. He didn’t want to argue in front of students. “Besides, you’ve never complained before. I thought perhaps you liked it when I came to your rescue.” Or flirt in front of students.

Malfoy’s face reddened delightfully. “I don’t need – I can handle my students on my own.”

But he couldn’t. Harry had already seen that.

Harry leaned in closer, keeping his voice low. “Look, Malfoy, you don’t have to be cruel. But you can’t let them get away with things either. If you show weakness, even for a second, they all see it. The trick is to sound like you have control even as it’s slipping through your fingers. I know you’re good at what you do, and I bet you can be a great teacher. You just need to be strong.”

Malfoy’s nostrils flared, and Harry suspected he was considering the consequences of punching Harry in the middle of a classroom but after a moment he relaxed, dropped the tension from his shoulders and nodded at Harry. “Thank you,” he said so quietly Harry wondered if he had imagined it.

Harry decided to go for broke. “I could always give you some more tips, you know, over a drink at Rosemerta’s?”

Malfoy’s eyebrows jumped up to the very top of his head. “Are you asking me on a date?” He whispered, his eyes darting between the students and Harry.

Harry saw something in Malfoy’s eyes that gave him the confidence to be upfront about it. Playing coy was their teenage game. “Yes,” he said simply.

Malfoy hesitated a moment – Harry suspected he was also battling the same internal struggle – before agreeing with a quiet: “Okay.”

Harry smiled in glee. He raised his voice: “Pick me up at seven?”

Malfoy’s eyes widened. The students all looked up. Malfoy nodded with the slightest tilt of his head.

Harry winked. “It’s a date!” He called out loudly as he left the room.

He could hear the students behind him:

“Are you seeing Professor Potter, Professor Malfoy?”

“Does he still have the Elder Wand, Professor Malfoy?”

“Is it true that he died twice, Professor Malfoy? He won’t tell us. But if you’re dating – “

Malfoy’s voice rang out into the hallway: “You can ask questions about Professor Potter after you’ve finished your potions.”

Harry smiled. Malfoy would earn their respect by his own merit soon enough. In the meantime, Harry was happy to help, especially if it meant he got to date Professor Malfoy.

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