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Time of Arrival // Steve Harrington

Summary: It was a huge shock when you traveled from the summer of 1981 to summer of 2008. With the help of your nephews, who are now older than you, you adapt to the new life. The next four eyes you integrate in the hunting before four years later you’re sent back with Sam and Dean to kill a monster to 1984.

Characters: Steve Harrington x Winchester!Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, Castiel (mentioned), Nancy Wheeler (mentioned), and Jonathan Byers (mentioned)

Words: 2963

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Stranger Things or the characters involved. I only own the Reader’s backstory and plot. I also do not own images or gifs that may appear in this either.

Warnings: Swearing, monster decapitation, death, mention of Barb, fluff, and angst

Author: Caitsy

A/N: I’ve changed the years that Samuel and Deanna Campbell died, when Henry Winchester MAY have died. I changed where the Winchesters initially lived before moving to Lawrence.

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As a Winchester you were accustomed to a lot of weird situations including an angel you had deemed the nicest one you had run into during your almost twenty years. Being sent back in time to Hawkins, Indiana was bittersweet given that you actually originally travelled from the early 80s to the mid 2000s just after your brother died.

In 1981 when you were sixteen years old and living in Hawkins with your parents, brother and his wife you ran into trouble. First off John and you had a ten year age difference which should have given you a hint that you were half siblings. John’s father Henry was killed in the future as Azazel leaving John to think he was abandoned and then your mother remarried in 1963 when she got pregnant.

You grew up knowing about the supernatural when you stumbled into your brother’s father-in-law exorcising a demon and his wife decapitating a vampire. He took you under his wing to teach you the ways of being a hunter that Mary didn’t want to be a part of. You spent two consecutive summers staying with them using the surrogate father excuse with your mom. Your Dad was a piece of shit when it came to parenting.

The summer of 1981 you had plans to meet Nancy Wheeler at her place for her small sweet sixteen that her parents had invited you to. You never made it to the party, you remember hearing wings flapping before it went white and you woke up in the back of the impala with Dean and Sam upfront. Of course nobody stopped looking for you until they found Samuel Campbell’s dead body and the urgency shifted to finding the murderer.

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Africa - Mike x Reader

A/N again, another one that wasn’t requested but inspo taken from Nancy teaching Dustin how to dance, i know snow ball is such a typical theme for imagines but i wanted to put a different twist on it, its also super short which i apologise for xx

Another campaign finished, and you and Mike were the only ones left in the Wheeler’s basement. After a campaign like that, it’ll be the only thing Mike talks about for weeks, to anyone that’ll listen. However, this time, he’s unusually quiet.
“What’s on your mind? After a campaign like that you’ll usually crazy hyper…” you say quietly as you help him pack up
“Oh…just thinking about..uhh..the snow ball…” he says, unsure if he can talk to you about it
“Well…what about it?”
“Im not sure if I want to go, I can’t dance…what if the girl I dance with ditches me for someone better…what if I don’t look right…” Mike trails off into a list off what if’s
You notice a record player in the corner and go over, rummaging for the closest thing you can find to a love song
“I can help you dance…my older brother was helping my learn the other day” you suggest as you put the record on, Africa by Toto, then turning to Mike, offering you hand.
He can’t hide his nerves as he slowly puts his arms around your waist, swallowing slightly, and you place your arms around his neck
“So, feel the rhythm, the lyrics, the song in general and slowly move, and pick up as the song does okay?” you say as you slowly start to sway in Mike’s arm, smiling uncontrollably, pulling him slightly closer.
“Am I doing it right?” he whispers
“perfect” you nod 

Subconsciously, you begin to mumble the words and look up into Mike’s eyes
“It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do”
“y/n…” Mike says slowly as you snap out daze
“yes Mike?”
he looked down, plucking up the courage to ask you to the Snow Ball, but something stopped him, he’d leant in instead, kissing you and quickly pulling away blushing like mad
“Wanna go to Snow Ball with me?” he says quietly, looking at his feet and you can’t help but grin, nodding
“It’s a date Wheeler” 

i woke up in a fucking warzone

1. a pipe in our water/heating system is cracked so we cannot use any water whatsoever, we cannot pee or wash our hands. we all have to pee. we are dying

2. we have almost no coffee left and only a few bottles of water to make it, so we have a very limited amount of coffee for a household that is painfully addicted to caffeine. this is a large problem. a larger problem is that if i drink any of this sacred final pot of coffee, it will just make me have to pee more

3. my dad has been in & out of the basement trying to fix stuff and has workers here fixing it now and my DOG IS LOSING HER FUCKING MIND she has been barking for an hour and will not stop and if i try to hold her and calm her down she freaks tf out (she is not good around strangers, was abused & abandoned by last owners)

4. my mother, the source of reason and calmness in our house, the only one who isn’t kind of a disaster, is also the only one who had to work today. so she’s not here to provide rational solutions to any of these problems. 

5. please send help to 123 internet lane we’re fucking dying and there is no end in sight

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Do you think Alphys molts, you know, like how a lizard sheds their skin?

this headcanon is awful and disturbing, and I’m deciding right now that it’s true and it happens every few years, and the process is horrifying

Alphys kinda keeps her old skin around just because it’s weird and kind of fascinating, and everyone else lives in a permanent state of fear that her old skin is going to come alive and scare the hecks out of them when they least expect it

monsters are magic, after all, so it wouldn’t even be totally impossible

it probably happens one time when no one is around and Alphys can’t figure out how her old shell could just disappear from her basement, where did it go? did someone throw it out?? she was going to use that for … something, probably, it could probably be used for something

no one ever sees it again, but it’s still somewhere out there, ghosting through abandoned woods far away from civilization

My mom just found my brother’s scrapbook in the basement, I had never seen it before. It’s weird seeing pictures of a brother I never got to meet. My life would be so different now if he hadn’t gotten all tangled up in his umbilical cord. His life would’ve been absolute chaos. One boy against 6 sisters, that’s just terrible odds for any boy, haha. It’s just indescribable missing someone I never knew.

I can’t wait to meet him.

Van & Game Night

-van doesnt rlly know the kids, sometimes she sees them hanging w mike while shes at the wheelers but otherwise there isnt much interaction

-one night van and nancy are hanging out in nancys room when van hears shouting in the basement and is like “wtf is going on”

-“my brother and his friends are having like a game night or something idk?? i think steves here too”

-van LOVES board games so shes like nance can we please go down there

-shes a huge jock but gets super competitive when playing board games

-so they go down and everyone is shouting bc max just won monopoly and dustin thinks she cheated

-“do you guys mind if we join in on the next game??”

-all the kids are a lil wary bc they love their game night and they dont want an outsider to be weird or something

-and mike is like why does nancy want to play games????

-but van is immediatley so into it and so cool and all the kids are like shes The Best we need her here all the time

-when the night is over all the kids r going home max comes up to her like “youre so cool please come to the next dnd night bc theres too many boys and they get annoying sometimes”

-and ofc shes like hell yeah i dont know a lot abt dnd but sounds awesome???

-and so steve & van show up to their next dnd session together

-nancy is like van??? you didnt tell me you were coming over???

-“yea steve and i are playing dnd w the kids”

-she brought them a ton of snacks & stuff she is so excited!!!

-and steve like doesnt really have a clue whats going on

-but vanessa is very prepared she wrote out a giant ass backstory

-she plays a half orc rouge and she is SO invested

-at the end of the night she goes up to will and is like “i dont want to like intrude on your group or anything but could i dm a campaign for you guys sometime??? i have a lot of ideas”

-and mikes like how the fuck did nancy get such a cool gf

-and max comes up again and is like oh my god youre awesome!! and van gives her a ride home bc they live kinda close to eachother and they talk about the campaign the whole time


this song means so much to me. more to me than any other song in the world (maybe besides saturn). because earlier this year was the worst of my life for my ed, as i went literally days at a time without eating and on the occasions that i would eat, it would be a single cup of yogurt and then back to starving myself. then we had a family get together and i couldn’t even force my food down my throat and i asked to be excused and went home (my grandma lives in the house right across from mine so i just walked across the yard). i sat in the basement, put sleeping at last on shuffle, broke down crying into my sketchbook as i doodled to try and deal with what was running through my head and my mom came home a few minutes later to talk to me and she was bawling for me too because she knew why i didn’t eat. we talked for a good ten minutes and before she left to go back to my grandma’s, she turned to me and said “you’re beautiful” with the most genuine look in her eye and i smiled back. as soon as she shut the door, my shuffle was still on and this song started playing. this song is the one that helps me through the awful nights, the 3am panic attacks, the “i hate my body” days, the rock bottom days and the hopeless-feeling nights. this song is the one that i hold closest to my heart.

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god i just got back from thanksgiving with my whole family and like half of my cousins are 10 or under & they were screaming and playing and we were all having a good time & then all of the sudden i had a realization that steve would be SO GOOD with your cousins when he comes with you to family gatherings, he’d probably let them climb all over him & play with his hair, and i deadass almost started crying in my aunt’s basement

Awwww i love this so much! I can also imagine him doing this as a dad and wow, I’m in love :’)

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(I asked this same thing to someone else) So Jeremy and the reader not in a relationship and their just friends but then during an intense game of Mario kart with the reader winning. Jeremy tries distracting the reader by saying something really dirty and winning due to the readers flustered state. It also leads to some smutty basement shenanigans (expand?)

Saturday was weekly game night for you and Jeremy, it became a tradition at this point but something weird was happening this time. You were winning… you were actually winning against Jeremy at street fighter. You had no idea how but there was no way you were going to question it. “Hell yeah heere! Fuck you I’m winning!” You yelled, a large smirk on your face as you focused on the screen.

“I’d rather be the one fucking you….” Jeremy suddenly spoke, his voice slightly deeper than normal. You blush but chose to ignore it going back to the game. You shit talking continued but with each sentence you said Jeremy seemed to have the perfect come back to make you blush and flustered

“Kiss my ass Jeremy! I’m kicking the crap out of you!”

“I wouldn’t mind smacking it since you’ve been such a bad girl recently”

“Suck my metaphoric dick bro”

“Only if you suck my literal one first”

At some point you were a stuttering mess… Jeremy sounded so serious, his tone not indicating a single inch of irony in his words. Finally the flashing “you win” came up on your side of the screen, you face still red from his words and as much as you don’t want to admit it you were slightly aroused as well. Clearing your throats you grin “so what do I get for winning against you huh?”

Jeremy stayed silent for awhile, his eyes darting between your eyes and your lips before he spoke. “This…” he purred before his lips were suddenly on yours, locking you into a deep kiss. A kiss that you didn’t think you wanted until your felt his perfectly shaped lips on yours, a kiss that you couldn’t help but to return it with just as much passion

Man even setting aside getting involuntarily pulled apart Big MT would be horrific to witness in person.

It’s easy to not take it seriously with the cartoonish personalities of the Think Tanks chattering over the loudspeakers as you explore but the constant reminders that they’re… sick and pointlessly sadistic are unnerving.

Dr. Borous’s basement in Higgs Village was bad enough, but one thing that really hits is Christine’s recording in Y-17 where she had basically accepted that she was going to die there – found in a huge pool of blood leaking out of an observation cell furnished only with a mattress on the floor.

ok so i left my aunts house after dinner to meet up with a friend just for a break from my family and i left a calm, normal house and when i walked back in EVERYONE was screaming and sobbing and i was like ??? and my cousin said that they all started fighting out of nowehere and then we all got sent to the basement and my mom and aunt have been screaming and sobbing for almost an hour now and were all just trapped in the basement i would like to die :)

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S-So, this party is open to like... Everyone, right?

“For the most part, I’d think. Unless ya got some kinda bone to pick, I’d say y’all can show up? Wasn’t really plannin’ on throwin’ much of a party, but I guess I am now, huh? Oh well, it’s Kukui’s place, not mine.”

“Yeah, I’m just gonna pretend you’re not inviting strangers into my house, Guzma. Clean up your mess when you’re done, okay?”

“We’ll see about that, Professor. We’ll see. Now go back to your nerd cave in the basement and quit crampin’ my style, will ya?”

Fred and George, in disguise: [knock on the doors of Hogwarts]

McGonagall: [opens the doors]

Fred: Hello, young lady! We’re selling Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans! 

George: Is your boss around?

McGonagall: ALBUS!





Dumbledore: WHAT


Dumbledore: I️ CAN’T HEAR YOU



McGonagall: YEAH!

Dumbledore: Ah Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans! I️ remember when they first invented Every Flavor Beans! Sweet, sweet Beans!






Story by reddit user TheCrystalGem 


This was the message I was greeted by in the middle of an episode of Big Bang Theory in my living room. Frozen halfway through a forkful of Kraft Mac N’ Cheese, I sat bolt upright and turned around to look out the window. The sky, as I thought, was crystal clear. A few clouds, but nothing crazy. No rain. No thunder. Nothing. Confused, I turned off the TV, erasing the alert from the screen. My two dogs came walking over to me and I patted them on their heads. One of my dogs, the other’s brother, was shaking profusely from the buzzing noise that always shows up with Amber Alerts and the like. I left them in the living room and walked through my kitchen and onto my front porch. My neighbors, too, were standing outside their houses, all looking at the sky in bemusement.

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having verbal fights with your paranoid thoughts alone in your room at midnight is traumatized kid culture

in an alternate universe, Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, and the only problem with that is that Bucky passes out before Steve can properly introduce him to the rest of the Avengers. but that’s okay, because when Bucky next wakes up, free of mind control, it’s to the sounds of pandemonium in the kitchen. this is how he learns that there is a Norse god of thunder living there. also, that no one should mess with Nat’s food. (and that Barton messes with Nat’s food, and reinforces the imperative that no one should mess with Nat’s food.) that Dr. Banner eats enough for, like, four people. and, maybe most importantly, that Steve brings plates of food down to his boyfriend.

“wait what,” Bucky says when this comes up within the first day. oh no, he thinks. Steve got a boyfriend and Bucky wasn’t even around to tease him about it?

“that’s wrong,” Clint tells Thor, who was the one who volunteered this information in the first place, “everyone knows zombies can’t eat food.”

“i do miss when Anthony ate with us,” Thor sighs heavily, and Bucky despairs inside. he missed Steve’s first boyfriend and Steve’s first boyfriend’s death? that’s so sad. what kind of a best friend is Bucky now?

it takes him a few days to corner Steve about this. “you got a boyfriend?” Bucky demands, at which Steve blushes and nods. “who?” and that’s how Bucky learns Steve’s boyfriend was Tony Stark, and now Bucky’s missed the demise of Steve’s boyfriend and Howard’s kid and that’s just really, really fucking sad. “is he the reason you keep going to the basement?”

“that’s where his lab is,” Steve says, sounding sad. he’s producing a photo of Tony now. actually, it’s half of Tony’s face, captured in a manic grin while a blurry Steve in pajamas tries to grab the camera in the background. “he’s been away for so long. i miss him.”

damn. that’s really sad. “hey, c’mon,” Bucky tries to comfort, “plenty of other fish in the sea.”

Steve looks horrified at this. “Buck, i’d never!”

oh, no. Howard had a kid and that kid was Steve’s boyfriend and then he died and Steve isn’t even over him yet. Bucky thinks this is the worst possible time he could have been unbrainwashed.

at the end of his first week, he inadvertently suits up with them on a mission, despite Steve’s protests. Bucky pretends he doesn’t see Steve kiss the folded picture of Tony right before they go into the battlefield, like he’s about to help take down this horde of evil robots in his honor. that’s really, really fucking sad, holy shit, how’s Bucky supposed to comfort him through this?

about three fourths of the way through the mission, a man in a metal can joins them. “sorry i’m late!” says its garbled voice. “alarm didn’t go off in time.”

“because we turned it off,” Natasha says exasperatedly as she snaps an evil robot’s neck between her thighs. “can you even walk without the suit right now?”

oh, there’s a man in there? Bucky doesn’t get to ponder it until after they’ve dealt with the evil robot army. then they’re piling back into the quinjet and the metal man’s mask is folding away (fascinating) and Steve is taking him into his arms and kissing him and what? what happened to ‘i’d never!’? and then Steve pulls away and Bucky gets a good look at the man’s face and recognizes it from the crumpled photo Steve tucks into his pocket– “wait i thought you were dead.”

“i don’t understand but i’m offended,” Tony Stark says.

“your boyfriend’s not dead?” Bucky directs to Steve instead.

“Tony’s not dead,” Steve says, aghast. “of course not. why would you say that?”

and that’s how Bucky learns that this whole time, Tony’s been very much alive and just holed up in the lab working on a new arm for him, and that Steve was, in fact, not taking meals down to the lab because he wanted to feel close to his dead boyfriend’s spirit, but because he wanted to eat with his alive boyfriend. “so you just carry his picture around even though he’s not dead?”

“that’s a perfectly normal thing to do,” Steve defends.

“you kissed it like he was dead and you were thinking soon i will join you, my love.”

Steve goes scarlet. Tony preens and goes all, “aw, babe.” then they’re making out and Bucky’s somewhat horrified because he’s been so preoccupied thinking about Steve’s boyfriend being dead that he hasn’t spared a thought about how awful it might be to witness Steve and his living boyfriend’s disgusting love in real life. but hey, Tony’s really not that bad and he makes Steve happy, and Bucky gets a free arm out of it. (with which he punches Clint because it was totally Clint’s fault that he believed Tony was dead to begin with.)