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How old would you say Draal is? I would say between 300-400 years.

Oh, I’d say he’s definitely that young at least. (And yay, age hcs!)

Going off of Blinky’s age (~600 so he’s said?) seeming close to a human’s mid-to-late 40s, I’d definitely place Draal at approximately 300 years, give or take. 

I think it’s part of what makes his whole basement-dwelling-older-brother thing work really well. He seems to be the Troll equivalent of a young adult - probably between 19 and 25 human years in relation to his “adulting” skill development. 


  • Still sort of trying to figure out what to do with himself?? 
    • Like if he’s not the new Trollhunter, who is he?
    • Probably has a future in being a trainer, he’s doing really well so far!
  • A bit reckless (harmlessly so, most of the time. But imagine Gritshaka!Draal.)
  • Not completely set in his ways; More open to living on the surface than someone who might have spent a few more centuries in Trollmarket.
  • “Is there a couch in the basement??? This is all I need I live here now-” 
  • Still the “Good Job, Son!” kinda dude
  • Probably has snuck upstairs to microwave pizza rolls at 2am 

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How did Terry and Wayne meet? How did Bruce decide to make Terry a protege, he probably didn't seem very protege-esque breaking into the mansion.


I was seventeen. I picked a fight with the wrong gang and, um, got chased onto Wayne’s property. He and his massive dog came looming out of the shadows of his creepy, dead garden and - God, I wish there was video - this pissed-off senior citizen went after the Jokerz with his cane. It surprised the hell out of me and totally spooked the Jokerz. The dog tore off one guy’s jacket as they ran for it.

Then Mr Wayne started wheezing and clutching his chest. He needed some help getting back inside to his meds, and that was the only reason I made it through the front door.

Finding the hidden door to the basement was an accident. Finding the suits and the equipment was me being nosy. Getting the dog sicced on me was just plain rude.

Not too long after, I - you know. Kind of needed to borrow some stuff. And when I didn’t get myself killed doing it, I guess Mr Wayne saw an opportunity.

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This is maybe stupid but the Rachel braille on the FBI wall could maybe point to Rachel not being real but OA's alter ego like Rachel was there having therapy but in reality it was OA...IDK maybe there are clues like this for each captive. And one more thing I realized that Scott talks about cigarettes and coffee as his ideal things and it's Hap who's always having a cigarette and coffee I couldn't figure out the connection yet but I wanted to point it out cause it seemed deliberate.

Oh okay, so this would go with the theory that the basement story is a sort of coping mechanism for OA? I have a bunch of posts scheduled to post later about the parallels between the captives and the Crestwood characters but I’ve never thought about the captives being OA. Next week I don’t have college and I’m hoping to actually make theory posts for this blog, instead of just memes and stuff! I might rewatch and I’ll look out for things like this while I do, and I’ll think about it in the meantime.

Edit: I also think that Hap always having cigarettes and coffee is to show that he views them as partners but they’re so unequal. When OA makes him a coffee and he says “I needed that” right in front of OA who’s in a much worse situation than him. It’s to show his inability to see how awful the situation he’s put them in is and instead he’s stuck in the naïve mindset of “we’re partners!”

If anyone else has thought on this feel free to add on!

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: If Sangwoo is torturing and eventually murdering people in his basement, where is he disposing of the bodies? How is he getting rid of them? How is he ridding the house of any evidence that his victims were there? Surely if there was a giant mound in his backyard, someone would notice even if his neighbourhood is said to be quiet. Also, where are the missing persons reports? How has no one connected the deaths of these people with Sangwoo if he is the last person to be with them. Surely there are video footage from places they met/hung out that corroborates the fact that he was last seen with his victim. So surely, he's not some unlucky guy who just happens to have known all these dead people.

@seanmcloughlin and followers had some VERY interesting ideas for Antisepticeye! thanks for all your ideas folks!!

This was the product of me being at a Christmas party with Too Many People, and then listening to Jack play Layers of Fear at like 2-6 am while I drew this.


*Some of these are embellished for the story but they all happened in some way*

- I just got on the bus and the asshole driver started going again and I fell into your lap AU

-It’s my 18th birthday soon and I’m just -praying- you give me what I really want AU

- You’re my best friend of seven years but one day you squeeze my ass when we go to hug and I accidentally moan and it kinda turned you on AU

-I like singing while I clean up at work and you come up behind me and omg this is so awkward AU

-Your older brother covers for us with your homophobic parents while we make out in the basement AU

-You see me jokingly flirt with a friend and you get irrationally jealous and drag me off to a corner somewhere and viciously make out with/ fuck me AU

- I’m showing you my new tattoos and I think it’s safe to say you really like them AU

-You’re my ex and we haven’t talked in two months since we broke up but one night you message me about how horny you are AU

-We’re just friends but everyone thinks we’re dating so we play into it and stage dramatic scenes in our “relationship” for the lolz AU

-We’re friendly exes and one day I cut my hair and that reignites your feelings for me but oh well you had your chance bye AU

modern xena and gabby would be such an annoying couple like you’d be like hey xena what have you been up to lately and she’d just be like ‘oh not much, gabrielle and I had some free time this weekend so we backpacked across three states, climbed a mountain and jumped off a waterfall, and stopped an armed robbery in a small town on the way back.“

meanwhile gabby is standing behind her in a crop top, her abs are staring at you & you’re just left standing there like “sometimes i walk up and down the stairs to the basement to do my laundry and I went to the gym once two weeks ago.”

  • Person A: *runs up to friend/Person C panting* YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!!
  • Person C: What?? What happened??
  • Person A: (Person B) just read Killing Stalking!
  • Person C: So??
  • Person B: *running after person A with kitchen knife* COOOME BAAACK~ I WANT TO TIE YOU UP IN MY BASEMENT~~
  • Person A: *unholy petrified screeching*

Husband was looking for me all round the house so he could show me something he’d made but he couldn’t find me so he just shouted really loudly, “Fantasy and Sci-fi are the same genre!” and the rational part of my brain doing laundry was like “I’m not responding to a meme, wait where am I going—” as I ascended up the basements stairs like the wrath of god, and he just turned like “there you are” and I’m SO MAD THAT IT WORKED