i was just hit with the inuyasha kikyo feels stick out of no where

Answerbox #71

Q: I have a question about the scene at the Well, after Inuyasha talks with Kikyo. I’m wondering, why did she stick around? I mean, I sort of understand where she is coming from, but isn’t she basically putting everything she could do on hold for a relationship with him?

A: I hate this question (sorry asker, not your fault), I’ve gotten it too many times, I’ve sort of already addressed this before in a write-up I believe, but I might be thinking the AvM… anyway, I’m going to answer this question, once more, one more time, after that, not answering it again.

Here’s what bothers me about this question, everyone talks about their relationship, or their potential relationship, or just think that Kagome stuck around solely because she loves Inuyasha. The question even asks about it in fact.

Now, I’m not going to say that isn’t apart of it, even she cannot deny that she likes him, she made that clear during her own revelation of that arc.

But, sit back, and think about it, don’t factor in the relationship, and factor in the meaning and the reasoning.

Kagome came into this already knowing, that the chances of a relationship happening, weren’t going to happen. She doesn’t force him to make a decision, make him feel bad or guilty, because she understands where he’s coming from in the situation. Anything otherwise would be considered selfish on her part, and she understands that.

Remember she also had her own moment at the Well earlier in the arc about Kikyo, but stopped herself, because that wasn’t the person she was, that’s not the kind of girl that she is. When she goes to see him at the Well, she allows him to time to speak his mind, and also speaks her own, and makes her decision to stay.

It isn’t because of a potential relationship, but simply because of the fact that if she cannot have him in a relationship, it doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t a friend.

And friend is important, despite all the lovey-dovey stuff that’s thrown in that pretty tells you there in some kind of relationship (probably without even realizing it), they are friends, she is his friend, she is there to help him and he is there to help her.

So naturally she sticks around, and the thing that she focuses on most when she’s walking with him, is purely and simply, his happiness, something that’s alluded him most of his life and something he doesn’t feel he deserves. That borders on depression, and based on that scene and Inuyasha’s reactions, you can bet there is some of that in there (I mean heck, at one point this guy didn’t want to do anything at all, because Kagome wasn’t around to keep things interesting), and honestly he has every reason to feel the way he does. So in that situation, wouldn’t you want to help that friend feel better, and even with their mind made up, would you not want to show them that they deserve some happiness in there life?

That’s where the issue with this scene comes up for me, I know so many want to focus on the relationship, but we cannot forget that while their is a lot of feelings between the two, while they do love each other, and while their relationship is prominent, they are friends as well, and this arc made that point clear. Kagome is the friend looking out for her friend in that scene.

And the thing that hits home about this? If Kagome wasn’t mature enough to handle that situation in the way that she did, and wasn’t capable of being a friend to him, there would be no relationship, nothing would have happened, but more important Inuyasha wouldn’t have changed, he wouldn’t have grown, he wouldn’t have found the happiness he’d spent his life searching for.

Now, yes, I agree, girls and guys shouldn’t chase after someone they have no chance with, but just because you can’t be with them, doesn’t mean your incapable of beings friends, you’re only capable of being that if your mature enough, and Kagome proves to be more than capable of that one. This situation has more to it though, and you have to look at it how Kagome is approaching it, she isn’t going from the viewpoint of “Hey, I can change his mind, and then he’ll end up with me!” she’s coming into it with the mindset that, he is my friend, he is dealing with a lot, he doesn’t feel he deserves to be happy, he’s been through a life of struggle, and I can help him with that.

Remember people, maturity… it’ll take you places, it’ll do a lot for you, but it’s hard, Kagome even cracks sometimes during the series, but we all do, we can’t keep these emotions contained forever and sometimes we have to deal with them. But while we have to look out for ourselves, there is nothing wrong with looking out for others, especially if they need it and we can help them through it.