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Summer Camp/Counsellor
1. We had to take the kids on a canoe trip and I jokingly tipped our canoe to scare you and oh shit we both just fell in the lake.

2. There’s a bird in my cabin and you brought a broom and a nerf gun to get it out?!

3. You were supposed to be helping me with the Arts and Crafts activity, and since you copped out to sleep I’m gonna cover you in glitter glue.

4. We were on a hike and I lost a kid so please help me.

5. You and I are kitchen staff, and we’ve already done prep–did you just throw an egg at me? Oh you are so on!

6. Listen I know the ghost story was fake, but I’m gonna sleep in your cabin tonight so you aren’t scared.

7. We just found some kids making out when were patrolling and why would tell them the place where we make out?!

8. I know this is just a game of Capture The Flag, but I’m on team red so don’t talk to me until this is over.

9. Everyone at camp gets nicknames, even the counsellors and ours happen to be a iconic duo and everyone wants to know why.

10. You were making friendship bracelets with the campers and one of them made ones for us…with beads in the shape of hearts…

11. You suggested singing songs around the campfire, since when can you sing–wait you have a guitar too?!

12. You asked me to help you bring the Kayaks to the shore and I swear I didn’t mean to hit you with an ore…twice.

13. I told you that I haven’t had a s'more before and you called me a fake counsellor before dragging me over to the bonfire.

14. I tried to scare the older kids on the hike, but you got scared too and sucker punched me.

15. We forgot to lock the back door to the kitchen and oh my god that’s a lot of raccoons.

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Hi, I heard from a friend that you were doing ficlet request. I have three. The first one is Damien gets Robert a really cool knife for their anniversary to go cryptid hunting and Robert's just like marry me. The second one is Robert and Damien are getting busy (smex) when Lucien comes home early and Damien hides Robert. The third one is Damien is self-concise about his body and Robert wants to take him to the beach, so the compromise is they go to the beach at night and have fun.

Nonny bless you for these fic prompts! The problem with tumblr is that I can only answer the ask once (unless I keep reblogging the post with the additions of the fic requests but that’ll be a dash-clogger) if you see this ficlet and you would like to send each fic request separately that’s fine, or if you would like to come off anon and I can personally tag you in each that’s also fine!

I’m going to do the third one first because that was the one I was planning to add to my fic Love That Dad! But with Lucien coaxing him rather than Robert, but I am still very excited to do it! Here goes nothing


It was admittedly one of the hottest days in the year. The season was about to turn and of course mother nature (the most elusive cryptid of all if you ask Robert) decided that this was the time to scorch everyone on earth, the residents of the cul-de-sac more specifically. He was certainly roasting alive in his tiny house, he should open a window, but it would only bring more heat in. He already drank a whole case of ice cold beer and all it did was make him sad. So now he was hot and sad, in that order. There was nothing on television, and if he watched another show where people ran around being scared by “ghosts” then he was sure he was going to throw himself to the Dover Ghost. He made a little tub of ice water for Betsy, she seemed satisfied enough. Her little body just big enough to fit inside of the plastic bin, her tongue lolled out of her mouth. She was sleeping. He smiled, she was dumb but she was his dummy and he loved her.

He got up, shedding his sweat-soaked shirt. He was pretty hairy, so that meant that hot days were even hotter for him and that meant that his water bill was going to be through the roof this month. He chucked it in the hamper and went to go the bathroom but then an idea ran through his head.

He wanted to go to the beach. But not by himself, and not just with Betsy, she had no head for conversation. He got out his phone and scrolled through his small list of contacts. Brian? Nah, he was going to bring his daughter and talk about how great she was and he didn’t need to be reminded of what a shitty dad he was. Mat? He was cool, and made good coffee, maybe they could chill and drink a jug of ice coffee. Nah, Mat got nervous around people, and that meant small talk and no bouts of silence that he wanted. Craig? Hard no. It would end up being a workout and he doesn’t need to get anymore sweaty than he already is. Fuck Joseph, automatic no. Mary? She was pretty much down for anything. He sent her a text. She replied quickly saying that she and Joseph had to go to the church for some meeting about renovations, short answer: no. Hugo probably would prefer to stay indoors and read so he wasn’t going to even text him. That only left Damien.

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just the two of us (hogwarts au) part five - shalaska - pureCAMP

A/N - I hope you appreciate what I do for you guys. I shortened my usual 30+ minute shower to 10 minutes so i could squeeze this into the queue. lots of loveeee <333

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