i was just drawing her and bam!

I don’t mind Jarco, but it’s a bit off putting… I mean Jackie learns Marco has a crush on her, then bam! Jackie now wants to be with Marco? And to be honest in my opinion it seems forced on both sides. In “Just Friends” when Love Sentence starts their song, Marco and Star both say siamotainously “our second favorite Love Sentence song.” Also Jackie kinda mutters in the beginning then says that this was her favorite song from them, it seems (to me) like she forcing herself to stay with Marco, or that she draws Marco’s attention back to her. The timing of it made me think that she just wanted to ‘fit in’ with Marco and Star.


“There stood the famous detective in his long Belstaff, holding tightly onto the little pathologist in her white lab coat. Her feet continued to dangle some inches above the ground as he held her in place. Neither of their faces were clearly visible, as they were both pressed into the other’s neck. Not that it even mattered. Faces clear or not, it wasn’t exactly a mystery as to what they were feeling in that moment.”

I Told You So, Chapter 12; by writingwife83

Done! I hope you like it! Had fun drawing this! <3


As you see, I kinda went all out on the rough sketches 😅
It all started with just drawing Hanji, but then all of a sudden, Nathalie was her.
Then bam…
So yeah Miraculous Ladybug x Shingeki No Kyojin.

Headcanon where during an undercover mission Lance ends up in a space duel.

- So work gets round that there will be some interesting Galra activity happening at this fancy intergalactic Gala (heh Galra Gala). Like this is a Gala where some of the most powerful people in the universe will be attending, and the Galra will be doing some shady stuff beneath the surface (perhaps something to do with the druids?)

- So Allura is obviously the perfect candidate to attend this Gala, she is royalty, she can socialise, dance, and completely blend in. However, to not look suspicious she says someone else should come along with her. Shiro is the obvious choice and everyone looks to him. He says he has to sit this one out as he doesn’t do parties. Plus he’s a horrendous dancer. 

- Lance then steps forward. He has a big family so he does well in social situations, “Also I don’t mind playing the part of your date, my Princess”, “It’s not a date”.

- So Allura and Lance get all dressed up. Hunk kits them up with some ear pieces which they can communicate through and hidden cameras. Pidge gets the computers ready so the team can help Allura and Lance if things get tricky. 

- Allura looks drop dead gorgeous as to be expected. Lance is rocking the tux as well!

- At the Gala things are going smoothly, they mingle. Then they spot someone looking suspicious they go to follow but they get stopped by this snobbish Lord who is obviously trying to make moves on Allura. Allura says she’s not interested, annoyed that they have lost sight of the suspicious person. Lance then spots them on the dance floor so offers Allura a dance to 1) get away from the creep and 2) get back on track with the mission.

- As they dance Allura realises that Lance can DANCE. Like not just avoiding stepping on toes kind of dancing, but real dancing. He’s graceful and elegant, and Allura is seriously impressed. She asks where he learned to dance Lance becomes a blushing mess, and tells her he took dancing lessons when he was younger. Howls of laughter can be heard over the communicator. 

- Lance and Allura proceed with their mission, and it all goes well, they get the information they need and it’s time for them to leave. HOWEVER, pompous Lord returns yet again to pester Allura and this time Lance gets seriously ticked off. “Seriously man, she said no! Can you not take no for an answer?!“ The Lord gets pissed off and asks who Lance thinks he is to which Lance goes really red and yells “Someone who cares”

- The Lord then challenges Lance to a duel to which Lance is hot headed and is all “Come at me bro!” reaching for his bayard. 

- “Ohoho, you cannot bring a gun to a duel” and the Lord whips out this really fancy fencing sword.

- Keith at this point is screaming at Lance telling him what does he think he’s doing get out of there!

- Someone throws Lance a sword and the Lord proceeds to royally hand Lance’s arse to him. But bless Lance he is trying so hard, cause this guy is a dick and he wants to defend Allura’s honour.

- Lance is beaten and is about to strike at Lance until BAM Allura parries the strike and she’s just standing there. She’s ripped her dress and she’s pointing this sword at this guy standing over Lance.

- “I will not have some sleazenak claim what isn’t his. I will fight for myself”. 

- Allura proceeds to kick this guys arse. Galra start arriving so Allura picks up Lance and carries him back to the ship.    

oH bOy






Guys please help me burn this
But in all honesty credit to @that-one-girl-who-is-trash for drawing this if it was a good character I would be so happy and love it but my….lovely….er…..original character Huntress over here just isn’t the…best.

Buttttt hey!!
I made her completely DIFFERENT NOW SHES COOL (In my opinion)

This is BB my creepypasta oc. and um yeah ta da cringe.

Gonna tag some people I feel would think this is cool :P
( @stuffdealwithit @scaredycat-hq / @scaredycat-draws @bsavaleria )
But uh yeah I did the thing boom now I’m gonna go draw Feral whooooo

Borderlands Appreciation Month Week 2
10.05: Favorite NPC (s) – Angel and Handsome Jack 

 I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist
I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier 

Ambiance music~

I initially just wanted to draw Angel but then I got extreme feels between her and her father. Their relationship is so strained and so interesting. 

—I decided to draw it cuz it’s how I found him
So I’ve had this photo for a while and I always wanted to know who was the hot guy in the photo I never found out…Later I found a channel on youtube AurieeTV bless her seriously then I got stuck to Agust D and then I was like man that guy is so cute and BAM!! I am a BTS fan now, and mostly THANKS TO SUGA like seriously I have a hard crush on him, he’s just aaaaahhhh SO CUTE I wanna hug him so bad he looks so woobly and squirmy idk hahaha fan girl time is over 

miraculous witch (shop) AU

possible scenario

  • adrien, nino and alya are friends like really close friends 
  • no superhero stuff
  • (gabriel is still an asshole though) 
  • on a sleepover alya wants to test spells she found in a book that was sent to chloé (nobody believes they will work)
  • chloé is there too because adrikins
  • adrien getting cursed (growing cat ears, tail and so on) 
  • (chloé keeps the book because she’s a bitch and wants to use the curses to keep other girls away from adrien)
  • so a series of people getting cursed

  • adrien can’t model because cat ears!!
  • adrien, alya and nino follow the address on the inside of the book
  • ladybug’s little witch shop
  • a tank full of frogs with a note “please don’t kiss the frogs. It scares them (and it’s creepy)”
  • “if you kiss a frog it will turn into a princess” alya presses frog to adrien’s lips
  • mari appears
  • mari is a beginner witch, inherited the shop from her grandma and runs the shop alone
  • offers help to lift his curse if he promises to help find chloé and stop her
  • no names because if you know the name of a person you can curse them (so mari is “ladybug” and adrien is “chat noir”)

  • imagine mari being totally clumsy when inside her shop
  • imagine mari getting her stubborn ladybug behavior in dangerous situations
  • imagine clumsy mari messing up spells making situations worse
  • imagine adrien helping her lifting the curses as Chat Noir (maybe both of them are wearing masks ???)
  • imagine adrien calling her nicknames like “bug princess”
  • imagine alya following them because ‘who is ladybug and who is that black cat??’ ‘why does he look so familiar?’
  • imagine adrien slowly falling for her and mari falling for him
  • imagine the feels when everything is over, she lifts his curse and he’s free so they have to no reason to work together anymore / they have to part ways
  • (Mari tells him her name because she trusts him?????)

i just love the idea of witch!Mari and her black cat. and i need a reason to draw more ml fanart. this is probably more of a fanfic prompt than an au right?

Bonus: mari is secretly responsible for the curse because she accidentally sent the book to the wrong person and she knows that. that’s the reason she offers to help. adrien finds out and bam angst because ‘maybe she doesn’t like me at all and just helps out of pity’?


Imagine TiPo guys.

[I love this movie but that’s besides the point.] Just, imagine TiPo here for a second. ITS ALL I CAN SEE RIGHT NOW. Po going off to do his Grandmaster duties and Tigress picks up his Yin-Yang staff and BAM he left her some flowers. 

If someone doesn’t draw that I swear I will. [if I don’t procrastinate or give up rofl]

Nightmare (or thunderstorm?) lil’ bro comforting!

Just tossing this, oh so self-indulgent thing I puked out in a sleepy haze last night, up before I’m stuck on mobile tumblr for rest of the night. lol 

YEAH SO. I DISCOVERED WHY I haven’t tried to draw a bicycle in many, many years: I am hopeless at them. lmao Cute faces? BAM! DONE. :Db Draw something mechanical with straight lines???   (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 

Working on something else instead though~ :D


So this is a silly little thing for floccinaucinihilipilificationa!

Franzi, your drawings always make me laugh and smile, and I remember that one time you said that you hoarded all the nice messages you got and then BAM NICE DRAGON FRANZI

So I had this little idea and I just had to try to draw it. I hope you like it!

Click on the images to see them better and read the captions!

anonymous asked:

high school au where yugyeom & bambam are best friends and yugyeom can't stop rambling about this girl he has a crush on so bambam eventually gets really jealous and fed up and tells yugyeom that he likes him!!

Warnings: Minor swearing

Word Count: 1.5k

Author: TJ

I was taking a break from working on my 2jae fill (that is getting way too long >.<) when this kinda happened… whoops xD Anyways, hope this satisfies, anon!

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did another redraw, cause its fun. I really like the opening of the Sailor Star series, where Usagi goes through all that shit, climbs through the thorns to get to the top of the tower, only to find everyones gone and Chibi and Saturn are about to be taken. She falls and I just wish they had made her more angry looking. I wanted to see so much rage in her during that scene. I mean Nehelenia took everyone! Da fuck! 

“Nehelenia you despicable piece of shit!” and then bam, fuckin Eternal Sailor Moon Power. 

thepreciousthing  asked:

Inspired by the latest ep of a series you REALLY NEED TO WATCH if you haven't seen it yet: The Senshi have unlocked a new power! When in sync with each other, they can temporarily fuse with one another and become a single person, combining their strengths and personalities. What pairs end up making the best combos? The worst? What is Reisagi like?


I had a lot of Senshi Fusion questions in here, so obviously this is a topic we need to discuss. The problem of course is twofold.

In one part, because I don’t know a hell of a lot about fusions yet. [Nor am I looking to be told. I’m watching Steven Universe spoiler-free and appreciate your help in staying that way.] I could easily miss some key details that would play into my answers.

The second part is volume. Assuming a Fusion is possible only between two characters (and I suspect it’s not, but for the sake of ease at the moment), then in the Inners alone we have ten separate combinations. A pretty high number, but not too daunting, especially for an Ask you’ve been waiting EIGHT MONTHS for. Add in the Outers though, plus Chibs, and there are 45. So Hubby says. I can’t math. It’s a lot though, and now we’re getting a bit much for anything in-depth.

I'MMA STILL ANSWER. I’m just going to limit that answer to the Inners for now (SOMEONE SEND AN ASK LATER AND I’LL DO OUTERS TOO), with a focus more on the specific question, so I don’t meander off and get lost in all my Fusion speculation. That means, assuming a Fusion is a combination of individual strengths and personalities, who work the best, who work the worst, and generally what are they like.

HERE WE GO. Watch me try to make all the questions and the eight months of waiting worthwhile.

Usagi/Rei: I WOULD PAY SO MUCH FOR THIS. So the first thing I can rule out with an Usagi/Rei Fusion is bickering. It’s Rei and Usagi speaking their own language, but for all that, they spark off each other too easily. It could quickly devolve and pop them out of sync, which I could easily see happening on a regular basis when they were Fused. I think for the everyday, it’d be hit and miss for them to keep together in one form. Give them an objective, though, and they’d be absolutely devastating. In their own ways, they’re deeply committed to achieving their goals on their terms. Even better, the older they get, the more those goals align. In their way, Rei and Usagi become a perpetual motion machine. Usagi provides the destination, Rei provides the focus. Rei never lets Usagi stop, Usagi draws her strength from Rei, which only fuel’s Rei’s determination. Set them on something they believe in, and I think the Reisagi Fusion would be nearly unstoppable.

Usagi/Minako: SO EASY TO FUSE. I don’t even know that they’d need to do a dance, just basically Minako raising an eyebrow and BAM, instant 2x blonde. Remembering again that I have very little Fusion knowledge to go on, I think Usaginako would Fuse so easily and intently that you’d actually have trouble getting them apart. I think them splitting would be a joint decision, rather than something that happened out of their control. Of course for all that ease, how powerful or effective would they be? I think pretty great, but I don’t know how specifically effective beyond “we are more powerful together”. Usagi and Minako’s powers both are on the more defensive side, so I think they’d continue to play more of a support role in battle, but with the increased power of Usagi behind Minako’s usual flexibility. I think, too, they’d tend to get distracted. Usagi and Minako feed each other’s worst tendencies. Giving them literally one mind to share can only make that worse. Usaginako’s true nemesis: SOMETHING SHINY

Usagi/Mako: SUPER PROTECTOTRON 5000. Maksagi (in my head it sounds like Mach-sagi, like she’s either a jet plane or a men’s razor. I’m not sure which, but both are funny) would I think take a bit of effort, but nothing too severe. Unless Usagi is scared and running to Mako for protection. Then Usagi just flings herself at Mako and the whole thing happens without anyone even thinking about it. Otherwise though, they’d need a bit of ritual and focus I think. As a Fusion, I see Maksagi doing great when they were working for someone else. If the others were threatened, for example, their desire to protect would be immense. Their power in those instances could be truly impressive, as both have near infinite compassion. It wouldn’t be quite as smooth outside of the moment though I think. Nothing tempestuous exactly, but I see Mako’s tendency to bursts of single-minded anger or stubbornness conflicting with Usagi’s occasional reluctance and indecision. I’m visualizing it like tiny Usagi trying to walk the giant mastiff that is Mako and how impossible it is to keep her from chasing a squirrel, or like giant mastiff Mako wanting to run, only to discover that Usagi’s suddenly become the lamppost she’s chained to. I think the sudden force of them wanting to go in separate directions would pull them out of the moment.

Usagi/Ami: Of all the Usagi-based Fusions, I think Usagi and Ami would have the harder time of it. The way they think is just so alien to the other. Usagi is a person of impulse while Ami is one of reason. Their goals would align easily, that’s not a problem, but as I’m understanding Fusion to this point, the key is harmony. Ami and Usagi are kind of like trying to make a harmony between a harp and a washboard from a jug band. You might be playing basically the same tune but that doesn’t mean you’re making music. I think they could sustain it long enough to do what needed to be done (with their powers leaning more to the defensive side, so I think getting others in to help will be necessary pretty fast), but I’m not sure that beyond a size or power boost advantage that they wouldn’t ultimately work better apart than together.

Rei/Minako: Rei and Minako would work both SO WELL and SO BADLY. As battle partners, I am firmly on the side of Rei and Minako being one of the most efficient and deadly of all the Senshi. They get each other in ways that I don’t know many of the others do, with their similarities and differences granting them both cohesion to a single goal or options for many. Put all that into one being capable of utilizing all that at the speed of thought, and *I* wouldn’t want to face her. VAIN THOUGH OH MY GOD. THIS ISN’T JUST A FUSION IT’S A FUCKING MEGADIVA. The Rei/Minako fusion would be the most ridiculous thing, constantly in her own imagined spotlight, striking poses, and everything I need to see yesterday. You couldn’t get Rei out of it fast enough when the danger’s passed though. Speaking of, the thing I said before about how the Garnet/Amethyst fusion called to mind fusion as Metaphorical Gem Sex? MINAKO WOULD ABSOLUTELY ABUSE THIS IDEA FOREVER.

Rei/Mako: Potentially difficult to form, but also potentially difficult to split. I have spilled many a word about Rei and Mako’s relationship, and how strained it can be is one of my favourite things about it. But also there’s how simple it can be, as Rei and Mako are often the same sides of different coins. Put them in a battle situation and WATCH THEM GO. I would be afraid of a Rei/Mako Fusion, for all the reasons that Sugilite turned out to be kind of terrifying: just this massive force of destruction. I see Rei and Mako feeding that impulse in each other, and it potentially being a struggle to talk them down from it. This is the “we need a lot of shit wrecked FAST” fusion, but think hard before you go there.

Rei/Ami: Surprisingly effective! Rei and Ami as a Fusion would, I think, be all about the precision targeting. I see her as being an incredible problem solver, the perfect blend of Rei’s intuition and Ami’s intelligence. When she attacks, it’s exactly what she needs to do when she needs to do it. Rei and Ami work so well together, bringing out their own qualities in the other so effortlessly: Ami has a soothing effect on Rei’s temper, while Rei’s able to coax out the fire in Ami. Their Fusion would bring the best of both of them. I think they’d sync easily but also split apart easily, and both come away from the experience feeling it was a good one.

Minako/Mako: Also an effective fusion, if less harmonious. When I think of this one, what I visualize is a rider on a powerful horse. Mako brings the power – the horse – to the fusion, while Minako provides the direction and control. This fusion would be one of the strongest, though trading some of the pure destructive force of some other forms for the focus. She wouldn’t be one of the easiest to form (Mako and Minako have to work at it), but I think maintaining her wouldn’t be quite so hard.  She’d always be walking just a few steps away from the edge of control, but never actually cross.

Minako/Ami: For all that I felt Ami and Usagi would have problems, I don’t quite see that with Minako and Ami. It wouldn’t be “I will fall into you and oops now we’ve Fused” easy, but if this is the route they’re choosing, both Minako and Ami know they want this to happen. Minako and Ami are one of the friendships I think both would need to work at the most, but when it comes to their goals in this case, I think they’ve already done the hard work. As tactical support, this Fusion would be a hell of a force. She wouldn’t be your first line of defence, but the smart enemy would absolutely target her first.

Mako/Ami: THE TEDDY BEAR OF FUSIONS. Mako and Ami get on so effortlessly as it is, I just can’t see a Fusion between them as anything but the easiest, most effortless combination we have here. Interestingly though, I don’t know that there’d be too much overall benefit from it. Mako and Ami’s greatest assets in battle are complementary, but there’s not much for Fusing to enhance or build as the focus. She’d be smart, she’d be strong, but we already had those qualities in Mako and Ami independently. An easy Fusion, but not what I’d qualify as “best”.



*sorry for my english*
I’m having an artistic crisis so I just keep drawing studies and this happened lol
Here four basic sketches I practiced a bit with.
These amazing, good-looking people are:
pheberoni - If you love freckles, Dragon Age, Mass Effect & art you should follow her. AND she’s got freckles. Isn’t it great?
lightgetsout - Anders, is that you? D: He is a GREAT voice actor. His impressions will make you fangirl a lot and shake aND AKJSDHAKJHAD
its-always-sunny-in-thedas - A very nice girl, a talented writer and model. I love the way she writes and I’m honored I could trade my drawing for a fanfic written by her. ♥
yesiamspock - BAM! Commander Shepard\Cassandra Pentaghast in the flesh. One of the best cosplayers of the galaxy. (Oh, she’s got freckles too aksjdhjka)

I’d love to paint these sketches… Y U SO PERFECT

silver-tongues-blog  asked:

Why doesn't pris have fins or webbed hands/feet? I don't mean her ears, I mean arm or leg fins. It's always bothered me. And where are her gills?

Well, when I first designed the character I needed a guy that had some pretty simple design mostly because this was back when I couldn’t draw humans/humanoids to save my life. So, yeah. I just gave her a trident and some shell based armor and BAM! Instant fish person. The design didn’t evolve that much through the years mostly because I just drew her for fun and the only “audience” that I had were the friends I draw with.

Tho’ I guess I should go on and redesign her a bit before I start on that comic thing. Maybe insensitive the whole fish aspect, I don’t know. I’m not there yet.

In the other hand I did found kind of fun. the idea that people can’t be able to tell she’s a “fish”. I don’t know, just make her angry every time someone calls her a goblin, a frog or someone with a really bad skin condition.

But since I’m here to please you (-snorts-). Here are the fins and gills you asked for.


Young Justice (1998-2003) #21

“Her name is Batgirl. Her vocabulary is less than a dozen words. She thinks in purely physical terms. Making her a lethal hand-to-hand combatant. And she has one priority. No one… No one… will get hurt on her watch.”


There’s mah gurl.

Cass, baby, when people write meta that gets you right? And when it’s in a published comic? I feel my world line up again.

Cass just translates well to David’s writing, and I super appreciate that Todd Nauck draws teenage girls with bodies like teenage girls – and that’s the same for Cass in this issue. I love it. GOSH I love it.

And the best part? The age demographics for the Young Justice title are younger kids and early teens. Just the kind of people who could use a hero like Cass. I like to think this helped bring more interest to her new series at the time from those parties.