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What if Il Ilah isn't a completely nonsentient blob of magoi? What if it's a collection of everybody's rukh? What if the Great Flow returns to it, so it's a collection of everybody's will but it's driven by the one that assimilated with it. Wasn't it running out of rukh on Alma Torran before Solomon assimilated with it. Comparing to Inuyasha - The Jewel and Naraku's mass of demons body.

I don’t think that’s a “what if” question. I think that’s precisely what’s going on. Ill Illah is a mass of rukh. The rukh as a collective are gods that resemble the kami of Japanese folklore. Just as Sinbad describes in Magi 346, when amassed together in their Illah form, they collectively act as one of many gods. 

The Dragons of Origin are aware of the same thing. 

Wasn’t it running out of rukh on Alma Torran before Solomon assimilated with it.

Yes, it was, but that was part of Elder David’s plan. By extension, that was the rukh’s plan. David was a singularity whose mission was to realize the Ill Illah/the rukh’s long term plan. It had already been decided that Sinbad would be born in a different world and would have some special ability that the rukh wanted to acquire to compete in their realm full of many other competitive gods. 

The rukh may even have the role of determining destiny’s flow and driving a cycle of death & rebirth of worlds only because some other god has forced them in the position. The rukh themselves might be a slave to another god, and fusing with Sinbad was the only way they could gain the power to free themselves. Perhaps the kami that determine the flow of destiny have been trying to shake off that role this whole time! 

Sinbad might be correct in a very literal sense: he could have been chosen to destroy destiny because of the actions of a god higher than Solomon or Il Illah.

Regardless of their motive, a few facts are clear: 

  • Il Illah and the rukh are fundamentally the same thing. 
  • A singularity is a person who has the ability to defy destiny (the collective will of the rukh) while coexisting with destiny at the same time.
  • David was given the mission to destroy Alma Torran so a new world would be created in which a “true singularity” would be born.
  • In order to be lured into fusing with Il Illah, the world the singularity (Sinbad) would be born into must have a motivation for wanting to openly defy destiny and feel driven to fuse with the rukh at some point in his life.
  • Solomon was used as a patsy by David and Il Illah to create a world of white rukh that create depravity. This created a “Hell” for non-singularities to end up in if they defied the collective will of the rukh.
  • That dynamic would motivate the “true singularity” (Sinbad) throughout his life because he was assigned the destiny to come into contact with a great deal of people falling into depravity through no fault of their own.
  • The “true singularity” would have the will to join the rukh in their fight against higher kami, and operate in a fashion that differed from the way the spiral of “spaghetti monster” Illah-shaped masses of rukh did in the spiral that the Dragons of Origin observed.

In summary, your “what if” questions have already been confirmed. The rukh have ultimately been pulling the strings of every human antagonist in the story thus far. It may result in something that will benefit humanity, but I doubt they have enough of a perception of or sympathy with humanity’s plight. Their objective is to fight the other kami above them, destroying the old order. 

I am absolutely convinced the story will end with the shell of Ill Illah in Alma Torran, Solomon’s World, and the realm where those who have fallen into depravity will become one becuase of the rukh’s long-term goals. 

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I have a headcanon that all the environments in Dragon Age II are recycled because Varric didn’t bother to describe them in much detail. So all of  the caves, mansions and ruins looking alike is just Cassandra just imagining them all generic like.

The Dragon Angus Theory

I don’t know how many people know about this particular TAZ Theory but I discovered it last night in the TAZ Subreddit. There are thread discussions about this here and here. There could be more but these were the two I found.

In summary, the theory in general pertains to the fact that Angus might not be all that he seems, and that he might be a dragon in disguise. Specifically a Silver Dragon. Under the cut because this came out really long! (Don’t worry there’s a tldr at the bottom)

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I’ve been reading a lot of classic rock (McLennon) fanfic and I’ve noticed that while you’re all very talented writers, a lot of you just don’t know much about LSD. So I thought I’d make a post with all the basics:

-LSD is also referred to as Acid (dropping acid, tripping acid) blotter, Jesus, microdots (dots), zen, California sunshine (cali), heavenly blue, tab, dragon, window pane, and paper mushrooms

-people who do a lot of LSD are called acid heads, acid freaks, cheer leaders, and day trippers

-LSD and PCP (also known as angel dust) have some similar effects, but are different drugs with different highs. Make sure you’re not actually describing PCP when writing acid trips!

-LSD is completely odorless and tasteless

-LSD is most commonly taken by soaking a little piece of paper in it and holding it under your tongue, and dropping it into a sugar cube and letting it melt on your tongue.

-it’s extremely dangerous to mix LSD and other drugs. But a lot of people mix it with xanax (it is dangerous tho. Keep that in mind while writing)

-LSD takes 30 minutes- an hour to completely set in

-it’s not like weed where the high only lasts like 2 hours. LSD lasts from 5(at the VERY least) to 12 hours and it’s a VERY intense high

-it takes another hour or two to come back down. This time isn’t very pleasant. Everything looks like it’s made of plastic and you don’t feel real. You’re not actively hallucinating but things feel off. It’s not uncommon to have an anxiety attack

-the first time you trip on LSD, the coming down part might take up to a few days. But by the second time it probably won’t

-not every trip is a good trip

-if you take LSD while unhappy or anxious. there’s an 80% chance you’ll have a bad trip. So it’s not realistic for your muse to drop acid when sad to cheer up

-bad trips are REALLY BAD good trips are REALLY GOOD

-you can have a good trip that turns bad. And you can have a bad trip that turns good (but it’s less likely)

-music sounds really fucking good on LSD

-you become really sensitive to touch and texture. Even a brush of fingertips on your arm is electrifying. I remember stroking my girlfriends hair and it felt like water running between my fingers and pooling in my hand.

-getting an orgasm might literally send you into another universe

-any hallucination you have will be a reaction to something around you. For example if you’re staring up at a starry sky you might feel yourself swimming through the sky. If you’re in a room with floral wallpaper flowers might start growing from your fingertips

-things get really distorted in size and multiply. If you’re looking at someone’s face one of their eyes might be growing while the other one shrinks. And they might have 4 heads instead of one

-hallucinations don’t follow any rules of the universe. Be as creative as you want to when writing them

-people tend retain their memories of hallucinations to an extent. It’s unlikely that you’d wake up after a trip with absolutely no memories of what happened

-It’s not safe to trip with no one sober around. You might think you can fly and jump off a building. Or walk into the middle of the road without realizing it. So if your muse only takes drugs responsibility keep this in mind

-people don’t usually move around too much while tripping.

-you lose all sense of time. I always think I was only high for a few minutes when in reality it was 7 hours. Some people feel like they were on it for years

-you can’t really hold a conversation when tripping. You really are in your own universe

-there are no physical affects of LSD. I’m sorry if your health class lied to you. It doesn’t make you physically sick at all

-it’s a cliche but yes, people often see god (tho I haven’t yet)

-tripping with someone you love can be very romantic, but in a weird way

-hallucinations are weird, but you don’t really notice that they’re weird until you’re not high anymore. Don’t write your muse as being surprised or confused about what they’re seeing

-bad trips might include things like feeling yourself die over and over again, your face shattering like glass, spiders crawling out of your mouth/all over your body, being on fire, seeing the devil, things like that.

-colors effect you a lot. They’re not necessarily brighter but they are …enhanced? It’s kinda hard to describe to people with no drug experience but colors have more meaning to you and you really notice them. If your muse is looking into their lovers brown eyes they’ll notice that brown

-I ate some ice cream while tripping once and I didn’t taste anything. I’m not sure if this is what it’s like for everyone but that’s my experience

That’s all I can think to tell you at the moment!! Thank you for reading I hope this helped. And if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me!

Speaking of “goofy” monsters that really aren’t, these are the “lava children” from early Dungeons and Dragons I think they’re fucking nightmarish:

They’re the fucked up children of an Earth and Fire elemental who abandoned them deep underground where they somehow (SOMEHOW, IT’S NOT DESCRIBED) kept multiplying and they can pass through metal or minerals like air and their identical little kid faces are always, always smiling.

Because they are in any way interesting they consistently end up on “top ten dumbest D&D monster” lists and modern re-imaginings completely ruin the point by trying to make them look badass:

Edit/ oh this is a different monster that’s just slightly similar, they just scrapped the poor lava child entirely

The Hannibal fandom is so weird for me. Like hear me out. I read red dragon and watched the movie in middle school years and years before the show would ever even be considered being made and I OTP'ed the shit out of hannigram ( like I’d love to get you on my couch? I think I’ll eat your heart???!!?). And all I had to fuel my obsession was 20 or so fanfics and like 3 edits on YouTube. I thought well this is it this is all I get I’ll just suffer shipping the most rare ship in a barren wasteland of a fandom that is red dragon. So imagine how weird it was for me having my tiny fandom become a huge tv show and my rare, under appreciated OTP for 8 years become super popular with thousands of fics, fan art and edits and eventually CANON? Like words cannot describe….just wow what a world…


So, I DM a Giest: The Sin-eaters campaign in NWoD. The characters are a krew with a prophecy to save the world and at the moment they’ve found the military hunter version of Gutanamo bay (‘cause one of them are employed by them and the military needed help big time). They’ve checked all the cells and become disgusted by the conditions and found 1 surviver. A woman, seemingly human, who seems to have been a part of the cult that had an evil entity attached to their leader and killed the whole compound except the group and 2 NPCs. 

Morgan, one of the characters, is the only one who can see into the Spirit realm due to his Stigmata Boneyard and he senses a spirit growing inside of this woman. Something out of this world, he’d describe it as a dragon embryo. One of the seals of the apocalypse is when a dragon returns to the world.

He failed to explain that before he said;

“So, I want to kill that woman. I need to hack her into as many pieces as I can with my knife. I want to slit her throat and stab her until no one can tell she was once a woman,“ 

Silence falls around the table and the other players just stare at him. 

P1: Woah.. Morgan… what the fuck man? No. She’s just a human woman.

P2: What the fuck is your problem?

P3 (whose character haven’t met Morgan before): So… that’s the resident psycho when I’m not here? Man you guys are compensating…

P4: I…No. No. You’re not doing that, Morgan.

Morgan: I have to. I’m a Reaper.

P1: So what? We don’t kill innocents. 

P2: When did you become psychotic, man?

Morgan: But she’s carrying the embryo of a dragon inside of her! She believes to be the chosen one! She can’t live and birth that thing! The Prohecy, guys!

All the others: Why didn’t you say that before!? What’s wrong with you!? You don’t start that conversation with how you want to hack her to a million pieces and THEN tell us it’s because she’s carrying the world eating dragon!

Morgan: So… I can get to work now?

P1: I’ll be outside. I can’t god damn watch that, even if she’s carrying a dragon.

P2 and P4: Yeah, we’ll come along. Do it quick, Morgan.

P3: I guess I’ll stay and make sure it get’s done then…. Nice…

It didn’t get done quick, and you couldn’t see that it was a woman when he was done. Now the characters are all a bit worried about him and his mental health. 

Hey hey you you

I don’t like your queerbait

No way no way

Had enough of forced straights

  • Kirk: Hey, Bones, are you gonna write me into one of your medical records?
  • Bones: How could I not?
  • Kirk: When you do, make sure you describe the musculature right. Cause this isn’t just endurance work—there was a lot of strength training to get here. You wanna use words like “rippling” or “ripped.” “Ripped” is good.
  • Bones: Hmm… Captain Kirk’s belly was prone to rippling after every meal. He rarely wore shirts as they ripped under the strain.
  • Kirk: That hurts, Bones. That’s hurtful.
Astral FAQ

These are Frequently Asked Questions I get about astral. Please check this guide before asking me questions concerning astralling! This will be updated regularly, as I receive more questions.

What is the astral?

Note that this is MY definition: I consider the astral to be absolutely everything; our plane of existence, spirits’ planes of existence, pop culture realms, etc. The astral is everywhere and everything.

How does astral travel work?

When you travel, a small portion of your consciousness leaves your body.

This consciousness manifests as its own body on the astral, or it could “awaken” in an astral body you already have. In travel, you do not see/hear/feel/think as clearly as you do during projection, simply because only a portion of your consciousness has left your body.

What is astral travel versus astral projection versus OBE?

Note, again, these are MY definitions:

In astral travel, a PORTION of your consciousness leaves your body and is able to explore other realms.

In Astral Projection, nearly your entire consciousness leaves your body. Astral projection is much harder to achieve than travel. This is the “gold standard” of astral travel, where you see/hear/feel/think with complete or almost complete clarity.

In an OBE, Out-of-Body-Experience, your consciousness FULLY leave your body. As of right now, I do not believe this is possible without a near-death experience, or actual death.

What are some ways to astral travel?

  • Meditate.
  • Guided meditations
  • Trance
  • Have a spirit you know and trust “pull” you into the astral.
  • (Visualization) Imagine a door. Imagine/focus on what is on the other side of the door. Walk through it.
  • (Visualization) Imagine an X (pool, mirror, etc). Imagine/focus on what is on the other side of X. Walk through it.
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • “Splitting”: Imagine a copy of yourself hovering above you. Notice your consciousness in your own body, then “jump” your consciousness into that copy of yourself floating above you. Proceed to go where you want.  

What are some ways to astral project?

Just….keep practicing astral travel, maybe try new methods. I highly recommend reading Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, I have literally NEVER EVER found a more comprehensive, extremely informative, and yet still beginner-friendly and not overly complex guide to astral travel/projection.

Differentiating “true astral” from imagination?

True Astral:

  • will always have external interactions that are not in your own head; entities talking/living their own lives whether your imagination/consciousness directs them to or not. Entities moving independently of your will.
  • Spirits (good or bad) being able to follow you back home, to your physical body and interact with you there
  • Unexpected/Unpredictable occurrences happen
  • You get injured and it may hurt your astral body and maybe feel it a little physically too. Injury damages your magical abilities/astral abilities
  • Your astral body can die and you won’t be able to access “true astral” until you regenerate.
  • You can meet other humans consciously. As in, you can text your friend and meetup on the astral together, and talk about it IRL afterwards. 


  • You are in full control of everything.
  • What you expect to happen, will happen
  • Entities are like puppets or dolls; they don’t move around unless you imagine them doing so, and if/when they interact with you, it’s things you expected them to say
  • You will not tire, or will tire extremely slowly.
  • You die/get extremely hurt and nothing happens. You can regenerate at will/heal whenever and wherever you want.
  • You talk to your friend, then you talk to them later IRL and they have no idea what you talked about. 

Why do people always imagine common fantasy stuff when astralling? Don’t you think astral and what happens there is just your imagination and happens in your head? I mean strangely all the people who talk about astral experiences describe common fantasy stuff. I’d say if astral was real it would contain a lot of stuff people can’t even imagine, and yet everyone describes dragons, elfs, etc, that which their mind already knows, nothing out of ordinary. Isn’t this suspicious?

One reason people generally imagine common fantasy is stuff is because that’s what most people care about, and thus go to. It’s hard to care about a species that humanity has never even encountered before, isn’t it? Also, how can you visit the realm of something you have never even heard of/can’t imagine before? Astral travel needs knowledge of where you will go to, so it’s pretty hard (and probably super dangerous) to just say “take me somewhere beyond my imagination.”

There’s also the problem of perception: during astralling, the mind usually replaces things you don’t know with things you do know of, to use less energy while astralling. While you can force your brain to show “the truth”, the more the thing you are trying to look at is beyond your imagination, the more energy and effort it will take to see “the truth”.

How do you do astral laundry?

Note: Not limited to this list.

  • Have a companion you’re comfortable with seeing you nude do your laundry for you.
  • Astral travel two feet away from your earth self, take your astral clothes off, put them in your washer/dryer (with your astral self or earth self), physically run the washer/dryer (you can wash other clothes with it). Take your clothes out, travel again and put your clothes back on.
  • Destroy your clothes and remake clean ones.

How do past lives affect current astral shenanigans?

You might appear as one of your past life forms/bodies. Spirits from your past lives could also attempt to find you on the astral (whether malicious or friendly, so always be cautious).

How to meet spirits on the astral?


1. Be able to astral and able to distinguish between astralling/imagination.

2. Go somewhere with spirits.

How to safely meet spirits on the astral?

There is no 100% guarantee of safety when astralling.

Some suggestions are:

  • Have spirit guides/guardians/protective companions take you somewhere safe
  • Actually know where you are going and who you want to meet

How do you keep possibly malicious spirits/entities/beings from following you back home?

  • This is what wards in your living space/where you are when you astral are for. Wards can fuddle your energy signature from being found by spirits you don’t want to find you.
  • Make sure you “come back” correctly; that you walked back through your imagined door, imagined yourself falling back into your physical body, whatever.
  • Do a centering exercise, which will help you “pull back in” trace amounts of energy you left where you went when astralling. Do make sure your wards are up first, to make sure nothing follows the “pull” back to your physical body. If you don’t know what centering is/how to do it, check the “energy work” section of my FAQ/my energy work FAQ post.

Manners/social etiquette/social skills in the astral?

Obviously those will vary a LOT based on where you go. I literally can’t write a comprehensive guide as the astral is home to a limitless number of cultures.

But some things to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t fight every single thing you see ever. Don’t try and provoke fights with every single thing ever. Retribution is a thing and the majority of spirits have the advantage when fighting in the astral.
  • Just because something looks scary doesn’t mean it’s out to get you.
  • Observe the culture, maybe talk with some of the nicer (and not trickster) locals who can tell you the Do’s and Don’ts of their culture.

Heeeeeeey people keep talking about different places in the astral and are they alternate locations all on the same plane or are there alternate astral planes with alternate inhabitants?

There are alternate astral planes with their own inhabitants, and alternate locations on the same plane.

Example of the former: We are on earth. Heaven exists on its own plane of the universe.

Example of the latter: We are on Earth. An alternate location on our plane of existence would be Venus.

Is it possible for entities/other people to drag you into the astral (forcefully or not)?

Absolutely, both people and entities can bring you to the astral. And they can do it forcefully or consensually (consensually obviously takes a lot less energy). 


This will be updated every once in a while. Again, please check this FAQ before you ask me any questions concerning this, please ^-^

Dragon Ball Couples.

As a young girl growing up watching dbz, I enjoyed Goku and his friends in battles saving the earth from one thing to another. But I personally also loved the relationships that Akira made.

Now looking back at it, I found a few clichés that made me love these couples even more…including the new couple.

1. Goku and Chi-chi (Gochi)

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The childhood friends cliché.

The oblivious boy forgot the promise he made with the girl that liked him when they were kids. Only to be reunited after a long time in a tournament where he completely didn’t recognize her.

Sparking hate in the girl that foolishly clung to the promise they made as kids. But after revealing who she is, he finally meets his promise of making her his bride.

Chi-chi is the sensible and mature one, while Goku is simple-minded and goofy in their relationship. A relationship that still manages to stay strong even when he isn’t home most of the time, and still holds a caring love.

2. Vegeta and Bulma (Vegebul)

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The love-hate cliché.

Or the smart girl and the bad boy, he thought he was superior to them all and tried to order around Bulma. But she was not having any of his attitude, and he liked the challenge.

She was a huge component in his life, and the strong wife that he needed to keep him in place. Even though she isn’t physically strong, she stands her own ground against Vegeta.

Let’s also not forget Vegeta went against a God, because his wife was injured, like he literally lost it when Bulma got smacked. Charging with full power at a unbelievably strong opponent for beating up his beautiful wife. 

They may bicker, but they sincerely care about each other.

3. Gohan and Videl (Godel)

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The high-school sweethearts cliché.

Granted at first they didn’t get along (aka Videl was suspicious of Gohan), but he was constantly there for her when she was in trouble. He kept her safe all in the same time trying to hide the fact that he has a secret.

A secret she uncovers and uses to blackmail him to teach her how to fly and along the way she realizes she likes Gohan. Who is as his father oblivious, but you can see he cares for her, a great example is when he couldn’t hold himself back when she was getting beat up in the tournament.

That loving gaze after Videl’s battle against Spopovich, when they looked at each other and understood…

They are the dorky couple that fight together as superheros, or the popular girl with the cute nerd type of troupe.

4. Krillin and Android 18 (K18)

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The enemies cliché.

Or the bad girl with the good boy, way out of his league. It was cute seeing 18 teasing and flirting with Krillin, especially when they were fighting against each other.

But when she was in trouble he made a choice not to end her life and told her to run away. He fought against Cell, even though he wasn’t strong enough, and tried to save her.

And then he used a wish to take away the bomb from within her body, and wanted her to be happy instead of using it for himself. She was grateful over his decision, and thanked him from the bottom of her heart.

Although she left, she still managed to come back to him.

A surprising couple that formed from caring acts (attraction) even though they were enemies. 

5. Trunks and Mai (Trumai)

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The first love cliché.

Honestly (it should apply to gochi & godel too lol), their relationship is so sweet and caring that I can’t describe it. But there is no lie that Mai is Trunks first love.

The girl that he has fought alongside with and been by his side. Time couldn’t keep them apart, and everyone can see how much they mean to each other. Even their younger-self’s have chemistry and don’t hide the fact that they like each other, in a weird love triangle lol.

Two cute dorks, that are in the middle of a war against evil and don’t have time to cuddle and love each other ;)

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This is just random but I wanted to say it: If John is the Damsel in distress

And Sherlock is described as a dragon slayer

Then doesn't it sort of make sherlock a knight?

Yes, Lovely. Yes it does :D :D :D Especially with the Fairytale theme that runs throughout the series :D

But Guys Just Think:

Alistair doodling Mr. and Mrs. Theirin on pieces of paper when he was alone once he started having a crush on his Warden companion, and being extra sarcastic to her because he didn’t know how to deal with those feelings, then kicking himself afterwards for being such an idiot, and Maferath’s hairy arse she’s sarcastic back she’s perfect.

Zevran giving the Warden sidelong glances when he thought they weren’t paying attention because he was confused at the emotions he was feeling towards them, thinking that if he squinted at them long enough he would come back to reality, but finding that he didn’t want to go back to reality as long as they were by his side and oh shit what had he gotten himself into.

Anders finding himself smiling in the midst of working in his clinic because Hawke drifted into his thoughts, frowning after because where in the Void had that come from, then having an internal panic attack not only because he feared what his affections would bring but what it would do to him if Hawke didn’t return those feelings, and he wanted to tear his hair out because it’s just so ugh.

Fenris trying to ward off Hawke’s blatant flirting with scowls and glares, but knows that they’re forced and he just doesn’t know how to make it stop, but finds that he doesn’t want it to because it makes him happy, and since that’s one thing he’s not sure he’s ever felt, he doesn’t want it to leave, so he lets it continue.

Sebastian straining to swallow because his throat is tight due to Hawke’s close proximity, then muttering a prayer under his breath because Maker, he just wants her closer to him, so close that he can feel her own heartbeat and see if it’s racing just as much as his was because sweet Andraste he couldn’t deny that he liked her.

Cullen growling and grumbling because he couldn’t keep up with the Herald’s antics, and Maker’s breath his neck was going to become raw because he rubbed it so much with every smile she shot his way and every time he heard her laugh and he needed to just focus on his work but he couldn’t, because she was a vital member of those he worked with and he couldn’t help but silently admit that he liked it that way.

Iron Bull laying with the Inquisitor in his arms, and he’s staring at them, memorizing every curve and angle of their body and shit, he knows he’s falling for them but the question is if they’re falling for him back and in that moment he feels not fear, exactly, but anxiety, because for once in his life he really fucking hopes that they do so he can just get on with things but with them at his side and vice versa.

Dorian huffing because he finds that he’s reading his book but none of the words sink in, and he has to reread it two, three more times and fasta vass it’s the damn Inquisitor he keeps thinking about, and it’s worse because he finds himself pretending to read his book when he hears the Inquisitor approaching so it looks like he’s not acutely aware of their presence.

Blackwall keeping an eye out for things that remind him of the Herald, everything from a pretty wildflower or a rock smoothed and shaped by water, then creeps into her tent and places it on her pillow or in her pack, and anxiously waits for when she sees them, hiding his glowing smile under his beard when she finally does.

Solas shaking his head as he tried to clear his thoughts of the Herald’s scent, of the poems he unknowingly composed about her until he found himself reciting them in his head whenever he looked at her, and the feeling of companionship she brought to him was so wrong because it was his fault she was in such a position, but he can’t stop, and fenhedis lasa his stomach fluttered with the barest of touches she gives him.


Varric setting his quill down because the Inquisitor’s coming his way, and he knows he’s lying to himself when he says that he just likes chatting with them, that it’ll be more for his story, but as he’s describing them, writing their very essence down on parchment, he finds that only a lover could have depicted them the way he had, and well, shit, he knows he’s a gonner, but he’s not gonna be telling anybody about it anytime soon. 

Missed Communication (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Based off of something I messaged @courtneychicken​ at 4 in the morning. Obviously when I have my best ideas. I know I said I would try to include some of my typical slang, but it doesn’t come across as much when I’m writing. I did use the term wicked though. That is an extremely Rhode Islander thing to say. Btw this is all from Bucky’s perspective.

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Warnings: I’m a huge nerd. That should be obvious, but just incase you’re new here. Also I have the mouth of a handsome sailor, so language.

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Day 6: Magnus + Power

Magnus’ eyes snapped open. The steady strum of energy settling into his bones, holding him in its vice as he felt the barely restrained panic.

He closed his eyes and cast his magic out, feeling and searching till he felt that harsh tug.

Help me.

He was out of the bed before the thought was completed, snapping himself into new clothes as fast as he could blink.

He threw open a portal and dashed through, following that trembling bright blue thread, ringing so loud, he could hear it in his ears, vibrating and filled with fear… so much fear… so much pain.

He was going to rip them apart, from limb to limb.

When he stepped out of the portal, it didn’t come as a surprise to find that he was in a warehouse filled with Circle members. What was surprising was the fact that this particular headquarters was so close to the Institute.

Magnus sneered.

Of course the idiots that were the Clave wouldn’t think to look right beneath their noses for the Circle members. He was sure if anyone had mentioned their suspicions about the Circle members being that close to the institute, the Clave would have thought it ridiculous.

“I told you it would work,” someone said, sounding so calm and confident, Magnus decided that he would remove the man’s head first.

He turned his head and saw a man with blond hair, grinning like he’d just hit the lottery.

Magnus allowed himself to smile, and the blonde’s steps faltered, fear flashing in his eyes for a brief moment, and Magnus wondered if he was going to bolt. But then the man visibly pulled himself together and resumed the cocky stroll.


“Of course it would work,” another voice said and Magnus’ eyes swept through the room, the darkness seeming like day to him as he narrowed in on the one man at the back. In his hands he held a warlock child.

Her hair had matted over, tear tracks streaked across her cheeks. She trembled in his hands. But the one thing that made Magnus himself begin to tremble was the cut on her cheek, a long slice that had clearly been made by a knife.

“Who did that,” his voice cracked like a whip, and he watched the men gathered flinch. Even the ones who had been at their different corners in the warehouse, gathering weapons in preparation to storm wherever it was that they planned on heading to, all stopped what they were doing.

No one answered so he repeated the question. “I said. Who did that?”

The one at the back with his hands on the child, spoke. “I did,” he said, sounding extremely proud that he’d tortured a child.

Magnus’s fingers moved, lethal fast and coiled like a whip.

The man’s hands dropped, severed off from his elbows.

He screamed.

Magnus grinned, his smile sharp and biting as he felt his magic slowly rise.

Not the calmer one that he used when he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

No. This power wanted to maim. Wanted to kill. Needed to destroy.

“Close your eyes,” he murmured to the child. She dropped to her knees, raised both hands to cover her ears and did just that.

Magnus took a step forward.

“M…m…mercy,” he heard a thin voice cry out.

He turned to look at the man, a Circle member shaking so hard, a lesser man would have felt sorry for him.

Magnus smirked, letting his powers slowly seep through, showing his marks as clear as day, the one part of him that showed that truly they’d been stupid to bait him.

“Mercy,” Magnus asked, and followed it with a laugh, as hard and dark as the magic that had started pulsing out of him, searching for an escape, looking for what it could singe and eviscerate. “My father is Asmodeus, you fool.” His voiced echoed in the warehouse. He took a step forward. “And there is only one rule in his kingdom. Repay evil, with even more evil.”

And with that, he let his power loose, watching it ripple through, spreading its dark energy all across the room, bleeding and maiming and cutting.

They screamed, hair raising scream that echoed in the room, their screams merging with the sound of cracking bone and the wet sound of flesh separating from flesh.

And then he called out to it. Destroy. Raze. Leave nothing standing.

His power morphed, ever willing to answer his call. The building burned. Fire rapidly spreading, dancing on the walls like his magic did.

Everything burned but Magnus. Magnus and the little warlock child who still had her ears covered and stayed cowering on the floor.

He reached her and reached out, hands enveloping her form as he pulled her to him.

She went willingly with a terrified cry, keeping her gaze averted.

Magnus couldn’t blame her.

“Let’s take you home,” he said and threw a portal open, pulling her along with him as he left the warehouse and the Circle members in it to burn.

1d20 RPG Character Questions

I really wanna talk about the acharacters I’m playing right now, so here, have some D&D monster-themed questions. NOTE: These could also be used for general OC questions.

If you know the characters I’m playing right now you can specify one you’re asking the question about, or just leave it unspecified and I’ll talk bout all or any of them as I see fit.

Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be for D&D! I just like naming things after monsters.

Illithid: What does your character like to eat?

Owlbear: What makes your character angry? How do hey deal with anger?

Changeling: Describe a relationship with another character that they would consider significant.

Mimic: What are your character’s short term goals? What about long term?

Dragon: Tell a story of something cool that your character did in play.

Rust Monster: What objects are most precious to your character?

Suwyze: What makes your character feel worried and/or insecure? Do they have any phobias?

Basilisk: What Hogwarts House would your character be in?

Alkada: Tell a story of something funny that either happened to your character or happened because of your character.

Displacer Beast: Is your character a cat person or a dog person?

Beholder: Who does your character look up to?

Thought Eater: What’s a significant memory your character has?

Yuan-ti: Does your character lie? How often?

Umpleby: Describe something that makes your character happy.

Gibbering Mouther: Does your character have any quotes you particularly like?

Drow: What does your character think is their greatest flaw? Are they right?

Ettercap: Who drives your character up the wall?

Harpy: Your character’s stuck on a desert island – what five items do they take with them?

Lich: If your character could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Phase Spider: How does your character get through most of their problems?

Confession:  While in all likelihood he probably just calls her by name unless flat out using terminology to describe their relationship, I like the idea of romanced Fenris referring to Hawke as his “beloved”. Probably not exclusively, and maybe not even often, but impo, “girlfriend” and “partner” don’t seem to really suit his romantic vocabulary (one seems too juvinille and the other pretentious). I can also see him using “wife”, should they go that path, although that’s more of a hardedged distinction