i was just being poetic with that silly line

A life less poetic
Is it sad to say I wish for it
A life less poetic
May actually just be great
A life less poetic
Is a life more understandable 
A life less poetic
Means I won’t be a slave to this pen and page
A life less poetic
Oh yes! I could just see it
The moon
Would just be a moon
It wouldn’t be something to compare you to
You who are disloyal
Going out everynight
In your silver
And attracting the eyes of every man
And then I wouldn’t be your sun
A million thousand hundred miles away from you
Because your disloyalty sickens me
And if I have to come near you
I might just kill you
Flick a lighter and throw it at you
You always did hate my smoking
Told me it was dangerous 
And I’d reply
You’ve got nothing to worry about
You can’t be lit on fire
Because you’re so cold baby
And the stars
Won’t be your children
And I’m not surprised you have that many
Everyone knows you don’t go out at night for tea
And everyone knows that if you aren’t home at night
No matter what you say
They can’t be mine

A life less poetic
Oh yes my heart craves for it
A life less poetic
Means I’d see the world through the same lens as everyone else 
A life less poetic
Where pen and paper won’t accompany my coffee
A life less poetic
Would be bland but better for me just like water compared to juice
A life less poetic
Is the dream of every poet
Not to have to squeeze words out
Of a stubborn pen
On days when your mind is a desert
Filled with sand
And a sandstorm is taking place
Everything is blowing away
Nothing staying long enough
For you to make something out of it
And why are you even trying to create something?
To please your dedicated readers!
Who are going to complain anyway
That your poem is complete crap

A life less poetic
Repeat that phrase my fellow poets
A life less poetic 
Let’s make a petition and all sign it
A life less poetic 
Put your fist in the air and demand it
A life less poetic 
Yes! Yes! Yes! I want it
A life less poetic
Who am I kidding
Without poetry this world will kill me
My problems will be guns that will shoot me fatally 
Not just branches that I can break
Blue wouldn’t be the most contradictory color
The colour of calmness and sadness
And yes sadness is calming
But only when you can write about it
Imagine having to punctuate each sentence
And not being able to write phrases and
Leave them to sit alone on a line
A life sans poetry
Would sure drive me to suicide
But I wouldn’t be able to go through with it
Because what will my last note say
A life less poetic 
Who even crafted those four absurdly silly words
A life less poetic
Won’t be a lullaby 
Because it will neither soothe me
Nor put me to sleep at night

A life more poetic
Oh! now those are four words
I don’t mind seeing more frequently 
A life more poetic
Fills me with ecstasy 
A life more poetic
Will be my cup of coffee
A life more poetic
I’ll pray novena after novena for it
A life more poetic
The mere words get me high
And I love it
Feeling as if I’m floating
When my body
Leaks sweet sweet words
That create poetry
I love it
When no one understands me
When people call me am enigma
I love that about poetry
It goes against normalcy 
The people know my story but my name is
And will forever remain a mystery
And the good thing
I don’t care if they judge me
In fact I urge them to
Because I will