i was inspired

I thought there could be
no worse pain than
losing you
until I looked in the mirror
and did not recognize
the girl crying over a boy
who never shed a tear.

that was the most
painful feeling of all–
realizing I gave you the power
to change me.

—  by shelby leigh
tell me all of the things that make you feel at ease

rating: soft

word count: 755 (2 mins. reading time)

pairing/focus: lee donghyuck/haechan

(note: for everyone’s beautiful sunflower and actual angel.. thank you for existing… and thank you @jaeminnana for helping me name this ily!! this is the first time i’ve written in a long time i’m nervous)

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commissions are now open!!

!!please be aware!! 

-these may take a lot of time! i ask for patience! 

-i’ll only accept payment through paypal

-you can pay when convenient, and ask for updates whenever you want. i won’t do refunds, however i will make changes to the piece.

-prices may fluctuate, depending on the material and the number of characters. if i feel i need to change the price, i will discuss it with you.

-i am open to discussing prices in general, and i will take payments up to a week late from when the piece is finished. 

i will not do:

  • pedophilic/incestuous/abusive ships
  • nsfw (i am a minor)
  • fetish art

i will do:

  • a speedpaint for the piece (this will be about two to three dollars extra)
  • gore
  • ocs/character design
  • basic comics (prices for these can be discussed)

email me at jamiescommissions@gmail.com to order/ask questions!!! thank you!!

anonymous asked:

I have something that might get a little angsty or cause drama with the characters. How would the UF and US bros handle it/react if they both wound up liking the same person? And do you think both of them would realize the situation or would one or both of them be oblivious? Which one do you think would win? And how would that make the other feel?

Whoo boy this is gonna be awful for one set. {Also, I’ll be writing this in second person cause it’s fun.} ~Mod Feral

UF Skelebros

Red’s honestly the one to notice he’s fallen for the same individual as Edge, but at the same time he doesn’t say or do anything either direction. He may flirt with you when it’s just the two of you, but that’s it.

He may also get caught one time when flirting with you, and Edge is far from ok with this. Red gets, at the very least, yelled at. At the most you’ll see him again obviously more recently attacked. This doesn’t matter, though, Red won’t ever make a move again. Nor will he share what happened. “not important…” he’ll say.

Ultimately, Edge is the one you go for, not necessarily out of a preference to him, but because Red’s safety’s more important. Red’s crushed despite his mind telling him since he started falling for you it would never happen. He thought for sure you at least liked him enough to not pick either, but that just didn’t happen.

You never tell Red the truth, in fear he might accidentally slip it.

US Skelebros

Carrot notices Blueberry likes you before Blueberry notices. The taller one is actually more focused on trying to help his bro out that he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing right away.

Blueberry, once he realizes he does in fact like you like that, is quick to memorize the dating manuals he finds and pull as many techniques as he can in attempt to woo you.

Carrot at this point knows there’s no need to try and get to you. His bro is smooth, and cute, and kind, and energetic, and basically everything he’s not. He’ll be smoking a bit more than usual, but he won’t ever share why. Even Blueberry’s worried about this.

You of course end up with Blueberry. He was trying so hard and is the best option to make themself clear you’ve ever had. Carrot tries to act happy for both of you, but he was partially hoping you’d at least try to talk to him about it.

His smoking’s gotten pretty bad.