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Chris Evans Imagine

–His P.O.V–

Another day, another interview well more like 5 interviews. I love what I do, but the last days I haven’t been able to really concentrate on what I do. People around me have noticed it too. The only people i have told the real reason for my emotion absence were Anthony and Sebastian. Few days ago I met a girl that I can’t get out of my ind. She was so beautiful,, her mind was so beautiful. Even after few words spoken to each other I felt like I was in love. I knew I wanted to see her more and talk to her more. But it wasn’t possible. Before I could even find out her name I was pulled away for interview. And that was the last i saw of her. It really was killing me inside that I didn’t know her name or any information just so I could find her. As I was thinking about her Sebastian came to tell me it was time to go. While we were walking to the interview I kept looking around in hopes to see her. Maybe luck would shine my way and I would see her again.

“Looking for her?”Anthony asked as we got closer to the first stop. Not saying anything just nodding I walked. “You know it’s a long shot for you to find her. Especially here.” i knew he was right but I wasn’t going to give up. I didn’t even notice that the interview had began until Anthony pushed my arm. “Dude” i pulled my attention back and apologized. It was one after another and jut I still couldn’t find the strength to really concentrate. I watched as Anthony answered his question when something caught my eye. I blinked many times just to be sure as to what I was seeing. I saw her. It was her.

Without realizing it I whispered ”It’s her” moving my head around just to get a better look. Anthony heard me and did the same “Where? Are you sure?” i was. it was her. I could see her beautiful eyes from the distance. Knowing I couldn’t just run away from the interview I kept my eyes on her. Saw her smile, heard her laugh and just for a second I turned away to answer something and when I looked back, she was gone. “Oh no” I said looking around trying to see where she went.

“Go” Anthony said to me, seeing my panic. “She’s there”he pointed at the other side. She really was there. “We are done here. Go before she leaves for good.” but I didn’t move just looked at her. “Chris. Go. I can see that you are scared, but trust me you really like this girl and something like this shouldn’t be missed. Go.”He gave me a push and I was on my way to her. I felt my heart beat going crazy. Then she turned and looked at me. She gave me a smile that made made me smile. and then I was right in front of her.

“Hi” she said to me still smiling.I couldn’t believe I was really standing in front of her. So many things i wanted to say to her yet non of them came out of my mouth. I watched her touch my arm “Are you okay?”she giggled. Oh that made my heart skip a beat. I pulled myself out of the space I was lost in and finally spoke

“Yeah, sorry. Hi” smiling at her I got the courage i needed and said what I really wanted to say. “I know it’s going to sound weird. Especially since I don’t know your name, but I haven’t stopped thinking about you. I would really like to take you out on a date. If you want of course.” my first thought was that sheļl laugh at me. I don’t know why. Maybe because she was just smiling at me. A soft giggle came out of her beautiful lips.

“I would love to go on a date with you. And my name is (Y/N).”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl” i thought i said it to my self but I guess when I’m with her I don’t control myself that well. (Y/N) smiled and thanked me for the uncontrolled compliment i had said. We exchanged numbers and set the date. As I walked way I looked at her one more time, she was standing there looking at her phone with a smile one her face. At that moment I made promise to my self to always make her smile. Such a beautiful smile should be hidden.


30/30 day back to school challenge: Your top 3 tips for school 

I am writing this from the perspective of a uni student, so I am not sure how it will apply for other students, but:

1. Always, always, always go to the very first class. I know many people who don’t because you don’t really learn anything on these days, but you get the most vital informations. Who the profs are, what they want from you for the class, sometimes how the final test looks like, what you should focus on etc. 

2. Learn the titles of your profs. Look up their works, essays, books. It tells you what they are interested in so you can talk about it with them after class and they will remember you in a good way, but it also can tell you what to focus on when you study for your finals. And never ever call them by the wrong title or by their surname! Some of them don’t mind but some of them can get angry at you quite easily if you use the wrong title. 

3. Never sit in the back of the class. I always sit at least in the 3rd row (we have around 15 in the big classes). I know it’s scary and you are afraid the prof will ask you questions, but you will be forced to work harder and prepare for the classes, they will remeber you as someone who is working hard and you don’t have to listen to the student talking and disrupting in the back. 


Maybe it’s just me but every time the ES go on the warpath towards NSTs it seems we later find out they were sitting on some information that debunks the ship.

Today they crossed into the NST lane en masse to criticize @whoreallyknowswho‘s post. (Don’t you ES know by now that it isn’t considered cool to hijack a post from the “other side”? Oy!)

So I’m wondering if the ES know something about Sam’s whereabouts that they aren’t sharing. The last time Sam posted on twitter was 3 days ago. Sam often goes radio silent when he is with an SO. Do the ES know something?

Still, it’s hard for me to believe that Mac flew back to SA. Maybe it is because I hate jetlag but that would be a lot of flying in a short period of time given that she only left SA a few weeks ago.

It might all just be a coincidence but the pattern has happened so many times that it is hard for me not to wonder. 

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Finding the Budget in Botswana: Kasane and Chobe National Park

By the middle of May I had made it to Zambia to check out Victoria Falls and I had to make it back to Johannesburg in a week and a half to go to an appointment, visit friends, and prepare my visa for Mozambique. My challenge was to find the best route back southwards. 

My brain thinks in maps. I came up north through Namibia from Capetown because it seemed natural. Then I went to Zimbabwe and Zambia for a few days. Zimbabwe could have been a route back south, but unfortunately I had already been there to see Victoria Falls (the very touristy part of the country) and my “single entry” visa had been used up.

My other option was to go south through Botswana towards the capital Gaborone, which was only 4 hours from Pretoria/Johannesburg where I needed to be. 

I tried to find information on Botswana, but I just could not find much. I asked other travelers and not many had been there. The only ones who had, just told me it was expensive. So I looked online: there were only super expensive tours. I am talking thousands of dollars. Hotels in the capital and in the northern town, Kasane, near Chobe National Park, only had lodging options that started at 65$ a night. That was “cheap.” Even camping was a hefty fee.


If I could not find a cheap way to do Botswana, I would have to pass it by. I can’t afford to go too far over my budget if I want to stay afloat traveling long term.

So I did what I know best: I creepily found some Peace Corps Volunteers from the Peace Corps Botswana Page on Facebook and messaged them for advice. I love asking Peace Corps Volunteers about their countries of service because they understand my culture, they know how to survive on a budget, and most importantly, they live immersed in the local culture so they can be very helpful in terms of customs and how to be respectful. When I lived in Madagascar, I loved sharing what I knew with travelers. 

One of the girls I messaged, happened to be the most perfect person for what I needed! It was fate. She lived near the border of Zambia and the town of Kasane in Chobe National Park. 

After we established how expensive it would be for me to find places to stay throughout Botswana, she invited me to stay with her inside the park, in the village of Kachikau. It was so kind! And so helpful!

All I had to do was get from Livingstone, Zambia to the border town Kazungula, then cross into Botswana via ferry, and I would arrive in Kasane and meet Kelly there. 

Then after some time with her and then a cheap river cruise on Chobe River, I would take a night bus to Gaborone, the capital. Then I would camp near the capital to save money. Even Peace Corps Volunteers were telling me their best hotel option in Gaborone was $65! That was crazy to me! In Madagascar $10 was a splurge for us. But Botswana PCVs live in different conditions. Most have electricity and refrigerators. Some even have wifi. Most Madagascar PCVs do not have running water or electricity; I did not even have cell phone reception. But there is no point comparing, no Peace Corps service is the same. 

So I had a plan! I wasn’t going to have to miss Botswana because of the prices. 

The day before I was to leave Zambia, I did not hear from Kelly, my PCV host all day. She had not even been online. It was weird because she was usually very fast to answer messages. I was a bit concerned walking into Botswana with my first stop becoming a mystery. I did not know what would happen if I couldn’t connect with her to stay. I hoped I would be able to find cheap camping and wouldn’t be forced to spend a lot of money at a lodge. This is my biggest fear in Africa: not being unsafe, but spending too much money.

All that considered, I decided to walk into the mystery and cross into Botswana anyways, even though I did not know what was waiting for me on the other side. It was intimidating, but I know now, I can do anything!

I found a shared taxi to the border town from Livingstone for 40 kwacha, $4. It was much better then what most people said would be $25. Then I got my exit stamp and hopped on the ferry into Botswana. When I arrived at the border, I met a really sweet female taxi driver. She drove me all over Kasane to get cash and find a place with wifi so I could see if Kelly had answered her phone. I figured something weird had happened but maybe when she arrived in Kasane on Monday, she would get wifi or something to communicate. 

I invited the driver to drink coffee with me as we discussed her life in Botswana and I told her about the animals in Madagascar. She taught me some words in Setswana. She told me she couldn’t get married becasue it was very expensive in Botswana to pay a dowry so many Botswanans do not marry. I told her I wasn’t married because Americans value work over family in many cases, but I would one day. It was a great exchange. 

Then I checked my phone and Kelly had answered! Her phone was stolen over the weekend and she had a new one now. She would meet me in a bit after some errands and then we would hitch a ride to her village for the night. It was all working out perfectly!

When Kelly and I met, she showed me a bit around town. She helped me book the river cruise for the following morning, only $20! Then we bought some food for dinner and took a cab to the entrance of Chobe National Park so we could find a ride to Kachikau where she lived. 

We were quickly picked up by a pick-up truck. Even though they were not going all of the way to Kachikau, it was a start. Partway through the drive, we saw a giraffe cross the road! Kelly told me she sees animals every time she does the drive. Elephants and zebras were a normal sight for her in her Peace Corps service. 

At one point the drivers pulled over and asked if either of us had a valid driver’s license. Since Kelly can’t drive as a PCV, I was the only one. The guys asked if I could drive for a bit because a police check point was coming up and they left their licenses at home. 

It was entertaining! How could I say no? I hopped in the driver’s seat and the guy next to me helped me remember how to drive manual. It’s been about 4 years since I have driven…

There was never a police checkpoint, but it was a fun experience. 

Later on, the men dropped us after 50 kilometers on the side of the road. Kelly and I stood out there waiting for a car for about an hour and a half, but nothing promising materialized. Cars that passed us were either full or not going where we were. 

As nightfall began to come, the drivers from before came by and said they had a friend with a bus who could drive us to Kachikau. They were our saviors! We paid this new man 20 pula each ($2) and he took us to Kelly’s home. 

Kachikau was a sweet little village. It was dusk so I did not have too much time to explore, but I walked around and chatted with some kids. They were terrified of Kelly’s pet dog and would jump in a tree if the dog appeared. 

That evening Kelly and I cooked some beans and vegetables…from her refrigerator (haha) and chatted about our different Peace Corps experiences. We had a lot in common. Funnily enough, she was originally supposed to come to Madagascar with my group in February 2015, but had to push her departure back. Talk about fate!

I slept in her spare room and the next morning I woke at 5 am before the sun to catch a bus back into Kasane. I wanted to get there on time for the river cruise and was afraid to rely on the uncertainty of hitch-hiking. 

As I walked through her village in the dark, it was a bit eerie knowing that lions could be hiding in the bushes… But I had no choice but to walk to the road. 

I caught the bus at 6 am and it rode into the sunrise through the park back to Kasane. On the way I saw a giraffe again!

When I got to Kasane, I booked my ticket to Gaborone for the night bus and I sat for a while with coffee, waiting for the river cruise. 

The river cruise on the Chobe River was a great experience! We floated for a few hours and saw hippos and elephants up close. It was magnificent to see SO many elephants on the shore. At one point there were two herds fighting over space. We saw elephants drinking water and bathing. Such an incredible experience, 

There were many hippos and sometimes crocodiles and weird lizards along the shore as well. This river cruise was a gem of an experience. I met some people on board who were paying hundreds of dollars for the cruise, a game drive, and camping. I just paid 20! Woo, I win!

After the river cruise I sat at a beautiful lodge on the river using the shoddy wifi and eating a nice meal. The lodge was very accommodating. They let me leave my bags with reception and allowed me to charge my things. 

That night I left the lodge to board a night bus for 13 hours to Gaberone. It was a bit uncomfortable of a ride, and at one point we had to leave the car to get our bags searched which was creepy and confusing in the middle of the night. Everyone was yelling in Setswana so I didn’t know what was going on, but a nice man explained to me. 

As we gathered our things from the bus after the search, I asked him since there were no toilets if I should just pee in the bushes. He said “yeah, that’s what you should do, but be careful of snakes.”

This leg of my trip in Africa was possibly the most “adventurous.” for me. I went into the unknown, and with confidence, openness and help from amazing people, it became a great and flawless experience! 

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Don't worry bout the call. Calls like that that happen several times a day are calls that test to see if you have a working number, then send that information to other companys that give you the spam calls. (we get a lot of both)

I suppose that makes sense. I guess I just found it kind of creepy since the first call happened around 5 am, and got two more calls 2 hours later. If all they’re doing is testing to see if my number still works, it feels like a weird way to go about it.

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Well i'm sorry to say that but she did (wanda) say all this :s

Wanda said all this… what exactly?

That she loves Weirdo very much?

That Ben and Weirdo barely know each other?

That Pilo 2.0 is 4 months old?

That Pilo 2.0 has Ben’s alien eyes?

That Ben had a lot of girlfriends before Weirdo came along?

That Pilo 2.0 is a mix of both Weirdo’s and Ben’s traits?

That Ben is working out for an hour each day?

That Ben is moving in October?

I have to say Nonny, I am confused by all of the pertinent personal information Wanda supposedly decided to share with random strangers who had to pay to stand in a room at a convention with her for 10 minutes…


Apparently my landlord may have killed himself because his fiancee broke up with him a few days ago and he hasn’t been home since and one of the other renters informed the other renter and I that he went into the landlord’s room and his gun safe was open and no guns in it?!?


Putting Lipstick On A Pig

by reddit user Pippinacious

Except for the whole murder thing, Courtney James seemed like a lovely young woman. She was bright, articulate, a dedicated college student and well liked waitress at a popular restaurant.

I met her when she was sitting in an interrogation room at the precinct. She was a bit on the larger side, dressed conservatively in pastel colors and minimal makeup, and when I came in, she introduced herself with a polite smile, as if we were meeting for a job interview as opposed to a police investigation. She had declined to have an attorney present, so I got right to business.

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율무아빠, a gamer who Jungkook watched on youtube, uploaded a cut of the interview where he was mentioned with a message in the description!

“first of all thank u so much! when I woke up so many people were informing me. “you were mentioned by jungkook-nim in the middle of an interview!ㅋㅋㅋ umm… this is out of nowhere but even from the past I’ve most admired ‘jungkook’-nim too. hahah ;; fighting (good luck) with the same widowmaker user congratulations sincerely on receiving the 'top social artist award’ that’s only given to the most hottest musicians in the entire social world haha~~ maybe one day we’ll see each other if we get the chance! BTS fighting!”


pt1 | pt2 | (ongoing)

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, fluff, slight angst + expecting parents au

word count: 11,035

request: sperm donor ex-boyfriend jimin

description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.


six years prior.

“Do you wanna have kids one day?”

Jimin tilted his head as if to ponder the idea before tugging you across the bed until you were leaning against his chest, curious eyes catching your own.  

“Sure, I mean one day. One day, far, far away,” He said, pointing his finger off into the distance jokingly.

You laughed, hand skimming along the back of his neck. “Yeah, me too.”

“Any particular reason why you’re asking?” He said as he began playing with the strands of your hair.

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “We’ve been dating for a long time, just thought that it’s something we should know about each other.”

Jimin nodded, “No, you’re right. It’s kind of something you should figure out before things get too far in the relationship… Guess we waited a bit too long, but we’re on the same page, so that’s good,” He smiled, leaning down to place a short peck against your lips.

“So that means you think that information will be put to good use one day?” You asked, quirking your brow to insinuate.

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Introverted Intuition (NI) Problems

*Your brain is a web of context and patterns, and it’s too easy to get tangled. All it takes is one weird thought, and the next thing you know, you’ve been staring into space contemplating the inevitable heat death of the universe for the past 45 minutes

*Speaking of context, you can only view things in relation to other things, including yourself. Who are you when you’re removed from your hobbies and loved ones? Who knows!

*You’re really good at remembering general concepts, and can recall vaguely how to do just about anything. This would be super useful, except you can’t remember the details to save your fucking life, so good luck applying it in any remotely practical way.

*“Wow you’re really smart you know a lot about this thing” “Thanks I’ve never studied it a day in my life I literally pulled everything I just said out of my ass based on general knowledge about similar subjects”

*When left to your own devices, you generally retreat inside yourself and start using the information you’ve gathered to predict how events will unfold next. In other words, hello naughty children welcome to o v e r t h i n k i n g H E L L t i m e

*You see an interesting connection between two unrelated things. You point it out to your friends, and everybody laughs at how weird and unexpected it is. You laugh along with them, but you’re crying inside because it wasn’t supposed to be funny, you just thought it was neat.

*Somebody asks you to explain your reasoning. Half an hour later, you’re halfway through your train of thought, and all you’ve managed to do is confuse both the other person and yourself.

*Based on your Superior Web of Previous Experience, you are very confident you can predict The Thing with great accuracy. You fail to predict The Thing with great accuracy. Now you’re forced to re-arrange your entire Superior Web of Previous Experience, plus you also look lame in front of your friends.

This is inspired by the fact I can’t pay attention in my LA class. Enjoy!

Human’s can’t pay attention for shit, okay.

I’m not talking about ‘oh I zoned put for a minute whoopies daisy’ but forgetting what you are doing in the middle of doing the exact action. Human’s have such complicated brains, right? So, theoretically, we be able to concentrate for hours at a time. But nah. If our brain registers something as boring, it attempts to nope situation, because we need stimulus. If we don’t get it, our brain tries to force us to do other things - even if we can’t.

There was another post around here about how Aliens could hyper focus on certain tasks to get shit done (gotta hunt that down later for credit but its 12 am and im tired sorry) and how human’s being inpatient could confuse them. What about how human’s can think about multiple things at once? Like ‘No, Ari'ik, I’m not just making dinner at 7pm! Steven Universe comes on and I’m definitely not missing that. My nephew is being dropped off started. I need to have a play pen set up. My little sib is going to a sleep over and needs to be dropped off by 8. I have to pack eveyones lunches, clean the house, do the dishes, wash laundry, shower, and be in bed by 9.’ Don’t get me started on stuff like homework because I could probably rant until my lips fall off.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes my brain wants to procrastinate so badly my words literally run into each other. A quick example of this; ‘And so Franny Devut is the true heroine of the story despite WHOISTHEMAIDWITHTHE BUTTERCUPHAIR her questionable WHOSLEEPSONMOONBEAMSANDDANCESONAIR methods of WITHTEARSMAIDOFHONEYANDAHEARTFULLOFBUNNIES obtaining WHOSINFINATEDVIRTUESAREKNOWWIDE IN FAAAARRRRRRRR information! ITSMEWNISOWNDEARESTOURPRINCESSSTAR’ I could easily see aliens sending in their small, day-dreamer human friend for an infiltration mission. The human gets capture for interrogation, but the mind reader can’t tell if they’re telling the truth or not, because who the fuck thinks about chocolate cake when standing in front of two intergalactic tyrants.

Feel free to add on to this if you want, it’s pretty short!

So, I was stoked to see the leaked photo of Matt Holt and Shiro. Shiro is alive, THANK GOD, because I don’t really want anyone else to pilot the black lion (I could maybe come around to Allura though…). He’s SPACE DAD. His family needs him. And Matt is alive! And he and Pidge are going to be so relieved to be together again. This is amazing. But if/when Shiro and Matt finally make it back to the castle, the ship dynamics will change, possibly a lot. 

And I think Lance is going to be most affected by this change, probably for the worse.

I mean, think about it… Lance tends to be the least favorite on the ship. No one’s best friend, never anyone’s first choice. And Matt’s going to board the ship, and everyone will get along with him extremely well, and Lance will be crushed that this guy who’s been on the ship for a matter of hours is already liked better than him. 

Shiro has already worked with Matt, they’ve dealt with trauma together, they’ve bonded. Shiro is  grateful to have his old friend back. Pidge, obviously, will be thrilled to see her brother again. Any attention she once allowed Lance is now focused on Matt instead. Hunk and Matt both strike me as very methodical, patient, and strategic. I think they’ll bond very easily. Keith probably won’t have strong feelings for him, but jeez, he’ll find Matt far more pleasant than “obnoxious” Lance. Coran will love this bright, scientific boy! How wonderful to have another ally on board. Matt will probably be very useful around the castle! And as for Allura…

Allura already adores Pidge and Shiro. And as soon as these two introduce Matt, she already knows she’ll get along with him splendidly. She includes him in battle planning. They share the information they’ve learned about the war and the status of other planets. They strategize to form new alliances. And one day over dinner, she makes a casual comment, not realizing its potential harm. 

“Matt, if we’d have found you sooner, you would have been a perfect fit for the Blue Lion. The Blue Paladin is known for being an excellent strategist, cool under pressure, and having incredible precision. With your skill set, you certainly fit the bill!”

Of course, Allura didn’t mean to insult Lance. And she’d never dream of replacing Lance at this point, not now that he and Blue were bonded. She didn’t even think Lance been paying attention. He and Keith had been bickering. But Lance heard her. He pretended he hadn’t and finished his meal in silence.

 But later that night, he couldn’t push the words out of his head. He couldn’t shake the feeling that she was right. Matt was better than him in every way. Matt had passed piloting exams and simulations so that he could go on the Kerberos Mission. After so much experience extracting ice samples, his precision was unmatched. Since escaping the Galra, he’d become an excellent fighter. Plus, he got along well with everyone on the team. It would be much easier for the paladins to form Voltron with Matt piloting Blue.

Worst of all, Blue loved him too. Shortly after arriving to the castle, Matt had asked to meet all of the lions. And upon seeing Matt, Blue lit up just like she did for Lance.

So Lance decides to leave. Matt will pilot Blue. Voltron will be stronger, and they’ll defeat the Galra sooner. Peace will be returned to the universe. Besides, maybe he’ll be able to find his way home. After all, that’s where he really wants to be—safe on earth with his family. A few days later, after looking over all the maps he could find and storing away enough food and water for a few weeks, he packs up his few belongings and makes his way to the escape pods. He passes through the silent halls of the castle unnoticed and makes his departure.

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for a lot of students, myself included, it can be really hard to figure out how to set goals! often, things like new year’s resolutions are made with the best of intentions, followed for a week, and then forgotten. here’s my personal step-by-step on setting and sticking to a goal!

  1. think about why you are setting this each goal. if you have a concrete reason, it’s much easier to remind yourself of that later and stay motivated.
  2. set realistic goals. if what you are trying to do is impossible, you simply can’t meet your goals, and you will become discouraged!
  3. make quantifiable goals. this is, in my opinion, the most important step! you need to be able to keep definite track of your progress. if your goal is just “smile more” or “be nicer,” how will you know that you are succeeding? however, if your goal is “smile at least 5 times a day” or “compliment my friends at least 3 times a week,” that’s something you can measure. if you have trouble coming up with these, check out my list of them here
  4. set a time limit. this isn’t applicable to all types of goals, but it’s important for some. if your goal is something that can be completed, like writing a novel or finishing an assignment, know when you want it done by, instead of just “someday.”
  5. break down your goal into smaller goals. “writing a book” is a daunting task, but if you have smaller, daily goals of “write 1000 words,” it becomes much less intimidating. it’s easier to hold yourself accountable. this also prevents procrastination, because if you are making regular progress, you can avoid doing it all right before the deadline.
  6. account for time. make sure to include goals in your schedule, especially if it’s something like “work out for half an hour every day.” set aside time to achieve your goals, otherwise you might find yourself scrambling.
  7. set reminders. sometimes the easiest way to not achieve a goal is to forget to complete it! i use phone alarms with a unique sound and a label, but sometimes all you need is a daily checklist.
  8. have a way to track progress. keep all your information about a goal in one spot, and don’t lose it! bullet journals, google docs, and printables are great for this. at the end of every day, consider: did you meet your goal for the day? write down the answer, and maybe a reason why. it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable.
  9. tell others. another way to hold yourself accountable is with a little help! personally, if i’m the only one who knows about my goal, i’m less likely to achieve it because if i fail, i don’t feel like i’m letting anyone down. sometimes that extra pressure is useful.
  10. reward success. sometimes success can be its own reward, but sometimes you need a little extra motivation. this is where having an outside party helping can come in handy: if you have a partner who you’re working with, they can reward you if and ONLY if you’ve achieved your goal! it might be hard to restrain yourself from taking the reward anyway if you’re the only one calling the shots, so having an outside voice of reason can be really useful.
  11. don’t let failure make you quit. sometimes, it takes a lot of work and a lot of tries to get something right. if it seems like you won’t get it on the first try, see if you can on your second.
  12. work hard! in the end, only you can get yourself there.

good luck with your goals, and feel free to add to this post if you have any other tips! if you end up using my method, tag me with #celestudial. you can do it!

Was bored at work, so got a guy fired and possibly sent to prison for fraud.

(long story)

I work the night shift as a receptionist at a hotel in Norway, and most nights are spent watching Netflix/playing games. Last summer was really slow and I also worked a lot extra, so I ran out of stuff to watch and games to play. One night I got a mail from “Scooter”. He wanted to book a room for almost 20 days. I just had to send him the price and confirmation that we had rooms available, and he would then send me his credit card info for me to pre-charge. Normally we just delete these kinds of mail, but I was bored out of my mind, so I responded with an offer for around 2k$ for the entire stay. Also made sure to inform him that he could cancel for free up until the day of arrival.

This is probably the most common fraud attempt in the Hotel/travel industry. Unlike most businesses, we are able to charge credit/debit cards with only the card number and exp date. No need for a pin code, cvc or other auth methods. Our software also allow us deposit money directly to local and international bank accounts by using the card number. Because of this, shitheads like Scooter will try to prepay with stolen/skimmed cards, but then cancel the booking and asking us to refund the amount to a different card.

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characterization, filters, and characterization to be found in the lack of filters

Talking about Jane earlier got me thinking, you know, Jane is not at all the only character that uses this device to show off the less desirable traits lurking in the psyche of all these damaged teens. Like. So many characters have these lurking deep seated issues that stay hidden deep down because the characters are pretty good at projecting a less damaged and more together version of themselves. 

If that sounds familiar it’s because it’s a fucking outrageously relatable quality and part of what makes the Homestuck characters RESONATE so much. Why they feel like they have all this dimension and depth that makes us grab on to them and never want to let go. 

I’m just going to run through some examples here while I’m thinking about it. The first OBVIOUSLY since thinking about her is what got me going on this – Jane. Crockertier Jane removing the layers of self-imposed filter on Jane’s festering insecurity, entitlement issues, jealousy and so on. I’ve already talked enough about that today.

Grimbark Jade! You notice Jade says what she’s thinking WAY more easily while she’s mind controlled, and she still sounds like herself – she sounds kinda like she does when she’s owning Karkat repeatedly, doesn’t she? Because angry Jade has that same effect of pushing her nice girl filter aside and letting the angry witch (not a cutesy slur, her literal witch class) within fly free. Grimbark Jade tells us that behind that nice girl front Jade Harley actually thinks some pretty uncharitable thoughts sometimes, she just keeps a tight fucking lid on it because – well, don’t most people? Relatable as fuck. 

Jadesprite! Since we’re talking about Jade anyway. Jade likes to think she has everything together, that her visions from Skaia and her scientific prowess and the tools her Grandpa left her are more than enough to handle everything that comes her way, she’s independent, she’s capable, she’s certainly never LONELY oh no of course not certainly never CRUSHINGLY OVERWHELMED by the responsibility of her own existence nah those are weak feelings for weak girls who aren’t as awesome as Jade! And then – Jadesprite. Why do you think Jade got SO ANGRY at Jadesprite? Because she was being confronted with something she knew deep down was a reflection of weaknesses in herself (totally normal ones that her later arc reinforced were a mistake to pretend weren’t there – Loneliness and fear and regret are all tied in with Jade’s character progression and learning how to deal with those things is where I imagine her arc would have gone if Homstuck’s ending hadn’t been the literary equivalent of chopping off a limb and cauterizing the wound.) Jadesprite is Jade without the filter of implacable strength Jade imposes on herself to fuckin cope with living on a hell island with the stuffed corpse of her grandpa who she grew up thinking literally killed himself at BEST.  god damn

Davesprite. Dave Strider with a slow long agonizing depressing arc wherein he realizes his coolkid persona won’t make anyone think of him as their best friend anymore, and in the absence of the security that persona afforded him when he was The Real Dave he has no idea what to do with himself. He’s lost, he feels aimless, untethered, incapable of being happy – and yes, Davesprite is his own character, but you can still infer a lot from Dave’s character about him – for instance, how he completely ties his self worth up in how useful he is to his friends or how worthwhile they find him and has no idea how to even BEGIN the hard journey of looking within for worth instead of relying eternally on changeable external sources. Davesprite is Dave not WITHOUT a filter but certainly with a VERY DIFFERENT one.

Homestuck does this with almost every single damn character on its roster at some point. Shows a version of them with a different or lesser or completely missing filter to highlight flaws and issues and internal struggles of all kinds. 

Homestuck is a damn deep dive into an exercise about analyzing nature vs nurture and what we’re predisposed to do and what comes from within and what is put upon us by forces out of our control, and how that line is blurry and messy and everyone has the potential to be either the worst or best version of themselves. Even Caliborn was given a choice. Hussie-The-Character explained it to him at great painstaking length. 

There are so many other examples. Jasprose is Rose without a filter, and the way Jasprose goes around gleefully calling every hot girl she sees hot and delighting smugly in knowing more than just about anyone else and lording over the information and playing smarter-than-thou games – that tells us a LOT about Rose! A LOT about what sort of urges Rose tamps down on every day in an effort to just be fucking cool! 

I bet you have things like this with yourself, right? Doesn’t everyone?

Tricksters! Look at how they act. They’re not themselves but there is plenty to glean from them. Jane immediately goes for Jake, the object of her desire, to pursue an exaggerated version of her idealized future. Trickster Jake is a passive fucking ragdoll who immediately acquiesces to everything everyone demands of him because their happiness becomes his happiness – Jake hates confrontation, so Trickster Jake is just a fucking doormat. Roxy goes for Jake AND Dirk because divorced from the guilt she normally feels for harboring desire toward either one of them she knows exactly what she wants! ETC ETC. Of course they would never do any of this shit if they weren’t high as balls and incapable of understanding the meaning of the word “consequence.” That’s the point. Seeing what they do in this situation is an interesting window in!

Brain Ghost Dirk is a version of Jake (yes, of Jake, not Dirk) without a specific filter Jake runs his own personality through before he’s comfortable presenting it to others, and you’ll notice, it’s EXTREMELY biting and critical sometimes. Jake knows what he’s about. He just buries it most of the time because that’s easier than dealing with it. 

I could seriously keep going. 

Homestuck loves to show us what our favorites do and say and ARE when basic filters go out the window. Those filters that most of us employ to make other people believe we don’t all have intrusive thoughts or bad desires or just plain old weaknesses we’re ashamed of and want to keep hidding at costs – or that we occasionally think things or think about doing things we would never ever ever do in real life are demolished or changed or temporarily suspended. 

It’s brilliant tbh. It lets us see facets of characters that would normally never really get full spotlight reveals by their very nature, especially with protagonists. 

Vriska vs (Vriska) – (Vriska) is just Vriska with some more self awareness and more willingness to let down her self-imposed filter and actually examine the shit she wants and why because watching Aranea fuck the timeline over out of motivations eerily similar to her own hardcore shook her enough to develop in that direction. (which makes sense since HER original motivations are copying Mindfang who IS alt-aranea lmao I love Homestuck)  (Vriska) is still Vriska, it’s just a very very different lens through which to view her character. 

blah blah blah blah etc there are so many examples

anyway I love Homestuck and good character writing what up

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Hi Richtor! Can you please put links to sites or post to gems (quartz,crystals,stones),essential oils, and herbs's meanings? Please i need them but I want trustworthy info!😆 have a good day!

Remember to always fact check your sources - compare them to two or three others, and information that repeats can be assumed to be “correct.” Remember, also, that personal correspondences are very important. Go with what feels right to you.

Crystals and Gems

Crystal Safety and PSAs

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You’re My World.

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Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter gets hurt during a mission and the reader is there to help comfort him.

Word Count: 2,265 (I got carried away)

Warnings: Language, fight, blood, injuries, knives, hurting!Peter, comforting!Reader, fluffy fluff, sad stuff, so much cheesiness. (Let me know if I missed any). 

A/N: For the anon that requested this, here you are m'dear! I hope you like it! I’m shit at bad ass fight scenes (really everything), but I tried. Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy reading!

Walking into the conference room to discuss the mission a few hours ahead, the team is already seated.

Noticing a chair between Wanda and Peter, you sneakily take a seat.

“Nice of you to join us, Y/N” Tony points out, rolling his eyes.

“You bet, Stark.” You replied, saluting and smirking.

As he continued talking about the mission ahead, you drifted away in your thoughts.

This better be a quick mission…

HGTV ’s got new episodes of house hunters calling my name.

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I’ve noticed that the younger generation are developing spiritually a lot faster and profoundly, then the generations before them. It honestly seems that younger people embody a lot more wisdom, then the supposedly more mature. I think it’s a reflection of open-mindedness and the ability to connect to ones own soul, or at least the desire to. When you’re open-minded the mind absorbs and processes the authenticity of information a lot quicker. Where as being closed-minded, the mind shuts out everything other then ones own ignorance. It’s quite profound actually and I’m very proud of my generation, well done everyone! I know life is hard, especially in a world run by ignorance but one day it will be our turn to lead. Let us continue on with the hard work, so when the time comes we can lead consciously and lovingly. Don’t give up! It’s all going to be okay in the end, we’ll make sure of it!

May we all be blessed, allow us to bless and empower one another. Embody love, embrace love and be empowered by love.

Habits to get a high GPA

I’m going to talk in first person because this is my plan to reach one of my most important academic goals: to get (and maintain) a high GPA.

Note: this is based on today’s prompt for the March study challenge by @littlestudyblrblog -what do you want to achieve this month?

My university classes officially start this month, so I want to get into some habits before it’s too late, they are:

  1.  Use the library: Don’t want to be that kid that only remembers the library when exams are approaching.
  2. Study everyday or every two days: I think we already know that you retain information better if you constantly revise it.
  3. Try to do more than asked. Just because there is no homework, it doesn’t mean I can’t practice or learn more.
  4. Take classes seriously: Education is expensive, so there’s no right for me to skip for no valid reason or not paying attention.
  5. Join a study group or something similar so I can practice with other people and see if we can help each other out.