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can you do me the biggest favor and like just explain the bears shortly because i haven't got the time to read through your whole tag and i am so freaking confused ??

Get ready for a long post ahead.


This is a massive topic, and it involves a lot more than just 2 bears in rainbow gear, so I am doing my best in placing you back in the time and show you the atmosphere and the happening with the band. I am trying to explain it without making a monster post. EDIT: I failed.

I have a tag /tagged/rbb-history where it is explained that a rainbow bear wearing a cute hairband with a bow on it was thrown on stage in Manchester during the WWA tour. Then a few (?) shows later it appeared in full bondage gear, we called it rainbow bondage bear (later RBB) and the bear kept appearing at the shows. 

Then it accompanied the band to the US leg of the WWA tour, and we saw the bear for a few shows, even surrounded by policemen (I think it was in Philly). 

They created a twitter account for the bear, advertised the name under the bear, asked for a follow, I think Josh was the fourth follower. It was a mystery who was behind it. Josh was the primary suspect, he tweeted he is not involved with it, then Ant their sound engineer (?) also tweeted he is not taking care of the bears. We then enjoyed the frequent photos they posted on said twitter account. There was drinking, watching Judy Garland movies, being hungover, more drinking, he had quite the life. 

Important to mention that the band had a palm tree (Eric) as a mascot as well, this tree also had a twitter account and was involved in massive drinking. 

I think about three days passed and the RBB twitter was gone. People said it was because of the drinking but the funny thing is that the palm tree could stay and if I remember correctly that account is still happily alive, but not posting anymore pictures.

All in all, the twitter disappeared, the bear did too. We were outraged, Rainbow Direction got attacked, member of RD posted their seats in one of the asks and for the entire show their concert experience was destroyed by a security guard and Magee/Griffith’s death stares, the LGBTQIA+ members of the fandom felt unsafe, as their team was so homophobic that they are pressed by a rainbow stuffed bear, and as a reaction we started to see rainbows everywhere, Niall went to the NASA with a rainbow cap and got pictured with everyone and their grandma, Anne, Jay, Gemma, even Julian posted/liked/favorited something related to rainbows, Liam wore a shirt at one of the shows which was the album cover of their opening act, and it had rainbows, the acts individually would be taken as coincidences, but looking at the big picture it was quite deliberate.

We mourned the bear, there was some attempt as a pink pony appeared, but we kept getting the reports from concert goers that confirmed RBB was nowhere to be seen.

A few shows later though it appeared, no longer in bondage gear, and that was the show where Harry deliberately sang the line “At first I was afraid, I was petrified” instead of “Happy birthday”.

So the big gay war was massively happening, we had THAT week in August, and soon we understood that THAT show was the last when we saw RBB during WWA.

OTRA started with Josh posting a picture about RBB, in total Freddie Mercury gear, we even started calling him Teddy Mercury, and the world was a nice place again. The bear kept appearing at shows, frequently changing outfits, wearing tutus, and t-shirts with My favorite color is rainbow written on it, the CSI part of the fandom even found these gears at build a bear pages on the web.

The bear only missed the Japan shows, and we understood later that probably because it was an Arena, and they did not find a place to put it.

Then RBB introduced SBB to the fandom during the EU leg of OTRA, and soon they started to put these mood stickers, and there was a very visible attempt to distinguish and make RBB as Harry, and SBB as Louis. 

A couple of examples: RBB: banana, microphone with green, froyo, green mood sticker. Louis: skateboard, baby bottle, blue mood sticker, McDonald’s..

There were also some framed pictures associated with the bears, and those were all closeted celebrities who in some way were forced to hide their true selves, their sexuality/ forced to have a grueling schedule and some even went to the court or was dragged to court. We found a ton of links to the X factor, and Simon Cowell himself. Those researches soon made clear that there is a bts war between the boys and Simon, which was already clear by the smear campaign started by Simon and co.

RBB/SBB missed a few shows, and these occurrences can be linked to massive attacks (Babygate announcement, Attitude article, someone with fake baby bump appearing at shows,.. etc). As crazy as it sounds the bears became message bearers, and they gave a ton of hints, soon the boys themselves started rebel like crazy against Simon. Beats interview: complaints about being tired and overworked, then at the Apple Music Festival shading the merch like a pro, Harry shading the record label execs that they are bored, then some massive Simon shades at the London concerts: Niall’s Not Anymore Simon, Liam wearing a Simon mask during Little White Lies and Harry putting a stuffed animal under his tshirt symbolizing a pregnant belly during Little White Lies.

The bears disappeared later, and then came back after a massive rainbow countdown on their newly created twitter account, they made their first text post a few minutes after midnight on Nov 1st, and we were blessed with some pictures there. One even had Louis on it, which I cannot believe is a coincidence, those boys really made sure not to give hints, so it was deliberate, since then they are being a bit more careful. I think the message was received that Louis is definitely behind the bears with Harry, so there is no need to out them every single time. Both of them tweeted even a minute apart from RBB, and it is undeniable that HL are involved with the bears.

The bears travel to LA, and now to Mexico with them, and keep us updated almost every day now. They frequently change icons and headers.

The bears are amazing at dragging, see Kimmel’s attempt at mocking the fandom with a potato, the boys posted a pic where they made sure we understand they are on our side, not letting a showman mock their fans.



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harry does not have it hardest in 1d what are you even implying? harry being the 'face' of one direction is an advantage while louis niall and liam have got to convince the gp themselves worthy, harry has already gotten to approval of the gp because he's the 'star of one direction.' people will listen to harry's music even if it's out of curiosity because it's so hyped. niall and louis had to have their music exposed to the public first.

You have a really unpleasant tone which made me hesitant to answer this, but Ive seen the sentiment echoed more nicely tags so I figured I’d say something about it.

First off. I literally never said he has is “hardest.” I said he has the most notoriety, fame, and tightest association with the bands old brand. It’s an advantage in some ways (as you said, hype, curiosity, exposure) but in some ways it’s a disadvantage (most people in the gp think he’s an asshole, they want to hate him, he’s linked closely with all the things the gp dismisses about 1d).

On the other hand, the other boys less recognizable names also function in duality. It’s a disadvantage because they’re less well known, are considered (incorrectly) less talented as a result, etc. however, it also means they’re not as closely linked to the bad marketing and press the 1d brand carries, which gives them an advantage in regards to appealing to audiences who will dismiss Harry based on his name.

Like I mentioned earlier, I know people who are already rolling their eyes at Harry’s solo single based on their existing bias against 1d, who bought or jam to JHO and This Town and only realize the artists were affiliated with 1d when I told them. There are numerous different audiences to appeal to and different tactics and approaches required to get them to give ANY of these boys the time of day.

I’m in no way suggesting Harry has it harder and you should self examine considering the salty ass tone you came at me with telling me I did. What I am saying is that ALL FOUR BOYS have individual and different hurdles to overcome as they approach a rebrand, and that they’re tactics are going to look different as a result. My post focused on Harry because it was written largely in response to anxieties I saw cropping up about him wiping his fb/his SM silence.

from afar pt five // jughead jones au

from afar // the one with the brother


summary: (Y/N) needs a wedding date. jughead is the only one available. small problem-they aren’t on good terms.

words: 1,328

(((author’s note: i’m v sorry for the late upload, i was v busy with a job interview and writing this essay up! I hope you enjoy this part, its quite rambly ngl)))

“So why does my sister call you Forsythe if you hate it so much?” Josh raised his eyebrow as he sat opposite Jughead, his eyes never leaving Jughead’s.

“You make exceptions for the people you love.”

“So you love her?”

“You could say that.”

“Archibald, I need you to drive us around Boston tonight.” (Y/N) smirked “Betty, Montana and I are about to hit the town.”

“God, we’re too old for that saying.”

“I’m not exactly in bar hopping clothes.” Archie frowned.

“Good thing we’re in Manhattan and we’re fully grown adults.”

“So how long have you been together?”

“Ten months. She didn’t want to introduce me to you all just yet but she realised if she turned up alone, your family would be trying to pair her off.”

“She’s right. She’s had to go through five weddings within three years. If I were her, I wouldn’t have coped past the second one.”

“I’m sorry if you weren’t expecting me, I told her she should’ve warned you.”

“It’s odd though. Ten months and she’s never mentioned it to me.”

“I mean she didn’t tell Kevin until two weeks ago.”

“How do I look, Mon?” Betty asked, stepping out of the dressing room in the dress chosen for her.

Archie grinned, biting his lip, earning a playful smack from the dark haired girl sitting next to him.

“If only I could show my excitement like Archie, I would.” Montana commented, causing the blonde in front of her to laugh.

“Can’t wait to see you try yours on, (Y/N). Yo’ man betta tie you down before my weirdo cousin, Jackson, tries to make a move.”

“So do you work?” Josh smiled at the dark haired man before him “I’m sorry, just brotherly things that should’ve happened earlier in the relationship.”

“I write a column for the Riverdale Journal. Nothing major, I’m hoping to publish a book soon.”

“Hope it works out for you, man.”

“Thanks.” There was a slight pause “You know, I just want the best for (Y/N), right?”

“I understand. I also want the best for her. She’s one of the few females in the family. You’re lucky that you haven’t had the chance to sit down with Niall yet, he’d question you into the ground.”

“(Y/N)’s favourite cousin, right?”

The sound of a camera shutter pulled the girls back to reality, their heads turning to Archie immediately.

He responded with a shrug “Thought Jug might’ve want to see how good you looked.”

“Mon, I can’t believe you’re getting married next week.”

“Girl, I can’t believe it too. Got me feeling older than Morgan Freeman.”

Jughead smiled to himself as glanced down at the picture Archie had sent him.

archie: ‘cant wait to see ur cute little butt in a cute little dress’

archie: u waited long enough ;)

“So it’s a girls night but I’m driving you around?”

“Pretty much, we’re going to get wasted and not worry about how to get home.” Montana clapped as she shuffled around in the back seat, trying to change into something less business looking.

“You’re a decent guy.” Josh sighed “I wasn’t too sure about you at first. She spent so many nights, ranting on the phone to me about her douche-y hot roommate. God, I think she even cried a few times.”

“I never realised how much of a dick I was being. I’m not really good at handling my emotions and I guess I turned my liking into this hatred.”

“There’s a thin line between love and hate and you crossed it. She was so convinced you were plotting her murder.”

“She hung out with Reggie too much.” He rolled his eyes.

“You’re lucky she never mentioned it to our cousin, Niall. He would’ve come down to RCU and broken your legs, you would still be limping to this day.”

“She never told him?”

“No, in all honesty, I think she was crushing on you at the time but I’m not 100% sure.”

“Your family seems protective of (Y/N).”

“Well, when theres twelve of us and only two are female, you tend to develop no tolerance for bullshit when it comes to them.”

She took another shot, feeling the liquor burn her throat as it went down. (Y/N) couldn’t really remember the last time she had drank, having promised Reggie she’d go through a month of no alcohol.

“You’re one hundred percent tipsy.” a voice commented from behind her, causing her to turn around.

She frowned at the sight of her ex standing at the bar, a smirk plastered on his face.

“Would say it’s been nice seeing you, James, but that’s a lie.”

“Here, how about I buy you a drink and make you change your opinion?”

“Sure thing.”

“I guess I always knew that I didn’t hate her. I met my best friend through her, whether I want to admit that to her or not, it was the truth. Archie was constantly checking up on her and we became friends because of that. He was like you, at first.”

“Slight weary of your relationship with (Y/N)?”

“No, slightly weary of even speaking to me.”

“It makes a lot of sense. Archie’s always looked out for (Y/N) and I doubt that will stop any time soon. I’m just glad both, you and Betty, understand their closeness and don’t try to prevent it.”

Archie’s brows furrowed as he made his way over to the bar, spotting James inching closer towards (Y/N) but before he had reached her, she took the drink from the bar and sent a smile James’s way before turning away and heading over to him.

“Arch!” she giggled “I love free drinks.”

“You know, you’re going to be the death of me right?”

She nodded, wrapping her arm around his waist. “How’s Montana?”

“In an even worse state than you.”

“Guess I better drink up then.”

“It’s getting late and I’m off to bed.” Josh yawned “I’m so sorry about all the questions.”

“I get it. Brother things.”

“Yeah.” He smiled “By the way, there’s no point on waiting up for them. Mon texted me earlier that they went out for drinks. Drunk (Y/N) is a handful, if you need help, don’t hesitate to wake me.”

“I’m so glad you barely drank anything.” Archie chuckled as he held a stumbling, drunk (Y/N) tightly to his side.

“I knew this would happen. (Y/N) hasn’t drank in months and I assumed you would need help when it came to her. What I didn’t expect was for Montana to be worse than her.” Betty spoke, as she led the dark haired girl towards the direction of the car.

The four made their way into the house, trying to make it to their rooms without waking anyone up.

“Shhh, Archie. You might wake Josh up.” Montana giggled

“Tana, we’re in the living room.”

She giggled as she poked his face, earning a soft mumble to escape his lips. He turned around in the bed and saw Betty pulling her away from the bed.

“Let him sleep, (Y/N). Let’s get you changed.”

“Hey, I’m starting to s-sober up.”

“I know, sweetheart, but it doesn’t mean you should wake him up.”

“I just want to tell him his dad is hot.”

Betty let out a laugh, her hand rushing up to her mouth as she noticed him, pushing himself up.

“Betttttt, admit it. You agree. FP Jones is a hot human.”

“I’m sure he’ll be flattered.” Jughead commented, switching the light on.

“Shhh, you’ll wake him.” (Y/N) hiccuped

“God, she’s past gone isn’t she?”

Betty nodded her head. “Sorry for waking you.”

“No, it’s alright. You go off to bed. I’ll take over.”

“Just wash her face and make sure she drinks water before she sleeps.”

“Come on, sweet cheeks, let’s get your makeup off you.”

“Why do you not like me? Did I do something?”

“No, sweet cheeks. You’re mistaken. I do like you. A lot more than you think.”

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you make me ship nessie although I have no idea who bressie exactly is

Whoops? *not at all remorseful*

I actually had someone ask me about Bressie earlier today, so I checked my outbox and retrieved the answer for you:

Bressie’s full name is Niall Breslin.  He’s from Niall’s hometown of Mullingar (although they didn’t know each other initially) and I think he used to be a professional rugby or Gaelic football player.  I’ve never quite been able to figure out which.  After he stopped playing, he was the singer in a band called the Blizzards, then eventually the band split up and he went solo with some success.  He’s also a judge on the Voice of Ireland.

Bressie was living in London when Niall moved there, so Bressie told Niall’s dad that if Niall ever needed any help, Niall should come to him.  Apparently Niall just showed up on his doorstep one night with a guitar that had a broken string and then spent the whole evening there getting Bressie to play and teach him songs.

I think Bressie introduced Niall to the rest of the LIC (London Irish Crew- Irish people living in London), including Laura Whitmore and Eoghan McDermott. When Bressie was still living in London, they used to go out as a group all the time, and Niall’s good friends with everyone else now, so even though Bressie is back in Ireland, they’re still a close group.  

Bressie is rather protective of Niall since Niall is younger and smaller. Bressie is in his 30′s I’d guess (yep, I checked it, 34) and is really built because he’s obviously a really good athlete.  He gets mistaken as Niall’s security when they’re out together and he doesn’t mind the misunderstanding one bit.  

He’s also kind of dedicated himself to making sure Niall stays grounded.  I don’t think Niall needs help with that, but it’s good that it’s something his friends value.  Bressie and the LIC are always on Niall’s side and they’ll speak up to defend him and the group if necessary, but they’d never say a bad word about him to the press or in public at all.

Bressie also suffers from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, so he’s taken on a role as an advocate.  He’s got his own stuff basically under control, but he’s very vocal about how “manly” men should be open with their emotions and shouldn’t feel pressured by their image into thinking they can’t struggle and need help.  I imagine he’s a good influence on Niall with Niall’s own anxiety.  At least he’s someone that Niall knows he can talk to and be understood by.

There was a sort of scandal around Christmas when Niall, Bressie, and Eoghan were hanging out in a bar in Ireland.  When Bressie left for the bathroom, he left his phone on the table and Eoghan tweeted something that was thoughtless on it as a prank.  Pretending to be Bressie, he said that lately he’d been exploring his sexuality.  He didn’t mean any harm and I really don’t think Eoghan meant it to be homophobic.  If the world treated everyone nicely, then what he said wouldn’t have been a problem I think.  

The joke was the irony of tweeting something from Bressie’s phone that wasn’t true, not that Bressie being bi would have been insulting or funny.  I don’t think he took into account that the world doesn’t treat everyone nicely and so the topic is a sensitive one.  Niall also ended up caught in the crossfire, but I personally think it’s unlikely he was very involved.  The way the tweet was written had Eoghan all over it and when Bressie addressed the issue later, he only mentioned Eoghan.

Anyway, Bressie’s first response when he saw the tweet was “schoolboy error”. What he was referring to was leaving his phone unguarded, but people took it to mean that he was offended by the content of the tweet.  What I was impressed by during this was Bressie’s response afterwards.  He apologized sincerely, explained himself well, and was very mature when responding to people who were angry at him on Twitter.

So yeah, Bressie is sort of like Niall’s mentor+friend and he’s just a really amazing guy.

  • If you don’t know about Bressie and Nessie, this is essential listening.  
  • This is another time Bressie talked about Niall.  
  • Another one where Bressie is defending Niall in the press (for something Niall shouldn’t even have to defend really).
  • This is a helpful Niall LIC masterpost that gives the basics.
  • These are my pics that I’ve got saved of Niall with the LIC.
  • This is my favorite Blizzards song I’ve listened to and his solo stuff isn’t always my style, but I like this one.
  • This is Bressie mentioned on Niall’s Twitter and Niall on Bressie’s.  For good measure, Eoghan on Niall’s and Niall on Eoghan’s.  Eoghan is *cough* a bit less mature than Bressie, but he’s a very good egg overall. 
  • This is the AO3 tag for Nessie.  The really good longer series that are finished start with this first part and this first part. You can also find some stuff that’s not on AO3 here.  This is a blog that has a Nessie fic rec section.  I am in eternal agony that there’s no Niall/Eoghan fic.  How is there NO Niall/Eogan fic?
  • You can also watch The Voice of Ireland to get a sense of Bressie’s (and Eoghan’s) personalities.  I watched a few seasons since I like The Voice anyway.

So, um, when I say I only know a little bit about the boys’ friends, Bressie is kind of the one exception to that.  I still don’t know too much about him that doesn’t deal with Niall, but I’ve got their interactions pretty much covered.

#59 Tattoo Soulmate AU

Inspired by hemmohshitson: AU where everyone is born with their soulmate’s name on their wrist (I freaking love this idea omg)

Louis: “Where are you taking me, Zayn?” You grumbled as Zayn tugged you along through the crowd at the party. “There’s someone that I think you should meet, y/n. Don’t worry.” Finally, Zayn stopped when he approached a group filled with other boys. “Lads, this is my best friend, y/n,” For some reason he put extra emphasis on your name though you simply believed that it was your mind playing tricks on you. “Y/n?!” A short, blue-eyed, brunette said with wide eyes though he refused to take his eyes off of you. “Yeah. Y/n, this is Niall, Liam,” Zayn introduced you, going down the line, one by one. “Harry and, last but not least, Louis.” Louis. As soon as the words left Zayn’s mouth, your hand curled around your left wrist, tracing over the beautiful letters that have been there since you were born. It couldn’t be him, you thought. You’d been waiting to meet this man for so long but the chances of him actually having your name on his wrist, you knew, were very slim. The brunette then approached you, interrupting all of your worries. “God, Zayn’s been telling me so much about you, y/n.” Louis said, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. “It’s just so different when you actually meet the girl whose name has been engraved in my skin since the day I was born. You’re so much more beautiful then Zayn described you as.” Louis fingers traced down your jaw before he moved to skim across his name engraved on your wrist in elegant letters. “Hi.” He declared, releasing your wrist as he held his hand out in front of him, waiting for you to shake it. “I’m Louis.” You giggled quietly before moving your hand to grasp onto his. “Y/n.”

Liam: “So, Liam,” The blonde interviewer said, “How long have you known your current girlfriend, y/n?” As soon as the interviewer mentioned you, a smile, that was capable of lighting up an entire room, appeared on his face. “I’ve actually known y/n all of my life. My mother and her mother have been best friends for so long and that’s why they were overjoyed when we were born with each other’s name on our wrists.” By the time Liam finished, there was a slight blush on his face when the other boys began to snicker. “But you’re older, right Liam?” The interviewer questioned and Liam nodded, waiting for her to continue. “So didn’t y/n’s mother know what name was on your wrist already and that could have been the reason she chose y/n’s name?” Liam, who was slightly offended that the women thought this way, shook his head. “My mother was in a different country at the time. Y/n and I didn’t actually meet until I was 3 and she was 2.” “Yeah,” Niall agreed, his arm resting on Liam’s shoulder as he spoke. “And they are absolutely perfect for each other.” “It’s almost sickening how cute they are together.” Louis added jokingly, causing Liam’s blush to darken.

Niall: “Now,” Your health teacher said, clapping her hands together to make sure she has the class’ attention. “Who here was already found the person who’s name is on your wrist and your name is engraved on theirs? Basically, who in this class has already found their soulmate?” Almost everyone, but you and about 4 other people, stood up. “Okay, for all of you who have already found your soulmate; Congratulations. Now, you 5, we have a program at this school where we can help you locate this special person. One by one, we’ll take you to my office and see if we can help you in any way.” The blonde boy, who was sitting in the back of the class room who rarely even talks, raised his hand, interrupting the teacher. “What if we already know who our soulmate is but they don’t?” “Well, Niall,” Niall? You quickly glanced down at your wrist to make sure that you weren’t going insane. Could he really be your soul mate? The boy who never, ever, talked in class. “Care to explain, Niall? I don’t quite understand what you mean.” The boy, Niall, sighed, running his hand through his dirty blonde hair. “I already know who my soul mate is but, the problem is, she doesn’t know that she is my soulmate.” “There’s not much we can do to help you then; you’ll just have to tell her on her own. I’m sorry.” The teacher sighed, feeling bad because she couldn’t help the shy boy. The bell rang and everyone grabbed their things and left; including Niall. You ran down the halls, trying to catch up to him. When you finally did, your hand wrapped around his forearm, causing him to stop walking and turn to face you. “You’re Niall? As in, the Niall I’ve been waiting practically my entire life to meet?” He nodded bashfully, focusing his attention on the floor rather then you. You felt your heart race when Niall turned his wrist for you to see that your name was indeed tattooed there. “And you’re y/n. The y/n I’ve been waiting all my life to notice me.” You heart dropped when you saw the sadness in his eyes. “Let me make it up to you then. Come to my house tonight. I’ll make us dinner and we can get to know each other…”

Zayn: He was the school bad ass and just knowing that his name was the one on your wrist, terrified you. No matter what, you always kept wrist covered with a bracelet and out of his sight. Zayn though, always pestered you, knowing very well that your name was on his wrist but not knowing if the name was directed towards you because no one ever say your wrist. Of course, Zayn knew, it could be someone else who had the same name as you that was his soulmate but that still wouldn’t explain why you always made sure that your wrist was concealed. “I’ll make you a deal.” Zayn said, pulling a chair next to your as you sat in the corner of a coffee shop with your laptop in front of you. “What do you want, Zayn? I’m trying to study and I don’t need you here pestering me when I’m attempting to focus.” “The deal is; if I help you study and you get an A, you have to show me whose name is marked on your wrist.” You gulped, Zayn may have been a complete asshole but, you had to admit, he was extremely intelligent. He barely even has to try yet he usually gets A’s on everything. Reluctantly, you agreed and spent almost the entire night at the coffee shop studying, finally leaving when the manager kicked you both out, claiming that “They closed half-an-hour ago.” The next day, you had the test which seemed to go pretty smoothly, though a certain part of you was silently praying that you would fail so that you didn’t have to tell Zayn the truth that you’d been hiding for so long. “How’d that test go, y/n?m” Zayn smirked, sitting next to you at the coffee shop once again. “Don’t know. Haven’t gotten it back yet.” “Check online then. Because once you actually decide to admit that you’re mine, I’m taking you on a date. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been planning this date for.” Your heart seemed to flutter at his words. Maybe he isn’t as much of a jerk as I believed he was, you thought as you went to check the school website for your grade. You seemed to hold your breath every moment as you waited for the page to load. With Zayn peering over your shoulder, a prideful grin on his face when he saw your grade; a 96–an A. Zayn pulled on your chair slightly to turn you to face him, tugging your bracelet off. “I knew it.” He mumbled when his suspicions were confirmed, a loving smirk on his face the entire time. “Now,” He declared, standing up and pulling you to stand with him. “We go on our first, official, date.“ 

Harry: You stumbled back into the bakery where you had been the entire morning, desperately looking for the necklace that you’d seem to have lost. You looked everywhere for it but you couldn’t find it. This bakery was your last hope at finding it as you looked for it everywhere. The necklace meant everything to you and everyone in the bakery seemed to give you a strange look as then noticed your frantic searching. "Miss,” A young man said, tapping on your shoulder gently, causing you to turn around. “May I ask what exactly you’re looking for?” You noticed just how tall this boy actually was when you turned around. “I was here earlier,” You began, slightly out of breath. “And I lost a necklace. I’ve searched absolutely everywhere for it but it’s not there. So, if it’s not here, they it’ll be gone forever and I’ll be heartbroken.” The boy, Harry–from what his name tag said, nodded in understanding. “Is it a locket on a silver chain?” You nodded your head. “It’s in the back room, sweetheart. I found it earlier and kept it safe unless something like this happened.” After thanking him, he went in back to retrieve it. “Thank you.” You said as he handed it back to you, holding your hand out to take it though he quickly grasped your wrist. “Is your–Is your name y/n?” You nodded your head, waiting to see how he knew this, him still gripping onto your wrist as he spoke. “Well then, Y/n, I’m Harry and I guess we’re soulmates…” He said awkwardly, holding out his wrist next to yours, allowing you to see that your names were actually on each other’s wrist. “If you’d let me, I’d love to take you out on a date after my shift ends.” You nodded your head, a genuine smile on your face, happy to finally meet the person that you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with.

I was tagged by @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow for the 5 minute challenge, not going to lie this took my longer than 5 minutes. I was on a roll, I couldn’t contain or stop myself.

“How’d you do it Lou?”

Louis paused at the call of his name. He made sure the candle he was toying with was balanced properly before bridging the gap between Zayn and himself. “Do what?”

“Really?” Zayn huffed out, twisting his hands on the tablecloth he was supposed to be setting along with the other utensils for the dinner.

“You know the story,” Louis reminded him and gently released Zayn’s hands from the cloth. “Stop fretting.”

“Stop fretting!” He repeated with a roll of his eyes, letting out a hot breath. “Today is probably the most important day of my life and everything is in shambles.”

Louis raised an eyebrow before looking over the room once, then again. “Zayn, everything looks fine. The flowers and candles are in place, Haz is working away in the kitchen, and Ni is ready to go as soon as you say so.”

“He’s gonna like it, yeah?” He asked, chewing on his bottom lip that it started to look raw and red. He looked around the room, making sure everything was exactly in place. He didn’t know why he was so nervous. Actually Zayn knew exactly why he was so nervous. “Just go over everything with me once more.”

“Zayn,” Louis groaned but nodded. “Li’s set to arrive at seven, I’ll greet him and seat him, Harry’ll have the food out soon after while Niall plays softly behind you.”

“I can’t do this,” Zayn said after a long pause. “This is so stupid and not romantic at all. Let’s-let’s just cancel.”

Louis huffed out a breath that pushed his fringe away from his face. He was trying so hard not to wring his best friends neck, had to remind himself that he too was in this exact position over a year ago. “This is romantic, Zayn. Better than mine was. Ask Harry, he’ll agree with me. Niall too, I promise.”

Zayn nodded and ran his hand through his hair, pulling a little on the long strands. Everything was so overwhelming, when he came up with this over the top idea it all made perfect sense. Now that everything he planned was actually happening and he was looking at his idea come to fruition, it freaked him out. Before he had any more time to fret even more Louis pushed him towards the bathroom to shower and change before Liam was set to arrive. After his shower Zayn stood in front of the mirror, a towel around his waist, as he went over his speech one final time. He could do this, he totally could do this. Or maybe he couldn’t. No, no Zayn could definitely do this. Liam was going to be amazed and love everything he was planning for the night. He changed and began lighting the candles Louis had put out earlier. Niall was sitting on a chair in the corner tuning his guitar as Louis fixed his own bow tie, scowling in the mirror as he did so. Harry could be heard in the kitchen humming to himself as pot and pans were being moved around.

Zayn checked the clock above the fireplace, Liam was due home any minute now. When the front door open and Liam called him name he sucked in a deep breath, butterflies beginning to fly recklessly in his belly, his pulse quickening rapidly. He sat at the table he set earlier and waited as Louis escorted Liam to his seat. The look on Liam’s face was priceless, he looked utterly lost and confused. Of course he was, Louis was playing host to a dinner party in their own home. Right on cue Niall began playing his acoustic guitar, some slow piece that Zayn couldn’t recognize. When Liam sat he just raised an eyebrow at Zayn and smirked at him.

“What’s going on babe?” He asked and accepted the napkin Louis offered him. “How’d you get Tommo into a suit and act like he had manners?”

“Oi!” Louis exclaimed from where he stood adjacent to the table. Zayn cut his eyes at him and Louis immediately grimaced. “Sorry.”

“For your first course,” Harry’s voice cut him as he emerged from the kitchen. “A house salad with balsamic vinegar dressing. Fresh produce from my mum’s garden.”

“Thanks,” Liam replied skeptically. “Come on Zayn, what is going on?”

“Just eat,” he urged him, waving his fork at their plates. “Harry’s prepared a three course meal for us, dessert too.”

“Okay,” Liam let out slowly, picking up his utensil and clanging his fork loudly on the plate.

The dinner was going smoothly, at least Zayn thought it was. They filled the silence between meals with conversations about work and home and their families. It was strange having both Louis and Niall within earshot of their conversations. Harry would walk in and out every few minutes bringing out the next course or just wondering how the food was. Shockingly the food was amazing, the second course of salmon and asparagus blew both men away. Who knew that Harry Styles was an excellent cook besides being a world class singer and style icon? Zayn tired to focus on the dinner and not what he had planned for after dessert, worrying himself would just make him chicken out and ruin this whole evening entirely. Harry took their dessert plates away and Zayn audible swallowed. Here went nothing.

“Thanks for tonight,” Liam told him and grabbed Zayn’s hand. “I don’t know why you did it but thank you.”

“I love you,” Zayn sighed and gripped Liam’s hand tighter. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“I love you too.”

Zayn turned his head and nodded over to Niall who began playing a familiar song on his guitar, that was also Louis’s cue to rush into the kitchen and grab Harry so he was present for this moment. “Liam, I met you on one of the most important days of my life, and it wasn’t important because of the audition, it was important because of you. Since that moment in McDonald’s my life has never been the same. There’s only four other people in this entire world that knows everything I’ve been through but there’s only one of those four I feel in love with.”


“Our story hasn’t been perfect, we’ve had our fair share of obstacles but I wouldn’t change it,” he continued. He let out a sigh and dug into his pants pockets, feeling the box that had sat there all night. He pulled it out and placed it on the tale, right in front of Liam. “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. It’s that simple. There’s no other person on this planet, and I’ve seen a lot of people on this planet, that I’d rather be with. So, Liam James Payne, will you marry me.”

Liam slowly opened the box and smiled as he finally recognized the song Niall was playing, it was their song, 18. He stared at the simple but elegant gold band that sat in front of him, overcome with so much emotion. He looked up at Zayn who had his doe eyed look, his smile large as he bit down on his bottom lip in obvious worry. “Zayn.”

“Please,” Zayn begged. His throat felt dry, maybe this was a bad idea. Maybe asking Liam was something neither of them were ready for. Maybe they were too young after all.

“Y-yes,” he finally answered, his voice stuck in his throat. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

Zayn leaped out of his seat, hearing it fall into the floor as he moved over to Liam and kneeled in front of him. He removed the ring from the box and placed it on his finger, as tears began to fall from his eyes. He finally looked up at Liam and saw that he was crying as well. Zayn laughed through his tears and pulled Liam down by the back of his neck to kiss him. It was a simple press of lips together but it still made Zayn heart beat faster and skip a beat, it still took his breath away. “I love you, Jaan.”

Liam pressed his forehead against Zayn and let out a content sigh. “I love you. Do you know the other lads are still here?”

“Yeah,” he laughed. “As you can see they helped me with my master plan.”

“Congrats boys,” Harry spoke first, moving over to his friends and patting Zayn on the back. “So much more romantic than Lou’s proposal.”

“I’m right here,” Louis huffed indignantly, wrapping his arm around Harry’s waist. “But he’s correct.”

“I get to be best man, right?” Niall asked, guitar left lying on the chair. “Throw the stag parties?”

“If we don’t move maybe they’ll leave,” Liam whispered against Zayn’s lips before he kissed him again.

“Amazing idea,” Zayn agreed. “We’re engaged.”

“We’re engaged,” Liam repeated, his smile beaming evident by the crinkles by his eyes.

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Preference #284: BSM: You argue and he makes you cry

(Age 9-11)

Niall: “You told me I could go with you tonight!” You argued, after being informed that Niall was going out with his friends tonight, without you. That was not what you had been told would happen on his first night back from tour. He was supposed to spend it with you. “You’re never here, and when you finally are, you want to leave!” Niall turned to look at you, his eyes never quite looking at yours. He didn’t enjoy making you upset; his words did not show that however. “[Y/N], I’ll be here for 3 weeks. Can you not cry when I want to do something without you. My friends don’t want my baby sister to tag along.” His words caused tears to fall from your eyes. You were only 9, and did not understand. “So you don’t want me around? You rather see your friends.” “[Y/N]…” Niall began slowly. He never wanted to see you cry, “I’m sorry. They just planned it all for tonight, and I want to go. We have plenty of time before I leave again.” You crossed your arms across your chest, and stomped your foot, tears still falling down your face, and lied, “Fine. Go. I didn’t miss you anyway.”

Zayn: “Stop going through all of my things,” Zayn snapped at you, when he found you yet again on his phone. “But I wanted to play a game,” you informed him, laughing at you did. You didn’t see the big deal about it. You were old enough to know not to buy an app, or do anything you shouldn’t. “You weren’t using it,” you shrugged, continuing to play the game you were trying to beat. The real reason Zayn was upset had nothing to do with you, or his phone, at all, it was over something else entirely, but you were the one that got yelled at, as he ripped the phone away from you. “Stay out of my things! Got it?” “But you weren’t using it!” you repeated, anger in your voice as well now. “That doesn’t give you permission to just take my things!” “I didn’t take it! I was just using it for five minutes!” Tears welled up in your eyes, “Why are you so mad at me?” “Just stop,” Zayn responded, his tone softening at the sight of your tears. He reminded himself that his anger was not because of you. “Don’t cry [Y/N], please.” “Then stop yelling at me,” you responded, wiping tears away from your cheeks, “I just wanted to play a game.” You were still crying softly, when Zayn pulled you into a tight hug. “I’m not mad at you. I’m sorry I yelled, and argued with you over it. It’s not you, okay?” You took a deep breath, “Please don’t yell at me again.”

Liam: Tears were not something Liam caused you to have often. When he was around you were always so happy. He was your big brother, who you never saw, and when you did, you did not want to spend any of that time arguing. So this was different. You standing there, face red, eyes wet, as you yelled at Liam. He was angry at you for being rude to his friends when they’d come over earlier in the day. “It’s not my fault!” “Yes it is [Y/N]! You were rude to all them for no reason!” “So! You don’t care how I feel! You just come back and make everything different all the time!” you yelled back. “What are you even talking about?!” Liam argued back, not sure what that had to do with the fight. “Every time you’re here, everything is different. It’s all about you. We change everything for you. It’s not fair!” Liam now understood. Of course you would feel that way. You were only 9, and every few months the routine you were so used to would get turned upside down. Of course you would be angry, and today that anger had finally come out towards his friends. And instead of understanding that, he yelled at you, and made you cry. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you felt that way.” You were still crying, as you looked down at the ground. You were glad you said it, but now felt badly, “I am glad when you’re here though. I just hate that everything changes.”

Harry: Harry was worried, trying to work on getting ready to leave for yet another long tour. He had no time to deal with his baby sister wanting attention, but you did not understand that. “Harry, will you play a game with me?” “Harry, watch this!” “Harry, can I help you pack.” “Harry, look at this!” “Harry!” “[Y/N]! GO AWAY!” Harry yelled those words at you, and watched as within a moment your face had crumbled. Tears sprang to your eyes. “You-you are about to leave,” you cried, backing away from your brother. All you wanted was to spend as much time with him before he left again as you could, not argue. “I am, and so I need peace and quiet to get ready! I don’t need you trying to get my attention the entire time!”  How could he be so angry at you, just for wanting to spend time with him? You did not understand. At your age, the thought that stress or sadness over leaving could cause him to act differently, that didn’t cross your mind. You just knew your brother was angry at you, and it broke your heart. “I’m sorry,” you still had tears pouring down your face, as you said that softly, “I didn’t want to argue with you.” You ran to your room after saying that, and it wasn’t until a few minutes had passed, that Harry realized what he’d just done. He quickly went and found you crying on your bed, “[Y/N], I’m sorry. Do you want to help me pack?”

Louis: “You did break it!” You argued with Louis, as he tried to deny breaking your favorite DVD. “I did not break your stupid movie [Y/N]. I didn’t even watch a movie last night. I went to a friend’s house,” Louis responded, not going to argue with his baby sister over something so small. “But it was in your room,” you responded, each word a little louder than the last, as you held up the DVD which was scratched and ruined. “This is ridiculous. I’m not going to argue over something so stupid.” His refusal to argue over this only made you angrier. “It’s not stupid to me!” You now were tearing up, as he continued to dismiss everything you were upset over. Even if he did not do it, it bothered you how he did not seem to care at all at the amount this did hurt you. “It’s a movie [Y/N]. It’s not the end of the world,” Louis sighed, so confused why this was as big a deal as you were making it. You tossed it down on the couch, and rolled your eyes filled with tears, “I’m sorry what I care about is not important.” “I didn’t say that!” He finally argued back, “I just didn’t want this! I didn’t want to argue with you!” You shook your head, and tried to fight back the tears already running down your face, “Well I just wanted you to care that something of mine was ruined. Even if you didn’t do it, which I still don’t believe, you could have cared.” “I didn’t do it,” Louis assured you again, and then sighed. He hated that he’d caused you to cry, “I’m sorry though [Y/N]. I’m really sorry.”

#4 He pulls a few strings for you


“I JUST HATE THIS SELFISH , EVIL WORLD!!!!!” you bang the door as you make your way towards the couch and plopped down on the comfortable cushions. “Looks like someone had a bad day ” Harry comes from behind and starts massaging your shoulders. This usually calms you down in an instant. But today it just wouldn’t work. Everything was fine till today afternoon. In fact you were more happy and excited than you had been in a few weeks. Yesterday evening you recieved a mail from Miss Catherine , senior manager of the company you have always dreamed to work in. She had called you for an interview today evening sharp at 5. You reached at quarter to 5 all dressed and ready to impress them. But once you reached the office , instead of being shown the way to go and meet miss Catherine  , the receptionist told you that the job has already been given to someone else. You went mad. After a huge argument with her did she finally reveal to whom was the job allotted. Michelle Johnson. Sister of the famous actor Michael Johnson.  (A/N : Just imagine some actor , I didn’t want to name any. Soo…) You were enraged. She used her brother’s name to get the job while you slogged for hours to get that one call. When you reached the end of telling Harry what happened exactly , you were on the verge of tears. “How could they , Harry? How can people just use somebody’s name to get what they want. And how can people even agree with just for their benefits. Why do they forget their promises to others?” you whined. Harry could bear anything in this whole damn world , but tears in your eyes. He just couldn’t stand them. He somehow hushed you and tried to make you fall asleep. Once you did fall asleep he carried you to your bedroom and laid you down on the bed. He gently kissed your forehead. He knew what to do. He took his phone and went downstairs. He knew that you hated this but he still had to do it. After all he just couldn’t see his baby unhappy. “Just make sure you don’t take my name” he whispered to the person he was talking to on the phone. The next day you get an other e mail telling about the grave mistake done by their receptionist and that there still is a job left for you. And everything was back to normal and Harry was smart enough to not mention about his phone call. 


You just loved shopping with Liam. When you were little and you used to go shoppin with your mum and dad , it was more like just you and mum. Your dad was least interested whether you get the floral top or the plain green t-shirt. So you had this mindset that all the boys loathed shopping. But that wasn’t the case with Liam. This suprised you when you two started dating. His fashion sense was simply superb. He gave you the best opinion about which shoes would go with this shirt and what jewelery with that dress. You were really happy that Liam had two elder sisters who trained him really well. “Babe , how about this ?” he asks holding a beautiful turquoise gown for your friends wedding after two weeks. “Omigosh Li! Its gorgeous!” you exclaim. “Really?” he looks at the dress doubting his own choice. “Well , I don’t think its that gorgeous. Well I think it lacks something” “What?” “A gorgeous lady wearing it” he smirks at you. “Cheesy” you say but there is still a smile and light pink blush on your face. “Go on babe try it out” he hands you the dress and gives you light push in the direction of the changing room. You tried the dress on. It was perfect. You walked out to show it to Liam. When he saw you his mouth opened slightly and remained open for a while. You looked stunning. “You are probably going to look much prettier than the bride” he said making you blush even more. “Stop it” you cover your face get in the trial room again to get back into your clothes. “This dress is amazing. I’ve got to buy it. Even if it is a bit out of budget. This dress is totally worth it.” you think while searching for the price tag. Your eyes opened wide when you saw its price. Yes , it was out of your budget. But not little out of your buget like you thought. Way , way , way out! You couldn’t spend so much. And that too on a dress. Sure it wasn’t just another dress but… You walked out with a frown on your face hanging the dress back on its rack. “What , wait I thought we were buying this?” Liam asked puzzled. “Its out of my budget.” “Well then let me pay for it.” “Liam” say in the matter-of-a-fact of tone you use whenever Liam tries to buy you something. You hated to use his money. “Please” he pouted “You may repay me later.” Yeah. You could repay it later. If Liam doesn’t take the money , you’d buy gifts for him. Yes! You were about to agree but..you remembered Liam never carries money. You don’t allow him to. When you had just begun to date and went shopping like this he used to trick you into letting him pay your bills. So you had forbid him from carrying any money. “You don’t have any mone Li” you said sadly. “And just let it be. There will be another beautiful dress.” you begin to walk when “Wait” Liam says and walks to the cashier. You see him talking to the lady there and sign something. He comes bag to you with a big grin on his face. “We can take the dress now and pay later.”  He says simply. “Wha-” “She has a daughter who is a fan” Liam winks at you


“And they didn’t even warn me or give me some time to adjust or make other arrangements.” you whine , tears refusing to stop. You were fired from your job. Well it wasn’t a job exactly. Just picking up the phones , fixing appointments , bringing tea or other small stuff. But they were important. They paid off your bills and your uni fees. You still had two years left for graduation and you had no idea how are you gonna bring money for the fees and your books. Niall held you close and rubbed your back. He was trying his best not to cry too , seeing his princess cry. He knew how emotional you were and had to stay strong for you. “Babe , we can search for a new job. A better one that too. You are sooo capable. You would ace anything. And till you get a perfect job I can always pay your fees.” He offered with a smile. “But Ni-” you tried to protest but he place his finger on your lips. “I think thats enough for a day , princess. My mum used to always say that no matter how big the problems are , you will always find a solution. We will find a solution. But no more thinking and worrying tonight. We wil leave it for tomorrow , okay?” you nod. You slept soon , tired from the day’s events. But Niall couldn’t. He somehow had managed to console you and promise that everything would be fine. But how? It was difficult to get a reasonable job in a populated city like London. And you would never want to use his money for a long time. He did not get it why? But he did not want to hurt you either. He had to do something. After a lot of brainstorming he finally got an idea. Modest! Management. There surely can be a job for you. And here you were sitting in their office applying for a part time receptionist’s job. “So , Y/N , shall we discuss your salary.” “Salary?” you were puzzled “Don’t y'all want to ask any questions?” “No actually” they smiled at you. “Niall has told us enough about you.” In that one sentence you understood what he did for you. Your heart filled with admiration for him.

“They didn’t even ask me any questions , you know. Just gave me the job” you said putting your arms around his neck. “Congrats , baby!” he kissed you. You looked into his eyes pulling back from the kiss. “Thank you” you whispered.


“We are really sorry ma’m , but you need to book the hall for any function at least 2 months prior.” “But there is no function on 12 th right? Then what is the harm in giving us the hall.” “ We are sorry madam” “But-” “Forget it Y/N” your friend pulled you back trying her best not to cry. She was searching for a nice wedding hall and she simply loved the amibience of the place you were currently standing in. But just like the 3 other places y'all are coming from , this to needs early booking. “Y/F/N if we don’t talk to them then they never are gonna agree.” “I know ” she exhaled rubbing her 7 month pregnant belly. It was just 2 weeks earlier that she and her boyfriend well now fiance thought that it would be great to get married before the birth of their baby. But now there was no place available and she had no idea what she is going to do. You dropped her home and told her not to worry and everything was going to be just fine. Just fine? You yourself didn’t know how are you going to make things fine. “Hey babe! How was your day?” Louis greeted you , opening the door. On seeing Louis’ face you got an idea. Louis! Of course Louis would help. You have never asked Louis for anything. Sure he wouldn’t turn you down this one time. “It was okay” you frowned “But seeing you makes it better.” you smiled at him , the sweetest smile ever. You put your arms around his neck. “Lou , I need a favour from you.” you pouted. You knew it very well how he just couldn’t resist it. “ There is nobody in this entire , big city ready to give a hall for Y/F/N’s wedding” Louis chuckled. “And what do you want me to do about it?” he asked , already guessing the plan. “Well they said no to me and Y/F/N” you frowned “but!” you grinned wide , “they would never tell no to the Louis Tomlinson from the biggest band on the planet!!!”  You looked up to him with hope in your eyes. He removed your arms from his shoulders and walked away. You thought Louis was mad at you and started feeling guilty about asking him to use his name. “Now why are you standing there like a statue. Go and tell Y/F/N that the venue is almost booked.” Louis said already dialing the number.


“I am sorry m'am , but all the rooms are booked” “What booked?!?! I had called and booked my suite weeks ago. You cannot just turn back now.” Your vaction with your friends in Paris is on the verge of getting ruined thanks to the man calling himself a manager. You and your friends were looking forward to this holiday and this guy just spoiled everything. “Yes , Zayn ” you said picking up his phone. “Did you guys reach Paris?” “Yes we did.” “Y/N , you promised you would call. I was so worried if y'all reached properly or not” You weren’t even listening to him. You were so tensed about where to stay. It was 12 at night and you didn’t know where to go. “Y/N?” “Huh- yeah?” “I asked if y'all checked in your hotel?” “No. Not yet I mean” “Why?” And you told him the entire story of how your months and months of planning went wasted thanks to this hotel. “Baby , don’t worry. Just give him the phone.” “What are you gonna do Zayn?” “Trust me babe. Give him the phone.” After about 5 minutes of hearing okays and sures from the manager did he finally hand you your phone back. “I am extremely sorry madams. Let me take you to your rooms” he said gesturing the bellboy to take your luggage. You made a mental note to Thank Zayn as soon as you reach your room.

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Celebrity Crushes

Anonymous asked: Could you do something with you being famous and Niall really likes you then finds out Harry’s good friends and is going to meet and hang out with you so he asks Harry if he can tag along?

Word Count: 773

A/M: Okay this was SUCH a cute prompt and I’m absolutely in love with it. I loved writing this idea anon. Thank you for requesting it:)


He was kind of, sort of, maybe, a little bit in love with you. You made it as his background on his phone a fair number of times, and in the back of his mind he always did want to meet you, but he didn’t know how that was going to happen.
“Alright then, I’m off to meet some mates.” Harry said in the background, Niall didn’t even look up from his phone.
“Who you meeting?” he heard Louis ask, Niall still not even paying attention, the names all fuzzy till his ears perked up when he heard your name being mentioned.
He immediately jumped up from his spot on the couch and looked directly at Harry who looked more than surprised at that reaction.
“You’re meeting [Y/N]? As in [Y/N] [Y/L/N]?!”
“I’m going to assume that you know her?”
“Uh. YEAH! What the hell Harry!”
Louis started laughing, “Really Harry? Niall’s been in love with [Y/N] for a while. How haven’t you noticed that?”
Niall decided to ignore that and just stared at Harry, “Can I come?”
“Please? I just really want to meet her. I’ll be cool. Promise.”
Harry gave him a smirk, “Fine Niall. Come on then.” and headed toward the door.
Niall smiled, his heart quickening as he quickly followed Harry, but stopped just before he stepped out and turned to Louis who was following the both of them to the door.
“Is this okay? Do I look alright?” he asked him, now fiddling with his shirt and running a hand through his hair.
“You looked fine Niall.” Louis chuckled.
“You sure? Fuck. I wish I knew before.”
“I could get you to meet [Y/N] some other time.”
“NO! No… let’s do this now.” He said reassuring more for himself then anything.
“This is the moment Niall’s been waiting for for a long time.” Louis teased.
“Shut up Lou.” Niall said from under his breath.
“Come on Niall!… [Y/N] is waiting…” Harry said now poking some fun of his own, as Niall followed him out the door and into the car.

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AU College Series Valentine's Day Special: Secret Admirer (his and yours pov)

AU College Series can be found here

I know it’s early, but Happy Valentine’s Day xx

A/N: Keep in mind, the characters haven’t said they are dating or said they are officially a couple.. and I understand that a ‘Secret Admirer’ is just that, a secret, but for this preference, Y/N works it out. Plus this is a Special / bonus / extra in the series. Hope you like it.


His pov:

I leaned against the wall outside the girls locker room and waited for one of Y/N friends. As I heard girls laugher and voices approaching, I quickly hide the bear behind my back. “Hey Liam, what are you doing here?” Y/N said, as the group of girls stopped and looked at me. “Hi Y/N, I-I,” I stuttered, not knowing what to say. Her friend caught on and quickly pushed Y/N and the other girls towards the locker room, but she stayed outside. “What’s going on Liam? And to be honest, you aren’t very good at hiding the bear,” she giggled and put her hands on her hips. I licked my lips and slowly pulled the bear out. “I was hoping you would put this in Y/N locker? So she can find it after practice,” I asked shyly. “Aww, it’s so cute, she’s going to love it,” she squealed, taking the bear from me, “Of course Liam, I can do that.” She patted the bear’s soft fur, before looking back at me. “Thank you Y/F/N. I owe you one,” I replied, kissing her cheek. She giggled again, before walking into the locker room. I smiled proudly to myself as I walked towards the field to join my teammates.

Your pov:

“So happy that we don’t have practice this weekend. Who’s up for shopping?” my best friend said, as we walked into the locker room. My other friends sat on the bench, as I stood in front of my locker. As I undid the lock, I looked over my shoulder and listened to them talk about their plans for the weekend. I giggled, but quickly jumped back, as something fell out and landed on the ground. My head snapped down and a smile grew on my face. I knelt down and picked up the little bear, running my hand over the it’s head. “Where did this come from?” I asked standing up and looking at my friends, “did one of you put it here?” They all shook their heads, trying to fight their own smiles. I blushed and looked down at the bear in my hands. “It’s adorable. I’ve never had a Valentine before,” I whispered. I turned around facing my locker again and hugged the bear to my chest. I noticed a tag around it’s neck and slowly pulling the bear away. I turned the tag over and read it, 'Be my Valentine? xL’. I giggled and hugged the bear again, thinking of the brown eyed boy.


His pov:

“What was I thinking?” I groaned and run my fingers through my hair. I looked at the roses I had brought for Y/N in my hand, but was now thinking it was a bad idea. My eyes traveled across the street at her sorority house. I couldn’t delivery them myself, everyone would see me and ask questions; there had to be another way. Just then my friend Stan walked out. “Hey Louis,” he said, a smirk growing on his face when he saw the roses, “who are they for? Has Louis got a girlfriend?” he joked. I playfully pushed his shoulder, making him laugh. “I need you take these roses to that house for me?” I asked, pointing across the street, “just ring the doorbell and leave them on the door step.” He nodded, then shook his head, “what’s in it for me?” I sighed, knowing this would happen. “If you do this for me, I won’t tell your mum what you did last weekend,” I said, watching the colour drain from his face. He quickly took the roses from me and walked towards her house. I went inside and watched my friend through the window. He did exactly what I said; now I just hoped Y/N would get them.

Your pov:

I slowly walked into the sorority house, feeling exhausted from my classes. “Y/N, wait, come back,” my friend called out, making me stop and turn around, “these came for you earlier, but it doesn’t say who sent them.” As I saw the bouquet of a frozen red roses in her hands, I gasped and quickly took them from her. I brought them up to my nose, smelling their fresh scent, but also hiding my smile. “What do you mean no name? Did you read the card? Where is it?” I rumbled on, needing to know who send them. She shrugged and pulled the little card out from the middle of the bouquet. “Maybe you know the handwriting, or something. Good luck,” she said before walking into the living room. I opened the little card and read it; 'To Y/N, Happy Valentine’s Day x’ I reread it a few times; why didn’t he write his name or give a clue into who he was. I flipped the card over and saw something written on the corner, 'top window’. I froze and looked at the flowers again. 'He brought me flowers; the College bad boy brought me roses,’ I blushed and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.


His pov:

I stood at the cafeteria register and waited for the older lady to return. “Can you do me a favour?” I asked hopeful. She raised an eyebrow in confusion. “This girl is going to come in here,” I showed her a picture of Y/N on my phone, “and I need you to give her this,” I continued, holding up the small box, containing a cupcake. She crossed her arms. “Please,” I looked down at her name badge, “Muriel, please. It’s Valentine’s Day, help a lad out.” She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “I’ll bring you one tomorrow,” I added with a smirk, really needing her help, “and I give cupcakes to the most beautiful girls.” I watched her carefully, as she nodded. “I have a soft spot for Irishmen,” she chuckled and held out her hand, “and your girl sounds really sweet.” I quickly placed the small box, containing the heart cupcake on her hand. “Thank you Muriel,” I smiled, “please don’t tell her it’s from me.” She nodded and turned away, putting it on the counter behind her. I looked around the cafeteria and frowned as people started walking in. I had to get out of here before Y/N came.

Your pov:

My stomach growled for the second time, since walking into the cafeteria. I transferred my books to one arm as I waited in line. Once it started moving, I picked up a sandwich and a bottle of water. As I got to the register, I sighed happily and dropped my books on the counter by my food, before getting out my money. “Oh, you’re her,” the older lady squealed, making me look up at her confused. She quickly turned around and picked up a pink cupcake with hearts sticking out. “Oh no thank you,” I politely declined her offer, but she put it in front of me anyway. “A blond boy with a hat came by earlier and told me to give it to you,” she whispered, “charming lad. Happy Valentine’s Day dear.” I opened my mouth to ask her something, but she started serving the next student. I looked down at the cupcake with hearts on top. “Niall,” I whispered under my breath and smiled. I was snapped out of my thoughts, when a girl behind me told me to keep walking. I quickly picked up my lunch and books and left the cafeteria, ready to hunt that snapback wearing boy down.


His pov:

I held on to the string tighter as I walked down the corridor. I was getting weird looks by everyone I passed; but surely, seeing a guy with a balloons on Valentine’s Day wasn’t unusual. I stopped at Y/N dorm and took a deep breath, before knocking twice on the door. I looked up at the balloons, making sure they were all still there and smiled to myself as I read them. As the door opened, her roommate stood there and my smile fell a little. “Hi, is Y/N here?” I asked quietly, suddenly feeling nervous. She shook her head and looked at what I was holding. Her eyes lit up and smile grew wider. “No, she is out getting a coffee I think,” she replied, “but you can come in and wait for her.” I nodded and walked into the room. As I was about to sit on the bed, my phone beeped. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw a message from my sister, 'Call mum, she misses her little boy xxGem’. I groaned and looked around room. “I’m sorry, I have to go. I’ll leave the balloons here for Y/N,” I said, tying them to the back of her desk chair, “Thank you love,” I said to her roommate, before walking out to call my mum.

Your pov:

Your pov:

“Knock knock, are you in there?” I giggled and looked down at my hands; holding a coffee in each and my bag about to fall off my shoulder, “do you want your coffee? If so open up.” Seconds later my roommate opened the door and held her hands out for the cups. “Thank you, sorry I was gone so long, the line at the coffee shop was-,” I stopped talking and dropped my bag to the floor. My smile grew on my face as I saw the bunch of balloons tied to my chair. I walked towards them slowly and read them out loud, “Be Mine, True Love, xoxo.” I looked at my roommate, who was sitting cross legged on her bed watching me. “Who dropped these off? Were you here? Did they leave a note?” I spoke quickly, butterflies filling my stomach. I looked back up at the balloons in awe. “I wasn’t going to say anything, but he came by about 20 minutes ago,” she explained, smiling, “but got a message and left.” I giggled and sat down on my bed, my eyes not leaving the colourful balloons. “Oh Harry,” I whispered, “always manages to make me smile. And I love those sweetheart candies.”


His pov:

“This is harder than I thought,” I said to myself as I looked at the mess in front of me. As much as I wanted to get Y/N something for Valentine’s Day, I knew much how she would rather something I made myself to brought. I sighed and ripped pages out of her favourite classic novel and cut petal shapes out. Hopefully she wouldn’t be mad that I’m cutting up a book; fingers crossed she would notice though. I arranged the shapes into a 3D rose, with a wire stem. “Looking good Zayn,” I encouraged myself, a smile growing on my face as I thought of my best friend. I grabbed my red paint and started painting the paper rose. “I feel like Alice in Wonderful,” I laughed. She liked me; I know she did, so why was I nervous about this? I smiled at the paper rose in my hands, before walking towards her corner in the art studio. I gently placed it on her desk, hoping she would see it as soon as she walked it. I quickly returned to my area and cleaned up, wanting to get out of the studio before she came in. As I walked out, I took one last look at the rose. “Happy Valentine’s Day Y/N,” I whispered.

Your pov:

“Zayn? Zayn?” I sighed and stopped outside the art studio. I pulled out my phone out of my pocket and clicked on his name. As I brought it to my ear, it got his voicemail right away. I ended the call frustratedly. “Seriously where you are?” I whispered and dropped my phone into my bag. I ran my hand through my hair and thought about the dark haired boy. We always meet up on a Friday afternoon in the main court yard and plan our Friday movie night. I decided to go into the studio and try his phone again. As I walked towards my usual desk, I dropped my bag to the floor and sat down, when something red caught my eye. I cautiously picked up the paper rose and smiled widely. As I looked closer, I noticed the paper had writing on it; pages from a book. I squealed happily as I read a line; it was from my favourite novel. I looked around the desk, hoping to see a note or something who it was from; but some red paint on the floor in Zayn’s corner, was the only clue I needed. “Oh, that boy is perfect,” I giggled and blushed; now I had a bigger reason to find him.

A/N: Would love to hear feedback on what you think. Or if you have any ideas for the series, let us know. The next part in the series will be ‘Studying’

- Holly

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burninitallday  asked:

Hey! So I'm still a little on the fence about Ziam, and I saw your tags on the Sophiam break up article, and just wondered your train of thought? What makes you think for sure that it was PR. (Sorry, this sounded harsh, and I definitely did not mean for it to.) Thanks!

Hey honey. You don’t sound harsh at all. Well, it all started with this photo last year:

This is Liam and who was then referred to as a “mystery woman” at the London Zoo. Despite the London Zoo being a pretty popular attraction, this is the only photo snapped. So, this caused a fair amount of press with people speculating about whether this was his ex, Danielle Peazer, or someone new. How clever to keep her face out of the shot. Why it almost seems staged. Hmmm… This set the stage for Sophia’s eventual reveal. The London Zoo seems to be a go to place for stunts (I see you HJPR). Zayn and Perrie were there earlier this year. And coincidentally enough, the only photos of them there were produced by a zoo employee. Hmmm…

And of course, Eleanor and Louis have been spotted there as well. An update account made sure we knew.

So the way it all started off had me raising an eyebrow. I don’t believe Sophiam was PR, though. I think it was strictly bearding designed to kill fandom chatter about Liam and Zayn. I think Modest/HJPR tried to be smarter this time around and not end up with an Eleanor type headache. So Sophia was trotted out very infrequently. Her social media was private (but “friends” leaked tons of pix anyway). She didn’t do promo. All of this was to give the air of legitimacy to the relationship. We also know Liam went long stretches of time without seeing her due to touring (she did turn up during the west coast leg of the US tour)–that’s not conducive to nurturing a budding relationship. Maybe that’s why Niall has been single all this time. Hmmm… But anyway, Sophia wasn’t in Australia when Liam was spotted with a monster hickey.

Who did that to you Liam? Hmmm… Another thing that caused me to scratch my head was the “Eleanorzation” of Sophia. She’s young and sexy. But on her outings with Liam, she seemed to have been made bland as if sanitized for young audiences. It seems especially odd since reportedly she’s a fashion student. It’s strange that her style devolved when she and Liam got together. Hmmm…

Then we have Liam’s melancholy tweets since tour started. Tweet!Liam is a bit sad but RealLife!Liam is a happy bunny. Why the disconnect? Hmmm…

I’m not saying those tweets were planted to get the break-up story rolling, but those tweets were planted to get the break-up story rolling. The final nail was the fact that the break-up was announced in the Sun, which is the “official” mouthpiece of HJPR (aka Simon Jones). 

You know this is bogus as hell when they make sure to remind you that Louis has a girlfriend and Zayn is engaged all in the same damn article. Obvious much? 

So I conclude that Sophiam was fake. A real relationship wouldn’t need to be seemingly planned and choreographed this way. There’s no need to push a girlfriend narrative with a boyband. Most fans are there for the band, not their girlfriends. Girlfriends can actually be a hindrance to fangirls (and fanboys) who want to fantasize about the guy they’re crushing on. That’s boyband 101. Why is 1D so different? I can’t think of any other fandom where girlfriends are the focus of so much deliberate attention. This line is from an Mstarz article:

“Fortunately, Sophia Smith’s boyfriend has a devout fan-base that came to his defense immediately.”

Sounds exactly like those “Eleanor Calder’s boyfriend” articles. Why do they need to remind us of the girlfriends so regularly? Hmmm… Is someone trying to hide something? I say, YES! This was a fauxmance. But at least it’s apparently over. Like I said in my tags, one down, two to go. ;) 

You Meet Him a Little Too Late

So for some reason part 1 deleted itself -.- so here’s part 1 again and 2 & 3  


 Zayn : “Yes Lydia I know…yes ok! Yes! The pink one…right, ok bye.” I sighed and ran a hand through my hair as I scoped out the different dresses, pink…pink…what the hell was light thulian? I shook my head and continued to browse until I heard, 

      “Do you need some help?” I looked up and saw a girl, she didn’t look like she worked in a place like Windsor but once I saw her name tag there was no doubt left. Her mouth was pierced, she had arms of tattoos and had more of an alternative vibe. 

         "Erm…sure, my girlfriend wants this dress.“ I handed her my phone with the picture of the dress Lydia had sent me earlier. 

     "Ah, the weird pink one, right I think we have that in stock, dress size?” She asked, I checked my messages, 

        “Size six,” I replied, she hummed while she rummaged through the dresses and thrust it in my direction before walking over to the register, 

       "Special occasion?“ she asked as she rung up my purchase, 

    "Uh, not really, she just kind of wants it.” I admitted while subconsciously running a hand through my hair, her fingers stopped and she opened her mouth to say something when Lydia called, 

       "Hello?“ I answered, 

    "Remember to get me those shoes as well! I’m a size seven in shoes, the black ones with the diamonds.” I was about to reply when the dial tone interjected and I was left with the cashier. 

         "I’m assuming you heard that,“ I muttered, 

     "Shoes?” she answered and I nodded. 

      “Listen…I know I don’t know you very well- er at all. But you don’t look very happy. I’m not trying to be unprofessional…I just- er, it seems like you’re too nice for your own good.” 

I sighed. I couldn’t reply, I didn’t know how- instead, I found myself leaving the bags on the counter. 

“Here’s the deal…(Y/N). I think I could use someone like you, telling me good things, letting me know when I’ve gone soft and all. I’ll leave my number with you and maybe we can sit down for some tea or a pint.” 

I quickly grabbed a pen and a receipt paper and wrote down my number before sliding it across the counter top.

“Think about it.” 

Harry: My girlfriend didn’t want to come out tonight with Niall, Andy and I so I decided to take a night for myself with my boys. We decided to meet at Funky Buddha at eight PM. 

          When I arrived, Niall and Andy were standing by the bar, Niall chatting up some girl while Andy talked to a girl next to him, his girlfriend I presumed. 

      "Harry!!” Niall and Andy chorused simultaneously, 

      “Hey guys,” I smiled, 

       "Where’s Jasmine?“ Niall asked as he surveyed the room, I shrugged, 

     "Wasn’t in the mood for partying tonight,” I replied, he smiled and handed me a drink before Andy towed me away to the bar, 

   "There’s someone I want you to meet,“ he yelled over the music. 

      "Harry this is (Y/N), (Y/N) this is my friend Harry,” he introduced me to a beautiful girl in a wine-red dress, her hair flowing freely about her face and one of the most amazing and contagious smiles I’d seen in a while. 

        “Hey, I’ve heard a lot about you,” she smiled and shook my hand, 

     "Really? I haven’t heard anything about you,“ I smiled back, 

      "Well take a seat and get to know her!” Andy said as he gave up his seat and went to go find Niall. 

        “So…what brings you to London?" 

       We chatted for a while, almost the entire night, it was good getting to be around someone who wasn’t constantly nagging or yelling, nice to be around…friends. Jasmine and mine’s relationship had been very tense lately, I wanted some more spark, something to do and somewhere to go with her but lately it seemed that she was uninterested in doing anything that had to do with me.

      "Harry c'mon we’ve gotta go!” Niall said before midnight, 

     "Here’s my number, feel free to text or call me sometime,“ she smiled and handed me a napkin, I grabbed it and put it into my pocket before Niall pulled me away and into the night, making me hope that I’d see her again. 

   Louis: I was drunk. I was a little beyond drunk at this point, I’d never been much for drinking up until now, I was out with my friends, and naturally we thought it would be a good idea to see who could do the most shots. Naturally…I won.

       "Ashliee…I’m homeee,” I smiled as I barged into the flat, only to be greeted by (Y/N), Ashliee’s best friend. 

      “Hey where’s Ash-” I felt like I was going to be sick, (Y/N)’s eyes widened as she wrapped an arm around my torso lightly and walked me into the toilet. 

      “It’s ok Lou…I’m here, it’s ok.” she kept repeating as she rubbed slow circles into my back and held my hair away from my forehead. I just couldn’t help but wonder…where was Ashliee? 

   Niall: “Fine Karyn are you insane? Colin and I are leaving, we’ll be back when you’ve got a brain again.” I rolled my eyes as Karyn continued to scream profanities at me and I rolled my eyes, strapping Colin into his car seat. 

      “You hungry little man?” I asked as we pulled up to a diner, he smiled as we walked into the restaurant and I put him into a booth. 

      I signaled for a waitress and she made her way over to us, I turned around to look at Colin when the sound of a book falling to the ground caught my attention. My eye caught the woman she was now bending down to retrieve her book, she was…well she was gorgeous. She had books all around her, reading glasses on the bridge of her nose and her hair pulled back, she was stunning and simple all in one. 

      I turned back around to talk to Colin when I looked to his seat, he was gone. I started to panic, I looked under the table, around the restaurant when finally I heard a familiar giggle. 

      “Pretty!” he smiled and clapped his hands while tugging on the boot of the bookworm, she smiled down at him and looked around, presumably for his parents before scooping him up into her arms and setting him on her lap. 

     Colin clapped again and I sighed and walked over to him,

 "Sorry about him…this is my son, Colin.“ I smiled and reached out to his head, ruffling his hair up and she smiled back. 

     "I can see the resemblance, well hello Colin, my name is (Y/N). How old are you?” she smiled, 

“He’s a year and 6 months,” I smiled.  

 “It’s funny…Colin isn’t much of a talker, in fact he’s very introverted. Pretty…well it seems like Colin’s first word was quite fitting.” 

What as I doing? I couldn’t do this to Karyn, she was my wife. I cleared my throat and shook my head before feeling my face turn beet red. 

         “Well, if you ever need me here’s my number, I specialize in child therapy and actually am studying it at Uni.” She handed me a card and I nodded. I wasn’t too sure about this. 

    Liam: “Liam! Liam is it true Mikayla is pregnant? Are you getting married? What’s this about-” I sighed as I closed the door to the private restaurant behind me. 

“Liam..where have you been?” Louis asked as I sat down, 

     "I was choosing floor tiles with Mikayla,“ I muttered as I ordered a drink. 

    "Oh…right you’re moving in together?” Zayn asked, I nodded and sighed again. 

     "You don’t sound very happy,“ Niall interjected, I shrugged and excused myself before walking to the bar. 

I wasn’t too keen on talking today.

       "Tough day, I know the feeling.” the girl next to me smiled as she took a sip of her Jack Daniels. 

      “How did you know?” I asked, she smirked, 

    “Loose tie, messed up hair, and it’s 11:30 in the morning,” I laughed, 

      “Right well why are you here then?” I asked, she smiled,  

   "I just finished med school, needed something to take the pressure off,“ my eyes widened. 

      "Well congratulations, why med school?” I asked, she shrugged and waved the bartender over for another, 

      “I like the idea of being someone’s hero, it’s the closest to a cape as I could get,” I smiled, 

       "Interesting, “ she brushed her hair to the side and sighed before standing up revealing her black dress and heels, she wrapped a coat around her body before smiling once more at me, shaking my hand and sliding a napkin with a drink on it towards me. 

        (Y/N) -(xxx)-xxx-xxxx :) 

      I smiled and looked up but, she was gone. 

Baby Series - First Christmas Part 4 - Christmas Eve
Baby Series can be found here First Christmas Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

We have based the babies ages off the Birthdays we gave them. So Liam’s daughter, Amelia is almost 4 weeks; Louis’ son, Noah is nearly 4 months; Niall’s twins, Cora and Declan are 8 and a half months; Harry’s daughter, Spencer is 5 months and Zayn’s son, Kaiden is 10 and a half months.


“You can go first love,” Liam said, looking at you sitting beside him on the floor. It was Christmas Eve and one of you and Liam’s Christmas traditions was to open one present each on Christmas Eve. You smiled at him as he cradled the month old little girl close to his chest. You reached out under the tree and picked up a present. “To Mummy and Amelia, Love Daddy,” you read the tag attached, making Liam smile wider. “Something for you too, Sweet pea,” Liam whispered, kissing Amelia’s head. You unwrapped the present and giggled as you pulled out two identical purple onesies; one for you and one for Amelia. “Oh Li,” you smiled, holding up the newborn onesie. You moved closer to him and kissed him. “Thank you Li. She will look adorable in it,” you whispered, looking down at the little girl. Amelia blinked a few times, her big brown eyes looking up at you. “And you too darling,” he kissed your temple, “go try it on and I’ll change Emmy.” You smiled and quickly went the bedroom to change. Meanwhile, Liam laid Amelia down on a blanket on the floor and quickly, but gently got her out of the pink onesie. She started to fuss as the cold air hit her skin. “Shh Emmy, it’s alright, there you go,” he cooed, doing up the onesie. Just then you walked back into the room. “Oh look at you Emmy, don’t you look cute,” you whispered, reaching out for her. Liam gently placed her in your arms. “You’re so beautiful Amelia,” you whispered. “Like mother, like daughter,” he smiled, looking at his two favourite girls in the world.

(Picture deleted due to complicates)


“Happy Birthday Lou,” you kissed his cheek. He noticed the snow falling outside the window. “It’s snowing. Shall we go play out in the snow Noah?” he excitedly asked the little boy on your hip. “Lou, it’s freezing out there and your family will be here soon for your birthday lunch,” you explained. “Please Y/N,” he pouted playfully, “I know you love the snow and I really want Noah to see it.” You smiled and looked down at Noah who was smiling cheekily at his father. “Let’s get you into something warmer, then we can go outside,” you said, walking towards the nursery. You quickly put Noah into a knitted thick onesie, hoping it would keep him warm. You pressed a kiss to his head and returned back to the living room, where Louis was already standing with his coat and beanie on. “Little Tommo,” Louis cooed, opening his arms. As the little boy settled in Louis’ arms, you put on your coat and followed the two boys outside. Noah squealed happily as Louis picked up a handful of snow and brought it up to his little hands. He reached out and touched it, giggling again. “I have an idea,” he yelled, giving you back Noah and drawing shapes in the snow. “What is your Daddy doing Noah?” you whispered, as Noah snuggled into you. “A snow angel,” he chuckled, and took Noah from you, making him whine slightly. Louis kissed his head, before laying him on the snow. He quickly got his phone out and took a picture. You loved seeing how happy Louis was with the little boy and couldn’t wait until he was older enough to play together.


“Ni, shh, you don’t want to wake them do you? It was hard enough getting them to sleep tonight,” you whispered, trying to be forceful. But Niall looked at you with his hands fill of presents and a pout on his face, you giggled. “Come on, the faster we do this, the faster we can go to bed,” you explained. He walked out of the wardrobe, placing a kiss on your cheek on his way and walked downstairs towards the living room. You picked up some more presents and followed him. Once downstairs, Niall took the wrapped presents from you and arranged them under the tree. You smiled at how excited he was; at was Christmas, and he got to spoil the twins, without anyone telling him to stop. Having twins and also being their first Christmas, there was twice as many presents. You stepped back and admired the tree. “Perfect, all done,” he smiled, “we make a good team, Princess.” You giggled and wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder and looked at all the presents. “I can’t wait to see their faces in the morning,” he chuckled, pulling you closer to him. “I think they will like the paper and ripping it open more than all the presents,” you joked, making him shrug. “I’m going to check on the twins, to make sure they are still sleeping, meet you in our bedroom?” you asked Niall. He nodded and kissed your temple. You walked upstairs and towards the nursery. You slowly opened the door and smiled when you saw your two sleeping babies. “Goodnight my darlings,” you whispered.


“Green for your foot,” you smiled, dripping the brush into the green paint beside you on the floor. As you brushed in along the bottom of Spencer’s foot, she giggled and wiggled her foot at the coldness. “It’s ok baby girl,” I soothed and looked at Harry for help. “It’s a little cold isn’t it angel,” he whispered, tightening his grip on her, “but we’re going to make a pretty picture for nana and Aunty Gem.” Spencer stopped wiggling at the mention of the two Styles women and gave her father a toothless grin. “Ok Spence, now some little red toes,” you cooed, picking up the next brush with red paint. You smiled as you brushed it over her tiny little toes. Harry kissed her head as she giggled at the cold paint starting to dry on her foot. “Ok baby, here we go,” you said. You gently took her foot in your hand and pressed it to the paper beside the painted foot you did earlier. “All done Angel,” he whispered, “let’s down you cleaned up and Mummy can finished the picture.” You rolled your eyes at him, but knew you would be left to finish and clean up, while he was with his little girl. As you added a yellow star to the picture, you heard giggling coming from the bathroom. You smiled and quickly picked up everything and put it on the table out of your five month old’s reach and headed to the bathroom. You froze and stood in the doorway, watching them; Harry was sitting on the edge of the bath tub with Spencer on his lap as he wiped her foot clean with a wet cloth. “Merry Christmas Eve Angel,” he kissed her cheek.


“Think we have a little chef on our hands,” Zayn chuckled, with Kaiden on his lap. He lightly brushed flour off Kaiden’s cheek, making the little boy giggle. You stood in the kitchen at the counter, watching your two boys on the other side. “Shall we put these in the oven and do some more?” you asked. You picked up the tray and slid it into the preheated oven. You loved baking at Christmas time; and although Kaiden was too young to understand, Zayn wanted him to help. You reached over the counter and fixed the chef hat on his head. “You look adorable in the hat Kade. Mummy’s little helper,” you cooed, watching his eyes light up at hearing his name. “How about some trees?” you asked, holding up a tree cookie cutter. Zayn copied you and rolled out some dough in front of him and Kaiden. “A star. Like the one on top of our tree,” he said to little boy. While you and Zayn were both busy, Kaiden held the rolling pin in his cubby little hands. As he griped the end, he put his mouth on it. “Oh Kaiden no, that’s yucky,” you stuck your tongue out and shook your head. He let go and giggled at your funny face. Zayn looked up at you, not knowing what to do. “He’s teething Z. He wants to chew on everything,” you explained, your voice filled with worry. “Here you go Kade, this is better,” you said, handing him a cooked cookie. He happily sucked and chewed on it. Zayn kissed Kaiden’s head and tightened his grip on his son. “Is that yummy Kade?” you cooed, “the Malik’s make good cookies, don’t we.”

The next preference in our Mini Christmas Series will be “First Christmas Part 5 - Christmas Outfit"

How You Met - Punk

How You Met [Punk One Direction]

Why do I do this to myself and you guys holy shit.

Harry: You were at your local supermarket, shopping for foods to restock your empty fridge. You were looking down the chips isle when you spotted a boy around your age, tattoos scattered up his arms, and a couple on his neck. His hair was pushed back in a yellow bandana, and he was on a ladder restocking the Doritos. The ones you wanted were on the top shelf, but he was blocking your way. You stood around, hoping he’d soon finish. You looked through the different bags, picking up some to read the back and put them back. Finally you heard someone clear their throat.

“I’ve never seen a girl so interested in bags of crisps.” he said, and you looked over.

“I was just waiting is all.” you said, and when he finally realized what for, he got off the ladder.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t realize I was in your way.” he apologized and you nodded it off, and went up and grabbed your chips, having to get close to him.

“My names Harry.” he said, and you laughed and turned.

“I know I saw your name tag. My name’s (Y/N).” you said, and you shook hands.

“You know I get off at 6.” he said, and you smirked.

“Maybe next time.” you said. This happened awhile, and it became a routine. You’d come in the store, sometimes for nothing in particular and “somehow” run into him. He’d ask you out, and you’d decline, until you finally give in, and regret ever saying no.

Liam: You had told your Uncle you would take his motorcycle into a local shop and have them look at it. So it was now in shoved into the back of your range rover, the seats having to be pushed down, and covered in plastic so it wouldn’t stink up the interior. You pulled into a local auto repair shop, seeing they had bikes out front, and people coming in and out with them. You stopped, hopping out of the car. A tall guy, built well came out from the garage, wiping his hands on a rag, tossing it onto his shoulder.

“Something wrong? You seemed to drive in smoothly.” he said, and you waved your hand.

“I’m not here for my car I have a bike I was hoping you’d look at.” you said, and he nodded, smirking.

“We don’t repair bicycles.” he joked, and you laughed bitterly, not liking his attitude.

“It’s a good thing it’s a motorcycle then, since you don’t repair bicycles.” you snapped back, and he nodded, not having anything witty to say back. You opened the trunk, sliding the bike from the back and it’s wheels bounced onto the pavement.

“Well for one thing it’s got a leak.” he said, pointing to a small black puddle on the plastic. You nodded, and closed the trunk, following behind him as he dragged the bike into the shop.

You two spent all day talking over the bike, and soon onto personal things. At the end, you asked him to write down all that was wrong, because your uncle had a problem with pride, and wanted to fix everything himself unless it was dire. He wrote it all down, and then he handed you the list, and helped load the bike back into your car. When you finally got back into the drivers side, you looked down at the list and saw his number written at the bottom. You blushed, and looked back at the shop. He wasn’t paying attention to you, but to and older gentleman, but he had a wide smirk on his face, as if he knew you had found out about the number. And you were so glad you did.

Zayn: For days you had seen a guy around your age sitting in the small alley between your apartment building and an old abandoned brick building. He just sat there with a note pad, drawing something. Every so often he’d look up and smile at you as you walked by, he showed no intention of possibly killing you on your way home, so you let it go. He left every night, for what you supposed was to go home. But he always returned early, and was always outside unless it rained to see you go past on your way to work. He had both arms full of colorful tattoos, and every so often when it was hot you would see his fit chest, also covered in tattoos. He’d sometimes wear a beanie, or a hoodie when it got chilly.

This particular day you walked past and saw he had an array of spray paints, and he was washing off the dirty brick wall in front of him. He had laid a tarp down, and he wasn’t wearing anything but paint covered blue jeans, and a pair of old worn sneakers. He picked up a white spray can, and before he could spray it anywhere you spoke up, grabbing his attention.

“You know that’s private property, vandalizing.” you said, and he stopped, and looked at you. This is the first time he’s ever heard your voice.

“Yeah I know, it would be if I hadn’t of asked the owner of the building if I can use it, just as long as I wash it off after it’s served it’s purpose.” he said, and you nodded, giving a small ‘oh’.

“Sorry for bothering you then.” you said, and he shook it off. You both stood there in silence, before you finally left.

A couple days later your looked out and saw in big bubble letters “Will You Go Out With Me?” and your jaw dropped, you shoved on your shoes and ran outside. He stood there, his hands shoved into his black leather jacket pockets, and he smiled.

“Hi.” he said, and you nodded.

“Hi.” you said breathlessly.

“It’s for you.” he said, and you looked at him. “Sorry for acting like such a stalker, but I kinda saw you the one day at the art studio you work at, and followed you home. I don’t live far. So I’ve been here for about 9 months now trying to figure out a way to at least start a conversation with you. You’re really pretty.” he rambled, finally stopping at the end. You giggled, and looked at him.

“Sure.” you said, and nodded yes. A look of relief washed over him, and he engulfed you in a giant hug.

Niall: He worked at a movie theater, and you were there that night with your boyfriend to see some action movie he wanted to see. You were choosing your candy while your boyfriend went to get the tickets. You felt someone watching you, and you looked up to a see a blonde covered in tattoos staring at you from the other side of the counter.

“Hi” you said, and he looked away nervously.

“Hi.” he said back, and you smiled and went back to your candy. You finally picked out five different boxes when your boyfriend came up beside you.

“Do you think you really need all that candy?” he asked, disgusted. Your face fell, and the boy, whose name on his tag read Niall, tapped his fingers hard on the glass, obviously annoyed.

“S-sorry I guess I don’t.” you said, putting four of the five boxes back. You had to pay for your own candy and soda, and you both went into the movie.

Half way throughout you went to the bathroom and came out to get a refill. The lobby was empty, and only Niall stood there, brushing popcorn into a trash can.

“Could you get me a refill?” you asked, and he looked up and nodded, propping the broom against a movie sign and going behind the counter. He washed his hands before taking your cup, and refilling it without even asking what you wanted.

“Sorry, I just remembered what you got earlier… Unless you wanted something different then I could totally get you something else, it wouldn’t be a problem.” he said quickly, and you laughed, shaking your head.

“No, that’s what I wanted.” you said, and he nodded and punched it into the cash register.

“I know this isn’t my place to speak, but your guy friend walked out of here a bit ago with some other girl.” he said, and you looked at him.

“No he didn’t.” you said in disbelief, and you paid him, and grabbed your drink and went back into the theater. When you realize he wasn’t there you ran out, swallowing any tears.

“I’m sorry.” he said, and you shook your head. You sat on a plush bench in the middle of the lobby, and he came and sat down next to you. He smelled musky, and like popcorn.

“If you want I can finish watching it with you? My shift ended a half an hour ago. I can change?” he said, and you shook your head.

“The movie sucked balls anyway.” you said, and he chuckled.

“I could get us other tickets? Anything you wanna see.” he said, and you looked at him. You patted his thigh and smiled.

“Thank you, and sure.” you said, and you spent the evening watching a sappy movie, and you ended up holding hands in the theater.

Louis: You were on vacation with your family. You guys had taken a cruise to the Caribbean, and on board was some rock band you had never heard of. They were in the cabin next to yours, and you constantly heard them banging and singing loudly. You were glad you had a cabin to yourself, so you could curse them off through the wall, and they never seemed to notice.

One night you were partially drunk, and started pounding on the wall.

“COULD YOU SHUT UUUUP!!!?!” you yelled, and laid back down to go to bed. Next you heard your door swing open, and a guy walked through. He had no shirt or pants on, and stood in his boxers. He was covered in tattoos, and he was licking frustratingly at his lip ring.

“What the bloody hell was that for? You could have just ASKED!” he said to you, and you were pissed off your mind. You go up and pushed at him.

“What the hell. It’s called knocking. Just stop your ruckus and leave me be.” you said, and he stopped you. You hadn’t realized your sundress clung to you, and one of the straps had fallen off your shoulder. He slowly trailed his fingers over your shoulder, and tugged the strap back up, leaving a sting as he slightly snapped it. You were still angry, and ignored his flirtatious actions. He slowly pushed you back onto your bed, and sat beside you.

“Just calm down. You need to relax. Okay?” he said, and you were flustered, but felt sleepy. You closed your eyes, and sighed. He started singing a song you were unfamiliar with. His voice was fantastic, he must have been the lead singer for his band. Once you were a sleep his wrote down his number and a meeting place, and put it on top of your phone. He kissed your forehead and left. You met up with him the next morning, and when you started to realize you both got along better when you weren’t yelling, you fell for him hard.

Old Tees and Yoga - one shot
Title: old tees and yoga (if you want to read it on archiveofourown, click here)
Pairing: Harry/Louis (obviously)
Word Count: 1k
Summary: harry likes to cut louis’ old tees and louis just wants harry to do yoga with him
NOTES: I saw this post and nearly died. felt inspired so i wrote this lil fic and yeah… also i didn’t type in caps or anything this time ‘round bc lazy so don’t hate me
happy reading!

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anonymous asked:

Can you please please write this it's from ziallauideas I wasn't sure how to link it so I copied it sorry - "ziall au where they’re strangers and niall sees zayn buying extra large condoms and just shouts out “JESUS” (bonus points if niall is a shop assistant and says it in front of everyone waiting in the queue)"

Posting this for my hoe Kashaf bc it’s her birthday today! SHES 19!!

Zayn was a little (or maybe a lot) over average. 

He knew he wasn’t exactly small down there and he’s pretty proud of it, but he wasn’t the type to show it off. He saw no reason to be cocky (pun intended) because frankly, it ruined the surprise of it all.

And he liked surprising people. 

People tend to underestimate him, quite a bit, he would say. He was quiet and he was toned, observant in clubs and parties and he just.. didn’t ooze the “big dick” aura. Judging from the shape of his body, you wouldn’t have guessed that he had a fucking snake in between his thighs and Zayn quite enjoyed the huge ego boost he gets every time he drops his pants, his lay for the night’s jaw dropping as well. 

He was also pretty damn good at the thrusting thing as well considering some people are doubtful and don’t care if his dick is over eight inches long and two inches thick because apparently, “the dick don’t matter if you ain’t got moves” one girl said to him while she filed her nails after his dramatic unveiling.


Needless to say, she never looked at him the same after that night. And Zayn just slept with a smug smirk on his face because that was another person on the list that he proved wrong. 

He went out most of the time, mainly because, and people are going to roll their eyes when they hear this but, he was too lazy to use his hands. (Yep, hands. Not hand). It was time consuming, tiring and it just wasn’t the same as having something hot, wet and tight around him; girl or boy, he didn’t care. He sometimes has both at the same time. Both genders seemed to want him just as much as the other. 

He was shopping at Tesco one time, having run out of condoms the night before and he couldn’t exactly borrow some from his friends because they, ahem, used the regular sized ones. Zayn had to buy his own himself because he was not a regular, he was a large. An extra large. 

His eyes scanned through the various boxes before picking out the first “XL” one he saw. He glances down at it, flushes, before throwing it in his basket. He does this every time and it’s always so embarrassing for him, especially when he gets to the till because the cashier’s face when they scan it through the machine is just, well, just as red as Zayn always is. 

He tried to seem like he wasn’t just here for the condoms and he dropped by the cereal box isle to throw that in his basket as well. He also threw in some random shower gel, a newspaper, a box of chocolates and some weird ass fruitcake thing. Zayn questioned whether or not he should get anything else but Louis, his roommate, had already done the shopping and so he was soon forced to face the moment he was dreading. 

He went to the one with less people in the line and tries to ignore the impressed stare he got from the old man in front of him. The stranger bought a lot and it gives Zayn time to examine his next cock-shock victim. 

It was a guy, blond and around his age. Quite cute, Zayn thinks, and he seemed very enthusiastic which he had to groan at because those people were usually the ones to give the loudest reaction. The older cashiers were always tired or done with life and they’d just scan the box carelessly and take his money. 

By the time the old man was done, this blond ray of sunshine seemed to be the complete opposite of what Zayn was wanting. 

“Hi.” He smiles, Zayn noticing the name Niall on his name tag and nodding back. Zayn also noticed how the smile he gave him was far more brighter than the one he gave the old man before him.

Zayn waits on the other side as Niall scans through his stuff, the darker lad biting his lip as the condom box, which he hid very discreetly under the newspaper, hit the edge of the conveyor belt. He’s playing with the plastic bag he already has open, his plan being to throw his shit in and run out but time seemed to slow down, and Niall was taking ages to scan that stupid ass fruitcake Zayn got earlier. 

Finally, Niall gets to the box and god, Zayn’s fucking mortified by his reaction. 

He reaches for it, blue eyes aimed at the screen before scanning it and once the beep resounds, his jaw drops. Zayn assumes the monitor is displaying his purchase and as if the guy’s face wasn’t enough, he had to let out a–


Zayn blushes, feels the heat rushing right to the tips of his ears. He shrugs awkwardly seeing the people in the queue before him curiously gazing at what was going on. Niall didn’t seem to care, shamelessly gawking between the monitor, the box, and Zayn in disbelief. 

Six seconds passed of him doing the same thing and Zayn curses before breaking this boy’s trance, “C-Can you, um, scan the rest, please?” He sounds so nervous but fucking damn, this kid didn’t even hide his surprise. 

Niall sighs, wide eyed and stunned as he slides the box over to Zayn, shaking his head in amazement. “I was gonna ask you if you needed help with your bags but,” he looks the lad up and down. “You’re clearly packing, so.” 

The woman waiting in line before Zayn looks just as surprised as he is and he averts his eyes, throwing the box in his bag before re-adjusting his pants. Niall notices and grins, taking his bottom lip in between his teeth. He’s still shaking his head. “Got a fuckin’ anaconda down there, don’t ya mate?” 

This guy had no fucking shame.

"Don’t get why you’re embarrassed, bro. Extra large? Fuck me, man. Must be a pain in the ass.” Niall grins, scanning the cereal box and the newspaper through. “Good kinda pain, I mean.”

Zayn’s always got people flirting with him, and he’s always stupefied people with the size of his cock but this kid was a whole other world. He was stupefying Zayn

That’s never really happened before, so this was all pleasantly new to Zayn. 

He just stays quiet and smiles sheepishly, throwing the rest of his stuff into his bag. The woman before Zayn leaving along with her items to go to another cash till, probably. Zayn doesn’t blame her.

Niall puffs his cheeks out, still astonished, typing a whole bunch of shit into the monitor and stating the price Zayn needs to pay.

Zayn’s reaching into his jeans and the blond’s leaning his head onto his chin, eyeing him dreamily.  “You can pay in a different way, if ya know what I mean.” He winks, biting his lip. Zayn raises an eyebrow, shaking his head amused as he takes out his wallet. “Don’t think so, mate.” 

Niall’s smile falls and he leans back in his chair, disappointed. “Boo, you’re straight.” The blond rolls his eyes, unimpressed. He gets this all the time. 

Zayn snorts, thinking of that one night where he had both genders. He smiles, “Not exactly.” 

Blue eyes lit up at that. “Gay?”

Zayn crinkles his nose, shaking his head. “Why limit yourself, mate.” 

Niall narrows his eyes. “Bi.”

He just shrugs. “I don’t do labels.” 

“Hmm,” the blond smirks. “Can you do me?”

Zayn rolls his eyes, laughing under his breath as he hands the boy his money and not even bothering to answer. Niall smiles softly at the sound, flushing a little when their hands brush, “You must get that a lot, huh?” 

“Quite often, yeah.” He bobs his head. 

“‘M not surprised. Y’er gorgeous.” Niall chuckles. Zayn blushes, smiling shyly. “Thank you.” 

The blond notices the way he leans away from him and his smile drops, resting his back against his chair apologetically. “Sorry.” He bites his lip. “I’m probably being really annoying.”

“It’s fine,” Zayn waves his hand. “‘M used to it.“

Niall’s face falls deeper into a frown and he covers his face with his hands and curses. “Oh god,” he mumbles into his palms. “Aw shit, noo.”

Zayn arches a brow, confusedly amused. “Are you alright there?” 

"I fucked up." 

Zayn frowns, “It’s nothin’ to worry about, mate, honestly. Chill,”

Niall shakes his head quickly, wiping his hands down his face and pouting at the monitor. “Fuck, I’m really sorry I’m– I promise you that was not how I wanted your first impression of me to be. Like – shit, sorry.”

"Bro, breathe.” He holds his hands out, eyes scanning worriedly over the blond before he walks to the little door behind Niall and opens it. The action seemed to have shocked the blond even more, blue eyes growing wide with the hand that came to rest on his shoulder. “Now, mate, what are you on about?" 

Niall looks up at him and blushes, as if only just remembering what he’d done and proceeding to bury his head into his hands. He lets out a frustrated yell and Zayn watches him, bags in his hand as he eyes the boy silently. “Fuck, shit. I’m sorry, Zayn. Really sorry, like, shit.”


“Look, listen. I’ve seen ya ‘round, yeh? I’ve seen you buy your groceries here and shit and – fuck – I’ve always had our first conversation, AKA that moment earlier, planned out. And I swear, I did not mean to come off as a thirsty whore. I swear.”

Zayn scrunches his brows together, still a little confused. Why would Niall plan out their first conversation? “Um, okay.” He mutters, awkwardly leaving the small working space and standing by the blond’s front – everyone was starting to stare at them weird anyway when they were in that position. 

Niall slaps his palm against his forehead and growls under his breath. “God, you still don’t get it. Shit, okay, ugh..” His eyes roam the isles for something to say while Zayn waits for his words, and his change (Niall still hasn’t given that yet). “First time I saw you, you were buying shower gel.” Niall grins as if he made a breakthrough, “then the second time was.. when you were looking at chicken.”

Zayn still doesn’t get it.

"Oh for fuck’s sake. Zayn, I like you.” 

Zayn’s face drops in realisation. “Ohh.” He murmurs, biting his lip in thought. “What does that have to do with me looking at chicken?” 

Niall snorts, remembering how great Zayn looked. “You were wearing leather at the time.” The darker lad doesn’t really see the point. “So? I always do.” He chuckles, bewildered. 

"You do?!” Niall’s jaw drops as he raises his hand to fan himself. “Sweet jesus.” He clutches a hand to his chest. 

“Yeah.” Zayn smiles. “You like me?” This was new. Whatever nonsense Niall was rambling on about began to make sense now and he was quite flattered. He’s had people like him before, but they were shameless creeps who you can easily tell were just wanting him for his dick.

Niall may be a shameless creep, but Zayn can’t tell if he just wanted him for his dick. He was acting like it earlier, but he was apologising, which, again, was new. 

Niall seems to snap out if it and he blushes, suddenly losing the ability to speak coherently. “I-ugh, well. Y-Yeah.”

“And this isn’t some ploy to get in my pants?” He had to make sure, okay.

“N-No! Of course not!” Niall’s cheeks go bright red, vigorously shaking his head. “My reaction from earlier should be enough proof to show you that I wasn’t even aware of your, um, y’know. Size. I liked you before that.”

“Mhm.” Zayn hummed, nodding his head with the same shy smile he had on earlier making it’s way back onto his face. “How about we re-do this whole conversation over coffee?” He blurts with little confidence, feeling warmth rise to his ears as he waits for the blond’s answer. 

“C-Coffee? Me and y-you?" 

Zayn chuckles, nodding his head. “After you give me my change, maybe.” He snorts at the way the boy scrambles to give him his money, as if the delay was enough to change his mind. 

"Sorry..” Niall sheepishly scratches at his hair. “But, ugh, I get off work in an hour?”

Zayn nods his head, smiling down at him with confidence. “Sounds great.”