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Hey guys………so I have a new fic. I KNOW I HAVEN’T FINISHED THE OTHERS BUT……I COULDN’T HELP MYSELF. I haven’t forgotten those fics, I will get back to them when inspiration strikes me, but I was in a fluffy mood so I decided to get this one started as well. 

Anyway, IT’S COLLEGE AU. I know, very original, but this idea has been sitting on the backburner for ages and I wanted to finally get it out there. This fic is based off of @mielesmile ‘s college AU, which you see through their amazing art/comics HERE. I actually did write a oneshot based off of it a while back, but this is just the extended story around that oneshot. I’ll probably delete that oneshot at some point as it will most likely appear in this fic later.

BUT YEAH….YOU CAN READ THE FIC ON AO3 HERE: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9002725/chapters/20556991


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ok I may be remembering completely wrong so forgive me, but did you sell traditional watercolor art at one point? like the originals? or am I thinking of someone else. If so, do you still sell originals or take watercolor commissions?

yep! i haven’t done watercolor for awhile because its kind of a mood thing and i’ve been focused on animation this year but i have some originals for sale on my storenvy!

Dream, by Abelardo Ojeda. — There are some scenes on the streets of Mexico City that are particularly unreal or surreal, like this flower shop that works late night for funeral homes.

I’m exploring other ways to see the streets, this is one of them.

// More of my Street Photography: http://cybergus.tumblr.com


Two original pages by Enki Bilal, one of the first European artists I became aware of, thanks to Heavy Metal magazine. Love how Bilal creates largely the same mood in his color and black & white artwork, using different techniques for each.

The first page is from the Woman Trap (book 2 of the Nikopol Trilogy) and the second page is from Le Vaisseau de Pierre.

I added some panel closeups from each page.


Gathered up all the pictures I have of Gilmore changing colors! Gilmore changes colors depending on a lot of things, like mood, solidity, and for camouflage.

~Top pic you can see him going into a dark blue when slipping into a furious state of mind.

~Middle pic you can see the types of green he can be when changing his slime’s state, going between a lime green to an evergreen when more firm.

~And lastly, you can see him getting damn thirsty for some action (teal and light blue being his flustered colors) but when icy blue, the teasing has gone too far and he can’t much more before getting irritated.

I love my color changing slime man~

🌸  👉  y o u t u b e  p l a y l i s t   👈  🌸

i really do like to share with you guys the music that has a heavy inspiration on my art, be it mood or theme… so here you go. please give it a listen - hopefully some of you get some enjoyment out of this. consider this a would-be mockup soundtrack to 1989nk. should it become a comic mv / animatic project like i am seriously considering, i am going to be trying my hardest to get  in contact with 悲しい Android Apartment to do an original opening and ending for it. 

(i also like to make these mixes because i just really like designing faux album covers. lol)

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I was doodling mood today and i had this idea for Midna awhile ago so I doodled it.

Segata Sanshiro

Yup I did a doodle of this crazy Sega marketing character from Japan

Beard stare down

Both Goku and Ryu got some nice beards lately

Biker Daisy

Just really wanted to design some boots for this outfit i designed for her

Warrior Lady

Just a doodle of a fantasy lady in a silly armor design. I know there is some web series with a character like this but i couldn’t remember what it was called.

DAILY ROTHKO BONUS: Pet Peeve: Mystery Shots

I’ve seen this floating around along with other shots like it. I researched it best I could as to where it came from and found no original source.  I can see two points of view when looking at it:

One would be that the casual art enthusiast sees this dark and mood piece as lovely and representative of abstract art and it kind of fits with an idea of Rothko they might have in their mind as dark and mysterious so they love it and up it goes on their blog.

My point of view differs from that but maybe aligns with some other Rothko fans and it goes like this: What Rothko is this? Is it cropped? Was the picture taken in the dark or was it photoshopped? Why the artistic choice of making the whole lighting scheme faded up from black when no Rothko in the world looks like that in proper lighting?

I understand it might have been a happy accident, maybe something taken in low light. But, if you’re concerned about authenticity at all, it’s troubling to not see the full painting, know its name or where it might be from. If you take a picture of Four Darks in Red that’s a detail or artistic shot, that’s great because we know what that painting really looks like. But it’s also good to say “Detail” when you don’t have a full shot. This could be a photoshop, a copy, or a crop and it could be any of Rothko’s red or orange paintings. I’ve already seen this troublingly cropped into a thinner, more vertical shape. Sure, all of us art fans go with the best scan we can find, but this one strikes me as this way on purpose, to seem more dark and looming.

Moody, yes, but i’d like to know the truth. Any followers have thoughts on this painting or the subject in general? Weigh in!

Remedy Fanfiction Challenge Chicago PD

Alright the link to the original post is here: Parts 1-5 

I’m only making a new post because ladies I have made us some cover art…

We have some very talented writers in this challenge whose credit goes to my dear friend @captainolicitysbedroom and I sense @fromthewild-north 

Read it from the beginning on AO3: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Alright Charlotte aka @captainolicitysbedroom our fearless leader you’re next…

Chapter 6: Let’s Talk 

The overcast sky did nothing to improve his mood as he followed closely behind his new partner. Jay shook his head his mind racing as his eyes raked over her slim waist and curved hips. Her jacket collar was flipped up around her neck to stop the creeping cold from pricking at her skin. Jay’s head fell as he strode down the steep stairs and out past the gate. She glanced over her shoulder with a strange mix of emotions playing across her face. 

“So Boy Scout have any experience other than showing up at the wrong bar at the wrong time?” Her lips curved as his eyes slanted. 

“So this is how you get to know me?” He accused gently as he shoved his hands into his faded denim pockets. 

Her mood shifted as she let her walls slip. “Sorry you’re right so let’s make a deal you give me proof that you can actually do your job and I’ll think about letting you speak during the stakeout.” What to most would be seen as insult actually made Jay practically preen. 

“Are all your edges this rough or is it just for my benefit?” He joked as she walked around to her side of the car. 

She snickered. “Hey Boy Scout has a sense of humor! There might be hope for you yet.” She chided as she dipped into the driver’s seat and pulled the door shut. 

Jay swallowed hard. His fingers blanching as he gripped at the side of the door. His plan just got ten times more complicated but also ten times easier. “Hey Halstead you coming or not?” She shouted as his eyes rolled. Ten minutes in and already she was laying claim to his soul. 

“Chill Voight’s girl I was just getting the lay of land.” He replied as she chuckled. 

“Voight’s girl, not bad Boy Scout not bad…” she muttered as she shoved the key into the ignition. 

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Ta-daaa! Summer Freak commission! Except not really, it only turned into a sold good once I finished it. By the same people who actually got me in the mood to try some Mogekoverse fan art. Once it was finished and they saw it, one of them asked me to buy it! And they were super kind and scanned it for me!

The original has more charm, as any traditional art. In any case, I found it strangely pleasing how much fun I had doing traditional artwork again!

“You Want Dark? I’ll Give You Dark” – I reworked this because the original got too dark and lost a lot of detail as a result. Punched it up, cleaned up some details and changed the name on the dagger. I like the result enough that I went ahead and made it my new avatar (my dash needed…a…change). Dunno how long I’ll keep it since I usually go with a rather more upbeat piece of art when choosing avatars, but kinda catches my current mood (particularly with respect to some things and let’s be honest, some folks).

Also, do not repost, do not rework and claim it as your own, do not remove my sig and notices and put your own on, do not claim you did it, do not trace and call it your own, do not put it on Instagram, do not use for avatars, and please, for fuck’s sake, do not come up with yet another way to ignore common sense and decency and steal my work in some fashion I clearly wouldn’t like. This list is getting too fucking long for words. In short, don’t be a fucking asshat who makes artists write huge notices because you’re too stupid to act like a decent respectful human being. Now is that so difficult?


revamped my commissions because A) my art has improved!  B) I have discovered a new way to do lineless painting and I wanted to add it in!  Further information is on my Commissions Page, which is also linked in my sidebar. 

Some things I will draw:

  • Original characters (100% original OR gemsonas, god tiers, etc)
  • Fanart
  • Pairing art
  • Fic illustrations

Some things I will not draw:

  • Explicit gore (blood and injury are alright)
  • Explicit sexual content
  • Mechas/robotics

I’m opening two slots, just because I think I wouldn’t have time to do more than that.  If anybody is interested, send me a message or shoot me an email. :)


Not really badges. Don’t really know what to call them….

Anyway, I wanted to do some more drawing to try and get back into my working mood on art stuff, and what better way to do that than by making these; my favorite game/character and its AUs! (and mine) o(^v^)o

Order of Sans’ starting from top, then left to right downward:

·UnderTale (Original)
·PhantomTale (Mine!)


Undertale and AUs belong to their respective owners/creators!!!! (I forgot which belong to who exactly.)