i was in the hall

i love the fact that like… if you wanted to you could throw a chair… stool…. lamp… medium sized houseplant… even a lightweight table…. theres nothing physically stopping you from throwing furniture around, only social constructs and your own cowardice.


iamsusanegan Hey #StevenUniverse! Rehearsing w @deedeemagnohallofficial 4 our upcoming concert @sarasotaorchestra #Pearl & #Rose together at last!  #Fusion? Ahh!

deedeemagnohallofficial So…yeah, this is me trying to keep it together while rehearsing with @iamsusanegan voice of #RoseQuartz on #StevenUniverse ! 😳 We are doing a concert in #Florida next month @sarasotaorchestra with the amazing @lizgoeson !!! Super excited and a bit nervous #Broadway #musical #lovers [post here]

Well, to start off your day right here’s a clip of these two rehearsing When You Believe from The Prince of Egypt.

It’s neat, they’ve been talking about wanting to sing together for a while now (yes, I, too, long for the “Rose/Pearl on a desert island” episode, thanks).

Oh, but wait a sec-

Deedee at it again