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ACOTAR fic, part 2

As I exited the dining hall, I loosed a breath, and I began to walk back to my chambers-not fast, so’s not to draw attention to myself. I passed many faces on the way to my rooms, High Fae, lesser Fae, I gave them all bland smiles, being the High Lord’s pretty pet they all expected me to be. As I was beginning to near my chambers, I heard footsteps behind me, and turned to see Lucien standing there, the sun shone through the glass panels at the end of the hall and it made his skin glow and his red, coppery hair shine so brightly it looked like it had been set alight.

He stepped closer to me, and I gave him a genuine smile. He seemed to be just as shocked as I was at this. Had he again been the only one to notice how miserable I had become in this place? As I stared at him, I waited for him to say whatever he came to find me for.

Another second passed, as we just curiously stared at each other. “Care to take a stroll in the gardens with me?” Lucien asked casually, but in his face, his eyes, it seemed as though he wanted to say more.

I needed to prepare, prepare how I was going to reveal all the truths that had been hidden these many, many long months. But his eyes seemed to plead with me, whether he was aware of his silent begging I was unsure. I gave him a curt nod, but asked him to wait a moment while I went into my bedroom to recieve a shawl. I entered my rooms and looked towards my bed and saw something lying on it; a dress-from the Night Court, a pair of silk slippers and a crown that sat atop a black velvet cushion. I sucked in a breath between my teeth as I saw the note that lay with it, with a pen lying beside it this time. I quickly shoved all of this in the closet, delicately so’s not to damage the crown or rumple the exquisite dress. I shoved the note into one of the drawers of my desk, and reminded myself that later, later I would send Rhys a reply asking him why in hell he would send these here when anyone, any member of this court could have walked in and saw what was blatantly a Queen’s crown and dress, worse, an enemies crown and dress.

I quickly remembered to grab a shawl that I came into retrieve and rushed outside into the hall where Lucien was still leaning on the wall. He nodded his head towards the stairwell to indicate which way we would go. We walked in comfortable silence, down the stairs, and then out of the manor completely. We carried on walking in silence until we reached the spot in the gardens that was farthest away from the manor and the space that also happened to be surrounded by hedges that towered around us, when he gently grabbed my elbow, silently asking me to stop. He looked around as if to be sure that there no one else was around.

“I know what you are, who you are.” He said, not a question, but a statement. I stared back at him with an innocent expression as if to say I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Lucien started again, “I’m not afraid of you, I won’t tell them, him.” I waited for him to finish what he desperately wanted to say. “I want to help you. Help you with… whatever these plans you have been scheming.”

I didn’t say anything, I stayed silent, calculating the risk of telling Lucien-my friend of my plans. Lucien stared at me incredulously while i was still debating.

“Please,” that word clanged through me, “Please, Feyre, I want out of this court. It’s not right what they’re doing here.” He didn’t need to say their names for me to understand-Ianthe and Tamlin, planning for the arrival of Hybern’s forces. “I want to see her… my mate.” his voice, so vunerable, at this my eyes softened.

I may have been stupid, but the way my friend looked at me, he reminded me of myself in a way. Trapped in a place he no longer wanted to be, I refused to keep him here, I wouldn’t let him break-break like I did. So I told him everything, what I planned to reveal tonight.

After I was finished I looked at him and I could see that he understood, understood why I came back here. As he turned his back to me to walk to the manor, I said “One last thing Lucien,” It had taken me a while to accept his actions, but “I forgive you. I know you had tried, and I forgive you.”

I recieved a small smile from him, he nodded his thanks but his eyes still seemed to say sorry, sorry for not trying harder to save me.
Once I returned to my rooms, I slid the lock home on my door so no one could disturb me. I pulled the note out from my drawer, and read my mate’s writing. For my Queen, I wish I was there to see how delicious you look.
I blushed, how was my mate able to make me blush when he was on the other side of Prythian? I wrote back to him, Anyone could have walked in and saw this lying on my bed. before the note could vanish I quickly wrote I wish you could see me too.
Within seconds the note had returned with the words Have you missed my irresistable touch? I sat there, and i could imagine the smirk that was across his face as he wrote that.
Prick. I watched the note vanish, back to my mate.

I stood and headed towards the closet, which held my Night Court attire. I first pulled out the gown, it was a blue black colour which sparkled like the night sky, and it had a plunging neckline. I carefully put it on, and I was hit by smells of my home, of Rhys that clung to it, and I embraced that small comfort. Next I slipped on the black silk slippers, and I once again felt comfortable, wearing the clothes I adored so much. I sat before my vanity, using the tricks Mor taught me by darkening my lashes and sweeping a line of kohl at the outer corner of each eye. I painted my full lips a bloodred colour, almost identical to the shade of Amren’s drink of choice-Lamb’s blood. I arranged my hair into loose curls, and sweeped some away from my face with combs that were near invisible in my hair.

Finally I stood up and walked over to the chest of drawers I’d set my crown upon. I stared at it for a moment, at the sheer beauty of it, the power it seemed to exude, and I thought about how once something like this would have scared me, but not anymore-I embraced it, the power, I knew it wasn’t something to run from, to hide from. I picked it up and delicately placed it upon my head. I took long, elegant strides towards to mirror, and glanced at myself, and after so many months, I finally recognised myself, and I felt beautiful.
I slipped into Tamlin’s mind, and looked through his eyes to see Ianthe and Lucien loundging across the settee in front of him. Once i knew where they were, I winnowed to them bringing the darkness, the shadows and the stars along with me.

I stared each and every one of them in the eyes, and turned the corners of my mouth into a small, cruel smile that I knew could terrify even the strongest warriors. “It seems as though the High Lady of the Night Court has infiltrated your walls.”


So this is part 2 I guess? I want to thank everyone who read, liked and/or reblogged part 1, it meant a lot to me! I’m not a confident writer so it did mean a lot, thank you. I hoped you enjoyed this part as well :)
Also I’m not sure howto link part one, so if someone could help me out that would be appreciated lol

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prompt: liam and david clash when david overhears how big brother jones doesn't approve of emma, but liam explains to charming just how deep a betrayal emma commited

“Hey. You got a minute?”

Liam eyed the others before following David out into the hall, away from the others.

“Something I can help you with?”

“Yeah. You can start my backing off from my daughter.”

Liam smirked, knowing what was about to come.

“Ah. I see. I’ll respect your wishes but i’m afraid my opinion still stands.”

“You don’t even know her.” David bit back.

“I know she’s responsible for my brother’s death.”

“And that’s all you know. You don’t know what they’ve been through or how far they’ve come- Killian wouldn’t be the man he is today if it wasn’t for Emma.”

“Maybe, but he’d also still be alive, i’m sure.”

David felt his anger rising by the second. Liam recognised the man’s fury and held his hand up in surrender.

“David. I understand you are a father and protecting your loved ones. So please try to understand where i’m coming from as an older brother, protecting the only family I have. Me and Killian have only ever had each other.”

“He told us about your father.” David confessed, giving the man a grain of empathy; showing his understanding of their situation.

“Then he must have told you of the life of slavery we had to endure at the cowardice of our father’s actions.”

Liam sighed when David gave him a confused look. 

“I didn’t think he would. We were sold from ship to ship, to whoever the highest bidder was. Traded off like cattle. We never had a choice growing up. It was do as we were ordered or suffer the lash. I had to watch my brother slowly descend into darkness because of it. It was my duty to protect him, not just from others but from himself. When we finally escaped at enrolled in the Navy, it was better, he became the man he always wanted to be, but we were still under someone’s orders. Someone’s property. I understand why he was engulfed by the darkness, but what I can’t understand is why someone who claims to love him would betray him so and take away that choice he’s fought hard to hold onto.”

David was shaken by his words. Hearing of their childhood gave him a deeper understanding of the man they were here to rescue. But he couldn’t let Liam believe it was done out of any reason other than love.

“You need to understand that what Emma did nearly destroyed her. She hasn’t had a great life either. Everyone she’s ever loved, she’s lost at some point in her life. When we first met Killian he was nothing but a selfish pirate; a villain out for himself. I didn’t want him anywhere near my daughter. But they fell in love and he became the man he once was- look. You haven’t seen them the way we have. That’s why we’re all down here now, as a family, risking everything to bring him back home.”

Liam absorbed David’s speech.

“You want what’s best for your brother, then you owe it to Killian to give her a chance, the same way we gave him a chance.”

That seemed to sway his stubbornness, causing him to nod an yield to the man’s request.

“Aye, David. I suppose you’re right.”

Blizzard conditions made it so I had to stay with my sister again. I couldn’t have my planned snack which was at my parents’ home, so I had to improvise. There were so many safe options, and I stared and thought hard for a while while at my school’s little mart, but after a long day of bus rides, forced socialization (which went well but it draining for me), and singing in uncomfortable dress and makeup under stage lights and in front of a huge audience, I think chocolate ice cream with fudge swirls, sprinkles, M&Ms, and Rolos is needed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Away with safe foods and food rules. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Either way I was going to have to eat XXX calories tonight, so why not make it fun?
It doesn’t matter that I had to estimate dining hall food tonight (portions and all). It does not matter if one of the girls is acknowledging her weight loss that was done through not-okay means. It does not matter that my dress feels tighter than I remember.
There’s no excuse.

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Good vibes!! (I've already send one of these today but idc XD) I'm walking around in my binder and cargo pants and I've seen like 5 people on hall (o got to a boarding school) and no one has asked me what it is and I'm out as NB and idk it feels good to just be out as a NB person and have this aspect of who I am not questioned


I was walking down the hall today and someone yelled “Weirdo!” and threw a pair of sunglasses at my face.
I picked them up, put them on, said “Damn right.” And strutted out of there.
Long story short, I have a new pair of sunglasses and a sense of self-acceptance.
Today’s been good.

Yesterday I sat in a meeting for an hour and spoke once, which was to jokingly(?) tell the CEO of the media company I work for that people don’t like to read. (Which is true to the extent that we were discussing graphic communications of data that will be sharable on social media, among other things). 

This morning I passed him in the hall and he brought it up again.

Some of my coworkers just got back from a meeting with him where they were planning upcoming magazine content, and apparently he talked about how people don’t like to read there too.

So. This is apparently the thing I’m known for now. It’s fine. Everything is fine.

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I'm so hungry that my whole body is trembling, but I'm at the study hall, and I can't get out....

Have you tried telling a teacher for assistance? That way you could leave without resistance?

(( 5/25 ))

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When are you updating Across the Hall?

Ummm…How about I have my people get back to your people?…And who knows, maybe then they’ll get coffee together…And have a good time and realize all that they have in common, so they decide to have their little “coffee dates” on a bi-weekly basis…And soon their small commonalities turn into a real connection…And then my people ask your people out for a drink after work sometime…And then your people agree with a slight blush subtley tinting their cheeks…And then that drink turns into just a few too many drinks…And then liquid courage kicks in and my people let one too many secrets slip…And then your people will admit that my people’s feelings aren’t actually unrequited like my people had once so naively thought…And then one thing leads to another…And then “…” … And your people wake up in an unfamiliar bed, and freak out, and sneak away before my people wake up…And then a few months pass after your people don’t return any of the voicemails that my people leave for your people…And then my people eventually stop calling…And then the seasons change, and your people and my people don’t see each other for a few years…Until one day they meet in the supermarket. My people catch a side glance of your people walking into the frozen foods aisle…And my people decide to investigate, so they follow your people and discover that it is truly your people, in the flesh!…And my people start feeling excited, and relieved, and upset and hurt, and angry, until they see…other people, much smaller and younger people clinging to your people…And as my people study the younger people, they realize that they share an uncanny resemblance to your people…And my people…And as my people stand there in stock, your people finally turn around and notice my people staring at the younger people…And then your people offer my people a regretful, yet sincere smile…And then your people and my people agree to get coffee…And with time, your people and my people make getting coffee together a regular thing, just like it was years ago…Except this time the younger people are there as well…And my people learn about the younger people, and my people and the younger people bond over shooting straw wrappers at each other from across the cafe table…And your people sternly reprimand the straw wrapper war, but watch my people and the younger people adoringly as they pick up the wrappers scattered around the vicinity…And then my people and your people start spending more time together over several months…And then your people and my people fall into routine…And then my people, and your people, and the younger people form a unit that couldn’t be separated by even the strongest forces of nature…And then one day, my people kneel to the ground…And then your people give an answer…And then wedding bells chime…

…And then I update Across the Hall.

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Jay told us hes in the hall already on the wall already I dont understand why any of you guys are surpised

He’s “Already Home” for sure.