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TV critics on Maggie and Alex


Who else is already ‘shipping Maggie and Alex?


Detective Maggie Freaking Sawyer. In one deft move, Supergirl adds a fun new character to its cast, throws in a bunch of new story possibilities, and hints at a fun new romance in its future.


Fans had been asking for LGBTQ+ representation on Supergirl since before the series began… Executive producer Greg Berlanti thanked the press (who are also fans, go figure) earlier this year for “keeping people honest, and keeping up the conversation” for increasing diversity. He also teased that a “significant” character would be exploring their sexuality this season but didn’t specify which show. I think we can now assume it’s Supergirl’s Alex.


Plucky but in a no-nonsense way, Lima brings a new energy to the series and she’s a great match for Alex. There’s a ton of flirty energy as the two women butt heads but eventually come to respect each other’s skills… Lima is a series regular this year, so we have plenty more Alex/Maggie team-ups (and maybe more?) to look forward to.

Washington Post:

Just like in the comic books, Sawyer is a police officer who specializes in meta-human crimes. She also has already begun a somewhat flirty friendship with Supergirl’s adopted sister, Alex.