i was in class and i almost screamed when i read he tweet

Blue Tweets

Description: At Dan and Phil’s high school, Dan is a talkative, popular teen actor, and Phil is a quiet daydreamer. Dan thinks Phil’s cute and constantly talks about him on his Twitter, danisnotonfire (no duh). What he doesn’t know is that Phil follows him, and starts to connect the dots. (High school au.)

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After Ten Years Part 9

Part 8   

  After months of perfecting your song with the boys in the recording studio, working on more songs with Luke, late nights with Luke, sleepovers with Luke, and looking at apartments with him you were finally ready to release your single on iTunes. “It’s going to be fine,” Luke said wrapping his arm around you. You were at his place on a Sunday night, a couple weeks from the tour, with your laptop on your lap.

 “I cannot believe that you talked me into this,” You said watching the time. It was almost midnight and your single was scheduled to be released.

 “I am shocked that you agreed to go on tour with us,” Luke said before kissing your cheek. He looked around his messy room and then looked back at you. “We really need to get our own place.”

 “None of the apartments that we like have called back,” You said looking at your phone. “It’s probably because we used my name.”

 “What if we just got a house,” Luke suggested.

 “I don’t even have a job,” You said looking at him.

 “We can make it work,” He said smiling. You laughed and pressed your lips to his. Luke smiled and cupped your face. Your laptop dinging and you pulled away from Luke, leaving him there. You opened twitter and saw that Michael had tweeted about your song. “Go check out Tattoo, by (Y/T/N). It was fun working with her on it. Can’t wait to go on tour with her.”

 “Michael actually tweeted about my music and not just back at me!” You yelled turning to him.

 “And I just bought it,” Luke said showing you his phone. You screamed and knocked him over on the bed.

 “I can’t believe this is happening,” You practically screamed.

 “You’re such a fan girl,” Luke laughed. You kissed him before getting up and looking at iTunes. You pulled up your song and saw your name there.

 “Tattoo. Written by (Y/N) (Y/L/N), Luke Hemmings, Micahel Clifford, Ashton Irwin, and Calum Hood,” You read. “I hope this goes well. Then maybe I can go into more my style.”

 “Everything is going to work out,” Luke said sitting up and rubbing your back. You laid down and smiled at the ceiling. “We should go to sleep,” Luke said pulling the covers up and over you both. Luke wrapped his arm around you, keeping close to you, as he laid down.

 It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep. It was hard to stay asleep. Your phone kept going off with people tweeting at you, following you, and texting you. Around three you turned you phone off and threw it on the floor. Luke laughed as you as you turned around and looked at him sleeping.

 “Stop that,” Luke said smiling. You laughed and laid your head on his chest, making him reposition himself. After that you slept until the late morning. You would have continued to sleep but Michael, Ashton, and Calum came in and jumped on you both.

 “Michael,” Luke said sitting up.

 “Morning, five star,” Calum said as you sat up. Your eyes went wide and you immediately reached for your laptop and opened up iTunes. You saw that Tattoo was in the top ten and had five stars.

 “This is not happening,” You said running your hands through your hair.

 “It’s happening,” Luke said kissing your head.

 “So are you guys going to get your own place or are you going to live your adult lives in Luke’s childhood bedroom?” Calum asked looking at you and then Luke. Luke stared at him before turning his attention to the others.

 “We need to get going to meet up with Hey Violet,” Ashton said getting up.

 “Who?” You asked looking at him.

 “Hey Violet. They are going to be touring with us,” Ashton answered. “They’re our first band to join the Hi or Hey Records.”

 “I thought you weren’t meeting them until a couple days before the tour,” You said getting up.

 “Plans changed. That’s why I’m here and not in my bed sleeping,” Michael said getting up and walking out of Luke’s room.

 “I should get my online class done with now,” You said turning back to Luke.

 “I’ll be over before I leave,” Luke said before you leaned in and pressed your lips to his. You walked out, saying goodbye to everyone, and walked into your house.

 “She’s back!” Your dad yelled when he heard the door close.

 “Five starts!” Your mom yelled running out of the office.

 “We’ve been listening to your song since it came out,” Mom said hugging you.

 “We are so proud,” Dad said wrapping his arms around you too. You laughed and hugged them back, taking this in since it didn’t happen often.

 “We are going to take you and Luke out for dinner tonight,” Mom said as your hug broke apart.

 “I don’t know about that,” You said walking into your room. You started to change in your black, ripped skinny jeans, and a sleeves shirt that Luke left here last time. “Luke and the others have to meet the band they are taking on the tour.”

 “Let’s ask him,” Mom said as you heard the door closed.

 “I am very proud of her,” Luke said as you walked out. You smiled as you walked up to him, wrapping your arms around him. Luke did the same to you and kissed your head. “I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of anyone.”

 In the last twelve hours all of 5 Seconds of Summer had tweeted about your song. Along with One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and some other celebrities that you had met in the last couple years. Which was always a good thing when releasing another song. “Luke, let us take you to dinner tonight to celebrate (Y/N)’s success,” Dad said smiling.

 “Yeah, that would be great,” Luke said smiling. Since you told everyone that you were officially dating they seemed happy, like they had won a bet or something.

 “Then we will see you here around eight,” Your mom said before walking into the kitchen.

 “Do you want to go meet Hey Violet with me?” Luke asked looking at you.

 “I can’t I have some classes that I need to catch up on,” You said pulling away from Luke a bit. You switched your classes to online classes since you weren’t going to be home much.

 “Then I should really be going,” Luke said pulling you back to him. You laughed and pressed your lips to his. Your dad cleared his throat and you broke away, pulling him outside. Luke closed the door and then pushed you up against it. He kissed you again, grabbing your waist. He pulled away and grazed his nose with yours before laying his forehead against yours.

 “I love you,” You said smiling.

 “I love you,” Luke said smiling.

 “You should get going. I don’t want you to be late because of me,” You said grabbing both sides of his jacket.

 “There’s no other reason to be late,” Luke said smiling. You laughed and kissed him once more before he left. You walked back into you house and to your room.


sorry. i posted the wrong part before and just realized it, so if you saw it you got a preview of the next part. 

I started this story in honor of my favorite band leader’s love story. He met his wife at nine…and some other stuff but that would ruin the story…sorry that it sucked. I have high hopes for this and hope you took the time to read this awful story.