i was in bed and then i forgot to check my email for something and then


There are ten beer bottles sitting on his kitchen counter.

All of them are empty, lined up in rows of three with the odd man out lying on its side. He spins this one around, the label blurring as he leans his hip against the granite countertop.

The countertop they picked out together, not so long ago. Dark grey, modern and stylish, just like she wanted.

Around and around the green bottle spins until his eyes can’t take it anymore. He throws the bottle in the garbage can instead of the recycle bin. Partly because he’s almost a full case of beer deep and wasn’t really paying attention but also because she always insisted that they recycle as much as they could.

“It’s better for the environment,” he muses out loud to himself, his words slurring as he starts chucking the remaining beer bottles into the garbage, one by one.

She’s not here to yell at him anyways, so why the fuck should he care.


There are voicemails waiting for him when he wakes up the next morning.

“Bellamy, it’s your sister. What in the hell are you doing not answering your phone for days? Call me back!!”

“Bell? It’s Jasper. Just wanted to check up on you, man. Let me know how you’re doing.”

“Yo, It’s Murphy. Fuck that girl, let’s get drunk.”

“Hey, it’s Monty. I’m sure everyone is calling you but…we’re worried about you. Please let someone know if you’re okay.”

“Bell, honey? It’s mom. Please call me when you get this, your sister and I are worried about you. Love you.”

“Blake, it’s Miller. Octavia is freaking out man, hasn’t stopped calling me since yesterday. I know you’re hurting but…just please call someone back. Later.”

“Mr. Blake, it’s Professor Stanley. I just wanted to let you know that I received your email and am sorry to hear you won’t be able to speak in my class this week. Hope we can schedule something again soon.”

“God damn it, Bellamy Blake! If you don’t call me back, I’m going to tell mom about all the stupid shit you did in high school. And we both know you don’t want that hellfire to rain down upon you. Call. Me. Back!”

“Hey….Bell. It’s me. Look, I know we said we weren’t going to call each other but…I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for the way that we ended things. I know it was for the best but…I just…please don’t pull away from everyone. They all love you so much. And so do I. I’m sorry.”

He deletes all of them but the last one, sets his phone on that fucking grey countertop and hits the speaker button.

“….They all love you so much. And so do I.”

Her voice is broken but so is his heart so he listens to it a few more times until he feels like breaking his phone.

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(Sort of a) Acorn Press Acrylic Charm Review

Yoooo~~~~ my acrylic charms came today during a snowstorm and I totally did not expect it XDDD I thought the storm was going to delay it for sure. Kudos to USPS delivery guy (stay warm and stay safe man). It really made my day ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Here are the references for my Yuri on Ice and Overwatch characters charm set. I will be selling these at future cons and events. So check out my con schedule if you’re interested in purchasing them! I will probably sell them online for leftovers. I don’t have a store yet (as of 2/9/17) so check back on my tumblr or other social media (or you can message me) for updates!

Also, I find it super funny that overwatch and YOI characters came during a BLIZZARD, COLD and ICY day (no pun intended lol) 

They look super nice thanks to @acornpress ! I would highly recommend them if you are interested in selling acrylic charms for cons/online in the future. This is my first time ordering acrylic charms so take my words with a few grains of salt. Also I’ll be rambling all over the place and spamming run-ons so be aware :P

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Writer’s Block 4.1

So I’m taking a different approach to finishing this story. Instead of writing a monster chapter, it’s easier for me to do chunks of it at the moment. I’ll post every 2000 words here, and when it’s complete I’ll post it as one continuous chapter on the archives. Just seems easier for me. Hope you like this one! 4.2 isn’t far behind… Let me know what you think!

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What the fuck am I reading? I toss the book aside and try to forget about the alien species commingling with human women as they take over the world with their disappearing magic lube, never-ending sexual appetite and nanocytes that heal the bruises they leave behind from their love-making. If it can be called that.

None of that garbage is going to help me write the next scene. The scene. The one I have zero experience with. Every time I sit down to write it I get nervous and edgy. But I need something written down that at least Peeta can make changes to. He won’t be much help to me this week since he’s busy finishing up an art project that’s due at the same time. I told him not to worry, that I would wrap things up on this end so he could focus elsewhere.

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Parent day

I’m crap at titles. This is less Bucky based but I have an idea for a series with Bucky coming soon. Anyway this is a tony x daughter reader fic because I suddenly had inspiration. sorry if it’s really crap.

This was the fifth presentation on the avengers you had seen that hour. As a class you each had to prepare a small presentation on someone who inspires you. You thought doing your father would be a rather original idea, but not when your father was Tony Stark. The longer it took for your name to be called the more nervous you got. You never really said who your father was since no one seemed to question it. He never wanted you to grow up with your face in the media; he wanted you to have a normal life if that was what you wanted as well. You wanted friends and to choose your life but it never was how you dreamed but you just had to deal with it. He tried the best he could and you knew that, you loved him even if sometimes he was late to collect you or forgot certain school plays. He was you father never the less.

Your thoughts were broken when your teacher called you name out and you gathered your note cards and walked to the front. “Um… My inspiration is my father.” As soon as the word left your mouth it was as if everyone just stopped listening. You looked at your teacher and even she looked bored so you decided now was the time to throw the name out there. “Tony stark is always seen as just Iron man, but I get to see him as just Dad.” Everyone suddenly sat up with eyes wide and mouths open as one of the snobby girls raised their hands. “And how do you expect us to believe that such a heroic and rich man like Tony stark is really your father? You probably don’t even know a thing about him, you’re just coping everyone else.” She said causing the whole class to laugh, you couldn’t even form the words to defend yourself, you were so embarrassed. “And let me guess you totally know all of the avengers as well.” She said in a mocking tone and you felt a tear roll down your cheek as your fists clenched. You let your cards fall to the floor and you stormed out of the classroom as the laughter started up again.

You ran out of the school and ran to bus stop and getting on the first one home. Tears were now freely flowing down your face as you sat on the empty bus until it pulled up outside your house. You thanked the driver and walked up to the big double gate, entering in the code and walking in. You saw that there was a car on the driveway so you knew your dad probably had either a guest or Steve round. Steve was like a second dad to you, he was there when Tony couldn’t, often picking you up from school if he had meetings. It was hard for him not being able to be there for you and you knew the toll it had on him so you always shrugged it off. When you walked in you heard your dad talking about a mission so you knew it was Steve who was home. You walked quickly through the house, trying to avoid a conversation but it didn’t quite work. “Hi sweetheart. Why are you home so early?” He said but you didn’t even turn around, know if you did he would see through your lie, “Um I didn’t feel well so they sent me home. I think I’m just going to go to bed for a bit.” You said not even waiting for a reply before you slammed your bedroom door shut.

“You should go check on her. I’ve got to go home anyway, Nat and Sam wanted me to go to the tower for game night. You know you’re both welcome.” Steve said picking up his keys and jacket, “I know I’m welcome, it’s my tower.” Tony joked opening the door. Once Steve had drove half way up the driveway he closed the door and walked to your room. “Honey?” He said knocking slightly on the door but when he heard you sniffling he just walked in. When he saw you crying at the edge of your bed he wrapped his arms around you giving you a tissue. “What happened? How did the presentation go?” and you tried to calm yourself before answering, “They were all laughing at me, saying that you weren’t really my dad and that I was making it up.” It broke his heart seeing you like this and it was times like this where he wished he could have been there more. “I’m sorry, I should be there more. Hey I just got an email about some parent day, why didn’t you tell me about that?” He said pulling away so he could look at you, “You said you had a meeting that day so I didn’t tell you.” You replied feeling guilty for not saying anything. “Hang on.” He said pulling out his phone and cancelling the meeting. “Wasn’t that important?” You whispered, “Not more important than my daughter. Now come on, it’s game night at the tower we should go.” You just nodded and hugged him before getting into some nicer clothes and heading off to the tower.


“Ah there she is. It’s been too long kid.” Sam said enveloping you in a hug before everyone else took turns to say hello. You all sat in the living room, Bucky and Steve were talking about a mission and you were sat between Thor and Clint fiddling with the handle of the hammer as everyone laughed and enjoyed a drink (Well except you. Too young.) “Hey Y/N didn’t you have the big presentation today?” Nat piped up and your smile fell, “Ah I didn’t really do it. But how can I after sitting through five presentations about you guys that are so incorrect it makes me want to scream.” They all laughed because they all knew how right you were, the media never truly showed who they were as people, leading everyone to believe they were someone completely different. “Maybe next time we should just turn up.” Thor joked but something in Tony changed, “That is a brilliant idea!” He almost jumped out of his skin and you knew whatever idea he was planning it wasn’t good. “No dad, please.” you laughed as he stood in the middle of the circle you had created with the sofas. “Y/N has some sort of parent day tomorrow-”, “Bring your parent to school day, so you can talk about your job or whatever.” You said cutting him off. “We should all go, and then those stupid kids in your class will believe that you weren’t lying.” He said falling back down into his chair at the end. Everyone thought it was a great idea except you.

“Wait wait wait, so you’re saying some girl in your class embarrassed you by saying that you weren’t really Tony’s daughter.” Clint laughed and you nodded. The avengers made it seem a lot more funny than it was. You started to see the humour in it, how stupid can people get, you literally have his last name. And by the end of the night they had already prepared to all drive you to school in the morning and walking you into class for this event. Tony added that you had to be late for dramatic effect.


That morning all of the avengers turned up at the house super early, Nat and Wanda even helped you pick out a super cool outfit to wear. “You know we could just fly you to school.” They said but you just laughed heading down the stairs where Bruce and Tony were making pancakes for everyone. You sat at the large table and ate which never usually happened, you were usually rushing while your dad tinkered with a suit before you got in a car and the driver took you. Instead here you were, with all of the avengers eating breakfast before turning up late for school in front of everyone. They had all insisted on wearing their suits, except your dad since you couldn’t drive in his suit but he sure as hell brought it with him to give a good show. When you turned up you could see the rude girl, Tiffany, talking about what her parents did while they stood there in their expensive clothes, “His suit cost less than my tie.” Tony said obviously seeing what you were looking at as he pulled into the school. Everyone from the class suddenly rushed to the window and you knew they were looking at you as you climbed out of your father’s limo in the playground, all of the avengers following.

“Sorry we are late, I couldn’t decide whether to take the limo or the private jet.” Tony said as you all walked in totally interrupting Tiffany but neither of you cared as everyone sat back down in awe. “Mr stark it’s an honour.” Your teacher said and ushered Tiffany’s parents out of the way so you could stand at the front of the class. “Um. This is my dad but you all knew that.” You said, the whole sentence dripping with sarcasm as everyone just stared. “I’m sure you know all of us by name and what we do. But we would all like to share anyway.” Tony said with the same amount of sass and the whole class basically screamed when the teacher led the way out to the playground for more room. You stood next to Tiffany while the avengers did their thing and she stuttered out “How much did you pay for them to be here? Like you could afford it anyway.” You could tell she was losing the fight here so you just simply said, “I didn’t pay anything since he is my dad. Do you need a DNA test for you to finally accept that?” she was completely silent, opening and closing her mouth like a fish but no words coming out. After the presentation your father came over and kissed your forehead, “I’ll be picking you up later okay. Have a good day, I love you darling.” And everyone went home leaving your class to rush to asking questions as you just watched your father drive away, “I love you too dad.”


It’s your birthday!

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Happy birthday @hutchhitched! We are pleased to post this story for you, submitted by the always wonderful @norbertsmom. (Be nicer than this guy when you get your cake, yeah?) ;)

Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this little story.

Rated T for mention of traffic accident and mention of death.

Guard You From Harm

Katniss walked into the classroom and smiled at the only person outside of her immediate family who had that effect on her.

“Good morning, Peeta,” Katniss greeted as she plopped down in her chair and handed him a cup of hot chocolate. “How was your weekend?”

“Great,” he grumbled while struggling with his laptop. He absentmindedly slid a bakery bag with grease stains over to Katniss. He quickly looked up and her and said, “It’s always nice when I can get home to see my dad. How was your weekend?”

“Ugh, don’t ask,” Katniss answered then opened the bag and inhaled deeply. She gave Peeta a quick grin, even though he was already back with his nose in his computer, and reached inside the bag. She pulled out a cheesebun and popped it in her mouth. She loved it when he went home on the weekends. He always came back with her favorite.

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First Impressions and Second Chances (part 11)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 937

Misha x Reader

Warnings: implied smut, light angst at the end

Notes: FILLER CHAPTER AAAHHHH- lol sorry, I know you guys were wanting more, but I don’t write smut and there wasn’t much else that I could do with this one; BUT! stay tuned for more J2 in the next part (which will have a lot more going on in it!) feedback is appreciated, love you all <3

Your name: submit What is this?

You moaned against Misha’s lips as he effortlessly picked you up and carried you from the couch to your bedroom. Your lips migrated to his neck and you nipped at the sensitive skin on his pulse point. He let out a soft noise and gently set you down on the bed, kissing you firmly before pulling away to pull off his shirt.

You began to pull down your sweatpants and he assisted you the rest of the way, throwing both articles of clothing aside. Misha crawled back over you, his hands making their way up from your thighs to your stomach, where his thumbs rubbed small circles into your hips.

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Shower Here (M)

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Anonymous said: for that drabble thing: RA!Jimin complained once that he never caught his gf locked out of her dorm with just a towel on. How about when he’s on duty, that actually does happen, and then of course he had to take advantage of that situation

Summary: Your habit of getting locked out and the fact that most people are out of the building lead to some one-on-one time with the RA on duty. Hey, after all, it is his birthday.

Word Count: 3.3k

Member: Jimin

Genre: Smut, some fluff, RA!AU

A/N: Belated birthday thing for our sexy little mochi because it’s the middle of midterms and I’m procrastinating.

As a college student, checking your email, most specifically your school email, is a must. Everything from class assignments, to on campus events, to the occasional notice that the dorm laundry room is closed because one of the dryers caught fire (people really need to learn how to clean out their damn lint). You also get the occasional email about dorm policy, such as if people have blasting their music too loud or if too many people have been leaving their dirty dishes in the shared kitchen. As you open your email today, you’re greeted with a message informing you that any time you have to get your room unlocked, after the third time, there’s a $15 fee.

Shit. You’re pretty forgetful as it is, but you’ve already had to have someone unlock you door for you 3 times, and you’re not thrilled to have to pay a fine. However, these sentiments slip your mind the next night when you go to take a shower. Hmmm, this situation seems familiar.

“When will I fucking learn?” You groan to yourself as you rest your head on the door to your room. Your roommate’s out of town too, shit. Goodbye fifteen bucks. You’re not exactly sure what to do now, as you are still not thrilled about the prospect of visiting the res hall office with only a towel wrapped around your body, hair soaking wet still. Fuck, what is it about showers that make you forget your keys?

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capfoxxy  asked:

OMG your bartender scenario jssjhijjskfkfk amazing! I wish u had more views tho. Can I request a HC with RFA (and maybe Saeran and V) reacting to MC being a former porn star or having a sex tape uploaded on a porn site, i dunno if u like writing this kind of stuff. Congrats again, ur wrtiting is really good! :)

Tnx tnx! It’s okay, I’m kinda new on that stuff, so i didn’t really expect to have a lot of followers, maybe it happens one day, but… who knows?

I’m going with MC ex- pornstar, I can only think that a sextape would be a revenge porn’s case and that can be very triggering, so yeah… let’s think MC agreed on being filmed and got paid for it.


  • You told him as soon as you started being a serious couple
  • You were younger, your parents never really supported you going to college, so you basically lived on your own and had to pay for it, you were desperate and you did it
  • You weren’t really proud, but you didn’t regret it either
  • He tried to remain calm, but he had so many questions
  • “Would you do it again?” “Or are you still doing it?” “Did you have to do something you didn’t want to?” “Do you still contact your co-workers?”
  • All the answers were “no”
  • He was a broke college student himself, so he could relate
  • And he felt really bad that, unlike him, you didn’t have supportive parents
  • You tried to keep cool, but you couldn’t hold back a big sigh in relief, you were so afraid of his reaction, you thought he was going to leave you, you cried a little
  • He also cried a little: “MC, you were the one who taught me to let things on the past go, why would I leave you? I love you, nothing will ever change that! Just forget it and move on. Move on with me” you hugged and kissed him, no porn in the world could ever have such a passionate scene like that
  • Later that night, when you were cuddling, you told him if he was curious and wanted to watch it, you wouldn’t mind. He considered the idea, but refused. What was the point if you were moving on, anyway?


  • You were dating for a while, and every time he talked about moving in together or taking further steps on the relationship, you would back away
  • He couldn’t understand why, because he knew you liked him as much as he liked you
  • You noticed him struggling, and you couldn’t handle anymore
  • You made him sit and told him everything. You were younger and desperate for money, you didn’t actually regret it, but wasn’t really proud.
  • Actually, this was never a problem for you until you started dating, because now you knew this could be a scandal in his promising career
  • You knew how those tabloids could drag you to the mud, you and him. So, for the first time, you were really ashamed of what you did, tears rolled down from your eyes
  • He felt hurt, not because of what you did, but because of what the media could do to you. A lovely, sweet girl like you could be destroyed because of such a silly thing like that. Yes, silly.
  • You wanted to break up for his job’s sake, he didn’t let you. Your love was too strong and could overcome anything.
  • You were so overwhelmed, you had the most perfect boyfriend in the world! Why did you even think leaving him would be good for you? He was your true and only happiness
  • But you were still very self conscious, so Zen asked Seven to make the video disappear from the internet.
  • Seven said he owned him one, but it was just for tease, he was happy to do this for you. He kept a copy on a flash drive and gave to you two.
  • Zen got into an inner debate about watching it or not. You said you didn’t mind, he was afraid, but yet very curious
  • You watched together, he was concerned about releasing the beast watching this, well… the beast was laughing hard!
  • The plot, the lightning, the make-up… awful! You pretended you were offended, but laughed too.
  • He destroyed the flash drive and kissed you. “Now… my princess, we don’t need cameras, let’s do our own scene, and ours can have much more quality.”


  • You cut the crap and told her as soon as you started dating
  • It wasn’t full porn, it was just one of those Spring Break videos with drunk girls showing her boobs and letting guys take shots of tequila on her bodies
  • None of you were embarrassed, it was lame, and you looked almost unrecognizable.
  •  She chuckled a little because you looked so silly and completely different from who you were today.
  • She didn’t like seeing you making out with another girl on video, but oh well… the past is in the past, and you were different now, you wouldn’t do things like that now
  • “You got paid for this?”
  • “Yeah, with a bottle of tequila”
  •  You told her all the crazy stuff you did on that holyday and MOM MODE was activated
  • “You’re here and everything is fine, but you could be in real trouble, MC. What if the producers of this forced you to do something? And you didn’t even make money out of this? They shouldn’t exploit drunk naïve girls like that.”
  • And now FEMINIST MODE was on too: “Seriously! What’s wrong with this industry? They sexualize and objectify girls, they make money on them, and all you got was a tequila?”
  • She got a point, but Jaehee chill, this was a long time ago
  • “No, that’s it! What’s the name of the studio that shot this? I’m writing them an email, if they don’t send you money, I’m taking this to court”
  • Now she was the one being naïve, and you were embarrassed
  • But it was very cute to see your girlfriend so ready to fight for you


  • It’s the same case as Zen. He was ready to go further, you were backing away
  • You knew this could be a scandal, and you didn’t want to tell him, because you were terrified of his possible reaction
  • And then he confronted you. Why didn’t you want a relationship with him? It was because of his possessiveness? Because he was too cold?
  • You felt horrible seeing him like this, he wasn’t the problem at all
  • But you were too scared to tell him, so instead, you actually showed him
  • He was shocked! What were you thinking?
  • “I needed the money for college.”
  • “You could’ve asked me”
  • “I didn’t even know you back then”
  •  “Well… ok.”
  • He didn’t ask anything, he didn’t even say anything else. Oh boy… this was even scarier than you thought.
  • You haven’t heard anything from him for a couple of days and just thought it was over. You wished you two could have solved this in a more mature way, but… well, you weren’t in the position to demand anything from him.
  • However, one day, he appeared at your house. “It’s taken care of”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “At first, I wanted to arrest the producers and everyone that saw that video, but my lawyer told me there’s no crime because you weren’t a minor. So I paid Luciel to at least make that video disappear from the face of the earth. I even let him play with Elizabeth the 3rd, I would do anything for you, so keep that in mind before running away from me.”
  • “I – I didn’t run away, I just thought you didn’t want anything to do with me anymore, this could ruin your reputation! I mean… a corporate heir and a…”
  • “Don’t even think about finishing that sentence, MC! No one can talk about you like that, not even you, you hear me? I love you! I don’t mind your past, everything that matters is the present and, most important, our future together. I’m used to media trash talking, so don’t even think a trivial thing like that could make me dislike you.”
  •  You didn’t have an answer, at least not one with words, so you just kissed him over and over
  • And when you were cuddling in your bed, he smirked. “So… are you still able to do the position you did on minute 23:17 on the video?”
  • “How many times did you watch it?”


  • Well, he knew because of the background check
  • He would never bring it up if you haven’t done first
  • You explained your situation back then, he fell sad for you, but that didn’t matter anymore
  •  “So… now I can watch it without feeling guilty?”
  • “As if you haven’t watched before”
  • You didn’t believe at first, but you changed your mind when you two started watching
  • Because it was a freaking secret agent plot, and it was so bad! And you could tell he was reacting to this for the very first time
  •  And he pointed out all the inconsistencies on the story
  • “You could never carry a gun on a outfit like that, your target would totally see it and shoot you first”
  • “The boss would never show his face like that, let alone showing you his-“
  • “Okay, that’s it! Turn it down!”
  • “Nooooo, it’s so funny!”
  • He got into a debate with himself about deleting the video of the site. Although he wanted to keep those scenes of you all to himself, he couldn’t  deprive the world of such a masterpiece
  • But he deleted after all, and kept a copy for him
  • You were happy that he was so chill about that, but you knew he was going to tease you about it forever!
  • When you were in bed at night, he crawled up over you, gave you a deep kiss and whispered in your ear. “Now I’m gonna teach you how to properly finish a target, my hot little spy”


  • He also did a background check on you before leading you to the apartment
  • At that time, this wasn’t really relevant for him and his plans
  • After he recovered, he totally forgot about that
  • Until you brought it up when you started dating
  • Blushing mess. Oh my god, he looked at you and couldn’t believe such a cute creature could do all those things in front of a fucking camera
  •  You felt bad for making him uncomfortable and apologized
  • And now he was the one feeling bad because you were just being honest about your past, and hell, who was he to judge the stupid things you did?
  •  You were his, so yes, he made that video disappear
  • But to show you he was ok with that, he kept a copy and you watched together
  • He scoffed. “You were totally faking it!”
  • “What? No, I wasn’t!”
  • “Of course you were! When I fuck you like that, you make a completely different noise.”
  • ‘How do you know I’m not faking it with you, then?” you teased, he responded with a wicked glare at you.
  • “First, we’re gonna burn that copy. Then I’m gonna make you pay for even suggesting that! I know your body very well and how it react to my touch… and I’m gonna remind you of that all night!”
Cyber Savior// Jeon Jungkook (Part 4)

Originally posted by sugutie

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader


Summary: Two teens desperate for some sort of support in their life, find it through an app.

Author’s Note: Hello everyone! Thank you for such a good response on the series! Please enjoy this part~

xoxo Sara


You sat in your bed and wondered about your friend; how was he doing? Why wasn’t he on the app with you? Was he okay? Maybe you were simply over-reacting as you normally did, and  he had just been too busy to go on his phone to  answer the few  messages you left him before you stopped. Or, maybe he had forgotten about the stupid app and forgot about you too.

It was okay if he did delete the app; because if he deleted the app, that meant that he didn’t need it anymore. If he deleted the app, that meant, in your mind, that he was finally happy, and he deserved to be happy just as much as anyone else did. But, because you hadn’t heard from your friend in a few days, it worried you that he hadn’t bothered to contact you since the last time you spoke. He had never disappeared like that since you both began to talk, if he were to be away for a little longer than normal, he would always tell you why and say goodbye. But this time, for whatever reason, you got no goodbye.

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I Guess They Know

Anon: “Could I have a Mikey Way imagine please?”

A/N: Sorry this toook so long! I know, I suck. Anyways, this is what I came up with, lol

(Y/N)’S POV 

You sit at your desk, rapidly typing away at your computer at 11:45 pm. You’ve been on your computer for so long that your eyes were basically beginning to burn. This was nothing new for you considering you’re a pretty successful youtuber. You make about $2 Million a year with 7M subscribers making you basically internet famous. You spend a lot of time where you are right now, editing your videos in the office you share with your boyfriend Mikey. The thing is, nobody knows that you two are dating. You’ve been together for 2 years, live in the same house, you even have 2 dogs. But since you began to get famous, you both just decided to keep your relationship secret. If it eventually got out, you wouldn’t mind that much, but what’s the rush?

You’re just finishing editing your vlog from yesterday to post today even though it’s getting pretty late. Someone opens the door, letting light flood into the room. It makes you squint since the only other light source is the light from your computer screen. Mikey comes up behind you and drapes his arms over your shoulders.

“When are you coming to bed?” He whines tiredly. You chuckle but continue clicking away. You stop and spin your chair around to face him.

“A few minutes. I promise.” You give him puppy dog eyes.

“You said that an hour ago.” He smirks and you turn back around.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry. Final Cut crashed and erased a whole hour’s worth of work. I promise this time.” He nods and rubs his eyes before leaving you to finish your work. Once you finally upload the video to YouTube, you yawn and shut your laptop before going to join Mikey in bed.

The next morning, you wake up and roll over to be face to face with Mikey.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He smiles and cups you face in his hand, gently rubbing his thumb across your cheekbone.

“Morning.” You whisper, smiling back. You roll onto your back and stretch as you begin to really wake up.

“What time is it?” You ask through a yawn.

“About 12.” You nod and reach over to your nightstand to check your phone. Per usual, you have a ton of notifications from every social media account you have. You lock your phone and sit up, thinking about what you’re plans are for today.

“What do you have to do today?” You ask him and he shrugs.

“Nothing really. I figured I’d go spend all those gift cards I got for my birthday. Wanna come?” You sigh and rub your face.

“I do. But I can’t, I gotta film today. Sorry babe.” You give him a sad smile and wraps his arms around you, kissing your head.

“It’s fine. I’ll ask Gee. I think he wanted to go anyways even though one of those gift cards is from him.” You both laugh. 

Eventually, you drag yourself out of bed and get dressed so you could actually be productive. Since you probably weren’t going to leave the house, you vlogged your morning routine since it’s the most interesting thing that’s probably going to happen today. You carried around your little camera as you made breakfast, let the dogs out, did your hair, and talked about your plans for the day. Before you could even get started filming for main channel video which is a Q & A, Mikey was already back and he was excited.

“Babe, guess what I got!” You finish setting up your camera in front of the couch and look over at him as he sets his stuff down on the floor except for one box.

“What?” You ask curiously. He opens the small box and pulls out a mug. You just chuckled at his excitement over something so simple. He hands it to you so you can see it.

“This is actually pretty cool.” You smile and he nods in agreement as you give it back to him.

“Gerard gave it to me.” He says as he admires it again. You giggle, he’s just too cute! He sets it down on the table and picks up the rest of his bags and takes them upstairs as you start recording, pulling up questions on your phone. In the middle of filming, he comes back downstairs with his bass in one hand and his phone in the other, staring down at it and barely paying attention to where he’s walking.

“What are you doing?” You ask, scrunching your eyebrows together in confusion. He still doesn’t look up from his phone as he walks over to the table, resting his guitar against the wall.

“I’m going in the basement to work on a thing…. but I forgot to post about my mug on Instagram.” You playfully roll your eyes as he takes a picture and then sits in the kitchen.

“Are you still going downstairs or can I keep filming?” You ask. He finally looks up from his phone, suddenly aware of his surroundings.

“Oh, you can keep going. I got distracted.” You nod as he looks back down, rapidly typing on his phone but not making a sound so you could finish. You answer questions for about another hour, stopping once to ask Mikey how to pronounce a word which you both failed at and ended up asking Siri. Once you’re done, stand up, stretching since you’ve been sitting for so long. You leave the camera set up because you’re too lazy to take it down at the moment.

“Babe, can you let the dogs in?” You ask as you grab your laptop off the couch. You only put the dogs outside when you’re filming since they’re very loud and like to bark at everything.

“Yeah, one sec.” He replies as you head upstairs to the office to start editing.

It’s only 6pm so you should be done around 9:30-ish. You edit out all the parts where you stutter, when Mikey came downstairs, and when you re-recorded because you realized you had a piece of hair sticking out all crazy. You add music and sound effects and all the rest until you’re finally finished. Once you upload the video, you feel like you’re done but obviously you’re not. You have to tweet about it, post about it on instagram, and tell everyone on snapchat so you weren’t really done. It all gets tiring sometimes but at the end of the day, you couldn’t be happier. You make money doing something you love, you get to share your life with your amazing boyfriend, and you honestly couldn’t ask for more.

You go check the comments on your vlog from yesterday, giggling at the funny ones and just seeing what people thought. You almost scrolled past one of the second top comments but you caught a glimpse of the words ‘Mikey from mcr’ which made you do a double take.

“MIKEY!” You yell for him and after a few seconds he comes running the room.

“What happened?! What?!” He asks, clearly thinking something was wrong.

“Look at this!” You say, pointing to your screen. He squints at the screen for a second since he isn’t wearing his glasses.

“This one?” He asks in confirmation. You nod before he begins to read the comment out loud.

Did anyone else notice her shirt in the beginning is just like the one Mikey from mcr used to wear? lol” He reads then shrugs a little.

“So? Tons of people could have that shirt.” He says looking at you. You scroll down to the responses to show him what you’re talking about:

It has the holes in it and everything! omg XD’

‘I noticed another shirt that I recognized from mikey in another video but i forgot which one’

‘do they know each other?’

‘they met once at a show’

‘what if they’re friends?!?!’

We both start laughing at how much thought was put into this.

“That’s hilarious.” He comments raising his eyebrows.

“What if they figure it out?” You ask hypothetically, knowing that is nearly impossible. He responds with another shrug.

“Then whatever. It doesn’t really matter anymore, to be honest.” You nod in agreement. 

“We should go get ice cream.” He says, changing the topic and you stretch, finally done for the day. 

“It’s 9 o’clock but we really should. Let’s go.”

~~~~~~~2 DAYS LATER~~~~~~~

You’re sitting on the couch next to Mikey, checking emails and stuff as he watched some action movie. Suddenly, you receive a text from a friend of yours who’s also a pretty popular Youtuber. It’s a link to a video so you click it, wondering what it is. You guys were always sharing cool videos wth each other. Once the video finally loads, your eyes pop out of your head.

‘Proof that Mikey Way and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are secretly dating!!!’

You lightly slap Mikey’s arm a couple times as the video begins.

“Yeah?” He asks looking over at you. You hold the phone up so he could see as you begin to watch in complete shock. The person, who was basically a gossip/drama account on youtube, had taken all the evidence that your fans had gathered and created a whole explanation.

Apparently, aside from the shirt incident (which there was a side by side for), people had noticed Mikey’s guitar in the background of your Q & A video as well as the mug on the table, which he had posted a picture of on Instagram that same day (these also came with side by side photos as proof). They even noticed that in some of his old Instagram photos, the comforter on the bed was the same as the one in your vlogs from forever ago.  And if all of that wasn’t crazy enough, they concluded that Mikey was the person behind the camera based on the few words he spoke while trying to help you pronounce the word in a question in your last video.

You were both left speechless as the video ended, staring at the phone screen with open mouths.

“How did they….”

“When did I even….”

“Is that even….”

“What the actual fuck…” Mikey says, being the first one of you two spit out a full sentence. 

You aggressively open up twitter to see if it had spread and it had, of course. There was already a trending hashtag which you clicked on. The most popular tweet with the hashtag was someone sharing the video. The tweet had 12.6k likes and 6.4k retweets. This account is a pretty popular fan account dedicated to you and you’ve definitely seen the username before because this person had so many followers and was constantly tagging you in stuff. You actually follow them and had replied to a couple of their tweets once which might explain why they’re so popular.

You both look at each other, unable to grasp how in such a small amount of time, the idea that the two of you even knew each other had turned into proof of you two dating. You start cracking up at how insane this all is. You both laugh until you have tears in your eyes from how ridiculously weird the internet can be.

“Oh my fucking god, I can’t….” He starts laughing again.

“I can’t believe that just happened!” You couldn’t even speak from laughing so hard, you just nod and wipe your eyes. Once you both calm down and just kind of recap everything that just happened in your mind you clap your hands together in conclusion.

“Well, I guess they know.” You turn to him and smile. He looks at you contently before he kisses your cheek and pulls you into his body, hugging you tightly.

“I guess they do. I can finally share you with the world now.“


Perfect Match >> Suho, You (Part 4)

Parts P| 1| 2| 3

Hope you will like this part, something sweet in between won’t hurt ;)

You want to make this real. Our marriage?” You asked. Your eyes were wide open as your hand hung awkwardly on the air, holding your fork.

Junmyeon nodded, pressing his lips together, biting his lips.

“HAHA” You laughed out loud, putting the back of your hand on your mouth. “Junmyeon… You almost got me there.” Slapping his shoulder, you wiped the tear that skipped your eyes from laughing hard. “You thought I would fall for that, didn’t you. Fool.”

He couldn’t be talking seriously. You didn’t want to believe him. You didn’t want to get hurt. You were afraid to take him seriously. You laughed, ignoring how fast your heart was beating. Reaching for the water bottle, you drank it whole, watering your dry throat.

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Requested by Anonymous: “The reader is super stressed about all the work she has and one day she completely breaks down and Barry sings to her to calm her down”.

Requested by smhshelby: “Darling, stop” + “You’re worth more than you think”.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Word count: 1106

A/N: So, I paired these 2 requests together cause I thought they would work out, I hope you don’t mind! Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you like it.


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Playing house. Part 1

So I did something a little crazy. And probably dangerous.I lived a dream.
So it started Wednesday. I was alone all day and all girled out. I had been edging and watching Sissy hypno, a plug in my boi pussy. I sat and smoked. Playing video games, painting my nails, ruining my wig. (I tried to do the hair a certain way and it got all knotted and tangled. Long story short. I needed a new one.) By 7pm I was at my peak. Everything had gotten to me and I was ready for the real thing. So I pulled out my phone and started cruising craigslist.
Unfortnatly there was nothing I was comfortable doing. Everyone on the site was looking for something more exstream and I was just a newbi, not even sure how far I would go.
I could chicken out and have a pissed off Dom in front of me and that didn’t seem safe to me. So I posted my own ad.
It read.
Hi. I’m abbey. A 22 year old sissy princess. I’ve never actually been with a man but I’m looking to live out my fantasy as a girl. Looking for a older more established man to pick me up and take me home and treat me like a girl. Let me be girly for u. 😘
I hit send and took a breath.
I did it. After only a few minutes I was anxious. I imiditly opend my email and waited. I smoked and searched for my own ad. Just to make sure it posted. Nothing. At around 1 am I gave up. I was to tired. I denyed myself from cumming and picked a cute sleeping outfit and crawled into bed.
I woke up Thursday like a kid on Christmas. I shot up and grabbed my phone, checking my in box. 32 replys 😊. I was so happy. So many people wanted me. Or so I thought. It turns out allot of people are looking to just unload and go. No one wanted any part of my fantasy. Until I found him. His wife was away for two weeks on business. And she dose this regularly. He claimed that while she’s away he’s allowed to have house boys service him and his needs while she’s away. True or not. He had cloths that would fit and what he wanted was almost exactly what I pictured.
So we agreed to meet up and have coffee first. And things Went better then expected. He wasn’t a gorgeous man but he wasn’t ugly. He had some scruff on his face and dark hair. His eyes were brown and he was in decent shape. We talked for about an hour and decided what we were comfortable with and how it would work. We finished our drinks and I grabbed the bag I packed then hoped in his car and drove back to his place. It was a pretty nice house but I feel this is dragging on so I’ll just say it felt a little 70s.
So we got inside and he took my sweatshirt and asked if I was ready to start. I meekly knodded and he told me to strip down naked.
I did as he said and he commanded I turn. And he inspected my body. I could feel his eyes all over me. It felt weird. Degrading. Like I was an object. He said to himself “that’ll work.” He commanded me to the bathroom and told me to make sure I was shaved smooth everywhere. I did what I was told and when I was done he met me at the door with my outfit. A maids outfit. Complete with frilly hat apron leggings and black come fuck me heels. I fumbled nervously into the outfit and he helped me when I needed it. I stood up using him to keep my balance while I got used to the heels.
He let me go and I balanced. He smiled at me and said, “nice, so u can get used to the heels, and your new role, by cleaning the House.” I giggled a little because I didn’t believe him at first. Then I saw his face. I’m sorry. Whack!. He hit me, Slpped me actually. It wasn’t hard but it was stern and brought tears to my eyes. “Im sorry what.” He said sternly.
I’m sorry. Daddy. I said meekly.
Whack! This time the slap was on the other side, and harder. Im sorry master. I said tru tears, Quenched waiting for the next slap. But instead he laid his hands on my sides and said. “That’s OK pet”. I could tell I was in for a long day.
I turned to start and he stopped me. “I forgot one thing” he said. “Bend over” I did as told and he lifted my skirt and pulled my panties down. And in a swift slimy push there was a butt plug up my ass.
The pain and pleasure mixed with the day of edging, and I exploded. Filling my panties with cum, my legs gave out and I fell to my knees spasming as I came my asshole twitching around the plug. I could hear him laughing saying to himself. “This is going to be fun.” As I finished I sat up and began to apologize when he said. “You’ll revive punishment for it. Don’t worry, but we can’t have u in wet panties all day now can we” I shook my head no, Visably shaking in fear. “Take them off” He commanded, And I obeyd.
He took them from me and turnrd them inside out showing me the cum. “This is what happens to dirty girls.” He said smearing some of the cum over my right eye. Making it a little hard to see.He then shoved them in my mouth, cum first and said “hold” I did what I was told as he stepped away. He returned shortly with tape and did not hesitate, quickly tapeing my mouth shut, cum soaked panties trapped inside. “Now work pet.” And I wasted no time starting. I had no idea where to begin so I started with the dish’s. I just didn’t want to upset him again. Working was difficult with my mouth taped shut and the plug digging in my ass. Add the high heels And I was lost. I scrubbed his house for 4 hours and I knew when I was done when he stoped me. Asking, “what’s for dinner slut.” I moaned and gagged thru my full mouth. He smiled and chuckled at me. “Make me pork chops with mashed potatoes and a salad. And go ahead and make yourself a salad too.” I bowed and said yes master thank u master thru my gag. And he smiled and walked out of the kitchen. I fumbled around the kitchen looking for everything. But he obviously planned it.
Halfway thru cooking he came back. I turned to greet him but he turned me around and bent me over the counter. Yanking my panties to my knees he pulled the plug out and replaced it with his cock. I grunted as he began fucking me like a monster, ramming my little ass with no mercy. I could only brace, and do my best to relax and accept it, moaning like a slut the whole time. After a few minutes of him fucking me I felt him swell, and with one hard shove he lodge his dick deep inside me. Filling me with his hot sticky cum. When I was nice and full he pulled out and put the plug back in, trapping his cum inside.
“Get back to work” he comanded. And I whimpered as I finished dinner. When I was all done I sat the table and plated everything up. Then went and stoond next to master in his chair. I said nothing, trying not to be noticed. He finished his show the stood and turned to me. “Read?” He asked. And I nod yes. We then walk to the kitchen and he sits me down, the plug digging in as I do, he then undoes my gag and takes the parties, tossing them a side. Then took a seat across from me.
I sat in silince as he looked over everything. “Very nice” he said nodding his approval. Thank u master I said quietly. “Oh but one thing” he said. I looked up. Terrified. “U need a dressing for that salad.”
He said. With mischief in his voice. “Get up and pull your panties down”
I did as I was told. he grabbed my salad and placed it on the floor. “Now add your dressing” he commanded.
I knew what he was talking about. I squat over the salad slowly sliding the plug out and I can feel ropes of cum following it. I push as hard as I can. And my ass squeeks as I push the cum out onto the salad. I take a breath and look down. The salad is well covers in my anal mess. keep pushing. He said almost softly. I whimpered and gave another push. Another slimy rope came out with a fart and I got increadaby embarrassed. He began to laugh ad said “put your pug back in and come join me.” I put the plug in and began to stand up and he stopped me “no” he said sternly and I stopped. He pointed down to his feet. “Dogs eat on the floor” It took a minute for me to process but I listened and took my spot on the floor by his feet. I stared at my messy anal salad and thought about not eating it. But then his voice wrang out. “Eat” And I meekly obeyed. I took the first bite with my tongue only, and tasted the salty cum and the bitter taste of my ass. It was a bad salad. Warm gooey bitter but salty. I choked it down face first liking the bowl clean to please master and he patted my head when I was done 😊

I’ll finish the rest later. I didn’t relies how long this would take 😊

I’m sorry its so long. I hope u finish it. And part two will be out shortly. And if I missed any spelling errors I’m sorry.
good company, 6.5k

My tumblr mom @scones-and-texting-and-murder had a big important birthday this week! So she gets a big important fic in response! YAY!!! (I hope you had a fantastic day and I love you lots. Thank you for all that you do.)


Dean wanders back upstairs around 2pm, wiping the grease off his hands with a rag as he follows the sound of voices floating gently down the corridor. The Impala is in near tip-top shape again after their daring rescue mission - Dean’s ironed out all of the kinks and replaced the parts that he couldn’t salvage on his own. Now, officially, every member of the Winchester family is safe and sound at home.

Sam’s yammering with Jody about a possible case on a Skype call that’s mostly dissolved into a playful battle of wits, Mom is doodling in the margins of a blank journal at the other end of the table…

And Castiel is right where he said he’d be when Dean went to bed last night: reclined in an arm chair, clicking away on his tablet.

Something that had been coiled tight and anxious in the pit of him unravels, and he nearly breathes a sigh of relief. He saunters over and twists the rag around tight in his hands.

“Hey,” he says, totally casual. “Whatcha doin’?”

Castiel looks up at him and smiles a little. He’s got the same light in his eyes now that he had when he first found Dean alive at the bottom of the stairs. “I’m playing Claire in Words with Friends. She’s ahead by 53 points.”

Dean beams. “Atta girl. You been playing all day? Did you guys eat?”

Castiel shakes his head. “I helped Sam change his bandages this morning while you were in the garage.” Dean is about to ask, but Castiel beats him to it with, “Everything looks fine. He’s almost completely healed.”

Dean nods. “Thanks, man. I know you’re still kind of hurting, so I appreciate you using what little grace you’ve got to spare on Sam.”

With a shrug, Castiel readjusts his position in the chair. He winces when he twinges his neck right at the place where Ms. Watt knocked him with her brass knuckles. “Sam’s injuries were severe. I was happy to do it,” he dismisses.

Dean nods again. “Great. Well. No news is good news, right?”

He reaches forward to clap Cas on the shoulder and walk away, but Castiel tilts his head before he can get there. “Actually, there was something in my email this morning.”

Dean reels. “Since when do you have email?” he demands. “What is it, hotwings@gmail.com?”

Cas ignores him. “We’ve been invited to a wedding.”

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The Terminal, Ch. II

So I will not ask you where you came from
I would not ask and neither would you.

The flight was bumpy and short. The call came at 6:01. Clarke waited for her luggage and her friend to appear, hugging her and welcoming her back, asking for gifts and complaining about traffic and the weather and tourists and her boyfriend. The ringing of her phone shook her hands and she felt the pressure of choosing, suddenly at hand. She debated picking up, stuck and frozen as the carousel beeped and bags began a slow, arduous journey down the chute and towards the weary passengers.

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Imagine your son’s reaction to Jared’s new haircut

Quick Note: I wrote this story at the same time as my other story about Jared getting his hair cut. For some reason, I ended up hating this story and I decided to post the one you have probably already read. While I was gathering up stories for this little special, I found it, and decided to post it. I still don’t like it, but who am I to talk? That’s all, love y’all <3

“Are you ok, Ian? You haven’t eaten all day”

Little Ian is playing with a bag of cookies, seated on the couch in front of the TV. When I sit next to him, I take my hand to his forehead to check if he’s sick, he usually eats all day, and this day he has been acting really weird.

“I’m fine” He nods, “Where’s daddy? He said today”

“His airplane will arrive in a few hours, he’s still in the sky now!” I say, pointing out through the window.

“The sky?!” Ian asks me, kneeling on the couch, I start nodding with a big smile, “How?!”

“He’s in an airplane! You’ve been in one before, remember?” He nods before jumping into my arms, I hold him while taking him outside, “Your dad must be somewhere in the sky, we’ll see him in a few hours, aren’t you excited?”

“Very, very, mommy!”

We stay outside for a few minutes before entering the house so Ian finishes his snack. Jared was supposed to be back home in the morning, reason why Ian must have been acting so weird all day. During lunch I received a phone call announcing that they were stuck in an airport on the west coast due to a storm. I kept promising Ian that his dad would be home that day, because that’s what I wanted to believe too, he spent the last month in Russia and now he was going to leave us again for Toronto.

I spend most of the afternoon running around, cleaning the house, tidying every room, so I don’t have to think about Jared caught in an airport.

Ian spends the same hours in front of the window looking at the sky, playing with some of his toys, running to the window next to the front door whenever he hears a car. So, by dinner time, I finally have the guts to sit next to him and tell him the truth.

“Daddy isn’t coming?” He asks me, before I can say a word.

“He will,” I mumble, holding him against my chest, “But there was this weird storm, and they couldn’t catch their airplane. We’ll see him tomorrow”

“But it’s spring, there are not storms in spring”

“I know, baby, but Mother Nature has her own rules” I try to make him understand, but when I cup his face, making him look me in the eyes, he looks upset, “He’ll be back tomorrow, and uncle Shannon will be with him, we can go out for lunch and…”

“I’m hungry” he interrupts me, playing with a string of my hair.

“Ok, let’s have dinner”

We spend dinner in silence, and little Ian still looks upset.

When Ian came into our lives, Jared tried to spend most of his time in the house with us, but when he started touring again, Ian couldn’t understand why his dad had to leave him for weeks. And I was the only one who could make him feel better, making promises that his dad would return and that next tour would be the one in which the whole family would be together. But Jared never liked the idea of taking us with him, and I completely understand it, after having the experience of spending two months in a tour bus, the last thing I had in my mind was taking Ian with us.

I check my phone in case I missed a call, or email, but there’s nothing. I prefer to start talking about random things, so Ian doesn’t have to spend the whole dinner in silence wondering where his dad is. He doesn’t cooperate much, but he tries his best to eat the macaroni I prepared.

“If daddy arrives during the night, could you wake me?”

“Of course we will!” I say, holding his hand, “He will be so excited to see you, he’ll probably run into your room before he even says “Hi!” to me”

A small smile appears on his lips, and it makes me feel a bit better.

“Come, let’s go to bed, you need to sleep”

Ian jumps from the chair to hold my hand and start pulling me upstairs, for a five year old, he surely is strong. I help him change his clothes, and get in the bed, he looks happier now, and that makes me happy too.

“Do you want me to read you a story?” He nods, so I pick up something from his shelf.

After I make sure Ian is completely asleep, I get to the first floor with my phone on my hands. I try calling Jared a few times, but he doesn’t answer, which leads me to think that he must be flying to LA right now.

I clean the dirty dishes and the rest of the kitchen before deciding to go to bed too, but I end up rolling around not being able to sleep. I finally choose to take a book I’ve kept in my night stand for the last couple of days, getting immersed in the pages until I finally fall asleep.

I wake up with the sun on my face, the book from the night before is now on the floor, and my covers tangled around my body. I sit checking the time on my phone, is past 9 and Ian must be about to wake up.

The sound from the front door being closed, makes me jump from the bed to run downstairs, it only takes me a few seconds to get there, and only one to start crying like a baby.

“No, no, no, don’t do that”

Jared leaves all his suitcases and bags on the floor to walk towards me and hold me in his arms, I hide my face on his chest absorbing his smell that I’ve missed so much.

“Please, don’t cry, you’ll make me cry too” He begs, caressing my head.

“We’ve missed you so much, Ian was so worried”

“I’m here, everything is going to be alright”

I feel his hands moving towards my face, to hold me and get his lips to mine. We kissed until we hear little footsteps coming from the stairs.


“Ian!” I run to him, holding his hand to take him to Jared, but he resists, “Come on, your dad is here!”

“Daddy has long hair” He mumbles hiding behind me, “And a beard”

Jared takes his hands to his hair, all chopped up for his new role. I knew about this, I received pictures, but for some reason I never showed them to Ian. Jared looks at me confused, he doesn’t even have eyebrows, why didn’t I think about this beforehand?

“Ian, that’s Jared, he had to cut his hair for a movie, remember I told you he was going to be in a superhero movie?”

“Villain’s movie, actually” Jared corrects me, I glare at him, making him shut up so I can control the situation.

“That’s not him…”

Ian runs to the living room, leaving us at the front door without knowing what to do.

“I don’t get it” Jared mutters, running his hands through his hair again, probably missing the long locks, “He didn’t know about this?”

“It’s my fault, I completely forgot to show him the new… look. I’ll go check on him”

When I get to the living room, I can’t see Ian anywhere, but his voice coming from under the coffee table leads me to him.

“When is daddy coming back?”

“He’s back” I say, lying on the floor next to him, “He just looks different”

“What happened to his hair?” Ian asks me, lying on his side to look at me.

“He had to cut it, but hair grows, when he finish his movie we’ll ask him to let it grow again, ok?”

“I don’t like”

“Me neither, honey” I laugh, “But it’s his job, and he had to do it”

“Where’s that little monster?!” Shannon’s voice coming from the front door makes Ian come out of his hideout to start running towards his uncle, “Here you are!”

“Uncle Shannon!” Ian shouts jumping into his arms.

“How you doing, little fellow?”

“I’m ok, but daddy looks ugly!!”

“No, I don’t”

Still from my spot on the floor, I can see how Ian hides his face on Shannon’s neck. Jared still looks a bit hurt by the way in which Ian reacted, but approaches him carefully, trying not to scare him.

“Ian” Jared mumbles, “Come on, it’s me”

“I know” He mumbles.

“He doesn’t like it” I say standing to get closer to them, Ian passes from Shannon’s arms to mine, “And we wanted to ask you to let it grow when you finish shooting, right Ian?”

Ian nods, his eyes on his dad. Jared extends his arms to reach Ian, who finally gives up and jumps into his arms.

“He clearly looks awful, but I’ll make sure he lets his hair grow again, you ok with that, buddy” Shannon asks Ian, but he’s too busy touching Jared’s face.

“No eyebrows!”

“Yeah, they took those too, pretty horrible, huh?” Ian nods, “What do you think about going to Toronto? They’ll dye my hair green soon! I don’t want you to disown me again”

“Mommy? Toronto?”

“You wanna go?”

“Can we?!”

“Of course we can!” Jared shouts, way more excited than I expected, “The Leto’s will be taking over Toronto!”


PROMPT: “You forgot our anniversary…?”

WARNINGS: none? 

AUTHOR’S NOTE: i’m debating on making a second part… let me know if i should (pt. two). also, i am currently working on four requests but that shouldn’t stop you guys from sending more in! i welcome them! :-)


You opened one eye and then the other. Rolling over on the bed, you missed the other body that was usually lying next to you. Sebastian was off filming a movie and he had one more month left until he’d be back. And you couldn’t wait. But today was an extra special day. It was your anniversary and you would call him later to talk with him and gush about how much you adored him. 

Once you stretched and checked your phone for emails and messages, you kicked your legs over the bed and made your way into the bathroom where you took a quick shower and changed into a pair of black leggings and one of Sebastian’s plain white t-shirts. It smelled just like him and it made you blush a bit. 

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EXO reacts to seeing you for the first time after their time doing the military service.


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You watched your kindergarten class as they giggled with each other, art class was always a time you could relax and have time to think. Your boyfriend was coming home next week, it was all you could think about. You were so busy daydreaming about him coming home that you didn’t even realise how much time had past. You looked up at the clock, noticing that you had 15 minutes to get everyone to tidy up and show their work. After everything was tidy, you called them up one by one to explain what they’ve made. You notice though that all their little faces were drawn to the door. You assume they’re waiting to go home until the boy up front asks,

“Miss Y/N? Who’s that man at the door?”

You furrow your brows in confusion, looking up to the door. You see Xiumin grinning at you through the door and feel your world start to spin. He knocks and enters, with an apologetic look on his face.

“Sorry everyone, I was hoping to catch your teacher at the end of cla-”

You immediately break down into tears, feeling a rush of happiness and relief. He’s come home early, you didn’t have to be alone anymore. He rushes up to you, putting his hand on the back of your neck, looking from you to your students in surprise.

“Uhh… It’s alright, kids! This isn’t what it looks like- she’s happy! Right, Jagi? Wait- you’re happy right? Happy tears?!”


You wake up feeling better than you had in ages. You felt warm, relaxed and… whole? You didn’t know if that was the word. Safe maybe? You hadn’t felt like this since Luhan was home. How strange. This feeling of comfort drew you further and further back into slumber and you didn’t feel like resisting. Feeling you eyelids settle back shut, a small twitch caught you attention, like a pressing feeling on your stomach, not hard or sudden enough to make you jump, but like something that was already there had moved slightly. You jumped out of bed, pushing whatever was touching you off, and screamed. The duvet covered lump next to you jumped and yelled groggily. It pushed the covers from it’s face and looked up at you tiredly.

“Baobei? What’s wrong?” He pushed himself into a sitting position and squinted at you, daylight proving to be too much for his sleep filled eyes. You stared at him in shock, not knowing how to react- so you went with your first instincts and threw a pillow at him.

“W-when did you get home?! Didn’t you think of letting me know before scaring me half to death by creeping into my bed in the night like some weird nighttime bed letch!?” You chortled out, still trying to process what was happening. He smirked and raised an eyebrow at you, moving the pillow back to your side of the bed.

“Nighttime bed letch?” You furrowed your brows and looked down, feeling silly and  sat down next to him. He tucked your hair behind your ear and looked at you. “I’d forgotten how weird and… inventive you were in the mornings.” He blinked at you, his smirk quickly changed from amused to suggestive as he leaned forward and pressed a kiss on the corner of your mouth, pressing you back down onto the bed.


You’re waiting in the middle of a busy town square, and you’re revelling in the fact that- if all goes according to plan- you and Kris would finally be able to see each other after his time away, in private. Away from fans and paparazzi, just you and him. He’d planned to switch cars numerous times to lose any followers and to meet you at 11:30 outside the town hall. You look your phone from your pocket and checked the time 11:27. Oh c'mon. Seriously? Time, why are you doing this to me? 2 years of phone calls, emails and Skype. All you wanted was him standing next to you. Well. That’s not ALL you wanted, on the contrary, you wanted him doing a lot more than standing next to you but that could wait.

You shook away those thoughts and dragged your mind out of the gutter, absentmindedly tapping your fingers on your phone. You heard the sound of a suitcase being dragged and turned to follow the sound excitedly. Disappointment followed when all you were met with was a little old man whistling to himself whilst carrying a small shopping trolly behind him. Your stomach sank as you smiled politely and looked back at your phone. It beeped once, ‘1 new message’.

Kris: I haven’t changed that much, Y/N. Wow.

You looked up, frantically looking around to see Kris strolling up to you, letting go of his suitcase and stepped closer to you. You smiled as he took your hands in his, taking in every detail of him, to his shirt, his scent, his gorgeous smile that you’d missed so much.

“Are you sure? I’m pretty sure I can see a little wrinkle forming…” Grinning and gesturing with your eyes towards his mouth.

“Like you’d mind?” He whispered, and caught your lips with his own, giving you a slow sweet kiss that made everything disappear.


You had spent the entire evening trying to kill time. Suho was coming home in the morning and for that very reason time decided to be a cocky bitch and drag out, every minute feeling like hours had passed. You cleaned every surface, hoovered every room, cooked all his favourite foods for tomorrow and binge watched the last few episodes of a series on Netflix. All of that and it’s still only 8pm? Typical. You decide to make yourself a cup of camomile and go to bed early, maybe you’ll read a book or something?

Around 1am, the door to your apartment creaks open, he creeps inside trying to be quiet. He’d gotten dropped off early, not wanting to be away from you any longer, and staying in a grotty hotel whilst you were sleeping only a couple of hours away from him drove him crazy. He felt a smile stretch onto his lips as he thought of you on the other side of your bedroom door. He closed the front door carefully and slipped his shoes off, placing his bags down onto the sofa. He slowly opens your door and feels his breath catch in his throat, you were passed out on your bed peacefully, a book on the verge of falling out of your hand any minute. He gently takes the book from your hand and puts it on the nightstand and pushes the hair out of your eyes, pressing his lips to your forehead. You stir slightly and he hushes you back to sleep.

“It’s okay, Jagiya, you can sleep well now, I’m home.”


Work. Sucked. You’d had such a shitty day. First, you’d missed your bus to work and turned up late, to which your boss had given you a verbal warning. Second, all the crazies decided to come out of the woodwork, deciding today was the perfect day to congregate at your place of work, just to bother you. Brilliant. And third, your taxi driver refused to drop you off at your home as their were road works blocking off your street. So here you were, walking home in the pouring rain, looking and feeling like a drowned rat. All you wanted to do at this point was get inside your house, change into some dry clothes and have a nice cup of tea.

When you got to your driveway, you saw a figure slumped over on your doorstep. No. Not today. I am not dealing with anymore weird shit today. You stormed over to your door.

“Look, mister. I don’t know what you think you’re doing but you’ve… got to…”

The figure looked up, rain hitting his face as he squinted up at you, an amused smirk on his features.

“L-Lay?” Your voice caught in your throat. He stood up and feebly held out a slightly crumpled rose for you to take.

“I got home early, and I forgot my key-” You cut him off by throwing yourself in his arms. He wrapped his arms around your back as he pulled your torso closer to him. You both stood like that, standing in the rain and holding each other like that for what felt like hours. No words needed. You both knew what you each were thinking.

'I’ve missed you.“


More than a little annoyed, you made your way to the studio Baekhyun sometimes went to practise at. Why were you annoyed? Because after 2 years of military service, the first place we went to was work, and not to you- his girlfriend of 5 years. You stomped across town with a bitter expression plastered on your face, you didn’t care that you were probably scaring many little children in the process- you had a mission. That mission entailed crossing town, barging into that studio and slapping Baekhyun’s face. Then kissing the shit out of him. Because of reasons.  

When you arrived, you made small talk with the receptionist whilst waiting for the elevator to come down- trying to conceal your angsty rage demon. The elevator pinged and you stepped inside. The doors closed behind you and you straightened out your windswept hair and patted down your clothes. As you made your way up you started to hear music. It sounded like someone playing guitar and singing…? You listened carefully as the music got louder, you could make out two people- which ruined your plan of letting out your angsty rage demon- but why could you hear singing? No one else was booked in for today. The doors opened and you were met by Chanyeol playing guitar and singing Creep by Radiohead with Baekhyun the high parts next to him.

You felt your eyes brim with tears as you stood still and watched them, bringing your hand up to cover your gaping mouth. When they’d finished, you blinked away your tears and went to step forward- only to be caught in the elevator doors starting to close on you. You squirmed you way out and fell forward, catching your balance in front of them. They burst out laughing as you lunged forward and threw yourself onto Baekhyun.

"I LOVE YOU, YOU ANNOYING PUPPY!” You shouted at him, grinning.

“I love you, too, Y/N” He grinned, shooing Chanyeol out with a nod of his head.

Chanyeol stood up, putting the guitar in its case and made his way to the elevator.

“I think I’ll let you two be alone…” He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows as the doors closed on him.

Let the kiss attack begin.


Walking around the grocery store, you feel your phone buzzing in your pocket, pulling it out you see Chen’s name flashing on the screen. It was normal for him to FaceTime you everyday, he’d been in the military for nearly 2 years now and he always rang you to feel like you were still part of each others daily lives. You press accept as you pause in front of the milk isle, pondering over prices as you wait for the call to connect.

“Hey Y/N, looking gorgeous as ever I see!” You can literally hear the smirk in his voice as you pick up a carton of milk and plonk it down in your trolly. You glance at your phone, holding it up to see his face. Yep, there it was; the cheeky grin you’d missed wiping off his face a kiss.

“And you’re just as cheesy as ever…” You hum sweetly, feeling a pang of sadness as you reminisce over your last thought. He chuckles and winks, it’s then when you realise he’s bouncing in his seat, seemingly impatient to tell you something. You tilt your head, bringing the screen closer to your face.

“What’s wrong? Do you need the bathroom or something?” He laughs, sounding happier than he had in a while.

“You know what, yes, I’m just going to stand up, and go over to the bathroom over here…” He says in an implying tone, standing up from the couch. You watch as his background starts to change, recognising instantly where he is.

“YOU ARSEHOLE.” You shout at your phone, causing a few sour looks in your direction. You abandon your trolly and start making your way towards the exit, hearing his laugh ringing around your apartment from the other end of the phone.



Midnight snacking was always a bad habit, but one of the perks of living alone is there’s no one here to judge you for it. You were a fridge raider and proud! You made your way from your bedroom and into the kitchen, your mouth watering from the thought of the chocolate cake you baked earlier. You opened the fridge and- more or less- shoved your face inside and inhaled deeply. Mmm. It smelled amazing. You hoped that Chanyeol wouldn’t mind if a couple of slices of his welcome home cake were missing. He’d understand right? You looked around for a clean plate to put a slice on but to no avail. Damn laziness, you made a mental note to do the dishes tomorrow before he got home.

You decided to be naughty and eat your slice straight out of the fridge, making sure to keep all the crumbs on the cake dish. This was a brilliant idea! No mess! Why didn’t everyone do this? You chuckled inwardly at your thoughts and finished your slice, picking up a bottle of water and swigging it down.


You widened your eyes, bolted upright and spat water out right in Chanyeols face. You stood in awe, watching as he gingerly wiped his eyes, squinting down at you, appalled. You blinked a couple of times and sheepishly spoke out.

“Uhh… surprise?”

D.O. -

You didn’t know what to do with yourself. Of course the train D.O. was on was late, you didn’t know how long it would be until you saw him, and yet waiting at the station- you couldn’t keep still. You paced back and forth, bounced up and down, shifted your weight between your feet and patted a beat on your hips with your hands. It couldn’t be too much longer, right? Minutes maybe?

You heard the distant purring of an engine and snapped your head up, squinting down the track. The tiny black speck grew and grew until the train slowed to a halt in front of you. The doors clicked up and you couldn’t contain your excitement, waiting for him to appear.


You flipped around and saw him running towards you, luggage in tow. You start running towards him and at the last few steps, he trips, landing on you with a thud. You blink rapidly, not fully understanding what just happened, clearing the blur in front of you. He’s blushing, beaming down at you with an embarrassed smile. Not being able to stand the last gap between you, you lean up, kissing him with force. He runs his tongue along your lip, slipping it in and holding the side of your face.

The sound of clapping breaks you from your reverie and you pull apart, turning your head to investigate. You’d attracted quite the audience, but with that display, who wouldn’t?


You’re waiting for Tao to come home. He said he’d be home hours ago and you couldn’t help but feel cripplingly lonely. You missed him so much, you felt guilty for letting yourself get into this state when you’d been apart for 2 years, a few more hours shouldn’t hurt this much. As if sensing your mood, Candy jumps up on the couch next to you, licking your hand and pushing herself under it. You pick her up, bringing her to your face and nuzzling your nose into her fur.

“Do you miss your, Daddy too, Candy?”

She whines and licks your nose, you giggle and peck her head as she yawns. You shuffle your body further down into the couch and rest her on your stomach, letting her settle down and fall asleep. You gently stroke her ears as you too fall asleep.

It’s almost 4am when Candy’s little ears prick up as she listens to Tao creep through the front door and close it behind him. She sits up on your stomach, wagging her little tail madly. Tao melts at the sight of his two precious girls, letting tears fall down his cheeks. He quietly makes his way over to you, kneeling down and kissing you both. You stir in your sleep as he picks Candy up off you, putting her down on the floor after making a fuss of her, then gently places one arm under your neck and another under your legs, kissing your forehead as he carries you to your bed.


You let your fingers touch the surface of the water, lightly tapping a crisp golden leaf and watching as it floated away, admiring the ripples it caused as your sat on the ledge of the fountain. The park was always so beautiful in the autumn. The breeze and temperature were perfect to you, and especially nice for dog walking! You’d sort of become a dog mum to Kai’s pretty pooches when you moved in with him, and you’d gotten to love them even more whilst he was away. They loved when you’d stand at the top of the steps in the park and bounce the balls down the steps for them to catch, so as you stood up, you decided to do such now. You climbed the steps and watched the dogs jump around and almost prance down the steps chasing the ball.

'I wonder who they learnt that from.’ You thought sarcastically to yourself.

When they turned to bring the ball back to you, they seemed more hyper than before and sprinted up the steps, but to your surprise they ran straight passed you. You felt a rush of fear as you readied yourself to catch them, but the sight you faced made you let out a cry of joy. There Kai was, sat on the steps with his puppies whinging and crying for his attention. You knelt next to him, throwing your arms around his neck, hiding your face in his neck, feeling as if you had slipped into a dream.

“Are you really here?”

You felt a low rumble against your skin as he laughed and pulled you closer to him.

“Yes, Jagi. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.”


Whenever you missed Sehun over the last couple of years, you’d go to your spot in the park and ring him. If you closed your eyes whilst you were talking and listening to him, it was almost like he was there with you. You knew he was coming home soon, but it still didn’t stop your feet from leading you to your spot on the swing. You sat on it and swayed slightly back and forth. You closed your eyes and listened to the birds singing, the wind blew gently on your face making you smile in content.

You heard the crackle of cobblestone underfoot and looked up.

“I knew I’d find you here.” He said coyly as he made his way towards you. You let the swing sway to a halt and just stared up at him.

“S-sehun…” Was all you could stutter out as he softly closed his hands around yours on the swing chains. He smiled and nodded, taking one of your hands up to his mouth, kissing it, never taking his eyes away from yours.

“I’ve missed you so much, Y/N”

You stood up and hugged him, silently sobbing, partly out of shock, partly out of relief. He was home. He wasn’t in harms way anymore. You squeezed him tighter and he nuzzled his nose into your hair, breathing in your scent.

“Please don’t leave me again.” You blubbered, grabbing his shirt. He pulled away slightly, looking into your eyes.


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